Result Update – Liberty Shoes Dec 13 Quarter

Liberty shoes delivered very good set of numbers. It reported an increase of around 23 % in Sales and more than 80% increase in net profit in December quarter.

(in Cr.) Dec-13 Sep-13 FY12-13
Revenue 110.46 104.82 339.11
Net Profit 3.24 3.04 7.17
EPS 1.90 1.78 4.21
Cash EPS 3.17 3.01 8.93
OPM % 8.29 8.20 8.08
NPM % 2.93 2.90 2.12

As shown above, Liberty shoes’s OPM also improved dramatially… this is very good increase. Let us not forget that these are just standalone numbers and the consolidated results would be available only from next quarter. Consolidated results would also include LRR’s number. Last year LRR did a revenue of around 59 cr when it had 400 outlets…this year the target is 500 outlets and till Sep quarter they had already reached a figure of 450 outlets.  I believe the story is just unfolding.

Add on every decline.

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2 Responses to Result Update – Liberty Shoes Dec 13 Quarter

  1. Pratul says:

    Why does the company not pay tax? Can uou please explain as the tax amount does not reflect in their quarterly results?

    • It does. Please have a look at their latest AR and under section ‘ Statement of Contribution to Public Exchequer ‘ you will see how much tax the company has given. If i remember correctly its either in page 22 or 23.

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