Rajoo Engineers – Smartness and Innovation Personified !!

Background: In the rush for Gold during the great California gold rush of 1850s, the real winners were not the gold diggers but the people who made shovel for these gold diggers. Therefore, smart investors don’t dig for gold (all are doing that), but they are selling shovels. Similarly, in today’s plastic led boom, the real winners would be those innovative companies who are creating machines to cater to this industry. Plastics represents one of the ubiquitous raw materials that finds use in a wide gamut of industries ranging from packaging, agriculture, infrastructure, construction, automotive, industrial manufacturing equipment, to mechanical engineering. The global plastics industry is witnessing continuous shift of production bases to low-cost countries specifically india. This coupled with increasing foreign investments, and rise in the number of new manufacturing establishments are presenting Asia-Pacific as a prime driver of growth in the plastics industry. Packaging sector is one of the major consumers of plastics followed by agriculture and infrastructure. Apart from being used as a substitute for traditional materials, plastic packaging is being increasingly used in personal care products, packaged foods and beverages markets.

Investment in plastics processing sector, specifically in extrusion is around Rs. 29,600 crores till date and further investment is expected as under : ( Source CPMA)

– 2015-16 – Rs. 3346 crores

– 2016-17 – Rs. 4028 crores

With its strong engineering skills and language advantage, similar to the IT and automobile industry, India has become an outsourcing hub for supply of parts and assemblies to the developed economies. Rajoo is taking advantage of this opportunity by supplying to manufacturers in Europe, Russia, USA and francophone countries.

The Company: Rajoo Engineers is one of “themost innovative companies in its space. Rajoo is in the capital goods sector, manufacturing plastic processing machines specifically, extrusion and post extrusion machines for producing films, sheets and various thermoformed and vacuum formed products. With the growing demand for plastic newer players are coming and existing one’s are ramping up the capacity. Plus given the nature of plastic industry, the technology up gradation also has to be done relatively frequently. The plastic industry is a relatively low margin industry and therefore, there’s always demand for faster, efficient (low energy consumption) and cutting edge (i.e. one with higher level of automation) machinery.

Rajoo engineers has been obsessed with creating technically superior products. Whenever they have found a roadblock in terms of R&D Rajoo has managed to forge excellent partnerships with World leading foreign firms like Bausano Holding SRL Itlay, Hosokawa Alpine of Germany and Commodore of USA. These partnerships have delivered the goods for Rajoo and coupled with Rajoo’s excellent execution capabilities the company has managed to thrash its rivals and have grown quite strongly whereas its rivals have been struggling. It has been able to successfully absorb and indigenize the technology from its foreign partners and that has ensured that Rajoo’s tradition of delivering highly cost effective, cutting edge products in record delivery times is continued. No wonder that when its more mighty peers have not grown at all in last 4-5 yrs, Rajoo’s turnover has more than doubled to over 101cr in last five years and the profits have improved significantly which is in stark contrast to its rivals where their turnover or profits have hardly changed. Rajoo Engineers has a wide range of products like, Monolayer and Multilayer brown films, downward extrusion Brown Film lines, Thermoforming & PS Foam Vacuum Forming Machines, PS/PE Foam Extrusion Lines, Twin Screw PVC Pipe Plant, PP Nonwoven Fabric Making Machines , Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant For Dripper Flat And Round Dripper and these products find application in Flexible packaging, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Automobile, White Goods, Stationary, Technical Textile and Healthcare.

Rajoo The Leader:

  • India’s biggest and one of the world’s largest suppliers of ‘end-to-end thermoforming solutions’.
  • Market leader in blown film lines, sheet lines and thermoformers in the Indian sub-continent
  • Repeat business of around 60% is a clear indication of the satisfaction levels of existing customers. Almost half is export repeat business and is from US, Germany, UK that standout as acceptance by the most stringent and developed markets of the world.
  • Rajoo Has the widest range of mono and multilayer blown film lines
  • The first Indian company to introduce foamed sheet line and thermoformers in the country.

Technical Collaborations:

  1. Bausano&Figli, Italy (www.bausano.it)- Rajoo entered into a Joint Venture with Bausano&Figli, Italy along which it formed a JV caled Rajoo Bausano Extrusion Pvt. Ltd. Rajoo successfully capitalized the technology for effective production of PVC pipes and profiles in India.
  2. Commodore LLC., USA (www.commodoresolutions.com)- With the objective of being the first Indian company to introduce foamed sheet line and thermoformers inn the country, Rajoo entered into a   technical collaboration with the leading world player Commodore LLC. Commodore brought its experience of more than 25 years in extrusion technology, especially for PS foam extrusion and thermoforming.
  3. Hosokawa Alpine AG, Germany (www.alpinehosokawa.com) – A technical collaboration with HOSOKAWA ALPINE of Germany (one of the most reputed companies globally in blown film technology) was formed to produce ‘hybrid’ solutions with the Alpine technology at the Rajoo’s manufacturing site at Rajkot and would serve the markets in India and Anglophone Africa.

Valuations: Rajoo, has a track record of very strong consistent dividend payout. Contrary to extreme slowdown in the industry the Rajoo, has shown strong growth and is expected the increase the pace of growth in future. No wonder the promoters have increased their holding from 48.86% to 67.86% in last four years. The company also has a very healthy interest coverage ratio of above 10%. The stock is available at very reasonable low double digit multiple whereas its growth-less peers are quoting at much higher pe.The stock in H1 FY15 has given a 31% increase in sales YoY and profits have increased 217% for the same period. What is phenomenal is that their strongest quarter of the year is yet to come. One of the reasons for the stock to be ignored by the markets is that it is small cap along with the fact that earlier it was trading below rs 10 (just like vidhi), but what people “fortunately” (for investors like us) ignore is that it’s a FV 1 stock. Hence, thankfully, the stock is undiscovered with no big investors as yet.

Technicals: The stock has given a multi-year breakout and inspite of all the market mayhem, it made a new multi-year high very recently. Stock is looking supremely bullish.

If somebody is betting on capital goods industry and infrastructure revival, this is one best proxy for it.


Kindly go through this link to realize, understand and appreciate the strengths of this wonderful company -> http://www.rajoo.com/media&press.html

Disclaimer: No holding in the stock, but it is safe to assume that I may or may not invest in future. Also, the above stock view is my personal view in individual capacity. For rest, please look at the About page.

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  1. AA says:

    Already in UC…:-)

  2. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    Good Pick.,

  3. jayprakash says:

    Already in uc!

  4. Teja says:

    Yeah already in UC…. not sure how… but managed to get it… 🙂 🙂

  5. AJ says:

    Could not buy, already in UC, hopefully will get tomo?

  6. KSG says:

    Thank you ACE for your benevolence towards retail traders.

    Happy Sankranthi and God Bless You.


  7. sam says:

    and it will remain in uc for a couple of sessions now

  8. Naman says:

    Could not get …as always ..as usual

  9. Teja says:

    Its available for buying now… grab it before it goes out of reach..

  10. Naman says:

    Circuit opened now …buy if you want now…Happy Makar Sankranti sir…

  11. kannu says:

    Try it, it is available now

  12. Yash says:

    Got it ace thanks,the circuit opened,but 3 lakh plus quantity got sold in few minutes. Who i selling in such huge qty? Whoever it is i am happy as i got my qty,now just waiting for the post, Rajoo double in two months.

  13. Joginder says:

    Wat an idea sirji.. kaamal karte ho.. tip dete hi koi 10 lakh share koi bechne aa gaya.. 🙂 yaha aapne post ki waha koi ready baitha tha 10 lakh share bechne ko

    • this is what intraday traders do. Also, this was the reason i used to tell people that the stocks would be declared after trading hours during the earlier part last year.also, my friend if you are saying somebody had 10 lac shares for selling, let’s see the delivery %. I am sure it would not be even 50%. Thisis the confusion intraday traders cause and that’s why innocent investors get carried away in wrong direction. If you have any flaw in the quality of company comment, or else if you do not trust me, then this blog is probably not for you. God Bless

  14. sam says:

    seems like someone dumped his shares on retailers….just want to be dead wrong here!!

    • mantra says:

      That someone would have made 50% profit, if he had started purchasing this scrip last week. A good way to SUPER PROFITS!!!

      • clearly, you have shown what would be your line of thinking if you were writing a blog. By the way on what basis did you come with 50% profits? Do other to check the weighted average price of shares for last one week combined with today and calculate. Clearly your math is different from others

    • really, who, there’s not even a single shareholder above 1%. also, without even taking a look at delivery % how can you pass a judgement. lets see now.

