Results Update !!

V2 retail

Sales increased from 70.2 cr to 79.1cr YoY and Profits Surged from 3.25cr to 5.15 numbers.

Very good results. No worries here.

Aro Granite

Sales almost flat with negative bias with sales at 60.2 cr down marginally from 61cr YoY. Operating profits up from 4.8 cr to 5.63cr YoY. Though net profits were down from 9.87cr to 3.67cr but its because of exceptional items last year. Valuations are very attractive here at the moment.


Consolidated sales are flat with positive bias with it rising from 15.32cr to 15.59cr and bottomline plunging to red with .85cr. Though more importantly the standalone business improved. Topline increased from 9.1cr to 10.2cr though net profits halved YoY. Last year, other income for the quarter was pretty high, so do take into account that. Even operationally though YoY, this quarter profits decreased from .85cr to .57 cr, it was on account of higher employee cost and depreciation. Also, important to note, is that company has turned around from losses to profits this quarter (QoQ). Encouraging results so keep hanging around.

Rajoo Engineers

Sales increased from 25.01cr to 26.83cr YoY and net profits increased from .64cr to 1.7cr. The results are extremely good. Keep riding on. Some company insiders keep selling, but considering such high stake of promoters and quality of business, do not see it as a concern at the moment.

Garware Wall Ropes

The following link says it all -> Results are very good the company is very good. The stock sell-off post results is surely a punters game. If you are invested, hold on tight and don’t watch the screen for a few weeks. The company is very good. All declines should be used to add.

SKS Microfinance

The Following link says it all -> . Keep on riding here.

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130 Responses to Results Update !!

  1. sks says:

    Is their any reason for Cybertech share price to go up ..Their must be some good news U have anything to share with us .The results is very much flat …Nothing improved …But still ur saying on standalone it has improved .It is very much flat…If it goes to at least 60 it will be very useful

    • the company has turned around QoQ. revenues are flattish with positive bias. The expenses are increasing because of staffing and for an IT company increasing staffing cost is very positive sign. if turning around is not positive then i dont know what is… anyways, company has bagged good contracts in last one quarter so in coming quarters we can hope to get much better results. valuations are very good too.

  2. Vimal says:

    “Make-In-India With Global Technology: Rajoo at PlastIndia 2015. Do u believe Rajoo Engineers benefit more in Make in India scheme being Gujarat company?


    Thanks for the follow up

  4. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace Sir,
    Somewhere in previous comments i read n fELT u r very bulish on mkt in next 2-3 years,so can v think there is no doubt now about world economy as crude continuesly coming down n this can create deflation in the economy?
    Although Crude fall is positive for India.

  5. Raj Gupta says:

    One more question sir,
    Garaware no doubt excellent pick but u suggested it after seeing technical resistance of Rs187,now due to mkt correction if this comes down,should we see its closing whether it is above 187 or below?

  6. cyberteck : both promoters holding and person holding 1% have reduced their stakes

  7. K.A. Divakaran says:

    Ace Ji : What level Garware Wallrope could find a support. Can I buy more at current level. Thanks.

  8. cyberteck : you seems to be in hurry to revert. no prob i will detail it out.
    promoters from 37.69 to 37.49%….and their is separate disclosure in the BS about guys who hold > 1% shares they have also reduced from 28.4 to 27.82 %…

    • no sir, not in a hurry. as you pointed out the promoter holding shows a decrease of 0.2% QoQ and around 0.14% YoY. public holding i am least bothered who holds and who not, we’re just trying to see the promoter reducing stake as per you. but again, i request you to wear your CA hat and check the holding again. promoters have not sold a single share i am saying. Kindly verify.

  9. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    After Liberty, it is Garware Wall Ropes that you are most bullish on! Right?

  10. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    I was out of the market since 15th jan and I was expecting big fall in small cap index bcoz my logic was wen the market rose 700 points and all small cap stocks underperformed….I think garware wall ropes deserves much better valuation going forward….I think garware is ur best reco. after cupid and trend is very bad and scary…do u see trend reversal in short time….I m asking u bcoz although some good results stocks r falling mercilessly… disclosure: I don’t have garware wall..

