Name This Gem 2 – The Mightiest In It’s business

Background: It’s a gem that is largest listed company in its business and its products are used in variety of “recession-proof” sectors. There are not many peers of the company but incidentally although being the largest, its has the smallest market cap (imp: the stock is not ignored, rather “missed” by investors)

The Gem: What if I tell you there’s a company (a small cap), that’s the “largest” listed company in its space and second largest company in the world overall. What if I tell you that its been growing at a very brisk pace in last 5 yrs and its net profits have been growing at more than double the pace of its topline (inspite of brisk pace of topline itself). What if I tell you that its operating margins are only improving in last five years (FY 10 onwards). What if I tell you that it’s a hefty dividend paying company and still its dividend payout is also increasing every year. By the way, one reason behind its better OPM is also its pricing power. It manufactures all the range of products that its sector regulator has legalized unlike its smaller listed peer which manufactures miniscule number of product range. Incidentally, its smaller listed player is mistakenly taken to be the biggest and only player in the sector (among many reasons this is one of the reasons this gem was probably ignored) and this is where our opportunity lies in grabbing this gem. The promoters have a high stake in the company with no pledge.

Valuations: What if I tell you that this fast growing, high dividend paying company is available at single digit PE (last four quarters trailing) and its market cap is significantly discounted to sales. The company is generating very good cash flows. The company is trading at a market cap which is lower than its smaller rival also listed on the same exchange.

Technicals: The stock some time back broke out after multi-year consolidation and is now trading near its all time highs. Technically its rock solid as the breakout has happened on massive volumes.

Note: A stock with strong rising sales, improving operating margins, very good dividend payout and available at cheap valuations with a chance of strong PE re-rating is the right recipe for potential blockbuster multi-bagger and should be strongly considered as a core bet. Furthermore, I wont be replying to any emails regarding the answer and would disclose the name on Monday during the trading hours and i request noone to post probable answers on the blog.

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  1. Arun says:

    Monday during trading hrs? You mean on 15th?

  2. Raj says:

    Name will be revealed on Monday 15th Dec?

  3. PSVSV says:

    Name will be released tomorrow.Am I right?

  4. M Prabhu says:

    ACE, guess atleast some information can be confirmed… is that debt is half of the reserves…and does it has double digit contingent liabilities… ROE in single digit… if so most probably almost found as all other points are getting matched..

  5. skdc14 says:

    Thanks ACE.. but it is a tough one..

    So far could not guess the sector …
    Have to wait for 15th …

    God bless

  6. Is Market Cap less than 300Cr?

  7. Manoj says:

    Sir, please disclose the name earlier because otherwise if will lead to speculative trades.

  8. devendra bhandari says:

    How u like capital first

  9. Rajesh says:

    Are all figures standalone or consolidated?

  10. The promoters have a high stake, means above 50%

  11. srikanth says:

    Sir pl tell about aimco pesticides still at 70 with low volumes pl suggest keep or exit

  12. srikanth says:

    Aimco having the strength of double from here up to one year I can wait tell u r opinion.

  13. Daniel says:

    Is the gem (company) have activity in another sector other than its core sector?

  14. Money Maker says:

    Is Operating profit margin, sales and net profit grown in every year or they are higher compared to FY10 ? Please clarify.

  15. PSVSV says:

    Sir,Please consider to reveal the name early as waiting for one week to know the name would increase the price due to speculation.Many of the followers of this blog are traders even though you are here for investors.Please consider my request.

  16. Vijay says:

    I think hints are just not good enough to crack it. pls provide some number e.g. sales, profit that will make the readers bit more interested, for now its too vague.

  17. rags says:

    what do you mean when u say larget listed company in it segment ? is it market cap or something else ?

  18. Raju says:

    i guess there are only two sectors which are recession proof. i.e. healthcare and education. other than these two all sectors are directly or indirectly affected by recession. is that right?

  19. power strong says:

    Sir Is this stock Ecoplast.

    if it is wrong, pls let me know. I feel ecoplast is better than its peer styalam ind.

  20. SAY says:

    Hi Ace – Article which appeared in Business Standard – Plastics processing industry to reach Rs 1.37 lakh cr by FY18. Industry to post 50% growth due to higher penetration of plastics in various sectors. This is the opportunity size for prima. Sharing for your readers awareness. Not adding external link.

