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Friends, in the last few days, there has been a little too much discussion about the short term trends of a few recently recommended stocks. Prima recommended at 39-40 is near its price (10% above it), cybertech recommended at around 60rs is 18% below its price and today simmonds is closing at its recommended price. The names discussed here are very high quality names. Prima which is expected to give a consolidated EPS of around 9rs, is trading dirt cheap and the lower it goes the better the dividend yield becomes too. People are looking for instant gratification which is never the case. The stocks keep moving up and down and that’s the nature of markets. You should not be left rubbing your hands a year down the line. Just look at cybertech (which was recommended at 60rs), while there were paranoid retail investors looking at the “price” of the stock and desperately trying to get out of it, some guy saw value in it, came in and quietly mopped up 5% of the equity from you. Food for thought isn’t it? Probably it was my mistake that I recommended the stock just before results (and probably will not do it again as most of the readers here seems to be traders, unlike me) and I (like most genuine investors) have never seen results as a deciding factor, but it seems I have more “traders” as readers of this blog than investors and therefore, a lot was assumed and trades taken. One should always be convinced before buying a stock and it seems noone truly was which is very sad. Simmonds, probably one the best pick in the auto sector, is another example of people not understanding what they are buying or probably falling prey to people with ulterior motives spreading propaganda. Agreed there was a investor who sold shares, so what? When a dormant company suddenly comes into a bit of lime light everybody tries to take advantage of it. But does that mean he is out there to sell everything now. It’s a ridiculous thought. If at all that entity was interested in selling more stake, then why didn’t they do it yesterday itself, when they had 2.75 lacs pending orders? Same thing happened with Aro, when a large investor offloaded some stake (a the results was slightly below expectation) and as usual people panicked (and blamed me that I ‘arranged’ for those investor’s exit L ). What happened thereafter? After a couple of weeks, it kept on hitting new highs and who’s the real loser in all this? The poor investor who fell to prey of rumour mongers. Don’t be one of them. So, don’t be surprise, if you sold Simmonds today in panic and tomorrow onwards, there’s somebody on buying spree. People will come and move out, that’s why we call it investment and not marriage. People will do profit booking, that’s natural, but understand how it changes the fortunes of a company, if at all.

Once again, I recommend stocks after market hours so that people and research, build conviction and take their call. If you guys get nervous with some investor buying or selling then its not serving the purpose. Let’s be investors, the long term one and not keep on churning portfolios based on what you read on forums, discussion boards etc. Also, once and for all, as some of you have accused me, I am not an operator and research my stocks very hard. If heavy buying or selling comes in the stocks that I recommend please understand that I am no way connected to it.

God Bless and have faith and rest assured we all WILL make money.

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139 Responses to Blog – Update

  1. Mayur says:

    Thanks Ace for enlighting and boosting our confidence..though i’m long term investor, not bothered at all with price..would be happy to see more downside so that i can avg it down 🙂 I remember when I purchased Granules at 186 it went down to nearly 90 but the conviction was so strong that I couldn’t sold out a single stock and held it for another year and now see almost trading near 800…that taught me lessons on Conviction…
    ACE…you shouldnt be worry about traders..they will keep coming and going and pull you down…but long term investors like me are always with you…keep guiding us as you do always.

  2. Praveen says:

    Very well said Ace. Even I agree that most of the followers are operator who is just trying to make quick money. As someone has rightly said that most important action in stock market is doing nothing I.e. Holding it. I Purchased huge quantity of Simmonds today when it was on LC today. I am happy that I found this opportunity today. One of the bloggers who recommended it at lower level asked to book profit today which I guess also contributed to LC and also the overall market sentiments was just not right for short sighted traders (yes I won’t use the term investor for them). Again you are doing a great work by helping the retail investors, hope they understand your effort and get benefitted. Thanks for all your hard work.

    God bless

  3. nk44655 says:

    Well said and thanks a lot for your hard work.

