Singer India – Double In Less Than Four Months

Congratulations to all the Singer India’s investors who have doubled their money in less than four months. Best of Luck with your investment and God bless all.

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119 Responses to Singer India – Double In Less Than Four Months

  1. Akshit says:

    awesome…congrats….btw how was ur trip…hope all fine..god bless

  2. investor says:

    yes, this lucky one may got doubled at same time we should look at stocks like Wanbury and cybertech in which i have invested and already lost 1/3rd of money and still unsure how much pain is there in the counters..i know you will reply harsh but after every few days we have asked if the fundamentals of these companies are still intact and you confirmed yes…i am just one investor who saw how your research helps people multiply money and tried my luck too…whatever has happened is past what is your call in this crisis situation…i have not invested in cupid, prima or simmonds…all are slaughtered badly..

    • investor, in what world prima,cupid and simmonds are “slaughtered”. cupid has doubled and was even up 180% at its high.. you call that slaughtered? prima is just one month old reco and its 15% up you call that slaughtered? simmonds is just 2% down (and its less than couple of weeks old) you call that slaughtered? Wanbury is down, right, and that too less than 15% till now, yes it may or may not go down but they are cleaning up the balance sheet and if you do not understand this then what can i do man? yes, there’s pain in short term but they have got great brands. what about their topline growth? did you bother to read the first paragraph of recommendation before buying?. Cybertech was a mistake probably could have waited for a couple of days to check the results, but i was not knowing that i would have people like you who live quarter to quarter. if you are so fed up then why dont you exit the stock? Even after considering the loss this quarter and removing exceptional items last quarter the stock is trading at less than 20 times “trailing” PE, which is absolutely not expensive. People like you think every stock should go one way and this “never” happens? Both have nothing wrong in the businesses and its about time that investors like you understand it.

      • Noobtomarket says:

        I think Wanbury will fall a lot more . My only worry is if Wanbury can turn around or not . The debt is still very high . How much debt do you think will be left after cleaning the balance sheet ?

      • chaturvedi says:

        there are many ‘investors’ who are after free recos and free money!
        Aceji had clearly stated the risks in case of wanbury. So no point in blaming him.
        In case of wanbury my hands are burnt too but knowing what i know, i’m not selling it out.
        Buy more if/when it reaches range of 32.

      • skdc14 says:

        Well written sir.
        From an analysis of your blog I have a positive conclusion and purchased all your recent reco like Cybertech, Prima, Simmonds, Ambika. I have purchased in high so all are still in RED. I want to join your ACE DOUBLE CLUB. Hoping to join them soon..
        After all 4 to 6 months passes very fast….

      • Ravi says:

        Ace i would like to ………dont have the exact words to say thank you so that it can really be felt to you. It requires a lot of courage, confidence, care, cute heart, concern and lot more quality to handle the situation like this. You are iconic in my views and can tell you will be remember as Legend….in times to come and there will really be these comments to prove that to all in future. I just cant some up anything to thank you………I am sorry for that. I tell you its not emotional but it is a fact.

        • you are using way too much falttering words and that makes me feel uncomfortable 🙂 .. i am happy being all that i am and if i can help create better investors, let lesser investors make money and can make people beleive of my intentions i am more than happy brother.. but thanks for the kinds words…now lets get back to making money …god bless…

    • Prashant says:

      Dear investor,
      its very unfortunate that we are missing very basics of investing.
      I think we forgot the returns of mutual funds after their allocation charges n all.
      This bull run has raised our expectations to multiply stocks in matter of weeks.
      It did happened in case of most of the stocks ACEji recommended.

      We should take position as per our risk appetite and diversify accordingly .
      Please have some patience, we all are sure you are not going to loose money .
      We all are here to earn and help each other.


      • Mahesh Vakharia says:

        Well said Prashant ji. I too support your view.It is sad that without knowing the Basics of ” How stock market functions” people just jumps in. ACEji , we understand you , and Respect you . Warm regards.
        Vakharia Mahesh

  3. Nirdosh says:

    Dear Ace,Do u suggest to average wanbury at lower levels as company seem to be on right path to recovery in a year or so?

