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No New Idea Would be Posted Today

Due to something which i am not comfortable with, I would hold back today’s idea. God Bless !!!

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A New Idea Will Be Posted Tomorrow During Market Hours

Tomorrow’s idea is again one of the best and one the most “unique” company that is listed. It’s a fantastic business and proxy to many high growth sectors. A must have for any type of portfolio or funds alike. God … Continue reading

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Results Update !!

Rajoo engineers gave very good results, with income rising 7.2% YoY and bottomline rising 160% inspite of rising input cost. Keep riding here. Liberty shoes came out with average set of numbers with topline rising 20% YoY and bottomline rising … Continue reading

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Rajoo Engineers – Smartness and Innovation Personified !!

Background: In the rush for Gold during the great California gold rush of 1850s, the real winners were not the gold diggers but the people who made shovel for these gold diggers. Therefore, smart investors don’t dig for gold (all … Continue reading

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A New Idea Will Be Posted Tomorrow During Market Hours

So, who got rich during the California gold rush era? No, not the gold diggers. The people who sold the miners and other gold rush followers the tools  they needed became the richest, the fastest.  Tomorrow’s idea, which is one … Continue reading

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Freshtrop Fruits – Three Times in Four Months

Congratulations to all the FreshTrop Fruits’s investors who have more than tripled their money in four months. Best of Luck with your investment and God bless all.

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Sahyadri Industries – Evolving Products, Engineering a Strong Turnaround

Background: Asbestos Cement sheets are one of the most important building material (for real estate and infrastructure sector in particular) purely for their strong, non-corresive, weather-proof aesthetic nature. The industry till last year was not doing too well, but the … Continue reading

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