General Update

People, do not get perturbed, by Oct phenomena. The indian markets have so far performed really well and we have under-performed on the downside both on indices and rupee de-valuation viz-a-viz other developing economies. Crude is going lower and lowerย  and this is great news for india (and probably also explains why rupee has not been de-valued too much thus far) but it should stabilize in near future. Although a few percentage points downside cannot be ruled out, one should use it as a test of your conviction on the businesses that you are holding and not loose sleep. This is what makes markets exciting, Some downside and a lot of upside.

Some stocks have also fallen and are looking juicy now. One should use the opportunity judiciously and do not get disturbed by short term phenomena and loose sight of the bigger Picture. Sometime it “pays” to switch off the tv. India story is just starting to unfold, enjoy the bull run and remember corrections will always happen. Cheers. God Bless.

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  1. ravi multani says:

    Thanks ace for ur nerve soothing update….market looking very scary…..which stocks do u see at now to buy….

    • lot of stocks looking decent now… wanbury liberty v2 freshtrop aimco (here wait for results)…. now is the time to really choose and enjoy….

    • indianbull10 says:

      Ace, what a timely update to bring calmness amidst falling markets. Ripe time to go shopping in stocks that you mentioned – wanbury liberty v2 freshtrop aimco. Thanks again Ace. you are doing a great job – FREE OF SERVICE. God bless.

      • indianbull10,Just a thought (not even a suggestion).. that free of service thing, kindly do not write in caps as it might hurt somebody’s feelings as has been the case in the past ๐Ÿ™‚ …. i am fine with people cursing me but i feel deeply disturbed if i hurt people’s sentiments…

    • indianbull10 says:

      I wrote it in caps purposely to re-iterate and drive home the point to those people who do not get the point that after all you take out your own personal time and educate all of us and still people come to this blog and blabber against you(I feel its a disrespect to you).
      And yes, no caps hence forth ๐Ÿ™‚ point noted

  2. ravi multani says:

    wait for the result??? u r saying for all stocks or only for aimco..

  3. ravi multani says:

    thanks….ur advice makes us very comfortable…u r like sachin tendulkar wenever he was batting v all get very comfortable tht india vl will win….u r tendulkar and v think v vl win in long term….god bless u…

  4. Manu says:

    Hi Ace,
    What is your view on lloyd electric and engineering and Madhucon projects.

  5. mil says:

    Thank you for your valuable views at the most apt time.

    • a bit of downside would always come and we would feel the entire world is going to fall apart and that is the best time to buy, the only problem is it needs a lot of guts because one feels that there would be more downside then why not to buy then…in that process of catching bottom, people loose golden opportunity, i myself lost….so cheers and have faith in the future in india. God Bless.

  6. Darshan S. says:

    Dear Ace, What’s your opinion on ” Cybertech Systems and Software ” . Looks interesting and risky too. Good day.

    • its under research and yes….its risky…but still not sure of it right now…

      • Darshan S. says:

        As far as your research had gone till now, is it positive ? Would you recommend to buy it, for a small quantity ? at CMP 40 ?

        • PLS DONT THINK THAT IF A STOCK IS UNDER MY RESEARCH ITS GOOD. PLEASE. The upper case of letters is to highlight the important. Actually, i dont take any decision till the last point and then also sleep over it. research is far from over. Not sure if you have read some other comments or not, i have taken decisions to junk off the stocks, at various points of my research and sometimes even after interacting with the management, though on other criteria the stock was looking nothing less than excellent…If you are convinced, you know what to do…but me personally have a lot of things to do before i can even think of buying. I hope you understand my friend.

      • Darshan S. says:

        Fine Ace, i understand your concern & it is legit. I shall stick to your opinion as well. Good day ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. M Prabhu says:

    Thanks Ace coming out with supportive views on the scary market, Cupid circle aswell opened today added some more quantity… yes as said it is going to be the test of conviction…. guess and hope could do that…

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ i am sure a lot of people will get even more nervous if markets would to crack down further, and same people would rue the opportunity a couple of months later … cupid i guess is coming out with results on monday…it should be very good IMHO

  8. Power says:

    you simply rocks. Thanks for this lovely support and care. It is giving confidence to us

