Name of Gem

Guys, I will have to reveal the name today itself, as a personal emergency would force me to travel for next few days with only just a mobile device and practically speaking I cannot type a report on it. Also, I will try my best to make it as comprehensive as possible but given the time constraint, please bear with me. Apologies for inconvenience caused. I hope people enjoyed the exercise.

God Bless.

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14 Responses to Name of Gem

  1. Rtn Ram kumar says:

    Thanks Dear Ace for your commitment.

  2. amit says:

    if it is AC then contact me for imp input

  3. Sameer Anand says:

    We all can wait Ace. I hope everything is fine.

    • The name will have to be told before i leave sameer, as a lot of people have already got it and a lot are in wrong direction and if they buy something wrong, then it would be disaster. Also, what if it drives up the prices? then i would surely not recommend it (having learnt from cybertech)… i know some people would still not like it but i cannot keep everyone happy. Please understand my dilema too my friend… God Bless

  4. amit says:

    What make u so uncomfortable to change ur plans? My suggesstion for u that plz do reveal the name tomorrow only in market hours. Just a suggesstion. Bcoz if u reveal the name now. It will open either on circuit or very higher to get any benefit. Kindly have look at my request.

  5. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,

    What will be status of ur recommendations after sebi guide lines.Will these will be continued on this plateform or shifted to other source..

  6. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    What’s ur views on Divyashakti granites.
    Please throw some light,this is my old pick..

  7. Sohin Chag says:

    Dear Aceinvestor,

    First of all congrats for d good job.. Ambika cotten was a great insightful puzzle. The clues were thought provoking as well. However theres a small feedback for this time around, if I may.

    The clues that you mentioned are not very precise. How can one think of tyre composite chemicals as recession proof as tyres are closely associated to business cycle. A gentle feedback from my side to make d wonderful thing you are doing even more precise.

    Hope it helps.. All the best..

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