Orient Beverages – Four Times In Four Months

Congratulations to all the Orient Beverages’s investors who have more than quadrupled  their money in less than four months. Best of Luck with your investment and God bless all.

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232 Responses to Orient Beverages – Four Times In Four Months

  1. Amit says:

    Hi Ace,

    As per the Sep’14 results for Wanbury, the notes mention that an amount of INR 189 cr is recoverable from all the subsidiaries, of which an amount of INR 52 cr has been provided for in the Sep books, being permanent diminution value of investments. However the cost which has been shown as exceptional items amounts to INR 241 cr which appears to be the losses from the foreign subsidiary. Not sure, if am reading this correctly, however does it mean, we can expect more losses to be written off in the Dec’14 quarter? Can you advice?


  2. Amit says:

    Do you expect more losses to come in Dec’14, in case the losses are to be amortised over a period of time?

    • i wont matter what i am expecting…what matters is what company plans to do although i wont mind them cleaning up their balance sheet once and for all… it helps in the long run

      • Amit says:

        Of course. One last question, what’s your take on increase in encumbered shares by the promoters (from 8% to 61% based on promoters shareholding). Of the total promoter shareholding of 49%, approx 34% is pledged at Sep’14, as compared to only 4% at Jun’14)?

  3. Salim Khan says:

    Just a suggestion, like giving updates like “Orient Beverages – Four Times In Four Months”, you can also updates like “Cybertech – Half in one month”, “Wanbury-Half in three months”, etc. What do you think?

    • what i think is that you are a sweet person but you need to work on your math. cybertech is 20% down… not half, wanbury is 17% down not half and wanbury was up 15% then why you did not sell? you knew the risks right Also, in stocks if you are not interested in holding and you buy without researching you get frustrated…. conviction is not just a word

      • Manoj says:

        To avoid any stress, one should never invest more than 5% of total capital in a stock. Most of the stocks recommended by Ace sir have done very well. We should commend him for his analysis!

    • pp says:

      Hater gonna hate

  4. Sameer Anand says:

    Orient Bevarages was a good pick ACE. But we all missed out as it was in periodic call auction for a long period of time.

    Though it was available at 123 levels on Diwali Mahurat day, but I thought it has risen too much and didn’t buy!! I instead bought Wanbury on Mahurat day. Life is cruel!!!

    “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

  5. pratikjain says:

    sir plz give ur insight on Dutron polymers @ 35 …i found its a consistent dividendpaying co since 10-12 yrs with growth.good promoter holding & also continuosly increasing results are good.Most importantly the falling crude price will benefit in coming quarter results.i think valuation at cmp is somewht higher.hence ur view required.

  6. Adarsa says:

    Sir from Chemicals space your views on
    1) Sudarshan Chemicals
    2) oriental carbon and Chemicals

  7. Sam says:


    Your views on Bal Pharma at CMP..

  8. venkata says:

    whats your views on SAIL OFS sale, How to apply for OFS sale.

  9. Satyapachari Srikant says:

    Sir your views required on “Mindteck, Dynemic Products, Ngl Fine-Chem & Indraprastha Medical!

    Please do reply for all of them.

  10. mayur says:

    its really surprise to see that Prima is still being ignored when its avaialble at dirt cheap valuation whereas nilkamal n wimplast are flying high everyday with premium……anyways..sooner or later..patience will pay the rewards……

  11. utsav says:

    Hi ace,
    Need your advice for Monte Carlo IPO,whether to subscribe or not?

  12. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir, Considerable decline in sellers volume. Any hope of reverse ?

    • not only decline in seller’s volume but also increase in traded volumes…actually now there would be some people who will start seeing value in it as promoters converted warrants at 37.5 and now its below it…

  13. Rajesh says:

    Sir, do you think there is still some steam left in Marico Kaya after recent runup?

  14. sam says:

    Hi Ace…what are your views on Trigyn Technologies?

  15. Gita says:

    Ace ji, your view on shreyas shipping. Can i venture freshly at CMP ?

  16. Vivek Gupta says:

    Hello Ace,
    I like Simmonds and was doing bit of leg work.
    It seem promoters allotted 14 lac (10 paid) shares on preferential shares to themselves in 2010-11.
    I could not find the price and motive. Though Balance Sheet suggests the price was 25 around.
    My basic query is ” Is the management quality decent”. Hope they are not market operators who wake up in good times milk the investors and then again go in a slumber.
    Otherwise 30 RoE and sub 10 PE for a growing company from auto sector can be a v good opportunity.
    I have Suprajit bought at low levels and I am contemplating switching the two.