    • no worries, but remember this blog post if the markets were to go down 200 nifty points in two days ๐Ÿ™‚ ….if you find something interesting first research, then sleep over it, then again research, then again sleep over it and if you still feel excited then you get hold of it…after that…you keep monitoring the news flow affecting the “stock” (not markets)… if you know xyz event is not affecting the stock, you should silently ignore the news and its effect on markets and get back to work, and let the money work for you as well. For TVs TRPs are most imporant, more important than investor’s peace of mind, and they would sensationalize everything both upside and downside…Believe in your business and dont give your share of business to others for cheap and easy…God Bless

    • indianbull10 says:

      Ace, I strongly second your opinion and I think that this is a very important thing – “TV channels sensationalize everything both upside and downside”. I think 90%(probably more) of the people buy and sell stocks based on these “Business” Channels who would in turn invite “EXPERTS” from broking firms to give their “ADVICE”. these so called “EXPERTS” think they make the markets by signalling bullish bearish trends in stocks. Markets have its own intelligence and way of working and most often than not, these so called EXPERTS on these TV channels trap themselves(at least they make some money on brokerage) and other people(gone for a toss) who follow them. Even now I was watching “one of the channels” when an “EXPERT” suggested to exit a stock and enter at lower level – which as u rightly pointed out may actually not come, and in the process of SELL and then RE+BUY it is the broker who is making making by way of brokerage. Lets not even talk about 15% short term capital gain(in case the person is making money when he thinks about selling based on expert advice) . Blog like urs are a real eye-opener to art of investing, developing conviction and holding on to stocks whose businesses you believe in! Hats off ACE.

  9. Niranjan says:

    I agree with you Ace. An investor should only focus on his “business” not even the stock price, where there are quality earnings, price would naturally follow.

    I read a good article where the author nicely put across this … “If you were a farmer in the agri business you wouldnt sell your farm reading the news or watching business channel who scare you by saying theres some turmoil in Europe / Greece.. would you? then why would you treat your stock or business otherwise?”

    My few years experience in markets say… ignore the noise, just focus on quality, money is automatically made in the long term.

    I haven’t bought anything what you have recommended yet (I owned liberty shoes from a long time) but I have been following your blog for a while to get ideas about such micro caps which is not usually available elsewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had a suggestion for you(you can choose to ignore it) that apart from recommendation, it would be useful if you can list your portfolio with allocation, IMHO allocation really decides your returns more than stock picking. So this will really be a good learning for myself and your followers to understand the strategy better.
    A simple one like

    Liberty Shoes 10%
    Aimco 10%
    Cash 10% etc etc ….

    Keep up the good work!


  10. sonia says:

    agree with niranjan, ace should seriously consider positing list of portfolio with allocation, will be great learning experience for his followers

    • indianbull10 says:

      Ace, no need to disclose your portfolio allocations. Your recommendations are more than sufficient to make truck loads of money in the markets. Let the itch remain to all the people who wanna know your portfolio allocation. Its a very personal thing. Please do not disclose. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Prashant says:

        Hi indiabull10,
        I totally agree with you . Its unfair to ask AceJi to share his portfolio or allocation .
        Enough knowledge is shared here, if we really want to learn, we have great opportunity here . Let individuals decide on allocation of their hard earned money, in the process we will also learn .
        Thanks & Regards,

  11. Raja says:

    Sir: post today’s fall my portfolio is now Repco 52%, Wanbury 32% and Freshtrop 16%. Do you think this is good? Any rejig required here?

  12. Asif says:

    Hi Ace…I guess what people would like to see and have is a rough demo portfolio that one should have…not your portfolio…I guess over a period of time, we can have that, lets say we can have Sharp, Waterbase, Freshtrop, V2, etc…kind of rough portfolio that one should have…I know this can be kind of spoon feed and would vary from person to person, but trust me…people are little naive and need that bit of extra push in the initial stages…there is so much volatility in the market with I guess only 2-5% Indians trading…I wonder what would happen if that percentage goes up by your honest work and endeavour…we can make this demo portfolio…no need to provide update…but just a demo portfolio…I hope I am able to make my point clear

