A New Idea Will Be Posted Tomorrow During Market Hours

Tomorrow’s idea is again one of the best and one the most “unique” company that is listed. It’s a fantastic business and proxy to many high growth sectors. A must have for any type of portfolio or funds alike.

God Bless !!

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56 Responses to A New Idea Will Be Posted Tomorrow During Market Hours

  1. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    Good to heard..Awaiting…

  2. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji…Thanks for ur effort…tomorrow what time u r going to post….at morning..? Thx…

  3. hafizul09 says:

    Okay Ace ji…Thanks and God Bless U!!!!!!

  4. srinathnitb says:

    Hi Ace are you tracking Samkrg Pistons? Its one stock which I am sure will become at-least double in a years time. What do you think about it?

  5. Naman says:

    Nice to hear from you .

  6. Naman says:

    May I get your email please..?

  7. sangram says:

    Why vidhi website is not working from past many days

  8. sangram says:

    Prima breaking supports ace?

  9. David says:

    Sir..your views on garware wall ropes…

  10. Makarand Supekar says:

    Sir, added few more Richa today.. Thanx

    • still not sure why would somebody be interested in richa. its better to enter sahyadri, on back of loss this quarter its available at very good valuations now, and we know its going to turnaround in future. Not interested in richa

      • msupekar2 says:

        Sir, will switch to Sahyadri….

      • sangram says:

        Not interested in sahyadri. Is it typoo mistake or am I missing something

      • chirag says:

        Ace sahyadri is trading at 30 times trailing earnings whereas richa is at 5.5. Richa has an outstanding track record in executing PEB structures of all kinds and for gov as well as private sector which is very evident from their website. They have provided a list of all the projects they have completed uptil now. Sahyadri what % of their topline and bottomline is coming from PEB we dont even know.Debt burden I agree both of them are pretty much in a mess but with richa there is at least that comfort that they will sell textile division even if 6 months later and generate decent cash flows. I don’t understand why should sahyadri command such extreme valuations for no reason what soever. Richa has a sales office even here in Kolkata . when I got in touch with them ,they said that an officer would meet me to assess my requirements. Imagine having a presence even here in this shitty thoroughly underdeveloped state.

        • richa hardly has “excellent” track record in PEB. sahyadri, everest and HIL definately has. also, you are counting on textiles division sale, but how did you arrivate at the valuations? also, the company’s management is not that great. by the way sahradri is way more innovative company too. also your valuations figures seems to be incorrect because at CMP sahradri is trading at less than 10 times FY15 earnings (declared so far). just having an office in underdeveloped state is no acheivement i think you’ll agree. the promoter holding has declined in last two years by a wide margin because they made allotment to “non-promoters”, look at promoter pledge, look at debt, look at earnings, even the H1earnings YoY has declined. big promoter pledge on back of Declining earnings and huge debt is a fatal recipe. By the way they even have sizeable textiles operations and if they are unable to sell it, it will slowly but surely kill the company. even if they are able to sell the business, operationally the company has to dramatically turn around “operationally”. also there’s a detailed comment on richa industries that i had written so wont repeat much.

      • chirag says:

        Sorry it was trading at 30 pe when you recommended it . post results its 25 pe. My personal opinion is we should keep a close watch till they actually sell those toilets in good numbers and have something to show apart from a negative bottom line. Otherwise margin of safety is drastically reduced at such high valuations where market is anticipating a ‘crazy turnaround’ in terms of performance which might just not be as great as anticipated.

        This is just to share my opinion of richa vs sahyadri debate. Thanks !!!

        • it seems you have added last for EPS and out of which two are positive and two are negative and that gives an illusion of high PE. anyways, everyone has their choices, but i would rather bet on calculated turnaround with good management then with richa industries given their trackrecord. God Bless

      • chirag says:

        Last 4 quarters EPs of sahyadri

        -5.06 6.93 3.18 -2.14

        Trailing 12 month eps is close to 3. At cmp of 72 it is close to 24 times trailing earnings.

  11. ANKUR says:

    closly waiting 2 pm and excited for new name…..

  12. DK says:

    Dear ACE
    whats your view on Rajoo, is it an exit now?


  13. msupekar2 says:

    Sir, added Rajoo at 15.30, small quantity….

  14. Saurabh A says:


    whats your view on Sahyadri industries after results??

  15. sangram says:

    Looks like bse small cap index is trying to breakout above 11500. It is still down 20% from 2008 peak.

  16. Pinky Das says:

    Sir, vidhi stuck in 20-22 range for quite sometime.. what is ur take?

  17. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir.. do u advise sarda plywood at cmp?

  18. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    My question may be strange but need ur expert comment..
    Who deceids the price of a stock,whether it is the matter of demand n supply or someone who is called operator deceids cause we see all of sudden stock spurts even on 10-15 volumes..So plz…it may be foolish question also..

  19. Naveen says:

    Hello ace sir,on mmb there is an id by name the ace investo,many new members are thinking that its you,i know that you are not on mmb but for d sake of innocent people pls make a post stating that you are not on any other forums…..this is jus my concern,sry if anythn prsonal….thank you sir.

  20. Shobhit says:

    Ace sir,
    Your views on NCC.. it looks good pick for next 1-2 years..

  21. Jitendra says:


    Why the new idea not be posted today?

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