SKS Microfinance – Results Update

Excellent Results once again …..

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  1. pp says:

    is sks micro a buy? Where is the diwali ace :p

    Ace i got demolished today Avt natural products, u were right. 3000 shares 18 % down ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    None the less, at least cupid is doing good.

  2. Renu says:

    Dear Ace sir , Have you looked into SKM Egg Products ? Can we buy SKM Egg at currrent levels ?

    • yes, i know the company way too well…could have been my own pick but….anyways….quick question to you and others who wish to invest in it…have you done any research on the company or do you just want to buy because its moving everyday… do not mind but there’s an important reason to ask this question…

      • Sachin says:

        Ace, I can understand why you had not recommended SKM Egg Products. You had faced alot of questions before regarding Aimco Pesticides when people without knowing the facts mentioned that it was not your pick and you had copied from somebody else. You are in the same position today and if you had recommended the stock in the last few days then situation would have been worse. I guess you had taken the right decision and I respect your decision and its better to let go one stock instead of lots of criticism. People will come to know about this in the next 2 days.

        • i agree…the disappointment is because the report is just lying idle and it was created after a lot of pain and research and i just could not share with anyone ๐Ÿ™‚ ….not only work but money also goes in researching stocks you know…anyways, whatever happens happens for good…God’s great….must have thought something better for all of us….I am thankful to all those people who actually mailed me the day the so called hints were release…i kind of got annoyed and replied in anger to those people (and i apologize to all those), but thankfully, because of those guys i got suspicious (all emails had same content so it was obvious) and decided to switch my recommendation from skm to my diwali pick wanbury… week again people mailed me with the same content and it was confirmed that something’s happning (although till date i am confused why those hints were posted twice) and i took the right decision….its better to have clear conscience ๐Ÿ™‚ …God Bless…

    • Prabhu says:

      If someone give reasons for a buy point by point , it is very easy to prepare a report .That is what Ace done in the case of Aimco and claiming has done in the case of SKM . The real irony is ,still Ace never ever heared a blog named Valuepick.!!!!

  3. amit says:

    one stock between dhfl,gic housing and indiabulls hf which one better or should i put money equally among them

  4. tikam das baghel says:

    Dear ace sir
    Shreyas logistics, is this one good to invest on it??

  5. charan1979 says:


    your views on MM forgings result, its been trading near 500 for long time, will it cross 500?


  6. Neel says:

    Dear Ace,
    Any idea about the reason for today’s 20% LC in Kalpena Industries. Tried to find but not able to.
    Your input will be invaluable.


  7. Rahul Singh says:

    Sir please share your view on SSLT, I have 100@280/-, should I hold.

  8. Sahil says:


    Do you know why Cupid results were not announced today ?


  9. Sachin says:

    Cupid results will be announced on 28th Oct. There were 2 dates given for cupid results. One was for today and the other is for 28th Oct. I don’t know the reason though.

  10. Sachin says:

    Ace, I would request you to please post and share the story(which you were not able to post) with all of us. When we follow you then along with the post we also go through each and every comments of yours. Let me tell you that this stock has been recommended by 5 different blogs before he is going to post in the next 2 days. Nobody puts up a question on him because he has earned that trust and respect in the last many years. And the same is happening with you as well. Your past recommendations had proved the same and you don’t have to put in words to prove it. Its a request if you can please share the story with us. I guess all your true followers would love to see a another exceptional stock story and earn from it. Its just the beginning for this stock to prosper, so it should not be avoided just because of some people’s misunderstanding. You always rock and you will.

  11. Sahil says:


    What do you think about Rico Auto Industries ? Also what according to you are some good bets in auto ancillary sector ?


    • as i have been saying i do not like auto ancillary stocks, as they do not have much pricing power…normally they are first to bounce back in a bull market so dont get too much swayed by them.

  12. Sameer Anand says:

    Cupid results are on October 28.