  13. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, I strongly second your opinion and I think that this is a very important thing โ€“ โ€œTV channels sensationalize everything both upside and downsideโ€. I think 90%(probably more) of the people buy and sell stocks based on these โ€œBusinessโ€ Channels who would in turn invite โ€œEXPERTSโ€ from broking firms to give their โ€œADVICEโ€. these so called โ€œEXPERTSโ€ think they make the markets by signalling bullish bearish trends in stocks. Markets have its own intelligence and way of working and most often than not, these so called EXPERTS on these TV channels trap themselves(at least they make some money on brokerage) and other people(gone for a toss) who follow them. Even now I was watching โ€œone of the channelsโ€ when an โ€œEXPERTโ€ suggested to exit a stock and enter at lower level โ€“ which as u rightly pointed out may actually not come, and in the process of SELL and then RE+BUY it is the broker who is making money by way of brokerage. Lets not even talk about 15% short term capital gain(in case the person is making money when he thinks about selling based on expert advice) . Blog like urs are a real eye-opener to art of investing, developing conviction and holding on to stocks whose businesses you believe in! Hats off ACE.

  14. Raj Gupta says:

    I think more gain more thirst…plz don’t bother the Ace Sir,he is quite doing for us.Sir, Capital First seeing very attractive on this price for long..long

  15. M Prabhu says:

    Dear ACE, Hold crompton since last three months. in todays results there have been mixed reviews from various people despite some positives Land selling, Demerger and FII Limit, Could you share your thoughts to get the clear picture if you got time to look for CG quarter result…

    • i am really not keen on CG. There are better bets available. Its things like these i.e. FII limits and news based events (like de-merger), that keep people occupied that than real business performance and potential. Moreover, the market cap is way too much for me to be ever interested in it.

  16. Remil says:

    Hello Ace , would like to know your views on Kesar Terminals ?

  17. nirav karia says:

    Hi ace. Nice to see our timely update after blood bath. Can u pls share our views on cyient ltd and keltech energies. Thanks in advance

  18. ravi multani says:

    cupid results r on monday??? where do get this information??.

  19. a.p. says:

    Nice post. Market is.coming down and few of my stars; granules , caplin are down too. Right now mental stability is required. Time is for buying , not for selling.

  20. PB says:

    Hi Ace Please share ur views on Capital first.Can I buy it now for long term

  21. PB says:

    Hi Sir,

    Can I enter now in V2 and Cupid for long term???
    What wd be ur preference among V2,Cupid,Wanbury and freshfrt..Plesse do reply

  22. suresh says:

    Hi Ace, I recently came to know about this site and also invested in wanbury and cupid. Could you provide list of other stocks which I need to invest. My expectations are double in six months. I need high risk stocks only. Thanks in advance.

  23. pp says:

    My whole Octobers paper profit crashed in couple of hours lol. Interesting Market. However i thank myself as I keep booking cash profit along the way. Ace what do you feel about CAPF? It covers 22% of my portfolio at avg price of 264, Does it look good to accumulate more at cmp?
    Also Moldtek packaging – Avg price of 131. Should i exit?

    And what do you feel about Basant argo tech and Avt Natural products, looking very tempting at current prices.

    Thanks and best regards,

  24. pp says:

    The market is weird. Every time one guy sells, another one buys, and they both think they’re smart.

  25. BIJ says:

    Hi Ace,
    Its nice to go through your blog and comments. It’s a wonderful exercise to go through everyone’s posts and your replies. I do have most of your recommended scrips in my portfolio and i like to hold these for long term rather than sighing session after session.

    Like others i too have some concerns over my some of scrips which I am holding since long time and it looks like bleeding now. Esp scrips like Radico Khaitan, Sterling Biotech, NHPC etc. Whats your view on these scrips on long term? any miracle is possible?


    • for the three scripts that you mentioned, short term long term or foreover term….there’s no wealth to be created here…radico i believe was a news based hypothesis….so all the more reason to avoid…

  26. Srinath R says:

    Hi.. Great blog posts. Can you please let me know how do I subscribe to your posts via email alerts? I am not able to see a subscribe button at all.

  27. mayur says:

    Hi Ace, just went through all comments and found everyone talking about those 4″stocks except Aro Granite… there anything wrong with it…aren’t you positive on it? Have added more around 76 yesterday…

  28. Sriram says:

    Dear ace,
    Do u recommend to accumulate aimco at cmp to accumulate and average as I bought @72?

