Orient Beverages Ltd. – Double in less than Six Weeks

Congratulations to all the investors of Orient Beverages Ltd, who have doubled their money in less than two months. This happened despite the 2% circuit filter limit. God Bless

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  1. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    sorry to say i think nobody got this stock…..

  2. hello ace,

    What are your view on Chemfab alkali ?

    -thank you

  3. mayur says:

    Sir, i was going through your past recommendations; can Sharp India and Kopran be bought at cmp 62 & 69 respectively, if teh growth story is still intact? which one is more preferable since cannot invest in both.

    • i like sharp a lot…probably in mid sixties…lets wait for the results though…i also think cupid Ltd is a very good stock too….think about it too. it is expected to deliver another solid quarter.

  4. Akshit says:

    Hi ace

    what are your views on Unitech & Suzlon?

  5. Hello Ace,

    Thanks for your valuable pics and recommendations and good research details.

    Can u please tell me about Veer Energy, KM Sugar & IVRCL Infra ?

  6. ajay says:

    Can we enter orient beverages even at current level?
    Please advise

  7. Darshan S. says:

    Dear Ace,

    What is your opinion on ” SKM Egg Products Export (India) Ltd. ” ?

  8. ravi multani says:

    gud evng ace
    good news for cupid….they signed contract for 10 years with us based company for supplying condoms…..pls share ur view on share price for tommorow…Thanks

    • yes its great news. see, even with trailing earnings its just 12 PE, and if you see we are expecting an EPS of around 7 this year (on a conservative basis). given that in mind its not even 5 PE. This news is just great. I also just saw it but on the face of it it looks game changer and more importantly its 10yr deal that gives it visibility and more importantly its going to use its own brand name, so thats like sone-pe-suhaga. This news re-enforces my strong bullishness about the stock. God Bless

  9. Ashok Gupta says:

    Sir your view on Hindustan Tin Works.

  10. Sahil says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your views on Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd please.


  11. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    i have good quantity of cupid…….
    todays news forcing me to add more cupid tommorow bcoz it is great news for cupid….
    u think it will b available tommorow without upper circuit…

  12. Sir the news on cupid is i think a very big news for the stock. its a 10 year deal not a 1 or 2 years. so i think you should post a separate new post of the news so that even a new investor or a new follower of your blog also comes to know about the stock.

  13. Sahil says:

    Thanks Ace for prompt reply..Greatly appreciate it.

  14. ravi multani says:

    can i get cupid tommorow?? i desperately want some quantity….pls give ur viee..

  15. Sarup K K says:

    When we can expect your next stock recommendation ?

    • difficult question sir πŸ™‚

      • chirag says:

        Ace you’re a serious multitasker man. I’m sure you’re crazy busy but still reply to each comment as quickly as possible.

        People say you must learn to give and share what you have and have a big heart, and you’re walking the talk a long long way. You can donate tangibles but it’s the intangible, the knowledge, that equip all of us to go ahead and create the tangibles, thereby empowering us.

        What you’re doing is trying to inculcate a very healthy investment culture in all of us as far as possible. Your contribution is priceless boss :). RESPECT.

        By the way, what takes you to Europe. Conducting some research related to Indian companies operations?

      • chirag says:

        WordPress is really messed up.. posted my reply in some other thread.

  16. ravi multani says:

    dear kinnan
    pls read properly and then react….Thanks

  17. prafulla says:

    Ace masterjee , Your way of answering queries in your blog is of great value to common small investors to learn and perform better in earning through Shares market. Your doing agreat service to capital market indeed!

  18. anuj says:


    Should i add waterbase at these levels. Please suggest.

    Whats your view on Kitex Garments at current level 478.


  19. Darshan S. says:

    Dear Ace, I have asked almost twice before. Havent got a reply yet 😦

    What is your opinion on ” SKM Egg Products Export (India) Ltd. ” ?

  20. Sarup K K says:


    Why you are avoiding questions about SKM Egg ?.Three readers posted same question but you not replied

  21. sreenivas says:


    any suggestions on saint gobain

  22. sir what are your view on srs ltd

  23. sreenivas says:


    If possible can you review about the saint gobain and post your views if its good

  24. Navin Sharma says:

    Ace, your view on IFGL Refractories. Can it be bought @ CMP?

  25. pp says:

    Whats your view on Ybrant digital, Mindteck, Datamatics, Kellton Tech, Rs software and hexaware. I hold all these companies since a while, What your opinion.

  26. Hi Ace
    I have been following various productive blogs for the past 7 years. This is the first time I have come across people talking about religion on a blog like this. When will our great country come out from all these. These blogs are meant for sharing stock market knowledge to share, learn and gain. Unfortunately such wicked minds upset us with their third rate mind and thoughts. No matter India always struggles eventhough we have all the ingredients to become a world leader. Above all our politicians knows very well how to misuse such minds. God Save India.

    Ace coming back to my query.. could you please share your thoughts regarding the recent AGM outcome of KOPRAN. Thank you for all the great service. NO matter what. One should at least accept the time you dedicate to reply for eachone of us. This is not to please you or anyone. these are mere facts. Thank you once again. Rashmi

  27. Raj Gupta says:

    Shat.. shat..Naman Ace Sir for ur patience! Although I am aol devotee but patience you have much more…What are your views on Aimco board being permitted to borrow upto 1000cr?Have they mentioned any reason for this considering that Aimco had huge debt in the past and only recently they became debt free?Considering the huge run up and the above development, is there any change in your view?