  4. Bela says:

    Dear word…Excellent….Just Excellent…

  5. anjum vohra says:

    Beautifully explained Ace,this blog is for investors & not traders.Today I entered Simmond/Prima Plastic/Cybertech/Liberty Shoes/Waterbase,taking advantage of the market fall.Buy when everyone is selling & then sit tight & wait for the time when everyone starts buying.Invest in busssiness not in shares & you wont be diisapointed.Keep up the goodwork Ace & God bless!!!

    • that’s pretty smart of you…

      • chanakya says:

        Hi Ace,
        No, I am not a trader and neither did I feel bad that I bought Waterbase at 80…instead I am keeping some money aside to buy if it anytime breaches 50 levels. I am pretty sure the stock will comeback to its highs and even cross it when the results start improving in two quarters or so…..
        God Bless. Let us know if there is anything negative happening in Waterbase which I am sure you will.
        Hope dithers but Faith Survives. 🙂

        • actually, waterbase results are “very good”. they have kept a tax provision and that’s what made the EPS low. if the taxes to be paid are not as provisioned there could be write back and suddenly the EPS could zoom.

  6. Vasim says:

    I was a bit afraid while reading, the way it was going – I thought out of frustration you might end up something like – I AM NO MORE RECOMMENDING….Thank God that didn’t happen.

  7. MyInsignia says:

    Stones are thrown only on the trees which bears fruit. ..So you got me ..ACE
    Keep up the good work!


  8. Karen Shekh Jasmeet Singh fernandes says:

    Any updated views on action construction.

  9. prabhu85 says:

    ACE, it is really embarrassing and feel regret to hear from your heart feelings despite with your so much hard efforts to make us wealth by identifying the growth stocks….. To my knowledge all your recommended stocks not just like easy performing mid cap stocks, finding the quality fundamental stocks in small cap really hectic job… I do surprise how calm you while you have been beaten with unethical questions…and also noted one of the recent answer really made out of your patience. good.. this single update will be the answers for all. questions …I have been more negative percentage indicated in this article for prima, cyber tech and simmonds….But I do not get panic…..Infact I was so glad to see somany of watch list stocks in red unfortunately my pocket is not enough now..and looking to continue till 1st of this It is very good opportunity to grab good stock…..And market correction as you said it is the real test for the investors and good opportunity which I have already experienced with various time….from experience patience is the only key will pay for fundamental stock which would never fail, panic will always end up in loosing side…. Finally ACE do not get hurt by calling somebody operator, we some of true followers with you….keep your good work… God bless us….

  10. allizwell says:

    Hi sir…please comment on cupid rubbers…and saven technologies ..i bought cupid at rs. 58 please tell your opinion can I hold it

  11. Vijay bhatia says:

    You hit the nail on the head ! I find most of the comments in any blog site very oppressive if the price comes down. If u don’t have faith in the blogger why follow. Have bought wanbury prima and cybertech after seeing your blog though in small quantity. Have faith in your research abilities . Will hold till advised differently. Thanks

  12. Niranjan says:

    Hi Ace,

    Reading your post I just got this feeling of you being very disheartened. Not sure if it makes you feel any better but you do have some genuine investors as your blog followers. I am a London based investor.
    I read your blog everyday (including comments 🙂 but have only bought businesses that I am fully convinced about. i.e Prima and Freshtrop, I have given rest of them a pass. I have owned liberty even before I came across your blog.

    IMHO, answering every short term price related or repeated queries is taking its toll on you. Also to add to it people also write “I am a small investor please help me should I buy this that ….” which adds a bit of guilt as well. One way change is to enforce a bit of strict discipline i.e either put an approval to comments or answer only genuine queries. This way at least you will not burn your self out.

    Take care! and hope to see more quality stuff from you 🙂


  13. Anks says:

    God Bless you,You are doing a wonderful job.

  14. kiran_g says:

    Thanks for the update Ace . Can we buy Hindustan Media Ventures at current levels ? Its showing good revenue and profit growth .

  15. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    nice update…..I m totally convince of prima and hold for long term and buy swift desire and i20 after one year holding prima……I want to know ur meal so I can also take the same bcoz u have greaaaaatt capacity to deal with all of us….what do u eat gives this type of stamina to u brother…keep it up u r doing great job for us…god bless u..

