Cupid Ltd – Innovating its way to turnaround, Success and Beyond


Innovation is one of the best weapon to change a company’s fortunes. You take a problem and solve it, uniquely, and you are done. One such pharma company is male and female condom manufacturer Cupid Ltd. that has relied on Innovation to come out of woods. Cupid, is a condom manufacturer and the only Female condom manufacturer in India with its unique design approved by UNFPA/WHO and FDA. Cupid is only the second company in the world whose female condom has been approved by WHO & UNFPA. Being the sole manufacturer (which it manufactures from its UNFPA / WHO approved sinnar factory) in india and second only in the world, the market opportunity is very big, especially from WHO which is reflected in the various orders the company has started receiving in last few months. What is exciting about this company is that it is continuously innovating its product line. Although it has been manufacturing male condoms for a long time, but, keeping its promise with innovation they have been tinkering that product and trying to improve on it. Their R&D efforts in this regards bore fruits and last year they were granted a patent for their uniquely shaped specialty male condom. Cupid offers various types of condoms such as Plain, Dotted, Multitextured, as well as its newly developed female condoms. Some of its brand names are Green-Love, Big-Dom, Hi-life,and Black Cobra.

Past Imperfect, Future perfect: The Company had been struggling with lumpy earnings profile. The reason was the R&D resources being put on these innovations and more importantly their over-reliance on Govt. of India for orders. With their Female Condoms getting WHO approval Cupid entered into a Long Term Agreement to supply Male and Female condoms to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).
The Quantity and value of each consignment will vary from time to time as per UNFPA’s global procurement requirements. The orders have started flowing from different countries across the world like Africa, Denmark etc. Cupid also markets its products in Russia, Australia, Turkey, Nigeria, Jamaica, UK, and Italy. The margins on these orders are very good too (though a number cannot be put across as the margins are also dictated by the kind of packaging associated with the orders). Last year the company was expecting an order from Govt. of india (that did not materialize), which is expected to fructify in this year. This would also help in further topline growth. Cupid Female condoms have been approved by WHO-UNFPA in 2012 and by South African Bureau of standard (SABS) in July, 2013. Currently Cupid is selling this condom in Indonesia, Brazil, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Netherland, South Africa and India. Cupid’s customers apart from WHO and Govt. of India include Cipla and DKT. Cupid is anticipating large volume orders from South Africa, Brazil , NACO (National Aids Control organization) and Ministry of Health, New Delhi during financial year 2014-2015. The Company’s products are well recognized in the market and are best in terms of quality and standards.

               Earlier, the company used to have debt of more than 7cr in 2009-10 and debt to equity of more than 1 but the company is now debt-free. The promoters have also increased their stake from 36.9% to 48.81% (and the pledge has reduced from 41% to 18%). As per my interaction with the company’s management (Most of the research presented here is the result of my interaction with the management), starting this FY, the company’s earning profile will improve significantly (With no capex planned for next two years) and most importantly would become more stable and predictable. As this happens company plans to start paying dividends too. Management was saying that earlier all their internal accruals were being used to repay debts and invest in R&D (and therefore, no dividends – even Chairman did not accept salary, good capital allocation). Now as they start reaping the benefits of it, the company would start rewarding shareholders too (the management acknowledged that whatever is good for minority shareholders is automatically good for the promoters – being the largest shareholders). As per the company’s management, this year the company will “easily” surpass its all time high turnover. More importantly the bottom-line would be great, thanks to its WHO orders. The Nov last year’s contract would be up for renewal in Oct and the value of that would be keenly watched (they expect it to be better than previous order). The management is noticing strongest ever order inflow in the history of the company. As per my estimates (based on my interaction with company), the company could easily report an EPS of around 6rs-7rs for this FY.

Superb Valuations for Investment: While Other pharma companies are normally trading at around 22-35 PE with huge debts in their books but with Cupid, on the other hand, at the current price of 21rs, we have a debt-free pharma company trading at a trailing PE of just 8 (and a forward PE of just 3) backed by ethical management (so rare in small caps) in a huge addressable market with hardly any competition. Also considering the estimated EPS of 6rs (on a lower side), the stock price can go up multi-fold. Another important point to note is that the Chairman has chosen not taken any salary for last few years , owing to not so great performance in last few years. This is tremendous and so rare (there are companies with Debt to equity of 3 and 4 and their promoters take crores in compensation). Also, an interesting point is that company does not have any contingent liability – refreshing to see such an attribute associated with a company that manufactures goods.