  28. Sarath Ramakrishnan says:

    Hi Ace,
    Appreciate your thoughts on below query regarding Wanbury .
    Being a turnaround specialist they should be able to churn out profit in coming years, But going
    forward how do they achive & sustain sales growth ? Do you have any information about their current capacity utilisation ? They may not go for capacity expansion soon, considering already piled up huge debt which need to be addressed in coming years!
    Thank you very much for all your effort to educate & share knowledge with us.

    • yes, they would not go for capacity expansion too soon. They already have had one round of price hikes, and they have also reduced the shelf life of some medicines, so as to increase offtake, which increases volumes. Unfortunately the capacity utilization is not very high at the moment but that’s also an opportunity for topline growth. IMHO the company should not try to focus too much on topline growth this year and should just focus on improving OPM. Remember company has to service 35 cr of interest plus depreciation to be in black. also, api division could be a booster. The new presidents in both formulations and API come with a proven credible background and remember the margin of safety is pretty high at 90cr market cap.

  29. Raja says:

    Sir – yes, almost all of your picks have fired on all cylinders which is a great track record perhaps even surpassing some of the best so called analysts and mutual funds!! What’s interesting is the fact that your hit ratio is at high 90%+ only because of Freshtrop which seems like an exception to the rule. Why is market not enthused by Freshtrop? Is it because it is seasonal & cyclical despite the fact it’s STILL available at such cheap valuations. What’s your view?

    • the stock is still up 30% which is great by any standards. Anyways, the point is that in one year, stock should be way up than what it is today. people are getting opportunity to enter at good valuation and i am sure nobody would be bothered right now but When it starts going up then suddenly everyone would jump in. Who said money making was easy πŸ™‚ …people want to see their portfolio go up from day one and they expect UCs only…this is not the way of markets. I am very sure moving forward, the company would be way higher. Also, it would be interesting to see if their food processing division give a full year profits or not. That is a big joker in pack.

      • Raja says:

        Absolutely agree with you sir. Your positivity and conviction is so contagious! I’m not sure if you realise it but you are changing many lives for the better with your style of investing combined with patience. Just wanted to thank you for patiently reverting to all our queries. It’s a sheer joy to read through your comments

  30. M Prabhu says:

    Dear Ace,

    Could you share your thoughts for the below two.

    BDH Industries
    Tata Investment Corp

  31. mayur says:

    FYI – For those who complains – Cupid is available around 33 bucks…its good opportunity to accumulate now IMO…Thanks

  32. ravi multani says:

    Feel myself lucky….bought some quantity of cupid today…

  33. mayur says:

    ACE ji…one more thing is that your all recommendations are tempting and like all the stories you put on…and wanted to grab every stock not only because you suggest but also the growth potential it has…but due to lack of capital cannot take desired qtty in very short time…can we expect some more gap between two recommendation πŸ˜‰ …so that we can accumulate fund to invest on top of savings…its just my personal views….ppl wants more from you for sure πŸ™‚
    Anyways..m became great fan of yours over other bloggers I came across till now…
    God bless you sir!!

    • mayur, the frequency of recommendations should come down…this is what i am expecting myself too..

      • sam says:

        i dont thik so IMHO….its not necessary when you have money others may not have it and vice versa……so you may not have money to buy recommended share but others may want to buy…..i think the calls come at good pace and gives everyone a fair opportunity to everyone..

      • mayur says:

        Sam, even i did not denied that fact…not all ppl sails in the same boat…now its Ace ji’s decision to do what next…as he’s knows better than us…so no issues for me…Happy Investing..

  34. Khansalimx says:

    Hi Ace bought 1000 shares of Cupid now….hope news will deliver reality

  35. Khansalimx says:

    Hi Ace bought 10000 shares of Cupid now….hope news will deliver reality

  36. Khansalimx says:

    Hi Ace….Waterbase reached 92 few days back and now at 64….my profit has come down from 90% to 30%….do u think when any stock reaches double price we should book out some shares or should we hold as to avoid buying,selling,tax cost. And moreover will Waterbase deliver 5-10 times returns in years to come…kindly revert

    • waterbase is an interesting story, one of the best in aquaculture. One needs to be alert of the developments in the industry but it looks that next 12-15 MONTHS are going to be very nice. so yes enjoy the ride. I do not believe in booking profit just to free up your capital, as not only you have to pay tax but you could also be paying a very big price of opportunity cost.

  37. Ram says:

    Hi Aceji….How you see Diamines & Chemicals at current price

  38. Al Hakkam says:

    I spoke to cupid and they are not aware of the news of 10year contract

  39. sumesh says:

    hi ur views on coral labs

  40. sam says:

    but SKM engg is delisted on bse for β€œSuspended due to Penal reasons” at 6.65???
    Any specifications??

  41. sam says:

    Any idea why SKM is delisted on bse??

  42. Baskar says:

    Dear ace ur view on swelect energy pl.

  43. mayur says:

    Shall I continue to hold Dynemic Products? what do you think?