  15. mantra says:

    I notice a suspicious pattern in all your recommendations. All the stocks you recommend have run up significantly in the past 1 week before you recommend. Do you have any explanation for this ?? Do you recommend the stock to friends or associates before hand ?

    I appreciate your recommendations, but I would also like to find you doing so honestly.

    Additional note: there was a ready seller in the market for 16+ lakh shares that were traded today. Hope your friends made good money.

    • 1. my stocks follow technicals, so its possible that sometimes (not everytime) stocks have broken out and good volumes (otherwise what else is breakout). What all stocks are you talking about? waterbase, sharp, liberty, wanbury, prima, v2 retail,sahyadri etc etc, did they follow the pattern that you outline?
      2. What ready seller are you talking about? Even without looking at delivery % you have passed the judgement? And no, i dont have such friends as you have mentioned. If i had such friends i would be on MMB creating dummy followers and punting.
      3. No, dont say you appreciate my recommendations, because you dont.

      Food For Thought: Do you think if i had an ulterior motives, i would be planning to give a buy call on a stock while staring at Dow 290 points down and S&P 24, with european indicies all being down more than 2% each? I choose the same kind of occassion for sahyadri. Noone knew about rate cuts till early this morning. So please do not say you appreciate my recommendations.

      • hafizul09 says:

        I agree with u completely Ace ji…even u indicated me yesterday but unfortunately our Surprise specialist Rajan sir again surprised us(though it is a positive for growth and of course indirectly for stock market) and most of the shares got UP…..it would haven been a good scenario if rate cut was not done today……in that case i am sure volume would have been a lot less and may not hit UC and also u were not attacked with this kind of comments here like it happened for ur last reco. Sahyadri…not many people bought it that day and no questions like this…………….BUT i must say it is a very good pick…the most important thing u mentioned the reason why people ignored it for having FV INR 1.00 (but may be people did not follow number of outstanding shares-> only 3Cr….)……Thanks a lot Ace ji for all ur effort…we SALUTE U…..God Bless U!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Krishna says:

    Rajoo also having a joint venture with Dutch Firm Meaf Machines.

  17. Vardhan says:

    ACE even this is FV 1, since usually FV is 10, so its atually 150+ per share

    is this thinking correct, as 15/- seems low cost but when FV is seen it appears more, though i agree that just stock price doesnot make it cheap or expensive

    also your view on Kabra Extrusion, which is in same field

    • you are right.. and this is where alert investors can make good decisions. kabra’s only claim to fame is debt status, nothing else. the growth is there in rajoo and technically, the products of rajoo are very superior, increasing promoter holding is big positive and most importantly, it has “the best” execution capabilities”. One last but smart thing is they are very good with forging smart partnerships. This helps. Growth in any business is very important

  18. mantra says:

    looks like ace is too worried to allow my comment on the blog

  19. Teja says:

    Hi Ace,
    You mentioned profits have improved significantly in last five years, but net profit actually decreased from FY 11 to FY 13, it increased only during FY 13 to FY 14. Can you please clarify.

  20. Vardhan says:

    view on kabra extrusion plz,

    also 1/- FV share somehow always looks costly even though rate should not be only factor to decide cheap or costly

  21. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    Ur presentation of co. n ur search n above all ur hard work does not me allow to sell a single share of ur recommended co. But to earn it is necessary.. Thanks a lot for your attitude for a retail investors.

  22. Vardhan says:

    on moneycontrol sentimetre its just 33% buy, now it has become 60% after ur post

  23. mantra says:

    I guess…you allow me no choice, but to report you to SEBI and the exchanges. They can easily find the truth about all this.

    • Yes, please do it. I am glad i saw this message before posting replies to your earlier questions as i could change the tone of my replies. I am a law abiding citizen and dont think i will take crap related to SEBI from anyone. My disclosures are there for all to see (also, i was one of the earliest bloggers to give an application for RA). Furthermore, FYI, its not that RA’s dont have rights and are only subject to evaluation. If there’s an allegation that’s made against an RA and its proved to be false, the complainant is liable to be culpable and a strong legal action can be taken againt the complainant. I have your IP and email id and will ensure a strong fitting reply to your false allegations. I choose to publish this comment from you to ensure that people like you know that this is a legal blog( as posted earlier so many times, which i am sure you have not bothered to read) and the blogger would not take any crap from anyone and precisely for this reason i have stopped un-restricted publication of comments for past few months. If you do not believe in me, then why are you here ? Also, please do not buy
      the stocks recommended in this blog. I am not forcing anyone. The regular readers know that i am an emotional person but that does not mean i will take bullshit from anyone. This blog welcomes negative critisism given in good faith. There are a lot of readers to raise doubts on so many things but i have not neglected those views. I try my best to address them. people said no, dont publish in off market hours as people with online accounts do not get chance to enter, i tried giving calls, without prior intimation, then tried Name this Gem, then tried giving it in market hours. I try my best to see how i can help readers, so dont think that you can come here then harass and threaten me. There are law for this also, remember this. If You think the stocks are not good then tell me, discuss with me, but dont dare to harass me. I dont give tips on penny stocks, but only on stocks which are rock solid.
      Anyways, congratulations. You single handedly, spoiled my day. I was hoping to have a nice cuppa after half night-out and struggling to meet the damm 2:30 deadline the entire day today and finally was happy that atleast some people got entry till i read your messages.

      God Bless.

      • Yash says:

        Hi ace,
        Am very upset with your comment. Just because of a few morons you shoukd not spoil your day, after all you cant make everyone feel happy. Critics are always there in life and the critics is what ensures that you are doing a good job. Cheer up buddy,dont feel bad and pls dont spoil your plans. As i said we all are waiting for your stock doubled msg soon.
        Your follower.

      • M Prabhu says:

        ACE, .. It gives an heartful embarrassment to note you have been troubled by single idiotic comment. we most aware what you are there is no need any explanations at all,, henceforth you can strongly ignore this kind of comments….

      • srinathnitb says:

        Ace sir you are a genius. Please do not bother to reply to comments like the one raised above. I have made hefty profit in Prima and Freshtrop and it is because of you sir. Your intentions towards retail investor segment is very good. Please keep up the good work,

      • Vardhan says:

        I have been reading all of ACEs comments, and I see he doesnot put any filter at all

        He publishes everything and answers everyone

      • Prashant says:

        Dear ACE,
        when one is crooked he sees others with same way . It shows the character of the person. Please do not feel let down because of any false accusation .
        Every time you put a stock there were peoples to object and there are lot of silent readers like me who are multiplying their wealth and gaining knowledge as well .

        I know it hurts when you are genuine person but please ignore such characters .
        We all know you very well so please keep up all the good work .


      • Teja says:

        Ace, we can understand how it feels if you receive negative comments like this after doing so much of hardwork.. but there are lot of us with positivity towards you and your recos, you are the reason for me to continue in stock markets, I made very good profits from your recos, freshtrop, v2 retail, prima and I’m sure I will make from Rajoo as well and all your future recos.. Let us not carry away from such negative comments… Thank you…

      • HASHMAT ALI says:

        Hello ace jee dont worry on Mr Mantra comments there are people who says “ANGOOR KHATTE H” just leave it . you are really doing your best for us, if possible publish stock in between 1500-1530 avoiding intraday trap. THANK YOU. BUYYYE

  24. M Prabhu says:

    I thought atleast have a oral glance on what the article detailed rather than doing race buying, never thought in a minute it would make an upper circuit… what to say..about ACE followers club… I was going through their websites and products… Totally convinced…. Thanks ACE….

  25. DM says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your view on HBL Power Systems

  26. Ram says:

    Dear Ace,
    Thanks for publishing ur pick in trading hours. I got it.
    What’s ur view on Poddar developers? Is it connected with apparel or construction? Category shows Apparels n website is filled with construction.

  27. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Ace, What’s your view on AVT Natural Products & Essel Propack. Can they have potential to be multibagger’s from CMP?

  28. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Sorry Not Can it Should be Do they have potential to be multibagger’s

  29. Manish says:

    I know this Company for very long. Its really good. Please do not criticise Ace Investor and demoralise him on his hard work.

  30. bingo says:

    sir, unable to decide between nilkamal and prima, why are you so bullish on prima and not nilkamal.

  31. Manish says:

    Dear Aceincestortrader, In fact one of my close associate are doing business with them for last 10 Years. So when i have seen the name i bought it with close eyes. Its good company doing business for so many years only the have bit bad patch after the death of original promoter. But thinks are alright now as other family members have taken over the business well.

  32. Vimal says:

    Good pick, I think definitely Rajoo Engineers go to rs 25 before budget. I got 6000 shares. Thank you.

