Aimco Pesticides – Double in Less Than a Month

Congratulations to all the Aimco Pesticides’s investors who have doubled their money in less than a month. Best of Luck with your investment and God bless all.

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  1. anjum vohra says:

    Thanks Ace bro for recomd. this gem, its all because of your hardwork,God bless you too!

  2. mayur says:

    Thanks for updates. I missed it due started following you so late..nevertheless i have taken Freshtrop & Aro under my kitty though. Do you see further growth here onwards? I mean long terms story, if I add it now. pls advise.

  3. Stock_learner says:


    with fall in rubber price to Rs95 from 165 is a huge huge plus for companies like:

    Cupid Rubber
    Rubfila &
    tyre companies.

    thats the reason we see tyre companies moving much higher.

    expecting other 2 stocks also to move at good levels..

    your thoughts.

  4. Geetha says:

    I have bought waterbase at higher price at 94 . Kindly shed light whether i can buy more to average it or should wait for more corrections to come

    • what you saw interesting at 94, at 25-30% down (everything else remains the same), if that does not sound interesting then there’s a serious problem with your own conviction, dont you think so? Understand the business, understand the potential, then assign a value to it. I like the stock a lot.

  5. Mainak Paul says:

    Shud I keep holding till what price target – AIMCO ??

    • pp says:

      There is no target, ace invester is not trader. he is a long term value invester. Ideally value investing gets you 300%+ within 2-3 years, However with modi bull run everything is doubling within months now.

    • how can there every be a price target? There are no sell calls given on this blog. One should hold on to the stock till they believe the future is good and the stock is undervalued.

  6. pp says:

    Hello Ace,
    Although you posted before him, your still not the real one behind aimco 🙂 None the less, great pick.

  7. thakral says:

    wts ur view on sabero organics….

  8. Gaurav says:

    Your views on GTL Infra. Pls do let us know.


  9. salim says:

    can aimco be brought at cmp for long term?

  10. Jitesh says:

    Dear Ace – when will you post your next blockbuster idea…i started following ur blog recently and it is really are doing an awesome job..

  11. Reddy says:

    You posted about Aimco today and sold it by yourself .Good game going on.

    • Really, Wow….god bless…

    • Prashant says:

      Reddy garo,
      when small fishes like me are not selling for mere 100% do you think the person who proposed the idea will sell ? It was good humor and you made my day . I think its time to think big, think multibagger . Hope going forward for every up/down you will try to find out some other excuse.

      Thanks & Regards,

  12. Jitesh says:

    Dear Ace…one would be really helpful if you can publish your last 4-5 recommendations/research along with current take on them…like whether to initiate fresh buying on those at current level or wait or per your views..i know this will be painful exercise for you but will be highly beneficial for your followers especially new one like me…also i understand all your research were value picks but on certain at this juncture please suggest us. You will be getting lots of comments n queries from my side as i do huge research and then only invest my hard earned money so please bear with me 🙂
    Regards – your new but faithful follower

  13. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Do you think Arrow Coated Products is a good investnment bet?

    • at these levels, its hard to buy it as i think the margin of safety is very low. Wait for a couple of days and see the idea that i am going to post, evaluate and research it and then move ahead…

  14. ankitkhaitan says:

    whats ur take on poddar developers

  15. Power says:

    Hi Ace
    Agricultural land and farming could be of significantly higher value in the coming years; Time to look at some the listed businesses!

    What do you suggest?

  16. taml says:

    aceji- pcs technology is buy?

  17. taml says:

    same sir.

  18. anjum vohra says:

    Dear Ace, any views on Wonderla Holidays @ 288/=?

  19. taml says:

    aceji can u provide ur new stock name?for buy today?

  20. taml says:

    aceji- i think u get me wrong,if u publish ur blog now then how can it special treat?

    • i thought you were asking just the name. Stock story would be published over the weekend so that people can research it. It will be a high risk buy.

      • MyInsignia says:

        Anyways — Indian stock market is closed from Thrusday to Monday …………..5 days break…. you can post ur new recommendation today also.

        • As usual this i could but the stock story is not complete. Since I would also be traveling across timezones, work and research is keeping me tied down. Will complete the stock story and post it by this weekend for sure.