  44. sam says:

    any idea what is the meaning of β€œSuspended due to Penal reasons”? I hope its not something to worry about!!

  45. ram says:

    Hi ace, what is your view on amtek auto.. Thank you

  46. Nithi says:

    HI Ace,
    I think you are investor+trader. What do you think about the current sell off in the market(ours as well as global)?

    • not really worried till crude is down…one should see everything in perspective. we have not fallen that much…look at our currency outperformance, that is simply superb. this is a good correct correction for our markets. we have outperformed on almost all the accounts. We should be happy and not unduly worried

  47. Khansalimx says:

    9th-Oct-2014 20:02Source: BSE
    Cupid Rubbers – Updates
    Cupid Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has signed a 10 year Male Condom Supply Agreement with M/s. Safeware & Co. based in Florida, USA.

    Cupid”s WHO/UNFPA Prequalified Male Condoms will be marketed under Cupid”s popular Green Love Brand throughout USA.

    This long term agreement is part of Cupid”s newly developed strategic plan to aggressively grow its market share for both Male and Female Condoms worldwide, said Mr. Om Garg, the Chairman and Managing Director.

  48. Khansalimx says:

    Hi Ace can u plz clarify why low profit of 5 lakhs in 2014 March v/s 85 lakhs 2013 March. Your Directors herewith present the Twentieth first Annual Report on the business and operations of the Company for the year ended 31st March, 2014.
    Financial Results
    The year under report ended with profit of Rs. 5.19 Lacs as against previous year’s profit of Rs.85.79 Lacs. In terms of turnover, your company achieved a turnover of Rs. 1,962.12 Lacs as against Rs. 2,862.43 Lacs in the previous year.

  49. Khansalimx says:

    Above details are related to Cupid

  50. Renu says:

    Hello Ace whats your view on Firstsource Solutions Ltd for a lon term investment ?

  51. Sahil says:

    Hi Ace,

    What is your view for Suven Life Science.. Is it good to add at CMP ?


  52. sanjeev jain says:

    sir kindly guide me on lovable lingerie share for long term .can it double in 5 years .is it a good investment.
    regards sanjeevjain

  53. PR says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please share your view on Mayur Uniquoters and Capital First
    Can these be bought at CMP for good gains for long term.

  54. RCB says:

    Sir what ur view on Excel Industries.Can It be a multibagger stock

  55. PBR says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please share ur view on Gujarat Borosil Ltd.As per my analysis this stock has gt huge potential to be a multibagger in the years to come as it is a monopoly player in Low iron Solar glass….Please do share ur view on this….Would really appreciate ur help.

  56. Ravi says:

    like to know your view on Jubilant Foodworks

  57. Renu says:

    Hi Ace What about Control Print ?

  58. Sahil says:

    Hi Ace,

    What are ur views for Indraprastha Medical Corporation Limited ?


  59. jai verma says:



    • Sahil says:

      Please don’t copy paste from other blogs. This place is to get Ace views on different stocks and not to solve quizzes. Hope you understand.

      • Sarup K K says:

        Though Ace saying he is not tracking other blogs , without any doubt we can say Ace is tracking VP’s blog. When VP posted clues , like many others Ace will find out the company and post it here as happened in the case of Aimco Pest.

      • chirag says:

        Sarup how does it matter boss. Why do we like hurling dirt at ace at the slightest possible opportunity. Even if it’s true.. that’s irrelevant in the big picture. Why don’t we just be happy and give him credit for all his other stock stories.

        What we should really take home from this blog is the process and methodology of stock picking and not the pick itself. Though all of us don’t have the time and money to dig very deep, we can still do good.

        All of us can think for ourselves and take the correct decisions. Ace is simply enlightening this fact again and again.

        In general, it’s herd mentality and psychology which screws up rational thought process as we try chasing the ‘hot picks’ of the season.

        Guess the stock game can be viewed as a ponzi scheme devised by us investors only where the last guys in the chain who will buy the stock will be in the hard spot for sometime.

    • Arun says:

      Hi Jai Verma

      Using this blog to get answers posted in other blogs is really cheap

    • Darshan S. says:

      Hi Ace,

      Even if you have cracked this clues, with due respect, pls dont come forward with this stock before Diwali. Let Ace be not called a copy cat. Orient,Kopran,Cupid are great calls. Maintain your stance.!


    • jai, Why would you do such a thing? It shows you do not respect me or the author of the above content. Please dont do this. somebody must have taken pains to come out with such hints that could help people like you to narrow down the name. Learn the process of making money so that in future you could be an independent investor. I did not appreciate this buddy, not good.

  60. Anil says:

    hi ace whats your view on shreyas shiping

  61. Sahil says:

    Hi Ace,

    Also wanted to know about Jay Baharat Maruti Ltd. It has come down around 25% in last couple weeks but to me the company and its business still looks in good shape. Wanted to know your opinion on this.


    • dont track it very closely but its not bad

    • pp says:

      Jay Bharat Maruti is a quality auto ancillary play with attractive valuations. No Equity dilutions. This stock has been a 10 bagger in the last decade. Limited downsides but a lot of upsides.
      its not down 25%. it was been making new high and correcting. Let’s see, the result is on Monday. I feel its going have a very good result

  62. Hi Ace, Would like to know your views on EPC Industries under Mahindra at cmp. Revenue CAGR of approx 25% for last 4 years .

