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Henceforth, Most New Stock ideas would be posted without prior announcement (not necessarily in market hours), so that  genuine blog subscribers and regular blog readers would get a fair chance to research the stock idea.

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128 Responses to Blog Update

  1. Sachin says:

    I totally agree with you Ace and you have taken a smart decision. Cheers.

  2. Sameer Anand says:

    Applaud and appreciate your decision ACE.

  3. sunil says:

    Its great. We value your decision sincerely.

  4. Swetal says:

    Is Hfcl a good stock to invest… plz do reply. Thanks

  5. Sia says:

    Thanks for guiding us. Pl share ur view on Capital First.

  6. sandy says:

    Dear Ace,

    Request you to post on the market hours so that regular viewer can have a chance to buy at optimum rate.

    • without research to invest its suicide and problem is people will blame me for their acts. It would be after market hours. To give everybody a fair chance i am deciding not to pre-announce the date of post

      • Prashant says:

        Dear Aceinvestortraderji,
        you posted all the ideas after market hours, still I can see so many queries peoples post the day stock is down . So I dont think so it makes difference . Who wanted to do research will do so, and who wanted to buy based on trust they will do so .

        There will be always boarders who will ask your opinion when stock doubles or even has one LC .
        Thanks & Regards,

  7. Manish says:


    Do you have any views on Can Fin Homes, Kaveri Seeds?

  8. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Recently textile stocks have been rallying. Is Welspun India Limited a good bet to invest at 295-300 levels?

  9. Devnam says:

    Ace……please post in market hour……. basic idea of the stock could be accessed in half an hour…. we buy despite of our little understanding just because the trust u have created…
    … Those who want to do research can do for one day and can buy next day 🙂

    If you post after market hour, next day morning operators put block orders… small inverestors cant buy for next 40-50% gain…. I couldnt buy Aimco and cupid for 10 sessions… 😦 😦

    • if the story is good and convincing buying a few points above or below is immaterial. I do not think there are any operators, hopefully, and if there are, i dont think they will be checking the blogs so regularly. Trust me it will make you richer if you pick and choose rather than blindly following my advice.

      • Devnam says:

        🙂 Ok Ace…… but the thing is that we cannot buy few points above …. its 40-50% abovel…:( 😦

        No issues Ace… keep guiding us !!!!

  10. J says:

    Hi Ace,
    Your views on Datamatics Global Services and Morarjee Textiles

  11. Akshayw W says:

    May i know your long term View on Morpen lab

  12. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    appreciate ur decision
    pls give ur idea in market hour so that v can buy otherwise it would b in uc next day

  13. J says:

    Hi Ace,
    Your views on Mediaone Global Entertainment, Divyashakti Granites Ltd, ABM Knowledgeware and Flex Foods Ltd.
    Thanks in advance!

  14. vijay says:

    sir, any comments abt freshtrop, bought at 750 shares @71.50, in huge losses

    • what comments are you expecting. clearly you do not have any conviction about stock and within a few days of purchasing you are expecting it to double. Long term view is not at all a issue. I hope you had researched the stock before buying. This is the reason i advocate publishing post after market hours so that people can develop conviction. You must have bought it the next day and one would hope that you are convinced about the business before buying it. IMHO is a great story.

      • mayur says:

        I dont understand how come people expect returns from next day of buying…when ACE clearly mentions about long term story…I market sentiments in recent days changed ppl’s perspective and tranforming from investors to trades…gone are the days when people were used to be happy to get 30-40% annually…but its good thing that more n more ppl are participating actively in Equities….n putting aside traditional thinking of FDs investmentns only..But on top of all, one has to be patient and conviction abt their holdings…thats what I learned so far and still learning from you all.

      • Reader says:

        Good reply. People are worried so much when it fell for a single day. Not sure what will happen when the market actually corrects. people are earning more than 50% in a week which usually takes more than 6 months in a normal market and still worried. If earning money was so easy everyone would become Warren Buffet. I think the key is to not over-leverage and only buy after full conviction.
        I’m sure in a few mnths same people are gonna abuse VP and ACE when their stocks don’t perform up to the expectation.

    • Prashant says:

      Dear Vijay,
      Nothing has changed in last few days after recommendation . We should not expect all stocks will keep going up in UC always . When we are convinced about business growth in next few quarters why worry abt 10-20% up/down, its a part of game .

      I have few stocks which are down 30% in last few days, but I dont worry since I am very much aware of their future prospects . Unless you bough for trading, I don’t see anything to worry .

      Thanks & Regards,

  15. J says:

    Hi Ace,
    Your views on Ultramarine & Pigments? figures are looking good on paper..Your opinion please!!

    Thank you so much!

    • its ok…but nothing great as of now. Using screeners to shortlist your stocks is good but with one caveat that it works on historical figures and do not depict the future performance, for that you need to do research.