    • yes they may be on path to recovery sooner than later, but lets wait for the turnaround and check the results next quarter…its just 15% down from recommendation so its not gone too low for averaging also. all those who are cribbing of wanbury going down, would be running after it if the turns around in a few quarters, because it has great brands and brands are money…

      • chirag says:

        Ace, planning to send a few questions to the CS regarding wanbury results. I believe that they took this huge hit now itself just to wrap up things in last FY and start new. That’s what I feel. I read their annual reports again and they have clearly outlined a “good sounding ” strategy to prop up sales and cut costs simultaneously.

        May be wrong also but at this point in time with most stocks fairly priced and not much room for upside if an entry is made with personal research and conviction ,I think we have a winner. Let’s see where stock bottoms out.

        Do let me know if you got anything clarified …

      • chirag says:

        We should also wait for the AR To come out .. there will be more clarity once that happens

        • i am also desperately waiting for that. also, interesting thing to note is that if its comes below 37 then we would be getting shares at lesser value than promoters themselves (they got it at 37rs last time)

      • chirag says:

        Ya.. We can raise appropriate doubts / questions once the AR is out… It will have a whole lot of information regarding the write off hopefully..

        Can we expect the AGM in January ?

  4. Jai says:

    Great Finds Mate!! one should learn conviction from you irrespective of stock moment.
    Patience will pay off… Well done…and God Bless

  5. PL says:

    Hi Ace, Invested in Cybertech from a long term view. However, what is your view, should we remain invested or sell?
    It is ok to book loss if there are more hiccups coming through hence need your opinion

  6. venkata says:

    Hello Sir,
    What’s your views on subscribing MONTECARLO IPO hitting today?

  7. Prabu says:

    Ace , You have mentioned as Cupid will receive orders from WHO in November.. Any update on this.. Thanks, Praba

    • did i say “will” … can you kindly point out where i said like that…i should change that language…although there is an order up for renewal in nov … could you please point out the post where i have used the word “will”

      • Prabu says:

        Ace , Really sorry for misunderstanding.. You are doing awesome job.. But nowadays Ur reply Seems little bit worried kind.. You are a great and cool person and always requesting have a cool head.. God bless Ace…

        • no i was serious in the previous post, basically will implies i have an insider information, thats why. just curious, nothing else, but as far as order is concerned it was to be renewed in nov, so we should hear about it in few weeks times (it takes few weeks for renewal)

  8. Ashutosh says:

    dear sir, please have a look on my portfolio:-
    Crompton Greaves, cybertech, First Source Solution,Galaxy entertainment, JM financial, JP Power, KEC International, Kopran, l&T Finance, Neyveli Lignite, PTC India Financial,Prima Plastics, Sanghi Industries, Strides Arcolab, Vinati Organics, South Indian bank, Ashok Leyland.

    I can hold if all these goes on substantially high. No hurry to sale.
    Please share your views if any reshuffling required.

  9. sonu says:

    wts ur view on Rollatainers…it has got some serious assets like brivista….thanks

  10. Govind Toshniwal says:

    dear ace
    pls share ur view on trigyn tech, valuations looking cheap????

  11. sam says:

    Hi ace..your views on Palred Technologies?

  12. sam says:

    Ace makers lab seems to be a good bet. How do you compare it with Wanbury?

    • wanbury is way ahead of makers…. wanbury’s issue is only balance sheet, which they have started mending….makers have better balance sheet but other than that nothing that can even be compared to wanbury….

  13. Chenraj Roychand says:

    Sir your view sought on mindteck?

  14. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, hoping soon from you “V2 Retail 4 times in 4 months”

  15. Mayur says:

    See Ace, now none is appreciating when Prima closed ~7% up today…ppl always creeps and hit back on downturn only…something to cheer about today….cheers! …and the success story starts now on…

    • isnt it 🙂 … i mean everybody “highlighted” not-so-great results but nobody bothered to mention the results of v2,freshtrop,aimco etc etc …but that’s the nature of the beast…i dont mind this, but i just hope people could be a little more patient… prima is ofcourse an awesome bet.

