A New Idea Will Be Posted Tomorrow

Stay Tuned.

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  1. Narain says:

    Excited and hope it will benefit us more than those brokers.

  2. MyInsignia says:

    Excited. ..waiting eagerly.

  3. ankitkhaitan says:

    first of all “thanks a lot” for such wonderful suggestions , people like you can change the fortunes of retail investors. just wana know whether it will be posted in market hours or after market hours. as a “young ” investor i would request you to put the idea during market hours . then atleast ur followers will be able to get the shares. rest ur more experienced and knowledgeable .. thanks again . learning a lot from ur picks and frm ideas ur sharing .

    • people who want to buy in market hours would not get time to reasearch and would buy blindly and that scares me a lot.

      • Prabu says:

        I agree your point ace.. Try to post it after market hours so that we will study about the company before buying.. Also if company is good, there is no problem in buying even after few circuits.

        • thats the right attitude prabhu i hope people look at longer term …. my bad luck that the stocks start going on circuit and peopIn fact most stocks do not go that way, slow and steady upmove is always better.

  4. A. B. Farooqui says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your below email of 16/9/2014.

    When New Stock Idea is posted tomorrow, I cannot buy that share as it is instantly going into upper circuits. Therefore, I would like to become paid subscriber so that you can email me the New Stock Idea atleast one trading day before posting on your website.

    Kindly let me know your yearly subscription charges so that I can transfer it right now. Best Regards.

  5. gibbsab says:

    hi ace i want to know about gufic biosciences cmp 23 bsecode ;509079

  6. gibbsab says:

    thanks for your valuable comments ace…..

  7. gibbsab says:

    after reasearch tell me about gufic biosciences

  8. neelbasura says:

    Hi Ace,

    How is Piramal Enterprise for very long term say 5 years?

  9. Sahil says:


    Can you give us a hint of whats coming as your next idea 😉 Also i think it would be beneficial for small investors like me if u post idea during market hours.

    • Doesnt matter says:

      Another gone case as we small investors can buy only after 20%-30% up. anyways its Great help for those operators. Some of the retail investors can get benefitted if posted during market hours. will check this blog after 5 days as no point checking before that..

      • Prashant says:

        Dear boarder,
        does it really matter you pay rs 21 or 33 for stocks like V2 if you are really convinced ? Till yday peoples were running for V2 and today its available very easily, even cupid .

        Smart investor who knows the value will always buy . I know how it feels when we think that we lost some 30-40% gains in a week when stock is in continuous in UC . But look at the other hand . The person who bought watebase after breaking 1st UC will be smiling just after few months . Isn’t it worth today ?

        Do not just think of easy money, it will follow you if we follow the value and control our sentiments .

        Thanks & Regards,

      • Ravi Kumar says:

        There is a saying, “Don’t look at the gifted horse in the mouth”. Ace is doing a valuable and free service by giving tips on stocks for us to invest. It is entirely up to him when to post his views. You post a comment in a such a manner that you have employed him and he is getting monthly salary from you and he has to work according to your wishes. You don’t even have the courage to write your real name.

  10. Ankit says:

    Sir, market fell today drastically. Is US rate increase the reason?

  11. salim says:

    waterbase sell orders = 40000 is it still the right value to add more?

  12. saraaol says:

    Hi ace,someone who wants study of ur picks,can do easily even u put ur idea during mot cause they will have same situation but if some of ur follower get some quantity that will much benifited.My experience says none of follower buy the after his/her own research,first he buy because he knows in next 5days I will have earned money n then to think sheathed I have to hold it for long or not..

    • Narain says:

      Well, I guess atleast few does research. I do it and I do not buy as soon as a new stock is recommended here.

      What I feel is that, once a new stock is posted. I will do research before I buy that stock and if I feel it is right for me, I will buy it or else I will let it go cause the stock market is not going to close tomorrow and we shouldn’t be in a hurry to buy the stock.
      If I find anything wrong or any such, I will post it here and Ace will answer that. What else do I want. Like we are learning here.

      Instead of blindly buying, if we can teach ourselves why should we buy a articular stock, it will be much beneficial for us. I see Ace as a teacher, I’ve been learning many thing’s from Ace from the comment’s and from his/her answer’s to my questions.

      So, I suggest the same to any investor who has the passion to learn. Period.