  29. sangram says:

    hi aceji have bought some aimco yesterday. you wrote that wait for results of aimco. are you skeptical about the results. or the valuations rich right now. planing to buy more if it goes down. is it right thing to do or shall i invest i any other company

  30. ace sir your views on nath bio genes

  31. amit says:

    sir, want to invest in both liberty n relaxo.please guide for allocation ex 50:50 or some is ambika cotton.roce,roe bv.good dividend record,low debt/equity,own windmills,promoter reliable..low mcapseems multibagger to me.your comments on this

  32. Prem Doshi says:

    Sir is it your blog, ? its a new blog, have you created this or someone else’s

  33. ankit says:

    Hi ace, any comments on amtek auto. It has fallen quite a bit recently. I bought some at 200 and it is currently hovering around 160 and falling day by day.

    • amtek is a decent stock, but becauseof european jitters ppl must be worried about growth

      • ankit says:

        How is there promoter and management reputation. I bought it with the expectations that the recent good results in auto manufacturers should help it. What are your views, ace?

        • promoters and all are good. management pedigree is not a problem but the entire sector went up like crazy…rather than auto components as i have said in the past i like the cars/two wheeler companies…those are the one with real pricing power.

  34. sam says:

    what are your views on sujana universal ace??

  35. praveenks97 says:

    Hello AceIT , Your views on TVS Electronics Ltd?

  36. Ram says:

    Dear Ace.., appreciate if you can provide your valuable advise on Shilpi Cable.. Thanks in advance..

  37. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    whts ur view on eveready indus and panasonic energy……

  38. ravi multani says:

    panasonic appliances going to be delisted….whts ur view at which price it vl b delisted…..second thing do u see substaintial upward movement in panasonic appliances due to delisting..

  39. Darshan S. says:

    Dear Ace, whats your opinion on “Titan Biotech” ? Promising and un-touched sector.?

  40. rahul says:

    Your views on niit( holding value of niit tech at 34 bucks ) adf foods and godrej Ind and skm egg product at current levels ??
    Few stock under my radar are Harrison Malayalam ABC INDIA AND SAMTEK FASHIONS .. ANY VIEW ON ALL OF THE ABOVE STOCKS ??

  41. Sahil says:

    Hello Ace,

    Do you track Premier Explosives.. looks like it is all set to move into a big league.. Fundamentals and tech looking good.. Please share your view.


  42. sanjeev says:

    hello ace…. appreciate your views on ZICOM ELECTRONIC SECURITY…high potential for future growth inspite of debt concerns?

  43. Keerthan says:

    Ace, Could you let us know your opinions on Piramal Phytocare? Thank you.

    • Keerthan says:

      Ace, When do we (I mean for what kind of business) look for YoY earnings/growth and when do we look at QoQ earnings/ growth. I understand we need to look at both but some times owing to seasonality some quarter earnings are better than other. In case of waterbase it is visible that June quarter results are usually better than other quarters. Now in this case do I need to look at YoY and stress on that apart from other fundamentals?

    • already replied some time back sir

  44. sangram says:

    Hi aceji good morning.God bless you. I am holding mmfl from 220. After the recent turmoil in Europe will it affect the company. Can I hold onto it or sell it out. Same question goes to freshtop fruits. Both the company get major revunes from Europe. How do you view the turmoil in Europe will it take longer time to recover.

    • freshtrop and mmfl are two very different businesses as freshtrop is more consumption based. There’s no too much of turmoil is europe though i agree is not great either. mmfl is a decent company but you keep monitoring the growth and if you feel there’s no growth coming you can take a decision. do not take decision based on turnmoil you see on European indicies alone…

  45. Raj Gupta says:

    Gm Ace sir,
    Ybrant digital, seems good company on cards,good top line,bottom line,so many acquisitions in last years,scalable business,run Rs2to Rs 61,but why this not on big radar,although not possible to know about mgmt for us but gut feeling says this picture is not as clear as v think.
    Please ur suggestion.

  46. Amol says:

    Love your work !!! Keep it up. I see many times folks asking about a stock which you already commented. We want you to spend time finding new gems. The blog search is broken but I found a great way to do search. Share this trick with readers and it will save ton of time responding. The steps are to go in google and trying “aimco”, Where aimco is the word you are searching for.

    Hope it helps. Keep up the great work.

