A New Investment Idea Would Be put up by Day After Tomorrow.

Stay Tuned.

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59 Responses to A New Investment Idea Would Be put up by Day After Tomorrow.

  1. hope it isn’t illiquid like orient beverages 🙂

  2. Sameer Anand says:

    Thanks Aceinvestortrader for your meticulous research of every stock you recommend. If my guess is correct the next pick would be from consumer/ branded goods sector! Right?
    Eagerly looking forward for the next pick.


  3. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi Ace,
    Last time the new idea was put up after market hours. This time please put it up before market opening on Wednesday.

  4. Amit Kumra says:


    how is arvind remedies to invest it?

  5. Prabu says:

    Am Waiting eagerly 🙂

  6. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi Ace,
    Is the recommendation early morning tomorrow or late evening?

  7. Radheshyam Sunder says:

    Can you comment onIBWSL??

  8. arup says:

    what idea about Kanco Tea very………………………Good Management and small capital share

  9. arup says:

    it is good dividend payment Company and having well website and good result with strong promoter holding more than 70% promoter holding and low equity only 1.71 c having potential to reach three digit number in very recent if market remain same as now. Sir you are my boss please advice me should I hold or exit .

  10. arup says:

    Poddar Developer also a hidden Gem which can go easily to the house of three digit number having huge potential and good management whose have relation with Dipak Parek , the GOD of Indian banking Market very low equity and consistently good dividend payee company.

  11. arup says:

    Sir you know amit arora who also purchased Poddar Developer which is came to know after his update in his blogs So Poddar Devepoer can go within three digit room .

  12. arup says:

    what Idea about Adani Power and venus remedi within one year

  13. arup says:

    a rumor is running about ABCIL which may be hit Rs500 within 3 months is it acceptable or the company should have no potential to reach as above

  14. arup says:

    May Puneet Resin be taken as next multibagger or not

  15. arup says:

    I have huge TTML shares since long to get my old investment return @Rs67 but so called Brand TATA disappoint us. Should I hold or exit at CMP and buy cupid.

  16. arup says:

    in exchange of TTML can I take entry at this level in freshtop fruit

  17. arup says:

    Sir Please advice about quaries of my TTML shares

  18. arup says:

    what Idea about Premier Explosive at this level should i take entry or not

  19. arup says:

    Sir please give me an advice to vigil as stock which may in upcomings day multibagger except cupid as it is circuit stock

  20. arup says:

    any idea about lumax auto

  21. arup says:

    is pritish nandy communication may jump to 3 digits

  22. arup says:

    sir subros looks very good any idea?

  23. arup says:

    what about emkay global? Result is ggood more than 73% promoter holding no debt

  24. arup says:

    please watch anjani synthetic. It is one of most festive hidden gem sir please advice

  25. arup says:

    sir how can i buy Poddar Developer as I m hopeless for circuit

  26. arup says:

    more investors are trapped in jai hind project please advice about jaihind project

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