  21. shreeux says:

    This have this ID-“aceinvestor007”?

  22. pruthvi says:

    NIce pick sir.
    Is it really the world’s second largest listed company in the world overall ??

  23. pruthvi says:

    not clear sir.
    It is the largest in india (by size + range of products , not by market cap) that is clear.
    but is it the second largest in the world ((by size + range of products , not by market cap) )?

    • ok, forget being listed or not…
      as per size it is second largest in the world,
      now for market cap (which is independent of size)
      market cap is less than its smaller listed peer…
      now the largest company in the world is “not listed” therefore, i am saying this gem is the largest (by size) listed company.

  24. sangram says:

    Prima ne Mara chaka ace ke critics reh gaye haka baka. Look ace prima rocking. And I think its just starting and picture abhi baki hey mere dost.

    • I hope all the investors are happy, good stocks are discovered sooner than later by markets

      • indianbull10 says:

        great going by prima! can the same be said about V2? “good stocks are discovered sooner than later by markets”

    • Prashant says:

      Yeah Sangram,
      it was open secret Prima was going to blast and was yelling Buy when it was between 41 to 49. Hope most of the boarders got their share and enjoying ride .

      Many of us do not talk when stocks are multiplying so quickly, giving huge returns and great results .
      We only look at short term downside and keep asking unnecessary questions .

      Best regards,

  25. very_common_investor says:

    if u give some more info then that will make game little more interesting… now its a puzzle and difficult to get through… just a suggestion.

  26. Jatin says:

    when you say it is a high dividend paying, what is its dividend yield. Can we assume a div yield greater than 2%

  27. Rakesh says:

    Hi Ace,
    You mentioned that market cap to sales is less. Is market cap to sales around 0.2 or around what range. Please confirm

  28. mitajakom says:

    sir brisk growth means 20% or more?

  29. Jatin says:

    Any chance you could let us know the dividend yield of this stock.

  30. Jathin says:

    Is this gem a debt free company?

  31. pruthvi says:

    is this company having a website ?

  32. pruthvi says:

    i mean a working website

  33. pruthvi says:

    for confirmation sake i wanted to visit the website.

  34. Suneetha says:

    Plz, let me know ur view on SharonBio, Gulf oil, Allcargo, Thanks in advance !

  35. srinivas says:

    after 4 hrs of research, still i am unable to find out the sector to which that company belong to… very difficult to find out with out figures( numbers)..but i’ll try as much as i can.. will mail you the answer

  36. Suneetha says:

    Bought Sharon @ 77 Should i accumulate [average] around 50 or else invest the same amount in some other good scrip like Cupid Cybertech Aimco ! your opnion helps thanks !

  37. Aditya says:

    Hi Ace,
    “trading at a market cap which is lower than its smaller rival also listed on the same exchange” – Does this mean that this company is listed only on one stock exchange.


  38. Jitesh says:

    Sir, i have found a company matching all parameters except 1 i.e. trading near life time high…i am not sure if this is correct clue or you want to revisit it?

  39. pruthvi says:

    sir. I found a company meeting all the parameters. only the product range between it and its nearest competitor is not clear. Can you throw some light on the product range how to confirm.very limited info on the web.

  40. pruthvi says:

    I may gain or loose from investing. But i am enjoying solving this puzzle. Thanks for this kind of recommendation.

  41. vivek says:

    Sir wats ur Email Id

  42. Raju says:

    Ace, Has anybody guessed it correctly so far? Need not reveal the name but trying to see if ppl are able to guess it or not. I am still trying my best.

  43. Raj says:

    What is your opinion on Ashapura Minechem? Please share you views

  44. Pujari says:

    yes and bought too 😉

  45. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Has the company ever tried to launch its own brand?

  46. pruthvi says:

    By the time you declare (15 th dec) the name of this gem , the stock may move 25% up. if some one gets it right.
    Still do you feel 25 % up from cmp it will remain a value buy. Then surely it is a gem of stock.
    will put more efforts to find it out

  47. Gupta Akshat says:

    Sir if this particular company rallies 25% by Monday would it still be a “BUY” ?

