Thoughts on Cupid, Wanbury and Cybertech

Cybertech: Enough has been said that giving a buy call before the results g ave an impression that the results are going to be great and with that “anticipation” people bought shares. I hope I have made it clear enough, that people should not anticipate and for me 1-2 quarter results does not mean much, so moving forward please do not anticipate anything. People should also remember i recommended V2 just a few hours before results were declared and noone complained then 🙂  .  As for cybertech, people who are convinced about the story, may find the present level “technically” a good support zone and if they want to average this is not a bad level, but averaging is not always advisable and would suggest investors to take a call after next quarter’s results.

Wanbury: We all know why its in loss this quarter, again “technically” this is a good level to average. Also fundamentally, one could say at present levels its at bargain prices as it has two FDA approved plants plus a lot of strong brands which alone could be worth a lot. Anyways, people should consider averaging only and only if they can take another 50% hit (this mentality is required right now)

Cupid: Book profits here. Lot of red flags here. I might be wrong with my assessment of the situation, but I believe we are sitting on huge profits and also, a good night’s sleep is more important than money in life. Company is paying taxes so earnings “so far” looks real. But I am not comfortable with management not announcing the orders though it was doing it in the past and I have time and again requested management to do so (which they agreed in principle) and also from the comments posted it seems that a lot of investors did so. But still nothing. Yes, they may announce good results, yes they may announce dividends yes it may go up 1000% but the key word here is “may”. Also, last to last time around when I had interacted with the management the stock was in LC with around 2lacs shares and suddenly just before my comments everything was scoped up, though technically that was not an important support at that time. This bothered me as it made me wonder if someone had an inclination of my meeting and outcome of my meeting with the management, although I gave the benefit of doubt to my wonderful meeting with him. Last week when the stock was trading around 36, again I had a word with the management, and complained that he should be more transparent about orders as the stock price was 40% down because of this and out of the blue stock started hitting UC, with tons of pending orders. If there had been some announcement, I would have been very comfortable with the price rise, but this un-explained phenomenon has left me bedazzled. Also I am not entirely convinced about future, when I came to know all his kids are “settled in their jobs” and the management has no plans as of now for succession (though given his age, there should be a strong plan already). I might be wrong with my assessment of the situation, therefore, individual investors should use their own discretion.

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    A very good write up for little bit confused followers.

  2. Khansalimx says:

    I have booked out now from CR.

  3. Sekar Ag says:

    Thanks for timely update

  4. AK says:

    Appreciate your good intention behind this update dear Ace. God bless!

  5. Arockia says:

    Thank you so much for update on CR.

  6. sam says:

    Ace..are u afraid or delighted that your opinions can put stocks in UC or LC ! Look at cupid after you shared your opinion….;-)

    • really… actually i dont see the screen so frequently..i know day before yesterday it was in UC with huge volumes…so thought of giving my views during a trading day so that people can take an informed decision. i dont think i can make a stock go in UC or LC…you know just a few minutes back a frustraded trader (i assume) mailed me and said what’s the p oint of your recommendation when it did not hit UC…he was referring to pressman… 🙂 anyways, sooner than later good stocks revert to their mean and ditto for the bad ones

  7. Shiny says:

    When can we expect your new pick, Merry Christmas in advance Ace

  8. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any release for New Year..

  9. Ganesh says:

    hahahha… people just want upper circuits, even at the cost of buying the share at the last upper circuit and then holding it for 2 months hoping their price to come again….. surprisingly they dont buy when the prise comes down to lucrative levels like simmonds, cybertech, ambika cotton, or when prima came to 43….. most of us are not investors here although we pretend to be an investor just because it is a fancy name…. the truth is we all need easy money, quick money so we chase stocks which are in continuous uppercircuits in the anticipation that some fool will sell it to me and then many others will chase me for buying my share….

  10. sam says:

    Ace..i’m really happy that you are always up for any comment thrown at you….and you dont have to be on screen …..just post a comment and it reflects….unfortunately most of your followers here follow you blindly and thats how and why this happens….its some smart investors who know how to get the best out of your calls are minting money ..some part of which comes from ur blind followers ..
    i know a person who has put a huge amount on one of the stocks recommended by you and the moment you give a little negative opinion, that single position is capable enough to create a LC i know i’m not wrong as there would be many such morons..

  11. Shiny says:

    Iam on a holiday, will be back on 1st so will have to give this one a miss, but will surely do the number crunching when am back, Thanks Ace

  12. SAY says:

    You did your best.

  13. Mayur says:

    Ace, till last week you were bullish on Cupid and praising about good business…and suddenly what went wrong to advise sell call…now again we trapped as it started hitting LC …pls dont take offended…just putting my mind thoughts…

    • what is it that you did not understand from my concerns? i had stopped asking people to take fresh entry for quite a few weeks…also for last two days also in the comments in hinted that booking profits is not a bad idea… furthermore, if there are doubts i think itsimportant to raise them rather than hide them in performance of stock… i took a trading day to voice it not after the bell so that people get an exit opportunity if deemed fit, so saying its a sudden thing is very wrong. if you read it later i cannot help it but when the post was published it was above 51 levels with strong liquidity. Last but not the least i kept on repeating that let managment annouce the orders first…please search the bblog and then accuse of trapping people

      • Mayur says:

        Sorry Ace, I missed those comments of hints and got late to read new post on these…so lost a bit my temper…but m still Long on other stocks like Liberty, Aimco, Simmonds, V2 and Prima….and have lot of faith…thanks for keeping transparency.
        Sorry again!

      • H says:

        It is very difficult to follow all your comments. Can you post a blog entry as soon as you become skeptical about a recommended company? At least something neutral like you are investigating or something like that so that people with lower risk capacity can exit.

        (Don’t get me wrong, I am a regular reader of this blog, and I love your analysis and recommendations, have learned a lot and have l lot of respect for you.)

