Cybertech Systems And Software – Another Vakrangee In Making?


“Minimum Government, Maximum Governance” is this Government’s mantra and objective. As a path to this objective, E-Governance is being touted as the route. This would involve digitization of records, civic planning, automation of workflows, monitoring of activities etc. Add to this the locational intelligence and you get the right tools for optimum civic planning and development thereby helping India build truly smart cities. Smart Cities would obviously involve “smart” civic planning and monitoring and hereby lies the opportunities. With government’s desire of building 100 smart cities and government’s diktat and affinity for e-governance, the opportunity is simply mind boggling. (Imagine all the cities in the country and add to that 100 additional smart cities).This is going to be a herculean task for the government, but an extremely rewarding proposition for companies in the right areas nonetheless.

Software Services has been one single most important factor in the evolution and prosperity of our country’s middle-class. What started out as a small area of exports, now accounts for nearly 12% of our GDP. It has also taken the world by storm with indian IT services companies like TCS,Infosys,Wipro,TechM and CTS (arguably an indian IT company) giving the IBMs and Accentures of the world sleepless nights. The huge cost arbitrage along with young and educated population were huge factors contributing in this growth. But with nearly three decades of scorching growth the cost arbitrage has reduced quite dramatically (though still pretty lucrative). It is clear that the growth moving forward cannot be based on just Software services alone, as this growth is linear and huge workforce could pose a different set of problems for the companies. Smarter companies are now evolving themselves to more non-linear growth propositions like IP and Software Product licensing. Companies who have been able to identify and embrace this trend would emerge as the next set of winners from this sector. One such company that has “successfully” transformed itself from software services based company to an IP and product engineering based company is Cybertech Systems.

Background: The Company was an erstwhile software services company and like every other company was into body shopping primarily and a bit of offshoring. Like every other company during the dot com era, its stock price also zoomed and went to the dizzy heights of 750 or something and then came crashing down like everyone else. What really helped this company survive that massacre was its reserved management. They had to take tough decisions and were also quick to realize the flaw in the basic business premise of “outsourcing/offshoring”. During the latter half of that decade the company consciously started moving towards IP based work and then eventually towards products (which is the only way forward for Indian Software Industry IMHO). They also forged some very important strategic partnerships with their chosen industry’s leaders, especially ESRI (World leader in geo-spatial solutions) and now NC4 (a leader in safety, security and advanced risk visibility solutions).

Evolution: From Software services to IP based to eventually products based business, the company – backed by an extremely ethical and transparent management, has successfully transformed itself to next stage of growth. Company’s success stems from its strong technology and business partnerships with industry leaders like ESRI, SAP, IBM, CISCO, MICROSOFT and now NC4. Especially with ESRI, the partnership has been very successful and fruitful. The partnership is of strategic in nature, with ESRI having close to 15% stake in the company. With the involvement of ESRI (World leader in geo-spatial solutions), the company has created some outstanding products to serve both the international (some of ESRI’s contract are also executed by this entity) and indian customers and especially Indian government. The GEO suites of products have already created a huge buzz around this and company has got great reviews from its customers about the same. The company has been demolishing competition like Rolta, Vakarangee etc on back of their superior products and is flying with virtual monopoly.

The company also recently won the very prestigious, Skoch Order of Merit 2014 in the 37th Skoch Summit on “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance” held in New Delhi in Sep 14. The Product suite is a comprehensive suite of GIS applications, designed to help Local Governments, leverage geographic intelligence for optimum civic planning and development. Also, the company has won many orders from various civic municipalities and many are in pipelines. The recent ISRO launch of navigation satellite would strengthen the country’s GPS capability which in-turn would make Cybertech’s product even more relevant. The growing domestic business has clearly made Cybertech a much better and evolved player now as evident from the standalone numbers which have grown from just 17 cr in Mar 10 to 40.66cr in Mar 14 and profits from 4.76cr to 8.69 cr and consolidated revenues have grown from 39cr to 67.5 cr in last four years and bottomline has grown from 1.38 to 7.63 cr for the same period. The company has won orders from thane, CIDCO, Bangalore municipalities and akola and Amravati are in pipeline. There was a major jump in revenues from June quarter on back of these order wins and with new orders now flowing in the earnings should jump further and the company is confident of similar growth pace in future as well. The company has around 450 employees at present and has taken additional space to accommodate 250 more employees. This additional space is specially dedicated to be built as GeoSpatial Technology Center and would be creating and serving Geo-Spatial solutions. These solutions as part of an IP based Product development would improve non-linear revenue and this is going to be really exciting. The partnership with NC4, is a more recent one. NC4, is a world leader in risk management and situational awareness solutions. Together with NC4, Cybertech has launched an exclusive Business unit, called “CyberTech Risk Center”. To improve predictability of business, whatever little IT services business they have (they have a US subsidiary who’s primary job is to get outsourced and offshored projects) that they have moved from a project based jobs to long-term annuity contracts. Though the US subsidiary has made some very minor losses, it is expected to move into black very soon but more importantly, the domestic business is where the major growth is anticipated. Company’s body language is very confident and it’s also confident of very strong growth in near future. What I personally also like about the company is the fact that they have a very active stock options program and this means they are ready to share wealth with their employees by making them stakeholders. Also, their Annual reports are very transparent and comprehensive. The passion they have shown in giving detailed analysis of their actions, products, and business is very encouraging and shows their commitment towards transparency with shareholders. Great People…

Lever’s For Growth:

  1. E-Governance for the entire country and smart cities.
  2. Virtually no competition
  3. GEO Suite of products which off-late has gained massive visibility and traction and has gained tremendous pace in securing civic contracts as evident from CIDCO,Bangalore, Thane contracts and is going to be fuelled further with other contracts in pipeline like Amravati and Akola.
  4. After an already very successful partnership with ESRI now they have forged another partnership with NC4 in the lucrative “Security and Public Safety” area. With this government’s strong focus on Security, this would be another winning partnership.
  5. With around 450 current employees, and additional 250 employee space being taken up which would be filled with people working on product development, it will significantly enhance non-linear growth for company and in-turn improve margins.
  6. Management itself is very confident of the similar pace of growth in future as seen in Q1.
  7. Hit-rate is very high with their GEO suites of products.
  8. New management catering to Domestic Business, has proved itself.

