Name This Gem 3 – The Only Listed Company In Its Business

Background: It’s the only listed company in its space and is therefore, peerless. The company is operating in an industry dominated by multi-nationals but is a strong domestic brand in itself.

Gem: What if I tell you that there’s a debt free, cash rich company that is a very good brand in its industry. The company also pays dividend regularly and its payout is increasing year after year. The company has a low capex model and therefore, any incremental increase in revenue generates tremendous amount of cash which the company generously shares with the shareholders in the form of dividends. The company also became a partner of a major internet company recently. promoter holding is very high without any pledge. The promoters by nature are very risk averse and do not believe in debt. So much so that their other listed company which is in an extremely capital intensive industry where a lot of top names are burdened with debt, this other listed company is also debt-free.

Valuations: Whereas unique and peerless businesses normally trade at astronomical high double digits or even triple digit valuations, we have this wonderful high dividend paying cash cow small cap available at extremely cheap valuations.

Technical: The company is trading near its lifetime closing highs. Most importantly, inspite of all the mayhem that we witnessed in the markets, the stock is still in the kissing distance of its highs. The stock is rock solid in adverse conditions primarily because of its debt-free status and high dividend yield.

Note: The company is listed on both the exchanges and was listed a few years back and it did not list through in IPO route.

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284 Responses to Name This Gem 3 – The Only Listed Company In Its Business

  1. Akshay says:

    thanks for posting an awesume quiz


    When will you reveal the name of the company?

  3. sam says:

    Ace you should consider giving at least some numbers to make even novice or intermediate players to participate in this quiz. The hints given only make it possible for pros to figure out the stock sadly!

    • if i give numbers, then its a matter of running a screener which i dont think is the best way to’research’ or learn about researching. anyways, if its required, in future, i will. God Bless

      • Sats says:

        I am a novice investor just started investing and reading about markets since 3 months, kindly advice , how to solve this, any inputs appreciated , what is the steps one needs to follow .

      • anujpress24 says:


        Can you please atleast help us understand what are the other ways you are mentioning (other than screener) to research.


      • yesbee says:

        me too comes under the same category “I am a novice investor just started investing and reading about markets since 3 months, kindly advice , how to solve this, any inputs appreciated , what is the steps one needs to follow .” PLz help me out

  4. shree says:

    Hi Ace,
    What about your views on Pidilite & Vinati Organics…….Which is suitable to long term?

  5. Saurabh says:


    Thanks for putting this quiz.its a great exercise and learning experience.
    When you say low valuation does it means low market cap, or low EPS or low PE.
    Please provide some number around which we can do our research.

  6. AJ says:

    Very difficult one this, is the market cap less than 50?

  7. srikanth says:

    sir aimco still going down what will u suggest hold or exit tell u r opinion +ve or not

  8. Is it safe to assume market cap less than 300 cr and promoter holding more than 60%, as you said small cap company and high promoter holding

  9. Ankur Goyal says:

    It is not difficult at all. I found it in 15 minutes. I will ask for confirmation here on Monday after I buy the stock because I am damn sure it is the same one as I found. All criteria match perfectly. Thanks Ace for this gem!

  10. san says:

    Bro, I guess they are the only listed one, but other companies are also dealing with the same business indirectly.. if im right… and also do the company gets demand from tourist. ?

  11. MyInsignia says:

    Ace, Are you sure it got listed few years back but not through IPO ? I know one but it did not list few years back

  12. pruthvi says:

    does the promotors have more than one listed company?

  13. pruthvi says:

    sorry.does the promotors have more than two listed company?

  14. san says:

    I found the company.. can you please .. tell me where to share it?

  15. san says:

    yahoooo … i found out this.. in 1 hr !! good news.. thanks Ace for the clues.

  16. Abir says:

    I found it too…thanks a ACE. Your clues are perfect! definitely clues are perfect…nothing less nothing more

  17. MyInsignia says:

    Ace, with due respect to your research but your last clue “The company ….was listed a few years back” does not seem correct ………… Please confirm..

  18. Ankit says:

    When you say recent partnership..can 2 or 3 years be taken as recent?