  13. harry says:


    I have sks micro 100 share @ rs. 327.

    Should I hold it or sell.

    If I should hold than for how much time.

    Kindly guide



  14. J says:

    Hi Ace,
    Your views on Trident Ltd and Faze-3 Ltd,
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. tikambaghel says:

    Dear Ace sir
    Please suggest on holdings
    Ajmera reality @150
    Tata metaliks@135
    Aimco pesticides@70
    Hindtin @104
    Morepean @13
    Mold tek pack @173

  16. shiva says:

    sir, i have invested in shasun pharma, sterlite tech, shanti gears, escorts.. what is ur view on these stocks

  17. hi ace,
    pls share ur view on pvr cinemas

  18. hi ace,
    iam holding 1000 shares of rs software, pls advice shall i hold or book profit at current cmp

    • on this you should take your own call, as it depends on your own investment horizon, your own conviction etc.

      • iam looking to shift it from my protfolio and invest in some other shares, which one u advice me where i can get better return than this in future. my investment horizon i around 1 year

        • time bound investment decision i am not comfortable taking…its better to have return focussed horizon than time bound….ideally return focused investment type is not great as it does not allow you to make multi-baggers but its way better than time bound investment decisions because for one year timeframe your stock could behave amazingly and may double in 8 months but fall 60% in remaining four months…how knows right…so better than this is return focused investment

  19. Rohan Modi says:

    Sir, holding v2 retail at Rs. 33.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    What is your 3 month target?

    • 3 month ?? wrong blog for such kind of timeframe..

      • Rohan Modi says:

        Sorry sir, asked you this because you are a technical expert as well..Since I am a 19 year old investor, it ruffles my nerves to see a stock in red

        • technicals is not the directing force for my investment decisions. if you are buying your first stock and you are so scared of seeing red, then you should stick to blue chips..with small caps 30-40% swing is very normal. the stock has more than doubled in last two months…large cap does not go that way….so after more than doubling if its goes down 30-40% it could be normal too…if the fundamentals dont change the value at lower prices increases and if value increases margin of safety increases. but again, if you cannot see red in portfolio then forget about small caps, even large caps are not for you…for stocks going up and down is normal. At your age i would advise you to study as this volatility will affect your studies. for you studies should be most important. Stock markets would not go anywhere. you are born in a great country and this country’s stock markets would keep on booming for next few decades. Study now, sharpen your skills, get some more emotionally mature and then return….God Bless

      • chirag says:

        Ace.. any opinion on dynamic industries.. from financials looks very undervalued, performance is impressive.. also i think investors have not clearly understood their product portfolio

        i do not think it is fair for such a company to be so beaten down.. investors have clearly misunderstood the business i feel

        your honest opinion ?

        • dynamic is as far as i know a totally commodotised company…not sure, but its possible that the its product prices might have fallen..check that…probably that could be the reason for fall.

      • chirag says:

        hey ace.. some bad news man.. wanbury declared that there is a union strike in their AP plant.. for that reason, production has been partially hit.. though not invested, hope managment is competent enough to handle such situations.. given their intention to pare down debt quicky, this might not be good news

        • the news is known…just replied a few hrs back on this…they have handled this in the past. a couple of yrs back they had to handle a similar situation albeit at a much larger scale. Short term blip. Part of life….

  20. Rohan Modi says:

    Thank you sir, I ll definitely be back with a bang.. Signing off ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    whts ur view on mayur u think it is cheap at current level..

  22. Ravichandran D says:

    Dear sir,
    how is SKM EGG looking to you for long-term? one blogger called theaceinvestor has given a buy call, is it your blog or someone else?

  23. ravi multani says:

    do u think mayur uniquoter has upside potential from the current level

  24. Kiran Kumar says:

    Hi ACE,
    Wanbury has informed BSE that union workers start strike at Tanaku, Andhra Pradesh,
    what is ur view.

  25. pp says:

    Ace, Whats your view on ifb argo? i seem to like it a lot.

