Results Update !!

Rajoo engineers gave very good results, with income rising 7.2% YoY and bottomline rising 160% inspite of rising input cost. Keep riding here.

Liberty shoes came out with average set of numbers with topline rising 20% YoY and bottomline rising 15%. As I have said earlier, the real kicker would come after the re-structuring is complete and also once the complete modalities of re-structuring is known. Its encouraging that the company is expanding well and this is important investment in view of future growth. Keep riding here.

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151 Responses to Results Update !!

  1. mani says:

    Please tell me why its going down, need to wait some sessions before it goes up?

  2. sam says:

    Hi Ace..ur views on medi caps pls?

  3. sam says:

    moreover seems like rajoo’s results are not liked by audiences or is it profit booking by weak hands!!

  4. vimal says:

    When is ur new recommendation, either guess the stock or direct?

  5. neelbasura says:

    Do you have any very good bets from agriculture related sector for next 3-5 years? Which one in your view is better pick for 3-5 years perspective: Kaveri Seeds vs Dhanuka Agritech?

  6. Sarfraz says:

    Dear Ace Investor,
    I am new to learning fundamentals and i may be wrong. I was going through the Rajoo Engineers results on BSE site and my countings does not match with yours on Topline and Bottom line. Please correct me that Topline is nothing but total revenue or income generated whereas Bottomline is net profit generated after considering taxes, moínority interest etc. My countings gives below results:
    Topline 7.8% YOY
    Bottomline 164% YOU
    Please advise if my countings are not correct ?

    • yes, it was typo from my side, corrected it. thanks

      • Ramesh Patel says:

        Sir, typo for topline as well as bottom line both ?? Quite surprising !!

        • only bottomline. why is it surprising? typos do happen, and i hope you had taken a good look at the results declared on bse last week. The results updates are my take on companies and is not supposed to be read blindly by investors. Also, i do not do this for every company also. do you think 160% is bad? its 2.6 times… ?

      • Ramesh Patel says:

        Sir, I wrote it that way only because Mr. Sarfraz has posted figures of 7.8 % YOY and 164% YOY whereas your post mentions 7.2% YOY and 160% YOY which led to me to conclude that typo was for both !! Sorry if my post has hurt you.

  7. hello Ace,

    Aro Granite have posted their result on BSE site. Can u please analyse & provide your opinion.

  8. jayprakash says:

    pls share your views on SKM results. Thnks

  9. Niranjan says:

    Hi ace

    As per liberty disclosure to bse,the deadline for buying all promoters businesses is 2016. Does that mean real kicker impact on the bottom line would only come after that quarter?


    • is it 2016 or 2015 ? i think its 2015, could you kindly re-check

      • Niranjan says:

        I was referring to the “NOTE:—” below

        Liberty Shoes Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on January 23, 2015, inter alia, has considered and approved the following:

        1. The existing business arrangements continuing with M/s. Liberty Enterprises & M/s. Liberty Group Marketing Division under which two manufacturing facilities at Gharaunda & Karnal including their Distribution Networks and License usage of Sub Brands, will be expiring after 12 years on March 31, 2015 and to formalize the process of acquisition of these assets by the Company, a leading business consulting firm M/s. KPMG & Associates has jointly been engaged by the parties. The consultant will submit their report within 6-8 weeks time for the consideration of the Board and will be made effective from April 01, 2015 subject to regulatory compliances.

        NOTE: — The Company will also pursue acquisition of remaining assets of footwear and related business held by the Promoter Family by March 31, 2016.

        2. Authorization to the Company for initiating its fund raising exercise and appointment of Merchant Bankers and other agencies in this respect.

        3. Appointment of Woman Director and Additional Director in compliance with the listing requirements.

        • see, the re-struturing is a 3 phase step and would suggest you to go through the interview link that i had given in my liberty shoe’s update a few months back. by mar 31, the entire 3 phases would complete this note means that. also, as said earlier mar 15 the re-strucuting will complete and the bottomline would start getting a kicker from first quarter itself.

  10. shyam says:

    Dear Ace Please share your views on AImco Pesticides as no movement in its share price since last 3 month…Only in range bound 68-78..while nifty up by 1000 points..How u see it …Please express your views

  11. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Is it right time to buy Suzlon for long term??