    Dear Aceji,
    share your views on FLEX FOODS.

  20. rvrajan says:

    ACE, After a couple of ‘ false starts’ and random stone throwing , got it now.. When announced, people will see how this is a fascinating pick.. Would say has your Trademark stamp in it !
    Cheers and Thanks

  21. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Was the company listed through reverse merger or demerger?


  22. Aditi Mehra says:

    A couple questions,

    You mentioned its debt free, so does that mean its 100% debt free or very minor debt is okay?

    Also can you bee 100% sure it did come through the IPO route?

  23. Vijay says:

    How is blue star infotech

  24. Sam says:


    What does high promoter holding means ? Can we assume greater than 60 ?

  25. Rahul says:

    What is your email id Ace?

  26. Ankit says:

    Hi Ace, when you say it listed “few” years back, can a interval of 8-10 years be taken as few?

  27. mesh says:


  28. acefollower says:

    Sir, is its other listed company is 100% debt free?? please confirm.

  29. mesh says:

    sir found two cos with negative working capital
    Lumax Industries
    Lumax Auto Technologies
    your comment required

    also recd info about negative working capital ur views also required or u might be knowing other names cos then please post
    Negative Working Capital essentially means that the company is able to pre-sell its products and gets a decent Credit from its Supplierswhich help it to grow its Business without any Capital requirements.

  30. Mohit Wadhi says:

    Sir, What are your views on goa carbon?

  31. H says:

    Hi Ace,

    General question – Do you know of a good and reliable service which can alert me whenever quarterly results of companies that I own are out? It is easy for large caps since quarterly results are eagerly awaited by all and it is tracked in mews channels. But for smaller companies, I find it hard to keep track of it.


  32. Aditi Mehra says:

    Is it IT sector?

  33. Hi ace, what is your view on BILCARE. It is available at very attractive price. Also, I hav sent the Gem 3 answer on your mail. Pls. Confirm.

  34. sangram says:

    if I am right dividend percentage fluctuation is very high yoy

  35. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    My request to you is please confirm whether I have guessed the stock name right. Please reply to my e-mail.

  36. sangram says:

    What’s your view on websol energy. As goi is thursting for renewable energy. What’s your take on solar energy

  37. Sowrabh says:

    Ace any update on cupid…about the order which it is supposed to recieve?

  38. M Prabhu says:

    ACE, It seems to be interesting, Let me try my luck whether I would be able to catch tomorrow morning.

  39. Mustafa says:

    will the name be declared on this blog or somewhere else?

  40. sourabh says:

    When you say dividend is paid regularly you mean for past several years?

  41. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    At least you should confirm whether people are guessing right or wrong through e- mail. Else they may end up buying the wrong stock. That would make the entire exercise futile.

    • if i give a confirmation or deny then people will get to know for sure which one is right and as readers said earlier, they might post the answer somewhere which would be very wrong.people should not speculate and buy only what “they” feel is right

    • M Prabhu says:

      Dear Sameer, let us respect the intention of blog Author, this was the easiest ntg which match all ace points easily, let us make a buy tomorrow positively and check our luck..

  42. MyInsignia says:

    Please remove my above post.

  43. Sameer Anand says:

    I am a bit confused ACE. First you are saying that you would not confirm or deny whether the readers who are e.mailing you are guessing it right or wrong. At the same time you are saying that please e- mail me the doubts.

    May be some readers are more equal than others for you.

  44. Sameer Anand says:

    When you say it is the only listed company from the sector, does it mean the only Indian company listed excluding the MNCs? Please clarify.

  45. Sameer Anand says:

    I give up. No point in guessing when I can’t even get the confirmation. Let operators have all the fun tomorrow. We small investors can only curse our luck.

  46. Vijay says:

    Got it. Thanks for the clues

  47. Vijay says:

    Feel nice after u get it. Sent an mail to u with the answer

  48. sangram says:

    Do you like surana solar

  49. Manoj says:

    Sir, I am assuming that the market cap is less than 1000 Cr. Please let me know if this assumption is correct.