  33. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace.
    Very Good pick. I like Scrip below 25/-.
    Publishing it in the market hour is the best option. I feel many of my friends could buy today as it was open for a long time. I got chance but could not buy today as I did not have money in my demat account. Hope I will get chance tomorrow….

    Dont hurt yourself and spoil your day….
    Thanks for your efforts and hard work….

    God bless you.

  34. Sam says:

    Disclaimer: No holding in the stock, but it is safe to assume that I may or may not invest in future. Also, the above stock view is my personal view in individual capacity. For rest, please look at the About page.

    You are not buying, but your are recommending to retail investors. I really do not understand the logic behind it.

  35. Shaggy says:

    Dear Ace,
    Thank you for this wonderful makarsankrant/pongal gift. All your well wishers know the efforts you put behind the scene before recommending them. Dont feel disheartened with some negative comments. You are the BEST!

  36. sowrabh says:

    Ace your views on Shanthi gears??

  37. Anantha Kumar .G Kumar says:

    Thank you sir!

  38. mesh says:

    Some interesting info on 10 oct 2014 a big research house came out with buy report so on 11 oct stock opened in UC …….22 LACS shares volume 50% delivery mark… stock fall down from 12.50 to 9.95 in few days ….
    cos is good but at this lvl too much liquidity..
    today also in UC everyone has got the shares …….
    those who says i have not got means they have not taken effort….
    don’t worry this is liquidity driven stock…
    just wait for those who missed…….everyone will get at a good price…

  39. Daniel says:

    Hello Ace,

    Yes, indeed this is a wonderful stock. I’m holding this from 11.38 for a morethan 3 months now.. And i’m sure this will double or triple my investment of 2.3lakhs in less than expected time.
    Feeling awesome…

  40. Daniel says:

    Also, ace… As “mesh” said above, while buying it at 11.38, I also had the same feel that this stock is too much liquidity after the split in 2009

  41. Shaggy says:

    Dear Ace,
    Just noticed that while insiders have increased their stake, they also have sold good quantity in Oct and Nov of last year. Why would they do it if the company was doing so well? Am i missing something here?

  42. peush kumar says:

    Dear Ace and other blog readers

    My humble request to all readers: Similar to ACE their are number of sincere bloggers who keep posting their hard researched opinions on their blogs. If WE are a sincere long term investors, over a period easily the worth of blogger is understood and the benefits can be realised. Hope all of us must have seen the positive results from research reports (I do not call it reco) of ACE in last one/two years.

    We investors can also see the research reports of Big investor houses/Mutual funds etc and can invest as per OUR risk profile/investment horizon, wherein multibagger potential is minimal but growth of wealth can be realised – long term only. ACE like bloggers give investors an opportunity to take a informed decision to multiply OUR wealth. so let’s be patient and take informed decisions instead of pointing towards bloggers.

    If we investors loose money, it is mostly due to our negligence/overlooking of some facts/getting carried away etc. Boss, it is our money and we need to take informed decisions.

    ACE: please keep doing the good work and do not get distracted by critics.

    warm regards,

    Peush kumar

  43. Niranjan says:

    Hi Ace,
    Whats your view on HSIL? as a multibagger from here? I am holding from lower levels hence my views maybe biased and wanted to get an independent opinion as well.

    My rationale for buying
    1) Tail Wind for Sanitation.
    2) Modi’s vision of housing for all, 100 smart cities.
    3) Rapid urbanization and brand aspirations of the middle class.
    4) Good brand and great dealer network.
    5) Largest Pan India player.
    6) Good turnaround in the packaging division business.

    1) Already rich in valuations. 36 P/E and PEG>7.
    2) Average ROE / ROCE / ROIC ratios
    3) Debt to equity ration not bad but relatively high for my liking at 0.8
    4) Opportunity costs

    I would appreciate your detailed views on this please.


    • yes, HSIL and cera both are good. rich valuations by the way never deters me as i am a growth investor.

      • Niranjan says:

        even then, don’t you think once there’s little room for mulibagger returns from very high valuations? it can at best be good compounders provided the quality growth is sustained.

        • no, i dont think so. because if consistent and predictable growth is there, then also PE is maintained. also compounders are nothing but multibaggers isnt it. a company that compounds your money 25% CAGR gives you a 3.5 bagger in five years and thats great. compounding stocks are nothing but multi-baggers.

      • Niranjan says:

        Agreed,Im kinda in midst of concentrating my portfolio and only wanting to bet on companies with 10x-20x potential, hence thinking of opportunity cost and being a bit ruthless in my evaluation.

        • yes, but would suggest you to evaluate the opportunity cost with a few yrs perspective and not few quarters or else it becomes trading and can be harmful. Anyways, its nice to keep on evaluating and i believe y ou are following a good approach overall. great. God Bless

      • P S V SUNDRAVADIVEL says:

        25% CAGR for five years gives us 3.05 times and not 3.5 as mentioned by you.

      • Niranjan says:

        Noted with thanks 🙂

  44. sam says:

    Ace, howcome data on screeners is different from BSE? I always thought they pull data from bse?
    Is there a good screener you can advice?

  45. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace,

    Some miscreant have blabbered on your blog. Just ignore them. Remember stones are thrown ONLY on the trees that bear fruits. And another one — If people starts pointing at you just be assured that you are making good progress…..

    Keep up the good work., Happy Sankranti & Pongal

  46. sacbee says:

    Great pick , Ace…I have gone through the links you shared in recommendation. I am convinced that this company has a great potential..will try my luck tomorrow. thanks again – sacbee

  47. Shaggy says:

    Dear Ace,
    Your thoughts on KTake solutions, Ashok Alco-chem and Akshar Chem pls?

  48. Bhavik Mehta says:

    People who think that the post is made for front running , has he forced you’ll to buy shares? Has he swiped across your bank accounts? Have you made huge losses trading into his recommendations ? Its pure personal views and picking out stocks out of the bse dump yard is not easy. Stop wasting your time reading a blog where you feel someone is not honest. Others who feel its worth a read will keep doing.

  49. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    What is ur view on Moschip semiconductor,can v invest for future?

  50. Hi Ace,
    Thank u for the latest pick…I have the following questions.. please help me in clarifying
    1) In the case of Rajoo the book value is less than the cmp, around 10/-. While selecting stocks, how much important is consodering the book value to our analysis.
    2) suppose if we buy a stock and its heading downwards from our entry price, its natural that we try to average it..is there anything you are following while averaging a stock?? Also how can we become more convictional by averaging a stock above initial entry price…

    • Good questions.
      1. book value is just one of the parameters and its importance is dependent on the sector of the business. also, who is to say if one time book is good or 2 times or 3 times. Nevertheless, I am personally not a huge fan of book value as basically i am a growth investor and therefore, even if i find a stock at 0.1 times book value without growth i would not even think of touching it.
      2. well, if you are buying above your initial purchase price then its not averaging, its adding to your holding. One can increase conviction by reseaching the stock, being a scuttlebutt etc. Once you understand the business and are totally convinced, then you get the conviction of buying at higher prices too. Probably you are a new reader because i have given examples earlier of instances when i have added to my positions even after the stock went up 2-3 times.

      God bless.

      • santoshrachuri says:

        Thank you ACE for clarifying….I am a beginner in stock market…..still at nascent stages…will use your platform for learning more….Thanks once again…

  51. Sam says:


    Can you recommend some good companies in cement sector to invest in for next 1-2 years which are fairly priced right now.. The reason i say fairly priced because I am not professional analyst so after recent bull run everything looks costly to me.. But i am sure you look differently and you could recommend couple of stocks.. Thanks

  52. sangram says:

    Hi ace happy makar sankrant and pongal. Going to buy rajoo today morning. Don’t worry about the some of comments and spoil your time. Remember Even the lion has to defend himself against flies.

  53. Shobhit says:

    Dear Ace,
    Kindly share your views on Ujaas Energy.. This stock has a potential to be a Multibegger..

  54. deepak says:

    Hi Ace,
    why are you so bullish on prima and not nilkamal?

  55. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,

    Pl. do not waste your precious time in replying to MANTRA like bloggers. It best to ignore them.Let him be happy.Let him do what he likes…and you definitely take action against him in case he goes to SEBI.

    God bless you.