  63. Kiran Kumar says:

    Hi ACE
    What is your view on Tata metalicks

  64. pp says:

    its cracked already

  65. NO I WONT. Respect the author of that content.

    • chirag says:

      Ace, people go bonkers over guessing game man. For sometime, people feel it is the only quality undervalued stock and must be discovered and bought at any cost. And all over random stock boards on money control, I see people posting the clues.

      Although the smart ones have already unlocked clues and bought the stock, it’s funny to see the frenzy in general. It’s like the KBC game.

      • Akshit says:

        Very true bro. I was already following this share and holding it for quiet some time.

      • ha ha ha..your last line was really hilarious…KBC game….i dont personally like guessing games but people should respect the hard work put behind giving such clues. I am sure there’s a great reason behind this game and i hope people understand the true gist of it and not get desperate or else it makes people buy a wrong company at a wrong price. People should do their own research so that they are 100% sure of the company even if the price is wrong, because a right company at wrong price is not that bad, but wrong company and wrong price is a recipe for disaster. God Bless

    • chirag says:

      I respect the author and his initiative. By searching for the stock, people will probably come across other value buys. The aim is to rack the brain for a change.

      Btw, you rightly said that wanbury has already found its bottom. If market gets decimated also this month, don’t think it will correct much anymore, last few falls being proof . I did a bit of primary research about its brands by asking drug stores. They are really popular and commonly brought in respective categories. This is truly a diamond in the rough. Thank you πŸ™‚

      • i know…being a Scuttlebutt is the best way to discover a stock. Mainstreet knows everything more and earlier than dalal street and history is proof of it. Congrats of taking this route of being a Scuttlebutt…it will help you in future too.

  66. prafulla says:

    Your considered observations and comments are so meangful and ethical. you are simply special.

  67. pp says:

    OMG ACE, The GT7 is right in front of us. thanks ace

  68. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Liberty declares its results on Monday. What kind of sales and profit growth can we expect? I have a very small holding in Liberty. Regards.

    • i dont know and really, i dont care. its a very good story and i do not like to picture every quarter. What i would be watching though is whether the mangement walks the talk. Means whether they were able to book last quarter’s deferred institutional order or not. Most likely we can see sales of around 155cr and bottomline of around 5cr…..but even if its slightly different i would not mind. the story is going to unfold very raplidly from this year’s end

  69. Ramesh says:

    Dear Ace ,Whats you view on Black Rose Industries ?

  70. Sahil says:

    Hi Ace,

    For some stock when you say it is under research, is it safe to assume that there is not negative about it (as it wub be the criteria for your stock selection for research). I am just asking this because if one holds that stock should they continue to hold until you are done with research ?


    • no its not safe to assume that there’s no negative news about it. for example for a long time madhav marbles and sytlam ind. was under research if you remember, but i concluded that they are junk. I instead concluding that aro granite is a much better opportunity, so when i say its under research that means i am investigating and there’s equal amount of probability that it might turn out to be a junk stock, not worthy of investment.

      • Sahil says:

        Ok.. thanks bro.. thanks a TON for answering hundreds of questions so patiently.. learning a lot from u but what i like most about u is your patience in responding to people..

  71. Shekar says:

    Sir your views on mastek with regard to demerger announcement?

  72. Hi sir I like to know about which sector will be great investment for coming two years in my view education sector which stock has growth story please suggest which sector. Mt educare I like very much any comment

  73. Rohit says:

    “Cupid Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has signed a 10 year Male Condom Supply Agreement with M/s. Safeware & Co. based in Florida, USA.”
    Dear Ace
    When i searched about safeware & co ,i didnt found any info in google.i hope they have, atleast ,a website.Hope management of cupid is genuine

  74. Venky says:

    Hi Ace,

    At-last i toke some guts to sell the share that i bought during Jan 2008 crash.. few of them i amfirm in selling few require your input and growth story of the company.
    1. JSW Energy bought in IPO and down by 23%
    2. Kolte Patil down by 1%
    3. Lumax down by 8%
    4. Manakasia down by 50%
    5. BHEL down by more then 50%

    Want to restructure my portfolio, your comments will help.

  75. what is your view on financial tech? Can we buy it for short term

  76. what is your view on financial tech? Can we buy it for short term

  77. what is your view on financial tech?

  78. Pruthvi says:

    SIR, water base has come down 50% from all time high.
    I personally feel its is a good chance to buy and enter for long term.
    what is your expectation from Q2.??
    will it continue the scales it has shown in Q1 in the upcoming qtrs as well?

    • waterbase is seasonal business, pls see it strictly YoY….I am bullish on stock, but please take your own decision for investing. Even at this stage is up more than 3.5 times since it was initially recommended. The long term story stays intact as of now.

      • normally, first quarter is the best quarter, followed by second quarter…nevertheless, the growth YoY should be excellent no doubt. Do not focus just on quarters…it sometimes makes people take hasty decisions. The next 12-15 month story is defnately intact, the it would obvoiusly benefit waterbase alot

      • Pruthvi says:

        Thank you once again. Conviction on conviction is getting stronger .