  12. Zubin says:

    Astec Life Science – Friday and today, price has appreciated handsomely and I feel it is the beginning of the identification of a Value stock. What is your view on Astec .

  13. umesh says:

    sir what is your view on r s software after the correction from 310 levels to 240 levels after split

  14. umesh says:

    can i buy jost engg at current levels of 1150 or wait for further consolidation

  15. umesh says:

    sir your view on axis capital markets

  16. Sarfraz says:

    Dear ACE,
    I was going through SHILPI CABLE TECHNOLOGIES LTD and found a good bet. below are the highlights
    Topline 33% YOY
    Bottomline 6.56%
    EPS 4%
    PS: CEPS is less than EPS (CEPS:6.67, EPS:7.27)
    Please provide your inputs.

  17. akshay says:

    hi ace,

    please provide your views on sahyadri results.

    • already done. atleast search the comments first pls

      • akshay says:


        As far as i can see on the above comments nobody has even asked for sahyadri results update nor can i see your reply on it. Infact, the results are out only few minutes back. I am sorry if you have posted on any other post, cause I cant go through all your earlier posts to see your replies. I generally go through the comments only in your recent posts. And I am sorry If have troubled you.

        Ps:- I have gone through all your comments on this post multiple times throughout the day. You could probably see my site interaction details. I will mail you my ip address if you want so that you know how frequently i follow your post/comments to keep myself updated.

      • akshay says:

        thanks for the update.

      • akshay says:


        Just a suggestion. Please dont misunderstand me.
        Its difficult to go through comments on earlier posts as people generally stop commenting on earlier posts. Plus, there must be like 50 posts you might have done till now. Its difficult to keep a tab on the no. count for comments on each of your posts.
        Now, I am not well versed with workings/intricacies of wordpress. Request you to see if any options for unified comments is available. Or, on the right side there is a column for recent comments where you could provide link to all recent comments.

        Just a suggestion. Please dont take it otherwise.

  18. yum says:

    noone’s noticing sharp india, its just going up and up… great call sir, i hold it from 50rs a large chunk..thanks sir

  19. sashi says:

    share ur views on sahyadri industries

  20. umesh says:

    What is your view on marico kaya at current rate

  21. umesh says:

    Sir what is yourview on sudarshan chemicals

  22. umesh says:

    Sir what is your view on snowman logistics

  23. umesh says:

    Sir yourviewon force motars at current rate

  24. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on VEDAVAAG Systems?

    • not interested in it. as far as i knwo its sark systems.. SEBI had taken action against company for wrong disclosure …also the low promoter holding is a major concern. even now if i am not wrong they allocated warrants but most of the warrants were given to non-promoters. Cybertech is a way better story in the similar space.

  25. indianbull10 says:

    V2 has got a new CEO, a person who has been with the company since April 2007 – Manshu Tandon

  26. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,
    Could you pls suggest any stocks in banking sector. Thank you in advance.

  27. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    Should v reenter if Sahyadri comes down?
    Ur views please..

  28. sangram says:

    Prima near support levels

  29. kvrs says:

    Dear Ace, Unfortunately i missed entering V2 retail earlier. Do you think it is a good price to enter V2 Retail now at current CMP or i should look at some other reco of yours that have not appreciated so much. Kindly advice

  30. umesh says:

    sir what is your view on hmt at current levels

  31. umesh says:

    sir is hcl info shar worth keeping in our portfolio

  32. SAY says:

    Hi Ace – pressman hit new high with humongous volumes, on nse 400K vs 5 day avg 10k. Any reason you’re aware for the spike ?

    • the investors are always lookout for such businesses. its quite possible some big guys are trying to enter this unique business. Unfortunately, people here are more focussed on short term kick than to think of stocks as creating wealth in quarters and not just days… anyways enjoy the ride.

  33. Sarfraz says:

    Dear ACE,

    I am holding good chunk of Vinyl chemicals and though yesterday’s result was not so overwhelming i am still adamant to hold as the fundamentals/future looks bright. Your take on this please ?

