Cupid Ltd. – Double In Less Than Two Months

Congratulations to all the Cupid Ltd’s investors who have doubled their money in less than two months. Best of Luck with your investment and God bless all.

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  1. anjum vohra says:

    Dear Ace,thanks for Cupid, my money almost doubled.Thanks for the Diwali gift & Happy Diwali to u & ur loved ones.God bless!!!

  2. sowrabh says:

    is it still a buy at CMP?

  3. sowrabh says:

    ok Ace thanks :).

  4. Saurabh says:

    First of all Happy Diwali to you and your family Ace.
    And Thanks a ton for these wonderful recommendations. Not only Cupid but almost all your suggestions have performed well and helped me recover my previous losses.

  5. pp says:

    Not exactly double for me, but a sweet 50% return is great. I Also picked and wanbury and V2 and Both went on UC. Whats your view on bilcare ?

    Ace can Moldteck packaging hit 500 by end of this year?


  6. Happy Diwali to you and family Ace!!!! Thank you for recommending Cupid and I am glad to have that in my portfolio as I mentioned sometime back. Thank you once again for helping me to make money. Sincerely. Rajesh & family

  7. mayur says:

    Happy Diwali Ace, wish you all the blessings from God and your dreams comes true.
    Recently started following blog when you recommended Cupid and I liked it very much. But this update raised me a concern that is the time came to book some profits after getting doubled, however its only 50% for me. Can I continue to hold it for more gains, may for another year looking at its unique products and demands?

    • mayur, Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous diwali…I did not ask anyone to book profit or anything …this is just an update, like it was given in the past…kind of FYI…

  8. dhiraj says:

    Hi Ace i purchased cupid today…the first from ur recommendation as justgot to know abt ur blog…hope luck shines n can make good money… Wish u a very happy diwali ..god bless

  9. Sahil says:


    Cupid was a great Diwali gift and hope it turns out to be a great christmas gift and new years gift as well πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ All your followers are making great money and that too with conviction..

  10. Kumar says:

    Deat Aceji,
    Is Mayur Uniquoters a best buy at cmp? If not so, SIP in this is an advisable one? Thanks.

  11. Kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    Your views on Gulshan Polyols. Promoters are adding vigorously. Still its undervalued compared with peer group. Is it a buy Aceji?

  12. Sir,
    I entered Cupid around 33, thank you for this wonderful reco.
    Can you give your views on Premco Global and AVT Naturals.

    Thank you and Happy Diwali.

  13. thakral says:

    wts ur view on Ifb agro…..dolly khanna picked stake in it…..

  14. HI ace sir thanks for cupid as it now holds 25% of my total portfolio which is also equal to 0.23% stake in the company. i am enjoying 60% return on it.
    sir wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year from the bottom of my heart. may god fulfill all your dreams and shower his blessing on you and your family.

    • Prashant says:

      Dear Amanji,
      so now we got it, its because of big shots like you we peoples do not get the stocks πŸ™‚ and how stocks hit UCs . A friendly advice, please do not disclose your position, especially when its real big. Pls take care .

      Wish you and all the boarders Happy deepvali .

      Thanks & Regards,

      • ok prashantji from next time will take care and not disclose my position in any of the stocks. and wishing you and all the boarders a happy deepavli and a prosperous new year

    • Great keep tracking the business too.. God bless

  15. mahesh says:

    Happy Diwali to you and family Ace!!!!

    what is your view on CHD developers. Stock is buzzing now a days

  16. Darshan S. says:

    Dear Ace, Since you have already prepared the writeup for SKM, may you please post the same as your recommendation.? It’s you call though. However felt to know your detailed

    Good day.

  17. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Can the real estate stocks be considered for investment at this juncture? Particularly those with transparent and stress free balances sheets.

  18. sowrabh says:

    hai ace when will your next recommendation be? πŸ™‚

    • indianbull10 says:

      @sowrabh, u think Ace has a factory to churn out recommendations regularly? Why not take exposure to his earlier recommendations that have corrected in the recent past and appear juciy? It seems u actually not studying these businesses and blindly investing based on others advice. One stock is sufficient to change one’s fortunes. Go ahead and invest in V2.

    • very soon… some very encouraging is there, on my way back just have to confirm one little thing and then i’ll surely discuss the opportunity with all you guys, its something so safe that i am still not sure how this thing is not discovered…anyways..

      • Sameer Anand says:

        The Americas were there always, but it took Columbus to discover for the world. You are our Columbus ACE!!!!! Looking forward to your new pick.

      • Leena says:

        Hi Ace, waiting for your new reco πŸ™‚

      • Sameer Anand says:

        Well the Americas were always there but it took Columbus to show hem to the world. You are our Columbus ACE!!! Eagerly awaiting your next “Undiscovered” Pick. My Diwali bonus may be put to good use!

  19. Leena says:

    Hi ACE, started following your blog since yesterday and bought Wanbury. Thanks for digging out hidden gems for your followers. A very happy Diwali and New Year to you..

  20. sowrabh says:

    @ indianbull10…u should learn to mind your own business man…i asked Ace…who the hell spoke to u?btw i already have bought v2 and also some of the other stocks recommended by ace but not all his recommended stock…i dont just blindly buy…i try to analyse first and also see the risks involved with it…and also i want to know what’s ur problem if i ask Ace anything?every1 comes to this blog for his recommendations..even u!!

