Bharat Financial Merger with IndusInd Bank !!!

Finally the merger happens and this is wonderful news for Bharat Financial espcially since its happening at a premium, which technically validates our faith. Here is the investor presentation.

God Bless !!!

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Five Times in 2.8 yrs !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Aimco Pesticides who have seen their wealth grow by more than 5 times in just 2.8yrs.

God Bless!!!

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Freshtrop Fruits – Update !!!

Freshtrop fruits’s recent breakout after creating base for last several quarters is courtesy this BSE announcement. This was the original thesis of the Freshtrop story and now that we have a definite time-frame on the launch of the beverage, I think the re-rating has hopefully started. Now, the market will start valuing the stock as a FMCG company. Valuations wise, this FMCG company is almost debt free, has a swelling cash balance and above all at 10-11 “trailing” PE there is great valuation comfort. Promoters have great execution capability and therefore, let’s wait and watch as the patience of investors is rewarded by the company when it goes on to charter newer highs.

God Bless !!!

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Results Update !!!


Good results by the company and positive developments taking place in the company. Looks all set.

V2 Retail

Strong results by the company. Great going.

Prima Plastics

Decent results by the company given the circumstances. Future remains promising.

Simmonds Marshall

Subdued results.

Panyam Cements

Average results, management needs to step up efforts.


Inconsistent results. Debt resolution only hope.

Gujarat Themis

Decent consistent performance.

Garware Wall Ropes

Good numbers continue.

Vidhi Speciality Food

Decent numbers.

Singer India

Good results by the company, especially because its domestic appliances business is soaring.

God Bless !!!

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V2 Retail – 30 Bagger in 3 yrs !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of V2 Retail who have multiplied their money by more than 30 times in just three years. Great turnaround performance.

God Bless !!!

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Sahyadri Industries – Double in 2.5 yrs !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Sahyadri Industries, who have more than doubled their money in 2.5yrs. Yes, it has taken time but I feel the next update should be a lot faster. The stock is shaping up very well now.

God Bless !!!

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Results Update !!!


Decent results by the company.


Good numbers, especially in the context of other FMCG companies.

God Bless !!!

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