Technicals: The stock broke out after more than 6 yrs of consolidation. This bodes very well for the Cupid investors. Such stocks don’t just double and stop, they go much higher.

Company’s website:

Note: Addressing a general concern highlighted till now:The stock price is already way higher than the average price of pledge creation.Being a debt free company one should be least bothered about this pledge. Historically also, the pledge has never been sold, even when the debt to equity was more than one. Moreover, the pledge has only reduced over the years. Lets also not forget the chairman has not accepted any remuneration for last few years. Do not let micro-picture dictate the macro-picture. IMHO This kind of management is hard to find by in small caps.

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277 Responses to Cupid Ltd – Innovating its way to turnaround, Success and Beyond

  1. ravi multani says:

    wow ace
    i was eagerly waiting for ur new idea
    I was liking this stock for some days due to its unique business but dont had that courage to buy….now u recomended…..vl try to buy tommorrow…thanks

  2. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    I think more than a pharma company, it could be valued more like a consumer company. Either way it could attract a PE of 15 times. Thanks for all your hard work. Appreciate it

  3. Bhavesh says:

    Thank you for this Gem sir.
    would know to know your comments on Lovable Lingerie for long term.
    thank a lot.

  4. Ramesh says:

    Hello Ace, Promotor has pledged shares. Did you get valid reason for the pledge ?- Thanks,

  5. Gopalacharyulu says:

    Sir, Cupid ltd has 18% of promoter shares pledged, that means over 10 lakh shares.what i was heard is when a company pledged shares try not to look for it…Am i making any sense? or is it a rumor.? just give me a light.other than that company as you said is very good.

    • Thats not right. debt ridden companies with big pledge is an issue. This company does not have any debt. Moreover, the promoters are very many companies do you know where the chairman does not accept salary because of non-performance of company. Moreover, the pledge has reduced quite a bit in last few years. See the pledge in 2010.

  6. deep275 says:

    Bliss GVS is also is same business and is flying since last week.

  7. Venky says:

    This would be the first stock from ur recommendation in my portfolio if i get it tomorrow.
    I would like to have your view on few of the stock.
    Punj Llyod.
    Nitesh Estate
    Ybrant and Tanla Solution.

    First two are in huge losses.

    • unfortunately, do not like any of the stocks you mentioned in your list. Cupid has good liquidity. People who punch in their orders fast would get it in a day or two. One should not worry about not getting this stock.

  8. Stinkyfeet says:

    Thanks for the reco but why only female comdoms when male condoms are more popular. Maybe the times are changing. They should also add toys and other stuff similar to what the German brand Pjur has. None the less, an interesting pick. Thanks, once again, Ace.

    • read it again, its both male and female condoms, infact their lastest patent was for male condoms :). For female condom they are the only WHO certified manufacturer from india and second only in world.

  9. Asif says:

    Kindly excuse my ignorance….do we need to put the order at 23.16, I trade with Tradejini…and it doesn’t show the price amount before putting a pre market order…once again apologies for teh silly question

  10. Stinkyfeet says:

    Yup, saw that. But the big question, do we get a chance to burn some rubber, tomorrow!! 😉 Early in the morning, maybe.

  11. Raj says:

    Hi ace,

    Another great pick, I have been monitoring this scrip for some time now.
    What’s your view on kelton tech solutions?


  12. very_common_investor says:

    but I believe again, we will not get this as others like Aimco and Orient Bev.

  13. anil says:

    is it cupid rubbers. kly give bse code of cupid ltd

  14. Hi Ace, Do you track Himalya International? Kindly share your views. Can it be a dark Horse?

  15. Ram says:

    Dear Ace Bro.., how is Dhoot Industrial Finance.., your response is much appreciated…

  16. Tarun says:

    Just read about fall in Rubber prices from 195/kg to 125/kg due to which Tyre stocks are moving up. There is another company called RUBFILA International. The company did expansion last year and as per latest news the company tied up with another vendor for making products.

    Any view?