  16. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    its really very painful see such post from you .
    Let me tell you one thing, there are lot of investors on your blog like me who do not bother for smaller UPs and Downs of the stocks and will never question you .

    Since many mature investors are silent in such situation, you may feel most of the readers are impatient and suspecting you, but thats absolutely wrong .

    Since this is a bull run, lot of new investors/traders will be coming in who will be worried on market/stock fluctuation and they will keep posting queries for even smaller movements.
    Request you not to take such posts seriously as lot of us know very well what we are learning and earning from you . Please keep up your all the good work .


  17. Abir says:

    Ace, just a bad question coming to mind…as you are clearing things out, thought this question will help to provide more clarity…

    As all can see your first recommendation came in around Dec 2012. Then again in Jan 2014 when the bull market has started…what was you doing in 2013? No picks doesnt look really feasible as a lot of good stock was providing a great value in 2013.

    As we get to know from different sources that during bull market all the tips giver will surface…why is so in your case too? I respect you and your picks a lot….a small hitch..wanted to clear out

    • Prashant says:

      Dear Abir,
      after your own homework(if you have done any) on stocks suggested here , did you ever felt that those were tips ? please clarify .

      Also when to post, not to post, update a personal blog is all up to the blogger ….


    • NO ways sir, am not logging out…ever now. and who said the bull market is over…its just starting out..a bit of correction of 15-20% also would not put even a threat on it.

  18. mesh says:

    This was not ur fault
    the game of Demand & Supply…….
    from last three days except today mkt was strong but the midacp ADV ratios are not so good.
    a big broker pp commented that retailers are more bullish then management…
    in some of stocks promoters & HNI are also interested in selling or they are actually selling….

  19. M Prabhu says:

    I was asking JV Company current quarter result which they say they do not have the exact data now… and also I have given feedback to Prima to website design should be changed… where they were asking any web designer… if anybody interested if you could share your mail id… So I can share to them…
    Mr Prabhu M.
    We had already replied you on 19-11-14 for you earlier mail.Sorry could not give reply of 21-11-14 a I am busy with tax return and other compliance work.AS you inquired about Subsidiary Company it is closed .Only we have JV co ( joint venture co).we do not have any exact data in details so we can provide you.
    we earlier told you that we are debt free co,
    If you have any we designer pl mail his id, we have noted your suggestion on next development will make better.
    Thanking you.
    Jayant Bhatt.
    Compliance Officer
    Prima Plastics Ltd
    41, National House.
    Saki Vihar Road.Powai ,
    Mumbai – 400072.

  20. Abir says:

    hi Prashant,

    I hope u believe Ace can handle a simple questions…so there was no need for you to jump in. Anyways, if you are so confidant about your researches why are you so dependent on him ?

    I don’t know what you make out of the word ‘tips’ i meant stock picks without any pun intended.

    Also Ace, look forward to your answer.

  21. Abir says:

    🙂 Thanks Ace. Respect.

  22. anujpress24 says:

    Not sure what happened in the market today all stocks were down 4-5 %…good opportunity to buy…but i was out of liquidity 😦

  23. manthan89 says:

    camphor entered into agreement with international flavour and fragrance inc.your view?

  24. Sameer Anand says:

    Today in the morning I had posted about an entity selling shares of Simmonds Marshall yesterday.

    But the comment was removed by ACE. That is when you lost my respect.

  25. Sameer Anand says:

    Yes the comment is visible now. But it wasn’t when I checked up during the day. Its alright If you don’t want to reply to my queries. Thats fine.

  26. Sameer Anand says:

    Just one more fact that my comment was posted before the other reader.

  27. kmd says:

    Ace will make u multibagger or loser sure becuase he is growth investor. I am also finding this is risky compared to value investor. Wait for ace. Lets hope we will make money fastttttt!!!