  21. sowrabh says:

    even im here to learn boss

    • indianbull10 says:

      @sowrabh hahaha ur contradicting ur own self! what a confused person ur! lol

      • indianbull10 says:

        am reposting ur comments – sowrabh says:ANY IDEA WHEN IS THE RESULT DATES FOR AIMCO PESTICIDES AND V2 RETAIL? (that too in caps). aceinvestortrader says:it will be declared on bse sowrabh says: i asked the date…:)

        First u show disrespect to Ace by typing in CAPS. then when he politely replies check bse site, u disrespectfully ask – i asked for dates!!!

        Clearly you want spoon feeding.

  22. sowrabh says:

    go up and read…i said i analyse the stock he recommends and see the risks involved in it…i dont buy everything he recommends

  23. sowrabh says:

    @ indianbull10…yes i asked him for the dates…i thought he didnt read my question properly and so he said it will be declared on bse site…then i realised he asked me to search for it in bse site…i asked him the ques bcuz he is tracking those stocks so i thought he may be knowing…still dont know wats ur problem when Ace doesnt have a problem with it

    • indianbull10 says:

      lol lol…. see it clearly shows ur spoon feeding nature. If i was in ur place, i would have myself gone to the site and searched for the dates. U left it to Ace. As he is tracking so he must be knowing the dates! lol… ur such a parasite…

  24. sowrabh says:

    Blah Blah Blah…mind ur business…

    • indianbull10 says:

      and you make sure you dont show disrespect to Ace by using CAPS and giving orders to him to find dates for you.

  25. sowrabh says:

    i asked him a question..i didnt order him to do anything..LOL

    • Chirag says:

      Sowrabh to be honest asking for result dates is downright immature especially if you’re a full time investor.. Not taking sides here but it’s a fact.. It’s quicker to go to the website and use the search option.

      • Chirag says:

        Ace has awesome patience to answer such questions posed to him also..respect..least we can do is not post random questions about fall/rise in his stock picks prices and trivial things like result dates.

      • indianbull10 says:

        Absolutely agree with u dear Chirag. the issue is – since Ace dint say anyting, guys like sowrabh take him for granted and give replies like – if ace does not have a problem, then whats ur problem, mind ur own business, etc. Really hate such cheap mentality.

  26. sowrabh says:

    @ chirag im a rookie in investing bro πŸ™‚

  27. sowrabh says:

    @ Indianbull cheap mentality is poking ur nose into other people’s business

  28. Rishab says:

    Wat are your views on mm forging and Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd and vim plast?

  29. Sahil says:


    What are your views on Engineers India Ltd. ?


  30. Jitendra says:

    Ace what’s your view on Galaxy Entertainment.

  31. PBR says:

    Sir your view on Kitex???

  32. Neeraj says:

    Hi Ace,
    Say if the company is producing excellent results quarter after quarter and still there is no trading in the stock, so will the price of stock move and if yes then how. These i am talking about good fundamental companies.

    Please explain if you could.

    Thanks in Advance.

  33. syantan says:

    acebhai-is it ok to buy orientbeverage now?

  34. Rishab says:

    Ur thoughts on ilfs…

  35. Zaheer Timol says:

    Sir your view on Fedders Lloyd ??? WANT TO ADD IN MY PORTFOLIO

  36. Vivek says:

    Dear ace, pls share your views on shree Hari Chemicals. Will it be a potential multi bagger.

    • already replied, that i am not too keen on shree hari

      • chirag says:

        agree that shree hari will not meet your checklist.. business does not enjoy pricing power.. but it’s an interesting short term bet purely on the basis of such sweet financials and a crazy crazy upcoming q2 performance based on primary research must have a look at it for your trading portfolio (for a 1 month horizon with strict stop loss ) ..:):)

  37. Kindly share your views on NITTA GELATIN.

  38. Abir says:

    Ace, Whats your view on Ahmednagar Forging ? Holding from sometime…

  39. Abir says:

    Also, whats your views on Chaman Lal Sethia ?

  40. Rishab says:

    Ace waiting for your reply on ilfs….

  41. chirag says:

    ace.. any views on prakash constrowell?

  42. vijay says:

    sir, need ur valuable opinion abt “SKM egg products”, not able to get even at this price of 64, is it advisable to take position in it or what is the right price to buy……thanks

    • Not sure if you should chase a stock too much if it’s more than doubled.. But long term it’s still good but margin of safety will be a question.. So evaluate your decision Looking at all this

  43. Leena says:

    Hi ACE, waiting for your new reco…

  44. sam says:

    Hi ace
    Would you pls elaborate on what it is actually which you dont like about ybrant! What so wrong in it!

  45. Vinay says:

    Dear ace, the Annual Report of Singer India is appearing on the company’s website. Your kind advise please….after going through……..I feel it is very good!

  46. rahul says:

    Hi ace bro,

    Please share your views on escel propack.


  47. syantan says:

    ace- your opinion on ifb agro?

  48. Leena says:

    Hi ACE, please let me know your views on Om metals infra and Orient green.. am heavily invested in them…

  49. Rama Raju says:

    Sir, what is your view on Nile? It has reported fantastic results.

  50. ankush panwar says:

    hi Ace……., gr8 picks from u. congratulations…! Pl share ur views over “Sintex industries” future prospects. The company has also delivered very good results in Q2 FY15. Sintex hopes to capitalize on opportunities that the Swacch Bharat mission is likely to open up. β€œThe campaign entails to address open defecation, disposal of solid waste and liquid waste through recycling. Sintex has presence across the spectrum,” what are your views on this. Pl update sir….. Thanks in advance.

  51. Ram says:

    Dear Aceji,
    When we consider about e commerce buzz, i feel RS Software is a must buy due to its online payment services. Am i right or do you have any other choices?