      • H says:

        Yes. Now. But you have been replying that you had already asked investors to be cautious in the comments. Since we have no good way to follow each and every comment, it would be helpful if you create a blog entry whenever you are doubtful of any recommendation it. If your target group really is the small time investors (not traders), then most of them (including me) cannot follow all comments. I have subscribed to the RSS feed for your blog entries, and I read it twice or thrice a week for updates. I couldn’t find a way to follow comments like that, and even if I could, the comments have too much junk. (is there a way I can follow only your comments?).

        I guess it would be a little extra work, but it would save some investors money and it would go a long way in establishing more trust if you create a blog entry when your mind changes regarding a company. Also, if you have doubts, it is better to preface your recommendation saying this is only for high risk takers. You are generally very optimistic about all your recommendations, and you were extra optimistic on Cupid, which is great but be aware that it will inspire the low risk takers, and low risk takers are the ones who will be most unhappy with such price fluctuations. Of course I understand this is a free service you provide, and I know most people only made money and did not lose money in Cupid. It is awesome. Just my 2 cents on how it could be better and what could help the smaller investors from losing too much money.

        • yes you can follow comments as well, by subscribing to your comments. and yes, there’s only one company where i found red flags and i have shared it and will continue doing that. also, by default small caps are volatile and is not for everybody but normally if there’s a stock available for not-so-active investors i write it in the comments/note e.g. ambika or pressman etc.. anyways thanks for your point and i agree and that was always the plan to publish about a company as soon as i find some credible red flags…God Bless

  14. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, can one purchase more V2 at current levels?

  15. Vidul Nagda says:

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year ahead to you Ace!

  16. Vandana says:

    Hello ACE!

    Could not sell Cupid due to LC 😦

    Wishing you and ACE family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance.

  17. bingo says:

    thanks ace … got out of cupid after your update

  18. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir, After Mar-15 results, i m confident that no one can get Wanbury @ present price, I think we have to keep patience till Mar-15 results

  19. M Prabhu says:

    Thanks Ace, I am so glad that my frequency sync with your thought, I took my position of booking today morning only before your post and did not expect that your opinion would be shared on cupid today,,, Any reasons profit was certain to me because of your recommendation only,,, thanks again,,,,Happy Chiristmas ACE…

  20. MyInsignia says:

    On Cupid … The movement in cupid just reflects the huge fan following you have. the moment you post anything good on cupid in hits UC .

    Good work!

  21. Shiny says:

    Do you have any view on sharon biotech, cant seem to find it on the blog

  22. AJ says:

    Why do you think Wanbury may fall another 50%, I think 26 is a very strong support and post cleaning the bsheet, Dec’14 results may lead to a complete turnaround?

  23. Gouri says:

    Dear Ace,
    In case of Cupid, you have written that you suspect that your interaction with the managements has some influence on the price movement. We all(including you) know that there are many investors contacting management. And if you suspect that your interaction with the managements causes some price movements, management should be knowing that you are “aceinvestortrader” blogger, right ? Otherwise if you are contacting management with your real identity and not disclosing you are “aceinvestortrader” blogger, there is no reason for you to suspect like this. Am I right ?


    • this is one of the reason that i did not suspect anything during our last meeting when suddently 2 lacs were absorbed (noone knows aceinvestortrader)…but second time, i saw that everyone was asking him to post about annoucement and he said yes, but still no action. on this second account, I specifically talked about “price” disappointment and that’s why i got little unsettled after what followed this meeting…anyways not interested in repeating whatever i have already written …. individual investors should use their own investing logic, i just presented my views.

  24. umesh says:

    pl post yr view on archidply , the stock is flying should i buy for long trm

  25. AJ says:

    What’s your view on Opto circuits, particularly after government now has approved 100% FDI in medical devices?

  26. umesh says:

    sir , have you looked at cmi ltd , the stock is looking good as per my view ,pl reply

  27. umesh says:

    ok just tell us in yes or no whether to buy archidply

  28. N Roy says:

    Am shattered in Cupid. I am invested heavily in Cupid. Missed your advice earlier today, since I can’t afford to stay connected all throughout the trading hours, since I work in a small firm. Anyways accept it as my fate..:(

  29. niravkaria says:

    Sir similar post/update is also required for Liberty and Prima. If you are not in position to post separately, then, request you to please update the same to my query. Please Ace sir.

  30. SJ says:

    It is up to you whether you post this reply or not but if you can give answers to the below question that is great. Even with your fluctuations about the stocks you still have the good number of followers. All of them will not access the blog at the same time and can exit for the same.
    What makes you suddenly changing the view of the company (Cupid) everyday, what is the exact reason for today’s post. Even if you are not strongly convinced of a company for a quarter what is the point of recommending it. Nov 18th Cupid update you are really convinced, Nov 26th Results update Great Results. Suddenly in less than a month your view got changed.

    Can you please answer the below queries from you comments?
    1. Book profits here… I believe we are sitting on huge profits
    What is your answer to the once who bought it at higher prices than the price of today?
    2. But I am not comfortable with management not announcing the orders ….
    In less than a month you have different opinions about the management even after interacting(????) with the company.
    3. you have lot of ‘may’ in your comments.
    Didn’t this applicable when you last interacted(???) with the company management?
    4. You have expressed you views multiple times about these stocks why a separate post for these not for the others. You always say already replied… search blog for the comments…
    All of a sudden what forced you to comment on this stock even there is no comment from company no results update?

    • 1. i had stopped asking people to take fresh positions a few weeks back. people who buy after a stock doubles or triples know the risks.
      2. yes, because of the reasons outlined. the first and especially the second conversation.
      3. No, and have you even bothered to read what exactly is that “may” of just writing for the sake of it.
      4. because a lot of people were asking about strategy in wanbury and cybertech with my thoughts on cupid combined since last 3-4 days a lot fo queries on cupid was asked. I am sure you have not bothered to go through the comments.

      Remember, i dont do portfolio manangement and am entitiled to my views, if you think i am wrong with my views (which i “may” be), please use your own conviction which is always the best way..God Bless

    • Prashant says:

      Dear SJ,
      lets not discourage ACEji from giving his opinion on stocks .