  79. Ramesh says:

    Hello ACe, whats your view on Black Rose Industries? They have started commerical operations in the new acrylamide plant licensed from Mitsui Chemicals of Japan

  80. anuj says:

    Hey Ace,

    Hope you will be giving a Diwali Specail Call in coming weeks.

    Whats your take on Kanpur Plastic.


  81. pp says:

    Ace are you in London?

  82. This is not the right blog for your GTS discussion. Kindly refrain from commenting here.

  83. rahul says:

    What’s your views on gufic bio promoters increased there stake.


  84. rahul says:

    What’s your views on gufic. Promoters increased there stake recently.

  85. rahul says:

    Do tide water oil and Manali petro look good with the drop in crude prices ??

    Do you think that textile and chemicals sectors will outperform with rupee appreciation .. Stocks like Mirza KPR RUBFILA ETC IN TEXTILE SPACE .. CAMPHOR ALLIED ORIENTAL CARBON CLARIANT CHEMICALS HAVE STARTED MOVING .. ARE THEY GOOD BUYS ON ANY DIP ??


  86. rahul says:

    Your views on gufic will be greatly apriciated

  87. sangram says:

    how does incap ltd. looks to you.

  88. sangram says:

    how does incap looks to you.

  89. Praveen says:

    Hi ace

    What’s your view on Bhageriya dye chem? Looks good to me, your opinion pls?


  90. rashmi says:

    great going in cupid dear ace,my heartfelt thanks to u

  91. prafulla says:

    This blog is silent today? No messages so far today. Is the above message of 12/10/2014 last one ? Difficult to sort out.

    • not sure, have replied a few message, but not sure the latest one πŸ™‚

      • prafulla says:

        You are so nice .In spite of being out there in Europe you are replying so prompltly and with a clean clear openion on evry Stock . It does not take long to be madly your fan.Thankfully yours..

        • i just enjoy the markets….i think i enjoy it way too much…probably if one is passionate about something, work becomes hobby and nobody gets tired of a hobby right…markets are my passion…i just enjoy making (and as in past, even losing money as it makes me doubly smarter) money and discussing with people and soaking their positive critism. I hope everyone makes money and retails investors get deep into stocks so that our markets are not at the mercy of FIIs….hope one day we all can achieve that and in the process get into gems earlier than these big guys and make more money. i feel only if you make money in markets one tends to stay in markets or else if people loose money for too long they go to the other camp….the camp that thinks stock markets are casinos ….we have to help people make money so they understand stock markets is a money making machine if you are an informed and active investor…everything is scientific about it…and very little of art..so it can be learned by watching and observing…hope this blog helps people like me to become better investors and incite interest in stock markets by enabling people make lot of money….god bless

  92. pp says:

    Gm Ace,

    How do you feel about Taneja Aerospace?

  93. taml says:

    ace-what do u think about mindtek?

  94. sanjeev jain says:

    dear sir can we buy accelya kale solutions at current price .Can the share double in next 4-5 years time.
    regards sanjeev jain

    • i am not sure of the company…its just a divvidend play no earnings growth…better bets out there…

      • Rajesh says:

        I agree that earnings growth has not been there, but look at the ROE, ROCE numbers! It suggests there is a durable moat for the business. Add to that the lack of competition in the segment they operate in and the cash flow numbers, don’t you think the valuations are appealing? The first signs of growth would trigger a significant rerating IMHO. For an investor with a medium-low business appetite I think this is an excellent play. Your views are invited Ace

        Disc: I am invested, hence views maybe biased

        • i am not saying its a bad company. what i like about company i satleast they are products company not just IT services, but they target an industry like airline only. secondly, a lot of IT companies have excellent RoE and RoCE, its the nature of business right…also, when the new promoters took over, in next two years they gave out huge amounts of dividends to take out huge amounts of cash from company, although thats not bad but if someone looks in details, then in two years using the company’s own cash they have managed get back all the money that they had invested in buying the company (as promotors are biggest sakeholder in accelya)…if they continue to dole this amount of dividend in future without taking debt, then its a great company….but right now, I am not too comfortable. I could be wrong in my assesment, but still these are the points that make me slightly uncomfortable at the moment..

  95. rashmi says:

    hi ace,bought wanbury todayat 50 after waiting in the hope of catching it at lower levels,thnx a lot

    • wanbury does not go down…its a very safe stock at these valuations…it absorbed all its selling at its 52 week high and still did not go down despite market carnage, if the company delivers it can really zoom

  96. AA says:

    Hi ACE…your views on BF utilities…

  97. rashmi says:

    wanbury is the largest producer of metformin,fr daibetes,that makes it a buy,as demand will be up,so bound to go up.thnx ace

    • thats right…its got some great products and brands…inspite of their debt mess these guys still have great pricing power and this is a great asset in any company…people are underestimating the value of 2 US FDA approved plants value…at the current market cap there’s great amount of value..

  98. rashmi says:

    what are ur views on sintex in view of a jump of 47percent in profits declared today.

  99. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Wanbury today crossed major resistance of 50. I bought a bit in the morning. Hope it goes the Granules way.!
    Appreciate your hard work. Regards.

  100. venkatesh says:

    Hi Ace,


  101. vithal says:

    Your view on gm breweries.

  102. thakral says:

    when ur diwali pick is coming…

  103. thakral says:

    when ur diwali pick is coming….