  52. Ram says:

    Dear Aceji,
    When we consider about e commerce buzz, I feel RS Software is a must buy due to its online payment services. Do you agree with it or having any other alternatives? Pl share your views.

  53. amit says:

    cant hijack ace blog.he is the most decent blogger i have ever come

  54. Rohit says:

    Hi Ace, Your views on Jayant Agro-Organics, is it a good entry point at CMP?

  55. Niranjan says:

    Hi Ace.. Your views on Adi FineChem please? Thanks!


  56. Neeraj says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please share your views on GLOSTER LTD .

    Thanks in Advance

  57. Vinay says:

    Dear ace, with reference to Singer annual report, and your reply to me, I say I am NOT AT ALL thinking otherwise. In fact your reco on this scrip is even more strengthened. I will be very grateful if you can give a target for a horizon of 1 year. Thanks!!

  58. Navin Sharma says:

    Sir, Your View On Talbros Auto for Long term @ CMP?

  59. Ram says:

    Dear Ace.., appreciate your view on Bhageria Dye Chem pls.

  60. pp says:

    Ace do you own premier explosives? it will open on uc tomorrow.
    Can i enter Asian granito at cmp? its been on my radar for 3-4 weeks.. its already 30% since.

  61. Ravi says:

    Ace, what is your view on

    1. Marico Kaya
    2. Good Year
    3. Trident Valves

  62. Sahil says:


    Do you think ABM Knowledgeware Ltd. is a good company to invest at CMP ?


  63. vithal says:

    Sir your view on mirza int &lawreshwar poly.both hold since 9 ,thx in advance

  64. Chennna V says:

    Please share your views on NOCIL.


  65. pp says:

    Premier explosives is on uc.. Ace, What do you feel about astra microwave? with little research, I seem to like it but whats your view?

  66. Raja says:

    Freshtrop up 20%!! Anything cooking here sir? Is it the quarter results?

  67. sam says:

    hi ace…your views on Edelweiss Financial Services pls..looks good

  68. Sivram says:

    Hello Ace – Whats your view on Crompton Greaves ? Have entered at 190.

  69. Jay says:

    Can you look into Foods and inns. Looks more promising than freshtrop fruits. Expect debt.

  70. Vishal Deshmukh says:

    Whats your View on ifgl refractories at CMP?

  71. sreenivas says:

    Ace, After investing in Stock market from some years now found the real way of investing in Markets after going through blogs like yours invested in Cupid giving me good returns now. When can we expect your next call (approximate days)

  72. mark t a says:

    Gud afternoon ace,

    whats ur view on pipav defense.


  73. Sameer Anand says:

    Wanbury Ltd has informed BSE that the strike at the Company’s Tanaku, Andhra Pradesh Plant has been called ff by the union workers.

  74. Sameer Anand says:

    Text missing above. Should be “off”

  75. Manu says:

    Hi Ace,

    What is your view on the following
    Patels airtemp
    SMS pharma

  76. Sameer Anand says:

    HI ACE,
    Is Sharon Bio a good company to invest in?

  77. rashmi says:

    hi ace,hows meghmani org?

  78. hi ace,
    pls share ur view on nhpc,

  79. kannu says:

    Hi Ace, your views on Bharat Immunology. is it the right level for entry ?

  80. yash says:

    Dear Ace if you could pls share your views on Sonata software, you are doing a commendable job,keep it up!

  81. Manu says:

    Hi Ace,
    Does fall in crude oil help companies like Aimco to improve their margins?.If yes to how much extent ?

  82. M Prabhu says:

    HI Ace, Could you share your feel for ” Duke Off Shore” with the market capitalization of just 15 cr

  83. vivek says:

    sir, pls share your views on menon bearings?

  84. tikambaghel says:

    Dear Sir
    Bhageria dye chem shows standalone sales for Q1 181.62 with net profit of 16.58,OPM-14.18,rise of the net profit 962.82%, with these strong growth run still dropping from recent peak,is there any negative newsletter or promoters just manipulating the script,help me out of this..

    • chirag says:

      Agree.. main point is their product portfolio is very diversified. Do not only sell h acid but lot of speciality chemicals and Pharma related also. Even I’m confused as to what is happening. All volumes got absorbed today at circuit. Such strong revenue and bottomline growth. All the manipulation is done I feel. Time for up move.

    • You know it’s a commodity business and what’s happening to them

      • chirag says:

        I agree it’s a commodity business ace but they don’t sell only 1 chemical but have a very diversified product portfolio.. but being treated like a single commodity chemical manufacturer which is not the case.. their topline, bottomline has been growing steadily but stock still languishing at a very low pe…

  85. tikambaghel says:
    You can check here also one thing i get noticed here in this script not much selling pressure still it’s going down,, to get confirmation my thoughts, i compare with another script which having much pressure for selling but firmly standing with standout price at particular time period. it’s MTP

  86. indianbull10 says:

    V2 went up with good volumes today.

  87. indianbull10 says:

    still no mention of V2 result date on bse site 😦

  88. pp says:

    it went on uc. result probably good.

  89. sai says:

    Thailand went on a charm offensive in defence of its prawn industry this week, seeking to convince Europeans that it is responding to allegations of slavery and torture in its fisheries sector.
    As per finance yahoo as link is not allowed.
    This is good development for waterbase in global scenario

  90. sai says:

    This is my second post but I am following your blog for lond time.
    Let me know your thought on Western India Shipyard it has problems in past and but looks good at present.

  91. Ram says:

    Dear Aceji,
    as you said earlier in the morning, Rs soft fell plunged by 5%. Is there any serious news you came across? It has declared stunning results just in the last week.