  16. kannu says:

    Hi Ace, ur opinion on Mercator, HIL, Texmo Pipes.
    Also want to know the outcome of AGM of freshtrops fruits.

  17. Anand says:

    what do you think about RSWM EPS 45 cmp 197

  18. MD says:

    Ace .
    Whats your opinion on GSFC and POLARIS .
    Looks good for near short-medium term 🙂

  19. thakral says:

    wts ur view on hitech plast..

  20. Narain says:

    Is Haldyn Glass a good pick according to you ? What would be ur suggestion.

    • i am researching it…its interesting…but so far not convinced to buy

      • Manish says:

        Ace..I have seen AR of Haldyn..there area couple of points:

        1. The provision of doubtful debts are 100%, I think it is unusual
        2. They have extended loans to related party when the company itself needs some funding, or better it should pay dividend
        3. The investment comprise direct investment in shares and not equity MFs that are considered more safe options

        It would be nice to have your views on these points..

        • i totally agree with you on first point. Second, I am not very sure the purpose of loans and thats where clarification is warranted. third is immaterial for me, but first point is very important.

      • Narain says:

        May I know, how do you come to a conclusion that doubtful debts are 100% and how does it effect the stock if by chance they have more reserves ?

        I’m still please let me know..

        • if your account receivable has some doubtful debts its not a great sign but shouldnt be a turn off, BUT, if you has 100% doubtful debt, it means your careless and could your business acumen is not great. 100% doubtful debt needs very very careful examination. You can play around with accountants and manage it, but then what does it tell you about the business acumen of the management and their capital allocation sense? I hope you see my point

  21. gaurav says:

    Whst is your view tanla solutions….ace

  22. Mathew G says:

    Whats ur take on Ybrant Digital?

  23. mayur says:

    Do you see any turnaround story in Pennar Industry? and any views on Poddar Developers?

  24. KIRTAN says:

    Perfect decision
    thanks for avoiding middle men (those who used freshtrop AS INTRADAY & used freshtrop as BTST)


  25. Prashant says:

    Dear AceInvestorTraderji,
    Thanks a lot for this decision of not to announce date of recommendation in advance .
    Still I think you can post it in market hours also, but we respect your decision what ever it may be .

    Thanks & Regards,

  26. Genom says:

    Are you inspired from valuepick blogger ?. You are trying to imitate everything from that blog .

    • I am inspired by myself only. I do not visit any other blog. God bless.

      • ankitkhaitan says:

        i dont know what mr ace has imitated from valuepick. infact i believe they both are totally different but in quest of same thing “for helping retail investors like us ” . and both of them rock…. thanks a lot ace .. u people truly inspires young investors like me . u rockkk

      • Prashant says:

        Dear ACE,
        please ignore such posts . Peoples who are only good at copying will always compare the things .
        Thanks & Regards,

  27. mlkumavat says:

    Can you please share your views on “Suven Life Science”?

  28. chirag says:

    Hi, what do you think about shree hari chemicals. Crazy jump in net profit, but question is is it sustainable? Looking at other chemical companies like bodal also which have been correcting rapidly since last 1 week. Even shree hari falling. Any idea what is happening in chemicals industry? Is price of their manufactured chemicals falling or demand stuttering. If so, the problem is not going to get solved soon.

  29. Simanchal Ratha says:

    Dear aceinvestortrader
    I bought some stocks on the basis of your recommendations on Freshtrop fruits . Do not tell about conviction-as it is not easily generated ,one has to rely on some sort of information and acumen of a superiour intelligence . You seem to have given some good recommendations earlier . I believe this may be repeated .
    Past performance is not a guarantee of future .
    BTW, what should be the maximum downside of the stock in case of a 8-10 percent market correction ??

    • you tell me what should be the maximum downside, clearly you lack conviction because you bought at borrowed conviction. pls refrain from doing that. If one cannot see 50% correction, then one does not have right to see 50% upside too. If one is so volatile with his/her conviction that person should put his/her money in bank FD.

  30. pruthvi says:

    Dear ace. What is your view on wizeman forex?
    Does it have multibagger credential.
    My analysis is as below need your advice.
    Very good growth
    Concept kind of stock
    Good top and bottomline.
    vvery good div yield.
    Good collaboration with WESTERN UNION money transfer.
    Very low equity base.
    Very high promotor stake.75%
    Huge network of branches
    Not in a seasonal bussiness.

    Still Still available at cheap valuations?
    If margin improves can it be a multibagger?
    I want to buy for longterm.
    Awaing your reply .
    Will buy only after your + note on this stock.
    Thanks in advance

  31. Yella Reddy says:

    How a money exchange company can be termed as a concept stock ?

    • he just mentioned it probably there not too many peers in this space 🙂

      • prabu says:

        Ace , What is currently causing market to slide and slide.. All the small and mid caps in my portfolio are bleeding.. Eventhough I am long term investor I just wanted to know the reason for current fall.. Also Ur view on Waterbase as it is hitting lower circuit day after day.. Any clue on how long it will correct..

