Cupid Ltd – Update

Had a wonderful meeting with Mr. Garg, Chairman of Cupid Ltd. He has effectively quashed all the rumours and doubts surrounding the company. Will also update the blog in some time, as i have lot to write and I am travelling. So stay Tuned. God Bless.

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75 Responses to Cupid Ltd – Update

  1. Akshit says:

    looking ahead for your post.

  2. Akshit says:

    thanks a ton for such great picks.

  3. sam says:

    So r u positive??

  4. sam says:

    At this time it matters a lot as you met the chairman and you wont misinterpret what happened in that meeting!!

  5. sam says:

    OMG…….Pls dont get me wrong Ace…the term “misinterpret” was used to state that we don’t believe u going wrong ever….:-)
    and see cupid is now out of LC and looking strong…it may close in UC and move like freshtrop did…this is a fun game and believe u me…most of us are loving it……”chuckels”

  6. sam says:

    How r u liking pioneer embroideries at CMP Ace?

  7. Thapa says:


    Your views on Garware Wall Ropes at CMP.


  8. Darshan S says:

    Dear Ace,

    By any chance are you looking into ” Pioneer Embroideries Ltd ” ? Looks like it is a turn around story. You might be interested if you already hasn’t been following.

  9. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    bought some quantity of prima today… u see more downside from current level…

  10. venkata says:

    Dear Ace,
    Please tell Support price for PRIMA.. we can start accumulating…

  11. Mayur says:

    Great efforts you taking for us ACE, waiting to see whats in store for Cupid..

  12. sam says:

    Hi does anybody has any clue about wanbury results?

  13. Akshit says:

    Could prima go back to your recommended level??…I am accumulating at every dip. Hoping to accumulate this gem a lot more in coming days

  14. mesh says:

    ur view required on AIMCO
    its freez today on fantastic results announcement
    should i further add AIMCO

  15. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, stock price of v2 seems to be doing a catchup with likes of prima and cupid πŸ™‚ good show by v2 post results!

  16. anujpress24 says:


    This only shows how committed you are to your investment and your work. Kudos!


  17. Pioneer Embroideries looks like a good turnaround story. Can you tell me why u r not interested in that?

    • if you are interested i would suggest you bank on your conviction.

      • Dude.. Its not about me getting interest in the stock. If I have conviction, I wouldn’t ask ur views nor follow ur blog. I am not an expert in technical analysis like you. I just go by expert calls. I thought it would make more sense if a good expert like u can backup ur call with a reason behind not showing interest in that stock. Definitely there should a reason right. Nothing more than that I need from you. If you don’t want to tell, its absolutely not a problem for me.

        • ok, first of all i am not a technical expert… nevertheless, in textile space i would not bet on a turnaround candidate as the valuations of the entire sector is cheap and therefore, if at all, i would like to bet on a much stronger brand…

  18. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir, I hope you still are convinced of ur own words.. “Prima will not just double or triple and stop. It will go wayyyy beyond”.. Our hopes (and money) are on ur reply.. πŸ˜›

  19. sowrabh says:

    Ace when will u be updating about the meeting? waiting eagerly πŸ™‚

  20. Altaf says:

    Guys please suggest me some good stock broker.. which one is better with over all view like charges n all..

    Ace ji.. i will be happy if you suggest some good broker to me … im from hyderbad. πŸ™‚


  21. Prem says:

    Hello Ace, i know u don’t like the ybrant digital (LIL) and Tanla solution but plzzz plzzz could you elaborate your views on these stock and need your help for these stock for long term.

  22. Thapa says:


    Seems you missed my question. Your views on Garware Wall Ropes please at CMP.


  23. Tapas kumar says:

    Ace i think u have trapped .ur suggestion on prima have trapped lot of people as wel as me bt as u said ,u all hve to take ur own decision in investing. Bt as far as i wanna know ace 1 thing wht u hve made wrong is tht u hve to wait til result before giving any views in ur blog. The result was just 2 days after ur recomendation so u hve to go 4 safer side 4 u as wel as invester.

    • that’s what you think…by the way why results are bad in your opinion ?

    • M Prabhu says:

      Mr Tapas, Only Cybertech was uploaded before the result date… Prima was uploaded 15 days back of result date…If my understanding correct… ACE recommendation does not based on Quarter result based which may lead bullish or bearish which is technical Analyst job,, where as ACE recommendation company business potential based which must be on long term basis….Even then what is wrong in Prima results which was exceptionally good.. How could you call ACE trapped Investors… Did he come and force…. Still you want to abuse ACE for using Investor Trap you may look for better paid fund manager, you Nevertheless I would suggest let us wait for some time…

    • SAY says:

      If i may, All figures are Q Sep’14 v Q Sep’13 – Net sales has gone up by 33.22%, Net profit is up by 103.8%, Eps is up about 104.16%. Bear in mind these are standalone nos. Plus, benefit from crude price drop will start to reflect in next set of numbers, just imagine what it would do to margins ? Div paying company. Next winter session of parliament has some triggers for the stock. Think about it.

  24. sarath says:

    Dear Ace,

    Do you have any opinion Deepak Fertilzers?

  25. Tapas kumar says:

    Mr prabhu, & ace sir, if i hearted by asking a question i apologise . I am sorry again .

    • M Prabhu says:

      Leave it Mr Tapas, I could understand the continuous downfall of prima forced to loose your patience and make you to post abusing ACE….. it is my experience in share market only patience will pay.. taking decision in rush always end up in loosing side…

      • Tapas kumar says:

        Hey prabhu j i never abuse any one , ple go to my comments again and read it , i just advise ace sir and thts my point of view which u and ace sir did not like so i appologise and tel sory to both of u .AGAIN I DONT ABUSE ANY 1 ,

    • true character of a person is known when the times are testing. i know there are unscrupulous elements in the markets, but i try to be honest and if people are still unable to understand me inspite of all these months, then its my problem…anyways, dont get perturbed by price action and i would recommend you go to through the freshtrop thread, to see what happened there….

  26. Serene says:

    Hi Ace, your views on A2Z Maintenance and Engineering for investment.,

  27. nsriniv says:

    Hi Ace, you replying to one of the boarders question about SKM you said that you have already replied on 17th Nov. But I could not find it. What is your view on SKM to say that its trading pattern is not as per your views

  28. Vipul says:


    Can you please share the views on Vimta labs. The company business looks promising but the revenue numbers in qtrly results of the company has dipped and have not been consistent.

    your view will surely be helpful.

  29. n p reddy says:

    Mr Ace, Please let me have your opinion about Pasupati Acrylon. Thanks in advance…np reddy.

  30. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,

    A Fundamental query….If the Profit of the Company grows by say 30% YoY ,the share price should also increase by 30% as the EPS also increases by 30%,provided the PE remains the same.But we come across so many Companies recommended by you where the share price go way beyond the fundamental.Is it due to re-rating of the PE multiple as the market give more weightage to growing companies ?

    • this is where markets thankfully differ from accounting and math …. it doesnt work this way as market works in anticipation …of good and bad both…therefore, some stocks are valued at 10 PE and considered expensive and others valued at 35 still considered relatively cheaper..and this is why markets are not just science, its a bit of art as well.

  31. Rohit Gulati says:

    Thnx Ace!

  32. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sirjee.. could u please opine on GUFIC, SOURCE NATURAL & ELEGANT MARBLE.. they look interesting for sure at cmp

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