Valuations: At current market cap of 150cr, this regular dividend paying company with Debt to Equity of just 0.08 is available at PE of around 12. The company OPM has improved from 2% to over 17% in last four years and is generating free cash flows. The standalone growth is going to be scintillating in next few years thanks to its partnership with ESRI and now with NC4 and more importantly with government’s focus on e-governance and smart cities. The other income is the rental income from cybertech owned property. The promoters have also increased their stake from 33% to over 37% and together with strategic partner ESRI who holds around 14.71% they have more than 51% stake.

Technicals: This stock has broken out after 14 YEARS. The stock could go a long long long …way now, because the massive breakout is backed by changing fundamentals as well.

Note: Since the results are tomorrow, I purposely decided to publish it before results as my conviction in this business is pretty strong and personally I am not really bothered what Cybertech would report tomorrow. Please use your own conviction to evaluate the business and understand the difference between price and value.

God Bless !!!

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  1. pp says:

    Wonderful stock, thank you for another great pick.

  2. Teja says:

    Everybody, start the Race for Ace pick…

  3. ravi multani says:

    i think prima plastic is better choice….and with net profit of 8 crore its mcap is approx 150 crore so it is trading at around 20 pe….it is my personal view and i can b wrong also…thanks

  4. Nikhil Biswas says:

    dear sir, i liked the last line “difference between price and value”.. in the prima plastic .. u had said that there is value even at Rs. 70. similarly, now that the stock is going to be on uc for a few days, could u pls pls say that till which price levels may we enter so that there is value… Please don’t skip my question sir. I want to learn how to assess situations…

    • Look at all the factors and decide. Dont chase but should not loose sleep as well, if you decide to skip it and see its price going up. This is what you call individual conviction which is based on various factors like understanding of business, risk profile, personal choice, holding period etc. Here look at the market cap vs the opportunity size and also the competition. See if a 150cr market size is justified for this kind of opportunity, but please take your own decision because ultimately that only will decide whether you sleep peacefully at night or not.

  5. skdc14 says:

    Thanks Ace. Great timing of publication.


  6. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    I am planning to swap from Eclerx (already doubled in last 1 year) to Cybertech . I know Eclerx will be generating consistent returns but it may not generate non linear returns as in case if Cybertech. Hope its fine .

    Best regards,

  7. Altaf says:

    Real Great story, but the factor is our gov should deliver of what they have promised :p

    • chirag says:

      yes.. same thought.. if govt contracts via smart citiy project is expected to be main growth driver.. think there is still a very long way to go because they have too too many things to work on otherwise also .. otherwise, pick is good, company is product based and operates in a niche space..

      • smart cities is additional thing, main thing is e-governance, the contracts that cybertech has already started getting from civic corporations like that of bangalore, thane , amravati and akola…this is mentioned in the stock story.

    • if this govt doesnt deliver then i doubt any other goverment would and looking at the spate of kick-up in e-governance projects (e.g. just yesterday the railway minister was saying that they’ll put a customer service portal for all queries, both media and alike) the work has already started.

      • chirag says:

        hmmm everything sounds good no doubt.. im a big hater of companies like tcs, wipro, cts or any IT service oriented business because they make employees do SHIT work.. ace they will have to move into higher margin businesses like analytics/big data soon.. plus, youngsters now days dont get attracted by the tag anymore and get paid 30k peanuts to work in a city like bangalore..

        so cost of revenue is going to gradually shoot up.. they will not be able to get away by paying 3.5 to 4 lacs an annum anymore..

        about time our nation comes up with some real tech giants whose products are used by the entire world like fb, google, linkedin

  8. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Complete suicide at this lvl!!!

  9. ankush panwar says:

    SIr, Pl share ur views about “aimco pesticides”, is their any negative news 4 it …? why this gem is falling down since last 2 days….? how is Q2 results expected for this…?

  10. mayur says:

    Well..there is other small IT company focuses on purely e-gov projects is ABM Knowledgeware.
    It had already turned many corporations into e-gov like of mumbai..m new order wins from Bihar….dont u think it can be compared with Cybertech?

    • abm products are very inferior to cybertech’s one. I am sure somebody from the software world can easily see that (dont underestimate the effect of GIS based products). Also, I am extremely comfortable with Cybertech’s management.

  11. Thapa says:

    Yes, Ace.. I would also like to know why is this better than ABM Knowledge.

  12. Chenna says:

    ace ji

    I appreciate your patience in replying to your blog readers. There may be some questions it may irritate but still i saw a polite answer. That shows your maturity. I request all the readers to understand whether our questions are requests or demands. Ace ji is helping all of us to make some money and make blog environment cool.


  13. chirag says:

    Sameer I checked up with wanbury CS to know about results date but no one picking up. Any idea?

  14. mitajakom says:

    dear ace,

    How to understand what

  15. mitajakom says:

    Dear ace,

    Sorry, its a wordpress mistake. got refreshed from no where nd my comment got entered even without I complete my writing.

    Anyways, How to undeerstand what is exceptional item part in the last quarter result of 5.2 crs?

  16. shyam says:

    Dear Ace your views on Kopran Result as per me its below expectation….how u look for its share price

  17. neelbasura says:

    Hi Ace,
    In cookware segment, which one is better for core portfolio ? – TTK Prestige or Hawkins and why? I am not able to conclude. Thanks.

  18. Narayan says:

    Hi Ace

    What’s your views on NOCIL, Excel Industries and Ahmednagar Forgings from a 2 year perspective?

  19. Arun says:

    Hi Ace,

    Nitin Spinners looks intresting. Whats your current research status on this. Thanks

    God bless.

  20. neelbasura says:

    How is IL&FS Investment managers, eClerx and Cummins India for investment?

  21. MyInsignia says:

    U are man of words. I was afraid that after too much of discussion on public forum you may not recommended this stock , but you did it. hats off man.

  22. Senthil Kumar says:

    I am New here Holding Trigyn,Cybertech,Sonata,Datamatics,Megasoft,Fsl,Saksoft,allsec…can pls update on this stocks already holded for very long time since 2008..Thanks in Advance

  23. newinvestor says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your view on dion global. Company was good earlier but results are not good. What you suggest now. High price fluctuations are there. Is it ok to enter at CMP

  24. anil says:

    Ace how u able to contact the management, i mean in which business u are r u trader / broker?