  17. Pramod Malav says:

    what about “parabolic drugs” sir ??

  18. Rohit says:

    Any view on SKM EGG Products?

  19. Murthy says:

    Hello Aceinvestor,
    Have you invested in this stock?

  20. Gopalacharyulu says:

    Sir,please suggest me 2 scripts from your old reco’s which is still a buy .i placed a order to cupid just after open market ,other than that please suggest me 2 more.thanks in advance,

  21. deep275 says:

    Aceinvestor, Any comment on Aro granite.

  22. praveen says:

    Hi , your views on Mold tek Pack ? Is it a buy at CMP ?

  23. hitesh says:

    sir can i buy multibase and seamec for 1 year

  24. AP says:

    Hi Ace, Cupid is another good fundamental stock found by you for the investors benefit. Please also give your opinion on Arvind Remedies for a holding period of about 1 year.

  25. Power says:

    Hi Ace
    Good Day!

    Pls advice us on Salzer Electronics. It comes in Sherkhans top pick @137

  26. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Sir, is Floods in J&K state a cause on concern for Singer India? Atleast, its production could be disturbed till everything normalises in J&K. Sir please give your expert opinion on this issue.

  27. Power says:

    Pls advice us on Salzer Electronics. It comes in Sherkhans top pick @137

  28. Sameer Anand says:

    HI ACE,
    Upto what level should I buy Cupid as the circuits could continue for many days?

  29. mayur says:

    Hi, Thanks for sharing hidden gem. till now I was unaware of any company who is doing business in condoms and that too in female category.
    May I know your views on Premco Global – both tooline and bottomline increasing last 2 years with minimum debt…no pledging

    and Shilp Gravure – a niche player – India’s pioneer and undisputed leader in Electro-Mechanical Engraving, with a substantial market share of the flexible packaging industry.

    • both are under my radar too, but needs solid bit of research for this one. If you are convinced, as i keep on saying thats the best reason to buy. Although, shilp earnings has to grow or else, its wont find takers in market.

  30. mayur says:

    Hi, Thanks for sharing hidden gem. till now I was unaware of any company who is doing business in condoms and that too in female category.
    May I know your views on Premco Global – both tooline and bottomline increasing last 2 years with minimum debt…no pledging

    and Shilp Gravure – a niche player – India’s pioneer and undisputed leader in Electro-Mechanical Engraving, with a substantial market share of the flexible packaging industry.


  31. Ranjan says:

    Hi Ace,

    My bad luck I could not get Aimco and Cupid today also. Even tried Jayshree Chemicals even after placing order at 9AM with UC price. But of no use. Can I add Kopran/nectar at the present level. I am holding both the stock from much lower level since May’14.

  32. Ranjan says:

    Hi Ace,

    My bad luck I could not get Aimco and Cupid today also. Even tried Jayshree Chemicals even after placing order at 9AM with UC price. But of no use. Can I add Kopran/nectar at the present level. I am holding both the stock from much lower level since May’14.

  33. hitesh says:

    sir whats ur view on Madhav marble .
    A company with Zero Debt , Book Value of 120 , Sales 80cr , Net Profit 7 Cr , P/e is at 4.9
    And please tell me should investor waits for big big volume or if company fundamentals looks good then investor should not look at volumes and buy it

    • i know this. under watch list. One thing you should know is that the company has not been able to grow its earnings. If we can find out the reason for that and see if its going to change only then it makes sense to buy. just for PE re-rating is more like a trading bet.

  34. praveen says:

    Hi , your views on Mold tek Pack ? Is it a good buy at CMP for a long term hold?

  35. Ashok Gupta says:

    Sir your view on Sunil Hitech and Sunshield Chemical

  36. ricky says:

    sir have u looked at 8k miles – is into cloud computing

  37. Ravi says:

    Ahmednagar Forging has huge debt around 2000 Cr, but can you kindly reply whether their debt is a concern ? I am not a finance person and just for my understanding – they have almost equal amt of Reserve 870Cr, Capital Work in Progress 700Cr, Cash & Bank Bal 240Cr, last yr NP150Cr.

  38. Pramod Malav says:

    is “Nectar life science” has any potential as it has USFDA approval news in future plzzz guide me sir

  39. a.p. says:

    Hi, hows marico kaya in your books?