  48. Rahul says:

    “I tell you that its operating margins are only improving in last five years (FY 10 onwards)”
    Does this mean that company in generating Operating margin % of company is increasing every year from FY 10 onwards. As in for example 12% OPM in fy 2011 , 14% opm in fy 2012 and so on..

  49. Ivy Tom says:

    Sir…is it narmada gelatine

  50. NIRAV KARIA says:

    Sir can i buy v2 at CMP. Pls advice.

  51. M Prabhu says:

    ACE, with my hunt, I believe I entered with the correct stock which covered all your points, curious to see on monday…

  52. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    I cant believe that such company exists in this roaring bull market!!

    What do u think is the reason for its under-valuation?

  53. Keerthan says:

    Just like the hint said, Investors looked at the smaller listed player and thought it to be the only listed player in the sector. At least I did.

  54. Kabi says:

    Dear Ace
    Do you expect more downside in the market? Or it will stabilize hereon and march forward..

  55. DJ says:

    Hi Ace,

    What are your views on Parabolic Drugs? It touched 18 during last quarter and now it is trading at 9.

  56. DJ says:

    “no. …huge debt and low promoter holding.”

    Found what you said! Well Google search is anyday better! Amen!

  57. Sameer Anand says:

    I am embarassed to admit that I have had no luck so far in finding the company even though it looks from a duopoly like industry. Eg Amara Raja & Exide.

    • you dont have to feel embarassed… this is a fun learning excercise buddy… its not an exam. if you feeling exhaused, come and try on monday, research further and if it still excites you then think about it…dont feel burdened. its time to take a break 🙂

      • Kiran says:

        You are the same person criticizes VP when he put GTS in his blog and express your dislike towards this idea few weeks back. !

        • i never critised others. if you see what i dislike is giving exact hints .. what i do is give hints based on business. also this is something that the readers asked. Also, if you do not like coming to this blog is not a compulsion for u.

  58. akshay says:

    I thinks market is about to enter in correction mode….or has already entered…pls share your views

  59. Vipul says:


    What is your view on Vimta Labs, it seems to be hitting lows (of 70 today). Is it good for 4-5 years holding, please advice

  60. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    “Multibase” hitting daily UC even today market was in correction mode.
    Sir pls suggest can enter at cmp or wait for correction?

  61. Sowrabh says:

    Ace whats your view on Hexaware Technologies

  62. Jathin says:

    6 hours of research, Atlast I got it! Thanks Ace, Researching the stock is fun, learnt many things! Thanks again!

  63. kmd says:

    Sir how is sutlej ??? Its good or decent ??

  64. kmd says:

    Sir people are saying sutlej is the futute gem its true…

  65. Mayur says:

    what’s your views on The Cheviot Company? High cash reserves…high dividend debt..etc.

  66. mesh says:

    today also got freez or all time high
    more clues

  67. abhishek says:

    There is a contradiction …. you saying its missed by investors, at the same time saying its trading at its highs… both cant be possible

  68. Amit says:

    Hi Ace
    Is the Company’s debt lower than last years debt?

  69. AJ says:

    is this company still trading at all time high (based on todays trade)?

  70. mesh says:


  71. kmd says:

    Sir how is vidhi dyestuff…

  72. mesh says:

    small cap does not have mkt cap of 300 cr
    sir can u please
    below 100 cr or not

  73. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Has the company ever diluted equity?

  74. amit says:

    its dynemic product

  75. Prem says:

    is this gem giving Dividend since last 5 year or they started it from last few years only????

  76. shankar says:

    food & inns

  77. adifferentshadeofblack says:

    Logic dictates that the stock that you are talking about is most probably from the chemical sector. The PE of chemical sector stocks can be very deceiving. Prices of some speciality chemicals (vinly sulfone etc)have crashed recently, so the stocks of the companies that manufacture such chemicals have also crashed. Therefore the trailing PE looks very attractice, but the forward PE is not.

  78. AB says:

    Whether I buy Mindteck or Dynemic Product……?

  79. Investor says:

    Ace, your views on Binny mills?

