Prima Plastics – Mega Multibagger in Making


I was awe struck the moment I realized what a great brand I was missing in my core portfolio, something that not only me but a lot of my friends and relatives have been using for years and swear by its quality and brand, made me literally wonder why the most obvious investment decisions in life have to be so simple that it simply gets ignored. “Prima” is of the most visible and dependable brands in the Plastic furniture industry and is backed by a very conservative, “profitable growth” seeking honest management. This debt free company is generating free cash flows, has been paying dividends for last so many years and has been growing at a frantic pace in such dismal industry scenarios, is available at extremely low valuations and is a direct consumption play. The smart cities and housing for all government initiatives will tremendously increase the already huge market opportunity. This is your typical boring (lynch style) business that can compound our money at a very good pace for a very long time to come. Actually, the story stops here, and if you are already not convinced, man… really need to simplify the investment decisions in your life 🙂 …anyways, lets carry on.

The Business: Well, for a change there’s no “dard bhari dastaan” (i.e. sob story) tracing this company. This is really a wonderful business run by honest and competent management. What’s great about this particular company is that despite high crude prices and sluggish economy in last few years they have managed to grow very fast, especially as compared to its much larger peers. Prima plastics designs and manufactures plastic molded furniture like chairs, dining tables, stools and teapots. Prima’s MFA (Moulded Furniture Accessories) business has secured top export awards in almost all years in past 15 years from PLEX Council of India. The company also manufactures Aluminum composite panel (ACP) which are used in making building’s exteriors and interiors.


Most of the revenue are derived from the molded plastics division while only around 7-8% (at present) comes from the ACP division. Company exports products to North America, Africa and the Far & Middle East. At present, ACP business is currently loss making (and still the company is generating positive cash flows for some time now) and once this division picks up it (which it surely will owning to industrial revival) will substantially add to the profitability of the Company and make prima, an already debt free cash flow positive company into a cash cow. The capacity of ACP division is underutilized at the current levels of 50%. The company has consciously opted out of (not completely but concentration is less for the last 5 yrs or so as they are working with only selected clients) commercial real estate as the credit cycle is very long owning to slowdown. Aligning to management’s idea of profitable growth only, currently the concentration on commercial real estate is negligible compared to retail real estate (where the credit cycle is much better). Once the economy picks up and credit cycle improves the company will re-start serving that part of real estate sector and this could turn-around ACP division. The smart cities and housing for all schemes would “significantly” add to the company’s growth, both in ACP division and majorly in their plastic furniture division. Furthermore, once the GST is implemented the company plans for a strong nationwide foray. Currently the company’s plastic molding division is running at 75% capacity utilization and once the policy framework of AP, settles down, the company plans to add another plant there (the current plant is in Kerala). Current capacity utilization of ACP plant (located in Daman) is around 50%. Talking to the workers there, one could easily sense how content they are working and it was nice to see the some of the ground level employees taking side of the management when asked some provoking questions (one of the ways I like to understand the union dynamics in manufacturing companies). Furthermore, Prima had set up a joint venture in Cameroon (Africa) in the year 2005. Prima Dee-lite Plastics Pvt. Ltd., is the Joint Venture Company set up at Cameroon with a local partner to produce and sell Plastic Moulded Articles in and around Cameroon and neighbouring countries and manufactures Moulded Articles and HDPE Woven Sack Bags. The JV has been growing at a very brisk pace (and is expected to grow in similar pace in near future too) in last few years (no ebola impact here thus far) and this bodes very well for the company. The JV is profitable too and is expected to deliver dividends for its india parent in near future further enhancing the cash flows of Prima.

Valuations: The company (with high promoter holding of 58%) performed very well even with high crude prices (which directly affects the plastic industry), and with crude prices coming down, the profitability of this company should go in a different orbit altogether. In last three years the company’s consolidated revenues have grown from 69cr to 103cr and PAT from 3.75cr to 7.6 cr (and has been giving dividends un-interrupted, for last so many years) with current year’s EPS being 6.91rs. At current price the PE of the stock is just 6.5 as compared to 25-30 PE commanded by its peers and its dividend yield of 2.5%. Also, company’s operating margins are better than most of its peers (MFA). The company is trading at market cap to sales ratio of just 0.4 times as compared to 3 times. The company is debt free and the earnings are expected to grow at around 25% CAGR for a very long time and if the industrial growth especially the real estate sector revives, and the government does implement its smart cities and housing for all schemes, the company should grow at very high rates of around 30-35% CAGR for a very long time. Given the strong earnings growth and PE re-rating, the gains could be multi-fold.

Technicals: The stock has broken out of 9 yr long consolidation and it will not just double or triple and stop. It will go wayyyy beyond. Interestingly the company has also given a follow-up breakout after giving a weekly close at above 39rs and therefore, further gains should be even faster in the short to medium term.

Remember, Main Street knows more and before dalal street and Main Street tells us that it’s a great established brand. Let’s grab the opportunity while the big guys are busy analyzing messed up big businesses.

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  1. santosh says:

    Thank you for the recommendation. Now I really got some good work to do(research) about the stock you have recommended.

    Thank you once again.

  2. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Nice investment opportunity. I have never seen you so bullish in any of your recommended stocks. That makes it even more worthwhile to invest.

  3. M Prabhu says:

    Good. I was analysing this stock for the last one week…my misfortune I did not take the firm decison…NOW Ace recommended, I will try to grab it on monday…

  4. Bhupendra Shah says:

    Respected ace
    Vg investment opportunity

  5. a.p. says:

    Yeah its a nice company. Performance of JV is better than its standalone domestic… Sinking crude is major positive factor.

  6. pp says:

    The question is will we get it tomorrow?

  7. pp says:

    Anyway ty you ace

  8. Ragu says:

    This is a fantastic stock. I am going to invest my entire savings in this stock tomorrow.

  9. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    great pick but sadly i think v cant get tomorrow…..

    • Prashant says:

      True !!
      We wont be able to get it this week I guess . We need to be alert to buy, whenever circuit is broken .

      Thanks to ACEji,
      for discovering this gem for us .
      Thanks & Regards,

    • indianbull10 says:

      did u even try to first understand the business and the writeup that Ace has shared? Bas chale kudne…

  10. Praveen says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any ideas what is the current circuit limit for this stock?


  11. acefollower says:

    Sir what is upper circuit limit for Prima plastic 5% or 10% 0r 20%.

  12. ravi multani says:

    upper circuit is 5%

  13. prafulla says:

    The cat is out. thank you Ace jee for this fantastic pick with great potential.. But now the queston in everyones mind is When i would be able to catch it now that the potential has been perceived.!

  14. Lakshmi says:

    Sir, what is your current view on SKM eggs?

  15. akshay says:

    Hi ace
    I was going through primas AR. You mentioned that its a debt free cash flow positive company. But operating cash flows are negative. Their overall cash flows are positive mainly because of increase in short term borrowings.
    They had received a large sum of 3.36cr as interest, dividend in 12-13. In 13-14 same has fallen to just 76lakhs. Wanted to understand why earnings from interest, dividend is so high? And why it could have fallen in 13-14?