  11. Rohit Gulati says:

    Hi Ace,
    Cybertech is down more than 45% since my entry price, which was the same day you had recommended,but was bought at 20% UC for obvious reasons .During the last quarter or may be in your research you had mentioned about Cybertech headcount increasing is a good sign..still you are maintaining same thought,but turnaround in the share is looking distant.We have seen 2 quarter’s results so far…

    Coming to Prima: I again had spoken to the CS,he says the price cut of 15% is across all geographies(domestic and export) as well) and products.I personally want to add huge quantity of Prima and my horiszon is 12 months from now.

    • as far as i am told 15% price cut is not done in africa as prima is one of the only players in the region and in any case its working on very high margins.
      coming to cybertech: i obviously maintain that increasing headcount is good, do you have any reason to say that its not good. also, it does not matter what i think. if you have invested, you should also taken ownership of business.

  12. sridhar says:

    Hi , I am not looking back cyber results irrespective of what the numbers are and will be patience. I wish it comes to 25-30 to average.
    For 2015 budget , everyone is bullish from past 6 months and when most of the business didn’t provide good results,everyone turned out bearish. We are just forgetting fact that companies need time to perform even though budget turns out to be good and may take at-least a year or so. Similarly clients don’t pay advances in IT field now a days and it takes at-least few months to start paying 1st checks.
    Couple of times it was mentioned abt , u r keen on consolidated . Could u please provide any details on this? Thank u.

  13. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Would appreciate your view on Pitti Laminations as a 2-3 year investment bet.


  14. Sir , i have some doubts but only you can clear it.
    * what does it mean by reserve in balance sheet? and does it taken in calculation while calculating book value?( I am asking this as they add loan and reserves which i think are totally or should be opposite)
    please clear this doubt of mine as i am uncertain whether this is a prime factor or not?

  15. sangram says:

    Do you think there is still steam left in skm eggs. Just started accumulating. Can you please suggest support levels if you track sir.

    • dont get obsessed by the technicals as they are directed by fudamentals eventually.

      • sangram says:

        As you said technicals follow fundamentals. How much market cap appreciation do you think skm can get in coming years (1 to 2 ) years. Can it follow the trend of avanti feeds.

        Between adding some water base and vidhi to my kitty. Waiting prima to test some lower levels. Bought garware in one go as I liked it very much

        • skm’s market cap has increased 30 times in last one year. if the growth can continue like this, then anything is possible. avanti feeds remember also had a great sector revival backing itself, whereas skm is turning around itself and the sector tailwind is not present. dont get obsessed on finding 100 baggers only. be happy with growing companies and prices take care of itself. skm is skm and avanti feeds is what it is. skm has already been a huge wealth creator and now it depends on its earnings growth how far it can go. remember its in poultry so there’s always a risk just like waterbase but in waterbase the risk is much lower as the most popular shrimp variety is fairly resistance to diseases.

  16. What is your view on drastically fall in prima plastic price on last friday?

  17. amit says:

    Sir wats ur view on waterbase and vidhi…is there result will b good? One can buy at this level….

  18. sangram says:

    OK let me shoot at you directly
    Will you buy skm at this level

  19. Rajkumar says:

    Whatz view on freshtrops now? it seems management has not yet declared the results on time….Sir any issues? I am holding this stock from Rs 70. Pls adivce any thing to worry about ?

  20. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    For a worth of 1 lac, how many stocks should one’s portfolio should contain??

    Thank in advance

  21. Devida says:

    Please give your view on Dhunseri Tea

  22. sangram says:

    Freshtop results.could have done better with respect to last quarter performance. They are gaining traction on food processing. They have reported higher other expenses. I guess its due to forex. I hope the selling by promoters doesn’t continue

    • i hope that too, but i was expecting them to report a profit at net level too this quarter. overall the results are decent but as you rightly pointed out, it could have been better. the 9 month results are very good though…

  23. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace. Good Morning.
    Will you please give an update on Freshtrop Fruits result. Nine months result is pretty good I suppose. Please give an overall update so that I can relax.


  24. Mayur says:

    Sir, your views on Deepak Ferilizers at cmp 138? are there any good days ahead for Fertilizers companies? pls advise.