  92. a.p. says:

    Your opinion on tirupati inks? They have allotted shares to strategic inveators as well as to promoters at 20/-.

  93. Swati Verma says:

    Sir, please express your view on muthoot finance and jb chemicals.
    Also have been a recent visitor to your blog.. Quite impressive! Eagerly waiting for your next recommendation.. πŸ™‚

  94. rahul says:

    Do you find Anil Ltd at 5 PE cheap ?? At 270cr market cap .. Sales of 600crs with net profit at 50cr .. Only issue I guess is increasing debt and high interest cost …
    Don’t have much idea about numbers ..

  95. Sahil says:


    Wat do u think about JVL Agro Industries Limited and Repco Home Finance at CMP ?


  96. Neel says:

    Dear Ace,
    I have observed from your various comments that Manjushree is probably your favourite in the sector. What is your opinion on the result and the correction of roughly 15 percent? Still like the stock?


    • pp says:

      This result was horrible, but as compared compared to last year, this quarters results are always bad. A great buy for long term at this point of time.

    • I don’t change the views so quickly… One quarter results could be an aberration

      • Rajesh says:

        Ace, I don’t think this is an aberration. In his latest interview, the MD has alluded to lower growth estimate and margin pressures for FY15 atleast. I am basically worried about the pricing power they have over FMCG clients because looks to me like they have none. This is exacerbated by an increase in competition. The benefit of lower crude prices would not be apparent in the near future because in his own words, the MD says that crude sellers are reluctant to slash prices.

        While I agree that the company is good, I don’t expect them to belt out blockbuster numbers any time soon like they have in the past. It would be wise to have a buy on declines strategy spread out over a period rather than jump in at CMP. Your views?

  97. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Sir, Amd Industries is in the field of manufacturing of “Crown Caps” and “Plastics Caps”.

    Their Client are “Coca Cola India”, “Pepsico India”, “Foster India”, Hindustan Lever”,United Breweries”.

    They claim to have 15% market share in crown caps. “With the expansion of putting up of one line of Preform at works at Neemrana, Rajasthan the Company’s market share in PET Preform market has also increased and after its successful start, the Company has planned to install 6th PET Preform line at its same works and expect to install the same by the mid of June, 2013 which will further strengthen the production, but due to having seasonal nature of the business the growth will be reflected in 2014.”

    Also Promoters increased their stake aggressively. Last they increased their stake at 29/5/2014 @21.89 looks promoter is confident about future of company.

    Its available at throw away price its Book Value is 62.

    Paying Dividend consistently every year.

    Should we invest in this company?

    • If you are convinced then thats the best reason to avoid or get into a business

      • Dinesh Agarwal says:

        im convinced ace πŸ™‚
        btw they had started production of plastic caps which is more in demand now a days expecting sales will increase.Promoter also started increasing their stake from jan 2014 due to their expansion plan.

  98. Sahil says:

    Ace, what are your views for Indo Count Industries Ltd ?

  99. Akshit says:

    Ace what are your views on CHD Developers?

  100. Dear Ace
    Plz share your view on YBRANT DIGITAL…….

    • Already done that quite a few times

      • sam says:

        Sorry for the nagging ace but its has not yet clearly came from you that what it is which u dont like about ybrant! All i could think of is the anagement but what they’ve been doing recently is i say positive. or is it the face value and market cap? or is it soething we missed between the lines!

    • pp says:

      I dont think ace is sure about the company or maybe he dosent like it. But i love the company. Its a high risk high reward company. Tripled in 6 months, Doubled in less then 3 months. Hold or buy if you have high risk appetite.

  101. pradeep says:

    Dear Ace
    Please share ur view on spicejet and skumars nation?

  102. venkatesh says:

    Hi Ace,

    Whats your view on Manjushree Technopack after the result is declared.

  103. Rohit says:

    Hi Ace pls give your views on Hindustan Motors.

  104. Aditya says:

    Hi Ace,
    I’m new to equity investing and came across your blog while searching for steps needed to pick a good stock. Can you share the things that a careful investor should learn & ponder over, while choosing a particular stock.


  105. sangram says:

    Hi ace what’s your view on pcs company from the former promoters of patni. And would like to hear your views on Milton plastics very old and good brand

  106. Kiran says:

    Hi Ace, what is your opinion about Texmaco Rail?

  107. Raja says:

    Sir – any idea when the results of Freshtrop & Wanbury are expected? Both are hovering around for quite sometime and the results will be a decisive game changer I feel which is adding to the tension & excitement. Hopefully if both starts firing from its cyclinders my portfolio should start moving. I’m invested in both of these equally with 50 – 50 allocation.

  108. prafulla says:

    Results of Cupid are out in BSE See please moneycontrol. com. Can any ont writing here in Blog analyse the result with our and I request our genius Ace masterjee to kindly guide us withthe results please.

    • pp says:

      Where are the results of cupid? ive been refresh the cupid page on bse through the day.

    • Rajesh says:

      OK, let me try my hand at this…

      Results are fantastic IMO. The top line figure for this half year is greater than that for the entire FY14. Some percentages: 156% increase in YoY quarterly sales whereas only a 71% increase in expenditure probably due to reduction in inventory (although other expenses have kept on increasing.. any thoughts ace?) The cost of rubber going down is not reflected in the balance sheet and we should probably start seeing that in the coming quarters. The results do some justice to the meteoric rise in the stock price and should garner more interest in the scrip.

      I am still learning to read balance sheets (thanks to Coursera) and my views must be taken with a ton of salt πŸ™‚ Do your own due diligence before acting on any advice!