  25. mahavir says:

    Aceji any good picks in EPC companies as it is going to be next mutibagger theme

  26. mayur says:

    will wait for cybertech to colsolidate or correct…

    • please take your own decision and you do not need to update me on your decision 🙂

      • Mayur says:

        Sorry Ace, i was replying this to some one your point.
        Meanwhile, did you observe the Liberty is heavily consolidating around 280 and not moving an inch on either side..expecting a big move in coming time..m holding it from 140 levels and slowly accumulating even at current i like it a lot 🙂

  27. Chirag Shah says:

    Sir, how do you compare Rolta to Cybertech… Rolta is much bigger than Cybertech, but still way too cheaper at less than 5 PE… Promoters have been increasing their stake and its in the same areas and also in the lucrative defence area. Yes its debt is high but its able to service it level. Between the two, which one would you recommend?

  28. mil says:

    What are your views on MT Educare? Their quarter results are very good.

  29. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir, just two questions for your kind perusal..
    1. Prima is up to 61. Shall we book profit or have patience
    2. I purchased cybertech at 69. Is it ok.

    Please express your views.. as my conviction largely comes from an outstanding expert like you 🙂

  30. Mayur says:

    Meanwhile, did you observe the Liberty is heavily consolidating around 280 and not moving an inch on either side..expecting a big move in coming time..m holding it from 140 levels and slowly accumulating even at current i like it a lot 🙂

  31. dear ace
    pls share ur view on cupid at current cmp, its is in lc from last 6 to 7 sessions, it is right to time to entered at this level? ur suggestion is highly appreciated.

  32. dear ace,
    pls share ur view on cupid, it is in lc from last 6 to 7 sessions, pls suggest is this right to invest in this scrip or shall i wait? ur reply is highly appreciated.

  33. Ricky says:

    What do you think about SML? looks intresting with good business and big clients. Do you think debt to equity ratio is a concern? your advise pls? Thanks

  34. dear ace,
    can u pls share fb id

  35. sanjeev jain says:

    Dear sir,
    I have liberty shoes 500@ Rs325.Is something wrong with the results why the counter is not able to hold and is continuosly showing downward momentum.
    At the cost of repetition and for re-assuring words from master please reply
    sanjeev jain

  36. Vandana says:

    Dear Ace Sir,

    Is something wrong with Cupid now like result etc? One can hold this one.

  37. Chandan jha says:

    Hi Ace
    plz share ur view on
    Himachal futuristic company ltd
    Bajaj hindustan
    control print &
    Tube investment?
    I went through search option but not get any results.
    Thanks in advance.

  38. shyam says:

    Dear Ace What is your views on Saurashtra Cement Limited at CMP 51/-

  39. Raj says:

    Ace, Is Arvind good stock to hold at CMP 278.20, I entered at 310. Please advise.

  40. TANUJ SINGH says:

    Dear ACE Sir….what is the result of PRIMA PLASTICS LTD..I checked upon the bse,but it is only showing about results declaration date i.e.13 Nov,but not the Result Description….kindly update it sir or explain some major points in the results…..
    Thanks Sir!!!


    Sir Kindly say ur opinion on Donear Industries Ltd.

  42. manju says:

    please review mindteck India

  43. a.p. says:

    Ace sir, after a beautiful recovery, aimco fell in last minutes like some informed selling before result. I am a long term investor but still my conviction was shaken up today as I am watching it daily 😦 lets hope for best.

  44. Altaf says:

    Ace sir, what is ur view on tvs motor & marksans pharma ?

  45. thanveer says:

    Dear Ace,

    I have noticed a company named Suditi Industries in Textile Business.

    What I impressed most is that their unique way of business Expansion.Last year they got Apparel Right in India of FIFA world cup 2014, after the success of that event they have tied up with many prestigious Premier league football Club that includes Real Madrid, Arsenal & Manchester City as well they are in talk with couple of more clubs.

    By doing so they are aiming to find a new market segments as well as create a brand value of their Retail brand named “Riot”. They have around 15 retail outlets in India and tied up with many Retail Chains and online stores. If you read their last annual report we can understand that They are expecting 20 to 30% revenue growth in current fiscal year.

    Apart from this I have noticed 75% of the company shares holding by promoters in that around 70% holding by Single promoter.

    And for the dividend side last year they have given 0.50 Rs/Share dividend for 25% public share holders. Promoters hadn`t taken any. That is showing management friendly attitude towards the minority retail share holders.

    I wish you have a go through on it and will give your valuable feedback. Thank you

  46. kumar says:

    Prima,even though top line on moulded grown ,profit has been come down to 60.06 LCS vs 82.05 lacs, actually due to lower crude profit margin has decreased !what can be the reason Ace ?pls clarify if I am wrong.

    • kumar says:

      Sorry,mistyped the above it should be read as
      due to lower crude, profit margin of moulded furniture should increase,but it decreased to 60.06 lacs ,what can be the reason ?

  47. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Dear your highness.. what is ur take on the results of prima plastics.. I personally found it to be good.. But being a novice, i might be wrong.. Sir, also express ur views on cybertech at cmp.. A lot of speculation about it being overheated as shaken my conviction to say the least. Ur honest opinion will be a word of comfort.. Thanks a lot sir! 🙂

  48. sunny multani says:

    Hi ace
    Pls give ur view on prima’s result.
    It is out on bse.

  49. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    where r consolidated numbers of prima and wht would be stock reaction tommorow…thanks

  50. venkata says:

    Hello sir,
    Results are out.. for PRIMA. Looks like very ordinary results bottom line growth of 10% Q-Q. core business profit is reduced compared last quarter..

  51. Rakesh says:

    Hi Ace,
    Why does’nt Prima post consolidated results.

  52. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir ,ple share ur views on prima plastic and cybertech result . Did the result shows tht future is good 4 the both company.

  53. ravi multani says:

    do u expect correction from this level in prima..

  54. Ashok Gupta says:

    Any update on Cybertech result?