  40. very_common_investor says:

    what is your view on Munjal Auto and R System Intl?

  41. Rishant says:

    whats your view on Heritage Foods? good to buy or hold?

  42. deep275 says:

    Hi Ace,
    Do you track Dynamic Industries or Dynamic Products. Dynamic Industries appear good on technical and consistent increase in top line and bottomline since 5 years. Available at 0.18 market cap to sales.

    I think they are in the same business as Aimco pesticides.

    #Deepak .

  43. ajay says:

    Acknit Industries Ltd.

    MARKET CAP – 11 cr.

    EPS – Rs.9

    PE RATIOS – 4


    PLEDGED – 34.22% OF promoter holding

    paying dividend since 1999

  44. Sahil says:

    Hello Sir,

    Can you please take a look at Celestial Labs ? I am still learning technical charts but it seems it is moving to a bullish zone and can move up. Also what do you think about fundamentals of this company ?

  45. jayaraman says:

    Good stock I am not able to get it. Ok. What is ur view on tci finance. It is having more than 75 lack of shares of gati , having parter with amit venture and having itag company also. All this may come around more than 300 crores. Now promoter also buying shares. Please give ur view sir.

  46. M Prabhu says:

    Hi Ace, Since Rubbers prices are coming down, I have analysed all tyre stocks and feel CEAT and Bal Krishna seems to be ok. can I have your view on ” CEAT” or ” Bal Krishna” . which one stock you could suggest..

    • CEAT is a good brand but cannot say the same about the management group. They have to prove themselves a lot more. balkrishna is also ok. Both are good, i mean in the same boat.Also, look at MRF..the brand equity and management pedigree is very good.

  47. deep275 says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any comment on Stylam Industries.


  48. Vij says:

    Any opinion on Cybertech Systems? Thanks.

  49. Bhavesh says:

    Hi Sir, wanted to know your views on suzlon for long term and any good companys in your rader from Power sector since the sector is beaten down.
    thank you!

    • why would you want to buy suzlon..its upside will be slow and steady beyond a point. I do not take stock ideas sector wise. I believe lot of good stocks available at good valuations right now. I would not invest in suzlon. If you are convinced, then you may go ahead. The motto of this blog is to “compound money, faster” …last word is the key here

  50. jayaraman says:

    What is ur view on datamatic global

  51. Navin Sharma says:

    Sir, Can Singer India be bought at this levels. It has already moved up 50% from your recommendation or should wait for some correction? I was unlucky to find your blog so late.Please suggest sir what to do?

  52. gibbsab says:

    hi ace i want to know about windsor machines cmp 34 for long term please reply thnks in advance.

    • as much as i like windsor, i am still not sure how the earnings are going to improve. Its in my watch list for sure, but still the conviction is not there because the earnings growth visibility is not there as of now. At the moment much better bets out there. Value sometimes become a value trap and value without stock price growth is a wasted opportunity and in this bull market opportunity cost will be huge.

  53. Arjun says:

    Without revealing granular details could you guide us through your broad criteria of shortlisting small cap stocks like the one you suggested here. Fundamental criteria please. Thanks in advance and I understand if you do not want to discuss about this.

  54. NIRAV KARIA says:

    Sir first of all thank you for this wonderful opportunity you are giving to small and novice investors like us. Sir i would like to know your view on Control Print Limited, Biocon Ltd and Sharda Cropchem. Thanks in advance

  55. Hemal Kenia says:

    Ur valuable take on Mafatlal Inds ?

  56. gibbsab says:

    thanks for reply so i can buy some windsor at this level ?

  57. sanjeev jain says:

    Sir is Gujarat borosil a good buy for next 2-3 years time can it double in price from here.Can you also guide on Gujarat Automotive gears .

    • gujarat borosil is ok, but we need to see how they plan to turnaround consistently. there are much better bets out there…more convincing bets i mean. gujarat automotive is a slow and steady bet, but do not expect the speed of appreciation in that as the equity is way too small.

