A New Investment Idea Would Be put up Tomorrow Evening

As some of the readers had pointed out (when my previous investment idea V2 Retail was posted), that they were not aware that a new idea would be posted on that particular day, they missed the bus. Therefore, I am declaring it beforehand, that a new investment idea and the stock story would be posted by tomorrow evening. It will give readers enough time to research the idea. If by tomorrow evening I am unable to put across a decent stock story, I’ll publish the same the following day.

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12 Responses to A New Investment Idea Would Be put up Tomorrow Evening

  1. Prabu says:

    Hello Sir,

    What is your views on Kopran results.

  2. Arun says:

    Sir – Your view on NIIT Ltd

  3. salim says:

    hi waterbase has started to fall with lc….whats your call as i am holding shares @ 50

    • Pose this question to yourself, and then you’ll really come to know if you have conviction on this stock or not? Do you believe the stock will be below these levels in next 12-15 months ?

  4. Salim Khan says:

    Hi I do believe Waterbase will ride high provided growth momentum continues but the issue is how much below 50 it will fall ?…..I guess on recommendations traders buy such valuable stocks and take it high till their pockets fill and then leave it for investors!……issue is investors using sites like icici direct are unable to buy at recommended price first time whereas traders use terminals for quick purchase!

    • :). You are clearly worried. No need to worry. 25-30% correction can easily happen. It might fall to the levels of 40-45 in worse case. But I would personally take it as an opportunity to buy more, If i have money to invest ofcourse. Remember, its a great fundamental and technical breakout of more than a decade. It will scale great hights in next 3 yrs. Also remember the dividend yield will give very good protection on the downside. Do not fret on traders. Traders are important as they shell both momentum and limelight to deserving stocks (and sometimes to undeserving ones too). If traders are not there, then bigger investors would not be able to buy the stocks as the quantity of shares on offer is less. So do not worry about traders. Keep an eye on the news flow in the sector, review your conviction time and again, and load more if you find value at certain price point. Also, remember, this is just interim dividend, so we can expect one more dividend in rest of the year from the company. Also, do not expect stocks to go in just one direction. stock had gone up from 18.5 rs to 64 rs (3.5x) in two months. It will consolidate now. During this consolidation weak hands will give stock to strong hands and then again the stock price would fly. Do not be fooled by traders, use them to your own advantage.

  5. Salim Khan says:

    Thx….will look into buying more in case it falls well below buy price….request you once again to seriously review my portfolio given last time as I want to weed out non suitable for rotation gains / hefty gains as said by you (every 2years for max gains)….

  6. Funkytrader says:

    Would you have a look at nahar industrial and nahar spinning. As also gokaldas

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