  55. ankur garg says:


  56. Ketan Daraji says:

    How is patels airtemp

  57. Ketan Daraji says:

    How u see investment in the polyplex and molk pack

  58. ravi multani says:

    r u expecting positive opening tommorow for prima…

  59. JK-1 says:

    Dear Ace,
    Thanks for your detailed report on Cybertech, I am bought 500 CT@Rs.10 during IPO and exited between Rs.100 to 300 during dot com era but regreted when that scaled upto Rs1200 !!! I have been tracking the stock since then and recently re-entered @ Rs. 33 as I was conviced about its business model, their focus on domestic market, India’s e-governance initiatives and more importantly company’s management and their consistent track record.
    My question is, what should be a fair value of this stock in next 6-12 months?
    I expected it to touch 200 within 12 months but wondering whether has it got any potential to climb to 4 figure rate again????
    Appreciate your views on it.

  60. manas says:

    Any view on century ply, SMS pharma and sasken at camp?

  61. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, Did you get a chance to check out Nitco results? Loss of 56cr..

  62. pp says:

    When is the results of cybertech?

  63. newinvestor says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please share your views on wanbury. I am holding a large volume since after your recommendation. Price is going down.


  64. ashok ojha says:

    Ace sir , what is the difference between standalone result & consolidated,clear it. thanks

  65. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace,

    Has Action construction & equipment company got any project in ganga Cleaning mission started by BJP govt. I see that you are positive on this stock.


  66. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace,

    So you track Donear Ind – a textile company with good brand, 75% promotor’s holding + 15 FII and is available at PE of 18 and throwaway price of 21.


  67. Renu says:

    Hello ACE, Have you checked cyberrtech results ? It seems to be a bad quarter

  68. ravi multani says:

    gud morning ace
    what vl b the consolidated eps for prima this financial year..

  69. ravi multani says:

    so v can expect 9 rs eps for this year….

  70. ravi multani says:

    is it buying opportunity if it falls today bcoz it is trading at 5.5 pe…whts ur view…

  71. J Gopal says:

    Dear Ace,

    I like your reply. btw i am not an astrologer but i am a strong believer of astrology.

  72. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Haha cybertech Hacked n crashed 😛
    Told you its not worth buying!!!

    • lets see….not sure when you said so..but anyways, lot of people behaved the same way with freshtrop and aro…that’s why you know many rich investors but not many rich traders…god bless

      • chirag says:

        hahaahaha i can imagine mr. dinesh chuckling and laughing sitting at his screen !!!!! hilarious

      • chirag says:

        im sure there are many who must be smirking about prima also since it is in LC…those sitting on sidelines… there is this very interesting book written by daniel kahnmann called “thinking fast and slow”.. can be applied in all aspects of life….

        mr. dinesh you should read this book… remember hindsight is only 20/20… it will open your eyes !!!!

      • Dinesh Agarwal says:

        Sir I never gave negative comment in your pick infact I earned from your picks freshtrop, cupid and waterbase.
        cybertech was worth buying but not at 69 lvl you should post in market hrs so that everyone can get at lower level.
        why I will buy at high rate if I we can buy at lower level??
        Cybertech already gained 40-50% before your recommendation and ppl jumping to buy at high rate as like its a new IPO and will shoot like rocket in no time.

    • Prashant says:

      Hi Dinesh,
      good money is made by patience in stock market .

      I bought sanghavi movers during early 2013 at 95+, since I was sure about its prospects .
      It crashed to 38 during Aug and I averaged my position to 50 .

      As on today its around 169 .. so cool 230% upside in less than 2 years, just because I was sure of the business .

      Ups and Downs are part of market and no one can predict the short term price movement. But ultimately good stocks will catch up sooner than later .

      So please stop worrying about Prima, Cybertech, Freshtrop etc …
      Looks like some of the boarders are thinking stocks goes only up and up …

      Thanks & Regards,

  73. sangram says:

    Do you like the cybertech qtly results

    • its as expected with standalone bottomline tad below expectations as i know they are investing heavily into recruitment but did not know this much… the pipelined orders are going to start showing results from next quarter onwards

  74. Karen Shekh Jasmeet Singh fernandes says:

    such a bad result ..

  75. anujpress24 says:

    Would it be correct to assume that in Cupid and Prima plastic operators are involved. As in both the shares there is one order which is more than 1 lac+.

    • Let’s hope not. Stop worrying about price and be happy about performance as the results are good. think about it, at assuming every retail investor bought just 1000 shares it takes just 100 investors to bring pending quantity to 1lac… anyways your guess is as good as mine.. Even ACC was once touted as operators play and today its a blue chip

  76. Yatheendra says:

    Got opportunity to grab few shares of Cybertech and Prima. Thanks Ace..

  77. Rajiv says:

    Hi Ace,

    Do you think nitin spinners is a good buy at CMP? looks like high debt of 144Cr is the concern? quaterly growth looks good.

    You view pls?


  78. Theresa says:

    But……. Ace ji , You could wait… at least…. till the result announcement. Anyway as Salman Khan says Do whatever you want to ……. Thanks, God Bless!

    • see, thats why i wrote the note right? People can take their own decision..what if results were better than what people expected and then it had hit another 20%…? nobody knows about markets short term…

  79. Akshit says:

    Why has it hit the LC today?

  80. Akshit says:

    both Prima and cybertech have hit LC. Any specific reason?

  81. PS says:

    Result Mania.

  82. Jitendra says:

    Dear Ace,

    Kindly guide for Lincoln Pharma. Its EPS Rs. 4.29 as compared to last year Qtr. Rs. 2.09 Increase by 105 %
    Whereas previous qrt. EPS Rs. 1.98 . FV – 10, Whereas Sales grew by 40%
    Should buy @ CMP Rs. 63.00?


  83. acefollower says:

    Sir, Holding Cybertech and will not exit just because of one qtr. below expectation result. As you have said in your detailed write up that it has broken out after 14 years. What is this broken price level. I also request you to share your detailed view on the result of Cybertech for better understanding.

  84. Jitendra says:

    Dear Ace,

    Give ur view on Lincoln Pharma after todays result. It seems to be move very very high from CMP Rs. 63.00.


  85. acefollower says:

    Sir I am holding Cybertech and wil not exit just because of one below expectation result. You have written that it has broken out after 14 yrs. What is the broken price level? I request to to share you view of this qtr result in detail for more clarity on cybertech.