      • sanjeev jain says:

        sir many thanks for super fast reply .May god bless for giving selfless/honest /genuine advice in these days when people dont offer a cup of tea with out reason.
        Hats off to you ,boss

        • Its not selfless advice. There is a personal motive 🙂 . I get lot of satisfaction knowing that somebody is making money because of something that i could do to clear his/her mind. I could not make as much money as i wanted to in 2003-2008 market because there was no platform for Q&A (and interesting stock ideas) I hope i can help others like me… and in the process we all can make money, which ultimately fuels our own vibrant economy (all the extra money that we make here is eventually going back to the system in buying houses, outing, entertainment, travel, etc etc ). God Bless everyone. Cheers.

  58. sanjeev jain says:

    sir guide me on Poly-medicure (invested 100 shares @600/-) Eimco-elecon (50 shares @200) can it be kept for long term or better to exit

  59. Theresa says:

    Is Aimco still a buy @ tomorrows (11sep14) UC

    • Only if you are convinced that the price you are paying is way lower than the value it is deserving.

      • Theresa says:

        Re Aimco – I read your answer as you are not recommending now, but if I am still interested then buy – Is that correct? Brother, requesting your help, Is Aimco still a buy or wait for a correction?

        • I am not sure how you got the idea that i am not recommending aimco now. Yes you can buy Aimco, and surely buy if you yourself are convinced about the idea. Best of luck with your investment.

  60. rashmi says:

    hii ace,hows pbm poly for investing?

  61. thakral says:

    wts ur view on kesoram…

  62. rashmi says:

    hi ace hows pbm poly fr investing?

  63. rashmi says:

    hi ace hows pbm poly fr investing for one year timeframe

  64. Hi Ace.
    Trying to get into Cupid..hopefully will get there.
    btw, what’s ur take on Talbros Auto for long term..?? I m holding from 63 levels.

  65. Geetha says:

    Very informative blog. I’m new to investing in stock. Thanks for your ideas.

    Kindly give your views on gujarat ambuja exports

  66. KS says:

    Hi Ace thanks a lot for recommendation. Can u pls share ur view on Repro. Thanks in advance

  67. Tarun says:

    Are you trader or long term investor? Sorry for the question as couldn’t figure out from your display name 🙂

    Your view on Freshtrop Fruits. The company has finished expansion and not starting production of their new plant which will bring down the seasonality of fruits earnings as they will produce juice.

    The last qtr results were also very good.. and seems like good visibility in earnings going forward.

  68. Pramod Malav says:

    hello Ace sir
    thankss alot for reply and also wanna ask about the “Aksh Optifiber” as per digital india news

  69. Hi Ace, Could you please share your views on JHS Svendgaard and 20 microns? Will JHS turnout to be a takeover candidate or can there be a turnaround? thank you,

  70. J says:

    Hi ace.. Your views on Vinyl Chemicals??

  71. Rishant says:

    When you recommend any stock in future can you recommend something which has good liquidity so small investors can get the shares?

    • i know the problem you guys are facing. Now i am questioning my own decision to put the stock after market hours. I was hoping to “force” people to study the stock before even thinking about buying it but for some reasons the stock opens on circuit the next day and people are unable to buy it. This is really bothering me and i am planning to recommend the stocks in trading hours. Still not decided but giving it a serious thought. I mean like cupid was trading with around 1.5 lacs shares almost daily for last 2 weeks and suddenly there’s noone selling.

      • Rishant says:

        Yes Sir. It’s become more like buy and then dump after 40-50% appreciation. Small investors get crunched.

        If you can give thought on idea of randomly putting the idea instead of fix day.. that way only genuine investors would look at it.

        If you select Monday as day then this speculators/Funds/Brokers get ready in advance to buy huge lots blocking small investors as they have BOLT and use that to get in first whereas we use online and hence our orders go in late.

        Looking at volume it seems like brokerage/funds are involved as it has some 4-5 Lacs qty to buy right at 9 hrs.

        thanks for taking notice.

      • mitajakom says:

        IMHO they may be retain investors only who are running after stocks as it is not easy to find out good stock with ample valuation unlocking with recent market run up. Just like retail portion of snowman IPO got oversubscribed by multiple times. Since, market is in euphoria, this kind of speculation is observable.