  104. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Wanbury today crossed major resistance of 50. I bought a bit in the morning. Hope it goes the Granules way.!
    Appreciate your hard work. Regards.

  105. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Disappointing set of numbers by Liberty. Sales growth is nearly 30% but margins under pressure. Your take.

    • actually, i am fine with the numbers. the entire institutional order is not booked in this quarter, so topline, of 33% is pretty good, yes Operating margins are not good, and thats slight disappointment, but overall, the results are ok. the company is investing in new stores without taking too much of debt is good…also the stock in trade has increased quite a bit this quarter and also employee expenses have increased by 200 basis points, so overall, optically the number may look ordinary but its actually pretty good. they are expanding, and so OPM will fluctuate a bit (stock in trade, employee expenses are the main reason which are actually going to reap benefits in future)…also, the excise duty cut has not come into play…plus the exports have grown astoundingly …and its a great plus…overall very good results to be honest…why you feeling its bad..?

  106. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, whats cooking with “8K Miles Software Services” ?

  107. malav says:

    I want to know the terms used in financial results can anyone help me out terms are following:
    2.Equity Share Capital
    4.Secured Loans
    5.Unsecured Loans
    6.Net Block
    7.Capital Work in Progress
    9.Working Capital

    Thanks in advance to all the investors.

    • its better to help those who want to help themselves….have you atleast tried google ????? also, there’s a course that is mentioned in this blog, pls consider taking that, its free and really good.

      • malav says:

        yes, i use to have paka pakaya khane ki aadat par ab nahi. It did not help me a bit. I could not fount it on investopedia or on google. Some of them i got but they seems to be complex to understood by me.
        Please help.

      • malav says:

        Depreciation is on machine or other physical assets but it is only the company who decide how to be allocate to this. Am i right in this i understood by the definition of word only. But some company show a huge amount in it how do they calculate it……….???????

        • there are different types of depreciation, e.g. straight line depreciation, reducing balance depreciation, sum of yrs etc etc…depreciation also different with the kind of assets so obviously some companies could have higher depreciation than others and auditors can raise a concern if they find something fishy. pls use this forum for stock activity and would suggest you to join the course mentioned in the blog and also join an accounting forum for such questions.

  108. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Ace,

    Tried searching using search option.. No result.
    Not sure if i am missing something or search is disabled.
    Can you please let me know on this script you mentioned your view on β€˜SREE RAYALASEEMA HI-STRENGTH HYPO L’.

    Sorry buddy to bother you .

  109. kiren says:

    Hello Ace , what about entering RS Software at this price ?

  110. PB says:

    Sir your view on Liberty shoes after Q2 results?Can one buy it at current levels for multibagger gains ahead?

  111. Sahil says:

    Hi Ace,

    What do you think about Sintex. It posted good results today.

  112. Ace u r view on rolta please! !

  113. Prabu says:

    Ace ,

    Please provide your views on Ashapura Minechem, Orchid chemicals and Kernex Microsystems.


    • ashapura is average, there’s lot of trouble inside, orchid will take time…kernex also has a lot of promise but we have to see if that delivers in topline and bottomline growth…but have last two on radar

  114. Darshan S. says:

    Dear Ace,

    What is your opinion about Pix Transmissions, Triton valves, Garware-Wall Rope ?

  115. rashmi says:

    hii ace,when will you be coming with ur new stock idea?

  116. Tanmay Gupta says:

    Hello Ace Sir,
    Your view on Saurashtra cement and Gujarat Sidhee cement.

  117. Ankit says:

    hi Ace, any views on dhanuka agritech?

  118. Ankit says:

    hi Ace, any views on dhanuka agritech??

  119. sanjeev jain says:

    dear ace can i buy Aimco pesticide at 68-69 .Has the share potential to double in next 4-5 years keeping in view the co.s earlier learning experience and agri based economy .
    Can we give another chance top promoters.Your valuable guidance will be appreciated.

  120. sanjeev jain says:

    dear ace can i buy Aimco pesticide at 68-69 .Has the share potential to double in next 4-5 years keeping in view the co.s earlier learning experience and agri based economy .
    Can we give another chance top promoters.
    Your valuable guidance will be appreciated.sanjeevjain

  121. chirag says:

    ace, can you suggest a reference book for financial statement analysis by an Indian author for our markets.. anything you use as reference which has a balance of theory and very relevant examples. could you share some reading material/books you turn to on a regular basis ?

  122. sam says:

    Hi Ace…what are your views on nitin spinners??

  123. chirag says:

    ace, did you read about DLF? it’s done for.. going to go the Unitech way.. debt of 20000 crore which is more than its market cap now ! plus, cant raise any fresh debt or equity for next 3 years from capital markets. really happy that action has been taken against this shady firm but feel sorry for retail investors who were holding. down 28% today, its done for now.

    • i agree chirag…although for me dlf was done as soon as congress went away from power …. all corrupt practices must come to end in our great country. Although it has great portfolio of rental properties, but still corporate governance means something. these guys delisted when the real estate boom started and listed again i think in 2007 to take advantage of astronomical valuations of real estate companies and have taken investors for a ride….for the time when the maximum money was to be made from DLF they conveniently stayed delisted thus robbing shareholders from value accretion…in a way they deserve this.