  21. rashmi says:

    hi ace,the best thing about you,is your spontaneity in replying back,and treating all seem to be very down to earth.thanks and god bless.

  22. Ashutosh says:

    Sir Please share your views on Havells, KEC International, NHPC, JM Finanacial, PTC Financial, Strides arcolab, & l&T Finance Holdings.
    I am holding all these shares since long & can hold for very long time.
    Sorry for asking multiple shares in one Query…

    • havells is good, kec is ok, NHPC,JM, PTC not interesting. Strides is good because of management pedigree, you could also look at sequent, l&t fin is ok, but still not positive, would also probably look at sks.

  23. J Gopal says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any of the Tiles company , pipe & sanitation stock in your radar ? If the PM’s sanitation initiative is executed effectively then these stocks should perform well . Any thought ?


  24. taml says:

    ace- what is ur thinking in coral lab?

  25. rashmi says:

    hi ace,i have onmobile at 34 and am really bored with it.what do u suggest?

  26. Rajesh says:

    Please let me know your views on Accelya Kale, CCL products india, Poddar pigments, Shilpa medicare and Repco

      • Rajesh says:

        Thank you for your views. I am deliberating how to go about allocating capital among these picks. Repco is already pretty much discovered and I do not expect any drastic re-rating in the immediate future. It can be a steady compounder and hence thinking of highest allocation to that. Shilpa I believe is at the threshold of a re-rating because of the impending FDA approval. Also growth avenues are there with steady capacity expansion and new plants coming up. Hence it is second. Accelya has very good dividend yield which should protect it from downsides although in my view growth is not going to be spectacular unless they bag new clients. CCL and Poddar are more risky and hence opportunistic bets and hence get the remaining (along with any new promising picks you come up with 🙂 ). Would you agree with this reasoning? Request you to share your thoughts on this

        • i do not know risk profile, but clearly, looking at your picks you are safe investor. From that i would say repco as you rightly pointed out is a stable compounder and is also well discovered, but so is shilpa medicare. I would not be too inclined to go with CCL or accelya, i would rather evaluate a liberty (w.r.t your risk profile), where you would see significant growth in next 2-3 yrs. Poddar agree with your perspective.

  27. taml says:

    aceji- any cmnt on dion global?

  28. mayur says:

    Aceji, what is the reason for not liking Control Print?

    • its not that i do not like it but i dont rate it very high..the business has to move from trading to manufacturing faster…also the coding business is a tuff one to make money off….tvs electronics could not make money out of it…its interesting, but lets see how retail boom is going to help it

  29. prafulla says:

    Aimco Pesticide : Though it is in trade to trade, it opened up At UC gave shares to everyone who wanted to buy it upto to the LC and closed again at near %2 week High with high turnover of over 1.5 lac shares ! Remarkable Streghth . Ace master, your reaction please to your brainchild ?

      • prafulla says:

        Ace master thanks a lot for your one word reacton but can you please elaborate for benefit of your followers like me.?Please?

        • if you understand the potential you would know holding the stock for bigger timeframe will give you better cannot go up like this, the stock will consolidate may go down, but important thing is to understand what you are buying that will help you in knowing the true potential and value of your holding

  30. Sir,
    I have NCC Ltd shares. Recently they have come with Rights issue The ratio of allotment would be 7:6 (seven shares on rights basis for every six shares held). The issue would be offered at Rs 20 per share (including a share premium of Rs 18 per share).. I m not sure about
    1) whether to opt for rights issue and buy some more or
    2) just let this NCC rights issue to lapse and continue this holding
    3) One firm by the name ” Parasrampuria Share & INV Consultancy have send me intimation for Right renunciation for selling this right for payment of Rs 10
    4) I m also considering to sell this shares in the market as not sure about the prospects of the co
    Your advise would be highly appreciated

    Thanks a lot in advance
    Warm Regards

  31. prafulla says:

    Aimco Pesticides : Any feedback from any of the blog visitors who could visit the AGM yesterday and Ace masterjee your views on todays price behavior and turnover Please?

  32. MyInsignia says:

    Do you think capital trust is worth looking at ?

  33. mitajakom says:

    Sir what’s your view on kellton tech?

  34. lalit says:

    Mrs Ace how to follow you..?
    So no need to refresh blog every time and i got your new recomandation via email
    I am big fan of you and respect you and blog too.