    • then we have a difference of opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

      • pp says:

        whats your view?

      • chirag says:

        You feel that they will not expand their shrimp business or something? Kindly provide your main point as I was zeroing in on that after a lot of research.

        • if there’s any proof that they would expand their shrimp business i would be supremely interested.. but i am not sure how they are dealing with their liquor business. liquor business is always dicey…some time back they also sold a i think a distillary unit…i need to know for sure what’s the focus would be…i dont hate that stock for sure…kinda like it too but not supremely confident…probably because so far i have been unable to catch hold of their management..

      • chirag says:

        Thanks for the heads up man. Need to develop a 360 degree and unbiased perspective during research. Never even thought of that. Just assumed they’ll try to take advantage of the fact that aquaculture is booming so they should cash in too. Plus amazing financials

        Thanks again. They’re based in Kolkata so I actually thought of purchasing 1 share and then meeting the CS. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • chirag says:

        Ya that’s what .. it’s crazy.. no Dividends given out ever and company is doing so well financially.

        Planning to invest a bit in wanbury soon. Margin of safety just too good now I feel. Next 3 days will be true test of its resilience. Hope it fares well.

  26. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    I am unable to understand what is so unique about SKM Egg Products. On every forum people are going crazy over it.

    Those who are putting their eggs in one” basket” would soon find that they have all cracked.

    • thats the point, people do not know if there’s anything great about it or not…ask people who are so gung-ho (pardon me for spelling) about it why was there losses in FY 12 AND 11 but not in FY14 and what kind of profits could be achieved this year….and what would be the driver of profits this year and moving forward..what is the topline CAGR that management is looking at…. why were there no dividends paid in FY14 when they had comfortable net profits….then only one would realize if its worth buying afresh now or not… if you had bought at 28-30 bucks its great…but if you want to buy now, these are important questions to be answered.

      • K Munna says:

        Yourself said in one of your reply ,SKM will post 150% rise in net profit in this year

        • thats just one answer …what about other questions…do you think 150% rise again next year? what’s so great going to happen for this 150% rise in profits…what about sales much would that happen…i mean there are various parameters one should know…

      • chirag says:

        True Ace.. and these are questions that you can only provide answers with :). Anyways, some will enjoy the upper circuit while some will finally succumb to be last in line.. and will come back and abuse you

      • chirag says:

        You already have your first customer in queue.. such is life :).

        Truth be said, the moment you become center of attention, Jan lo Ke tum khoob taraki kar rahe ho.

      • Darshan S. says:

        It confuses me. You said, you were going to recommend this stock earlier. If your pics are supposed to be be a multibagger, then a stock that has jumped just 2x (~58 INR as on today) time the then CMP (~30) should not be having a problem as the fundamentals should still be intact. Hope you take it in right sense because i had bought this stock even before this latest frenzy started . I am just glad & in the same time curious to know if i had got my pic right. Good day.

        P.S. I actually try to avoid asking about SKM. You might feel the same as well as the reasons are pretty evident :-/

        • ๐Ÿ™‚ sure and fair point. yes, i agree it should be a multibagger and it already is from the price point that i was planning to recommend (and the price point from which i have entered)..but remember if the price appreciates early, then the future appreciation is limited (basic investing principle). Let me explain this through a real world example, i gave waterbase at 18 bucks or so..right…but unfortunately it went up 5 times to 97 or so…because of this the future appreciation in now limited..and because of this what happens is that people get sucked in at wrong price points and therefore if there is 30-35% decline they feel stuck and sometimes cheated (and they would call yours truly the cheat) although even after that decline the stock is up more than 3 times….if the stock appreciates steadily like say page people may not get stuck at wrong price points….so therefore, current appreciation will limit future appreciation because stocks in longer term tend to go to their average. If your price point is good..then cheers and do not expect it to triple from here…have patience…thats all.. God Bless

      • Darshan S. says:

        Right said. I agree to your point. One Eg. MMFL, After stupendous result in last quarter, it opened with gap up & was in UC – 20%. In this quarter , it gave the same stupendous result, however it hardly jumped 5% today. From here on, i understood that, i should hold it for long term. Good day ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Hi Ace,
    Cupid promoter Om Prakash Garg has pledged his entire holding.
    What is your view on this ?