  16. ravi multani says:

    u can check at bseindia website

  17. ravi multani says:

    Respected ace
    I think this the best stock u recomended so far…..thankssssssss….i had big investment in cupid and earned handsomely…again thanksssssss very much..

  18. mayur says:

    Great pick ACE, though its not completely debt free – 0.2% around. any idea why its June 14 qrter results was down compare to March 14 results?

  19. acefollower says:

    ACE sir, as prima plastic main business is plastic business, how the ban by Govt. on use of plastic can affect its business and profitability. Also sir what is ebola and how it can affect prima plastic. Please share your view in detail.

    • indianbull10 says:

      dude, what is ebola?? this you can search on google also man!

      • indianbull10 says:

        1. Start computer by pressing power button
        2. Let ur OS load.
        3. Open web browser
        4. With help of keyboard type
        5. in search box type “ebola”
        6. Open site of wikipedia.
        7. Get urself enlightened on ebola

        Hope I have shared “in detail” steps on educating urself on ebola. Hope you wont disturb Ace with this question again… 🙂

      • chirag says:

        There is no blanket “ban” on plastic ! Are you talking about plastic bags ? Look around you and notice how many items are made of plastic. Do you think it is banned or should be ??!!

        Hahaha Ebola. Aceji, you’ve just been promoted to a doctor. Your job is now to help us make money as well as save lives.

      • acefollower says:

        Dear Indianbull10 as ACE sir referred ebola in their research article so I thought it is something related to prima plastic. I am fully aware of ebola virus. Anyway thanks for your reply.

      • indianbull10 says:

        @acefollower what a timely reply… nahi toh hum tumhe bevakuf hi samaj baithe the… “yeh PSPO nahi janta” lol

      • chirag says:

        Acefollower, also there is no ban on plastic man. Plastic bags are less preferable now because they are not biodegradable and have severe environmental impacts if disposed improperly. But “plastic” is widely used across all industries for various needs, not just in making furniture.

      • indianbull10 says:

        plastic is also used by cupid to manufacture products meant for pleasure! No ban here man…

    • ebola is a disease epidemic. I just thought before i am bombarded with questions on Ebola’s affect on the JV , i put things in perspective.

  20. ravi multani says:

    connection of prima plastic with ebola….god really bless u..

  21. Ganesh says:

    Dear Ace, I bought Waterbase yesterday at 66. Is there any problem in the industry to which waterbase belongs ? i am asking because i am unable to understand why it fell in lower circuits from 95 levels to 63 levels non stop. Or is there any company specific problem ? Please give your views. I bought it as i thought that after such a steep fall it may now not fall any more as i failed to get any reason for such fall except that it had rised very fast so might be a healthy correction.

  22. Prashant says:

    Hi ACEji,
    I have a question how algorithm works on stocks with upper circuit .

    Eg. I have icicidirect account and it allows me to put orders after market is closed for next day .
    If 10 peoples put a order of 1000 shares each like me but traded quantity is only 5000, who will get the stocks ?
    Is it FCFS or Bigger order served first ?
    Also when icicidirect allows me to put order before opening market, when exactly it sends it to exchange ?
    Is it good idea to put order previous day or exactly at 8.45, 9, 9.15 am ?
    Please let me know ways to increase the probability of order getting executed .
    Thanks & Regards,

  23. acefollower says:

    Dear Indianbull10 please don’t be disturb with my questions. If you think that you are most intelligent then better you start your own blog.

  24. cp says:

    Sir what’s ur view about dabur

  25. Kumar says:

    sir, it would be nice if you could express ur views on nectar life sciences, harrisons malyalam and donear industries. i want to make a fresh entry. are these ok
    ur valuable reply is being most eagerly waited for.

  26. pp says:

    Ace, can you tell me your view on this company called Ludlow Jute & Specialities Ltd?

  27. Rajesh says:

    whats your take on results of Aro Granite?

    The PAT has fallen sequentially

    • i am not too worried at the moment till i understand the reason…although its fallen but still its a good number that they have posted. lets understand the reason behind it.

      • srinathnitb says:

        PAT is still the same 5.83 Cr in Sep 14 vs 5.24 Cr in Sep 13 but the equity has increased from 10.20 cr to 15 cr during this period that why you can see fall in EPS

  28. Jitendra says:

    As we know that prima plastic will be in UC from now. What is the price upto which one can go for it.

    • that depends on you….till what levels you are comfortable …. it depends what you consider value… if you are an old reader on this blog that you might know that personally i have bought stocks that i have recommended even after they have doubled or tripled because i see gross under-valuation, but i dont expect everyone to do it. Please take your own call.

  29. Jitendra says:


    At 9.05am operators pending orders were 5.20 lakh. Small investors are not able to put order before 9.15 am.
    Now we will get it when it will reach at 50.00 or 55.00 can’t say.

    So please think on it and post your ideas during market hours. Pleaseeeeee.

    • rashmi says:

      thankyou ace,for giving us so mny multibaggers,look at freshtrop!!!

    • its unfair to suggest everything as going to operators.. even if on an average everyone puts a 2000 shares order then it takes just 250 order/individuals to go to 5 lacs order… what makes you say its operators…lets be fair my friend.

      • Jitendra says:


        Then why cant we place order before 9.15 am. Today I tried to place it but not succeded. Whereas there were 5lakh order pending at 9.05 am. And when market opened at 9.15 am it went up to 7 lakh.
        When you posted idea of Freshtrop Fruit, we were happy to buy before it goes to higher levels. Thanks for that.
        Now those who studied and done analysis, even those will not get it before the UC opens from the big player. No doubt small investors are benefited but before that the biggies get the benefit of your reccm.
        Please guide small investors so that your aim of benefitting small investors will be fullfield.

    • Prashant says:

      Hi Jitendra,
      putting order before opening bell depends on broker. I use icicidirect and it allows me after marker orders .

  30. Tanmay Gupta says:

    Do have a look at Saurashtra Cement. One of the cheapest cement stocks available at throwaway prices. Posted a Q`1 EPS of Rs 3 which was reduced due to an abnormal depreciation write off as compared to the yearly 2013-14 EPS of Rs 3.83 which rallied the stock to Rs 65. That abnormal depreciation write off which was one time reduced the companies EPS from about Rs. 6 to Rs 3. This is all visible in the Q`1 results.
    It should post a minimum EPS of Rs 15 for this year. It is currently quoting at Rs. 56.5 At this price, it is value buy.
    I attended its AGM near its cement plant in Ranavav, Gujarat. The company should be able to repay most of its debt by this year end seeing the massive cash reserves which should make it debt free in a year`s time. It has a 65% promoter holding which is very favourable.
    This is a turnaround story as the company having posted a Rs (-) 2.21 EPS in the last year September quarter will be posting a minimum EPS of Rs 4.5 for this year Q`2. Results coming on 6th November.
    Do have an independent look at the company profile and financials and buy at your own conviction. It`s a sure shot multibagger trading at such a low P/E.
    Disclosure: Having interest in it

  31. Sameer Anand says:

    I don’t think the followers of the blog are going to get the share before 70-75 levels. This is great injustice as we all await eagerly for the new recommendation and study it in detail but operators corner the floating stock . We are left with small crumbs.