      Its just few month cupid was recommended and it is good gains for all who took position after recommendation . Stock market is dynamic and things change everyday, it all depends on our capability to understand and interpret the events .
      Please check trading pattern ACEji was referring for cupid, he gave his clear opinion .
      How many of us did noticed and interpreted it ?

      Even I am holding cupid and today not able to exit, but I do have freshtrop, V2, vidhi, prima which makes money for me . We should be grateful for such a care towards small investors like us .

      I am no one to reply on behalf of blogger but thought of sharing my humble opinion, no offense meant please .

      Thanks & Regards,

    • chaturvedi says:

      too many people questioning Aceji’s methods!

      Irrespective of what Aceji recommends to do or not do, investor should do independent thinking before putting their hard earned money to work.
      Look at the history of Cupid rubbers – no dividend ever, no bonus ever, it reached its last peak in 2007 highs, abysmal ROE. So, do you think the management is working for shareholders?
      Lets say, If you had to entrust your money with a friend, would you select Cupid rubbers management for that purpose? No thinking person would do that.
      cupid rubbers is at 40+ is itself a great thing. As Aceji has put it – given that management has not come out with announcements on new orders, there are too many red flags on this one. Thanks to Aceji for highlighting on the lack of succession plan !

      Appreciate Aceji’s honesty in raising his concerns when the stock is still near its highs!
      very likely this would come down to sub 20 levels within next 3months.

      Wanbury is a different case – it has an active management which “Can” turn it around. Wish running a business was as easy as buying and selling stocks on a website!

      PS : i had entered CR at 14 in may and exited at 48 while it was on its way to 60s.

  31. Piyush says:

    Any view you have on Jain Irrigations ?


  32. Ramesh Patel says:

    Sir, Wanbury’s D/E is huge and still there are no signs of reduction !! Isn’t that a matter of concern ??

  33. akii says:

    this is power of information technology. Share which is trading in upper close in lower circuit and those share are nearly three month low close with some gain…………….thanks for free helpful advise.

  34. nsriniv says:

    Dear Ace, Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a great New Year ahead

  35. Chandrashekara says:

    Dear Ace,
    Good to see VIDHI DYESTUFFS hitting Upper Circuit. Today bought some shares of Wanbury and Pressman Advertising as part of my long term investment portfolio. I was not able to find out Ace Gem3 until you announced it 🙂 …..though it has moved up a lot in last 1 Year, I found Ace Gem3 is worth buying.
    Between What is %ge of the tax to be paid on the short term Capital gain?Is this 10 % or 15%? Suppose if I buy some shares of xyz company on 23rd December 2013 and I sell them on 24th December 2014 , do I need to pay ST Capital gain tax ?

  36. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    merry Christmas to you and your family…
    god bless you…live long life….

  37. Chandrashekara says:

    Thanks Mayur , Ace.

  38. Sam says:

    I think Aceji made huge money

    • bingo says:

      i dont know if aceji made huge money or not but i did…bought at 28.3 and exited at 49 🙂

    • M Prabhu says:

      What is your problem if ACE made huge money,,,,you are here to taste the profit from the free recommendation from ACE,,, then why not ACE, I have seen numerous times ACE answered so much your questions patiently, promptly even paid fund manager would not reply like ACE ,,please get mature to respect the author…

      • Sam says:

        Nothing is free in this life. Only the bloggers make huge money, not us.

        • the best operating system in the world is free… and lot of other things in life… but if somebody has pre-conceived notions then everything in life is mess. I wish i was making lot of money…but anyways, cannot change your or anyone’s opinion but have a sadistic attitude wont help buddy…God Bless

    • Sam says:

      I am not criticizing you. I am referring majority of bloggers. There may be exception like you. Wish you all the best and hope to see more posting from you. So far I am following your posting and never entered the scrips.

      • M Prabhu says:

        Dear Mr Sam, You have made direct allegations earlier and again pretending to act saying non criticizing, you,, me everybody here to enhance our wealth by taking the stock recommendation from ACE without much effort,,,,,,whereas ACE has to put his so much effort, time to analyse the stock deeper,,,, when without effort we look for wealth argumentation,,, then why ACE or any other blogger not entitled,,, finally to my understanding no bloggers force investors to follow and demand to buy the recommended shares so that they can make money,, only opinion is shared for investors analysis as they are the people can decide their hard earned money as per their risk level,,,no way to complain about blog Author…..

    • RightStock says:

      You cannot be so sarcastic, after getting all the ideas for free.

  39. sangram says:

    Merry Christmas. May god bless u and ur family

  40. sangram says:

    Frustrated peoples can’t mind there own business. And spoil others party

  41. Ravi multani says:

    dear sam
    all of us here are to make money….if ace makes money than why r u so jealous….ace is showing right path to invest….I was tracking prima from 25 level but was not confident and after ace reco I bought at 50 and sold at 70 within 20 days and same for cupid bought at 28 and sold at 50…I made huge profit…he is giving good stocks and it is up to us to analyse and buy the stock…..I have not bought any other stocks reco by ace bcoz I was not confident….pls give your mind some effort to understand what he is doing for us and if he also make money than what’s the problem…

  42. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Which financial stock can give multibagger returns from here. DCB, South indian bank ,PSU banks or any other.Plz guide

  43. help says:

    Hi Ace,
    Whats your view on suzlon?

  44. sangram says:

    Is your next recommendation again in the series of NTG or is a direct story.

  45. sangram says:

    Do you like Kesar terminals

  46. Sachin says:

    Ace, What if tomorrow the cupid management declares about the orders on the exchange? In your comments you have given all positive comments like announces good results, announce dividends and it may go up 1000% etc. My question is if they start declaring atleast major orders on the exchange then will your views changes again. I agree that few manipulation happens in all shares and particularly low volume shares. My intentions are not to disrespect you but to get a clear idea. As far as the company is concerned nothing has changed in the recent past(except that they are not declaring orders at the exchange which most of the companies don;t do occasionally). I still feel this company has great potential to go ahead, I would like to follow ur strategy here of not taking decision within few days or 1-2 quarters, W e need to give them time to prove their worth. Till now they have achieved most of their targets, I don’t think most of the stocks in ur recommendations are also declaring orders at the exchanges, Please don’t take it otherwise, its just a thought and as u say healthy discussion is always good.