  28. kollam says:

    Bharat Forge trading at PE 39 . Can we expect a PE re-rating in MMFL ?

  29. Mayur says:

    Apart from V2, how do u find Vaibhav Global in retail space? Looks have good potential..??

  30. praveenks97 says:

    Hello AceIT , are you tracking Finolex cables ?

  31. a.p. says:

    Hello and happy dhanteras,
    Your view on bhageria dye, sort of commodity company but looks interesting to me on valuation front.
    Added caplin in this dip… Your view on it at CMP?

    • thank and with you the same…already replied on bhageria, and i am little skeptical about it because of the reasons you also pointed out…God Bless

      • chirag says:

        Ace.. little off topic.. want to know how to keep mind off investing /research for sometime!

        Now days, I am so occupied trying to find best ways to conduct research and improve the process, I am not keeping aside time for anything. This has become an addiction. More than the ticker, I keep re evaluating previously taken decisions.

        How do you keep calm in the midst of all this when everyday you suddenly find a must keep an eye on.

        • oh boy….i dont know…i mean if i have invested in something i do a lot of research and fact finding and then sleep over it and do this process multiple times…most of the stocks fade but the one that remains in mind i investigate further interact with management and so on…and after that again i sleepover it…if still the idea is interesting i buy and once i buy i dont worry about the movement in short term just follow the news. that removes any anxiety i might ever have because by this time i am so convinced about the story. Also, i have various other passions in life like computer science spending time with family etc which keeps my head in place…. i dont know…but i dont do anything much to feel less anxious ๐Ÿ™‚ …also i have a lot of faith in god ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. kollam says:

    Kaveri Seeds Vs Nath Bio-genes . Which one will you prefer at current valuations ?

  33. Salim says:

    On side you say Waterbase / good stocks will move up 5x and on and on…and now to darshan you say stocks once appreciate 1x the future appreciation is limited….confused

    • i said not will but it did (about waterbase)…and now its slightly more than 3 times….i was talking about the trajectory and speed ….please see page price graph and probably you will understand more.

  34. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Dear Sir,

    As the auspicious day of diwali approaches.. could you please share some thought that might be helpful for the investors.. Some small caps having steam to be the next multibagger.. a shubharambh to a new year…

  35. miluve says:

    Sir, why I am not able to see comments for this thread?

  36. sanjeev says:

    Hello ace.. can stocks like MRF, PAGE, EICHER MOTORS, P&G, 3M, NESTLE,BOSCH be considered at current price for a fresh entry in this bull market? …i guess a retail investor will hardly put 30k for 1 stock of MRF (can this weakness be exploited by intelligent investors?)

  37. prateek says:

    Sir what about wanberry recommended @50.workers are on strike
    Do i need to book loss or hold it?

  38. pp says:

    Ace, IFB Argo roce, roa is far far better then its competitors, Anyway didnt expect such a jump. Its 20% uc today.

  39. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Those who missed Avanti Feeds Grab IFB Agro Industries Dolly khanna diwali gift to her fans ๐Ÿ™‚
    She purchased 1,27,412 shares @285 between july to sep 2014

  40. krishna says:

    Hi Ace,
    What is your view on Indian toners and develpoers?

  41. Shiva says:

    Hello Ace
    what are your views on lgb forge

  42. anuj says:

    Hi Ace

    When is your next recommendation is coming


  43. srinivas says:

    hi Ace, i know that you are not interested in Indiabulls related companies but i want to know your view on store one retail india??