  86. parinan says:

    Sir, what are your views on MM Forgings? Could it be bought at current price of approximately Rs. 520? I have bought Prima Plastics & CyberTech after your recommendation.Would you recommend to buy more shares of Prima Plastics & CyberTech at this price level? Thank You

  87. Raj Gupta says:

    To my all fellows,who follow the Ace sir,

    Two things happening here one who earns instantly and another who losses instantly but where the mistake done by the Ace sir while he always says use ur own sense!
    So v have to understand the psychology of these type of guys n request not to reply them.Pass only a lovely smile to them because these r only for sometime here whenever MKT will take deep breathe of correction these type of elements will not seen even after so many years.Ace sir doing excellent work,have ur views for long term but watch the company regularly..
    One more guy name MMB Cleaner on moneycontrol always has negative views.
    God bless these type negative guys.
    Thanks Ace sir..

  88. parinan says:

    Dear Sir, request you to kindly provide your views on Dynacons Sustems and Solutions Ltd & Rexnord Electronics and Controls? Thank You

  89. Swetal says:

    Respected Aceji..

    Can u plz guide me… ur valuable opinion for ZEE MEDIA…

  90. ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    yesterday i was feeling that prima vl go down but i m certain now that this vl b ur biggest multibagger stock and it vl go very far from current level…i was convince for cupid wen i bought cupid and earned very handsomely…..i m damn sure prima vl shut mouth of all who r critisizing….i vl buy more if it come down further and i m not bothered for some fall…thanks very much giving this stock….thanks

  91. Altaf says:

    Ace sir, what do u think about era infra engg. they have secured 400+ cr orders..

  92. acefollower says:

    Sir, you said that government’s desire of building 100 smart cities and government’s diktat and affinity for e-governance, the opportunity is simply mind boggling. But construction of new cities will take lot of time say 2-3 years or more? So how will this benefit cybertech in short to medium term. Sir please share your view on above.

  93. sai says:

    bank guarantees given by the petitioner that is watebase for amount Rs.42,30,000 were forged documents, this is old news but serious issue about the management as they have done produced even forged document as bank guarantees in past.
    Please provide your view on waterbase in this light

    • its a very very well known news…its i think 20 yrs old. no change in reco….just because it happened once does not mean it has to happen again…do you even know if this person is associated with the company now? also, i would request you to research a company called caplin point…

      • sai says:

        Thanks for the fast reply.Yes i am aware of caplin point.
        Yes it is a very old news of 1995 but the bank guarantees was not given by an individual but by Thapar Water Base Limited the company.
        Anyway i was researching for my own conviction and got this info

  94. parinan says:

    Dear Sir,

    If I have to choose between two stocks to invest from long-term perspective, what would you recommend – Prima Plastics or CyberTech? Thank You

  95. ajay says:

    Lucky to open blog 5 min back. Added a decent amount on LC

  96. venkata says:

    Hi Ace,
    Few requests from my side..
    1. Why are you responding to such questions like “”””Haha cybertech Hacked n crashed 😛 Told you its not worth buying!!!”””” and there there is a big thread run on this comment.. Please answer good queries which can help everyone.
    2. Please allocate your dedicated valuable time frame every day to answer followers questions rather than answering all over the day.
    3. Please add some filter(which requires your permission) for publishing comments on this blog. Blog can have meaningful questions.
    I am suggesting them because you can put your more energy on identifying great MULTIBAGGER stocks going forward. Let work talks 🙂

    • well, i just thought that i should entertain negative views as well (about me) so that things are a bit more transparent….but you are right it takes away a lot of energy mentally

      • M Prabhu says:

        Ace,,, Agree your so much energy are getting exhausted by giving answers for negative comments… those things may be ignored… However it is my request not to put any filter for the comments which is the only way to understand each followers mentality on each scrip and also like your matured positive answers on that… Anyway it is your blog.. you can decide. the way you like..

  97. venkata says:

    Ace Sir,
    Few requests from my side..
    1. Why are you responding to such questions like “”””Haha cybertech Hacked n crashed 😛 Told you its not worth buying!!!”””” and there there is a big thread run on this comment.. Please answer good queries which can help everyone.
    2. Please allocate your dedicated valuable time frame every day to answer followers questions rather than answering all over the day.
    3. Please add some filter(which requires your permission) for publishing comments on this blog. Blog can have meaningful questions.
    I am suggesting them because you can put your more energy on identifying great MULTIBAGGER stocks going forward. Let work talks 🙂

  98. Senthil says:

    The volumes were high in cybertech wht does it mean whether informed sources(results) has sold the stock …may be Uno metal and Akg finvest …may be others also ..If ur recommendation is right u shld have waited for a day for results …tht will be great for investors..Nothing wrong in recommending after results ..Was thier any discussion with Company ppls ?? or a company visit or have attended AGM

  99. d jain says:


  100. venkatesh says:

    Hi Ace Sirji,

    Your comments on the result of cybertech….. Positive and Negative both.

    • cybertech is as expected though bottomline below expectation. but its negative because of high recruitment that they have done, and administration charges…their pipeline of akola and amaravati has to be serviced and should start in next couple of months…so its basically these investments in future that has taken a hit and nothing much. the company is well on course.

  101. Jitesh says:

    Sir What about wanbury? It’s not even inching up a bit..something wrong with its fundamentals…maybe u have some news or updates to share?

  102. Theresa says:

    Re Cybertech: You didn’t ask me/us to buy . But, Brother, you banked so much credibility from all of us. That is why everything goes upper circuit when you recommend something. Credibility is very important; I can’t believe how someone on earth can recommended such a stock after interacting with the management and before the company going to announce their worst result in their recent history! IYHO are you still happy about the timing of your recommendation. Your answer will be “ your conviction”. This is the most misused or abused word among the investors community. To me the Credibility of the adviser is the mother of so called “conviction”. We are getting recommendations from many. But we select a few of them because of their credibility. God Bless!!!

    • Conviction i dont know is abused or not, but its surely misunderstood. 1-2 quarter’s Results do not mean anything, what matters is the long term trend… Food for thought…. if earnings are everything, then why do you think some companies trade at single digit PE especially w.r.t to something trading at much higher PE in the same sector? If I am bullish about anything i’ll share with the readers and its up to them to take a call. Every body on this blog knows that i do not like to “trade” events /news and therefore, never i have given a yes to any questions that say’s there’s news of say delisting or takeover etc .. Rest i do not mind being judged, you are not the last one and you are not the only one too 🙂 God Bless..