    • thanks amol. I have already shared this search technique with the readers on my blog post on “Wanbury Ltd”. But I appreciate your concern and willingness to share knowledge and I am sure, you again posting it here will help others who might have missed it. God Bless.

  47. ankur garg says:

    dear ace sir
    when your new recomondation publish i closly wait and watch
    and 1 request please publish new artical in market time so any one can buy it other wise all hni and big trader not leave singel share up to 40-50 % circuit please ….

  48. nam says:

    Sir, i am new comer to your blog. new to trading too. want to know ur opinion about gammon india, gmr infra, shasun pharma…i bought these shares recently

  49. Serene says:

    Hi ACE,

    Sir, what about Tanla Solutions Ltd?

  50. Navin Sharma says:

    Sir, Your View on MM Forgings Ltd. Had a great run recently. Can it be bought @ CMP?

  51. Khansalimx says:

    Hi Ace, where you able to discuss with cupid management and confirm authenticity of 10 year condoms supply contract.

  52. Saket Hawelia says:

    Dear Sir,

    What is your take on Hindustan Tin Works & Patel AirTemp?

  53. Keerthan says:

    What are your views on stocks of NBFC’s and rating agencies?

  54. sanjeev jain says:

    dear ace
    Kindly give your view about linc pen .can it double in 3-4 year.
    sanjeev jain

  55. Saket Hawelia says:

    Respected Sir, could you please throw some light on crompton greaves that I have purchased for 264 and Sesa Goa Rs. 334. Running huge losses!

    • sesa goa….its a pure commodity stock and large cap…so i would never be interested in such a lethal combination…crompton is taken up at a very wrong price and is also based on news event…again a lethal combination.

  56. nishray says:

    Your view on EPC?

  57. kapil says:

    nice update aceji..diesel price deregulated,crude price fall,reforms by bjp,state elections favouring,unexploited indian markets..its a beginning of new bull markets leaving aside few corrections every now n then..

  58. Ankit says:

    hi ace, gas price increase lower than expected. It seems like it will have negative impact due to this on Reliance Industries. Whats your views? Should I short it?

  59. Keerthan says:

    Ace, your views on Logistics stocks (like Gujarat Pipavav,APSEZ) would be appreciated? I know it is highly capital intensive and involves policies, but logistics looks all set to grow in line with the ambitious plans for the economy. GPPL has shown consistent growth in both top line and bottom line across several quarters.

    • its ports right….as far as ports is concerned, i am not very gung ho, but yes, its decent, both adani ports and gujarat pipavav are fine…

      • Keerthan says:

        Thank you for the quick reply. Also could you suggest whether an entry into RS Software at CMP is appropriate? Do you use Altman Z score for your analysis?

        • absolutely not…i dont use altman score…it has its own problems….its not suited for all industries……low working capital guy could have low score.. and moreover, no turnaround company will have a good altman score and in all likelihood not even good ratios… i like to make investment decisions simple…if these ratios were so successful, all the CAs, CFAs would be the richest guys on the planet ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Niranjan says:

    Hi Ace,
    Just from your replies I figured you are not based in India. May I ask where are you based?
    I am based in London.


  61. kamal says:

    sir what are your views abt samkrg piston.

  62. Keerthan says:

    Ace, yes I understand your point. Thank you…

  63. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Cupid you have said that it could end with EPS of 7-8 this year, please share EPS estimates for Wanbury as well.

  64. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Found 1 sector which can be boosted from Make India Campaign. want to share with you but not publicly.
    Sir pls give me your email id.

  65. SANGRAM says:

    Ace just what’s your view on supreme petrochemical

  66. SANGRAM says:

    Ace just what’s your view on supreme petrochemical
    . Thank you

  67. pp says:

    Whats your view on Capital Trust ๐Ÿ˜€ lol

    • already replied earlier…its gave results yesterday which was good…but its a small cap, so if you are going to bet big then bit on sector leader sks or if you are going to invest a few lakhs or thousand then you can do on capital….

      • pp says:

        The problem is its a lucky draw, getting the share is big deal weather its with you or the other one.

      • pp says:

        I sold 7% of capf ( 15% left) and put the remaining into cupid. I hope i made the right call. Are you trader to just an investor? What do you feel about tvs motors short term.

