Waterbase – 5 Times in 4 Months

Ok, this is the last update on waterbase price 🙂  , Its getting monotonous now. But nevertheless, Congratulations to all the Waterbase Ltd. investors who must have multiplied their money 5 times  in 4 months. Best of Luck with your investment and God bless all.

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  1. Sharad says:

    Tks for helping small investor like me. One question how to do u find MCX in long run

    • too big to fit my portfolio 🙂 ….but really its just a 20% CAGR (plus probably 2% yield – which is good though) company which is heavily regulated. why that. Its “good” only if you want to invest a few crores in a company, but less than that we have much better ideas in the market.

  2. Asif says:

    Can we add more of Waterbase or should we wait for any corrections? And what are your thoughts on MMFL and GSFC….

  3. Geetha says:

    Your view on vinyl chemicals – pidilite group ,natural capsule, dynamic industries at CMP?.

  4. Rocky says:

    Hi ace,

    What’s your view on Sharp india at CMP Rs 70?


  5. yash says:

    hello acetrader ji, am eagerly waiting for yoyr high conviction idea this week, sir any views on nucleus software? can we add more at cmp

  6. Ankit says:

    hi Ace, any views on Reliance? It has been falling continuously for last one week.

  7. Pratik says:

    Finally able to buy Cupid….thanks.

    Any new recommadation for this Monday ?

  8. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    there were three entity sold approx 4.8 lacs shares of cupid…..do u see any material impact on the stock…and there was no buyer mentioned in the bulk deal so i guess retail bought the same..whts ur view on this..

  9. reddycv24 says:

    Hi Ace, your views on Morepen Lab. Can it worth buy @ CMP RS.13/-

  10. Anil says:

    Ur view on usher agro

  11. pb says:

    Hi Ace,
    Please share your views on BILCARE.Can it be a success story like V2 etc?

  12. PR says:

    Hi Ace,
    Please share your views on RS Software.Can it be be hold for long given its huge potential.

  13. Kannar says:

    On a close look anybody can identify your trick , raising questions by yourself and answering for the question by yourself

  14. reddycv24 says:

    Your views on Rubfilaa.

  15. cp says:

    Sir ur view on shyam telecom

  16. pruthvi says:

    What do u mean by IMHO.
    Kindly elaborate.
    Your view on Lloyd electric pls.
    It is very cheap compared to industry P/E. Book value. And product base , sales expanding, white goods segment, Oem player., sales, profit margin ARE GROWING. still the stock price is not at par with industry. Will it be good value pick for long term.


  17. srinivas says:

    hi Ace, your view on Zandu Realty and Shriram Needle Bearings?

  18. Ace,I am taking the liberty to clarify the reason behind addressing you “Sir” by me. My parents and elders inculcated in me to respect all the people who help us to gain knowledge, info or those who guide us during our entire life span. I felt that you are helping me by providing right info for all my queries which further help me to learn , gain and grow. This was the reason behind my addressing as “Sir”previously. We never call our teacher his or her name. Nevetheless I stopped addressing you Sir as per your request. Rashmi

  19. Prasant says:


    Please share your view on Bilcare.Can I buy it @CMP.Can it be a sucess story like V2 etc

  20. Raj says:

    Dear Ace,
    Kindly suggest on Galaxy Entertainment at CMP.

  21. Raj says:

    Dear Ace,
    Did you happen to look at Country Condos.
    A change in management. New Promoters consistently increasing their stake.
    Though, No great result as yet…
    Any thoughts on it.

  22. praveenks97 says:

    Hello AceIT , Any inputs on Nath Bio Genes ?

  23. Theresa says:

    Hi Ace,
    Awaiting your new ideas… What is the latest on your yesterday’s appointment/meeting? Hope all went well. Good Luck!

    • Sahil says:

      Dear aceinvestortrader, please consider sharing your idea during market hours so that small investors have a chance to buy.. else big investors put lot of orders during premarket hours and gets all.. i have tried doing the same but have been unlucky so far like most other people.


    • will soon apprise everybody.

  24. Chenna says:

    Hello Aceinvestortrader

    I appreciate your time and effort spend for retail investors. Thanks for sharing valuable information on stocks to make profits for a retail investor.

    Please educate your followers by conducting webnairs on how one can analyse and pick a stock and understanding financial reports. We can get many materials on internet but interpreting the information may come with experience.

    Please consider my request.


  25. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Just a request please consider putting up the new idea today as the market is in correction mode and we may get to accumulate the recommended stock.

  26. Sameer Anand says:

    Also do you track Rollatainers? is it a good buy?

  27. Geetha says:

    Dear Ace, I could’nt buy supid in spite of no UC. I can’t buy on my profile. Kindly shed some light to understand the issue. Is it bcoz of NRE Profile / B group / any of my ignorance.

  28. Geetha says:

    Sorry its Cupid. Spelling mistake…..

  29. Rahul says:

    Kindly share your views on Kohinoor foods?

  30. Navin Sharma says:

    Ace, can cupid be bought at this levels. or should we wait for some correction after sharp run up last week?

  31. Prabu says:

    Singer has been stagnant at the same price for nearly 10 days.. When did you expect the next trigger to take the share forward. Please advise

  32. J Gopal says:

    Dear Ace,

    What’s your view on Brooks Lab ? I am holding @ 40.00

  33. Neel says:

    Dear Ace,
    I tried the search button but couldn’t find any post/comment on Flex Food and Aro Granites. Wanted to have your opinion on their valuation and future growth prospects.


  34. Ramesh says:

    Dear ACE,

    I want to know that after Dec 2012 (ur rec. about SKS Microfinance) you did not rec. any idea and then started again in Jan 2014. Can we know the reason please.


  35. Power says:

    what do you think on shalimar paints

  36. Power says:

    Could you advice on Hinduja Ventures

  37. anujpress24 says:

    Hi Ace

    What happened to waterbase .. Why it’s falling like this.

  38. kamal says:

    any opinion on umang dairies

  39. Saurabh says:

    Hi Sir,
    Waterbase is going down. Do you think its time to exit ?

  40. saraaol says:

    Ace sir,
    Is it only correction in waterbase or something issue about loan of Canara bank?
    If correction,really welcome..

  41. Shrenikk says:

    waterbase price is coming down regularly ? what is your view on this. Should we hold it. Can we see the 90+ levels again

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