      • chirag says:

        Did not know so much! Sonia gandhi has probably nicely lined up the management’s pockets for helping vadra become a millionaire. Doubt these guys are even bothered about tapping the markets and restructuring the firm again.

      • Chirag says:


        1. crude has fallen to 84$ due oversupply fears ! good news for India !

        2. ebola is spreading . i feel number of cases being underreported and scope of becoming an epidemic is not being given enough attention .. IMHO this can be the black swan type of event. is this issue even on markets mind ? if not, i dont feel too good about it.. a knee jerk reaction will not be good as and when they cast their attention on it.

        is the issue being purposely underplayed ? are govts purposely not considering it a cause for concern to prevent chaos. not even once have business news channels talked of repurcussions. (obviously they would not want to cause havoc/panic, but still).

        there is a forecast that nations will have to spend 30b$ combined to permanently erase the threat or risk isolating the African countries. with around 9000 deaths since last 6 months and counting (underestimated), and no cure, this is a killer disease.

        could you please share ALL your thoughts concerning this.. really worrying issue

        • it will affect for sure, but “at the moment” its not catastrophe w.r.t dalal street. There has been instances in the past such as H1N1 in US, or SARS and it has indeed affected the markets, but marginally. yes the sectors would be hit badly like airline, travel, tourism/hospitality. Also, US has started “human trials” of a possible vaccine.. and if that comes through, it would be first breakthrough to contain ebola. I just hope that the countries do not isolate ebola hit countries as that would affect Africa where indian companies have good amount of investments. And yes, if its not contained, and it keeps on spreading across countries then it could create panic. When nations spend, fortunately/unfortunately, it does help a few sectors too like pharma. As of now, lets pray and keep our fingers crossed. Its not the time to panic as yet.

  124. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir, what do you think now about DLF

  125. sam says:

    Does trident interests you Ace?

  126. pp says:

    Datamatics, cupid, Jaybharat Maruti today πŸ˜€
    How do you like Kitex garments and Gsfc. I know you like only small caps but im sure you can make exclusion for kitex. Growth story is tremendous..

  127. sam says:

    Hi Ace
    so how do you see the future of kopran since it has entered fmcg space?
    What’s your confidence level about products like sparkle and deodorants they are planning to launch!

  128. vithal says:

    Your view on gmbreweries

  129. Hi Ace, I have seen one message from Mr Aman Agarwal requesting you to update on stocks as an when there is any important news/events come up. Infact we do follow the stocks which we hold . Neverthless it would be a great help to the common retail investors if you could SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS on any events. I had asked twice recently regarding your opinion on Kopran AGM eventhough you did not attend the same. Your views along with our knowledge really helps us to take a call on all the stocks suggested by you and bought by us on conviction. We all know disaster like Satyam . People like you got extra edge over we common people when it comes to any important news. I am again requesting since you had left us the selling part side by using the name RISK LEVEL of each person. Above all you do update known facts like doubling or tripling of your suggested shares in a short span. Let us all make an effort to share our views, knowledge and info we have to make this blog more productive. This is just a humble suggestion/request. thank you for all the good service. Rashmi

    • if there’s a disaster like satyam, noone can help. Once again, take a call based on your own conviction. I expect the readers to also follow news of their own company. I am not managing money here and its all done free of cost. Beyond this I cannot help, people need to understand that there are no free lunches anywhere.

      • chirag says:

        haha.. brother, diya maine ungli.. maang liya poora hath

      • Ace, Hope you had carefully read the words I used. It was polite and kind. It was a request. But your reply seems success in short time has gone to your head. I did not need any free lunch ok. It was an humble suggestion or request on a share which was posted by you. I did not ask to share your thought on a stock which was NOT recommended by you. We all know how small scale investors were taken for a ride during a bull run . hence we see plenty of suicides once the bull market end. Yes I do buy on my conviction. I did not ask you whether I should SELL or HOLD a share. Right? So how come you made an hue and cry on such a suggestion. I clearly wrote your tactics of positing your shares like doubling tripling which attracts more people naturally. I did not ask you to manage my money. Yes you are doing a service free of cost. Why do you remind me that? It is understood by every person who visits your blog. Since you have raked up the subject FREE OF COST; you are heavily benefitting also with such service. You must be benefitting 1000 times better than if you would have gone for a paid service. So don’t throw dirt by saying such things. Having your opinion does not mean that you are spoon feeding us. People do charity as a service. But very few go around and make a big deal out of that to make a living. If your intention is to help us then you would not have reminded such things like free of cost. Moreover people like us makes this blog a success. So avoid being arrogant. thanks

        • Dear rajesh, apologies if the comment came out be arrogant, but it was not intended to be. I have clearly stated my stand time again again, on this. I hope i was being benefited, but i am not. SEBI RULES DO NOT ALLOW IT. Anyways, i seem to have hurt you, so once again apologies man πŸ™‚ , but i hope you understood the jist of the comment. Cheers. God Bless

  130. shreeux says:

    Hi, Ace,

    I am newbie for trading…I like to learn step by step select good scripts for earn..Kindly advise any useful books or links…!!!

    Thanks in advance !!