  50. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace. Thanks again for Name This Gem 3.
    It was really tough without numerical s. Tomorrow let me try my luck..

    Thank you again for helping us picking the best.

    Good Bless

  51. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    I strongly believe someone already hijacked this counter 10-15 days back as there was unexpected volume seen in your NTG-3 pick.
    But this one is really good one nice find ace sir 🙂

  52. vignesh says:

    “It has become a partner of major internet company”.. Internet company means internet service provider or online companies.. Pls clarify

  53. Smit Jain says:

    Sir any call on Sinclair Hotels

  54. Shiny says:

    Its on circuit, nevertheless got to know the answer in an hour was quite encouraging, keep it coming ace, really enjoying the quiz

  55. hafizul09 says:

    Ace ji , as u know this is already locked in UC……and also not sure when it is going to break… may so happen that after all the wait when it breaks it will already be doubled and of course overvalued… the way company is very good and good choice……will track it , if it corrects a bit then will buy of course..Thanks for all ur hard work………Keep it Up….

  56. Aditi Mehra says:

    Can you confirm its listed on both exchanges? I found a company which matches your criteria but its only on 1 exchange.

  57. srinivas says:

    Hi ACE, thanks for the great pick, hope i will get it tomorrow. company’s website design itself is very impressive. this is a solid pick. will definitely buy this one. thanks for the recommendation.

  58. renu says:

    Dear Ace .. V2 retail seems to be a very good buy at these levels . What do you think ?

  59. pradeep says:

    sir ur view on Indiabullls securities?

  60. ANKUR says:

    whats your vies on presman advertising ???caN I BUY IT ON THESE LEVEL

  61. ANKUR says:


  62. Vanadna says:

    Hi Ace!

    Can you please provide your view on GeeCee Ventures?

  63. sam says:

    Hi ace, if i have to compare prima and vidhi growth potential wise, which one would you recommend? My odds are with prima but thought to take your opinion..

  64. sam says:

    and if i may ask what is the biggest issue you see with Prakash constrowell if you are tarcking it?

  65. umesh says:

    what is your view on archidply , sudarshan chemicals

  66. Deepak says:

    Is it Entertainment Network (India) Ltd?

  67. akshay says:

    Hi ace,

    Was going through your earlier post on Cupid. When you said ‘The company expects to perform very well in coming year, and for this year, company should exceed its first 6 months performance’. Did you mean expected sales > 20cr and expected net profit > 3.6cr for the H2 of the year?
    Was just reorganizing my portfolio so your inputs would be of great help.

  68. sangram says:

    Not able to buy your ntg 3. But it has awesome potential. I have some questions on vidhi. I am strong believer of buying already digged out ideas which are correcting and giving value rather than hunting a new one (off course it will correct one day and give us again value buy apart from some exceptional like orient beverage)
    1.Does vidhi dyechem opm gets boost because of rupee depreciation.
    2. In ar they have also stated that they have huge untapped domestic market. But will they be able to capatilise unorganized competitors.
    I have been nibbling this stock slowly. What would be bargain price if it comes

  69. mesh says:


  70. Avneesh says:

    Hi Ace

    Please give your views on Bhageria Chemicals

  71. Shankar says:

    Dear Ace

    Requesting your views on Titan biotech. Fresh entry advised? Thanks

  72. Dear Ace

    Requesting your views on Titan biotech. Fresh entry advised? Thanks

  73. Rohit Dalvi says:

    i only know 2 company in my watchlist
    1) ptc india
    2) ptc finance ltd

  74. RightStock says:

    Thanks ACE, came to know more than IPO. Good learning.

  75. Ganesh says:

    How is Astec Life science ?

  76. hafizul09 says:

    Ace ji….I am in genuine problem——by the time I am getting to know the Gems names from u, people are already buying them heavily..getting locked into series of continuous UCs…. and its becoming overvalued…… again started to look to some small caps stocks…please give ur view/valuable inputs on Tokyo Plast, Weizmann and Welspun Syntex…..thx in advance!!! God Bless U!!!