    • In one line very good results.. Don’t think rubber price decline has shown it’s effect so far so H2 will be even better in terms of margins

  109. Khansalimx says:

    Cupid Rubbers EPS stands at 1.55 from previous of 1.79

  110. Khansalimx says:

    PBT is 242 minus provision of tax 70.5 = net profit = 172…what does provision of tax means?

  111. prafulla says:

    Ace Masterjee, the heading of the present discussionds is Cupid— Doubles—- So now that results are out we are eager to hear your considered views on the figures and implication for the comng quarters. Please

  112. pp says:

    Ace did you like the results?

  113. pp says:

    Ace they the results match your expectation?

  114. newbee says:

    can v2 retail also perform like cupid rubbers?

  115. Ashok Gupta says:

    Sir Thank you .For ur Cupid.Like to know about the Moldtek 100 @104 it is 239 what to do?

  116. M Prabhu says:

    Ace, I guess market going to be mad tomorrow as Supreme Court demands all the names of black moniest mostly guess business men…. so tomorrow would be for accumulation day … what do you think…..

  117. amit says:

    can i have liberty as safe bet in my portfolio with 20 percent 25 percent cagr in it realistic for next 5 yrs

  118. Ram says:

    what’s ur view on Vinati organics? Its ROE sounds impressive.

  119. kamal says:

    dear friend,
    pl advise on gic housing finance,as i feel its the cheapest on valuation front amogst its peers…
    repco or gic

  120. rahul says:


    Whats your views on Mangalam Cement.


  121. nirav karia says:

    Dear ace what’s ur view on neo corp, trident ltd and Dr datson lab. Thnks

  122. Dip says:

    Dear Ace, Whats your view of Capital First? The CMD has got a huge reputation and management is guiding great future ahead.

  123. Sahil says:

    This had been mentioned a lot of times but like to bring to everyones notice again that if you want Ace’s opinion on a stock, PLEASE try to search through the website to check if he has already voiced his opinions on it or not and here is the way to do that:

    1. Open a new tab in your browser
    2. stockname site:
    Example : Cupid site:
    3. You will get all the discussion that ever happened on this website for your stock

    This way we can make sure Ace doesn’t need to say the same thing 10 different times and save his time.

  124. Dear Ace

  125. Samit says:

    Sir I am new to join yr site.when u will post yr new recommendation

  126. pp says:

    Ace provided this quarters results, How do you like Ybrant digital? Top, middle are excellent. Very sustainable model for long term. Im convinced for long term, But as this your line of work.. what do you reckon? Whats your view?

  127. Akshit says:

    What are your views on GS Auto?

  128. Praveen says:

    Hi Ace,

    When do you plan to come with your next pick? Can we expect it sometime this week?

    Keep up the good work..great fan of you. πŸ™‚


  129. Akshit says:

    what are your views regarding Aksh Optifibre?

  130. Vikram says:

    Your view on damodar industries & poddar pigments. Thanks

  131. sam says:

    Hi Ace your on Odyssey Technologies Ltd pls..

  132. Manthan says:

    Kindly share your views on Bhartiya International and Manjushree Techno Pack?

  133. Mannan Siddiqi says:

    Ace Sir, When will your latest Stock Advice be updated ?

  134. mitajakom says:

    Dear Ace,

    Was going through wanbury and found out sharon bio also has similar terminologies.

    Sharon bio – high debt, debt to equity almost 3.4 in both cases.
    available at 0.6 times of sales
    company issues warrents similar to wanbury 1.6 crores to promoters means roughly 15% equity dilution. Will they use this for debt reduction?

    why working capital of both is extremely higher than other pharma companies almost 50% of total sales? (could not understand)

    FCCB issues in 2007 in similar to wanbury.

    one more question shouldnt they just pair debt by diluting equity in once? like in sharon bio case if they dilute 50% now then company will likely to post double net almost which means almost 7-8 rs. jump in EPS.

    I know, some of these like stupid ideas. but can you please share your view on the same?

  135. Abhishek says:

    Plz suggest few good stocks in real estate and power sector because both the sector not much participated in the rally.. also growth wise would like to know few stocks from logistic sector.

  136. mayur says:

    Pls share your views on Vimal Oil and Somany Ceramics.
    Thanks for all help!

  137. sowrabh says:

    hai ace whats your opinion on haldyn glass?

  138. Dear ace brother,
    I have invested in cupid at 27 level and so now in good profit. Thanks to you for recommendations of it.
    Please give your valuable view about Sterling biotech and Logix Microsystems. In logic Microsystems promoter is increasing his holding from June 14 to till now. Some thing good cooking inside it, but I don’t know about it.

  139. David says:

    Dear Ace,
    Your views on Cosco India pls

  140. Ankit says:

    hi ace, any views on storeone retail? RETAIL SECTOR IS TRADING AT P/E OF 60 , STOREONE IS TRADING FAIRLY UNDER 4 P/E.

  141. pp says:

    Any view on Gruh Finance?

  142. Sahil says:


    Is BAL Pharma a good buy at CMP. They posted good results.

  143. prateek says:

    Ace sir,
    You are doing a fantastic job.i have seen only two persons value picks & ace in stock market whose recommendation never fails.can u provide me your valuable suggestions on hindustan tin

  144. Ankit says:

    hi Ace, any views on talbros auto? Promoters are buying slowly from the market.

  145. Ajay says:

    By any chance can you tell when next research report will be posted. Approximate week something like that, so that we can allocate fund by liquidating. Thanks in advance.