    Thanks for all the hard work that you put in for us.


    Vivek Gupta

  17. Meraj says:

    Sir, your view about sterling biotech

  18. anita says:

    sir please your onmarksonspharma

  19. sam says:

    Hi Ace , today sintex was up 6% with huge volumes..your views on the future ahead? I know you like sintex

    • you already know my views 🙂 … but one should also look at prima for the same reason and also prima is much better …balance sheet also much better…but yes sintex is decent too

      • sam says:

        Oh man…i’m heavily invested in prima, cybertech, wanbury and cupid….having a good time with triton, sintex and dynemic and few others..though i’m averaging every stock at declines…i’m wating for wanbury’s next quarter results to take a call further…
        Would appreciate if you share if you hear from management..

  20. Gita says:

    Ace ji Your view on Mangalore chemical and fertilizers (MCFL). It is part of UB group, Zuari group gave open offer to acquire share. I hope the worst over for this stock. Can i venture at CMP. Please guide me on this. Am i missing something ?.

  21. Praveen says:

    Ace your view on Greaves cotton pls? Thanks

  22. Trilok says:

    Ace ji
    When is your next NTG (Name The Gem) coming? Last one was good exercise.

    God bless!

  23. sangram says:

    Hi aceji what’s your views on epc industries

  24. NIRAV KARIA says:

    hi ace. thinking to buy shilp Gravures before that thought to know your view please. thanks

  25. Mayur says:

    Ace, do u think falling of crude prices would be a beneficial for company like Liberty Shoes…i mean.. would there be any savings likely in raw materials used for leather/plastic souls..

  26. Anil Kumar says:

    Cybertech par bhi update do ace kitna time badha he

    • cybertech is down 20% from recommended price, wanbury is down 23% … had updated that in the comments yesterday, but i see the “spirit” behind the comment… its not even one month and you expect it to double. Have some patience, we’ll see what happens in a few quarters to these companies… God Bless….

      • Anil Kapoor says:

        I understand it takes time BUT you have slogan “Let’s Compound Money….Faster !!!”
        SO you can’t blame small investors for asking on fall of the stock in few weeks.

        You said in your earlier comments, that some stock recommended are better then others and one can make money faster and pointed out to your slogan.

        What you want to say now? Short cut in market is always dangerous.

        • that’s your opinion, lets see in a couple of years what kind of returns we get from these, when people like you have already written them off. I like such challenges. Also, fast for you means trading but for me means atleast a couple of years. Even my trading bets are few quarters long. And no i am not blaming anyone, its actually the other way round. What does “fast’ mean for you ? Shortcut is not dangerous but sucidal in not only stock markets but every sphere of life where your own hard work is irr-replacable. God Bless

  27. Mayur says:

    Any views on Manaksia – demerging their business into 4 different entities…

  28. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace Good Evening.
    Thinking to buy Texmo Pipes.
    Fall in crude prices led to reduction in prices of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products to the tune of 15-20%
    Like to know your view please.

  29. Sanjay says:

    Do you like international Travel house? Your view pls. Thanks

  30. saravanfbi says:

    Hi Ace.. Have you gone through the SEBi rules regarding stock recommendations in public effective Dec 1? So we don’t receive any more recommednations here?

    • this blog is SEBI (RA regulation) compliant as mentioned upteen number of times… the recommendations would continue to come.

      • saravanfbi says:

        Thanks a lot sir. We all would feel relieved. Your opinion on stocks matters everybody. But when I have gone through the guidelines, your liberty shoes second recommendation that it will double(meaning a price target attached for atleast 12 months) actually should contain the graph of past 3 three year closing prices attached (sec 20(3)). Hope you will take care of such small things in future. We do not want you to be punished by SEBi for making recommendations to us.

        • Was the liberty shoes reco published after 1st December? And no, SEBI does not punishes for “format” … they have better things to worry about. The intent behind these guidelines is to take a crack at people who double time the investors by recommending something and doing exactly opposite in the trades.

  31. prateek says:

    Ace sir
    What are your views on jbm auto.can i enter at cmp???