  28. sorry, no discussion of other blogs kmd. would have to delete your comment …

  29. Mahesh Vakharia says:

    Respected Ace Sir,

    It gives me PAIN to read when Masters has to explain their Followers !!!! Believe ” YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU SAID AND NOT WHAT OTHERS UNDERSTAND ” If they miss the Point which you made in all you Reccommondation Then it is their Fault? You owe NO REPEAT. NO EXPLANATION AS SUCH.

    B’coz all the while I was reading you very calm response to the stupid question , you were gaining HEIGHT in your followers Eyes.

    This is not just cheap Flattery , sir , this is COMPLEMENTS. The real pick is most of the visitors to your blogs are Traders/paid tourchers. They pound heavily Negative views there by they can purchase the recom.stock and keep the real innocent investor a side by floating wild routers. Please forgive me , if I have crossed my limits. With warm Regards My Respected Ace Sir.

    Mahesh Vakharia Have a look at this and enjoy

    Sent from my iPad


  30. MyInsignia says:

    Added few prima plastic today. I am cautious that Prima books can be cooked. How come this company was hidden from so many years. It was not discussed in any of the forum.
    Though the stock looks very attractive not sure if the books are genuine.


    • you are taking the easy route out…atleast one should have some basis for not beleiving the books. the company was not hidden or else there wont be investors would had 5% stake in it…it was probably not researched and covered by anyone…

  31. Ram says:

    Dear ace,
    do you track eco recycling? Can one expect Clean india theme help the co? More over promoters adding continuously.

  32. prasad mudkatte says:

    Sir don’t get disheartened by all the negative comments.remember who ur target audience is(investors) and u cant make everyone happy for investors like me im happy for the much needed correction and going to buy prima.thk u for the reco and god bless u

  33. Ram says:

    Dear aceji,
    do you track eco recycling? Can one expect Clean india theme help the co? More over promoters adding continuously.

  34. sai says:

    Thanks ace for the blog update.
    Keep up the good work.
    Sometimes the data is confusing and more than that retail investors typically jump on the bus first then starts asking which destination this bus is going Or worst what am I doing here.
    Example if reliance advace tax increase 200% shares will jump up as following quarter will be good but in the case of small company like waterbase if it goes up by 200% than it creates doubt because in past many companies it so to just coverup.
    I beieve buying at 100% more than recommended price is justified if convinced.
    But most likely people buy first and then start building conviction.

  35. Himanshu Lakdawala says:

    Hello Ace,

    I “completely” agree with you. I feel those traders do not even read the blog and research completely and spend more time to do their own further research around company, business (product/services), segment, promoters, results. And as soon as they see high volume of selling a panic is triggered and rest is known to all. So first of all “investors” should develop habit of reading the blog completely and take conscious decision.

  36. Tapas kumar says:

    After holding from long time did wanbury can change my fortune by giving good returns. Ple post ur views.

  37. Pratik says:

    Sorry to say but sir you yourself sometimes posting like trader . like in Cupid/aemco and other where you separately post that stock is double in 3 months…..Even tag line of the blog “faster” also change mentality of people like me. And because of this short term traders attract to the blog rather long term investors.

    • growth stocks always compound faster….and therefore, the tag line….but faster does not mean in days and hours…it means what you could do with a value stock in 3 yrs you can do it hopefully in 2 yrs or less depending on the stock…let some time go and we’ll see. we have already seen for most of the stocks mentioned here.

  38. no links here pls.. mail me and i’ll reply on this…thx

  39. kumar says:

    Hi Ace,
    Will there will be effect on prima due to devaluation of Naira in nigeria ,ur views on this pls ?

  40. kumar says:

    As it is exporting to African countries,that’s what I am clarifying from whether it will effect or not.

  41. M Prabhu says:

    ACE, It seems wordpress making some issue… I made one comment which shown promptly and after some time it is not reflecting… could not understand I will repost once again

  42. Sameer Anand says:

    I picked up Liberty shoes today. A great buy at these levels.

  43. sam says:

    Thanks Ace

  44. srinathnitb says:

    No matter what long term investors like me are always on your side. Same happened with Freshtrop which went to Rs 56 during Diwali week. Next week the price was near Rs 100. Now let the readers of this blog and comment decide who the real loser is. God bless ace sir.