    • Well think before you liquidate your holding.. At least evaluate what business I suggest vis-a-vis your own one research it and if convinced only then take the plunge.. Will come out by Monday… Ideally

  146. Kamal says:

    Dear Ace, Please give your comments on Jindal Polyfilms and Polyplex Corporation.

  147. srinivas says:

    hi Ace, what’s your view on DHP industries?

  148. sam says:

    Hi Ace….do you think after this correction, manjushree is still overpriced?

    • Hard to comment as it’s a relative question

      • sam says:

        would you buy manjushree at cmp?? πŸ˜‰ moreover you always said you dont like ybrant but there was no conclusive reason why so! would really appreciate if you can shed some light on it…!

      • sam says:

        Thanks ace..i’ve many analyst friends and its good to see different contrasting opinions…its a lot of learning..
        so what according to you could possibly be the reason behind its rise from ashes to current levels..?

      • sam says:

        I’ve done my homework and have made positions accordingly….its just different perspectives give me a different angle to see the same stock which actually helps me a lot in finding whats good and whats bad….i always wish if you can give some important facts with your views on different stocks here though i admire and appreciate your effort at current level also…thanks for interaction…

  149. Baskar says:

    Dear Ace, your views on Astec Life science and Gujarat Fluorochemicals please.

  150. Ankit says:

    Hi Ace, anything on munjal auto? Hero motocorp has given very good result with this quarter.

  151. Serene says:

    Hi Ace,What about Polyspin Exports Ltd?

  152. yash says:

    sir your view on Mold Teck Packaging results
    would be appreciated

  153. Manu says:

    Hi Ace,
    Entered Amico yesterday(2.5 %of my portfolio)..would like to know if i can add more(make it 5 % of portfolio) at CMP or wait for Q2 results?

  154. thakral says:

    wts ur view on nitta glentine…it is on way to cross multi year high….it has got environment clearance in various projects….

  155. dhiraj says:

    Hi Ace…any new recommendation on d way? Eagerly waiting..

  156. akii says:

    your view on.

    except promoter stake all thing look good. Excellent Divided tract record. reply expected…..

  157. anjum vohra says:

    Dear Ace, ur views on Sequent Scientific, holding since 419/= levels,CMP 440/=

  158. Teja says:

    Hi Ace, Thanks so much for your recos, eagerly waiting for your next post… Is it coming soon… πŸ™‚

  159. sai says:

    Hi Sir,

    Can you please let me know if you suggest to keep/sell Tech mahindra

  160. Ankit says:

    hi ace, any views on galaxy entertainment?

  161. Raja says:

    Sir – Moldtek packaging has come out with great results. My question is for a company which seems to have expanding margins, excellent dividend payout ratios, a new virgin market (Europe) with huge potential and very high ROE what should be the ideal PE multiple? Can this scrip command a PE of 30?

  162. Serene says:

    Ace, What’s your view on Radico Khaitan Ltd & IFB Agro Industries to invest?

  163. pp says:

    Ace whats the deal v2 retail and uc/lc?

  164. Davis says:

    Dear Ace,
    Can i enter rubfila now

  165. sanjeev says:

    hello ace,.. if we are fully convinced of a company and its growth prospects/excellent management/…. how far can we go and invest(or when to stop investing?) … i mean a classic example of SYMPHONY which now trades at a PE of 63… i started investing in it around 400 ( just an year ago), 600,800, 1200 and recently at 1600 (though very small amount) …scared of such PE levels which breaks all the value investment rules… appreciate your insight on this aspect

  166. mayur says:

    whats your views on Linc Pen and plastics?? looks good so far. pls suggest.

  167. pp says:

    Ace its about time now, give us a new stock. Its getting boring

  168. Salim says:

    Hi ace….kindly disclose new pick during trading hours please or else we retailers will not the chance to buy and the same will be grabbed in bulks by traders….any ways initially to grab the company.s brief look matters before investing. I guess all readers will vote for this request as any best picks on blog will have huge market attention and since you are at good service to small investors we will benefit a lot….God bless.

  169. sam says:

    Hi ace…your opinion on Ujaas energy pls?

  170. sangram says:

    Hi ace ji what’s your view on sunil hitech. Looking interesting on charts

  171. sam says:

    Do u like CHD developer ace?

  172. pruthvi says:

    Sir Your view on super tannery please.

  173. Vishal Deshmukh says:

    sir your view on Universal Cables (if you track or i request you to please have a look) . Its quitely moving up and today it tripled from it’s 52 week Low. A birla group Company. Can it be a Mutlibagger going forward?

  174. pruthvi says:

    Sir, Your view on Super Tannery please.
    the peers like liberty, relaxo, bata, super house are trading at extra ordinary valuations . Do you think this one also deserve atleast half of what others are claiming??

  175. akii says:

    sir your next pick will be posted on Saturday or Monday? and from which sector?

  176. venkatesh says:

    Hi Ace,

    Whats your view on Gammon Infra.

  177. mayur says:

    Hi ACE, did you get a chance to Aro Granite results – a poor set of numbers. Any reasons? how do you see its future growth now onwards? or is it just 1 quarter story? pls let us know your views on Aro results declared today.

    • mayur says:

      although, there sales are increased, which is good but fallen on margin pressure and expenses are a bit higher. M trying my best to evaluate results and what i feel is that single qrtr story doesnt change long term growth and more importantly sales are growing. What you think Ace ji ? is it advisable to add on dips or can wait for more correction?

      • Let’s first understand the reason but premature to panic but taking action with just one quarter results and that too without understanding is not the best idea.. Don’t forget sales have increased

  178. rahul says:

    hello ace sir,

    pl suggest about following stocks which i have kept for long term.