  32. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    recently I asked u about bengal and assam…It has blast from 500 to 625 within 4 days…what is your view on Williamson Magor…it is trading damn cheap….total land bank and holding in eveready and mcleod Russel comes at nearly 1000 crores..it’s mcap is just 78 crores…what is your view…

  33. Akshit says:

    thanks for great picks like these

  34. Ravi multani says:

    dear ace
    I have big holding in prima….looking at the price movement I feel some big hni ( may be dolly khanna) is buying continuously bcoz u can clearly see the bids and no retail investors can buy like this…and second thing I think most retailers bought or exited the stock…good time is coming…what’s your view…

  35. Bela says:

    Dear ACE,
    Please comment on Aries Agro…is it a buy at CMP…?

  36. Rahul says:

    Dear Ace,

    What’s your opinion on Redington india? Seems like MF and some big investors are entering this scrip.


  37. skdc14 says:

    Good Morning ACE.
    Have a nice and relaxd weekend…

  38. Abhi says:

    Morning Ace,

    When do you plan to post your new pick? Also your opinion on VIP industries pls.


  39. Raj Gupta says:

    Dear Ace
    Good morning,
    Very bright n relax week end!
    I have MPS for long term n think gradually this is being matured, can i have same hope of return from Ambica cotton,because quality business n quality profit indicates like MPS,although % of NP of MPS is much higher..but feel enthusiastic in Ambika also..Ur comment please…

  40. Rohit says:

    Hi Ace Pls share your views on Tide Water Oil, do you think it is at its fair value right now or it can go up more? Its current P/E is 11 whereas industry P/E is around 44.

  41. nirav karia says:

    Sir can pls suggest one best in all aspect a company from agro sector. Thanks

  42. rahul says:

    hello ace sir,

    gud mrg

    pl share your views about ybrant digital.


  43. rahul says:

    hello ace sir,

    gud mrg

    pl share your views about ybrant digital. i bought it @63.should i hold it for long term or sell?


  44. chetan Biluve says:

    hi aceji,
    What are your views on Astra microwave products?? The interesting points i found here are enormous opportunity size, no other established players here, government stance towards indigenous development, their balance sheet strength and also recently dependency on defense lab is reducing; they are increasing the exports…Pls share your views. Thanks in advance..:)

  45. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Is Ashiana Housing a good scrip to buy?


  46. Raj says:

    Ace, what do you think about flex foods? Looks like a good consistent growth. Thanks

  47. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, can one buy more V2 as it has corrected somewhat recently.

  48. sangram says:

    I am researching on following stocks
    1) websol energy
    2) kilpest India
    Aceji if you have any views please suggest. I also request if any reader have any valuable input please comment. Let’s learn together

  49. Vivek Gupta says:

    Hello Ace,
    I think in your Liberty EPS calculation (regarding merger of group companies) you have not taken expansion of Equity into account.

    Vivek Gupta

  50. Teja says:

    Ace, what is your view on Diamines chemicals….

  51. ranuyogi says:

    Dear sir,

    What is ur view on TV today network at cmp for long term ?

  52. what’s your view on Bilcare? Once darling of the market.

  53. Geetha says:

    Ace ji your view on Sanghi industries please

  54. Bela says:

    Dear ACE,
    Please comment on Usher Agro ? Is it a value buy @ CMP

  55. dharani says:

    Sir is it correct time for average wanburry or wait for some more correction?

  56. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace, Don’t you think the NPM for Prima plastic is very less and also the cash from operations does not look good either.

  57. Saurabh A says:

    whats is your viewon Brook labs ???

  58. Praveen says:

    Hello Ace Ji, Kindly let me know your views on Archies Limited. Thanks in adv.

  59. anil says:

    what are your view on INDSIL hydro?

  60. Hi Ace, what is your view on Radha Madhav Corp. Ltd.? Looks like a good pick from packaging industry.

  61. kmd says:

    Sir what is ur view on SQS INDIA ????

  62. manishkela says:

    Hi ace, Post wanbury’s results for the latest quarter, do you have any questions for the management and if yes, what

  63. Jiitendra says:

    Dear Ace,

    When will be your new idea posted?
    Waiting for it.

    Kindly give ur view on Pidilite Ind.


  64. rags says:

    Ace, whats ur view or insight on MCLEOD ?

  65. srinivas says:

    hi Ace, i want to know your view on ANIL ltd, pioneer in starch wet milling.. available at 5 p/e vs industry p/e of 35. consistent growth in net profit and sales from 2005. can we bet on this for long term?

  66. Namita says:

    Would your new idea be like Cybertech/Wanbury or condom oriented like Cupid which will cover many things?

