Kopran – Update

Kopran, today closed at double the recommended price. The price has doubled in just a few months. Still looking good.

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  1. A.p. says:

    Yes still looking good but patience required.
    Once accumulated losses of 42 + 32 = 74cr are cleared up, it will gain huge.
    And their patented sildenafil citrate is a hidden gem with them if they utilize it like ajanta.
    Own api, own formulation, own marketing.
    Low equity base.
    Keep updating us…. Thank you

  2. A.p. says:

    How do you rate promoters ( parijat group ) on quality/honesty front?

    • Not at the bottom, but they are no infy either. So considering everything, they are “not” an avoid. They are trying to evolve their business and the recent pharma rally must have made them ambitious. And lets not forget their business is growing and the stock is grossly undervalued to its peers, so therefore, the odds are in our favor at these prices. Ofcourse, when I recommended the stock, the odds were even better.

  3. A.p. says:

    Thank you. Your views on caplin point and fortune financial services? Both looks good to me. FFSIL, may be its too early!!

    • caplin point still looks good. personally speaking its difficult to recommend a stock when its up more than 10 times from your buying purchase, but still i guess, earning expansions would keep hapenning. FFSIL, maybe too early, but I would stick with SKS for the moment. I am still not clear with FFSIL’s future with the new promoters.

  4. thakral says:

    how will you rate guj borosil….in my point it will be the next multibeggar…

  5. Dear Friends
    Could you please advice me on Radico Khaitan. I have bought at 155. I am severely burnt my fingers. Should I move to some other script.. Please share your views

  6. sam says:

    Hi ace…do you see prakash constrowell as a potential in near future?

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