    • but if a company that was declaring orders till some time back suddenly stops declaring orders, one woould say probably they are not getting orders but then you talk to company they say they are getting orders.then why not declaring…they say they will declare a couple of days and nothing has happened in last 6 weeks…. my strategy of waiting for 1-2 quarters depend on company’s past and its not about red flags its about results…i like to see how business is developing…if there are red flag i like to take action not wait to get negative surprises…you are saying they have achieved most of their targets, which target are you talking about? when did the company give any target…? Also, if they do declare good results and dividend, it could be a good trading bet, but not an investment bet because there’s no succession planning. these are my concerns and till they are met, i would not invest fresh

      • Sachin says:

        What I meant to say is that nothing has changed apart from orders not declared at the exchange and there is no successor to follow him. But the second fact was still there when you recommended the stock the first time and thats something internal and we can never know about it. If updating orders at the exchange is an important feature then we have to be alert with most of the other stocks as well. It can be something internal which he decided after consulting his legal advisors. If there is any change in getting orders then it will surely reflect in future quarterly results. We shouldn’t forget that most of the orders with cupid is for more than 3+ years and 10 years contract which will continue to reflect in quarters to come. But still everybody has different views about different actions by the company. I still remember it was among the top 3 stocks that you recommended till date. It was ur Darling stock and you were extremely bullish about it. If stocks like Cybertech and wanbury can be given a chance( where we already have a negative result last quarter) then why cupid is not given a chance where we are just guessing some scenarios backend which we are not sure of. Just a thought as I think we have taken a step too fast regarding the growth of the company.

        • no, second point was not answered earlier. What we
          as investors need to be alert in the change in the sudden behaviour of management. when they are saying they will update
          exchanges in a couple of days about orders and they dont you know something is strange (wrong or not we dont know).
          And No, your data is wrong. “no” order of cupid is of three years. these few orders are to be executed in months. and
          as i mentioned in my last update, the 10 yrs order is going to start from next year and before that they will test waters
          with test orders. And if there’s a red flag for me, i wont wait for the stock prices to reflect and then take action,
          i would rather take action than be sorry. and what do you mean by stocks like cybertech and wanbury. wanbury brands have
          been there for years. cybertech has proven implementations and is very high quality stock. Also, i did not dismiss cupid (remember i asked to book profits),
          but there are red flags that i meantioned. if you think otherwise please hold and bear the fruits of hard work of the
          management. I would like to take an informed decision.

    • Ram says:

      Ace has problems with Cupid, hence he asks people to sell when it’s in UC. See the life of innocent investors invested in Cybertech, Vidhi, just to name few. Past 3 months none of ace stocks gave returns to innocent investors but for punters.

      • vidhi is 20% high than recommended price.. please improve your math skills..have given enough update on others… also, if you have problems with this blog, coming here is not mandatory for you. God Bless

  47. Sameer Anand says:

    Wishing ACE and my fellow blog readers a very merry Christmas.

  48. Ravi multani says:

    good morning ace
    ur new reco will be during market hours or off market..

  49. amit says:

    Sir can I invest in pressman n luminaire tech at current level? Wish u a v happy Xmas…Sir ur advice is always good for me….

  50. Shobhit says:

    Dear ACE sir, Wish You a Very Happy Christmas.. “May Santa Fulfill all your wishes” .. 🙂

  51. kamal babaria says:

    dear friend,
    I have lots of apprehension about how you study and post about a business.if we take ther case of cupid limited, you recommended a buy and within 6 months,your opinion changes.
    The opinion is dependent on the actual business performance of the company and not whether the management is declaring or not.
    So the premises on which you have conviction about cupid is doubtful.and you yourself not convinced about the business of the company.
    I suggest you to refer your blog and read it again about what you wrote in it.It is the business and management quality thats of premier importance for long term wealth creation.
    May I ask you a simple question, what has it taken to write a negative comment,about cupid when there are no visible indication of negativity of the business,? and what fundamental change has occured in the business of cupid.?
    It is not the no. of the recommendation you post is important, but the conviction in the business and confidence in mangement, which is more important.
    I myself am a business analyst, and my conviction for cupid is still strongly positive untill there is any apparent negativity in business or management.i am holding cupid and shall add when found valuations to be attractive.
    Dear friend, pl dont take this comment as negative, i am expressing my opinion.
    my simple understanding is that any business having good moat, good scalability and available at discount to its long term value creating ability is a value buy, obviously with ethical management.

    • my dear if-you-say-so-business-analyst friend, clearly your way of reading developments is far different than mine. yes i have doubts on the company based on the factors which were not present earlier. Since you do not see an anomaly let me ask you, why management has suddenly stopped announcing the orders to the exchanges (although they claim they have received in orders) when they were doing it earlier and for same order sizes approx? What more, almost every investor requested them to do so and they replied in affirmative but no action. Yes, i might be wrong but what if i am right and this thought disturbs me. I can miss on a wealth creation opportunity but i am not ready to loose my wealth. Increasing wealth is one thing and increasing plus protecting is a whole new thing. You say you are a business analyst and make it sound as if that’s a god gift, but let me give you some news, business analyst and equity analyst are two whole different world because equity analyst looks at companies from the perspective of creating shareholder value and and not just business income. moat, scalability, discount, ethical management …these kind of buzzwords unfortunately every “investor” uses without really understanding it. And therefore, i am an equity analyst and not a business analyst. Dear friend, please dont take this comment as an outburst, because i have no vested interest and you should take your own decision as clearly you are a “smart investor” and on top of it a business analyst.