    • stocks do not get overvalued just because it goes up few % points justhi like the fact they dont get undervalued because they are a few % down…. everyone has their own valuation matrix though

    • Prashant says:

      Dear Hafiz,
      please check where is Vidhi . We have seen previously how Prima, Freshtrop, V2 gave Buy opportunities even after recommendation . Please be patient, we will get opportunity .


      • sorry prashant, but vidhi is trading 15% higher than recommendation price…

      • hafizul09 says:

        Thanks Prashant ji…I think Ace is saying Vidhi is trading 15% higher that is from the day of hints….but when Ace ji actually published the name of Vidhi , within 10 mins. I bought which is @19.10 and now it is trading around 16.50-17 range…but anyway as it is good company 15%- 20% decline does not matter as I am long term investor…..however some operators are using Ace ji’s recommendation to make quick money……

      • hafizul09 says:

        Ace ji…I understand the point that when u r putting hints u r recommending…but the real fact is maximum number of people can not crack the quiz and get the actual stock name so they have to wait till u actually publish the name…BUT there are some expert people/operators who are able to successfully crack the quiz and get the actual stock name before u actually publish…and they are using the time between publishing the hints and actual name to manipulate…..that’s my point..i think same happened to Vidhi and we got stuck at higher level as those people are trader and SOLD their holdings….hope u understand my point…Thx..

        • people who are more passionate and have confidence in their skills deserve a better entry price… earlier noone was getting a good entry price but atleast now most of them are getting… people who sell early will have limited gains (lets not forget a15% tax too) but people who are patient will be rewarded greatly….

      • Prashant says:

        Dear ACEji,
        apologies, I was not trying to highlight that Vidhi is doing bad, its great stock and few % downside doesn’t matter for a great story .

        What I was trying to say is we have been getting opportunities, its up to us if are willing to take position in great recommendations here .

        Best regards,

      • hafizul09 says:

        Ace ji and Prashant ji…..Thanks to both of you for all the clarifications……and of course there is absolutely NO DOUBT that Ace ji is doing some GREAT work….keep it up!!! God Bless U!!!

  77. Jitesh says:

    dear Ace…we know the answer of this quiz but should we wait to enter as it has already taken huge leap?

  78. pp says:

    Whats your opinion on int travel house?

  79. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace,

    Are you confident in MIC electronics

  80. Smit Jain says:

    Sir recently we took part in another name stock sort of thing on another blog and that blogger intentionally let it rise and later says its value factor is missing, Please tell me shall i buy your stock today? I know the name. it has appreciated 20% approx

    • we dont discuss other blogs here…. also, noone lets anything rise…people who are passionate investors are able to decode the clues and buy stocks at attractive prices…these are the people who are buying since yesterday the stock they feel is the answer to NTG 3… its always gives a better entry point to people…. same thing happened with vidhi where people got entry at 15.3rs also… i know scores of people with buy price below 16rs… also if a stock is worth only 15-20% then i wont recommend it… imagine by “halat” when i see eicher motors when i was about to buy at 190-200rs but kept on waiting to buy at declines for the so called right price… you know what is the price today right?? anyways i am not suggesting all the stocks would behave like that but if you are ok to loose a multi-bagger opportunity for some 10-20% possible declines then pls wait…. God Bless

      • Smit Jain says:

        Bought.. thanks for the update
        Even i dont want to discuss other blogs but the other blog has done a fraud with its followers… If you know what i am talking about, I didn’t buy as you advised someone you don’t like that particular stock.. Now its in lower circuit and i am safe due to you. THanks 🙂

        • i strongly disagree with you my friend. i dont think blog authors have any intention of frauds.. i have a lot of respect for bloggers because now that i blog, i know how much time, effort and emotional energy it takes away from you. ofcourse there are certain unscruplous elements that take advantage of recommendations and as i have experienced we cannot get away from that. but investors should have faith and research themselves before investing….if they dont then they dont have any right to blame others… also i didnt save anyone here sir, its just that for last many months that this question has been asked to me i have said that i dont like this particular company.

  81. Ganeshan Babu says:

    Dear Ace,since good volume is already done and out of UC,you should give more clues for more people to get the tip so that they are provided with oppurtunity at todays price.
    Thanks for the excellent stock

  82. Ankit says:

    Hi Ace, Any views on Tiger logistics?