    Only stock I was able to purchase was Freshtrop fruits because it was recommended during market hours.

    Moral of the Story :- Indian stock markets are only for the operators and stock manipulators.

    • My dear friend, please come at my place and understand how do i know that you are not an operator? There’s no way to know this. it just takes 300 orders of just 2k shares to go to 6lac pending orders. just 300 retail investors could take to that level. It has happened in the past that stocks go up in a few circuits then open and come down and then nobody buys and finally then from that level it even doubles…and people obsessed with prices just keep on looking. we have so many examples man. look at v2, cupid, waterbase etc. Understand difference between price and value, please…. you entered freshtrop the same day but what about others who could not enter the first day …even that happened…they entered the second day and after that there was major consolidation and people got frustrated as usual…people booked looses because of impatience…today who is the loser? Freshtrop is sitting at 90rs…if you are convinced about a business, all it takes is sitting on it, not trading in it…you will never get the ideal price of entry because there is none….there’s only ideal sitting period..holding and sitting….understand the difference between price and value… as told numerous times, i also do walk the talk. i myself have bought shares of my own recommended companies at 2-3 times the recommended price because i understand the difference between vavlue and money and i hope everyone understands it one day..

      • Prashant says:

        I agree with ACEji on price,
        after I took postion in freshtrop on day1 @ 60 it went back to 56, wonder if any of us bought it .

        Same story with V2, I bought at 33, it went up till 38 and down till 28, wonder if anybody bought at 28 . Cupid I entered at first day after circuit was broken @ 28 and still its double with no efforts .

        Please do not loose patience, if I am convinced I would not mind buying Prima even after 60+ . I will keep bidding every day with upper circuit and am sure I will get it .

        Though even I would love to see this post during market hours and buy on same day, but still I will make good money even if I buy good stock at double the recommended. price .

        Thanks & Regards,

      • Praveen says:

        Hi Ace,

        Great work. Lot of us are getting benefited by your excellent work. I have been following your blog for quite some time now and made considerable amount of money as a retail investor. Just a suggestion, you can probably think about posting some of your recommendations during market hours and some recommendations post/pre market hours, I guess not everyone will be buying all the stocks recommneded by you as We all have limited money to invest in stocks. This will make both the groups (who prefer during market hours and those who prefer pre/post market hour) happy.

        Thanks & god bless you.

      • chirag says:

        don’t understand how short term an outlook do people have now in markets ?? aro numbers are NOT BAD AT ALL… and it is barely 5 week old recommendation..

        its available at 70% discount to book value right now.. dont know how many people will take advantage of this opportunity and enter!!!

      • Sameer Anand says:

        Dear ACE,
        I get your point about price and value. I spent the whole evening yesterday studying Prima Plastics. So in the morning seeing it at upper circuit, got frustrated and dejected. Thats why posted my thoughts in a spur of moment.

        My heartfelt apology If in any way I hurt you.


  32. J Gopal says:

    Dear Ace,

    What’s your view on Indosolar ?


  33. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    which one will you prefer Solar Industries or Premier Explosives?
    seems defense sector started getting orders recently they bidded for pinaka rockets.
    solar looks expensive and premier still some gains left.
    infact promoter increased their stake in sep qrt.

  34. pradeep says:

    ACEji wats ur view on Eon Electric?

  35. Sia says:

    Sir plz share ur opinion on Hfcl n Cap First … can we hold it.

  36. Sriram says:

    sir..please tell your views on Aksh optifiber as Sep quarter results are released.

  37. Raj Gupta says:

    Dear Ace sir,

    Waiting is over for new buying but not successful..but it is quite fact, even my order was put exactly on 8..55am but already shown 4lacs buyer.So don’t know to purchase before mkt l time anyway I will buy on upper rates.
    Sir, I was reading a news regarding granite scam in Tamil in toi yesturday.Is it impact of that news on aro granite or something else!
    What is your views on aimco n v2 for fresh entry on these level..Thanks for all these recomendation..

  38. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,

    Can you guide on Aro Granite…I intend to buy ….shud i wait for some more correction ???

  39. Advait Thakur says:

    Sir your views on Control Print? I am sorry I am encroaching into this discn with different stock.

  40. sam says:

    Your views on tokyo plast ace?

  41. gibbsab says:

    Your views on indian acrylics cmp 5.9 and emmbi industries cmp 15

  42. gibbsab says:

    i am waiting for your comments to buy these both stocks thnks in advnce.

  43. sam says:

    Hi ace…sintex is doing reallly good but moldtek is a bit sad after good results….whats your opnion on both of them as this cmp. i know that you like both but would appreciate your stand on the current situation..Thanks

  44. pp says:

    Your view on Indian toners, Godrej properties and Balmer lawrie ?

  45. Babu says:

    Dear Ace

    Pl advice if Aro and Pokarna are comparable

  46. ajith says:

    please express your views about naturaplus india ltd.,
    thank you.

  47. Rishab says:

    What do you like more between titagarh wagon and texmaco rails

  48. kannu says:

    Dear ACE,
    Request your view on Piccadilly, PI industries n Panner Industries.
    Thanks in advance

  49. anil says:

    dear ace, your view on nath bio, and katikeya cement

  50. Rakesh says:

    Thanks ace.

  51. Rohit says:

    Hello Ace
    Would like to know your views on Sumedha Fiscal Services and Gujarat NRE Coke.

  52. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir ur reccomendation ROCKS bt we all unable to get the shares due to cap. We wil try again and again til i dont get .thks 4 precious views and suggestion.

  53. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir wanna ask 1 question from u tht will RCF wil be multibegger as all the progress whts going on from current level for 1 to 2 years hold .

  54. sangram says:

    Hi ace what’s your view on lt foods

  55. Ankit says:

    hi ace, any views on dynemic products, lawreshwar polymers (lehar chappal brand) and indian toners & developers?

  56. pramod says:

    with interest rates likely to go down in the near future what’s your take on AK Capital services?

  57. Ram says:

    Dear Aceji,
    Excel Industries recent run up is based on results or Modi’s ‘Clean India’ campaign? Pl suggest your views for new entry ideas. Thanksji.

  58. Ram says:

    Dear Aceji,
    Excel Industries Enviro Biotech Division’ s Waste Management Plants will be in hi demand which may lead to a robust growth in sales. This is my guess. What’s your opinion ji?

  59. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Sir found “Damodar Industries”
    Their Topline is growing at 25% annually.
    Increasing their dividend every yr.
    Available at cheap rate.
    Interesting thing is that “Wallfort Financial holding 2,50,000 shares of Damodar.
    Dont forget Wallfort holding 2,00,000 shares of SKM Egg product
    Their must be some value in this script which we dont know.
    Sir Pls study their business it can be worth buying.

