A New Investment Idea Would Be put up by Monday

Stay Tuned.

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57 Responses to A New Investment Idea Would Be put up by Monday

  1. ravi multani says:

    plz put it earlier than market hours as u did on aimco stock…hope it would b liquid stock…eagerly waiting

  2. Salim Khan says:

    Hi want to invest in suven life science as the ROCE is 64 and RONW 54….for year 2014…by this how to calculate the price target as it’s current price is 208/-…

  3. Anil Kumar says:

    Please give your views on kirloskar oil &nilkamal..i bought @ 259 &342 respectively..thanx in advance

  4. saravanfbi says:

    Can you give me your views on pochiraju industries with a PE 0f just 3.6 and trading at 1/3 of its book value.. has diversified buusiness 1.agri 2.biotech and 3.pharma . Netsales increase atleast 25% every year. CMP is 23.85 and book value of around 70. Can I buy this on long term?

    • I know this stock,but still researching it. Still not convinced. For your own investments, if you think you are convinced about a story you can buy, but THIS IS NOT MY RECOMMENDATION. The best reason to buy a stock is if the investors himself is convinced.

  5. saravanfbi says:

    Also I need you opinion on prakash industries which is on news for all bad reasons. the stock is beaten up below its book value and the company performance is doing good. Can i use this fall to buy?

  6. Sahil says:

    Sir, what are your views on Monsanto India and OM metals infra ?

  7. Harshad says:

    Hello sir, what is your take on Polyplex and Gareware poly ?

  8. Sameer Anand says:

    Though I am skeptical that I would be able to buy the new stock at a reasonable price but still looking forward to reading about it.

  9. deshpande says:

    Give some hints so that we can also start analysing

  10. anjum vohra says:

    Sir, your views on Swiss Glascoat @ 69/=

  11. sandy says:

    Hi ace
    what are views on ybrant digital..it has become talk of the town these days!

  12. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Ace, What’s your view on LMW (Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.)? It’s Consistently moving up with healthy consolidation’s at different Level’s?

  13. Anil says:

    Sir ur view on sterling biotech . A turn around company

  14. hitesh says:

    boss to park my money for atleast 10 years can i invest that in multibase india, styrolution abs and seamec ltd

  15. Karan says:

    I just came across your blog. Appreciate your work. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so that we get updated info in the mailbox. Thanks.

  16. Jayaraman Pc says:

    Please give your view on TCI FINANCE

  17. Vijay Yadav says:

    Sir ur view on meghmani organic

  18. sanjeev says:

    excellent job sir

  19. anjum vohra says:

    Sir ur views on HSIL @ 360/=

  20. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Markets closed. Eagerly waiting for the new idea.


  21. sanjeev says:

    what is happening in marico kaya any idea ur view whether to book or wait for some more

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