  13. anjum vohra says:

    Hi Ace, today bought Cupid @ 28.20, waiting for your new pick, thanks & God bless!!!

  14. saraaol says:

    Hi ace,someone who wants study of ur picks,can do easily even u put ur idea during mkt cause they will have same situation but if some of ur follower get some quantity that will be much benifited.My experience says none of follower buy the after his/her own research,first he buy because he knows in next 5days I will have earned money n then to think wwhether I have to hold it for long or not..

  15. mayur says:

    Hi Ace, your views on marico Kaya around 570 levels? or should we wait for more correction? Only listed player in skin clinic in India – looks more promising bet. What says?

  16. Theresa says:

    Hi Ace,
    You will post the new idea after the market hours tomorrow, Is that correct?
    God Bless!

  17. saraaol says:

    Dear ace sir,
    In our country this is easy to earn money but not easy to earn faith..
    You doing excellent work and v all getting benefit also…..this is due to faith in you..That was meaning of my words last post…

  18. Dear Aceinvestortrader,

    When you say one can add waterbase on declines, My query to you is, as currently it is quoting at Rs 91.85/- ( small drop from Rs 96.65/-) do you think it is still worth at Rs 91.85/- or it might go little bit more down..
    I understand finally its our own conviction/call one has to follow.

    Warm Regards


  19. Narain says:

    Hello. This might not be directly related to stocks. This question is regarding the Big data technology you said you are using in your algorithm.

    I’m a software developer myself and I’m planning to shift my career to Big data analyst and what would you suggest, is that a right choice ? I’m asking you cause you already seem to be using that technology independently. Will the big data help me in stocks as well ?

    Just throw in some insights.

    Thank you.

  20. chirag says:

    Hey ace.. any general thoughts on the fall in the market today? Fail to understand the overall market sometimes. This is where conviction in Holdings also becomes question mark due to such temporary shocks

  21. Ace, Kindly let me have your views on Sical Logistics. thank you Rashmi

  22. KIRTAN says:

    its better to post after mkt hours .i am not online during market hours…i am offline investor….its does not matter to buy at 24 or at 28 …..
    important is buying for long term
    i know you are not giving recommendation for short term….
    so better to post after market hours..
    once again
    decision is yours
    u are more intelligent then us


  23. Darshan S. says:

    Dear Ace,

    What is your opinion on GSFC (Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd.) .?

  24. sanjeev says:

    hello ace… your view on JK Bank … can the logic of ‘be greedy when others are fearful’ be applied on it as it has fallen to year low because of floods in JK. This stock i think is the favourite of most value investors.

  25. Pramod Malav says:

    now we can say this “a healthy market”….correction a good sign for long term

  26. Swagath says:

    Hey ace investor,

    Is waterbase still a good buy ? As compared to avanti, there is a panic sell off in waterbase. I have noticed that its already appreciated 5 times from ur reco price.

  27. SUDHIR MEHRA says:


  28. M Prabhu says:

    Is CUPID still worth to buy, as because volumes reduced substantially, seems buyers lost interest, mostly sellers which makes little worry, do you suggest to enter the current market price of 27.80 is worth…

  29. Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Ace,

    Whats your view on ABM Knowledge? Looks interesting to me. Your opinion pls.


  30. Advait Thakur says:

    whats your view on Basant Agrotech? I am tracking from 3.5 but started buying from yesterday 🙂

  31. RS says:

    sir, a few questions and information i would like to share..

    I met the CS some 2 months back and all the information you have provided is corroborated with what i got from them..

    As you have listed regarding the asset light model, infact they have closed one of the packing house i guess in sangli and this was confirmed by them..

    Infact the turnaround in fruit processing is because they have added a second line so they can now process 2 fruits together.. check they have done some capex of 4 cr last yr..

    Few points that i did not get from them and in case you have got..
    – Operating capacity and the utilization of the fruit processing plant
    – they have lost market share in their grape exports business,, check the apeda website to get total export data from india
    – they have indicated 20% growth in topline and which i concur with them and the only bottomline is going to be fabulous because of the turnaround in fruit processing..

    this is just an information sharing post and looking fwd to your reply..


    • Single I visited last quarter and it was there. Management did not say it’s closed and said they have 4 warehouses… I also said 50% bottoming. Top line I was told around 30%.operating capacity around 85_90% and two lines as u rightly pointed out

      • ravjeet singh bagga says:

        Dear Ace,

        What i was looking for is operating capacity utilisation. If it’s 85-90% of the plant then there could be question mark on the sales growth going forward from next year itself..