  80. akshay says:

    Hi ace,

    By saying ‘What if I tell you that its been growing at a very brisk pace in last 5 yrs and its net profits have been growing at more than double the pace of its topline’. Does it mean –

    Example sales(2010)-100 sales(2014)-208 (assuming a CAGR of 20% for 4 years based on your reply for definition of brisk growth)
    Net profit (2010)-1 net profit(2014)-4 (assuming a CAGE of 40%)

    So based on the above can it be concluded that sales would have doubled(roughly) and net profit would have quadrapuled(roughly) from 2010 to 2014?

  81. Smaran says:

    Sir what’s ur view on BDH industries. Is it right time to enter 🙂

  82. Dear Ace Good Morning .
    Still could not come to a conclusion. Sir I am studying more than what I did during my Master degree.
    It’s a gem that is largest listed company in its business….. Sir in terms of what ? Gross Block, Net Block or Total Assets. Will it be possible to through some light in that?

    Have a nice Day..

  83. Shiny says:

    Since these two names are already out speaking on it, its between narmada gelatin and vidhi, Vidhi is on UC, theres no way you can get it as its already on UC, Narmada too fits all of the clues you gave. Vidhi does not even have a functional website.

    • Jitesh says:

      Cannot be narmada as it’s not a largest manufacturer in India and second largest manufacturer in world.

    • Dinesh Agarwal says:

      Its not vidhi debt is increasing and also check their debt equity ratio its not a compelling buy. Some oversmart ppl recommend this one and innocent ppl will lost their money in few days.

  84. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Dear Sir, surprisingly nobody is talking about the revival of your reco prima plastics.. congratulations sir.. thank u for helping me make money.. Sir, just one doubt.. as you are a maestro in technicals as well, what is your take at the current levels.. Do u see further upmove or shall I book profit and exit.. your advice would be highly appreciated.. 🙂

    • niravkaria says:

      Endorse the question asked by Nikhil Biswas. Sorry it is against your nature to answer such question but please advice whether fresh buy is possible.

      • actually i had answered the question…not sure where the reply went …. strange.. anyways, yes i like the company and given a few quarters one could see very high levels… i dont give sell calls here, so if you are content then book out but IMHO this is just a start

  85. Vivek says:

    Ace, whats your view about Panchsheel Organics? Thanks

  86. AB says:

    I hold Dynemic Products… What news in future….

  87. AJ says:

    how do you interpret any Company declassifying any promoter names to public category? is this a sign of any negative indicator?

  88. sam says:

    Hi Ace…….your views on Unique Organics at cmp?

  89. akii says:

    sir your mentioned stock is trading below 100 or above that…………..

  90. J Gopal says:

    Dear ACE,

    It seems some smart people already found the answer…Those who have not found it will not be able to find it even if you give further time. Then why to wait till Monday ?.. Anyway, the cat is out of the bag and stock hit UC ….. Now the only question is till what level one should chase it ?


    • no need to chase anything. first understand the business, research it ..try to see the value and then plan your entry..

      • sam says:

        Ace, i think if you can post a guide or some tips (after announcing this gem off course) as to how one can find the answers from the hints you gave would be a good learning for newbies and would encourage good participation which i believe is the purpose of this exercise.

  91. murugan says:

    Dear Ace
    how is cipla looking at current levels for some short-term trading?

  92. murugan says:

    Sorry forgot to ask, any view on skm egg?

  93. sam says:

    hi Ace..your views on Veritas India ltd and srs??

  94. pruthvi says:

    I like your thinking.
    I like this way of recommendation.
    It will make the investor confident before investing in a particular company.
    Investor will research about the company before investing which will scale up the conviction.
    Real long term investor will make a good entry point.
    And the recommendation provider will not be targeted/questioned for any loss (if any) .
    Investor has not borrowed the idea he has researched it .
    Hope your further recommendations will also be in the same manner.
    Thank you

  95. Vishwanath says:

    Sir, seems Wanburys price is stabilising now @30. Good to make smallaccumalations?

  96. Rohit Gulati says:

    Hows Reliance Power and NHPC in view. of Govt emphasis of debottlenecking the sector of fuel linkages and land issues and other Policy initiatives

  97. baba says:

    Hi Ace,
    Can you confirm if the company is having a working website, according to me the company is not having a proper website ? Pls confirm.