    • absolutely not interested in store one…. if someone could be interested in a company like store one…he/she should very very seriously contemplate V2 as V2 has much lower risk and way better business model in this second avataar…more importantly the group does not need our money…on the other hand Mr. Agarwal is rising again from ashes with measured steps…this guy is way motivated to prove himself once again…..anways IMHO this is what i think

    • pp says:

      Stay away from Store one, chor company

  44. pp says:

    Wow Cupid closed suddenly at 43.50. Whole day it was down. Im glad I accumulated more yesterday at 39. i got avg price of 34. Shall i continue to buy more?
    Booked tvs motors profits today 231-255.
    Also bought a lot more of premier explosives, lets see what happens. Rumor has it that some blogger is going release this share. + Dk increased her stake.

    Today turned out be an excellent day specially towards the end.

    When will you recommend any new shares?

    Happy Diwali, Finding your blog is like a real diwali gift.

    Thanks a lot for your recommendations and quick responses. very grateful to you ๐Ÿ™‚


  45. hi ace,
    pls share view on snowman logistics, kirloskar, sunil hitech, polyplex, can i invest in this shares at current cmp

  46. hi ace,
    which one u suggest to invest in muhurat trading day

  47. Sameer Anand says:

    Following Dolly blindly or for that matter anyone else without checking the fundamentals is a recipe for disaster.

    Dolly Khanna is not female, he is male ! So those following Dolly, should at least know which gender they are following!!!!!!!!!

    • totally agree sameer…..but wow, really dolly is a male..even i did not know this…. where did you get this gender information from…just curious… god bless

      • rashmi says:

        hi ace,plz may i know ur views on lumax auto and allcargo

        • as far as auto components goes, i am not too bullish because these people do not have pricing power, its better to go with auto manufactures directly (IMHO)..alcargo is nice…slow and steady kind of stock. Also, we should now try to identify the stocks which could be a “warehouse” play…snowman is there but everyone knows about it and its expensive…logistics is good but warehousing could be awesome especially with GST now looking like a reality.

      • rashmi says:

        i mean lumax tech

    • chirag says:

      hahahaha.. i thought Dolly is a lady.. good to know.. he/she has a serious fan following..

    • Dinesh Agarwal says:

      I dnt know whether DK is male/female/shemale
      just I knw dk enter in those script where he/she finds 100% gain.
      Sirf naam hi kafi hai!!!!!

    • aforanand says:

      Dolly Khanna is wife of Rajiv Khanna, promoters of Chennai based โ€˜Kwality โ€˜. In a way you are right because all investment decisions are taken by him in the name of his wife.

  48. rashmi says:

    thnx ace,hopefully,u will be able to identify the multibaggers

  49. amit says:

    how is om metal infra.with bjp in maha their bandra project should take off

  50. pp says:

    Whats your view on Somany Ceramics?

  51. pp says:

    Also whats your view on texmo pipes in term of short term trading and long term. Looks like texmo has strong support at 16.00 and looking to break out? im new to charts to your view would much appriciated

  52. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, V2 Retail is making me a bit nervous now. I know about things you have already talked about – believing in business, conviction to hold, investment for long term, etc.. but still getting a bit nervous.

  53. hello ace, wishing u a happy diwali & prosperous year from mine side.
    i wanna ask u abt chd developers. i have 6000 shares since 2008. now seems in uptrend most probably bcos of BJP led government in haryana. wats ur view abt this script?

  54. SANGRAM says:

    happy deepavali . god bless you

  55. tikambaghel says:

    Dear Ace sir
    A very happy diwali to you amd your family..
    For muhurt trading day Gulshan poly and Stylam please advice

  56. Akpo says:

    Dolly Khanna is wife of Rajiv Khanna, promoters of Chennai based ‘Kwality ‘. INB a way you are right because all investment decisions are taken by himself into the name of his wife.

  57. geetha says:

    hi ace, can i enter sks microfinance at cmp or should i wait for correction? please advice.

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