      • Jitendra says:

        Dear Ace,

        Theresa must be a intraday trader. Dont give attention to such comment.
        Im very confident that after 1-2 quarters, I will be in a good proft in Cybertech.
        Once again thanks for your hardwork and recommendation for small investor.



    • yes, i read this..isnt that interesting..i mean these people do not even talk to management before investing such huge amounts…. something really interesting… Thakns for posting it

      • chirag says:

        How do they get a “feel” of the company/operations without paying a visit, before investing such big amounts? If I has so much cash to invest, I would spend a decent amount to understand all aspects of firm/industry.

        But ace these guys are the champs man. All know that smallcap microcap stocks was treated like a junkyard till Jan this year to a large extent. No one would think of picking up anything. they like many others have picked up all the discounted jewels at the right time. In a year’s time we’ll definitely look back and say the same about most of your picks!

      • no discussion of other blog as requested multiple times on this blog

      • Aussie, i am NOT a value investor, but a growth investor. So clearly you are on wrong blog.

        • anujpress24 says:

          Cybertech results for Q2Y2014 is not good. Sales are down ,net profit in negative…It seems it will nose dive this week.. Ace any idea why the sales number are down…
          I understand the net profit can be down for many reasons like hiring and stuff…

          Thanks & Regards

          • lets see if it actually node dives or not..its very premature to see the verdict coming out….in two days if you can decide the fate of the company then its remarkable. as far as sales are down,there was an offshore project that got completed last quarter…its probably because of that..but do not get fixated at a quarter and try to trace the trend

  103. REGHU says:

    result of Cybertech is terribly disapointing ; What is you opinion sir

  104. rajat says:

    sir, could you provide some light on signet industries at current level.

  105. Bhaker says:

    Hello Ace,

    I am new to your forum. What are your views on Sudar Industries?

    Kind Regards

  106. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Dear Ace, it pains me to see the speculation and criticism going on.. Could u just specify the holding period for which people should be patient before pouncing on u.. It will ensure that ppl are quiet for that period at least..

    • Nikhil Biswas says:

      As in u have kept stressing on long term.. what is long term.. 1 year.. 2 years.. or 6 months

      • how can six months be long term?? you need to review your holding every few months and keep reviewing the call, but one should not expect magic in weeks. Thats bad investing attitude….long term obviously means few years..

  107. sowrabh says:

    hey ace ..Aimco posted good results 🙂

  108. Sanjay says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your view on Coral labs? Thks

  109. Teja says:

    Hi Ace, your views on bambino agro industries…
    Note: I keyed in bambino in search box and got no results.

  110. Raja says:

    Sir – Freshtrop has declared profits this quarter! What do you make of the results? Thanks

    • i had clearly indicated in the stock story that from now onwards, we can expect positive numbers from food processing numbers and as expected the company has delivered. as i have always maintained during the price volatility of freshtrop…I was and am bullish on stock

  111. mesh says:

    ur views on

  112. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, V2 again witnessed huge volumes today just like last friday’s. What could be going on here? I am trying to understand market dynamics.

  113. Rehan says:

    Hello Ace, i would like to know your views on Shriram City Union Finance for a long-term investment ?

  114. Nikhil Biswas says:

    hello sir.. we know that u believe in long term value investing.. but i am sure.. u do have opinions for short term as well though u mite not be motivated by it.. in this regard, how do u see the share market in the short run.. don’t u think it has appreciated quite a bit post elections without any change in the fundamentals per se..

  115. anujpress24 says:


    Just a suggestion , would it be possible for you to give review on the result of the companies that you cover on this blog…good or bad doesnt are anyway must be checking the results ,just have to give your view on it here….please note that i understand that its our own responsibility to do it and i do it myself by going to BSE site… but ur views would be highly appreciated as you are the expert and would be good learning for a novice like me…

    Just a thought..
    Thanks & Regards

  116. SN Prabhu says:

    Dear Ace,
    Can you please give me your views on 1) Onward Tech 2) Arihant foundations.
    SN Prabhu

  117. JK-1 says:

    Cybertech results are disappointing after many quarters of positive trend and it will be test of patience now, but the kind of delivery volume we have seen today even after bad set of numbers, that should give confidence that investors are buying and traders are exiting the stock. I believe the correction should not be more than 15-20% from here. But cybertech should give better set of numbers in coming 2 qtrs.

  118. Altaf says:

    im considering this as best buying opportunity 🙂

  119. Tapas kumar says:

    Ace sir ,first of all sorry because my question wil hurt u or make u angry bt still want u to ans the question ,ple again sory. What make u to suggest cybertech and primal plastic as u know the result date of both companies are very near , u have waited till result. before u shares ur views. Because u r well know person in market and u know tht result will hve a grate impact in shares to move up or down.

  120. SAY says:

    “It was my sitting that made big money for me”, per Jesse livermore. Quoting this w.r.t. so called investors reaction to one Q results of prima, which are pretty good. But if market has unrealistic expectations, not much can be done. Be greedy when others are fearful. Charlie Munger has often quoted: I and warren have seen our portfolio plunging down by about 40% to 50% in value atleast 5 times during our career. Still it did not bother us. You have to ride the cycles. Avoid herd mentality.

    • thats true…but more importantly people who are cribbing do not know that its just stanalone numbers…topline has grown..bottomline has “doubled” …consolidated EPS when reported could be above 9rs… short term view has killed many impatient investors (not very sure if we can call such guys even investors)

  121. ajith says:

    Please express your views on Dynacon systems and solutions.

  122. Ram says:

    Dear Ace,
    Cybertech reported a quarterly loss. What the investor should do who bought at Rs 70?

    • already replied multiple times..first thing is that results are not as bad as it is made to sound, second, 15-20% volatility is fine. One should be convinced before buying and once you buy monitor business not price action

  123. Tapas kumar says:

    Ple ple do me a favour by giving ur valuable comments on stone india. Trading at 87 rs . Got lots of orders from chins ,now getting fron india goverment. I have before bt selll at 56 rs . Did this stocks looks promising for long term

  124. Reghunath says:

    Your opinion on the good result of Sunil hitech ; Is it a buy/hold at current level considering the performance of the company. The promoters have increased their stake in the company ; debt reduced; Interest cost come down

  125. MyInsignia says:

    Time for new post Cybertech did not do well.