  83. ace sir just would like to share a wonderful experience that i had yesterday after talking with MR Om Garg of cupid. this was the first time that i talked with the MD of a company.
    actually 14 days back i had sent an email to MR Om Garg regarding order update of WHO. i received his reply yesterday asking me to give me my mobile number so that he can get in touch. but he also gave his mobile number so i directly called him.

    he told that WHO order has already been renewed in nov 2014 and the order size is of 5 crore. he also said they have also received one another order of 2 crore and also they have received many small orders. so i asked why you are not informing this to the exchanges. he said our lawyers are saying that dont inform each and every order instead of that at the time of results mention all the order at once which ware received during the quarter.

    but i told him that you at least inform about the WHO order. so he said ok. we will inform to the exchange in next 2 to 3 days. he also told me that whenever you next come to nasik please inform me i will arrange for you car pick up and drop facility from my side and if you have time i will show you the nasik factory. and so i will be meeting MR Om Garg on 28Th December 2014. hoping for a great meet. by the way MR Om Garg was a very humble person and it was a very nice experience talking with him.

  84. Suneetha says:

    Aceji ! Plz let me know what is IMHO ?

  85. Ganeshan Babu says:

    I like your new approach in bringing out the Hidden Gems to the public,this gives a fair chance to us,I am happy I was able to buy the quantity that I could afford.

  86. Shiny says:

    when will you disclose Name the gem 3

  87. Akshay says:

    Pirma is facing resistance at 60…

  88. Armaan Kapoor says:

    what do you mean not listed through IPO, what are the other ways of being listed? someone please help

  89. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, do you think NTG-3 is trading at its fair value now?
    Also, what’s your take on tata sponge for long term?

  90. umesh says:

    what is yr view on sudarshan chemicals

  91. umesh says:

    cmi ltd has recd orders of 1218 lakhs orders from railways for supplying power cables . i would like to know yr view on this stock

  92. umesh says:

    garware synthtics is expanding into plastic engg segment and auto components , the promoters are raising stake thru pref issue at Rs 50/- per share , can i invest in this stock

  93. umesh says:

    sir i not able to search yr views on archidply & hmt ltd sorry for that i would like to purchase the share and would like to know yr views for long term, is the company worth buying for 5 yrs period

  94. umesh says:

    when are you going to reveal the name of gem 3 stock is it before 25th

  95. Arvind says:

    dear ace ji can you pls your view about syncom formulation it has given very good result but from the result it was going down

  96. amit says:

    Sir ur suggestion on the byke hospital and hbl power…

  97. umesh says:

    what is yr view on rs software

  98. umesh says:

    what is yr view on hmt ltd

  99. umesh says:

    what is yr view on snowman ltd is it worth buying

  100. sam says:

    Hi ace..Is there any issue with v2 retail? Seems like some old sales tax issues are haunting it? Do you know something about it?

    • the balance sheet has lot of scores to be settled, but nothing that was not already known…if everything was clear and hung-ho then why would it be so undervalued…at present valuations nothing is wrong…but its important that in future these issues are resolved

  101. Ankit says:

    Hi Ace, any views on Kukuyo camlin?

  102. umesh says:

    thanks for your prompt reply

  103. umesh says:

    pl suggest atleast 3 companies for making fresh investment out of archidply,snowman, kopran, sudarshan chem, rs software,aimco pest & hmt ltd

  104. umesh says:

    can i buy singer around 190 levels for 3 yrs period

  105. mesh says:

    ohh my god today volume is oddhhhhhh.
    people are doing trading only
    very poor delivery marking …….
    investors are taking longterm calls at short term….
    sir one nice advice on this

  106. Suneetha says:

    I used to invest not more than 10% in any so called Multibagger! I thought ,infact, tempted to invest 60% in Sharon Bio but refrained from doing so & invested only 10% now saved from being massacred in SharonBio! Lesson:NEVER PUT ALL THE EGGS IN SAME BASKET!

