A New Idea Will Be Posted Tomorrow During Market Hours !!

Stay Tuned. God Bless !!

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55 Responses to A New Idea Will Be Posted Tomorrow During Market Hours !!

  1. Serene says:

    Hi Ace..

    ok, thanks…Awaiting…!!!
    You are posting idea Result Q3 released?

  2. Serene says:

    Hi Ace…

    Your new idea q3 result released or not?

  3. suneel says:

    Is it going to be at 2:30 as usual?

  4. James says:

    hmmm Why 2:30 ? Why not 12:30 – Right in the Middle. I do understand people dont get a chance to buy if you publish after market hours but certainly if you post at 2:30 then people will jump on it with out studying which people fall in prey. These smalls things is making the respect you built over the months fade away slowly.

    If your concerned with Europe opening then post at 1:50 pm to.

  5. Albert Paul says:

    I think you are going bit too fast to come up with new idea every week. you should probably cut down on the ideas and come up with something really solid..:-) most of your recent pics are not doing that great…:-)

    just my two cents..Anyways i still like your analysis of stocks so looking forward to it..


    • albert, garware was posted after three weeks of gap and more importantly if i get an idea and have time to type-in the report, i give it. noone’s compelled to buy. I do not keep a count unfortunately and dont try to recommend any sub-par companies

  6. Darshan S says:

    Hi Ace,

    What is your opinion on ‘Pioneer Embroideries’ .? Searched in your blog. Couldn’t locate any of your comment about the same.

    Darshan S.

  7. prateek kala says:

    Hi ace,
    What are your views on sanghi ind. after such a spectacular results………..

  8. Yash says:

    Dear Sir,could you pls provide your views on Simmond results. Thanks.

  9. umesh says:

    what is your view on ajanta pharma and granules at current price

  10. Aravind says:

    waiting now sir. for the 2.30 time. hopw 2.30 is 1.30

  11. Ramesh Patel says:

    A small query Ace sir,
    For evaluating financial performance of any co. which result is more relevant Stand alone or consolidated ? I want to invest in a co. for which Q3-14 stand-alone results have deteriorated YOY but consolidated results show improvement on YOY basis.
    I just want your view on which of these results is more relevant to consider for taking investment decision ?

    Thanks & regards,

  12. umesh says:

    ace what is your view on nutraplus products

  13. msupekar2 says:

    Unable to find the stock code in icici direct for DPH India.

  14. Gopal says:

    HI Sir, I would like to know your views on Sharon Bio Medicines. Please advise on the same.

    • as metioned earlier, i dont like it. any particular reason for being interested in it ?

      • Gopal says:

        as per my knowledge this is pharma company doing in thier product line specially Trimetazidine. They are at growing stage and i also heard about thier expansion plans.

        few months ago it was quoted at Rs 90.00 too and then came to Rs 18.00 also.

        They also have good history of paying dividend. I am not very expert to understand their balance sheet however whatever i understood and knows about them, i am slighly inclined to this company, hence i was prefering to have expert opinion from you.

        please throw some light on it, if possible.

  15. Gopal says:

    I have 330 share of this company @ 30.00, should i exit or make some profit?? please advise

  16. Gopal says:


  17. Gopal says:

    What are your views on Coral India Finance & Housing Ltd & Coral Labs?? Promoter of both the companies are same and they are increasing thier holdings gradually. Waiting for your views.

  18. Gopal says:

    HI Ace,

    While surfing on BSE Site, I came across one company – Taparia Tools Ltd. Can i have your views. As per my analysis (??) its annual sale/ revenue + Net Profie + EPS are increased signaficatenly since 2010.

    This script was last traded on 30th June 2014 and afterwords there is no movement in the stock. I am uunable to understand the reason behing no movement.

    Your valuable advise will help me a lot to understand the facts.


  19. Gopal says:

    Any specific reason??

  20. Gopal says:

    what i understood from your earlier reply is that it is better to look elsewhere which means you are not keen / bullish on Taparia Tools. I would like to know, is there any specific reason for not having much interest in this script??

  21. Gopal says:

    Sorry but I am not getting your point. Could you please elaborate your views.

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