        This data was not given to me by the CS. I went in the month of june..

        I will be going to the AGM on 22nd and see i can info from the MD..

        If you have nay questions to be asked it would be pleasure!!


        ravjit singh


        • Capacity increases by number of lines increase… And then utilization decreases also by increasing fruit multiplexing utilization increases

          • ravjeet singh bagga says:

            dear ace,

            thanx,,, that clears what i was looking at..

            if you check their recent disclosures, you will get that they have mentioned only 3 packing house address..

            ravjit singh


            • hmm…..will cross check with the guys…why was i told about 4 ….god bless.

              • ravjeet singh bagga says:

                dear ace,

                what they told me is that they have moved all the equipment i guess sangli unit4 to unit1 and expanded unit1.. Also they have taken on rent a packing/process house with one of the large farmers where all the packing and delivery would be done from farm itself..

                I still have some doubts on scalability of the business in terms of topline..

                Also did u check their lose in market share.. I know mahindra subh is their competitor but they dont have the profitability/margins as freshtrop. There is a crisil report giving their 2013 figures.

                So this guys do business on their terms with good margins…

                One of local fruit businesses who does business with them told me that the grape they export is the best in india and if you see that grape you would be surprised looking at the size and the quality.

                ravjit singh


              • yes, their fruits are best in the business. I happened to meet one of their customers (a chance meeting) in middle east and he concured about high quality product of freshtrop, that gave me a lot of confidence. By the way as far as i know mahindra subh is competitior only in fruit export segments …and its pretty big , obviously because of richer and bigger parent. But i like to bet on first gen enterprenuers …. Also the customer i was talking about had good words for subh also but said “nobody” comes near freshtrop which was pretty cool

              • ravjeet singh bagga says:

                Dear Ace, Greeting of diwali and new year.. Did you chance to look upon the share holding pattern of Freshtrop for sep qtr. A few savvy investors holding above 1% have exited completely. One of them i chance to spoke at their AGM and he said that the management was unable to build the second line of managers and was facing difficulties in procuring fruits. The management did not do many things they had promised since last 2 years. I could relate to this as when during the AGM i asked the MD why there was no growth in volume terms and all profits were because of currency he said that getting the right grapes was not easy and then later on he gives targets of 200cr for FY16. All this limited topline growth was reconfirmed by the CS also and the same reasons were given.

                On the side note where did you get the management commentary that was given during the AGM as i was present there.

                I might be sounding a bit negative but why would the management give such euphoric picture in the AR of 50% bottomline growth when you know your business has many variables regarding weather and getting good fruits.. If anything goes wrong then where do you hide your face..

                Also see if you can chance upon a company — Arman financial services as you have listed SKS.. ravjit singh

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  32. MyInsignia says:

    Is mahindra Subhlabh a subsidy of EPC industries – a mahindra group company. EPC is listed but I don’t see the same for subhlabh

    • ravjeet singh bagga says:

      Dear Ace,

      It is not a subsidiary of EPC as yet i think but there was a post by valuepick guy and he said that they will make it subsidiary of EPC. It is subsidiary of M&M.

      Mahindra ShubhLabh Services enters into Joint Venture with Belgium based Fresh Produce Company UNIVEG

      Mumbai, April 14, 2014: Mahindra ShubhLabh Services Ltd. (subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.) part of the USD 16.7 billion Mahindra Group, today signed a joint venture agreement with UNIVEG, a Belgium based Euro 3.2 billion Fresh Produce company.

      Mahindra ShubhLabh Services enters into Joint Venture w… Mumbai, April 14, 2014: Mahindra ShubhLabh Services Ltd. (subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.) part of the USD 16.7 billion Mahindra Group, today … View on http://www.mahindra.com Preview by Yahoo

      CARE report link to see Mahindra shubhlabh 2013 result..Compare with freshtrop,, not much difference in sales but look at profitability..

      Click to access Mahindra%20Shubhlabh_r_08102013.pdf

      ravjit singh


    • They both have same parent

  33. Varun says:

    I am holding Gujarat Foils,SKM Egg and Cupid ltd.Which stock among these 3 i should buy more?

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