        • you did not ask me how long waterbase would continue like that when it was going UC. I do not have an idea on this, and least bothered because i know fundamentally nothing has changed. I am sure people who were asking if 90rs was the right time to buy would not be buying even at this price. As far as markets are concerned its a well deserved correction. Why should we worry? fiscal deficit is under control, crude is down, govt is strong, so nothing to worry. markets going down because it was desperately hunting for some reason to go down and its found reason in the global cues. Now since, you are really nervous, ask yourself, how many percent is the market down from its highs? Not even three percent…should we be really worried. I am fine even if markets go down by 10% (although i highly doubt it as this point). Try to see the bigger picture and not get carried away by prices. Cheers

  32. SUDHIR MEHRA says:

    Its great. We value your decision sincerely.

  33. a.p. says:

    How do you rate business model of aimco (trading plus manufacturing) on sustainability bases?

  34. Karen Shekh Jasmeet Singh fernandes says:

    Do you track mindteck

  35. Manish says:

    I think the correction of the last two days would have clarified to everybody that:
    a) there were no operators involved in waterbase and freshtrop
    b) it is always better to do some research before buying as conviction to hold in the downmarket comes from your own research
    c) stocks don’t follow a linear pattern..there will not be upper circuits only, we have to learn to live with down circuits too…

    • true. and i am pretty sure its the small investors who are selling out of anxiety. And if true, its a pity. Anyways, making money is always easy in markets, its only Making big money, thats difficult. People buy great stocks, make some money but get nervous looking at screens and get out at the first sign of “market nervousness” (not even stock nervousness) . Its the ones that use their conviction to hold stocks that ultimately hit the jackpot.

  36. Asif says:

    Hi ace what are your views on KELLTON TECH SOLUTIONS LTD. I searched the blog, but couldn’t get any update. So requesting your views on it…

  37. mayur says:

    Any thoughts on Prima Platics and Salzer Electronics??

  38. Amit says:

    Sir, seeing your new investment idea, I happily invested almost 75% of my money in FreshTrop hoping it will increase tremendously in few days and I can recover all my losses I have made till now, but everyday it is going down. What do you suggest now? Should I hold it or sell it and book loss.

    • 🙂 the investment idea was posted at a price of around 52 and its still way above it. So you should not worry. Do you think it will keep coming down everyday and you will loose everything? If you hold it, you would be making good amount of money in a couple of yrs. This is a great story, do not get jitters.

    • also dont worry, there another idea coming up tomorrow for your rest of the 25% :). relax and learn from the process. the loss is notional till to sell the shares. Please hold them

      • mayur says:

        Agreed. Even I had lightened my postions from Bilcare and added more fresh fruits today around 59…the biggest positive point I see that freshtrop has crossed entire previous year’s profits in just single rest of the years earnings would be like icing on the cake..just wait and will get re-rated sooner or later…Same thing was happened with IFGL..for 2-3 months teh stock did not move beyond 60-70..and it has crossed its previous years profits in next 6th months only…and today its trading around 200….I still holding it…from 55 levels..just bcoz of strong conviction…thanks ACE again for sharing inside fundamentals of Freshtrop..Bless you!!

      • Rocky says:

        There is really a new idea coming up tomorrow? 🙂

  39. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    new idea coming tomorrow???

  40. rashmi says:

    new idea:):);)

  41. ravi multani says:

    ur coviction for freshtrop makes me more strong
    i m also convinced that it will give me good return in longterm…..i vl not sell a single share…

  42. ravi multani says:

    plz giv new idea in market hour at anytime….ur regular follower vl benefit from this…and v can get decent quantity..thanks

  43. ankur garg says:

    closly waiting your new stock idea !!!!!!!

  44. Anks says:

    ACE,are you serious when you say you will buy your house and sell it.I mean we can have black swan events what about those circumstances.I mean some kind of regulation,bad crops,currency fluctuation etc etc.How about management was not completely honest with you.My point being based on our conviction shall we take such big risk like selling house.I have been a trader since last 10 year what i have learned that we should always make sure that we are up and running next day.

    Please sir by writing this i am not saying that fresh is a bad stock ,i am totally convinced in the story and invested in the same within my risk limits, but thought of having your views ….

  45. Anks says:

    I mean to say you will sell your house to buy it

  46. Anks says:

    God Bless

  47. Anks says:

    ha ha nice one Ace,way to go buddy,sure you are doing a excellent job

  48. sam says:

    Hi ace
    What your view on parabolic seems like a good long term recovery stock…

  49. saraaol says:

    Ace sir,
    From last two days,even today also,FII r selling a lot.I want to know just ur views, is it sign of reversal of sentiments or just due to expiry..

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