  56. MP says:

    Hi Ace Investor,
    I have been a big fan of your blogs. Your reco’s are excellent & one should keep at least 2 years perspective on what you have spelled out. This is also a message for most of the boarders. Please build a portfolio of above reco’s-do your own research as well. Thanks for pointing some nice aces. I do my own research but you make the job easier. Thanks once again. I have read of lot of negative comments as well. My request to all the negative boarders is if you don’t like it -move on & investors are smart enough to take their own decisions


  57. umesh says:

    what is yr long term view on z f steering after take over by robert bosch, is it worth at current levels or should i wait for correction

  58. amit says:

    Please look at pioneer Distlieries, the same investor who picked up Rajoo early, has picked up 7% in pioneer of late, diaego mgt is trustworthy..

    • amit says:

      Sir Jee U are known to give constant Reply, u can check the bulk deals, an shrewd investor bought truckloads of Rajoo Enginners last month, the same is holding approx 10 lac shares Of pioneer Distl, all bought in last two months.. Please adsvise…

      • advice what? not sure if i followed your question

      • amit says:

        I mean to say if u would do your kind research on Rajoo Eng inner bulk deals, a delhi based corporate body entered in a big way around 12… Also at the same time they have been mopping up shares of Pioneer Dist. too from the market and bulk deals and perhaps now own 8% as is visible from their disclosures and sum total of bulk deal. A diaego company available at rs 50 crore market map and India being only company where there 2 companies are listed, i think pioneer will get delis-ted or merged.. when Diaego gave an open offer for united Spirits at 1440, they also gave open offer at Rs 60 for pionner dist, now Usl is Rs 3200, while pionner dist is yet to catch up… in terms of price.. Performance wise they have turned around this quarter.. Please study and advise if I am missing some dots here which is resuming in non catching up with broader market..Cheers ..

  59. Chanadrshekara says:

    Dear Ace,
    Thanks for the latest report on Rajoo Engineers. I bought the same 30 minutes back reasonable quantity 🙂 …placed some more buy order with slightly lower price. I liked the Company as well as company name:) Thanks. Keep up the good Job.
    I also appreciate your response to most of the Blog quires very quickly.

  60. Chanadrshekara says:

    Dear Ace,
    I appreciate your response to most of the Blog queries very quickly. Good Job.

  61. umesh says:

    waht is yr view on jost engineers @ 900/- for long term is it worth this price after new promoters have taken over waht is yr view , can i buy at current levels

  62. MP says:

    If you have time any thoughts on Fluidomat & Gujarat Automotive gear at current levels from a 2-3 year perspective

  63. sumesh says:

    hi whats ur views on promoter selling 185000 shares as per disclosure today

  64. sumesh says:

    rajoos promoters

  65. sumesh says:

    sold on 15/01/2015

  66. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir, do u think the positive impact of crude fall has been discounted in the current market price of prima.. I am asking this because prima has been range bound for quite some time now moving in the range of 57-62…

  67. Shobhit says:

    Dear Ace,
    Kindly share your views on Ujaas Energy..

  68. Bhavik Mehta says:

    What are your views on Bodal Chemicals! Whose price movement is more like a dice game.

  69. umesh says:

    have you seen rs software results how is it

  70. Rohit says:

    Hi Ace since Monte has fallen a lot from its initial offering, would you recommend entering into it at CMP?

  71. AJ says:

    Do you track Associated Alcohols & Breweries?

  72. jayprakash says:

    Can you throw some light on radio auctions and its effect on TV Today? i think its +ve for the stock as FMs will be allowed to broadcast news and TV Today be content provider.

  73. vimal says:

    Sir, if Rajoo engineers doing well and having good growth, why the employee in the company sell 185000 shares yesterday? did he expect any bad result on Jan 23 Friday or any bad news there? it is just a doubt, please clarify

    • see, infosys “founders” sold shares last quarter but were they expecting bad results? the results on the contrary were spectacular. page industries promoters are also known for selling shares. So in a nutshell its not correct theory. That gentleman was selling shares in nov also, twice he did i guess. What’s disappointing was that he choose my recommendation date to sell it. Also, his average share sale is 15.68, so possible he had sold some shares lower yesterday, but most of his shares were sold on circuit. Please dont do the mistake of writting off this company so early. If you have doubts then enter after results, but one quick question, how do you know the results date? is it declared or insider info ? Once again, he is just an employee and not promoter so kindly dont think that promoter is selling and he sold just 1.85 lacs shares which are worth 29 lacs only.

  74. Prem says:

    Ace sir need your opinion regarding this news about MIC ELECTRONICS “Civic body seeks legal opinion over LED issue”. Could this effect the future of this company?? and i think this was the only big contract they have. Need your views sir

  75. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir.. how would u rate pioneer embroideries as a company?

  76. pratikjain says:

    Sir ur view on technocraft ind at cmp ..good co having diverse interest…..almost debt free

  77. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, I can see “Shop Now” link on V2’s website. Its seems the renovated website is still under WIP and V2 would start selling online from its own site.

  78. HASHMAT ALI says:


  79. Gaurav says:

    HI Ace,

    Your views on Orient Beverages now at CMP. Is it worth considering.


  80. Amin says:

    Dear Ace,
    Your view on samkrg pistons and rings at cmp?

  81. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    There is one stock – Ramkrishna Forgings which has been in a continuous uptrend. Please share your views on the company.


  82. Naveen says:

    Hi Ace sir,your views on Jagran Prakashan pls

  83. Govind Toshniwal says:

    dear Ace
    pls share ur view on amtek india at cmp, valuation looking cheap with good cash flow only the concern is debt, ur advice is helpful to me.

  84. akshay says:

    Hi ace,

    I have a question regarding sahyadri. I have gone through December quarterly results compared to Septembers for the last 5 financial years.
    In all the findings were December quarter topline had increased month-on-month from September quarter. But bottomline has fallen in every December quarter compared to September quarter(mom). Are there any seasonal reasons behind the weak performance or?

  85. Jithin says:

    sir you have nt replied to my question on welspun syntex
    what brought 120 shares @42,very recently
    shall i hold?
    what is your view on these stocks
    3.city union bank

    • quick question, why did you choose welspun syntex?
      as far as ifgl and nilkamal is concerned i have already replied. city union i am positive on.

      • Jithin says:

        i found welspun as a growing company,wen i recently checked its promoter holding ,i found that promoter holding has been increasing
        nd bw it ws a quick question coz, i posted many queries regarding welspun but it is said awaiting moderation
        saw ur comment regarding nilkamal..fair enuf 🙂
        dint found anything regarding ifgl…i will check again (Y)
        so shall i sell welspun on monday ..sitting on a profit of 590 rs hehe

  86. purav says:

    Ace ji, share your views on SJVN . i am sure it is worth a look, may be worth a post here.

  87. nikhil says:

    sir, what is your view on saurasthra cement ang gati

  88. ace sir your views on Hindustan tin and virinchi technologies

  89. kareem says:

    Dear Ace, What is your take on Jagan Lamps and Menon Pistons

  90. Abey says:

    Is it good to buy reliance industry at this price

  91. Rahul says:

    Ur views on ultracab India?

  92. Ashok Gupta says:

    please update the result of cupid rubber

  93. Naveen says:

    Dear Ace sir,what is the best entry level in vidhi dyestuffs?
    Yur picks are very good sir,thank you!

  94. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view reg Amtek Auto,good consistent profit growth of 35% over 5 years P/e 4, Book value 354, Cmp 178,

  95. sangram says:

    Rajoo engineers sales growth has been increasing yoy but opm is under stress. Can they sustain or improve there margins going forward .
    Have you contacted promoters are they investor friendly.
    There cash flow is also negative.

    Disc. I have invested in rajoo.
    I just wanted to know above details for educational purpose only

    • the promoters seem to be investor friendly, also the cash flow is erratic though its not a negative cash flow company. I hope you have gone through the the AR to understand why sometimes its negative.

  96. Gaurav says:


    Your views on FCS Software. Pls guide.


  97. Priyanshu says:

    Sir, may I know your view on westlife development?

  98. Theresa says:

    Cupid declared dividend! Rs1 per share!!!

  99. sir cupid has also declared order book of 27.41 crore and eps of 2.54 for the quarter plus interim divident of rs 1 is icing on the cake

    • great. but they have not mentioned till when the orders are to be executed, so hopefully will try to get some clarity on that. 10% dividend is consistent with what the gentleman told me the first time.

  100. Tarak says:

    what is target of Rajoo Engineers ?

  101. Chanadrshekara says:

    Dear Ace ,
    Today Rajoo , Simmonds, Cybertech, Vidhi Dye, PRESSMAN….all are doing good. Hope Prima also will catch up soon.

    • sir, prima has already given 50% returns. anyways, its been consolidating for last 2 months approx in 57-63, but now its looking even good technically to breakout, hopefully it should breakout anytime.