    1) polyplex@ 293
    2) gujrat borosil@29
    3) aimco pesticides@73


  179. prafulla says:

    Super results from SKM EGGS in company website For kind review please.

  180. khansalimx says:

    Yes…..superb results of SKM with eps 2.78 for …I had bought at @78/- x 9000 shares…had to touch 10000….missed. Inshallah will rock on Monday……

  181. prafulla says:

    Thankyou somuch sir for your immediate response which i find very useful for my guidance in my investments.

  182. acefollower says:

    Sir, I am new follower of you and extremely impressed with your research ideas. I want to buy based on your recommendation as it is excellent. Being retail investor, please tell me will it be wise to enter in your suggested stock on Monday when Nifty is its all time high including your recommended stock. Please guide me. Many thanks for your valuable stock recommendations.

  183. khansalimx says:

    HI AceAhumhulillah making good profits (decending order) in Cupid, V2, Waterbase, SKM. hope results will be great of V2 & WB also. Thanks to Allah and highly appreciate your efforts. May Allah bless you.

  184. Theresa says:

    Hi Brother,
    VP’s is giving the new ideas twice in a month – on 1st Saturday and the 3rd Saturday of the month – It is a fixed policy of him continuing from few months. We love both of you so much.
    Add to this, you shown your greatness by replying to my previous post, which I never ever get (even expect) from VP on such kind of request. Thank a lot brother, God Bless!!! Kind regards.

  185. Hi Ace, What is your view on Cosco India? Thank you for the great service. Rajesh

  186. Sunil says:

    HI Ace what are your views on Zicom Securities? Appreciate your service and Thank You.

  187. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir ur views on real estate stocks after goverment easing fdi norms. Ur views on era infra, ivrcl, hcc, gammon india, atlanta, ramky infra. Ple give ur view which stock luks gud for 1 years hold

  188. mahavir says:

    VP has taken a backstep. He is not publishing stock report this week. He seems to respect you. Please publish report on sunday morning so that we are able to go through it. Thanks

    • Praveen says:


      It’s so disappointing to see these kind of posts where you are asking Ace to publish his new pick based on your convenience. If you truly respect them then pls let them publish it based on their convenience. Also do not discuss/mention other blogs here as already told by Ace many times before. He is already doing us a favor by doing research and publish it for us.

      Learn to respect…

      God bless all.

    • B says:

      Your interpretation is “excellent”.

    • I would publish whenever it’s ready and once again do not discuss other blogs please

    • Prashant says:

      Hi Mahaveer,
      please stop this . If you have even 1% respect for ACEji and others, pls stop discussing other blogs, their decisions, updates etc here .
      No one is appreciating all these posts here . Pls give liberty to ACeji to decide on when he wanted to give his recommendations . Pls do not forget that all us are earning good by following ACEji . If we can not help him, at least lets not irritate him .

      Thanks & Regards,

  189. rahul says:

    sorry sir, but i am new in this blog and following u from last week. so i didnt find where u replied. can u pl take trouble to point out??


  190. Rishab says:

    Hi ace …take ur own time in publishing the report.the people who r pushing you may not b long term investors and just looking for short term gains…

    • Chirag says:

      Ace, earnest request that you come out with a post that outlines the following rules for all current & future followers of your blog –

      1 not ask questions related to portfolio allocation (how much to put in which scrip)
      2 q’s regarding exit calls / general buy calls, or exit point / entry point related
      3 expect no reply AT ALL if opinion regarding a stock is already given previously (use search function)
      4 q’s regarding price targets
      5 discussion about other blogs obviously

      I don’t know whether there is an option but if you’re willing, do make this post “sticky”, as in it will always be there once anyone opens your blog. so that, no one misses these “instructions/rules”. if anyone still poses same type of questions, happily ignore.

      Let us all make it a LOT more easier for Ace to maintain this blog and keep replying to all genuine queries. his time is also very valuable, and he simply cannot be expected to keep telling everyone to search for the answer to question asked. few personal suggestions –

      1 let us please show him more request. perpetually asking/pleading to take out another recommendation is quite annoying to anyone. let us give him his space.

      2 if a query is raised by anyone, if other boarders have valuable information/opinion/views to share, please do share. let us try making it a more interactive forum and appreciate Ace as well as others views.



  191. Geetha says:

    Ace ji kindly shed light on amd indutries and shriram needle bearings at cmp. Please guide to identify right price to buy a stock.
    Thanks in advance

  192. pp says:

    Dear Ace, Im loving the packaging industry lately, Whats your view in shetron. I have a few concerns otherwise im pretty convinced. Whats your view?

  193. sanjeev says:

    Hello ace, your preference between KITEX and VTL ? .

  194. pruthvi says:

    Your view on panacea biotech please.. Is it turning around ?

  195. Darshan S says:

    Hi Ace,

    just came across this company called ” Mindteck (India) “.

    * Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr) 197.63
    * No Debt.
    * Profit : 2013 => 1.78 Cr , 2014 => 12.2 CR.
    * Amazing Cash flow of 10 Cr.

    I think that this company doesn’t have a long term contract with front line companies and hence a future prediction seems un-reliable. No considerable change in QOQ though.

    It is Innovation driven company as well, which is a positive note.

    By any chance have you come across this stock ? If not, could you please look into the same and give me your opinion.

    Good day,
    Darshan S.

  196. Prem says:

    Aceinvestortrader…plzzz ignore that kind of messages plzzz ignore them fully…… u doing good work and keep doing this we can’t reply them every time…..they are irritating and they are every where…….god bless you!!!