      • Prashant says:

        Dear aceinvestortraderji,
        I don’t think so you can do much here . Everyone who reads blog will run for the stocks your recommended, it may be small or big investor . May be you can put your ideas randomly instead of declaring well ahead. Whoever tracks and reads it first gets the stock .
        Thanks for your wonderful finding . I am trying hard for cupid, v2, aimco and will buy first day I get it .

        Thanks & Regards,

  72. KIRTAN says:


  73. J says:

    Your views on Vinyl Chemicals?

  74. ravi says:

    Dear Sir
    Thank you very much for your help for small investors like us . . Actually people like you are doing a big self less service for all of us . May god give u all blessings . Sir I have some queries about one stock called Kulkarni Power tools which is a very old company consistently paying dividend and management also seems to be good . It has not participated in the current bull rally . May I know your views on this share

  75. saraaol says:

    Please suggest me on STORE ONE ,RADICO KHAITAN n on BLISS GVS. I hold these stocks

  76. Rishant says:

    By saying dump, I mean this brokers sell on some % gain.. Didn’t mean to say loss.

    We are long term investors and these brokers use oppor to corner in qty and then wait for week after which they sell on profit as its UC and then use same money to buy another week recommendation. They have been doing this for another bloggers recommendation so letting you know.

    You are helping small investors with all good means which is rare to find.. so will wait patiently.

    Thanks for all your wonderfull recom.

    Pls look at suggestion of putting recommendations randomly during off hours and that also at different days.. Only small suggestions from your reader.


  77. Narain says:

    Hello Sir. I’ve addressed you as sir as I don’t know your name. I would like to bring this up though other fellow member’s have already posted about it. This is regarding the recommendation of your stocks.

    It’s like I felt I was in the same situation resonating your’s during 2003-08 as you have said earlier, until I came across your blog. You really doing a very good job answering queries of everyone and also at the same time recommending stocks.

    Since you have posted Cupid, as every one does know, it’s still in the upper circuit and not only me but none of the follower’s were able to buy it. Not only this one, but it seem’s like it would be applicable to your upcoming recommendations also..
    As the fellow follower said brokers might be really taking advantage of this. So we the one’s who are previous market loser’s are in real need of your recommendations.
    I’ve been opening up the terminal everyday morning and just to see that I do not have the luck today also..

    I would like to discuss with you if we can work anything that can actually benefit the real people and those who are in need of your help. I’m open to take up the initiative to help our group and also to develop it further. I’m leaving my mail id here cause I could not find your mail id so as to send you personal message stating the ideas I would like to put down.


  78. Tarun says:

    ACE sir,
    Any view on Cords Cable which manufactures diff types of specialized cables for Telecom, Rly,

    They have better products then other cable companies.

  79. J Gopal says:

    Hi Ace, What’s your view on GVK Power and Orbit Corp ?

  80. Srinivas says:

    Hi Ace ji,

    What is your view on IFGL Refractories.


  81. Tarun says:

    Ace sir,

    came across a company called Chembond Chemicals. Seems interesting with unique products like paint chemicals for Infrastructure.

    What I liked was the products and seems like one of a kind company. Do you track or any view on the company.

    • yes, under research. tracking it. will see what can take the company back to better profits. the profits are down for last few yrs, but investigating it.

      • Tarun says:

        Yes the profits were down due to stall of infrastructure projects for last 2 years. Now with new govt the infrastructure is back and with new orders being released by govt the company stands to gain.

        I haven’t seen another company with similar products and its uniqueness is what attracted me.

        The also have many subsidiaries…which is in water chemicals…

        will dig further..

        Thanks for your prompt reply..

  82. abhishek says:

    Hi Ace , I like your approach of analysing the value stocks, I too am a seasoned investor ( but nowhere compared to you ) and can draw parallel to your way of looking the stocks which are a clear “value for money” … Did invest in Sharp and Waterbase much before your recommendation.. I want to know what is your view on Sharp at this level. Also , was looking to invest potential hidden gems in Pharma space – Wanbury, Plethico, Morepan , Makers Lab and Opto – I found all of them very lucrative for one or the other reasons … all are past winners and are in temporary troubles currently , but showing signs of turnaround ( except Opto which I will avoid for now anyway) …!!! I like Makers lab mainlybecause of the common management of IPCA and Makers.

    • Sharp… one needs to keep monitoring for performance.