        • i am a investor but also do trade a bit…but mostly investor and core portfolio as for all investor i do not like to disturb…tvs motors is too risky at this moment purely because its gone up way too much way too fast…its remarkable for a large cap.

  68. Rishant says:

    Sharp India falling consistently and now below 60.

    Whats your take based on Fundamentals and technical levels to avg?

  69. PBR says:

    Hello Sir,

    Please share ur views on Jayant Agro Organics.I think it is worth investing but i need ur views before investing in it.

  70. Sahil says:


    Can you please share views about Galaxy Entrertainment..


  71. rahul says:

    I have invested in gsfc please share your views.

  72. Manthan says:

    Kindly share your views on Paramount cosmetic and what about deal of future retail group with amazon?

  73. NKS says:

    Dear Ace

    What’s your take on Deccan Gold MInes.. its ML appication is pending for approval at Ministry of Mines and the stock is trading near its 4 years low price range

  74. sanjeev says:

    Hello ace….your choice between MPS and REPRO INDIA ?… i am invested in MPS and sitting on decent profits…should i switch some profits from MPS to REPRO as both operate in same sector….i am convinced with MPS story but i haven’t analysed much about REPRO….your kind opinion is appreciated….thanks!

  75. ketan says:

    what is your outlook on polyester packaging sector? Polyplex & Garware poly

  76. milan says:

    I am a web developer. I want to know how much traffic are you getting on this website per day?
    Why don’t you put ads on the website? You may earn a good amount of money out of it

  77. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Good news is that Orient Beverages has been out of periodic call auction for more than a week and now can be bought just like any other stock. But problem is now the buyers have increased and it hits upper circuit right at opening.

    Please advise up to what level could I try to buy the stock.


    • i would suggest it to let it consolidate…in any case its very difficult to buy …its a good stock, but if you do not get it in next couple of days, dont chase it….see the results and then take a decision

  78. mitajakom says:

    Hi ace,

    Can you please share your view on prime properties. Company is debt free and showing improving results from last two quarters.

  79. Ram says:

    Dear sir,
    I would like to invest in SIP mode in a stock for at least 10 years. Can you please suggest a stock with good growth story capable to become smallcap to largecap with decent dividend yield? Your answer may be useful to many who wish to invest for a very long term. Thanks in advance sir.

  80. Kumar says:

    Dear Aceji,
    What’s your call on Force Motors bought at Rs 730? It is trading below 2x levels to bv.Debt free co almost. Is there any steam left still to become another Eicher Motors? N pl clarify me why it flied after Bajaj’s exit?

  81. Daniel says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can you guide me what exactly this means.. I found this in a site when searching for good stocks.
    Promoter holding >50 AND
    Promoter holding <70 AND
    Market Capitalization (Sales last year /4) AND
    Debt 0 AND
    (Net Profit latest quarter + Net Profit preceding quarter )>0 AND
    Exports percentage >45

  82. Khansalimx says:

    Hi Ace, would it be wise to shift from gujarat borosil to Birla Ericcson or Orient Breaveges…kindly suggest

  83. kumarbb says:

    Hi Sir,

    Could you please share your view on prime Maxwell industries and Rupa industries for longterm view.

  84. Saket Hawelia says:

    Respected Sir, is it safe to enter v2 retail at current levels (Rs. 32.5)…

  85. Praveen says:

    Dear Ace,

    Is there anything changed for Freshtrop? Its falling for some time even in a good market. I know its all about conviction, I am convinced and will hold it. But just want to check what could be the reason for its recent fall?


  86. Manu says:

    Hi Ace,

    What is your view on SMS Pharma and Excel Industries.

  87. hi ace,
    pls share ur view on rs software

  88. Raj Gupta says:

    This is very strange, investor wants to see Ace as an operator. So many query regarding Freshtrop shows they want to see only up side..friends Ace sir can’t regulate the price please have conviction strong once you buy any stock,yes! this is natural query to ask about any bad news regarding that but never happens in this mkt to see price only upside…I think v r lucky v have ace as an expert for quick reply..

  89. ravi multani says:

    hello ace brother
    can u share result date of freshtrop and aimco..

  90. harry says:


    is there a way by which all of us followers can follow you on our mobile.

    Kindly guide.