  126. sowrabh says:

    Ace…Prima as of now is debt free…so do u think they may increase the dividends for this year??

  127. Ravi multani says:

    considering eps of 10 then prima is quoting dirt cheap at this level with debt free status…..waiting for some more fall to grab this opportunity….actually i m happy wen some people critisizing prima so that some negative sentiment i m getting it more cheap….

  128. Karen Shekh Jasmeet Singh fernandes says:

    You can have a look at Archidply. Reported good qtrly result.

  129. Ravi multani says:

    now my feeling says prima vl not sustain down for more days….it vl shoot anyday…..

  130. kamal says:

    dear ace,
    very nice analysis done by you.the other day i had talked with the c.s of the company,and he explained two points when asked about the future prospects.1) the co is facing immense competition now for its gis product( for corporation property tax),which is their key product.
    2)the payments are also a bit difficult,as they have to deal with local corporation bodies.
    pl advise,looking to the above does the valuations are favourable at this point of time?


    • 1. i got exactly opposite answer on this. also, i had evaluated another competitor of cybertech and he mentioned cybertech as the biggest emerging threat (and thats how i originally discovered cybertech).
      2. The cycle is longer not difficult.This is common sore point for “every” goverment contract but this would improve significantly because of the new goverment….

      • Ravi says:

        This is how positive and negative both aspects comes out of healthy discussion, but some trader or bookie wants to turn the tide in their favor by just spilling some LC and UC nonsense. I can tell there are few who thinks to do good to in general and if they do, are subjected to abuse. People who do not want to discuss about pros and cons of business should not come to this blog. Without any analysis no one should react.
        Thanks Ace that you are here to tell to the people to use their own brain and to follow the Herd like walking in sleep.

      • SK says:

        You earlier said you talked with the Cybertech itself . Was their reply to you the same Kamal got

      • Roshan says:

        hi ace im curious to know who is the competitor u had evaluated before discovering asking for the sake of research as i want to read their annual reports as well

  131. Prabu says:

    Ace sir , Please advice the fair price of V2 Retail.. I am planning to buy at current levels and not able to find the correct price for entry. Whether we can buy at these levels. I am small investor and learning day by day. Please advise. Thanks Prabu

  132. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Of all the stock recommendations I think Wanbury & Liberty are the stocks with greatest potential.

    • chirag says:

      hey Sameer,

      admire that you do research on top of ace’s before buying. are there any additional insights / thoughts regarding wanbury that you found ? would love to know (invested)

  133. Sameer says:

    Hi Ace, what’s your long term view on Suzlon Energy?

  134. a.p. says:

    Ace ji, one sincere advice. Please limit comments on your blog. Its nice of you that u r giving and explaining each and every question. But its consuming your mental energy and so of readers to find proper ans. I want to say that publish even negative comment if u find it valid. But here comments are made like Facebook and then an essay is prepared of too much repeatedly asked ques.
    Think about it sir.

  135. acefollower says:

    sir what is your view for Dynacons Systems & Solutions Ltd.

  136. Rishant says:

    IMP Powers declared a turn around result with good jump in profit compared to last few qtrs of losses.
    The company had declared that they have excellent orders on hand for next 1 year.

    Whats your view on it?

  137. mesh says:

    The only thing i am worry about just check the result , no.1 expenditure has become zero how its possible to sale any hardware product without cost of delivery ,
    sir its our request as u are always speaking to management of cos u recommend so please clarify this point ……if they replay negatively then please recommended other stocks to switch…
    open hearty no hard feeling sir
    as u said in earlier chat u have all the power to change views..

    • i think its very straight forward…they had an expenditure of 68k (not zero)….by the way they do not sell hardware, the software platform that they “sell” is SaaS based so ideally the delivery should have zero expenditure cost. I hope you understand SaaS, if not i’ll explain that as well. I am i understood your question…and pls dont feel that i would feel bad if you ask me so called hard questions 🙂 …god bless

  138. Ravi multani says:

    thanks ace for accepting my fb request..

  139. Akshit says:

    Is this your facebook profile”″?

  140. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Ace Sirji,

    Require your expert input in Manjushree delisting, heard that new delisting norms will be published by sebi in few months…..keeping that in mind… do you have any insight that it will be investor friendly.
    If you were a investor in manjushree what would be your next course of action…
    1. sell part with profit
    2. hold till the delisting norms are out
    3. The current delisting price is set to be 455, can that be increased( for any reason, as i am not sure of delisting process)
    4. Is there any chance that the delisting price can be reduced.

    This is the only stock which gave me good returns so lot of questions, Appreciate your advice.

    • why to take risk….i dont like event based stocks and dont like to trade events…i would play it safe..

      • sam says:

        i think barring this event aside, manjushree is a good pick!! What’s ur view Ace?

      • sam says:

        so first u say its a risk and manjushree being event u say its a great stock…so which part is correct!!! Or is it u dont like the cmp ?? Care to expain?

        • the stock is very good, but read the question to which i answered. The gentleman wants to base his investment on an event and thats a huge risk…i dont like it..what you asked is barring the event if its a good stock…yes ofcourse…its a great stock if event is not concerned. i think my answer was pretty straight forward and i simply fail to understand what was your confusion.

      • sam says:

        so do u like Manjushree at CMP? I think because of this event its hyped a bit and needs to consolidate to enter maybe at 380 levels? Whats ur view?

        • see, i have exited the stock now. if delisting is successful, then i am not bothered any ways, and if not, then sentiments would be hampered, irrespective of the quality of stock…but please take your own decision as for me i my buying price was near to what its eps is

  141. Ace your views on lincoln pharma post its recent quarter results?

  142. Prashant C says:

    Hi Ace,

    Pls throw some light on India Bulls Infrastructure and Power. There are lot of speculations going around the corner related to it. Will it be worth considering?


  143. Thapa says:


    Your views on Garware Wall Ropes.


  144. Altaf says:

    dear ace,

    what do u think of syncomm formulations & black rose ind results ?

  145. prateek says:

    Ace sir,
    Your views on hindustan media please???company has 400 crs cash in hand.

  146. prateek says:

    your views on sanghi industries please??