      • abhishek says:

        What is your view on these dark horse pharma stocks – Wanbury, Plethico, Morepan , Makers Lab and Opto , which of these , or all are good to invest ?

        • these need to be invetigated a lot most of them i am doing, but those dark horses are really dark. For some of them its light at the end of tunnel, but we need to investigate and research if that light is the light of day or light of an incoming train

      • abhishek says:

        Surprisingly Except for Makers, All four , Plethico, Opto, Wanbury and Morepen, are past winners and trading at less than 10% of their all time high price, …..that makes them more attractive, please share your view once you are done with your research..!!

        • just because its 90-95% down from their highs do not make it attractive to me brother. remember HFCL, Maars Software etc…Most of them are gone, some are still 99% down from their highs… Till these people do something about their business and we see that there are changes of growth coming back, its difficult. Market pays for growth, consistency and honestly. If we can be sure that these guys are going to do that then it makes sense. I will keep everyone posted if something i find interesting. God Bless.

  83. Ajinkya Mulay says:

    Hi Aceji I am new to markets I bought 400 kwality at 54 .mold tek pack 61 @ 104 vinyl chemicals 100@ 46 Astec life
    100 @ 75 and suven life 100 @ 228 .are the picks good kindly advice me b frank.ur blog is very helpful thanks

  84. sam says:

    Hi ace……is cupid still a good buy at 27??

  85. Prashant says:

    Dear all,
    cupid is available at UC as of now . I got a small chunk for me.
    Thanks & Regards,

  86. Prashant says:

    Dear all,
    cupid is available at UC as of now . I got a small chunk for me.
    Thanks & Regards,

  87. cp says:

    Bot today finally

  88. Ganesh says:

    Hi Aceinvestor, I missed Cupid yesterday. It is locked today at UC @ 29.52. Is it still a great buy? and should I put my buy bid at 29.52 today or wait for any correction ??

    • if you are asking me this question then your conviction is not strong enough brother. ask yourself and the answer you get is the best answer. I have already given my view on this man. best of luck with your investment.

      • Ganesh says:

        Hi bro, i just i got Cupit at 29.52. thanks for the reply. Hope to get double in 2 months just like your other recommendations.

        • no ganesh, not everything doubles in 2-3 months…you should give everything time. do not expect the same treatment with every stock. Although let’s keep our fingers crossed. god bless

  89. Ganesh says:

    Hi Aceinvestor, I missed Cupid yesterday. It is locked today at UC at 29.52. Is it still a great buy? and should I put my buy bid at 29.52 today or wait for any correction ??

  90. MyInsignia says:

    17th Sept –

    Cupid has received additional orders worth Rs 2.4cr from the UN Population fund UNFPA Copenhagen, Denmark to supply Male Condoms to countries in Europe, Central Asia and Africa by March 2015.

  91. Noobtomarket says:

    I was considering buying JBM Auto or Cupid Ltd , I already some of Cupid but small qty .So is Cupid a better investment than JBM Auto ?
    Over diversifying is already spoiling my return so i just want to be in one of them .Thank you Sir

  92. MyInsignia says:

    Good news for Cupid holders –

    Cupid Ltd signs 10 year agreement with Safeware to supply male condom

    Cupid Ltd has signed a 10 year Male Condom Supply Agreement with M/s. Safeware & Co. based in Florida, USA.

    Cupid’s WHO/UNFPA Prequalified Male Condoms will be marketed under Cupid’s popular Green Love Brand throughout USA.

    This long term agreement is part of Cupid’s newly developed strategic plan to aggressively grow its market share for both Male and Female Condoms worldwide, said Mr. Om Garg, the Chairman and Managing Director.

    Source: Equity Bulls

    Posted On: 2014-10-09 11:23:00

  93. KK sharma says:

    Pl. Do write date of posting a post

  94. Vipul says:

    Cupid Ltd signs 10 year agreement with Safeware to supply male condom
    upid Ltd has signed a 10 year Male Condom Supply Agreement with M/s. Safeware & Co. based in Florida, USA. Cupid’s WHO/UNFPA Prequalified Male Condoms will be marketed under Cupid’s popular Green Love Brand throughout USA.

  95. You are doing a great service for small investors like us. Thanks a lot.

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