A New Investment Idea Would Be put up Tomorrow.

Stay tuned people.

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34 Responses to A New Investment Idea Would Be put up Tomorrow.

  1. Sameer Anand says:

    Dear Aceinvestortrader,

    If possible please post new idea during market hours.


  2. ASHWIN says:

    Dear Aceinvestortrader can i know ur name and where r u from ?

    • ASHWIN says:

      sir i post this msg at 18:03pm but its show here 12:33pm why bifference of 5hr 30 min ?

      • ChottaChattri says:

        LOL Really.! hey ace i am a young dude in the market 23 years old. any word of advice?

        • i am a very insignificant person to give anyone any advice. But, if i was lucky enough to have a younger brother like you, i would have
          suggested him to enjoy life but not splurge.Enjoying life is an investment into your mental well being,remember that, but splurging is a big no no.
          Investing is the best thing that you can start, right now (the compounding would be awesome). Ir-respective of what people say, stock market is the only place to
          “multiply” you money, and all of this…. Tax-free. Understand what you are buying and equally importantly why you are buying a stock.
          Identify pros and cons of a business (read stock), identify competitors, research why one company is a better investment than
          another. By right company at decent prices (not necessarily right prices – its not always possible). The day you are can understand that
          a stock quoting at rs 1000 is probably cheaper (and thus could double faster) than stock quoting at rs 10, you should know that you are on the right path. Read about
          great investors and what they look at when they buy a stock. But start investing. And i repeat, Please do invest. Remember stock market is a place where people with money gain experience and people with experience make money, so its ok to loose money (i.e. make mistakes) till you are
          learning from your mistakes and improving upon it.

  3. ASHWIN says:

    Thanks.. sir

  4. thakral says:

    sir plz post it after market hours..so that we can have time to analyze it..before rushing to buy into it..

  5. pupiloflynch says:

    Dear ace, being a person who promotes investment, I hope you give everyone time to study the stock first. If you post in market hours, it only becomes a traders game, which is not why I follow you.

  6. very_common_investor says:

    Why don’t you give hint to people like some data about stock so that we can do research and come up with name of stock… this will help us developing our “stock research” skills… what is your opinion?

  7. Mehernosh Nazir says:

    Dear Aceinvestor,

    I would like to receive your mail. Pls. add me in the following mail address nazir.rlc@gmail.com.


  8. bull says:

    hi buddy i want to know about two stocks wpil and akzo nobel looks like multibaggers

  9. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Sir, what is the idea behind ” New Investment Idea will be put up tom.” for last so many days.I’m little confused.

  10. Rohit Gulati says:

    Thnx for the prompt reply.May I request that for new followers joining like me ,for them this msg., becomes confusing and will tend to check for the same again tom.So please instead if you can change to something else like ,’Next idea to be put shortly’ will help.

  11. abid khan says:

    why dont you mention large cap stocks like L&T.Infy.ongc.bharti etc

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