  147. harsh says:

    how can i get ur blog updates on my email.. pls arrange that facility on ur website so that i can subsribe for it.. thanks & ur stock recommendations are very good sir. Keep it up.

  148. akshay says:

    Hi ace,

    Please provide your views on indo borax and indo amines.

  149. PL says:

    Hi Ace, I am extremely new to your site and was going through your recent blogs. Thank you for such an insight on multiple dimensions.
    Can you also let us know what is your thought on L&T Finance for investment perse.

  150. Rajesh says:

    Ace, I have a decent holding in Capital First. Although the pedigree of Warburg and the experience of the management are excellent, I am unsure about the very business model they are looking to embrace. They have increased their exposure to MSME’s from single digit to the high 80s in a matter of a couple of years. While their balance sheet looks stellar now, I wonder how it would be when a downturn hits the economy and they face defaults. Is this a valid concern? Am I being paranoid over the aggression with which they seek to grow their loan book?

  151. Saurabh says:

    Hi Sir,

    Whats your view on Waterbase !! I know you have commented alot about waterbase in recent time, but do you still think that its a hold. I am holding waterbase from 72 level.

  152. Prem says:

    Hello Ace, i am happy that now we could add prima plastic happily and we can calculate the number of junks available in market. Innocent investors ha ha ha ha

  153. Prabu says:

    Ace sir, What is ur view on Syncom formula.. Please advice..

  154. Ramesh says:

    Hi Ace,

    Good to see freshtrop doing really well. it came out with good set of numbers and in uc today. Its difficult to understand the way investors look at the market. For example, Prima Plastics posted a very good q results but the stock is back back lc. And Cybertech result was not that great (compare to prima plastics result) but the stock recovered after a single lc. Strange isnt it?

    Do you think one can switch from Cybertech to Prima? I know we should not judge based on just 1 quater result. Just want to understand your perspective on this. Do you think Prima has more potential than Cybertech in terms of growth rate? Your view pls.

    Thanks & God bless

    • please take your own this stage i would not like to give a preference for obvious reason…by the way cybertech it seems people have realized th ehuge potential its sitting on and prima people are ignorant and they have no clue how stellar the consolidated numbers would look like at the end of year…

  155. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, hope you are equally bullish on Aro Granite like others prima, cybertech, etc. Since noone is talking about it, meanwhile, I have accumulated more around 73 levels…hoping good days ahead…what you says?

  156. jayprakash says:

    pls share your viewn on om metal. thnks

  157. sudhir mehra says:

    Hullo ACE, what are your views on “KERNEX MICROSYSTEM” ?

  158. Thapa says:


    Your views on Garware Wall Ropes.


  159. Akshit says:

    have you started buying prima and cybertech?

  160. sowrabh says:

    Ace…. what do u make of the sharp rise of skm egg product?anything to be worried of?

  161. sam says:

    Hi Ace, Ur views on Pioneer Embroideries pls?

  162. ace investor – prima plastics is down on lc…did u buy today…seems an attractive opportunity to buy

  163. chitresh says:

    HI.. your views on Voltamp transformers,selan exploration and rain industries on current market price?ALso your views on madhucon infra?

  164. acefollower says:

    Sir, Here is one request for you if possible.
    Please try to have meeting/discussion with Cubertech management for understanding the reason of below estimate qtr. result and how the upcoming qtr result will be affected considering the reasons which have impacted this qtr result. Kindly update all of us on above. Thanks.

  165. Pratik says:

    Dear Ace, is there any fundamental change in business model/regulatory change in Cybertech which has led ~30% fall in stock price (in less than a month) since recommendation? Thanks.

  166. Pratik says:

    thank you for reply.

    Dear Ace, compared to Q4 FY2014, revenue has been flat for first two quarters of FY2015 and PAT for Q1 FY2015 has witnessed bump due to one time exceptional item of Rs. 5.6 cr. (dispute settlement claim). Net of this exception item, PAT for Q1 FY2015 was pretty flat…. Didn’t quite get the past growth mention in your post (point 6 under levers for growth) . Pls help. Sincere thanks.

    • exceptional items are non-repeatable so how can we include that in income..right? you see my point?

      • Pratik says:

        exactly, that’s what I am trying to drive. Revenue / topline has been pretty flat q-o-q basis over last three quarters and PAT took a hit in recent quarter. I couldn’t find any seasonality in previous years though. Although, management claims that majority revenu contracts are annuity.

        FY Q4 FY2014, revenue = Rs. 16.62 cr. and PAT = Rs. 2.2 cr.

        FY Q1 FY2015, revenue = Rs. 16.12 cr. and PAT = Rs. 6.9 cr.. which includes exception item of Rs. 5.6 cr.. So real PAT = Rs. 1.3 cr.

        FY Q2 FY2015, revenue = Rs. 15.32 cr. and PAT = Rs. (1.5) cr.

  167. krdalal says:


  168. DM says:


    From their website noticed that they are providing Cloud Services (Salesforce, Amazon, Azure). Is this a new segment or it was a part of their business earlier also?

  169. DM says:

    Promoter purchased from open market between 17th June, 2015 to 13th March, 2016. Very poor standard of disclosure by informing so late and not telling the exact date of purchase.

  170. rahul6202 says:

    Any change in view on the stock ??

  171. Roshan says:

    Hello ..what is your current view on cybertech ..I read the annual reports of the company looks promising but has failed to do much since your post on it ..are u still bullish ? Also u were excited on the huge potential of their geo Civic product and the revenue it could gather for the company in India but now the company has eliminated this service to the Indian market do u see this now?

    • i am excited about the future prospects of the company. Issue with product development companies is that their performance is non-linear but i like the direction of the company.

      • Roshan says:

        Yes but I’m asking relating to one of their product ..geocivic ..the idea was that they would have a monopoly relating to this product here in India ..but now they have stopped it here in India ..

        • I am not sure about they stopping it in india as they are selling the product as far as i know. Moreover, i must say that I am particularly happy to see its progress as far as business is concerned. Products is always a tough business but high risk high reward one too…

          • Roshan says:

            Read their last annual report ..they have clearly said that geo Civic will be stopped in India

            • as far as i remember they said the company wont be selling but only via channel partners. and they are not a one product wonder. as i said earlier i like the company and the direction they are taking, especially in the last two years.

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