Freshtrop Fruits – Three Times in Four Months

Congratulations to all the FreshTrop Fruits’s investors who have more than tripled their money in four months. Best of Luck with your investment and God bless all.

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114 Responses to Freshtrop Fruits – Three Times in Four Months

  1. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    Its travel to 200.,!!!

  2. Niranjan says:

    Q4 and Q1 are the best quarters for Freshtrop, so next 6 months should see some upside…lets see how they perform.

  3. Asheesh23 says:

    Thanks Ace, Can i add more at this price

  4. Raja says:

    Sir, Oct-Nov-Dec qtr for Freshtrop is usually the worst amongst all other quarters. If they post a loss this quarter how do you see if affecting the scrip? Thanks

    • q2 and q3 both are bad but last quarter they confirmed the turnaround. also unconfirmed reports also saying that they are doing some fruits exports in dec quarter..if that is true we will get stellar results this quarter, but please get this clarified first

      • ayush says:

        yes ace, it could be true…i just now read an article stating the export of grapes started 1 month before in november and december itself,which means we should see the spill in this quarter a profit of say 1 plus cr…also 2 very important news could propel the stock price skyhigh 1.US accepting import of Indian grapes 2. lifting of alphonso ban…..500rs and nothing less!!!

  5. Rohit Gulati says:

    Excellent Ace!!Though have no holding in FF.

  6. neelbasura says:

    Hi Ace,
    I am holding Can Fin Homes from 247 level. It recently declared rights issue of 3:10. I want to know that if I skip the rights, would I loose much? Sorry for my ignorance. Please comment.

  7. neelbasura says:

    What’s your view on fresh buying of Poddar Developers at CMP for next 3 years? I was tracking it from 500 level and always wanted to buy at moderate declines which didn’t come. Now post the news of Prof Sanjay Bakshi’s entrance in the last quarter, this flew like rocket. Please comment.

  8. Vardhan says:

    ACE wats ur view on MT educare VS carreer point

    in all aspects MT seems better, but market favouring carreer

    • ofcourse you are right and i share the same views. infact a few days back i did reply to a questions related to education stocks where i gave my ranked based choices in the education stocks.

  9. indianbull10 says:

    V2 moving up again 🙂

  10. indianbull10 says:

    check out V2’s new website. its a renovated one!

  11. indianbull10 says:

    V2 has changed its logo style and colors… looks good!

  12. indianbull10 says:

    picked up from V2’s new website – intending to open new stores through franchisee model to minimize the companies cost in opening up stores and minimize the risk. The company is also working in the feasibility of launching the convenience model (small formats through franchisee). These stores would have a size of about 800-2000 sq ft.

    Ace, whats ur view on this franchisee model that V2 intends to explore..

  13. kamalmandy says:

    sir, what are yor views on JBM auto as they venturing into commercial vehicle business.

  14. pavan says:

    Hi ,
    I observed that prima plastics last quarter results considering plastic division they were not able t maintain margins.. 2013 sep, 15cr revenue 80 lakhs profit .. 2014 sep 18cr revenue 60 lakhs profits.
    So they are not able to maintain stable margins on their core products .. do you really think it is compelling buy ?

    • i would suggest you to see how the margins are in last few quarters rather than deciding based on just one quarter. also, its important to take the consolidated numbers of a company as ultimately the balance sheet is impacted by it. More about this debate is mentioned in numerous comments that we all have had in the past, so would strongly suggest you to kindly go through those comments. At 8 times PE, a company that’s consistently growing at 25% in last three yrs, and is expected to grow similarly for some time to come and more importantly given the cash profile and the NPM of the domestic business set to improve from this FY, i believe this is more than a compelling buy. Rest let the markets decide.

      • nirav karia says:

        Sir what will b the impact of division sale on consolidated nos.

        • just look at last year’s results to see the impact. last year, the sale of the “entire” division was around 6 cr and there were losses as well. if i consider last year’s results total revenue was 103cr which would become 96-97cr and EPS was 6.9rs, that would have “increased” to around 8.2rs (roughly ..this increase would have happened because the losses of ACP division was bringing down the profits of the entire company right….

  15. pavan says:

    Thanks for reply. I observe few sentences from cybertech website in news and events column posted on 17th november saying “Many large Indian city governments such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Thane, Pune, Amravati etc., along with quite a few State-level Governments including Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, have already gone high-tech with GeoCivic®, with many other ongoing implementations at other cities such as Solapur.”
    Does this really mean cybertech got all these contracts and will execute in future?

    • thane and bangalore was already going on..amravati and solapur i had probably written in research report that they would start work on them but the other ones are new. one of the readers was also claiming the Poonamalle Municipality is being bagged by cybertech… but clearly as expected their new producct is gaining traction.

  16. Deepa says:

    Aceji plz share ur opinion on DCB bank n

  17. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Relaxo’s & Liberty’s Mcap gain keeps on widening. Why is market repeatedly ignoring this great brand? Hope it catches up after 3rd quarter results.

  18. Sameer Anand says:

    Gain should be read as gap.Spello error.