      • hafizul09 says:

        Hello Ace ji…..I am very much worried about the INVENTORY LOSS in Prima..it has a lot of finished goods prepared from high priced raw materials but now the raw materials price has come down so as the product price and they are selling the product now at low price…….so it is that that it will report loss in Q3/Q4??????? Please advice and also the level of inventory loss…..can it be so huge to neutralize the profit earned from selling new prepared products and report the loss overall????….Thx in advance!!!!

      • hafizul09 says:

        One boarder told me in MMB…..but instead of thinking of who said…could u please explain the scenario….what is the general business rule/process for this scenario…..if raw material price is so much down then product price should also be down I guess…if not then gov./regulatory board might check it and force to bring price down……or if we don’t go that far, the small/local competitor might bring the price down and our company’s sell may decline and to overcome the same our company might bring the price down…….Please explain it in detail and let me know if I am wrong(I will be happy to be wrong though)…..as this is the last concern about Prima, if it gets passed then no one can stop it from getting appreciated…Thx in advance!!!!

        • inventory impact is present for every company and prima is not isolated in it, only question is how much, this we will come to know after the results only. also, did you mail the company to get your queries addressed ? Last but not the least, is that the next few quarters results would be stellar because of diminishing high cost inventory and reduced raw material price. This issue of inventory is already discussed here in the blog, so kindly go through the blog. Also, as i keep on saying that rather than spending time on MMB, would suggest you/others to learn more about balance sheets, AR reading and researching and understanding businesses. a lot of people on MMB are paid to be there and have malafide intentions, so beware of that.

      • hafizul09 says:

        Yeah sure Ace ji…Thanks for the reply and advices!!!!

  102. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    All of your recent recco are being discussed on blog with lot of enthu. except the one known as Sahyadri Ind. !! It seems that readers are not much interested in it as the price of the scrip has not increased even after your recco. In fact it is ruling at lower level !!
    Any way, let’s hope its future will be better and will soon catch the attention of investors !
    Your views pl.

    • my views on what, can you pls be a little more specific

      • Ramesh Patel says:

        On its not catching the investors’ attention sir !

        • how can i say. all i can say is that stock is available at good valuations and has a lot of promise. some stocks have been available at recommended prices at extended times and people who took advantage of it are now minting money. simmonds, prima freshtrop etc … some investors dont have interesting in making long term money, they just want quick and small gratification and that’s why not everyone makes money in the market.

  103. Chanadrshekara says:

    Yes..,,,Agreed Ace. Prima already given good returns and consolidating nicely. I holding tight on all these shares for long term.

  104. Vipul says:

    Disclosure by promoter ‘Ritaben Rajeshbhai Doshi’ –
    Sold 185000 on 15-Jan. Though Small percentage of her holding (still hold 47.38 Lacs), curious about the reason for sale, especially when the stock price is at 52 week high.

    • a bit of selling is not a problem, though i did not personally like it coming at the day that i recommended. Anyways, i have shot an email to them, i am sure there’s nothing bad as the future is pretty bright…

      • purav.. says:

        do update us with their reply as many of us here have stated taking positions.

        • are you personally convinced about the business or not?

        • i just called up somebody in rajoo, not sure who i talked to. i gave him a piece of mind, and he replied that there’s no problem in the company and this is by far the best time ever in the company’s history with lots of domestic plus export orders so he said its unfair to assume that just because somebody sold 0.7% stake where they hold more than 68%, the results are going to be bad. the lady in question raised that money for some personal ambitions but this should not be co-related with possible bad results or something that might happen in future. he also said that most likely there would not be any further promoter selling. Lets see now, just thought of apprising everybody.

      • Vipul says:

        Yes, small selling should not be a concern
        1. But just few days before the results is what raises the doubt in the mind.
        2. Is there not a closure window for this promoter which prohibits such transaction

        • 1. i agree, but normally, in a high promoter holding a bit of selling is ok, if its not too consistent… some companies’s promoters might do it once in a while. lets see now, but i share your concern. also what i was hurt most was that most of the selling was done on the day i recommended ..
          2. dont think they have announced it … that’s why even i did not know that they are coming out with results soon, but overall the feel of the company is strong. also you should know that closure windows annoucement is not mandatory a lot of companies dont do it, i think even tcs doesnt do it.
          but having said that i share your concern but i am actually pretty bullish about the company

  105. mahesh says:

    Dear ACE today all your recommended stocks : Freshtrop, simmonds, cybertech, vidhy are on fire. Your stock picking & research is awesome.Thanks .

  106. SAY says:

    After Long time Ace, prima hit 64.80 and hoovering around 64.1. Hope stays above 63/64 on closing basis.

  107. Sam says:

    Sir.. Freshtrop fruit on fire 🙂 Thanks a lot again.. Can we add more or wait for consolidation ?

  108. merajask says:

    Ace sir in cybertech accumalation going on before result,
    is it good sign?

  109. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Dear Sir.. Thanks a lot for Prima Plastics… Congratulations on ur good work..! 🙂

  110. Naveen says:

    Hello Ace sir….cupid ltd declared very good results,you picked it at much lower levels but i started followin you very recently,anyhow njoyin very much..when can we expect your next ‘name this gem’ contest…..and also i m investd in rajoo engineers and vidhi dyes and i m ready to hold these for long term as i know these r gems.

  111. Vardhan says:

    ACE how is pennar, they cater to many industries and any compnay you line in non-renawable space

    do you like any of these: karma,indosolar,indowind,moschip,moserbaer
    or any other

  112. Suneetha says:

    You commented on Amtek India, I asked u about Amtek Auto. Plz share ur view on Amtek auto !
    Thanks !

  113. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Hello Sir… just like prima was consolidating since last couple of weeks.. don’t you think the same applies to v2 retail as well and it too is all set for a breakout just like prima… 🙂

  114. anujpress24 says:


    It seems Aimco is consolidating at 70 levels before results…do you think it is ready to take off from here…and we should add more at these level…


  115. Abey says:

    View on sail, Is it good to buy

  116. Bunny says:

    Hi Ace,
    what is your view on Asian Granito..As per todays disclosure,Dolly Khanna has got 1.6% of it..

  117. Rahul says:

    Still waiting for ur revert on ultracab india

  118. kareem says:

    Dear Ace,

    What is your take on Piccadilly agro?

  119. Navin Sharma says:

    Sir, V2Retail offering attractive Price to accumulate? Because i guess it will fly once results are out. So should it be added more at CMP?

  120. Ganesh says:

    Hi ACE, whats your expectation of EPS of December’14 quarter from Sahyadri Industries ? I expect EPS in the range of 5-7 in this december’14 quarter. What do you think ?

  121. disna says:

    Your take on alembic ltd? Seems at good technicals now..

  122. Ganesh says:

    Here I was discussing with you about Sahyadri’s EPS in this quarter and just after that when i called up my broker to buy it he said its up 5+% just 10 mins back…. I think I should have first bought it and then started discussion… in your stocks time is money… here i got delayed by some time and there the price went up…. anyways bought at 92 instead of 88. Thanks for the great stock pick.

  123. sunil says:

    sir your view on pricol. thank you.

  124. Japi says:

    hi…on cybertech … I believe the results are going to be declared on 2nd Feb. Given the recent conversation on the blog, cybertech has acquired new government contracts. would you say cybertech at CMP is a good entry point.
    btw have been following ur blog for the last 7 months (everyday) and have most of ur recommendations except unitech (where i bundled up big time 🙂 ) this is my first post on ur blog.

    peace and light

    • actually, i had asked people to think of averaging some time back (the price was around 40) who think high and are convinced about cybertech because i believe they have right products for smart governance . still i think is highly undervalued and there’s good scope from here. Bullish on it

  125. Japi says:

    damn!!!..ur fast…. thanks … will buy some today…
    gun to the head …. cybertech or Vidhi

  126. Japi says:

    hahahahahaha … an astute mind coupled with a sense of humor…(must be some girl’s delight 🙂 )…but can’t shoot …ur followers will hunt me down and i am sure it will not be as quick as a gun to the head 🙂
    btw any idea when Vidhi results will be declared

  127. Vipul says:

    Is it advisable to move from Vidhi to Prima plastics , as I feel Prima is a better bet (based on your comments)

  128. Vipul says:

    Sincere question. ……. I am 15% in Vidhi and 0 in Prima, hence feel the need to switch. whats your advice ?

  129. PURAV says:

    Sir, Your views on Tv18 Broadcast, jk bank, NCC ?

  130. PURAV says:

    Bam !! swift response.. i would try my luck again.. How about Future Consumer, the plans they have to reach topline of 10,000 cr. Also, JVL agro & Tilaknagar Ind ..