  34. deepak says:

    Hi Ace,
    I did not able to buy prima before bcoz of funds,but I have bought it at 68 levels. I have read some comments showing it’s raw material cost has decreased by 30% which will be near about 18 crore. so it’s EPS will be near about Rs 25 in 2016. So I bought at 68. Please share your view regarding raw material cost and EPS and correct me if I am wrong. Thanks

  35. Jitendra says:

    Dear ACE,

    Sintex result is great.


  36. Chanakya says:

    dear sir, i require your views on Sintex, SKM , Tiger Logistics at current levels.

  37. deepak says:

    Hell Ace ji,
    My question is still pending. please check it and please provide your view.

  38. sam says:

    Hi ace, ur answere for rapicut carbide was “hope it does justice to its potential”…so what do you think is holding it back?

  39. sangram says:

    Is selan exploration down due to fall in crude oil prices or there are any other issues . At this price I am getting attracted to it.

  40. Suneetha says:

    Should I enter Good scrip, Selan Explo @ these levels 290 ?

  41. Suneetha says:

    Prima Plastics Double Top @ 72, unless it crosses 72, my gut feel: may correct upto 45
    This is Technical aspect only to my understanding ! Let me know ur opnion plz !

  42. Suneetha says:

    Thanks for ur early reply, I sold Primaplastics, only 30% @ 66

    • i would not suggest anyone to book out of prima. in next couple of years there’s huge amount of wealth to be created here. dont loose sight of big picture i would suggest. God Bless

      • sandy says:

        So in a way you are saying to accumulate at every dip? Maybe now?

      • SAY says:

        Just curious Ace. Can i know the reason for such rock solid bullish view ? I hold it and am bullish too. I may increase my allocation towards it lateron.

        • we are playing on earnings growth and undervaluation both. its a deadly combination. we know growth is there, we know raw material prices are down drastically, we know the loss making division is gone but it keeps the factory with itself so not much capex for new expansion, we know GST will beimplemented soon, we know the consolidated numbers are going to be block buster, we know the plastic furniture business is a massive opportunity and we also know new products are going to be launched soon. once it crosses 100cr market cap, it will also come under a lot of funds radar who keep on waiting for such high growth debt free plays

      • SAY says:

        Indeed Ace. I too am gung ho on post GST opportunities that would stretch to length and breadths of India. One more thing, i my last talk with them, they are considering roto mold technology for additional opportunities. Patience will be rewarded down the line though patience is rarest.

  43. Sarfraz says:

    Dear ACE,
    Would you put some of your thoughts on Ahmednagar Forgings please. The only issue i can see is debt.

  44. pavan says:

    Hi , what is your expectation on cybertech results , the last 2 quarters of this year, they disappointed in revenues (yoy) most likely this time also they will show drop in revenues which will make cybertech available at more cheap valuations .. I have a concern that they are bagging contracts on geocivic but not able to show up it on numbers .. do you suggest to come out now as results will be lower as per last 2 quarters and enter at better prices ?

  45. pavan says:

    no need to be insider to understand 2 simple points ..
    1) stock is looking weak before results date means market is more or less expecting bad result.
    2) other point is, forget about profit though they have almost unique product from last 2 years still they are not able to show up in revenues

    • 1. that’s not a problem. if the results are good, then there would be mad scramble for the stock and if the results are not good (i expect it to be good though) there’s wont be much damage.
      2. the products businesses always have higher gestation period. look at the hit rate of the company since late last year… earlier it was just 1-2 pilot project but after bangalore project the company increased the hit rate and now, its pretty great.

  46. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir very good evening .i am a great fan of your straight forward comments sir i want to know about punj loyed and in&fs transport from you . please comment . i am holding them

  47. Abey says:

    View on duke offshore, is it good stock?

  48. Abey says:

    Advice me on nitco

  49. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, would you advice me to book profit in pidilite and buy Prima?

  50. ABHISHEK says:


  51. prasad mudkatte says:

    Sir awaiting your views on wanbury after the it good time to enter or wait another quarter or two for things to get clearer

  52. Zubin says:

    Would you suggest entering Waterbase(your old reco) at current levels (come down from 90s).

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