  60. neelbasura says:

    Dear Ace,
    What’s your opinion on MCX and United spirits for very long term (say 5-10 years or even more !)? Can they be compounding machine ~ @ 20-25% for years to come?

  61. mano3427 says:

    how much is v2 undervalued compared to its peers

  62. psvsv says:

    Dear Aceji,it is being told by many of your followers that they could grab Freshtrop only because the recommendation was given during market hours.It was available as it was under 20 percent circuit.If it was 5 percent many of them would not grab it on the same day.

  63. bharathi says:

    Would like to know if you are tracking MBL Infra? If yes, how would read this stock and whether it has traits of becoming a multi bagger.

  64. DM says:

    Your view on Huhtamaki PPL and Nitta Gelatin?

  65. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Can Onmobile be considered for investment at these levels?

  66. Sahil says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your views on Bhageria Dye-chem at CMP.


  67. amit says:

    sir whats ur view on syncom healthcare and morepen ?

  68. whats ur view on neo corp? is it good to buy now?

  69. mayur says:

    Your Views on Surya Roshni? Although the ROC is not good, but it seems that their lighting and home appliance business commands much more valuations as it is growing at around 18-20%. Also, reading the management reports, it seems they are quite focus on the this segment. The other business of pipes seems to be doing ok. Pls comment.

  70. Arun says:

    Ace Ji – Your view on Multibase India ?

  71. mayur says:

    Aprt from RS s/w, do u track any other small/mid cap IT companies like – Thinksoft, Infinite, Polaris, Zensar, Mastek, Saksoft, etc.. If yes, which you prefer most?

  72. akshay says:

    Hi ace. I know you are not bullish on auto components sector and that you have replied earlier as well. Still any change in your view of shriram needle bearings after q2 results?

  73. Malathy says:

    Promoters started selling Cupid , What should we do ?

  74. anjum vohra says:

    Dear Ace, congrats for recom.Freshtrop,entered @ 59/= & enjoying the ride.Now many boarders on Moneycontrol board recomending the same for targets of as high as 1000/= cheers & God bless!!!

  75. vijay says:

    Sir this company is not a debt free company. You have mentioned it’s debt free… Please if it is debt free please share the link…

    • as i said earlier also, its debt free “as on date”. till MAR 14 they had debt of just 43 lacs, and now is Nov.

      • vijay says:

        Sir your wrong total debt till march 2014 is rs. 9.76 cr and how your mentioning it’s only 43 lakhs as of now… Please tell me from did you find out that…. Please share the link

      • vijay says:

        Sir your looking at profit.ndtv website …. But in all websites it was showing 9.76 cr debt….. Please send me a link just for confirmation because I like your recommendations so much… This type of enquiry and research I learned it from you.i am a great follower of you..i have to convince my heart before investing.. Please I request you to convince me by putting a link…

      • chaturvedi says:

        Aceji, long term debt is 43Lacs but short term borrowings have more than doubled to 9.3Cr. I think vijay is referring to 9.7Cr totally.
        why has the short term debt increased so steeply. Any idea?

        • are bhai, there’s something called as working capital loan and that’s different from long term debt. I had explained this concept earlier also. Both are treated different. Understand the difference or people get misguided and miss on great opportunities. I hope this helps.

  76. a.p. says:

    Hello ace, arrow coated products derives its most of the revenues from consultancy charges and royalty. Products sales actually decreased from fy13 to fy14. Do you think such revenues are sustainable?

  77. mayur says:

    Any views on Vardhman Acrylics? if you track?

  78. a.p. says:

    And another que. regarding aimco.
    Their trading business is on fast track growth (also manufacturing). Can we apply margin of Sharda cropchem on this division? As sharda is a trading giant compared to aimco. Well, eagerly waiting for aimco’s quarterly results.

  79. chandan says:

    wats he view on alkali metals for 3 yrs horizon..also on future consumer

  80. Chirag says:

    Hi Ace, do you give paid service to clients ?? I am interested..kindly revert.

  81. vijay says:

    sir need ur valuable advice on the results of nath biogenes (pl guide me on whether to buy, hold, or sell)……… thanks

  82. neetu says:

    Hi ace I am following you from last two months only and get benefited by investing in cupid. Thank you so much for your such a hard work. I request you to kindly give your precious time to evaluate indbank merchant, I feel it is a turnaround story.

  83. Darshan S says:

    Dear Ace,

    What’s your opinion on “Shri Rama Multi” , ” Black Rose” , “TCI Finance” & “PCS Technology” .? If you are following ? Good day.

  84. Altaf says:

    whats ur views on bodal chemicals & dunlop india.


  85. Ravi says:

    ACE ji, Nitin Spiners in improving performence from lase three years. EPS is 8 and available @ 28/- This year it has also paid dividend. It is available at very low valuation. Looking in view of low cotton prices whether you suggest me for buy this.

  86. prateek says:

    Ace what are your views on shriram needle at cmp.

  87. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir, as u give mid cap and small caps stocks as ur tips .bt just want ans sir tht we r in bull market bt when market wil fall the main losers will be mid cap and small cap ,and their fundamental will fall and when lately when market recovers they never do so . So want ur view on this .

  88. Sarath Ramakrishnan says:

    Hi Ace,
    Do you have any prefered stocks from Auto sector?
    Do you think Atul Auto ( though it has already given multibagger returns) still has potential to deliver better returns in coming years?


  89. neelbasura says:

    Hi Ace,
    Apart from my mid term (1-5 years) portfolio that can give return of 25-30% CAGR, I am also in the process of building a very long term core portfolio that can withstand any bear phase(s) for next two decades but still can give ~15-20% CAGR over the period. For this purpose, I have chosen the following great but safe picks. Please let me know your view, suggest me if you feel you would add/delete any to the list and in case of more than one options in a particular category, your preferred pick. The list goes like this:
    (1) HDFC Bank
    (2) Gruh Finance
    (3) Sun Pharma
    (4) TCS
    (5) Bosch/Amara Raja
    (6) Asian Paints
    (7) Pidilite
    (8) ITC
    (9) United Spirits
    (10) Godrej Consumer/GSK Consumer/Nestle/HUL/Colgate
    (11) Crisil
    (12) MCX
    (13) TTK Prestige

    Thanks !

  90. chaturvedi says:

    Aceji , pls share if you have any views on Bhagwati autocast. promoters are accumulating consistently for a few months now and Qtrly results are expected to be very good.

  91. Sriram says:

    Dear Ace…earlier you recommended Aksh Optifibre as an average stock. What are your views now after September quarter results? It seems the results are good. Your advice pls.

  92. mayur says:

    Ace ji , look at the pending orders of prima plastics 9+ lac – i dont think we will get for next 8-10 days for sure…again biggies are silently lfollowing you sir!!

    • these pending orders would decline as the time goes by …also remember the difference between price and value…calculate what would be the price after 8 days and see what’s the value that you are getting after 8 days and you’ll see what i mean.

      • Power says:

        I strongly disagree. Any stock entry price is important. After 8 days, the risk is more.