  107. Suneetha says:

    Few days back Daljtsing Kholi advised to buy around 50 for a target 140, Then also i tempted but have taken advice from Aceji, Aceji answered my Query like this ” decent but not confident as of now” then i refrained ! Thanks Ace !

    • no need to thank me…thank yourself…the stock is optically undervalued, and has a lot of liquidity and therefore, brokerage people looking at potential multibagger in pharma take route of these kind of stocks…look at syncom… if i have to take a punt i would rather bet on the brands of wanbury than this…anyways… lets hope for the sake of investors it lives up to daljeet kholi’s expectations 🙂

      • hafizul09 says:

        Ace ji…do u mean Syncom Formulation here by Syncom….? its corrected by almost 75%…should buy some shares ..please advice……….thx…

      • hafizul09 says:

        sorry..correction….please read ‘should buy some shares’ as ‘should we buy some shares?’

      • hafizul09 says:

        Okay Ace ji ….point taken…..i see Wanbury also corrected a lot and as u confirmed that the business is good so it must go up in future…….i want to buy this but do not have fresh money…..however i have JVL agro shares….i wanted to sell JVL(CMP is around my buy price) but Sunidhi securities broker has given BUY call with target of 30.00 (CMP around 20)…please advice on the same….will it be a wise decision to sell JVL and enter Wanbury at CMP…..Thanks…

      • hafizul09 says:

        Yeah , I wan to buy Wanbury , however I have one question…in Q1 only 1Cr. profit and then SUDDENLY in Q2 LOSS of 261 Cr… there any genuine reason for the HUGE loss…..and also I think FY EPS will be negative with 261 Cr. loss in Q2 itself….so how can we expect investor will be interested to buy one company having negative EPS…..?

  108. Vijay says:

    Thanks ace. Got the qty today which I could afford . Will hold till advised

  109. M Prabhu says:

    Ace, I was reading some of comment of CUBID MD talked with one of investors, It is really appreciable one when MD talk with retail investor query, however I wanted to clarify that how MD can share the current new orders numeric figures to investor before informing to BSE, is not crime . The investor shared the numerical order figure here, what would happen if he does not share here,,, feeling non comfort on the management quality,,, is there any way authenticate their order details once they announce in stock exchange later, finally to inform cupid share 8% on my portfolio…

    • M Prabhu says:

      Ace, Appreciate your reply for my above query…

      • M Prabhu says:

        I used to get a reply from ACE in a short time after question, however this time surprising, not sure my question not read by ACE or intentionally ignored despite the query repeated again…

      • got it..i actuallly replied to it but its posted not in-front of your comment. i agree with your comment. though its not a crime to not annouce orders but its required to share material details with investors though material details is not defined. Also, numerical figures shouldnt be discussed, but he is saying that on phone so he’s escaping it. I have sent him a couple of mails regarding order book, but he didnt reply to those emails though before that he had given me the total orderbook figure 🙂 and that made me suspicious of everything. i have shared an update today. please take your own call after reading all that. God Bless

  110. Rajesh Kumar says:

    sir, your views on Basant Agro

  111. Raj says:

    Hi Ace, Waterbase is down 50% from its highs. Though it is still much above your recommended price. Considering the latest Qtr. results and recent developments in this industry, is there enough juice in this stock at this level.

  112. its a distress call…..whatever i buy,its going to either stagnant or in loss…………for one year i’m holding RSWM; CLARIS LIFE……….without anu appreciation when others are flying… i’m holding USHER; HCL INFO; NOCIL…for some months….but in huge loss…CAN U HELP ME WHAT TO DO ? thanks…

  113. Naman says:

    Sir , your email address please…

  114. suneel says:

    I think it’s time to announce the name of the Gem. Early birds would have made very decent profit already.

  115. Nirav H says:

    Your views on Shree Hari chemical exports?

  116. Amin says:

    Ace, Did you read through The Hindu chennai edition today’s paper, the Poonamalle Municipality has allotted GIS mapping work to Cybertech and this is the first of it kind in Tamilnadu and project is expected to be replicated by Chennai Municipality as well.. Cybertech is indeed a multibagger in this era of smart city.

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