  98. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    What’s with Poddar Developers. Has moved from 190 to above 1100 levels – literally non stop.
    Is it a buy ? Is there some exciting story here?


  99. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace,

    Do you track ..Pressman Advt

  100. Saurabh A says:

    your view on Mastek? after demerger news it went from 230 to 337 and again back to 255 odd levels?
    would like to know your view on Sonata software also.

  101. prateek says:

    Ace sir,
    Aj to dil khush kr diya prima ne.hoping it to cross 100 soon and your new pick which you have not even disclosed is already hitting uc’s and just see the pending buy orders of 3.5 lacs.i think the cat is already out of placed order of 10 k shares but could not get a single one but still i think it is a good bet even at 30

  102. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Ace i missed out on Skm Eggs & Aimco Pesticides both aready turned super mutibagger….. And i noticed that they are standing rock solid in this market correction also… Which is Boosting more confidence. so can this be bought @ current Leves?

    • probably yes..aimco is very good, skm at declinesis good too.

      • Rakesh Sankhala says:

        Thanks a Ton Ace For Your Lightnig Fast Reply!! And three Cheers for You for the recent show of PRIMA…. Which had given a good answer to lots of your critics who were doubting your integrity altogether when it was falling!!

        • well, its saddens me but really cant blame them too…this bull market has spoiled everybody. till last year 25% returns in a year qualified as stellar and now some stocks give that in a week and unfortunately everything thinks that now this is the norm. I hope people understand that it doesnt work this way 🙂 … God Bless

  103. Manoj says:

    How is V2 Retail at current levels?

  104. jay says:

    it can not be Vidhi dyes as its debt is increasing YoY.

  105. Chandrashekara says:

    Dear Ace,
    Good to see Prima going up 11+ % …Congrats all Ace followers who invested in PRIMA…I bought Prima 40 % @Rs.52 , 60 %@Rs.49 … see very few people commenting on this compared to the comments came when it was going down …Anyways you made me rich 🙂 logically…..I am happy to stay with it for at-least 1.5 Years irrespective of price movement if there is no change in their business strategy :).

  106. pp says:

    Ace can you confirm if the pe currently is in single digit or double digit?

  107. dharani says:

    Ace sir I found the share.But wait for your golden words.

  108. sam says:

    Hi Ace…how do you rate Cairn India at cmp?

  109. SAY says:

    Ace – You must have created enormous amount of wealth (all recos put together) for ordinary lives. You have touched their lives. Deepest gratitude to you from me and on everyone’s behalf.

    • I dont know about that but i hope their lives and confidence in the markets both have improved and it keeps on improving along with their bank balance. Once again, the credit goes to investors for “holding” stocks during turbulence, because that is when unfortunately most give up and loose out on opportunities. Thanks for your kind words though. God Bless

  110. Ram says:

    Dear Ace,

    You brought smiles on our faces w.r.t Prima. Can you please through some light on Cybertech as well. Holding it ever since you have recommended.

  111. BrightMub says:

    Dear Ace,

    Hope you are doing great!

    I need you help in choosing the good stocks among the below list, Could you please put your insights on these stocks Commex Technologies, Blazon Marbles, Anukaran Commercial, Luminaire Technologies/Strauss Industries, Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn, Pipavav Defence, Kyra Landscapes, GMR Infra, Dhunseri Petrochem, VKS Projects, Prima Agro Products… Please don’t mind as the list is long to answer but desperately need your help..

    Million Thanks in advance.


  112. Sowrabh says:

    Ace…thanks for recommending prima i had entered at 58.. and it fell to 45 levels…now it looks like it is going to rise substantially from here on…thanks 🙂

  113. srinathnitb says:

    Hats off to you ace sir. I invested a major chunk in Prima after I myself got convinced that its a great company and now I am sitting on huge profit. Thanks a ton!!! God bless ace sir.

  114. animesh says:

    Ace ur views on manappuram and grauer and weil

  115. nirav karia says:

    Sir I want to ask one question which is not only in my mind but I hope everyone following u r thinking to ask the same. The question is at present level out of all ur recommended companies, which company/companies u suggest with strong conviction to buy tommorow. Pls sir answer one or two of ur best. Pls. Pls. Thanks in advance.