  131. PURAV says:

    ok. give me your mail id.

  132. Naveen says:

    Dear Ace sir,EU lifts ban on indian mango imports….very good news for freshtrop,regards

  133. hafizul09 says:

    Ace ji…which one is best buy at CMP…….V2/Cybertech/Wanbury?????????

  134. pratikjain says:

    sir ur view on brooks lab after the sebi penalty of 12 crore…..at cmp it looks undervalued

  135. pratikjain says:

    can’t found in search….its very tough to find thru goole search from 300-400 comments……plz provide here ur valuable comments

  136. pratikjain says:

    sir i done it thru google also and perfect terms but it shows the whole page loaded with 300-400 comments

  137. pratikjain says:

    it means i hv to read all the 300comments

  138. pratikjain says:

    OMG ..u understood it differently…the search shows difff pages..and when u go to the peculiar page it shows 300-400 comments of diiff stocks betwwen which u had given comment ..try it

  139. pratikjain says:

    dont take it otherwise ……u are giving searching comments to me ….but not particular stock view
    which take u hardly 1 min… 🙂

    • no i am not taking it otherwise, i want to make you self reliant. you are not using google to search the blog. please use google search not the blog’s search

      • hafizul09 says:

        Ace ji….this is one area where we all are facing problems……the search button is there in blog but that does not work….this is not good at all….Please report it to WordPress and request them to resolve the issue…..in today’s IT world , making a simple search should not be too expensive for WordPress…..I think u also know it clearly that the search button does not work in blog…this should be corrected………Appreciate ur prompt action to resolve this issue… Thx!!!!!!

      • hafizul09 says:

        Yeah , you can not resolve but Please report it to WordPress….these are the feedback which will make Worpress better,Make ur blog better and user friendly, will save our time…and overall all it will make our life easy…I am sure WordPress will be more than happy getting this feedback from u and they also want to improve and keep pace with today’s fast growing world of Technology!!!!!!

  140. acefollower says:

    Sir, I want to invest in one stock. Please suggest which one will be better.one among Rajoo and Sahyadri.

  141. pratikjain says:

    sir plz believe me i m using goole search by typing like this -> aceinvestortrader blog brooks
    then this shows many pages of ur comment on brooks ..just try it urself

  142. pavans13 says:

    Dear Ace,
    You are definitely a cheat. 🙂
    You are either a Powerful Robot or some alien with some special powers but definitely not a human.
    I have been a silent reader most of the time and today I couldn’t stop appreciating you for your patience towards the fellow readers.
    Whenever I read your blog or replies I could see your interest towards the topic of discussion.
    You have a great passion in what you are doing.
    You create a sense of interest in learning things in what we are doing without knowing many fundas.

    No matter what, I wish you continue spreading good ideas through this blog.

    Not but not least I still believe you are that Robot with special powers, emotions, sense of humor etc.

    Thank you for your good ideas.

    Disclaimer: Just holding one of recommended stocks due to individual capacity, but it is safe to assume that I will invest in future. 😉

    I trust you Ace and I know you are a right number. 🙂


  143. mahesh says:

    Indian mango ban lifted by European Union
    link: http://t.in.com/7OBo
    is this positive news for freshtrop fruits?

    • Ramesh Patel says:

      Ace sir,
      Above link does not clearly implies that Mango import ban has been lifted by EU.

      Post is grossly mis-leading and seems to be with vested interest !
      Request to first checking the authenticity of such posts and then only put it on board !!

      Thanks and regards,

  144. Adarsa says:

    Dear Ace,
    Whats your view on
    1)Amrutanjan healthcare
    2)Can fin Homes
    4)Kesar Terminals
    5)Dhanuka Agritech

  145. pratikjain says:

    no ace its not working …as u said i typed https://aceinvestortrader.wordpress.com/brooks but this gives page not found..:(

  146. pratikjain says:

    i typed above google search ..just try it urself

  147. pratikjain says:

    now i m fed up ….plz share ur valuable comment here only

  148. pratikjain says:

    thnx for ur effort n comment…..appreciate ur patience

  149. pratikjain says:

    thnx for ur effort n comment…..i appreciate ur patience

  150. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Hello Sir.. Is it ok to invest in IMP Powers?

      • M Prabhu says:

        I am in procurement division of power sector… They are the cheapest price supplier as far as Extra High Voltage Transformers compared to all biggies ABB, Siemens, Alstom, CGL. I have given past couple of order values are in crores… where there was quality concerned raised by customers, it has to be managed by them… in my present company aswell provided two orders of Transformers value are in crores… It is my thought most of the power projects are halt due to shortage of fuel (coal, gas) once the power sector revives, the transformer requirement is huge as that is the heart of substation and IMP Power has the advantage to grap more orders considering the price concerned. subject to quality issues should not arrive later..This current quarter result shows certain positive turn around, but still from my point i do not take chance as far as the clarity on the power projects (coal, Gas, Wind) execution concerned…To me It will be good bet for long term investors as the sector revival would take some more quarters…

  151. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Promoters started buying shares of Aimco pesticides this time target is huge 🙂

  152. Vijay says:

    Dear Ace,
    A small suggestion. This wordpress issue is observed only when the comments reach a huge count, say more than 150-200. So, Is it possible to start new thread only for the sake of comments every 150-200 comemnts?


  153. Suneetha says:

    any news about RS Software, 50% down ! Should i buy at these levels, Plz Suggest, thanks !

  154. yum says:

    sir between uniply and sarda plywood which one is your preference.sarda seems to be turning around with lowering of debt and last two quarters in profits. Also, at 19cr is way too cheap. what’s your take?

  155. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir.. is kuwer industries good as per your assessment?

  156. umesh says:

    what is yr view on menon bearing is it worth buying at current levels

  157. umesh says:

    what is yr view on poly medi at current levels

  158. umesh says:

    what is yr view on pitti laminations at current levels

  159. umesh says:

    have you seen the results of menon bearing ,how is it

  160. niravkaria says:

    Sir i would request you to share your views on buy for Prima, Rajoo and Freshtrop at current price level. Disc. i have prima – 50% of my portfolio, Rajoo purchased yesterday in small lot and Freshtrop – no holdings (0%). thanks in advance sir. Further i would also like to know on rajoo, huge selling order. Sir whats cooking it. Is result is expected to be unexpected.

    • how can i talk about results? I am bullish on rajoo. what selling order are you talking about? are you talking about recent promoter selling or something that happened today? I did give an update in one of the comments in the morning.

      • niravkaria says:

        sir i am taking about today huge selling order in rajoo as it can be seen in BSE website. Almost 2 lakhs shares are for sale. Sir one thing you please remember i am huge huge huge fan of yours so please dont misunderstand me. Just a curios attempt. Y such huge selling order and who is selling before results when the situation should be opposite. This worried me.

        • if 2 lacs is total selling order its such a small quantity, why would anyone be worried. there are also 1.5lacs traded, who sold these 1.5lacs and who bought it. people who sell think they are smart and think people who are buying are dumb and people who are buying think they are smart and feel the people who sold are dumb and that’s the nature of markets. somebody would always trade and for just 2 lacs shares how can somebody loose sleep 🙂

  161. niravkaria says:

    thanks for the clarification and super fast reply. for this reason too i am huge fan of you boss. hats off. Meanwhile, request you to share your views on buy for Prima (add more or sit tight) and Freshtrop (want to add but thinking it has already run up) at current price level. Disc. i have prima – 50% of my portfolio, Rajoo purchased yesterday in small lot and Freshtrop – no holdings (0%). thanks in advance sir.

  162. niravkaria says:

    added sir. once again thanks for concerned sir. really nice of you.

  163. umesh says:

    sir you have not replied to my query, pl do reply

  164. sandeep says:

    Dear ACE Sir,
    Thanks a lot for ur noble(ACE) service . I am very recently started following u..
    Hope long way to go & going thru ur recommendations & they are excellent.
    Currently entered in rajoo engg @ 16..
    Thanks once again..

  165. dilip says:

    Sir, your view on Hindustan Tin Works? This question has been asked before also. I am also convinced that its fundamentally good stock as you said. But, there is no point if it doesn’t reflect in the results. Kindly suggest. Missing your new recommendations as my money is stuck.

  166. anujpress24 says:


    Your view on Pix transmission and Indrapastha medical equipment.


  167. Vardhan says:

    ACE, in your SEP comment you had said you would be looking at chembond, any updates on it

  168. SAY says:

    Ace – Rajoo’s business is very impressive. Do you think it can make it big during this run ? This run might not belong to capital goods & infra sector. Though fmcg, logistics, pharma growth can be proxy for it.