        • what risk? so that means after 8 days noone, should buy the stock and trading should stop? I dont think it correct perspective. what makes you say that 70 is wrong price and 60 is not….just because somebody buys lower doesnt make the higher price right or wrong….what if the stock was recommended 2-3 months back, then according to this logic even CMP would be wrong price as that time price was half of CMP. but if one thinks otherwise, he should not buy this stock and should also not feel bad if it goes up or down.

      • Power says:

        No need to be aggressive. I never told on right price or wrong price. I told risk is more.

  93. M Prabhu says:

    Dear Ace, It would be again as usual request… we have no right to demand much for the new post which must be your convenience, however I fail to understand why cannot consider most of your followers request of the post of the new idea in market time… I believe the followers of this blog opinion to be considered on priority, even if you take individual opinion of each follower of this blog which i am sure atleast 90% would agree for the post during market time… To my sense only one issue to you is posting new idea during market time is people do not analyse the company and rush to the purchase, if some thing went wrong, they may curse you.. no way at all it is all individual money, nobody force anybody, all risks will be pertaining to individual only… no way to come and curse you…. opinion poll may be taken if you wish… it will be glad moment if the request considered for the next post..

    • chirag says:

      true… for example, with freshtrop.. i was tracking the company for a really long time and had a good idea about the business.. it took me only 15 20 minutes to get a gist of your write up and fill in the gaps (which cleared all doubts). i went ahead and purchased.

      similiarly, there will be many here who might be tracking your future suggestions but don’t have the resources (time, money, energy) to fill in the gaps in their analysis. many questions will get probably answered in your write up in no time.. so do consider

      • Jitendra says:

        I too was following Prima plastics since last one month since CMP Rs. 32.00. But was in duel mind. After this post I am confident of Prima. But not able to buy now.

  94. Ravish malav says:

    SIr ji, I would like have your views on Gabriel India Its sales and profits are increasing QoQ FII has bought, promoters stake increased in last 2 to 3 hours. Two wheeler, Three wheeler, Four Wheeler and Trucks will be in large demand. It has all the majors auto makers as its customer. Could it be nexxxxt Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. in making ? Please reply
    If you are not interested in this than please give me some contra view on it.

  95. Thapa says:


    Do you track SPEL Semiconductor ?


  96. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear M. Prabhu,

    Even if research recommendation is during market hours,it’s not going to help in anyways.What stops it from hitting the circuit the same day.These are small cap stocks where the market float is very eventually if all the followers put in their orders it will surely hit the UC same day and many will still not get.

    • M Prabhu says:

      Dear Mr Rohit,

      I agree your point interms of small volume shares…

      We all registered in this blog, so the moment idea is posted in this blog, it will come to our registered mail ids, so i do not think sellers would stop selling immediately, by probability there is more chances to reward this blog followers to pick the shares on the same day…….

    • Jitendra says:

      Atleast some can buy it.

  97. indianbull10 says:

    V2 Retail result date is Nov 11.

  98. Nikhil Biswas says:

    dear sir,

    can i purchase onmobile global at cmp of around 55?

  99. dear ace,
    pls share ur view on syncom formulations at current cmp

  100. Ravi says:

    Dear Ace
    How is Gujarat Foils? Considering the pharma sector growth and future?
    Please reply

  101. Power says:

    Could you advice on cybertech. It seems to be very good on the following
    1. Dividend paying since 07 2. Unique model of business 3. Debt free

    Another one is ecoplast

  102. Darshan S says:

    Dear Ace,

    Anything below seems interesting & worth investing.? Short-Long term perspective.

    Ujaas Energy – CMP : 22.
    BS Limited – CMP : 25.
    Sujana Towers – CMP : 15.
    Pochiraju Industries – CMP : 35.

  103. kumar says:

    Hi Ace,
    Can u please elobrate on sml Isuzu ?

  104. mayur says:

    Dear ACE, can we continue to hold Cupid even though its more than doubled from your recommended levels? I see more promising future. What says? I did not sell single share yet.

  105. kumar says:

    Shareholding between sml and Isuzu,is there any chance that Isuzu buyback share of sml, as Isuzu is setting up separate plant in AP,in which it is investing heavily.

  106. Ravi says:

    Sir you said you are not comfortable with Gujarat Foils.. any specific reasons for that?

  107. Ravish malav says:

    Sir ji,
    i have some views about Share market. I have been investing in equity since last 8 years through Equity and Mutual Funds both. Earlier i use to buy or sell the shares on recommendation or on high volatility in share prices and many more unrelated news or speculation about shares, when i look into these past years i noticed that i made more money in MF than Equity and i came to the conclusion that if i hold it for long i may gain more that is sure for MF. But When i try to apply same strategy for Shares (mainly small and mid-cap the segment you and people like us invest our money in) i fail to get the answer about the gain or lose they give or perform on longterm basis or their growth in revenue or paying regular dividend or anything positive news about them. I figured out that whenever there is a bull run they will outperform their big peers and every one will try to buy them but as soon as this Bull chnages to Bear or just gives the glimpse of Bear market none of the fundamental comes to rescue to our poor “Small and Mid Cap” people start panicking and sells like crazy. As the bear phases out other biggies start to recover but people in “Small and Mid Cap” remains in shock for a long term till the bull comes hard again. This immaturity of our market ? or it is same for all the world markets?
    How can we optimize our gain in this type of scenario shout we book partial profit ? because it is damn sure that once the market starts to fall without any fundamental change S&M cap will be the worst hit.
    I, in fact every one here wants to invest not only in S&M cap company but also in the company who will one day become Large cap. How to do all these while investing in BULL and BEAR(Both) cycles.
    I think i have made a lot of question out here and i want that this should really be discussed here for the sake of investing.

    Please put some light on above topic.

    • Ravish malav says:

      I am putting this question because “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful” by Warren Buffett.

    • do you know what was the market cap of hawkins, symphony, opala, etc 7-8 yrs back and what is it now? Its unfair to paint the entire segment with one brush. if you invest in companies with honest management and growing number’s those businesses recover and recover well. Who says, large caps are also very dangerous. Remember, HFCL, JSPL, Suzlon etc…where have they recovered? I hoe you are getting the point which i am trying to make.

      • Ravish malav says:

        Yes i am 100% agree with you, every company should be traded as per the performance they are showing QoQ and the basic rules for the share price should be justified when their share price increases or decreases. I just wander that people like me who took 7 to 8 years in understanding (I have Suzlon and i only averaged it without bothering or working hard to get the real fundamentals of the company i blindly bought and than sold at huge loss when it was at its lifetime. I had RPower and so many losers) or say started to bother about the basic cause of the gain or lose in any share price. People who just invest without learning are part of this Bull but would they not become late and start to ace their knowledge so that the Bull sentiments or Bear sentiments wont effect their faith in equity and the performance of their share will only tell them to sell or buy.
        Would the Indian Market will become more mature?
        You have worked hard to distill the Best Company who can perform even in the Bear Market.
        Will some of your followers will not rely on you to tell them to buy or sell?
        Will they become ACEINVESTORTRADER them selves? Is this the time when we Indians will run our market not the mere FIIs?
        I am becoming restless for the answers that my father ask me everytime i talk about Equity. He says Equity will make you beggar, its a JUA, dont fall for it as you have fallen for it earlier.
        Will the truth prevail for the Equity also????????