  35. Angel says:

    your views on CHD developers…Good on time delivery and decent management

  36. vij says:

    How to know whether the company is debt free or having more debt…. Please tell how to find out with an example

  37. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    can u share outcome of cupid agm……and secondly bought good quantity of liberty yesterday…results r on 13 october..whts ur view for the result..thanks

  38. Keerthan says:

    Hi ace,
    Could you let me know your views on Pochiraju and Neo Corp Industries? Thanks in advance!!

  39. Keerthan says:

    Thank you for the quick reply!!
    Could you let me know your views on D link, Dolphin Offshore, MAKE(Marico Kaya). Thank you!

    • marico kaya is something i like among these three

      • Keerthan says:

        Thank you Ace. From a different topic, do you think there would be a correction in the markets this month?
        Wish you and every one else a happy and prosperous festive season. Have a great holiday.

        • dont know about markets….and the fact is nobody knows … even if there’s a correction it would be a milder one, considering the crude prices and if the results of Maharashtra is favorable then the amount of correction would be even lesser if any.

  40. syantan says:

    ace-we r waiting for newer post.

  41. vithal says:

    Your view on nimbus project,Maestros mediline sys,fortis malar hospita or any of these under your rechears

  42. sanjeev jain says:

    Sir can i buy SKS micro finance at current price .Can it be a doubler in next 5 year.
    sanjeev jain

  43. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    If research is complete, please put out the new idea today.
    Nothing exciting to do today, we may as well study the new company!.

  44. Sameer Anand says:

    Thats fine. Just one thing- Is it a consumer story?

    • let me not comment on anything. All i can say is that its a high risk but “very high returns” story without any perceivable downside, personally have put maximum amount of research in this one and this was on watch list for a long long time now.

  45. Raj says:

    Hi Ace,
    You once mentioned in your blog that you don’t like Camson Bio. Any reason for the same, since the topline is growing well and I believe the bottomline will soon follow, once the investment on research gets completely amortized. Also, investment by Bio Harvest, a CLSA firm gives more confidence to the story. Your take on it please..

  46. Avishek says:

    Hello Ace Ji,
    Looking for your suggestion regarding Lactose (India)

  47. thakral says:

    wts ur view on aries agro….

  48. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    How would you rate Ramco Systems as a n investment bet for 3-5 years ?

  49. yash says:

    hey ace, excited by the words ” high risk high returns” you mentioned for your new stock pick, an humble request pls try to post it before tuesday if possible so we get to study it. hope you consider it, eagerly waiting

  50. Ram says:

    Dear Sir,
    Whats ur view on Gujarat Borosil as the new govt is talking about Solar parks.
    If not impressed with the co then pl suggest me alternative solar beneficiary.i

  51. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    wish u and ur family happy dushera
    god bless u…live long life

  52. impaddi says:

    Hello Ace! Wishing You and Your Family a very Happy Dusherra!!!

  53. gopalacharyulu says:

    Sir,Sorry for the trouble.But this is a big query. I am holding below stocks,please comment ,( which is good to hold for the long term ,which i can remove from my portfolio )
    1) mafatlal industries:@165
    2) himalaya international:@18.15
    3)hindustan tin works:@100
    4)liberty shoes:@318
    6) waterbase:@70
    8)polyplex corp:@261

  54. SUDHIR MEHRA says:

    hello ace
    wish u and ur family happy dushera
    god bless u…live long life

  55. Divi says:

    Hi Ace,

    Happy Dushera..

    Quary regarding Avanti/Waterbase

    Shrimp prices are at all time high..if u see last 20 years shrimp prices graph
    and also if you observe the fact that it has not stayed at that high for longer period and most of the time the fall has been deep.

    I am not taking this a sign for jump the ship as many have pointed out there could be good growth in coming years , but at same time we cannot deny the history price graph as well. The price is US related which is where people are expecting a big growth to come from, but at what cost is the question…

    what is it right time to be cautious on this business…offcourse conviction is there..but price risk is there..

  56. Shiva says:

    Hi Ace

    Is it ok to buy la opala at cmp after the stock split

  57. there’s no payment, its free blog. no links pls.

  58. Rahul says:

    Ace you like any stock between Talbros Auto & Gabriel…

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