  169. Kiran Kumar says:

    Hi ACE
    What is your view on DCM Shriram.

  170. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Booked decent profits in Rajoo.. Thank u sir.. 🙂

  171. hi ace
    pls share ur view on avt natural products at cmp, valuation looking cheap with very goods ROE 45%, good dividend with consistent profit growth. Your suggestion is very helpful for me.

  172. Adarsa says:

    Dear Ace ,
    Want to buy Samkarg Pistons and Ring valuations are looking cheap as compared to other auto ancillaries also holding amtek auto. and also please suggest some good stock from the chemical sector am holding sudershan chemicals.

  173. sam says:

    Any change of views on richa inductries Ace?

  174. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Sir your views on IFB Industries?
    they are going aggressive on A/c segment

  175. Pinky Das says:

    Hi Sir..

    I am a big fan of yours… Sir, can I enter Rajoo Engineers & Prima Plastics at cmp?? or should I wait for it to correct by 15-20%??

    Thanks in advance

  176. sam says:

    what should be the support level for prima now Ace?

    • 61-63 is now a rock solid support

      • Niranjan says:

        Prima Q4 can be blockbuster results, the crude price factor etc … but not sure about Q3. But I guess that would give an opportunity to anyone wanting to enter Prima at lower levels. Thoughts?

        • probably , but its possible that the stock might be higher by the time results are declared that what it is today because 61-63 is a strong support now and moreover, the FY15 results would be very good and at these prices its such a wonderful bargain…

      • skdc14 says:

        Dear Ace.
        Very good point, I will add more tomorrow. I think and am sure will not get Prima at this rate. I am already in profit and also very much sure to double my money with Prima. Once again I thank you for this wonderful stock.
        God Bless you.

  177. Adarsa says:

    Dear Ace,
    Hoe to check from so many Comments.

  178. Prem says:

    is suzlon deal beneficial or should wait for some time??? need ur opinion sir

  179. Suneetha says:

    Plz Share ur view on Bajaj Electricals, M&M Finance,Unichem lab. Thanks in advance !

  180. Vimal says:

    Hi, when is ur next multibagger pick, whether guess the stock or direct?

  181. somitosh says:

    This year prima plastic got 1.6 cr dividend from subsidiary.Is the prima plastic got dividend last year from subsidiary ?If yes then how much?

  182. yum says:

    richa industries is a value pick right?

    • what makes you say it is a value pick? the promoter holding has declined in last two years by a wide margin because they made allotment to “non-promoters”, look at promoter pledge, look at debt, look at earnings, even the H1earnings YoY has declined. big promoter pledge on back of Declining earnings and huge debt is a fatal recipe. By the way they even have sizeable textiles operations and if they are unable to sell it, it will slowly but surely kill the company. even if they are able to sell the business, operationally the company has to dramatically turn around “operationally”. just because it is low PE does not make it a value pick. I am publishing this so avoid replying to any more emails on richa. suddenly everybody is asking me my views on richa via mails and posts and i am a little irritated repeating the same thing. As i had said earlier, during my course of researching sahyadri i had researched and discarded it because i am not sure if the business could grow till certain things change dramatically in richa industries. there’s difference between value and value trap, understand it.God Bless.

  183. neelbasura says:

    How is Fairfield Atlas for long term

  184. neelbasura says:

    Do you see V-Guard a long term multibagger even from here?

  185. Suneetha says:

    Bajaj Electricals P/E 3004. Is it right or anything wrong? Plz clarify !

  186. ricky says:

    whats ur view on sintex given decline in crude price , beneficiary of govt programmes, capex of 2000 cr over and fccbs converted

  187. nsriniv says:

    Dear Ace,
    I observed from your analysis that Rajoo has 60% repeat orders. In the machinery manufacturing industry where is the question of repeat orders every year as the life for a machine will easily be more than 10 years right. Moreover in the case of machinery manufacturing are the orders not saturated for the reason that I quoted above. I may be asking a silly question. Pls correct me if I am wrong

  188. Gaurav says:


    Your inputs on Kabra Drugs and Richa Industries.


  189. pavans13 says:

    Dear Ace,
    Can we enter SKM egg products at CMP? Any advise?

  190. deepak says:

    Hello Ace,
    what is your view on camphor allied & products. is it a good buy?

  191. Suneetha says:

    Plz Comment on Suryalatha spinning,
    Cmp:118, PE 3.7 EPS 35 BV 172 Promoters pledged 71%

  192. Suneetha says:

    received news , H1 Eps 18 up 70%, value pick, not choosen yet without ur valuable suggestion

  193. Pinky Das says:

    Hello Sir.. I know you have always been very positive about dynemic products… Does the recent correction from 100 to 70, give us a good opportunity to enter?

  194. Sam says:


    Your views on Dishman Pharma at CMP ?

  195. athira says:

    Hi ace,
    what is your view on mandhana industries. Promoters are aggressively buying from the market. Thanks.

  196. vimal says:

    Sir, ur view on Omax auto?

  197. Vandana says:

    Hello Ace!
    What is your expectation from SKM result?

    • lets see, at these prices i would stay out of it … the turnaround should keep on going, but i dont expect too much of bottomline performance. as mentioned earlier also at 165-170 is more than adequately valued, lets wait for the results now.

  198. sashi says:

    any update regarding sahyadri industries? no price movement

  199. sangram says:

    Hi ace read your comment on rajoo . if the results are weak should I exit?

  200. niravkaria says:

    Ace sir in first two quarters itself Vidhi has crossed the profit of last year and remaining two quarters should be bumper one. As per your reply i have added some into my kitty.

  201. sam says:

    Hi Ace..any news/views on Rapicut Carbides? Promoters are buying from the market.

    • sam says:

      Hi Ace..any news/views on Rapicut Carbides? Promoters are buying from the market.

      • a few concerns that i am researching on, therefore, not confident as of now. promoter just bought today, but look at promoter holding for last few quarter also.

      • sam says:

        Ya i know promoter’s holding has been less but if i’m relating other trends with promoter’s buying today correctly..i see a great story here. At least good enough to take a little risk..and somehow i’ve become good at reading between the lines..Thanks for all the good work u r doing Ace..

  202. Akshay says:

    any update regarding Rajoo results??

  203. Niranjan says:

    Average results by Liberty? Your view?

  204. Mayur says:

    Ace, your take on Phoenix Lamps? Key facts:
    -Largest player in the automobile lighting business
    -Sale of low-margin general lighting business to start yielding benefits
    -Private equity investor Actis through its affiliate companies has 64 per cent stake in Phoenix

  205. Mayur says:

    I think a bit improvement in the results of Liberty..but future looks exciting..few notes from results:
    – one of their wholly owned subsidiary in Middle East is not yet commenced
    – Added 53 new stores in last 9 months
    What’s your views on next year’s performance?

  206. akshay says:

    hi ace,

    what are your views on rajoo results? Sales 26.83 vs 25. Net profit 1.7 vs 0.64. ebitda 2.62 vs 0.9.

    • rajoo’s given very good results. remember as mentioned in the stock story, the best quarter is yet to come and most importantly, the results are to be seen YoY. I am actually happy with the results. Great bottomline improvement.

    • nsriniv says:

      Hi akshay, please note that the net profit is 1.7 vs 1.69 and not 0.64 as reported by you here. The results are flat.

      • as mentioned earlier (and stock story), the results of these companies are to been seen YoY.

      • akshay says:


        The comparison is actually being made YoY not MoM. Based on this I am also really happy with the results and as Ace mentions that the best quarter is yet to come, I am expecting great results even next quarter.

      • hafizul09 says:

        Hello Ace ji….I agree with u on this that we should compare result on YoY basis….BUT from my little experience I have seen market take a look at QoQ also and it will take a look for Rajoo for sure as the stock price is appreciated with high speed , in very short span of time it increased by 50%…so of course market will check on QoQ basis….however the result is not bad on QoQ also…net profit at least not decreased and sales increased marginally…..but my gut feeling is the speed(at which share price will increased) will be less for coming days than the recent few weeks…and by the way we can see profit booking or correction which we can use to accumulate more…Thanks Ace ji for such a SOLID company from Capital Goods sector…..God Bless U!!!!!!!!

        • no. depending on the industry its always YoY. e.g. you cannot compare education companies QoQ because of fees collection that happen in specific collection or for IT companies you cannot compare sep and dec quarter etc etc. if someone takes a decision without understanding the business then he might company QoQ and might take a wrong decision. that’s why its important to understand what you are buying. anyways, markets will tell us what they think about results

  207. prince says:

    Hello Sir,

    wanted to kno your view regarding Salzer electronics.