  108. ravi multani says:

    hello respected ace
    i respect u very much but v r getting frustrated bcoz of prima plastic continuos uc…..there is no meaning of ur recommendation wen v dont get the stock….pls give ur recom. stock during market hours so v can buy otherwise v r only spectatators waching the stock….i m not advising u but it is my humble opinion…..u r doing great job for us to create our wealth…..Thanks

  109. sam says:

    Hi Ace..your views on sharp Industries pls?

  110. nagaraju padala says:

    National Plastic Industries, it is also in same industry.. Can you please share your opinion on this company…

  111. Ujwal says:

    Sir not able to buy your recommendations as they are locked in UC. This is even after the order being placed by me at 9.00am and 4 seconds.
    Can you consider giving the same during working days?

  112. sowrabh says:

    Dear Ace what’s your view on noida toll bridge Co.?

  113. Mohit Wadhi says:

    Sir, What are your views on Anjani cement?

  114. Sir,

    Your views on Natural Capsules ?

    Thank you

  115. Raja says:

    Sir – Freshtrop is on a roll like your other picks. The only odd one out in this juggernaut is Wanbury. It looks like market is apprehensive on wanbury declaring a profit. What do you sense sir? While i’m invested in this, a few words from you will add to the conviction. Thanks for your time.

    • chirag says:

      wanbury is the real daddy of all with massive upside potential.. don’t think there will be rally UNTIL decent numbers are reported .. downside is very limited though.. seems like this company stock cannot trade at any cheaper valuation currently as is evident from the rebound when plant members went on strike.. ( i would have thought stock would crash nicely but never did to that extent, also if i were management i would probably not have report the labor problem to bse/nse.. proving how transparent they are in their dealings)

      • Raja says:

        Thanks Chirag – i’m inclined to agree with this assessment. Just a little wary if the company uses the strike news if they are not able to post any profits. Like you rightly said a lot depends on the profit they would show. Hopefully Ace will add on to these comments in terms of what we should expect from Wanbury

      • chirag says:

        hmm.. doubt company would do that since it lasted only for 4 days plus they have another plant running.. even if loss is reported, this is a completely absurd excuse.. also, their brands have good recall and are quite frequent recommendations among chemists (checked myself) so i actually feel quite confident

        keeping fingers crossed now.. can’t forecast anything as such

    • if my words are going to add/reduce conviction, you are not in the right stock

  116. indianbull10 says:

    V2 Retail result date confirmed for 11 Nov. Its declared on nseindia website but not on bseindia site.

  117. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, we have witnesses renewed buying interest in V2 retail today and on monday. Is the street expecting good set of numbers in Q2 from V2?

  118. indianbull10 says:


  119. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Ace,
    Whats ur view on AVT Natural Products Ltd.

  120. sangram says:

    Hi what’s your views on gulshan polyols.

  121. nsriniv says:

    Sir, How do I get to read your past research and recommendations as I don’t find anything ie hyperlink in the archive. I only get to see the comments. Pls help me to read the research report on V2

  122. Rajat says:

    Hi Ace, what do you think about ‘Eco Recycle’?.

  123. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir , i wil be very grtful 2 u if u ans me . And ple if possible describe me. I have a question tht in december or in feb 2015 RBI wil cut the interest rate because crude is all time low, commodity is falling sharply, petrol prices has came down almost 10 rs, the indian inflation wil come down .so after rate cut , i know banks and infra wil run and give gud profit , so i am never be happy with banks because of their NPA. So i will only go with infra stocks ,.so ple ple recomend me or advise me or suggest some mid cap infra stocks which give us gud returns like unity, man infra, atlanta, gmf, gammon, c&c, .

  124. Ravish malav says:

    What do u think of Camson Bio Technologies Ltd. Their business is interesting and some other positives have also lined up like FIIs increasing stake and profit is consistent but not on growth track but it may interest you because of Future prospect as every one is talking about green and eco friendly product.

  125. Bunny says:

    Hi Ace,
    Can Sharp India be bought at current price?How do you expect current q results to be..?

  126. Narain says:

    The industry had in past witnessed many new entrants with low capital base & to serve the local market. The new players are prune
    to un-ethical practices in a temporary phase. These players will continuously impact local market in their area on temporary basis.

    China is a major supplier of ACP globally and has influence in the market with excess supply and moderate price.
    The real estate industry is known for excessive credit time.

    Despite the financials being in line, the above statements as put down by the company itself, I was wondering how can we bet that this stock is good for long term growth ?

    • This is a very inapt way to report things. You are just quoting the “THREAT” portion of the Annual report. This reporting is out of context. Every company gives a SWOT analysis on its AR as they are expected to do so. I hope you also read the “RISK MANAGEMENT” section. These threats are not new and have been in existence for past several years. Infact, these risks, are reducing with every year. china is no more the threat it used to be 5 yrs back, the indian middle-lower middle class is an aspiring one so always tilting towards branded stuff. Inspite of what they have written in the “THREAT” section (which every companies does), they have grown really well, and it speaks something

  127. J says:

    Hi Ace,
    Your views on titan Biotech and SPEL SEMICONDUCTOR ?

  128. Arun says:

    Hi Ace,

    Looking forward to your next pick being posted during market hours. Hope you can do it for the sake of your followers/retail investors.

    God bless..

  129. sonu says:

    bio diesel is set to become the next gamechanger….can you list such companies engages in production of bio diesel. those listed in nse or bse..

  130. Prem says:

    Nectar lifesci and Pochiraju Ind……….which will be the safe and better bet for long term. Thanks aceinvestortrader

  131. acefollower says:

    Sir, when will we get your next recommendation and will it be declared in market hours or during after market hours.

  132. Sir pls give your view about archid ply.

  133. Swapnil says:

    sir.. i am new to ur blog.. which of ur recommendations are worth investing at cmp.. pls suggest.. need to invest soon as i have already missed the tide

  134. Manju says:


    Promoters again selling Cupid and more quantity than earlier.Should we exit from it ?

    • its your wish. Clearly you are disturbed by it and my comments wont help. Take your own call as its your own money.

      • Manju says:

        In your buy recommendation you said you contacted with Cupid’s promoters .Why not trying again for a clarification for their selling , at least the reason ,for your readers .

        • every promoter has their own reason for selling/pledging. Also, if you are invested, did you send them email? If not, then please do it. Also, my view on this i have already day before yesterday. I am bullish on stock else proven otherwise. Please take your own decision. Clearly promoter selling is disturbing you so please do whatever that makes you sleep peacefully. Money is not the ultimate objective in life.