  116. jayprakash says:

    It can not be Vidhi Dyes as its debt is increasing

  117. sai says:

    It is vidhi dyestuff asia lagest producer of food color dye.
    But before jumping and catching the cat be sure you need it and more important why you need it.
    Do your reaseach get convinced then only buy instead of 15 even if you buy at 25 after 100 % conviction it is good otherwise just ignore.
    God bless and happy investing

  118. Rajesh Reddy says:

    Hi Ace, Could you please confirm if I can enter Sharp India at current level (63) or will it consolidate more? Thanks in advance.

  119. Tapas kumar says:

    Sir i think its HBL POWER.

  120. Abir says:

    Ace, I think you have done a great job here by giving a chance to people who work hard, show passion, gain conviction and buys before jumping on to recommendations. This will help passionate investors invest early and gain more benefit. Keep this up please.

    I think quite a few people has got the stock and its evident in its price | volume movement…wont say anything more…Thanks again.

  121. ms says:

    I think i have figured out the gem, though, what i was unable to verify was the second largest tag in the world. They don’t have any such info on their website. or any other sources online.

  122. sarvdeep123 says:

    Ace. what do you think of Praj industries as of now..if ok,should we buy on these prices?
    Also can we enter orient beverages now?

  123. Vivek says:

    Hi Ace,

    Just wanted to check with you about Flex Foods. I know your earlier opinion on this. What is it that you dont like about it or about the group? looks like a good stock with consistent growth and regular dividend paying. I know we cant compare it one to one with freshtrop, but to me it looks like where freshtrop was about 3-4 months ago. your opinion pls.


  124. kiran kumar says:

    is it hitech plastic sirji

  125. Neelbasura says:

    Which one do your prefer for long term compounding b/w Amara Raja and Motherson Sumi? Can you see growth potential in Eicher Motors for next 3-5 years and if so, is it worthwhile to invest fresh even at CMP? How is Force Motors? I am holding Force from 650 level

    • amaraja looks better. also eicher i think at present prices is a little too high for my comfort, although the growth could be there for next 3-5 yrs, but at around 40000 cr market cap dont expect it to go 5 times in next in a jiffy the stock could give steady returns for sure though. also, foce motors is deent but one should also look at SML

      • niravkaria says:

        Sir i have observed many times you have said look at SML instead of Force or Eicher or similar motors company. Sir if you dont mind can you please provide some small details regarding your view on SML. Please consider its as request. Sir also like to know your view on Escorts Limited and Super Crop Safe Limited. thanks in advnace

  126. Navin Sharma says:

    Sir fall in CUPID is worsting day by day… How much more downfall do you see?

    • dont know about price action. also as i have been suggesting since few days back dont take fresh position till we hear about next order.

      • M Prabhu says:

        ACE, I could not understand the logic, when the business is so excited and you are super bullish…when you say SKM EGG can be considered at declines, why not Cupid after heavy fall… why do you suggest not to take fresh entry… myself ( i think most) keep accumulating considering the price down in a view of business model…. . Infact it was thought it would had been replied as a right time to take entry due to heavy price fall. .. could you little elaborate why not to take fresh entry.

  127. Prem says:

    FOR Usher Agro Ltd…….need your views sir

  128. BJ says:

    Sir what is the best way to reach out to a company for questions regarding their financials. I needed some clarification on the V2 Retail’s latest quarterly results and sent couple of emails to the email address mentioned in the investor relations section of their website. No response yet, its been few weeks now.

  129. pradeep says:

    not able to buy it
    9lakhs pending

  130. BJ says:

    Sir your views on Godavari Drugs. Thanks

  131. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir, Nifty has Important Support of 8300

  132. Mayur says:

    Ace, look at Simmonds 10% up…silent performer…both Prima and simmonds at same levels and hope both goes up hand in hand together 🙂

  133. Smit Jain says:

    Sir any call on Sunil Agro Foods?

  134. Arun says:

    Simmonds rocks today… Prima as well . Thanks ACE

  135. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir, In Wanbury finally no seller

  136. Jayesh says:

    Any view on dishman pharma?

  137. prateek says:

    Ace sir,
    What are your views on vardhman acrylics???

  138. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Does the company operate in a highly regulated sector?