  25. jayprakash says:

    pls share your views on results posted by TV Today. Thanks

  26. Vijay says:

    Hi Ace,

    Freshtrop result looks descent to me. Stock has hit LC today and trading at 143. looking at nine months results it looks very good. Do you think its good level to accumulate or wait for it to stabilize?

    Thanks and god bless

  27. Prabu says:

    Ace , Vidhi is falling like anything in last couple of sessions. Anything negative happened.. Else is this correct time to accumulate ? Please advice..

  28. Shobhit says:

    Dear Ace,
    Your views on SKM egg & Freshtrop fruits (post result).. both of them has fallen today..
    Is it right time to accumulate for 1 to 2 year time horizon!!

  29. vivek says:

    premier explosives has falled to 240 levels post results.
    what is your view, is it right time to accumulate?

  30. Tanmay Gupta says:

    Your views on Goodyear India Ltd and Gulshan Polyols.


  31. Sarfraz says:

    Dear ACE,
    Can you please share your veiws on Nitin-Spinners and Kellton Tech Soln. Both looks attractive at current valuation.

  32. shekhar says:

    Sir, Your views on NIIT ltd and deepak fertilisers?

  33. sangram says:

    Do you like rexnord electronics

  34. sangram says:

    Hi Chirag bro which company are u talking about.

  35. Naresh says:

    Hi Ace

    Could u please share your view on investing in Marksans Pharma for mid term.

    Thanks in advance

  36. Srikant says:

    Hi Ace,

    Rexnord electronics looks very attractively priced with last four years being on consistent growth. Do you think once can enter at CMP? it has not corrected even when small caps and midcaps have been falling in last one week. looks solid. You view pls?


  37. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Pioneer embroideries Ltd after dec result, is it turnaround story?

  38. K.A. Divakaran says:

    Ace Ji : Jai Balaji Industries @ 15. A contra Buy and a potential turnaround candidate? Kindly advise.

  39. umesh says:

    sir what is yr view on accel fronline the company has come out with results has looks good , now cac japan is holding 61% stake in the company and now indian promoters are selling 14.1% stake thru ofs on 12th feb for the combined stake to come to 75% , what is yr view on the stock for long term and kindly go thru the results and request yr opinion on the stock

  40. cp says:

    Sir I want to know about srikalahasti pipes and Sunil health.

  41. Naresh says:

    Hi Ace

    Waterbase has increased 4 times since your recommendation. It is currently trading at 62. Do you still recommend Waterbase at the current level as mid-term investment?

    Thanks in advance

  42. kishore says:

    Hi ace can you please share your views on simmond results

    • i have not gone through the results in details but the results look pretty good on the face of it

      • anujpress24 says:

        Hi Ace,

        I see the Simmond results look good. YoY net profit has increased substantially but QoQ it has dropped ….can you please help me understand that for analysis purpose the QoQ result should be considered or YoY … i mean which should be given more wieghtage and why..

        I see most of the auto anchillary companies QoQ net profit has dropped in Q3 ….is it like expected in auto space that Q3 sales will be lesser than Q2..


  43. sangram says:

    Hi ace my comment still under md. Pls check

  44. umesh says:

    hi ace pl share your views on accel frontline results pl do the needful

  45. chandu says:


    What is your opinion about Krebs Biochemical.It jumped 40% in last two days.Is it a buy at current price ?.Please advice.

  46. umesh says:

    Hi ace which is a better bet at current levels among these stocks aimco,gujrat themis,cybertech

  47. sangram says:

    Are promoters of good quality.Can promoters scale up the business. How much potential do you see in the business. Promoters stake have increased drastically last quarter.talking about rexnord

  48. dip says:

    your view about zen technology for long term?

  49. K.A. Divakaran says:

    Ace Ji : Could BJP’s debacle in Delhi poll have any medium term implication on India growth story, Reforms and stock market in general? Kindly advise.

  50. Vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    At current price, which one do you suggest. Vidhi or cybertech or Rajoo

    Thanks and regards

  51. prateek kala says:

    ace sir,
    why v2 retails is locked in lc even after such a awesome results.Is there anything we don’t know???

  52. Abey says:

    Advice me on videocon indusries, is it good to hold

  53. Ajinkya Mulay says:

    Aceji namaskar ! What are your views on kitex garments, Sharron biosciences, polo hotels, tvs schickara. Kind regards Ajinkya Mulay

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