  67. Meraj says:

    So Ace Sir,
    Wanbury has taken U turn, your views

  68. Prashant says:

    Hi All,
    Prima is rocking and wanburry is taking U turn .
    All sellers are absorbed in wanburry .

  69. Vivek Gupta says:

    Regarding Liberty(Expansion of Equity)
    Other companies are privately held by promoters.
    I think new shares will have to be issued or they will have to be bought.
    Sir, am I missing something.


    Vivek Gupta

  70. auro says:

    sir what’s your view on basant agro

  71. bingo says:

    any view on ITC?

  72. bingo says:

    so could that be the reason that kaya was de-merged, after so many years of losses only after it started making profits??

  73. Ajith says:

    Please share your views about “R systems international”
    Thank you.

      • AA says:

        Hi Ace…I know you have answered…JBM Auto and RS Software…both had great runs…do you think we should hold it for long run…I know the results were not what street expected…but I believe that have lots of steam left…I know conviction is what all is required…but your comments will certainly help…

        • fresh entry i dont think is advised in jbm atleast, would hugely prefer simmonds over jbm. for rs software its a decent stock if you already hold it. its gone up way too much so consolidating a bit…fundamentally nothing bad in rs …jbm i would prefer simmonds..

  74. AA says:

    Thanks a lot for your views. I will hold to what I have. Appreciate your morale boosting comments.

  75. sam says:

    Hi Ace…do you find kopran good at cmp with a long term vision?

  76. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir, What is reason for market fall today

  77. Sreyasi says:

    sir you said you like dynemic, today it has crashed 8% probably due to weak markets.
    available at cheap valuations and no major competitor in food colour listed, should we buy this?

  78. ajay says:

    is infosys good for a buy at these levels?

  79. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir,
    Thanks a lot for answering our querries,
    If Nifty starts corrections, where is bottom?

  80. Vivek Gupta says:

    Regarding Liberty Shoes(Expansion of Equity)
    The moneycontrol report on 28 Aug 2014 says “The payment will be made through allotment of shares to the partners”.
    Sir, has the company spelt out he modus operandi any where which we can refer to.
    AR 12-13 does not have the required detail. It is just a passing reference.

    I am interested in Liberty but would like to have clearer picture before I buy.
    Please pardon my repeated questions.
    Thanks in advance.

    Vivek Gupta

  81. Rohit Gulati says:

    Hi! Ace,
    Does the fall in crude prices have positive impact on Cupid in terms of lower cost of raw material?

  82. dheerajlohia says:

    dear ace ji, whats your view on national plastic its business is quite similar to prima plastic but there is some debt on its books

  83. Shiny says:

    Will tomorrow be the day when you put your new pick, i know you said it would be between market hours.

  84. Gaja says:

    Hi ACE,

    It’s time to say that Prima has recovered all its losses and its trending up. Hope all those screaming for a month will be happy now. Anyways I haven’t entered into Prima. Just looking for the right time to enter Waterbase. Looks like the secretary resignation was the cause for the correction of 50% form its peak. Are you aware of any news for Waterbase.

  85. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir, I have stuck in Jaiprakash Power Ventures and GMR (40% less to my buy price) should I hold or sell?

  86. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir, I have stuck in Jaiprakash Power Ventures & GMR (present price 40% to my purchase price). Should I sell or to hold?

  87. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    I have earned handsomely in cupid..sold at average of 50…….I like to enter again bcoz now it is looking good although it has ended in lc…my main concern in cupid is they have not got order from Who which was renewed in October…stock is seeing pressure and if they get this order in sometime then the stock vl flyyyyyyy…what’s your view…

  88. Vipul says:

    Hi Ace,
    When are you posting your next.

  89. vikram khaitan says:

    hi sir any news on tcs?

  90. Kabi says:

    Hi Ace
    Is it right time to get in cupid?

  91. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Dear Sir, surprisingly nobody is talking about the revival of your reco prima plastics.. congratulations sir.. thank u for helping me make money.. Sir, just one doubt.. as you are a maestro in technicals as well, what is your take at the current levels.. Do u see further upmove or shall I book profit and exit.. your advice would be highly appreciated.. 🙂

    • see, i normally have a long view so cannot say about it. but if you are interested take profits..but i beleive the upmove is just starting and it has a long long way to go but obvoiusly this doesnt happen overnight.. if few quarters we would be happily surprised with prima.

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