  91. kickingcans says:

    Is Cupid result postponed Ace?

  92. Sachin says:

    I can see two dates..One was today(20th Oct) and the other is 28th Oct. I guess it will now be on 28th Oct.

  93. sam says:

    There are some reports of strike doing rounds at wanbury’s Tanuku Plant, AP which seemingly is affecting the stock price…do u hv any info?

  94. sowrabh says:

    Sir,what are your views on basant agrotech?

  95. sowrabh says:

    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. sowrabh says:

    sir just some doubt about v2 retail…arent u worried about the pledging of shares? and just how sure are you about that v2 retail will make profit this year?

    • The pledge has been around even when the price was 7-8 rs…if they did not get invoked then, then at 4 times the price they would obviously not get invoked and therefore, not worried. I am actually very sure of V2 giving profits this year, how much is another question, but it should be way better than last year’s growth. And call me aceinvestortrader, no sir pls ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. sowrabh says:

    aceinvestortrader is a bit too call u ace is that ok?:)…so according to you…should i buy more of v2 retail?it has come down this week..good time to add more?

    • its up to you … i think this is a very interesting stock, but one should understand the small cap nature of the stock and take volatility in its stride. The company looks to have a good future moving forward. With inflation coming down, the consumption of urban and semi-urban would catch up with consumption of rural india and this should bode well for retail sector

  98. PK says:

    Dear Ace, Happy Diwali!
    I absolutely love your blog and highly appreciate your effort in promoting disciplined investment in Cash markets. I enjoy reading the comments from other fellow readers, patrons and supporters and in the process discover new scrips and learn about different businesses. I then use the comments as a starting point to study about the scrips being enquired by fellow readers.

    Ace I understand your ideology when it comes to recommending a price band for individual scrips. However, I feel that the entry point is crucial to an investment. I personally feel that one should not chase stocks which have run up aggressively. There are plenty of opportunities that the market provides every day irrespective of the NIFTY/SENSEX movement if you are willing to do the necessary research and study.
    Ex: 1. I have been trying to buy Orient Beverages from 60 levels but my order was not executed. Now at 115 levels I’m a little apprehensive to buy and in a highly illiquid counter.
    2. SKM looked interesting below 100, I have been wanting to buy a small amount. Will try for 1-2 days and if the uptrend continues will not chase this counter.

    Once I come across a good scrip on the blog. I then study the financials and do research about the company and finally look at the technical trends to find a price band for entry. I usually prefer a staggered approach to enter any scrip.
    Ex. Waterbase, Freshtrop have given good opportunities to enter at a price below what I saw as good value.

    I suggest that all our friends learn to be patient when they are investing their money. Please do not internalise the credit for your Profits and externalise the responsibility of your losses to others. It’s YOUR MONEY and YOUR DECISION. Be happy and think positive.

    I would like your opinion on the following stocks. If it is a value buy at the prices mentioned (Y/N)
    1. Sri Hari Chemical Exports @ 85-90
    2. Bodal Chemicals @ 25
    3. Vinyl Chemicals @ 40
    4. Tanla Solutions @ 16
    5. Zandu Realty @ 2050
    6. RS Software @ 600
    7. National Fittings @ 25
    8. Virat Crane Industries @ 9
    9. Natural Capsules @ 59
    10. Chamanlal Setia Exports @ 60


  99. sowrabh says:


  100. sowrabh says:

    i asked the date…:)

    • indianbull10 says:

      @sowrabh – a little bit of your own effort in finding out the result dates wont harm you. Spoon feeding is a bad habit. CAPS are a disrespect on any forum. So please avoid CAPS if you have respect for ACE.

  101. Saurabh says:

    Hi Sir,
    In the Recent time, V-2 Retail is going down for no observable reason. Do you think is will still have some downside and it is better to exit or do you think we should wait for Q3.

    Also your View on SPIC and waterbase

  102. altaf says:

    hi sir, i have seen ur amazing calls by which many small investor are minting money.. thanks a lot.. u r really great ๐Ÿ™‚
    pls reco some more multibaggers soon.. waiting !!!

  103. om says:

    Study Ujaas Energy could be Game Changer…….. NAMO Plans ……… Make in India only fullfilled if we provide 24 hrs power to Industry. For this Major Steps will be taken for Power Sector.

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