      • Vishwanath says:

        Dear Ace, this is the sort of things that goes into making of a great blog. Good pointers by Kamal and equally competent reply. Great discussions….lets hope and pray for the creation of wealth for all of us.


    Merry Christmas and happy and prosperous new year to you,Wish you all success in all your efforts.God bless you and your family.

  53. DM says:

    Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year in advance 🙂

  54. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir i am holding cebbco for an year at rs 25 . actually i got attracted by the tata connection . sir what to do . should wait or sell confused ,seek your suggestion to take decision chinmoy kolkata

  55. Ganesh says:

    bhai jisey cupid achha lag raha hai wo log becho mat…. jisey uncertainty se unconfortable feel ho raha hai wo log bech do… different perceptions different actions… jaisi jiski marji… happy christmas to ace and all ..

  56. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace.. Merry Christmas. Wish you and your family joy, happiness and prosperity in the coming days and the New Year. God bless you and your family.

  57. hafizul09 says:

    Ace ji….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 in advance to YOU and your FAMILY………… Enjoy…. 🙂

  58. dear kamal , please re-post it. not sure which comment are you talking about. its possible your comments had a few phrases which my platform might have moderated (auto moderation).. re-post

  59. Mayur says:

    Wish youand your family Merry Christmas !!🎄

  60. Rishab says:

    Sir may I know ur opinion about ybrant digital

  61. ace sir in my opinion in cupid case you should have waited till q3 results. according to MR Garg cupid q3 results this time will be out by 15th January and along with that a complete list of orders received during that quarter would also be published and also company future outlook would also be there.
    anyways its only my opinion. by the way i will meet MR Garg on this sunday [ 28th December ]. and i will in detail ask all the doubts you have raised on cupid.

  62. Shankar says:

    Dear ACE,
    in this blog you are all ways talking about investment then why dont you post your thoughts and suggestions in the evening instead of just before market hours and market hours. This type of your changing activities will be more helpful for intra day traders and speculators. For salary class people like me will suffer a lot now days. kindly give your comments in the evening and help the real investors.
    With regards,

  63. vivek says:

    dear ace,
    what is your view on flexfood at current level?

  64. M Prabhu says:

    Ace,,,, Sharon bio medicine corrected drastically with reasons unknown ,,, fundamentally showing continuous top line growth and opt margin for the last five years,, only concern debt and negative cash flow,,,,market cap to sales just 25%, seems valuation very attractive,,,, could you share your view,,,

  65. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    Pressman has many times changed its businesses. From construction equipment to plastic products to leasing and higher purchase , mutual funds and even investing in stocks !! Even now the co. is included in construction sector on major websites.
    It seems that now the co. is trying its hands on entirely new business i.e. advertising. Does not this imply a complete lack of focus ?? Also, turn-over and profit figures before FY ending March-2014 are not at all impressive.
    Should we jump for it solely based on past year’s performance even when the co. is entering entirely new business probably without any past experience in advt. field ?? I am sure you have take all these aspects into account however as I came to know above facts abt the co. I thought it prudent to know your views on the same……..

    Thanks and regards,

    • no you have missed major part of information. its the erstwhile listed entity that you are talking about that had tried its hand in different businesses…..pressman has been into advertising for last 4 decades man. now the listed entity is just pressman advertising solely into advertising. God Bless

  66. kamal babaria says:

    dear friend,
    you already replied to my post ,just few post before,and thanks for the same.

    i have one simple question your reply. Do you ask the mangement of all of your recommended companies, to declare their future order positions?and then how many companies does reveal.If not so, then why cupid alone.I think decisions taken on borrowed conviction are very risky in equity market.
    The order which are declared and being executed by the company, shall reflect in the coming quaters, and based on the quaterly results one can take the stand.
    yes there are chances that the company(business) may not perform as we anticipate,then one can take a call to exit.i hope i make my self clear.
    Moreover , as i am full time business analyst, so wrote it, nothing to read between..:-)
    At the end , it is the gravity of the matter under discussion carries importance.
    What I envisage while analysing the financials of the company is :
    a business having high ROE,high NPM and very low DER, carries the capacity to become a secular growth company with some moat, and cupid has it all.
    as we are in the same boat of equity investment, my arguments are not at all to offend you in any way, its just expression of opinion and views.
    (i had always enjoyed reading your blogs)

    • if there’s an anamoly in a behaviour of the company, it has to be questions and if not adressed, for me its a red flag. also, order book position is not declared by everyone..also its not a valid question for everyone….can you ask dabur its orderbook position. it depends on the industry…a bbusiness have roe is good, but questions should be if its sustainable. ..also according to you what was 3 yrs roe of cupid that you liked ? last but not the least, i hope i did not offend you anyway earlier..if yes, pls accept my apologies..god bless.

  67. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    Regarding AIMCO pesticides long long ago (In nineties) I was having this scrip. Afterwards the also promoted a firm in agro-chemical business called “Savitri Agrochem” and as I was holding shares of AIMCO I was allotted some shares of that firm under “promoters quota”. Afterwards nobody knows about that firm and this raised many doubts about the integrity and ethics of the promoters…

    Also, the firm AIMCO is in existence since long (as I mentioned above) the performance was really really pathetic through all these years !

    May I humbly ask what drastic changes you have tracked in this firm which prompted you to reco it to the readers of this blog ??

    • please go through the stock story.. that should address the concerns…by the way i did not get whatyou mean by you got shares in “promotor category” does your shareholding come in promoter category in aimco ?

      • Ramesh Patel says:

        Sorry sir, it was so called “private placement” or “preferential allotment” (called so during that time) and not ‘promoters quota”. In fact I got AIMCO shares from secondary market purchase and promoters issued shares of “Savitri Agrochem” to all shareholders of AIMCO at par (Rs. 10 face value) with a promise to list the shares “shortly” which never materialized !

        By the way, during initial months AIMCO was a very much hyped scrip as it had entered into some agreement (What exactly that was I am not able to recall now) with Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad. Just for info.

        Hope this clarifies your point.