  197. ramdarbar says:

    Please guide if I can invest in isgec heavy eng ltd at cmp

  198. M Prabhu says:

    Ace, could I have your thought analysis on ” Aro Granite” this quarter result..

  199. Hi sir….
    Can you give ur views on Tide Water Oil and heritage food….??

    Thank you

  200. akii says:

    I don’t understand why people are interested in buying Asian tiles compare to Aro. Aro results is better than Asian Tile if you have answer please explain it? only because of some big names in shareholder list…………………

  201. hi ace,
    pls share your view on rs software and pvr results

  202. vijay says:

    Sir please share your views on following shares
    1.idbi bank
    2. Pochiraju industries
    3. Twenty first management services
    4. Archidply industries
    5. Black rose industries
    6. Gennex laboratories pp

  203. newinvestor says:

    Hi Ace
    Could you please share your views on Dion global. This scrip has a lot of fluctuations. Is it okay to enter at current CMP.

  204. Samit says:

    When u will be posting yr new recommendation

  205. acefollower says:

    Sir, I am your new follower. I have observed that most of your recommended stocks are low volume stocks and hence chances are there that small investor like me will be able to buy your recommended stock after appreciation of 20% to 50% of your recommended price. Will it be OK ? Your advise please.

  206. Ankit says:

    Hi Ace, any views on atlas jewellery, neo corp international, bharat agri and fertilizer and rollatainers?

  207. prateek says:

    Ace sir,
    What are your views on banaras beads???

  208. Tapas kumar says:

    As i am very new to ur blog almost 15 days only bt tell u truth tht i learn a lot from U. Tnks 4 ur suggestion and views . Just wanna ask ur view on infra stocks ,like ivrcl, hcc, ramky infra, atlanta, gammon india, chd devloper, .just want 2 hold 4 more than 2 years . Ple give ur comment in stocks.

  209. Tapas kumar says:

    As i am very new to ur blog almost 15 days only bt tell u truth tht i learn a lot from U. Tnks 4 ur suggestion and views . Just wanna ask ur view on stocks ,like saint gobain, chd devloper, sterlite technology . i .just want 2 hold 4 more than 1 years . Ple give ur comment in stocks.

  210. shiva says:

    Ace Ji, please give your opinion on Gammon India, Hindustan Tin, also please clarify .. Cupid Ltd and cupid rubbers are same company.. i am unable to locate cupid ltd

  211. shiva says:

    I did a research.. Cupid Rubbers Ltd, got it.. thank you.

  212. ankita says:

    My questions to ace & all readers of blog. if someone has joined paid service for stock consultancy,gets short term capital gain & long term capital gain in a financial year .does he has to deduct fees (paid for stock consultancy) from short term capital gain or from long term capital gain for computation of income?
    If a person has another business too apart from investing in stocks . can he add short term capital gain in another business income if another business income with in tax free limit ?so that after adding if any amount exeeds after tax free limit ,he can pay 15% tax on that

  213. shiva says:

    thank u.. plz put ur views on munjal auto, nocil, jm fin, sudar indus, meghmani organi, lanco indus…


  214. geetha says:

    hi ace,whats your view on entering cupid ltd at this level or should i wait for correction? please advice.

  215. shiva says:

    is it 66? now cmp is 57 it seems.. plz clarify.. can i enter at this level in cupid

  216. prafulla says:

    It is in everyday upper freez and Monday upperfrrez lvel is Rs60.45 and on tuesday UF lel is Rs63.45

  217. J says:

    Hi Ace,

    Thanks for Cupid!
    Your views on EDELWEISS FINANCIAL, Please?

  218. ankita says:

    dear ace,you missed my question. if someone has joined paid service for stock consultancy,gets short term capital gain & long term capital gain in a financial year .does he has to deduct fees (paid for stock consultancy) from short term capital gain or from long term capital gain for computation of income?
    If a person has another business too apart from investing in stocks . can he add short term capital gain in another business income if another business income with in tax free limit ?so that after adding if any amount exeeds after tax free limit ,he can pay 15% tax on that

  219. Bala says:

    Dear Ace,

    Can you share your thought on “Welspun Syntex”

  220. rangu4u says:

    Ace.. Your views on Kiran Vyapar Ltd?

  221. Salim Khan says:

    Sir, VP did not suggest any new stock this week and hence we have given permission to you to post your new recommendation. Why you have not posted it still?

  222. anil says:

    Ace is it advisable to add stock now

  223. J says:

    HI Ace,
    Your views on Titan Biotech?

  224. Himanshu Lakdawala says:

    Hello Aceji,
    What about cupid now? Buy more / Hold or exit?
    Please provide your inputs..


  225. akii says:

    why cupid is not trading like traded in previous week i.e volume is drooped and mostly is trading in lower circuit. Is there any Bad news about about management i.e. shares sold by management or wrong information about order they received. reply awaited……….

  226. Himanshu Lakdawala says:

    Hi Sir ,

    Is this change in Cupid trading due to one reason I think?

    SEBI/BSE moved it to “T” and will be bounded in +/- 2% levels that would lead to make this script less interesting for intraday traders?

    What does the various charts and data point say for the script?

  227. nsriniv says:

    Dear Ace, whats your view on Deccan Gold Mines after the Govt order allowing them to dig the gold mines in Karnataka. Is it really a Goldmine

  228. nsriniv says:

    Dear Ace, holding cupid in large qty at 40. I am worried at the consecutive fall now in the last few days. Can I hold it despite the fall. Pls let me know. By the way what is the reason for fall . Is the result has got anything to do with it.

  229. Shiv says:

    It is on constant lower circuit for 5 days. Can you please provide your updated views on it!

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