  45. sam says:

    Hi Ace..Is parabolic Drugs is a good bet at cmp??

  46. Akshit says:

    Hi ace
    Hats off to you patience and dedication

  47. venkata says:

    hello sir,
    Your views on HMT india(PSU). Do you think is it a risk free stock with multi fold gains..

  48. uday shah says:

    whats your email id

  49. Shiny says:

    Thanks ACE bro for bringing confidence in the janta

  50. muva0005 says:


    Your views on Virat Industries?

  51. sam says:

    How are you seeing wanbury’s results ace?

  52. Raj says:

    ace, whats your view on KPIT?

  53. chitresh says:

    your views on Rain industries and patel airtemp?

  54. Ankit says:

    Hi Ace, any views on dynacons systems and solutions. It has posted excellent Q2 results.

  55. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,

    The results of Wanbury are out.They are really pathetic.On the operations side the revenue has gone up by 7% whereas as the cost of goods consumed is higher by 18%.The Company has reported a net loss of about 19 crores and after an exceptional item it’s loss of Rs.261 crores. I think this company needs a bit of research update.Can you post your valuable views pl.

    • we need to understand what is other expenses. it was almost 19cr more QoQ and has eaten up everything from earnings. Exception items is out of the blue. they seems to have written off their investments in bravo and probably CP.. i am not entirely sure of this step. One should now exit from the business till we understand what’s exactly going on.

  56. Praveen says:

    Ace, what’s your view on KelttonTech solution? Thks

  57. Rajesh says:

    Wanbury results are out. I don’t think the markets are going to take kindly to the numbers. Revenue has increased marginally but it is offset by higher expenses, particularly other expenses. But all that looks minuscule in comparison with the exceptional expense of a whopping 242 crore. They however claim that around 190 crore is recoverable. Can you comment on that?

    • just replied to rohit about it.

      • Rajesh says:

        Ace, also to be noted that promoter has now pledged 69% of his holding against 8% last quarter. I am not getting a good vibe from this now. I agree with your view that it is better to log out of this counter until we get some clarity.

        Before people start flaying Ace, I wish to remind you that Ace started off his Wanbury reco with the disclaimer that it is for very high risk takers. Turns out that (as of now) the story did not pan out as expected. It will be good to take this in our stride and absorb the learning on risks of indebted companies.


  58. Sameer Anand says:

    Whai I meant was that Cupid has also been hitting lower circuits. Not exiting Cupid .

    • let cupid’s price action be whatever it is, i am bullish.. pls take your own decision because clearly you look worried (and that’s fine…its human)… whenever the LC breaks, review your plan because ultimately having a good night’s sleep is most important.

  59. Vandana says:

    Hello Ace,

    Please specify your view on Natural Capsuls Ltd., listed on BSE only.

  60. Manu says:

    Hi Ace,

    You are doing good job and we all investors love to read ur blog and invest in them after doing our own study.
    I have invested in V2 retail and Aimco Pesticides from ur picks.
    Thanks and keep doing good work.

  61. Gajanand Sharma says:

    Hello Ace,

    I am holding wanbury from 2 months. Still i have patience to hold even after the results. I know slow & steady wins the race. Overall stock market is legal gambling, no one cant predict what’s going to happen tomorrow. May be wanbury hits a UC (Just kidding).

    You have a great experience and knowledge about Indian stock market & industries. I just want to know your views on wanbury. It will be up again.. but how longer one should hold ? any time span according to your perspective?

    Thanks for nice picks.

    • it might take a few quarter gajanand, depending upon what’s the management’s plan. The indications are good, but the balance sheet mess they are trying to sort out so sometimes, there could be rude shocks like this.

      • Gajanand Sharma says:

        Thanks for responding. Keep us updated on any findings regarding company’s business and plans.

      • chirag says:

        Hi ace,

        Looks like market is going to really get scared of the magnitude of negative eps this time!

        Anyways, let’s see what happens to the stock over the next 10 days. Might take at least 2 more quarters at least to show some decent numbers.