        Thanks and regards,

  68. AJ says:

    how you rate Vardhaman Acrylics at current levels?

  69. acefollower says:

    Sir, I know that few last suggested stocks went down because of the reasons not associated with you and you are no way responsible for that. Please provide some huge multi-begger idea in this New year 2015 if possible which will be beneficial to all of your followers. Also let me know when this multi-begger idea will be published.

  70. Prabu says:

    Ace , please provide your view on Manali petrochemicals.. Thanks , prabu

  71. Vipul says:

    what is your view on Usha Martin, Talbros Auto & Vimta labs.

  72. kamal babaria says:

    dear ace,
    no apologies man, we are having difference in our opinion, and so this discussion,any opinion is subjective,wish you all the best,god bless you.

  73. prateek says:

    Ace sir,
    Your views on dhunseri investment please

  74. nikhil says:

    what is ur view on prima plastic regarding Sale of Plant & Machinery of ACP Unit.

  75. nirdosh says:

    Dear ACE, prima is having a meet on jan6 regarding sale of machinery and plant of ACP.What do u interpret from that?

  76. Vardhan says:

    ACE plz share your views on UNIQUE organics,pix transmission,kwality and SEPL

  77. Akshay says:

    prima is having a meet on jan6 regarding sale of machinery and plant of ACP. Are they trying to get rid of any dept or some other reason/?

  78. niravkaria says:

    Sir please share your views on Prima. Lackluster behavior and lingering around 55 level. i am not keeping track of day to day price. My concern is what to do in dips and till what level support is there. thanks

    • this is called as consolidation…stocks do this for years and you are getting tired in a few days 🙂 …anyways i dont see any material change in business if any i see a positive annoucement that they plan to get rid of their loss making unit…that should improve the cash flow of the company and make it eps accretive.. i am very bullish on the stock and any significant dip i will add

  79. nirdosh says:

    Dont u think that selling a loss making vertical(ACP UNIT), speaks high on the part of promotors as they wish to concentrate on or expand their core bussiness unlike Nilkamal

    • that’s one interpretation…. what’s important is that it will be EPS accretive and will infuse good cash plus plug-in cash leak and therefore, IMHO very positive. In any case it was adding not too much to the topline but eating quite a bit of bottomline. lets see how they use cash…

      • Kiran says:

        But in your report you said it will “significantly” add to the company’s growth.Why now changing your tone ?

        • what tone ? ofcourse at full flow it would have “significantly” added to standalone numbers? but if manangement wants to concentrate of core business what’s the harm ? I am not prima the company. Atleast its not a negative development, if at all a positive development. What is the problem according to your analysis?

  80. nirdosh says:

    At this growth rate what could be expected consolidated eps of prima for 14-15

  81. Jay says:

    any idea on LORDS chemicals, EPS and book value very high compared to Current price

    can you please give your views and if possible resarch as its products too are used in many industries

  82. nirdosh says:

    So at expected eps of 9,it is quite undervalued at this rate and is ideal candidate for buying(PRIMA)

  83. nirdosh says:

    So at p/e of 15,if I give PRIMA a target of 135 in march 2015,you wont be much surprised

  84. hafizul, please do not copy paste it would invoke copy right against you… deleting your comment..just post summary and we dont discuss other blogs/forums here…

  85. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    prima is selling their loss making business…can u tell us what is the valuation they vl get by selling acp business….can they get 30 or 40 crore by selling acp plant..

    • what makes you arrive at a figure of 30-40 cr?? something that generates 7-9 cr revenue why would anyone pay 3-4 times sale for this? lets not forget its loss making as of now…anyways we’ll soon come to know why to speculate?.

      • Ravi multani says:

        yes true but it is underutilised and can generate 20 crore revenue so it can get 30 crore valuation…let see how much they get…

        • yes, its working on around 50% utilization…and if they get 15-30 cr for the plant with market cap of around 55-60cr, it can cause a big re-rating…. lets keep our fingers crossed…. fundamentally pretty interesting news….a possibility i was not expecting so soon…it will flush the company with cash and cash at a time when GST is about to be implemented, economy is reviving etc…

  86. Ravi multani says:

    just read in moneycontrol mmb that one person is saying that it vl hit lc bcoz of this news….I was laughing very much…I badly want to see this stock in lc so that I can buy big quantity…let see where it opens on Monday…I think this vl b game changer for this company although I don’t have enough quantity and praying for this to correct..what’s ur view…

    • that person must be a bear and probably wants to spread panic and then he will buy himself.. that’s why one should be very careful on MMB as there are people with vested interests. piramal sold its bread and butter business still its double the price today because of huge cash position…here the company is getting a rid of a loss making non-core unit…no wonder not everyone makes wealth in stock market… God Bless

  87. Geetha says:

    Ace ji,Your view on mol tek packaging. EGM has announced issue of shares of 600 million. Does that mean dilution? Is it positive or negative to hold. Kindly clarify

    • from what you have written, its equity dilution..positive or negative will depend on the balance sheet and the intent of this step.

    • SAY says:

      Mam – want to share my understanding about it.
      Purpose of dilution: Funds for expansion in India (new plant and enhancement of existing capacities) and UAE(new plant).
      Positives: expected to grow 22-25% cagr for next few years and additional funding will catalyze this grow in terms of revenue increase, margins and acquisition of new customers. Overall this does not harm investors interests and should augur well.

  88. amit says:

    Sir Sanghi ind and luminaire tech r gud for long term?

  89. zafarshaikh says:

    reconfirming, its a book profit call not sell call right because there’s difference

  90. Shankar says:

    Prima plastics selling their loss making business is not known when we are buying the company shares. we thought it will turn around when the real estate business picking up. Now the company is selling that business itself. This is bad or good news that will depend upon the company selling price. May be market knows better than us. i think it is better to book profit and re enter then we will get clear picture. i am i correct.