    Do you think it will be benefited from coming railways budget

    can i add further at present price as promoters seem to be confident as they bought it abov 200

    thank you

  208. sangram says:

    On face of it number looks good.
    Other operating income has increased from 2.50 to 16.44 yoy if I am correct aceji it is after sales service figure.

    • sangram says:

      I am talking about rajoo aceji

    • the numbers are very good as i said in earlier comment. what i am particularly happy about is that even though there’s 40% increase in cost of raw material YoY, the PBIT has actually improved approx 200%, which is great. From next quarter onwards, when the inventory is down and decrease in raw material prices kick in, the bottomline will improve even further.

  209. Vardhan says:

    hi Ace,

    any idea y Shreyas is running and Seamec lagging still

    is Seamec good for invetment

  210. rahman says:

    Peacock Industries- your views

  211. M Prabhu says:

    Too good result posted by Rajoo Engineers….. Since I am being in the same sector, As you correctly said in this kind of stock sector, last quarter will be always the best one. Hope next quarter would be even better…Looking for good growth with Rajoo… Thanks again ACE for the wonderful pick and the convincing response provided on my mail.. Very happy to travel with your picks..

  212. Gaurav says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please provide your inputs on Basant Agro. Does it have the potential of a multi bagger.


  213. yash says:

    Vidhi dyestuff has 44 cr debt in their books,any idea how are they servicing their debts and what are they using it for. Is it working capital requirements or for increased capacities. And sir where did you get 2cr debt in case of vidhi dyestuff,i found out it to be 45 crores, sir just for knowledge.

    • can you pls enlighten me about the source of your information. please do not tell me you got this information from MMB

      • yash says:

        Sir pls dont think i am trying to defame you or any of your pick,i am a big fan of your and i thought of going through financial nos as a process to learn fundamental analysis. I am myself invested in it and thought of doing some more research in it as i would want to increase my stake here. Absolutely not on mmb,i got it from screener as well as moneycontrol. Sir pls tell me where did you check the 2 cr figure,i am not getting it .

        • oh not at all brother, actually the tone of my words were probably wrong. basically, this question has been addressed 3-4 times in the past and everytime MMB was the culprit. please trust only nse and bse websites. now take a look at the last quarter’s results annoucement on bse and check its balance sheet. Please revert back if any confusion. God Bless.

  214. yash says:

    Thank you ace sir, actually i was checking the short term borrowing which was 45 crores . Yes the long term borrowings(debt)under non current liability is just 2 crores. Sorry for troubling you on a weekend day,so for debt we just consider the long term borrowings,correct? but dont we have to service/pay interest on short term borrowings as well? I am just a 20 year old guy trying to understand things,learned something new today, hurray!! Thank you sir,hope you keep helping all of us in future. Wish you a great weekend. God bless

    • rahul says:

      Dear ace sir,

      Like you have answeresd about debt query and suggested to check financials of stock on bse and nse website. regarding to richa industries the long term debt is 48.25cr instead of 180cr as mentioned in balance sheet available at bse site.

      pl reply which debt figure is correct in richa ind and why??

    • i think you should also start googling around a bit and could also search this very blog for the answer to this same question. God Bless

      • rahul says:

        Dear ace sir,

        i didn’t ask your views about richa ind. i already read the comment u posted earlier about richa.
        my query was just about debt of the company like is it 180cr as mentioned in moneycntrl or 48.25 cr(long term debt) as mention in balance sheet bse site??
        i hope you will undrstand my query now.

        thanks ace

    • hafizul09 says:

      Hello Yash ji,
      In BSE website where is the balance sheet stored? under financial , I can see only results and annual report…..where can I get the balance sheet…please let me know…Thx in advance!!!

      • try to read the entire results release. there is balance sheet for most of the companies

      • hafizul09 says:

        Hello Yash ji,
        Thx for reverting back, however under results I can see two tab 1.Quarterly Trends and 2.Annual Trends …in both tab the P&L account is there but not the balance sheet….I was checking for Vidhi only……could u pls mention the complete path/directory to get the balance sheet.. Thx…..

  215. yash says:

    Now i am more convinced about this stock and i will buy more of it,i have a developed a strong conviction for this. Kuddos to you

  216. Pinky Das says:

    Hello sir.. U had asked me to wait for the results of rajoo engineers before investing in it… now that the results are out, do u recommend an entry at current prices or wait for a correction… 🙂

    • nirav karia says:

      Pinky the results itself give u answer. From Tuesday no once can stop this company to boom. Further as said by ace sir for this type of companies the quarter results are always best. So after considering the decrease in oil price the quarterly result would be the best. So enter (if u got chance) on Tuesday without thinking. Ace sir pls correct me if I am wrong.

    • please take your own call on entry as my views are very clear on the stock. i cannot predict price movement but as far as results are concerned they are pretty good IMHO.

  217. Vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Trilogic digital media?

  218. RAJU says:

    Hello ace

    I have 2 queries , waiting for your expert opinion

    1 How do u rate the results of Ashapura Minechem which shows exceptional ltem for 211 crores . There is an opinion also that the quarter performance was very good and exceptional items were known for a long time to all and hence no need to consider

    2 Kulkarni power tools is moving good and showing a Turn around in prices , kindly provide your view on this low equity company

  219. sangram says:

    Your views on pochiraju industries

  220. aashav23 says:

    sir,doing a great job to help others .. till some people arent worth to get knowledge even for free,i respect you and your hard work sir and in no sense i am flattering you.. just got bit annoyed by harsh comments… keep it up sir there are other 99% who immensely respect you! and please give your view on polyplex and cosmo films..

  221. sam says:

    Hi ace, your views on titan biotech pls?

  222. Rahul says:

    Hi ace,
    What’s the best pick among- ultracab India,finolex and birla erickson?

  223. Gaurav says:

    hi Ace,

    Can Poddar Developers be a multibagger from here. Pls guide.


  224. James says:

    When will you release the next good multibagger?

  225. sangram says:

    In rajoo engineering what could be reason of jump on profits . raw material cost also have increased on yoy basis. Is it margin expansion ?

  226. sangram says:

    And what about there top line and bottom line growth hereon

  227. Abey says:

    I am holding ucal fuel and munjal showa, i want to hold one of them, which is Going to be a multibaggger

  228. ashish pandey says:

    Plz share your views on Shiva cement

  229. Naveen says:

    Hello Ace sir,do you track Paper products,pl share your views if at all yu are tracking it.

  230. Raja says:

    Sir – how do you like Mold-tek packaging? It’s available at very reasonable valuations and has been consolidating for a long time now. It looks all set to break it after the results.

  231. Abey says:

    View on unichem , is it a good stock to hold

  232. viswanath says:

    Dear ace, please share your views on spicejet.

  233. viswanath says:

    Thanks for jet (fast) reoly.

  234. viswanath says:

    Thanks for jet (fast) reply.

  235. Aravind says:

    Hi, Why is the promoter selling? Is that not funny, they are holding a new meet globally in Gujarat still owner is selling and his family at 15?

    • they have been holding that meet for quite some time now. they have high holding. its quite possible that the person needs some funds for their own personal things. also, they have to not sold a lot right?

  236. Pushkar B says:

    Is Rajoo still a buy ? It has been more than 1 year of your recommendation, but it is still trading at ordinary levels.
    P.S. A big fan of yours!

  237. Pushkar B says:

    Yes, is this a good time to buy it ? I am a bit concerned with the liabilities it has. Dec 15 quarter was sluggish as well, though the March, their biggest quarter awaits results. So, should one enter right now, or wait till it breakouts from the last high ?

  238. Nayan says:

    Sir, kindly share any update of Rajoo Engineers..Q4 results were fantastic.

  239. vatsal01 says:

    Dear Sir,

    I recently came upon your blog and find it extremely good as a starting point for getting deeper into stock market. I am a new investor, thanks to your recommendation i came to know about the stock Rajoo. I bought the stock 1 month back at 29 levels where i still found it good. The stock has zoomed past since then.
    I dont assume such upmoves on all the stocks and understand that patience is the key to making money in the market.
    One point which i would like to understand from you is, as a retail investor i have a limited amount of money with me. How should i allocate the same in different stocks as you keep finding compelling ideas as we probe deeper and deeper into the market. What type of allocation strategy should i use to make optimum returns without taking undue risk.

    This might sound a very naive question but this is becoming more difficult as i am looking at opportunities in the market. Kindly guide me on the issue

    • you should only invest your money where “you” are most comfortable and have research the story and have conviction. if you have trouble doing it, for starters atleast go via mutual funds route.

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