  19. sangram says:

    Is it advice able to buy moldtek packages at cmp

  20. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Would appreciate your views on Shreyas Shipping & Logistics.

  21. AJ says:

    What’s your views on Lincoln Pharma at these levels?

  22. sam says:

    Hi Ace, do you think parabolic is good to enter at CMP?

  23. sunil says:

    sir your view on jb chemicals . thanks


    I am waiting for your next recommendation.When will you post next one?

  25. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    thanks for this amazing GEM .

  26. Vardhan says:

    ACE plz share your views on REPRO india, seems like a company similar to MPS

    Can it be the next MPS

  27. sam says:

    Hi Ace, is there any other turnaround story in digital marketing space which we can look forward to right now?

  28. deepak says:

    Hi Ace,
    As per dec quarter shareholding pattern of Prima plastic, some big investors have sold their holding in dec quarter. is this any concern?

  29. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    Regarding Prima ,any update and when are the quarterly results??

  30. vivek gupta says:

    Any views on IMP power earlier called Indl meters.

  31. Mayur says:

    Finally Simmonds marshal has given out break out above 70 and managed to close around 75 in last 2 days…isn’t it good sign Ace? will it sustain here?

  32. K Harikrishnan says:

    Dear Sir, The news of selling shares of Arrocoated products by promers in two days is really a cause for concern. Kindly reply.K Harikrishnan

    • yes, disappointing, first it was few shares which was ok. now they have sold i guess around 15cr worth of shares and the reason is same as previous, for house. I hope this is true or else investors are bound to feel very uncomfortable because 1. we get only annual consolidated numbers (whereas insiders know it) 2. the stock has appreciated more than 30-40x in one year so whole lot of theories can be inferred from this selling.

    • chirag says:

      15 cr is a bit too steep to spend on a house for sure .. signs of extravagent spending ? definitely. if i were in his place i would be seeing $ in my eyes (stock rising from 12 to 600) and might lose the incentive to do justice to the business.

  33. Vimal says:

    Hi, ur next recommendation is guess the stock or direct and when?

  34. Vijay says:

    Your view about cranes software and starcom

  35. Kabi says:

    Dear Ace
    Could you share the view of tumbling of global markets? Is crunching of oil, the reason for this steep fall overall global markets? or techincal?

  36. Niranjan says:

    HI Ace,
    Do you like Mold Tek packaging? I mean as potential multibager, everything else seems good but their Debt to equity is alredy high @1.25 and they are planning to dilute more soon (Sticky point for me. I own it but thinking of opportunity cost)
    But the promoters have been buying between 200-230 levels recently.


  37. vasim says:

    Indian table grape crops in the key growing state Maharastra are doing well despite some inclement weather, with predictions for harvests to get underway in just under one month.

    Grape Growing Association of India president Sopan Kanchan told the sector was on track to yield ‘good volumes’ for export to the European Union.

    “There has been a little bad weather such as heavy rain and some hail recently and yes it’s caused some damage but nothing too bad and nothing that we cannot handle,” he said.

    “I don’t expect yields to be badly affected and certainly everything is looking fine for the export market in terms of producing high enough volumes. Some portion is definitely damaged but not as bad as some people say and the main point is that the crop for export is definitely there.

    “We can get some very bad weather here but we’re used to it. Some people always say around this time of year that the weather has badly damaged crops, but that is not the case this time. Everything will be just fine.”

    The harvest for the European market usually begins around Feb. 10, Kanchan explained, but could be slightly earlier this season.

    “We are seeing a good crop so far this year although the climate does change regularly and we need to take a lot care and spend some money to make sure our yields will be good and meet the regulations laid out by the European Union.

    “We are a few weeks before harvest but it could be that we start to focus on the harvest for Europe earlier than we expect, possibly in the last week of January, but we will continue to monitor crops and react accordingly.

    “We expect good volumes and we have to make sure of that so we can compete against the likes of Spain, South Africa and Chile for instance. I hope importers from the European Union support us this season as every year we are coming with good crops and great quality, and I really would like to have more meetings with European importers so we can set up sustainable business practices that last for long periods of time.”

  38. honey gupta says:

    Hello ace, what impact do u see on freshtrop fruits with falling euros. Euro is predicted to fall further in coming years, will this lead to falling profits for freshtrop with squeezed margins

  39. Hello Ace,

    I remember you saying that you had attended FF last annual meeting. How much do you think cud be the EPS for FY 15 and FY16. What is your estimate of price during March16? Just would like to know your views.

  40. ayush says:

    ace, freshtrop deals with export of grapes,pomogranates,alphonso and then food processing…while food and inns is into exclusive processing ….i still think ff is a niche segment in bse…

  41. ayush says:

    mango ban lifted by europe, next obama signing for import of grapes from india….news after kind of a stock

  42. Manoj says:

    Hi Sir,

    Any Specific reason Freshtop fruits has fallen from its high in Jan 2015 of 180 levels .

    Its current trading @ 70 levels… Can we re-enter this stock again at cmp .


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