Waterbase Ltd. – Price Update

Waterbase today closed at lifetime high with Lakhs of pending buy order and very low traded volume. The re-rating continues.

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  1. Salim Khan says:

    Hi, I bought water apse @47.8.= 10000 shares today……May add more 10K on 13th……any changes plz update…

    • add more after you see a bit of consolidation. Furthermore, I do not give sell calls on the blog as mentioned in the “About” page. Sell as per your risk profile. I hope you have conviction on this stock. As I keep on saying, buy only if “you” have conviction. It will give you good sleep at night. Best of luck with your investment.

  2. Salim Khan says:

    Hi first of all I would like to know your name and your profession if you don’t mind. Moreover today somehow I had a chance to buy Waterbase @ 47.8 and it went to 46 also…could have bought more but felt on ex dividend date it would drop and could have a better chance. I have a like on this stock….Do you feel it could reach 4 figures in time to come. Though you may not give a sell call but I hope you will answer any queries on buy/hold/sell. By the way when can we expect new idea..hope it is not on banking or financial as I don’t prefer. Liked your ideas specially which as run 8 times I guess….Thanks and god bless.

    • Its good that you have got conviction on Waterbase. Investor’s own conviction in stock is most important reason to buy. Waterbase reaching 4 figures means a market cap of atleast 4000cr. Is it possible, yes. But will it happens, who knows? If the company keeps on growing anything is possible. But remember equally possible is Waterbase coming down to single figures. Always be grounded and keep on evaluating your portfolio w.r.t relative opportunities available in the market, and, there are always opportunities in the market. Do not fall in love with any stock. The choice is investor’s whether, you want a stock that becomes 100 bagger in 15 yrs or you want a list of stocks that doubles every two years. By the way, you would end up with a 437 bagger with the second approach. Purely academic but interesting fact. The idea of this blog is 1. To compound money faster – as far as possible and, 2. Have a hit ratio of 100% multi-bagger recommendation on this blog – (I know one day law of averages will catch me, but till then let all of us mint money)

  3. Salim Khan says:

    Specially sharp…..

  4. Salim Khan says:

    Thanks….but still needs to understand in details 1. Calculation on how WB needs 4000 cr mc to reach figures since Avant is at 1000 cr mc with price 1200….& 2. How holding more stocks (how many to hold) will reach 437 cr…..curious to know from expert like you….heard that Avanti is carrying out expansion and backed by a solid thailand group….how will WB match them?…….also came across kesar terminals…how is it.

    • 1. market cap = price *no. of shares therefore, for waterbase current marketp cap = 48.35*3.86 = 186.6 cr. Therefore, if price is to be assumed 1000rs we have market cap = 1000*3.86cr =3860cr of market cap. For avanti feeds the equity capital is less and therefore, number of shares is less and therefore, the price is high even though the corresponding market cap is relatively low.
      2. I am not talking about holding more no. stocks. I am saying that getting one stock that you know will multiply 100 times is relatively difficult to find, than finding a stock that will double every two years. You can change that stock every two years with another one, that you believe would compound faster. And in the process you end up multiplying your money by 437 times. Its better compounding you know.
      Kesar terminals- not under my radar right now.

  5. Salim Khan says:

    Typo error not crores…it’s 437 times..


    I think wb will be around 80 by deepawli

  7. Salim Khan says:

    Thanks a lot for the education…..

  8. Lincoln P Coelho says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Q and A with Salim Khan. Intelligent questions and even more intelligent replies. I love your blog. Very meticulously presented with down to earth logic. I strongly support the policy of “No recommendations on SELL” and the reason for the same. Keep up the good work.

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