    • indianbull10 says:

      Ace, i already understood your point in your previous message.. was just pulling ur leg.. hehe

      • indianbull10 says:

        But yes, people here tend to highlight not so good results (the not so good results were not ACTUALLY that bad). people lacking patience Ace, and you have loads of patience 🙂 am happy with V2 lol

      • indianbull10 says:

        Ace, i really liked what V2 promoter said “Log chamatkar ko namaskar karte hai (people salute miracles). I have restarted the retail journey. The chamatkar will happen,” Very filmy huh! 🙂 but atleast he is making an attempt to deliver and also delivering with last two quarter results.

  16. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace What is your view on Kilitch Drugs (India). I am holding some shares. How do you see its future.. Sir can you through some light in it..

  17. anil says:

    what are the resistance levels of Prima Plastics and strong support level in the present market scenario.

    • why are you so focussed on technicals? are you convinced about the business of prima ? fundamentals always dictate technicals. Focusing on technicals to much is not the right way of investment as you might loose a great opportunity to invest… although it seems the supply is getting exhausted but would ike to see better volumes during this upside…after some consolidation the stock appears to have bottomed out in the short term on daily charts…lets see but…not worried about technicals

  18. Khansalimx says:

    Hi Ace cyber tech PE 32 is way high compared to Mindteck PE 8 and both are insane business. Does products / business they manage makes th difference.

    • cybertech is now a product company (though it has some services too), but mindtech is product engineering … mindtech does not own the product IP… also how did you arrive at a PE of 32 for cybertech ? mindtech is just another it services company like persistent/mindtree though different from mastek etc… actually i am sorry, what was the original point ?

      • Chenraj Roychand says:

        If we take consolidated results of Cybertech, their trailing EPS is of 3.49 and at current price of 47.45 their P/E comes at 34.58!

        While mindteck being an IT Services company as you said, their consolidated P/E is of only 8.53 against Persistent’s p/e of 23-25+

        So what do you feel is mindteck good? Not comparing with Cybertech as you already mentioned Cybertech is now product mfg. company!

        • i am taking last four quarters number for EPS calculation for cybertech… anyways, cybertech is products based company not a “manufacturing” company. also mindteck as i mentioned numerous times i dont find very interesting as its your typical services model and also i do not see much growth. In software next phase of growth can come from products companies as they have a non-linear growth model so more interested in it..e.g cybertech…all you can play in mindteck is for pe-re-rating….but what is going to bring that PE re-rating? there should be some growth to trigger that…. or atleast expectationsof it.

      • Chenraj Roychand says:

        Sorry sir but i beg to differ, MINDTECK at P/E of 8 it is cheap and it should go to its fair value atleast, Growth part comes when we are already at aggressive p/e level.

        But one more thing is that mindteck has definitely grown, sales have increased profit margins have improved, the company looks stable in last FY and this, So there is definitely scope for re-rating.

        Totally upto you whether you want to post it on blog or not!

        • market pays for growth (ofcourse backed my ethical management) or else you wont find companies at different PEs in the same sector. if growth does not come market even brings down the PE…it wont catch up if there’s no growth…growth has to come to catch up. why do you think there’s difference between eicher motor and maruti’s PE? both are great Companies right? market pays for perceived growth … it looks you have already invested.. i dont say its bad, but for me its not good enough…continue tracking the growth and if you see anything interesting than good, but growth does not come, then you know what to do…

    • Chenraj Roychand says:

      Point taken, also i want to correct my comment, cybertech is not at PE of 32 i miscalculated the figures, extremely sorry for the same, Its at P/E of approx 14!

      • no worries brother…. i dont somehow have conviction on this (also dont think that i am always right.) but if you have conviction pls take a call, you see different views make a market isnt it 🙂 …God Bless.

  19. Gaja says:

    Hi Ace,

    What is the maximum percentage of portfolio amounts to your best bet?
    I know that money management is one of the key rule. May be some won’t exceed more than 20% of their entire investment amount in one stock. What is the max that you stick to?

    • as metioned in the blog, i do not disclose my personal trades and portfolio and therefore, would not comment on my personal allocation. if there’s something else, i’ll be glad to discuss..

  20. Rajesh says:

    Ace, can you please comment on KPIT and RS SOtware? KPIT is struggling at this level for a very long time. THough its not your recommendation, still do you any hint?

  21. Divi says:

    Hi Ace..