    • well its regulated…like pharma, banking etc… not sure what is heavy and what is not 🙂 .. actually not sure if we can call it regulated even…you’ll probably have an idea when i announce the name

  139. pp says:

    Whats your view on essel pro pack?

  140. niravkaria says:

    Sir i have observed many times you have said look at SML instead of Force or Eicher or similar motors company. Sir if you dont mind can you please provide some small details regarding your view on SML. Please consider its as request. Sir also like to know your view on Escorts Limited and Super Crop Safe Limited. thanks in advnace.

  141. Smit Jain says:

    Hi ace,
    keen to know your view on ybrant digital.

  142. prateek says:

    What are your views on vardhman acrylics??consistently growing company with a pe of 5 only

  143. Hi ace. What is your view on VIDHI DYESTUFF ??

  144. sangram says:

    What’s your views on camphor allied.

  145. amit says:

    how is plastiblends,rubfila international and premco global.if to choose one which is best.

  146. Avb says:

    Sir, what are your views on Kwality

  147. Rahul says:

    hello Sir,
    Wanted to understand your opinion whether recent drop in crude and other related commodity prices tend to benefit shoes manufacturers esp. Liberty? Regards

  148. Pinky Das says:

    Sir.. what is ur take on kabra extrusion?

  149. animesh says:

    Ace ur views on uflex and hanung toys??

  150. Mayur says:

    What’s your take on Swiss Glasscoat Equipment?

  151. Ravi multani says:

    good morning dear dear dear ace
    I was damn damn sure for prima that it vl go up…I m planning to exit today bcoz it has risen from 45 to 74 in one direction and in very short period…expecting some consolidation and then enter again….what’s your view…

  152. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace Good Morning.
    Can I make fresh entry in Cupid Now. Also interested in Aimco and Warnbury. Need your suggestion … or wait for some time more..

    Have a good day.

    • are you convinced about the stories youself?

      • skdc14 says:

        Yes Sir I am convinced about their products and fundamentals but worried about the entry level.. Need your suggestion here.


        • please understand that entry level cannot be timed. how can i know the stock price would go down or not. so take your own decision. aimco and wanbury at declines and lets see with cupid its at important support levels so one could think but do it only if you are ok because other than cupid and aimco have doubled from recommended price.. wanbury has strong support around 28 and its encouraging to see it not even go there.

  153. P S V SUNDRAVADIVEL says:

    Respected Aceji,
    Please share your views on NCC (Nagarjuna Construction Company).

  154. Smit Jain says:

    Sir what is your opinion on Hindustan Tin Works & Prime Property?

  155. Rocky says:

    ACE if one is interested in food color sector, he should go for Vidhi or Dynemic or both?

  156. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Sir, Multibase india is having a dream run? What’s your view for entry at current level’s?

  157. sam says:

    Hi Ace….what are your views on prakash constrowell?

  158. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir, Nifty below 8250-Your views

  159. amit says:

    liberty down to 236.i have been buying it since confidence is starting shaking.their half yearly top line is 242 cr .last year h2 was 250 cr. if they do 20 percent more then also it will struggle to do 550 cr topline this year.also merger not happening till mar how much more can it fall.mirza is going 52 week high.will it be better to start buying mirza instead of liberty now as it like catching a falling knife.

    • i am not worried. averaging does not mean buying after after 3-4% fall, please remember that. also, there’s no problem with liberty. like it much more than mirza. also, i dont know how much more it can fall, but hopefully, downside should not be more than 10-12%.

  160. akshay says:

    Hi ace,

    What do you feel about investing in Waterbase at current price levels? Is it good at current price levels or decent on declines? I know it is up 3 times since your recommendation but the news flow in shrimp exports is quite positive to suggest it should have a great future. What is your expected FY15 eps for it?

  161. Whats your view on Govind Rubber?

  162. kumar says:

    sir,your view on basant agro tech, morepen

  163. Prem says:

    hiii Ace i have searched for GODAVARI DRUGS but u didn’t mentioned it earlier in any of your comment plzzzz need your view

  164. Bela says:

    Dear ACE,
    Please suggest one to three stocks for SIP purpose .say for 3 to 5 years……Thanks in advance.

  165. Sowrabh says:

    ace ur views on rapicut carbide?