  135. chandan says:

    how to I get mail when new post is posted..
    do I need to register on wordpress

  136. anil says:

    ur view on camlin fine and marg. can we play on open offer

  137. dheerajlohia says:

    hi ace i like your way of analysing stocks . have a look at bajaj steel its a company commanding 3/4th share of cotton ginning machines in india and rapidly expanding exports. 400 cr company available at around 6o cr market .cap. give your views on this comapany

  138. Sumit Shukla says:

    Sir your advise & comment on Lanco Infratech required…pls reply sir..

  139. chandan says:

    couldn’t find follow button on blog..I m using on mobile..but search but couldn’t find..

  140. dheerajlohia says:

    have you interacted with prima management and any idea about their future plans and vision for company

  141. mishti says:

    whats your view on ybrant digital?
    this is the only listed company in this space, there is JD and IE but their business model is different.
    both revenues, pat and opm has been increasing considerably and company has reduced debt also.
    there was just one write off that happened last year and it seems that is in past and company came out well from that.
    please share your views on it.

    • i am not interested in this company as mentioned numerous times in the past

      • mishti says:

        What are the reasons ace? I tried searching in your blog but couldn’t find anything related to ybrant. Do you find any governance issues or something fishy? There is lot of buzz about this stock and it would be great help if you give a bit more detailed reply on this. Please help your fellow investors 🙂

        • actually i have already given my reasons more than once….recap…dont like the volatility associated with its kind of market cap, not confident of corporate governance, products are highly overrated…and the buzz on the stock is way too much

      • mishti says:

        dont like the volatility associated with its kind of market cap
        – i understand that in the past stock has gone from single/double digits to 120-140 and fallen again back to single/double digits. This has happened atleast twice if i look at the charts. However at that time there was lot of volatality associated with this stock and its product line and also not much buzz was there as about digital marketing, its core business. This are different now. What do you think?

        not confident of corporate governance
        – company has been reducing debt. most of the debt / bad debts it had acquired because of the reverse merger with lgs global. company has cleared all the bad debts from lgs global in one shot and that was the write off which happened last year. debt also infact has been reducing from 2012 onwards. 2012 it was 191, 2013 it was 171 and 2014 it is 125. company has been conducting concalls after every quaterly results which shows the transparency and steps taken towards investor confidence. why do you still say there is corporate governance issues.

        products are highly overrated…and the buzz on the stock is way too much
        – there are into digital marketing. there is no other company listed or otherwise which are in the same business model. digital marketing is the latest buzz in IT and as per all the research reports by all the top research companies in the world, it is going to grow at a frantic space in the years to come by. so i think buzz is very much then expected for this company. what do you think?

        please dont think of this as a argument but i am just continuing this conversation since we all dont want to miss out on a golden opportunity. nobody had heard about tcs, infosys, wipro in their earlier years. i am not saying ybrant will be one of them but all companies start out small and grow. i am sure you would also be more than interested in investing in a company which could turn out to be next leader in their market in india.

        • its fine …i dont take discussions are arguments…its nice that you have conviction but unfortunately i dont. the only thing is that in digital marketing its the only “listed” company but there are better companies out there in this space (unlisted though).

      • sam says:

        I think that management so far has seemingly lived upto the expectations of whatever hype and overrating this stock has created…..their products look nice and catching eyeballs….would be a different story how they perform on the ground….but seems like fo a company like ybrant, they would handle it well and wont let go…its risky but if turned out the way its expected to be, its surely a multibagger..ace might not be comfortable at this juncture as there’s a volatility factor and he wont take a chance with any of his recos as people hold him responsible later…

  142. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir ple give ur views on c mahindra export .why it price falls and abut sterlite tecnology ,will sterlite be a good buy at 69 rs .

  143. Prem says:

    could we bet on Alicon Castalloy for long term….i need your opinion Ace plzz guide me.

  144. Sri says:

    Hi Ace,
    Can you share your view on bharat seats ..showing some impressive results..
    Next mediaworks also with good results and BBC has stake in it

  145. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    It would be more beneficial if the readers/followers of the blog restrict their queries to the socks recommended by you. That would help us understand the companies covered in the blog in more detail rather than discussing about all listed companies.

    Also if possible only publish comments related to stocks covered in the blog.

  146. Sajeev says:

    Dear Ace,

  147. Sajeev says:

    Sir are you tracking this company called MetroGlobal its in the business of dye import, real estate and papers.

  148. nagaraju padala says:

    Sir, Nilkamal results are NOT goog and growth of plastics industry is NOT as expected. How can we treat these results for entire packaging industry.

    • not just today, nilkamal has not been performing for last three years….have you seen the growth of prima of last 3-4 yrs… have you compared the operating margins of nilkamal VS prima…. prima is way better IMHO

  149. chandan says:

    sir ur views on vimta lab n poly medicure for long term

  150. kannu says:

    Ur view for entry at current levels in Selan exploration n Nucleus tech.

  151. Neeraj says:

    Whats your view on Dynemic Products

      • Surya says:

        Hi Ace,
        Finally I got 250 shares of Prima Plastic at 52 on Tuesday. Thanks for your recommendation. Actually I don’t see on sunday when you posted and checked on tuesday after one session. When is your next multibagger available. if you inform before we can prepare with CASH.

      • Surya says:

        This is my fourth investment in ace shares. trying to take all in parts but confusing which need to take first and second. from now onwards i will take on the same day you recommend. Thanks again.

  152. Sachin S Prabhakar says:

    Sir what is your call on Dynemic Products?
    I know you said its nice, I mean can we buy it at cmp?
    what are the future prospects?

  153. jayakumar velu says:

    dear Ace, any update on liberty shoes, the stock is not moving forward..


  154. sam says:

    V2 retail has posted very good numbers for this quarter…hope it zooms ahead with new year coming in………..what are your views ace?

  155. sam says:

    Hi Ace…could you pls advice on what does mean?/

    Click to access Manjushree_Technopack_Ltd_111114.pdf

  156. CB says:

    Hi Ace,
    Finally able to 430 shares of Primal Palstcis @52.20 🙂

  157. sam says:

    Hi Ace….your views on Shree Hari Chemical Exports??

  158. Shiny says:

    can you let us know how are results of prima plastics

  159. venkata says:

    Hello sir,
    Results are out.. for PRIMA. Looks like very ordinary results bottom line growth of 10% Q-Q. core business profit is reduced compared last quarter..

  160. Hi Ace,

    Results seem great. 105% growth in NP Y-o-Y and 34% growth in Revenues. 12% growth in NP Q-o-Q and 7.6% growth in sales revenues. EPS is already at 0.92 compared to 0.68 last year, growth of 35%. Best quarters for the company are still ahead, Q4 is the bumper quarter. Last year standalone EPS was 2.90, even if EPS grows at 15% in the last two quarters, we will still have 26% EPS growth Y-o-Y. With 25% growth in last two quarters, we will have 35% EPS growth Y-o-Y.

    So definitely going great guns for the company. However, I was seeing the segment results, and it seems the division has shown 20% drop in profitability. The saving grace seems to be reduced losses in the ACP division and unaccountable income. Is this worrying for you?