        You did say that it is a high risk one so it’s ok. Thanks for all the feedback. Very happy with v2 and prima as of now!

    • M Prabhu says:

      Mr Gajanand – we may not be correct all the time and accept our mistake aswell…In this case to my sense we have to be prudent, agree slow and steady wins the race for fundamental stocks.. this quarter result even could not understand totally mess…why do you like to ride on non performing stocks for the next few quarters where as you got somuch already result proven stocks are available.. so much of ACE recommended good results stocks are corrected without no reason.. Sir It is a bull market, try to enjoy with the good growth stock….I too hold wanbury…It is my strategy tomorrow to get out from wanbury and look for other promising well already corrected stock i.e PRIMA is looking promising with the thought of crude oil fall will make definite performer for the next quarter… it is my suggestion get out from wanbury and look for other performing stock…

      • says:

        If advice is to get out from Wanbury and if most agree and decide to get out where would Wanbury end up in lowercercuits for how many days as inspite of good results, Cupid is in multiday LCS

      • Gajanand Sharma says:

        Thanks Mr. M Prabhu for your valuable suggestion. But i won’t exit wanbury. I have 2 reasons for not exiting. One is, i won’t be able to exit due to series of Lower circuits. It wont let u exit so easily. And the other reason is that, i have never booked loss of a single penny. May be it take a year or two to bounce it back and give me good return. When i am holding unitech@37 from last 6 months in a quantity four times of wanbury’s quantity and dont know how long i will hold, then surely i can hold wanbury tightly 🙂

  62. RightStock says:

    Dear ace, It is really sad to see this post from you. There are many small investors like me who can appreciate the no non-sense logical approach in your research report. I agree that there is a trading community who try to make use of the fan following and poor small time traders are trapped. It’s very common to see people looking for TIPS instead of solid research. No point in repeating. Very sad.

  63. Ravi says:

    Sir, I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart, its you and only few others taught me the Art of Investing ( i.e at least use your 1% of your usable MIND), you are teaching us how to break the bondage of Money in this materialistic world. I strongly believe that it takes a lot of courage and a super-will to do it. Recently i read an article in a popular financial newspaper that only around 18% of Ultra Rich are investor or earns in Equity. This percentage is very low with compare to other medium like business, real estate and of course politics. People does not want to invest they just want to make money Fast not Big. I was a trader ( but i thought myself as an investor) for all of my investing career and it was just a waste of money, time and knowledge.
    It will always be a Universal Truth that only handful will Lead any area of expertise field(even a expert labor is very rare to get) let it be anything.
    It is very kind of you and certainly i can say that you have a very big heart to hear which is not true about you and laugh at it. This require a very huge effort. Let people think that you are a Trader or Cheat or whatever they call you (People didnt left Mahatma Gandhi also). The real challenge for the real investor who wants to understand market. Its test for them and world knows only handful of them will pass and will become a investor who will than teach others like you do.

    I thank you again for changing my life a bit.

  64. Divi says:

    HI ace..

    In case of water base..I heard White spot desease has been reported in Gujarat..due to that some formers lost 600 cr
    any idea about it…do not know wether it is contained or spreading..
    Is this reason for corrections in water base and avanti

  65. Adarsa says:

    Dear Ace,
    Is Tv today network a good buy in the media space or please reccomnd something from the space

  66. Divi says:

    I am holding 10% of avanti for last 1 year in my pf.
    I am bit in panic man…not for correction..but the white spot news..

    • good thing about stock is that we are the owners who can get in and out of businesses without any problem. No need to loose sleep over it if not convinced. by the way share of gujarat is not much around 3% if i am right…also is it a rumour or confirmed news…where did you come to know?

  67. Divi says:

    in VP site one investor has confirmed this per him he has talked with that area farmers as well.I do not think this as in our investment community serious investors can not talk like that if it is rumour…
    yes it is 3%..but if it spreads then it will cascade to surrounding areas like maharastra,kerala..etc..

  68. Divi says:

    i mean value pickr

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