  131. Yatheendra says:

    Hi Ace,
    Could you please share your view on Sonata, Nucleus,Wonderla, Guj Amb Exports, Polyplex please

  132. Pramod Malav says:

    hiii aceinvestortrader …..your views about LGB FORGE…plzz

  133. ksaurabh03 says:

    Hi Ace, your views regarding tv today, rssoftware, century plyboard, fluidomat and wimplast.

  134. ksaurabh03 says:

    Hi Ace, your views regarding tv today, century plyboard, fluidomat, rssoftware and wimplast? Do u suggest holding / buying at current levels.

  135. RaghuRam says:

    Sir, your view on Symphony. It has posted very good results today?

  136. Ram says:

    Dear Mr Ace,
    What’s your view on Force Motors bought at Rs 730. Is there any potential to become another Eicher Motors?

  137. mitajakom says:

    Dear Ace,

    Required your expert view on Camphor and allied, Gael and Adi finechem.

  138. ksaurabh03 says:

    Hi Ace, your views on atul auto, relaxo, dhp india and jay bharat maruti?

  139. sureshr says:

    Dear ACE,
    Kindly tell what is your opinion about Cybertech & Punjab Alkalies.

  140. nirav karia says:

    Hi ace. I want ur views on nilkamal, venkys and balmer lawrie.
    Thanks in advance bro

  141. Hi grey area doesn’t mean in interlink OK I think interlink story will go again

  142. vivek says:

    Dear Ace ,
    please share your views on Dynemic Products
    Is it potential multibagger?

  143. shreeux says:

    Dear Ace,

    Sir what about your view on Patel Integrated Logistics, Visaka Industries,Kesoram Industries and Ramco Industries?

  144. Power says:

    Hi ace

    What is your openion on Rolta and cybertech

  145. vandana says:

    Hello Ace!

    Normally your pick jumps like anything but there is no movement seen to Freshtrop, how does Rubfila International sounds?

  146. neelbasura says:

    Hi Ace,
    I want to invest some capital in any one of these stocks for next 1-2 year – Waterbase, Cupid, IFGL Refractories, Control Print, Selan Exploration. I am convinced about their potential but wanted to know your view about which one has the potential to generate higher return on my investment if I make a fresh entry at CMP?

    • NObody can know which will give highest return …. its a futile way to look at investing in different stocks. dont you think if we knew which one is going to give highest return all of us would invest “only” in that stock. also some stocks are more stable, some are volatile, and these attributes are directly propotianal to their beta. so selan is the most stable of the stocks you mentioned, cupid has most potential, waterbase is for hyper-active investors who can track the industry news closely. Control print is a difficult business, not sure if they can scale well in future, is a dark horse. ifgl is ok, average.

  147. Vikram says:

    Hi Ace!
    Your take on Triton Valves.

  148. sonia says:

    would be great if u add model portfolio feature in site with recent buy & sell trades,may be after posting relevant article

  149. sonia says:

    would be great if u add model portfolio feature in site with recent buy & sell trades,may be after posting the relevant article..

  150. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Am I right in drawing conclusion from your painstaking research and the answers to blog readers that Wanbury & Cupid are the 2 stocks that hold the greatest potential among all the stocks discussed here.?

  151. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    horror show for dowjones,dax,cac,ftse….all r down significantly…..whts ur view on indian market…do u see major correction in our market..

    • correction is already underway in our markets, but i do not see a free fall. remember, crude prices, which is the biggest problem for india, is falling too which is tremendous news for us. Also, there’s considerable amount of underperformance in devaluation of rupee vs USD viz-a-viz other currencies VS USD, which is great news for our domestic markets. markets sentimentally would correct, but not free fall and this correction will significantly improve the macros for our economy and investors would be “forced” to allocate more to india w.r.t BRICS and other emerging markets.

  152. Darshan S. says:

    Dear Ace,


    Darshan S.

  153. Sahil says:


    Please share views on Panasonic Carbon India co. Ltd. Is it a good buy at CMP ?

  154. Prem says:

    Almondz Global Securities…….your view regarding this plzzzz

  155. mayur says:

    Hi Ace, your views on Ricoh India for long term?
    Ricoh India is planning aggressive expansion targeting to more than double its top-line from the growing Indian market. The company was focusing on healthcare, education, manufacturing and BFSI which were the key high growth verticals driving the economy.

  156. sir your valuable views on NATHBIOGENE

  157. pp says:

    Whats happening. Why is europe falling so much. Damn I need to FnO for shorting.

    • crude falling is making the markets panic and probably they are preparing for another 1-2% fall in US for today πŸ™‚ crude falling is good news for us though…again underperformed on the downside, this is good for us.

  158. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    freshtrop falls to 60 level……recently u told tht u vl sell ur house to buy freshtrop…at wht level u vl buy freshtrop…..ur comment vl means us lot so pls give ur level at u buy frestrop…thanks

  159. sam says:

    what are your views on the last hour bloodbath which happened today??

  160. geetha says:

    hi ace, can i enter orient beverages at this level? pls advice if i should wait for correction.

  161. geetha says:

    hi ace, can i enter orient beverages at cmp or should i wait for correction? please advice.

  162. Altaf says:

    Dear Ace,

    what is ur views on GUFIC BIO @ 18 & Syncomm Formulation @ 8, should i hold ? pls help..

    and which stock would u reco to buy next..

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