    • how can it be negative? the thing which was adding just 6% to the topline but taking away 17% from bottomline is being getting rid of? what is negative abouat it. yes we were hoping for our own sake that they turnaround the division so that we can see bottomline addition. now lets assume they give this division for free ( i know its crazy thought but please bear with me)…it will directly add 1.4 rs to the EPS.. anyways selling or not is your decision not mine…all i know is that suddenly what i was hoping and anticipating would happen in next few quarters would happen immediately. I am even more bullish more…God Bless

    • Shankar says:

      Dear Ace,
      Thanks for your immediate response. i suspect that the lack lustre share price movements behind this issue. Thanks for your interpretation and view.

  91. sam says:

    Hi Ace, Your views on Shilp Gravures?

  92. kishore says:

    dear sir..whats your view on bilcare as it has going down each passing day

  93. Shankar says:

    Dear Ace,
    what is your view on shilpi cables. Even though its earnings are good but not discounted by the market. kindly give your comments.

    • Ganesh says:

      shilpi cables management is not trustworthy. At the time of listing also this share saw lots of price rigging by punters and steep rise and steeper fall in price. The results cant be trusted. The big investors are not trusting its results so they are not showing their interest. many times EPS is a trap. study the balance sheet properly and also the track record of its share price movement in past + its share holding pattern

    • Not interested in the stock..

  94. amit says:

    Sir Do u like manali petrochemical?

  95. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, any plan of yours to catch up with V2 Management? 2 things, one, there is no news about expansion of stores beyond 16. Second, Mr Agarwal was planning ecommerce website by year end, but still no news on that front.

  96. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    once u said for freshtrop that u vl sell ur house to buy this stock….same thing I feel for prima….u don’t feel for prima and if u feel than at what price…

  97. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir do you like Godrej property as a long term investment ?chinmoy

  98. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir do you like godrej property as a long term investment for this bull run , or should it be avoided , please suggest chinmoy

  99. ranuyogi says:

    Dear sir,
    What is ur view on PBM Polytex Ltd at cmp for long term ?

  100. Ankit says:

    Hi Ace, any views on Arrow textiles?

  101. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,

    I’m surprised reading your comments and replies regarding Prima’s decision to sell their ACP biz.
    Just little 2 months back you were so optimistic about turning around of this division and adding substantially to the bottom line of the Company which could had made this Company into a multibagger. All of a sudden now you say that you were expecting this in near future???

    You have aalways zeroed in on turnaround/growth stories.However,I don’t see any turnaround in this Company now.I may be wrong completely,as I don’t have in depth understanding of the co. as you do,hence requesting your advice.

    And what money they get by selling ACP div. would be hardly useful ,as it is already a debt free Co.and until unless they expand their capacity by adding another plant in AP..which we are not aware as of now.This one time surplus can only give a blip to the share and not growth.

    Request you to reply,as I personally feel that this Company is left with no major internal growth triggers in future apart from India growth story and crude prices falling down,both of which are external factors and applicable to all other Companies as well.

    • yes, i am very bullish on the company and was hoping that acp would turn around and “therefore” would add to the bottonline…. i am still not clear what is the harm if they are selling a loss making unit? the cash would be used for expansion obviously (or special dividend or something that we dont know as of now), or with gst coming soon, the company could start investing in pan india presence ….atleast, the division would stop sucking up cash.anyways, ifyou have made up your mind, i cannot help … i am super bullish on stock you could be otherwise my friend. God Bless

      • Rohit Gulati says:

        Dear Ace,

        Actually was always so bullish on the stock ,that I had exited from my all other stocks and put money in this and also recommended other ppl. My only concern is, the surprise element of ACP turning around won’t be there,which could have taken Prima into a different orbit and the Management had no such plans when you had met them for your Research Report. I will stay invested in Prima .Thnx.

        • the surprise element is not turning around of acp because turning around is a gradual process. the surprise element is the consolidated EPS that would come with mar numbers as a lot of investors still confused. That is going to be a trigger point. also remember with an honest management there’s no way of loosing money in a cash rich zero-debt company.

  102. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Is the new recommendation post today?

  103. ace sir had a wonderful meet with 71 years young man mr om garg. he is very enthusiastic and dedicated with his present work and very much excited about the industry he is in regarding its growth prospects.
    i asked him about safeware inc 10 years contract he said that the general agreement has already been signed but a detailed contract is yet to be signed which is very much possible to be signed in the next 4 to 6 weeks. he also said that safeware officials would be visiting the plant in January.

    regarding successor issue he said that he had no plans of retirement for the next 5 years and if in emergency he had to retire due to natural tragedy than in that case the top 10 executives under him are having more than 10 years experience and they know the company more than him so he can promote any one of them after proper evaluating them
    regarding order update he told that his lawyers, CA has advised him not to update orders of small size regularly as they think that sebi will think they are fluctuating the prices of the share. so they have decided that any order of below 5 Cr will not be updated to the exchange. they have also decided that at the time of each quarterly result they will give a list of all the orders received during that quarter along with the future outlook of the company this will be stated from this current quarter results which is expected between 13th to 25th of January.
    they also said that they have also bid for a government tender whose results will come out in January and they have high hopes from that.
    he also told that currently they are running at 66% plant production capacity and which is far better than those of previous years up till now.

    • this is a major concern. He had not replied me about succession planning. if at this age, he’s not even thought of succession planning, its a serious concern. also, i hope they realize that a company of that size small orders are important and dont agree with their CA’s view on price movement on basis of disclosures. its actually the other way round. lets wait for the official announcement on orders.. thanks for your update Aman. God Bless

      • PL says:

        Even I agree to Ace, on top of it, if they are announcing regularly, they will also gain market confidence. As far as Sebi is concerned, as long as they have substantial evidence on the date of order vs the announcement, no one will question. Some hie even I am skeptical now and will wait for the actual announcement.
        On the other hand succession plan is equally important in every role. If his own children is not interested and he is planning for someone outside his family to lead it in future, are there any reasons?

        • not sure about the reasons he had told me last time that he’ll update me on succession planning next time and this time he said he hasnt thought much about it but didnt tell me what he told aman…. freshtrop was also in same shoes but they atleast were prepared to answer the question.