    Regarding liberty shoes…

    Will restructuring really happen?..I have been seeing Gupta (Liberty hsoe chairman) one interview he said that outcome of the restructuring will be out before end of december..
    in another interview he is saying that it could be over before end of march..
    why they r keeps on extending the target date…for last 5 months they have been saying in one or 2 months news will be out like writing on the far no news is out..
    my Question will really restructuring happen?…I am holding 10% in my portfolio…it is testing my patiency..I have loaded into liberty just becaue of this restructuring news..
    Indianivesh has given in latest recommondation that..they will save 5.5% of net sales due to restructuring…after considering TAX issues how much will add to the bottom line is not known…
    what is u r i need to have further patiency…

    • the stock is still 80% up ….so you should be happy…the re-structuring should ideally happen by mar 15 as per the interview…secondly, about how much addition to bottomline could come i had give a very detailed write-up on this blog, you could probably refer to that… dont wory…its a very good stock

  22. akshay says:

    Hi ace,

    Sorry to be off topic. But I like to understand what effect does allotment of shares on preferential basis have on the stock price of a company? My understanding is that though the net worth of the company increases, the earnings per share(if earnings are constant) gets reduced.

    Reason-Cigniti Technologies Ltd has informed BSE that a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company will be held on December 09, 2014, inter alia, to consider and approve the following:- Allotment of 43,25,000 equity shares on preferential basis to promoters and others.Source : BSE

  23. PL says:

    hi ace, since I did not buy liberty earlier, do you still see growth opportunity to enter at this rate or hold for any consolidation?

  24. rags says:

    Ace, can you advise on Nectar lifescience ? thanks

  25. neelbasura says:

    How is SKS Microfinance for long term investment at CMP? I am confident about the story. Its a compounding machine.. Only confusion is the CMP reasonable or on higher side for fresh entry?

  26. Mayur says:

    If Nilkamal can trade at premium valuation despite of not-so-good results..imagine Prima can do wonders after good results…how long ppl can ignore such a gem…just wait n watch….

  27. utsav says:

    Hello Ace,
    What’s your view on Marksan Pharma and FCS Software?

  28. shiv says:

    sir please let me know your views on Archidply, sterlite techo, allahadbad bank, south indian bank, sona koyo and sintex indus plz

  29. rags says:

    for couple of reasons.. its quite dominant in certain drug types and is awaiting USFDA approval to enter US mkt.. PE also looks good compared to industry… the only problem is high debt… i have watching this stk from quite some time and it seems to have some resistance @41… i believe once it gets us approval for some of its plant it may break out… just wanted hear ur views on the same… when u say avg, is it based on technicals or fundamental?

  30. Nirdosh says:

    Dear ACE,Can we start nibbling in wanbury?

  31. Salim Khan says:

    Ace, why stupid rubbers is coming down everyday?

  32. sangram says:

    Prima moving up. Cybertech bouncing. Fresh top looking riped for upmove above 123 loving it. Love u ace. God bless.

  33. Khansalimx says:

    Hi Ace… it right time to average cyber tech as I am in loss….also Cupid is at non stop downside in spite of such good script….any idea….I hope people are not considering your blog for trading also since your blog name itself is investor trader….suggest an amendment in blog name….just a word don’t misunderstand

  34. Dear Ace Good afternoon.. What is your view on Virat Crane Industries ?

  35. srinivas says:

    HI ace, i invested heavily in cybertech at avg price of 55. i want to know your view on SASKEN COMMUNICATIONS? i am looking for long term investment. does it have the potential to become next CMC?? thanks in advance.

  36. Shobhit says:

    Dear Ace sir,
    I like Pharma sector alot, hence will request you to kindly share your pick from Pharma Sector.
    P.S- i know you have recommended Wanbury. Please give one more pick.

  37. anil says:

    whats your opinion on ACTION CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT LTD, considering FDI in real estate. Is it good enough to invest in.

  38. nsriniv says:

    Dear Ace, Please give me your honest opinion on Texmaco Infra whether its a good buy at this level as it is sitting with pile of cash and realestate projects apart from holding company of Texmaco Rail

  39. adifferentshadeofblack says:

    Congratulations on creating shareholder wealth.
    In the interests of full disclosure” and transparency, when you post you successes, please dont forget to post the track record of not so successful calls too – Wanbury, Cybertech etc.

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