    Also, I know you do not entertain short term targets etc, but I bought this stock at 56 yesterday. It is at 59 right now. Do you see it correcting in the short term due to this result? The market seems to be punishing even decent results these days…JBM Auto went 5% down because result was down Q-o-Q but did excellently Y-o-Y. Lower circuit was hit, and I believe we will see 3-4 more LC in that stock. However, I may have some medical emergency coming soon and may need cash, so I was wondering if this will correct in the next coming days because of the result? Lot of large equity holders seem to have existed a couple of days ago when volumes hit 10 lakhs. I would ordinarily not ask you short term views, but do bear with me.

    I don’t know if you remember my questions on Wanbury, but I bought some after our discussion and doing my own research on the company. However, I have noticed they have not announced a results date. Is 14th November supposed to be the last date for results for all companies or can they choose to release whenever? Many small companies have not released results and not even the date, so I was just wondering.


  161. Shiny says:

    Ace, whats your view on the results

  162. Shiny says:

    I missed your earlier comment, you are happy with the result thanks on that, how do you see the company outlook now.

  163. Shiny says:

    Also when can we hear on your new pick

  164. Piyush says:

    SIr , I have purchased it prima plastics @ 55 . What is your opinion on this now . Should i hold it for a long time

  165. venkata says:

    I thought NO shares will available to buy with money. But today it is completely reverse though the results are good.
    I can see that only ACE followers are selling most than anybody…though he was telling results are good…

    • Prashant says:

      Hi Venkat,
      peopels who do not learn the power of compounding, will usually loose huge gains of multibagger . Smart peoples know when to hold . Anyone having this quality will create huge wealth in this bull run . Just wait for some time, the day some big bull take position peopels will be ready to buy these same stocks at double the price.
      Please keep watch, peopels will come back here asking whether they can buy freshtrop even at 150+ .

      Thanks & Regards,

  166. venkata says:

    Sir, please review BILCARE performance results are due today, please let us know if there is any improvement.. to buy or sell or hold or add more..

  167. srinathnitb says:

    Why is the consolidated numbers not out yet ?

  168. Shiny says:

    Iam invested not selling in a hurry, fully convinced with ace’s pick

  169. HK says:

    Any reason why this has hit an LC? It is an operator game? Can we add at this price?

  170. CK says:

    Why is primaplastic hitting lower circuit daily? Should I hold it ?

  171. kamal says:

    dear ace,
    how do i get to know the cons results as on 30.09.14.,as i guess the co does not publish the same.i am talking of prima.
    any study about the ACP business? ,as the trend indicates it could be a game changer in few more yrs.

  172. Ganeshan Babu says:

    Dear Ace
    If one was to make a comparison of Prima vs Nilkamal,could you pl enlighten on what could be the plus for the Prima investor.

  173. kamal says:

    dear ace,
    the standalone sept b.s shows the long term debt of 0.43 cr and short term debt of 7.08cr.
    when you say its debt free status ,it is on standalone basis or consolidated basis?
    pl advise.I do believe your statement,just a clarification)
    also the ACP biz of the under the brand name of aluma, and the website of the same is quiet impressive(just an addition of information).

  174. What are your views on (1) Persistent Systems (2) Acrysil (3) Shalibhadra Finance. I have a long term view and would like to double my money at a CAGR of at least 20%.

  175. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    Whats your estimate of March ’15 full year EPS for Prima Plastics?

  176. Rohit Gulati says:

    Thats grt Ace.Thnx.

  177. keith says:

    Hi Ace.. First of all thanks a ton for running such a great blog.
    I had one question on Shilpi Cable and wanted to understand if u can guide us.
    Do u have the visibility of shares pledged by Promoters in 2011, I think they never tried to reduce or buyback the pledged . According to u is this a point of concern ? .. Thanks in advance, I will definitely recommend this blog to all my friends

  178. SPEL Semiconductor seems to be a hidden gem. If we consider MAKE IN INDIA campaign, this stock should be a Mega multibagger. Good management, Uniqueness of business, High potential all are ++ for this stk.
    Please share your views on this.

  179. Ganeshan Babu says:

    Dear Ace
    Low EPS on the standalone results which is available upfront is I believe,the only reason for Prima stagnating at low valuation,how is it that the margin in the domestic operation so much lower compared to the overseas subsidiary.?. Pl comment

    • just think about it….its very obvious..and its not just with prima….please think about it you’ll get it….i can spoon feed you but that would not be good for you my friend 🙂 …god bless

  180. Chirag Shah says:

    Hi Ace, would be good if you write a follow-up response on some of the stocks like Prima which have come down after recommendation just like the ones you write which have doubled in 2/3 months… It will help your followers get a comfort and address multiple queries at one go. Also enhances crediibility !!

  181. Ujwal says:

    Adding on every dips.

  182. Dinesh Jain says:

    Prima Plastics Ltd has informed BSE that a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company will be held on January 06, 2015, to discuss & approve
    Sale of Plant & Machinery of ACP Unit.. Is there any impact on prima?

    • dont think so…lets see what kind of cash they get and what they do with it

    • normally, when a loss making unit is exited by the company its taken as positive by the markets because the bottonline would become very good after this plus the company will get a lot of cash infusion. lets hope for the best now

      • drgsrk says:

        But wasnt the long term bet on ACP division doing well going forward??

        • that’s what the expectations were but the company looks to have taken the exit route to get rid of a loss making unit and concentrate on core activities. As investors we were hoping that once ACP turnsaround the company would become cash and now this loss making unit goes, it automatically becomes a cash cow. you interested in prima because of ACP ? What is the concern that you see or you are just saying for the sake of saying something?

  183. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace,

    Do you think the closure of ACP division is a great move by Prima plastics


    • well, thats an interesting step..will close the cash leak…but great or not time will tell. very bullish on prima at these valuations..

      • MyInsignia says:

        Hmm. I agree. I was thinking the ACP division with increase the company’s product portfolio and add to the future growth and eventually increase the top line

        • well, it could have added diversity, the main driver is still furniture and its overseas subsidiary but yes you are right…even i was under impression they would continue with ACP though they have taken a smart shortcut to cut losses. now lets see how they grow domestic business…

  184. bingo says:

    sir, unable to decide between nilkamal and prima, why are you so bullish on prima and not nilkamal.

    • nilkamal’s business is bogged down by their retail adventure. In any case even if we compare the growth of plastic business since FY 06, nilkamal has grown sales at 14% CAGR and profits at 22% CAGR whereas prima (consolidated plastic business) has grown at 15% CAGR and profits more than 50% CAGR. Furthermore, prima is debt free and nilkamal has huge debts. Also, prima is available at mouth watering valuations. And lets not forget you are trying to compare prima which started in 1995 with a company that started decades earlier and still is considered one of the better brands in the country. With their ACP now going we have a debt free brand available at extremely wonderful valuations, then why should i worry about nilkamal? Till they get rid of their retail mis-adventure, there’s nothing in that company for me. God Bless

  185. Rama says:


    is there further upside to this stock? The results are pretty much flat over last 5 years

  186. govind katti says:

    We would like to know nitin fire protection

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