      • sam says:

        If we go by the same analogy, Tata group would have gone down by now knowing the fact that Ratan tata doesn’t have a son!
        You need a worthy successor, not a son i guess!
        As for not reporting orders, 15th Jan is not too far i guess.

        • who said anything about son? do you know the family tree of kishore biyani? succession planning has nothing to do with son. for Tata group the promoter is tata sons ltd and not ratan far as reporting orders are concerned we know this data thanks to aman, company people did not communicate to us. I hope i answered you. also, what about the other red flags ?

      • M Prabhu says:

        ACE, though I have exited completely in CUBID, I am not fully convinced for your reasons of exit for not order announcement and successor plan….but I fully agree with the other concern of kind of insiders operations,,,, as you said suddenly lower circuit changed to upper circuit before your comment without any announcement from them,,, to my understanding it could be the management passed the value information to others before informing to exchange.. I fully suspect the operators / insider’s action in CUPID otherwise there is no way to come stock from 66 to 36 in continuous mode despite excellent quarter results,,,,,

        • see, thats fine…i saw some red flags, and i raised them. tomorrow lets pray to god that these red flags should not come true. what if i had not raised them and those red flags turned out to be true. then the same set of people plus a lot more would have blamed me. if i feel something i’ll communicate, wont keep it in my head. disclosure is the best policy.

  104. sunil says:

    sir your viwes on igarshi motors. thanks

  105. sunil says:

    sir your view on polaris financial technology. thanks.

  106. Suneetha says:

    My house has been put on sell.but the whole sell process would take two months or so ! By that time ‘ will prima be available at these prices remains to be seen !? If not,Hoping u can give another Freshtrop or prima, Simmonds, like Good stock !!! LIFE=RISK

  107. AJ says:

    any clue on Axiscades at current levels?

  108. niravkaria says:

    Sir actually not suneetha, but there are many including me, who are concerned with price of Prima. Because people like us have invested all our savings in companies like freshtrop, prima, simmonds, etc reco by you in order to reap the benefits in future. Any sudden decrease or increase in price makes people like us alert about the affairs of the company and its consolidation. Sir please share your views on Prima to adding at present level enjoy the ride started from today. Your views on PTF Financial and Akshar Chem is appreciated. thanks in advance

  109. Vardhan says:

    plz share ur views on elder healthcare, any chance of growth like marico kaya or zydus

  110. Ganeshan Babu says:

    Ace,your views on Kwality Ltd please

  111. sangram says:

    Are you coning up with your idea during market hours or after market

  112. SAY says:

    Hello Ace – wish you and your family a happy & sumptuous New year.

  113. Suneetha says:

    Nifty is trading around 21 PE , I heard forward P/E would have been 16 as of now ! Plz comment on this,is this right time to invest huge amount in stocks as far as P/E is concerned !

    • actually historically nifty needs to be watched when it goes above 25 trailing PE ..forward PE goes change dramatically if the earnings were to surprise us on the upside (and given the crude fall it could)…also do not do the mistake of looking at nifty and then investing… history has shown us upteen number of times that individual stocks have gone up irrespective of NIFTY crash… nifty even if it crashes then stocks do correct…but then the good ones get bought and they infact go up very fast and people loose the opportunity if buying at all thinking stocks would go down further…for example..hawkins..we saw how markets were battered out of shape in 2008…how much hawkins was down…harldy 35%…and by the time markets consolidated, stock swiftly moved higher than its 2008 highs within an year…. remember i have taken the worst crash in the history… but you get the point right…. in any case right now, the crash may not happen so easily… lets see though…. but if its my money i wont waste too much time if the stocks are (the one you target) attractively valued

  114. Suneetha says:

    Madhusudhan kela as u know a star fund manager opinion: This is the right time to invest in stocks,not in Real estate! Infact u can sell real estate and invest in stocks ! P/E seems to be very high ! thats why asking reg P/E, Curious to know Forward P/E, Thanks in advance !

  115. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Would appreciate your views on UCAL Fuel as a turnaround story?


  116. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, any view on Nagarjuna Agrichem as a turnaround candidate? Read an article today.. it has a huge debt but becoming more profitable. Many thanks.

  117. Meraj says:

    Ace Sir,
    Wanbury is locked @ 5% up

  118. Sameer Anand says:

    Your recommendations are as keenly awaited as a new blockbuster film release!!
    Postponing them breaks many hearts!!!
    Just joking. Please take your time.

  119. nirdosh says:

    Dear ACE, Wish you and your family happy,peacefull and prosperous new year.

  120. Vishwanath says:

    Ace..your views on nagarjuna agrichem and sharon biomedical. Both discussed in an article today and both seem turnaround candidates.

  121. Suneetha says:

    Thanks for ur elaborate narration reg Nifty P/E !
    I dont believe in Old year & New year thats why i wish u & ur family being happy in present, [Thinking about past gives depression, Thinking about Future gives Anxiety]
    Be happy in the power of NOW,HERE !
    Time is Death, Life is Eternal !

  122. Armaan says:

    Hi Ace, I am already invested in Prima.. I have saved a lil money and want to invest more. Should i go for Vidhi to diversify my portfolio or should i go for Prima again? what do you say? I just love Prima a lot.

  123. Tanmay Gupta says:

    Hi ace,
    Your valuable views on Bharat rasayan?

  124. Govind Toshniwal says:

    dear Ace
    pls share ur view on tilaknagar inds at current cmp, valuation looking cheap with good dividend yeild but iam not understanding why this mutual funds are selling this stock at current cmp, ur valuable suggestion is very helpful for me.

  125. Hk says:

    Kudos to you for having the guts to post a sell recommendation . The fact of the matter is that Cupid has been and always will be a very suspicious and risky counter. The promoters don’t appear to be very straightforward . They tend to portray an overtly optimistic scenario to fool stock analysts such as you and I . Do you remember a company named paramount communication ?

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