  166. rahul says:


    What’s your views on il & fs engineering


  167. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    sold my entire holding of prima today….got handsome profit in less than month….thanks very much…your name the gem2 is already in uc..good recommendation….I don’t think there vl b any difference of announcing the name in market hours or before market hours bcoz it vl b uc on Monday also…again thanks for prima…god bless you…

  168. kvrs says:

    Hi Ace. Pls share your views on Basant Agrotech and Indiabulls power for entry now.

  169. kumar says:

    sir,pls give u r opinion on basant agro,morepen,prakash constrowell

  170. Sameer Anand says:

    If it is going to be Vidhi Dyestuff, then I wont mind even if I could not buy.

    But if it is some other stock then i would regret for not having guessed the right one!

  171. sangram says:

    Your views on heritage good

  172. sangram says:

    It was very nice learning experience. I hope you continue the series of ntg. While searching for the ntg2 . I came across a company called Manaksia Ltd. A packaging company. On face of it company looks Good. But it is not paying out tax. Positives are high dividend yield and low pe. I need your expertise advice on it. Please give your views on heritage food also. Thanks in advance. And god bless you and your family

  173. pp says:

    What A group stocks are you most convinced with at he moment?

  174. Anil says:

    hi Ace what is your view on Binny

  175. srinathnitb says:

    Sir you have suggested one can buy SKM Egg on declines. At what price can I enter? Your humble opinion please.

  176. Rajesh Hota says:

    as per your suggestion i have been holding cybertech systems albeit at higher levels means around 58 . It is said that you are an operator who let pass the stock to the gullible and just shake his hands off the junk stocks .
    Should cybertech emulate vakrangee as the enticing words you coined for entering into the stocks by us ?

  177. Shankar says:

    Hello Sir: whats your view on bhageria dyechem? pE of 2…

  178. prateek says:

    Dear sir,
    Your views on mirza international???

  179. Bhagyashree Goenka says:

    Hello sir.. I am new to ur blog.. can i enter prima plastics at cmp.. 67-68?

  180. Bhagyashree Goenka says:

    Hi Sir.. I am new to your blog.. That’s why missed the bus.. can i buy prima plastics at the cmp…

  181. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Please advice whether Edelweiss can be considered for an investment period of 3-5 years?

  182. prateek says:

    Ace sir,
    What are your views on kesar terminals and infrastructure ltd??

  183. Hi ace, what is your view on Taparia Tools?

  184. sangram says:

    Hi ace you forget to reply me about manaksia Ltd.

  185. peter says:

    Hello Ace, U r Great , Keep Up Good Work, I did nt manage to find that Stock, but it was Great Learning Experience , Gone through Reports of Some Company in Process and manage to Get Some Decent Stocks , Thanks a Lot , God Bless

  186. Rohit says:

    Hi ACE, would you recommend entering Cairn India at CMP? Attractive div. yield.

  187. Sam says:

    Hey is it Linc Pens ? Although the product description may not fit your definition exactly.


  188. Hi ace, what is your view on GS Auto & Saurastra Cement?

  189. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    do you see a serious correction to happen in Indian markets ?
    IIp data , Greece issue, correction in US markets etc are negative .
    Since US market will be in holiday mood as of now, do you expect some reaction in early jan ?

    As of now sinking oil is big positive for Indian economy, but do you read some thing worrisome in short term ?
    Hope in this bull run euphoria small fishes like us will not be swallowed in a crash, if any .

  190. Harshad Mehta says:

    Hi ACE your views on Rallis India please.

  191. kash says:

    I believe the company is Camphor allied or Grauer & Weil

  192. tushar says:

    whats ur view on logix microsystems

  193. Tamil vanan.S says:

    Which time can we expect your pick sir?

  194. suneel says:

    Dear Ace, Awaiting the name of the GEM.

  195. When will the answer be declared?

  196. Rajesh says:

    Sir, what is your view on Salzer Electronics?

  197. sam says:

    Hi i was chking on screener, debt to equity ratio is 1.3 and debt 3 years back was 37+ cr whereas current debt is 42+ cr…u mentioned its 2 cr!! Care to clarify pls?

  198. ranjeeth says:

    where do i find the name of stock, as am reading ur blog for first time

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