DHP India – Light it Up !!

Background: What do you do with a company that is debt free, dividend paying, has great cash flows, commands an 5 yr Average RoCE of around 33% and 5 yr average RoE of 25% and RoIC of 38% and is available at 6.5 PE, has grown (since Mar 09) at a CAGR of 35% topline and 75% bottomline and is the only listed play in its sector.

The Company: DHP India Limited is a Manufacturer of LPG Regulator (Liquified Petroleum Gas Regulator) and its accessories. DHP started as trading company but evolved into a manufacturing company which substantially improved their bottomline. The company is export oriented company and manufactures rubber hoses for gas connections and Gas cylinder regulators for both industrial and domestic use. The company has a very simple business and need not much explanation. They export their products to various countries at the moment but more importantly it is going to enter newer countries and once they do (after finishing the formalities of getting licenses), the earning would get a major fillip. The company as of now is export oriented, but the domestic opportunity is still not explored by the company. One of the major turn-offs for this company for not pursuing domestic market had been the red-tape, which they hope would be cut with the change in regime in the center and this should open a new and massive opportunity for the company. The company recently underwent expansion and the entire expansion was funded by internal accruals and is therefore, running at around 50% capacities which give it ample opportunity to cater to potential surge in orders. Although the industry is fragmented with lots of small players in the market but the company stands out on back of its superior processes and products and excellent operational excellence.

Why to Buy:

  1. Company is planning to enter newer geographies, which would give a major fillip to the earnings.
  2. Domestic opportunity still un-explored and in time company would start contesting tenders which again would open a massive opportunity for the company.
  3. One of the most profitable companies in the entire sector.
  4. Extremely honest management.
  5. More than 74% promoter holding without any pledge.
  6. Revenues grown at 31% CAGR and profits at 58% CAGR in last 5 yrs.
  7. Extremely strong return ratios, debt-free, strong cash flows, and lots of spare capacity to serve potential surge in orders.


Valuations: This debt free, dividend paying, high cash flow company is available at just 6.6 times Trailing PE. The company has shown marginal dip of around 9% in first nine moth YoY in sales and around 10% in profits YoY which was on back of some extraordinary growth in Dec 13 (and mar 14) numbers. So opaquely, the numbers might be slightly below par, but given the fact that the revenues have grown from 12.53cr to 49 cr and bottomline has increased from 0.65 cr to 7.4 cr the trend is strongly up and the company is expected to continue to grow at around 30% CAGR for the next 3 years. This could go up if the company finally decides to take a plunge in the domestic market too. YoY the results may look subdued for next couple of quarters, but that should be taken care of subsequently with newer orders kicking in.

Technicals: The stock corrected on back of subdued results but bounced off from 200 DMA and therefore, technically very positive sign.

The Company is for genuine long term investors and at the current 6.5 trailing PE and 7.7 FY 15 PE, it’s a very attractive level to enter with a view of few years. The stock will reward patience very aptly. The company has one of the best margins in the industry, is being led by a very honest and down to earth management and is the only listed (as per the management) company in the space. The company has shown strong growth in last several years and is expected to continue to grow at a brisk pace in the coming years. The company’s small equity and high profitability gives it a very big EPS growth for relatively small surge in profits. Dont just look at past results but look at the earnings potential in the next few years.


Disclaimer: No holding in the stock, but it is safe to assume that I may or may not invest in future. Also, the above stock view is my personal view in individual capacity. For rest, please look at the About page.

God Bless !!

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275 Responses to DHP India – Light it Up !!

  1. Aravind says:

    got 50 of them at 160 just now, thanks boss

  2. Sachin Prabahar says:

    entered at 160.. good call thanks a lot well analyzed

  3. Sachin Prabahar says:

    reallyyyy goood call, this will trade in triple digits in future i hope

  4. Sachin Prabahar says:

    great volumes

  5. Manthan says:

    country will move towards pipline PNG. so future of this company is under question mark..

  6. Sachin Prabahar says:

    great opportunity to buy at 145 now

  7. Bhavik Mehta says:

    Current year sales and profit are showing minor degrowth. Any specific reason for the same?

  8. Sachin Prabahar says:

    52 Week High of 185.40 will be tested in next few days.

  9. Sachin Prabahar says:

    This will not close below 150 today.. so do not miss the chance to buy.

  10. Sachin Prabahar says:

    IMHO i like this more than garware wall rope

  11. Aravind says:

    why has it actually turned red???? feeling foolish today after buying at 160, should have left some cash to enter now.. anyone sold off heavily?

  12. Aravind says:

    btw. what are the exporting countries it does? it seems to have funny annual report. no real details

  13. Raj Gupta says:

    Sachin,i think this is not fair to evaluate the stock in seconds,if u have conviction then buy forget.Good valuation,strong future will reward surely..thanks ace to open our vision..

  14. yum says:

    great noone’s taking about vidhi that is 15% up…when it was going down everybody was cribbing…noone comes around to give good news

  15. abhishek says:

    very poor quaterly result on YOY.

  16. James says:

    Decent pick, Been on radar for very long time but never was convinced to add to my portfolio. Operating profit reduced 50% YoY ? Other income increased increased about 4 times.
    Again we see a spike but this time 1 hour before you recommendation time. Good to see Investors / traders getting smart.

    This company is yet not convincing.

    • You are wrong, completely. there was no spike “before” publishing. it was trading flat, look at the time before commenting. clearly you pre-conveived notions about things here.

      • chirag says:

        james please check the 1 day price chart on money control. ace posted the idea at around 2.36 – 2.37… notice carefully that uptil 2.34, trading volume was a paltry 617. post that, volumes shot up like crazy to 52871 by closing..

        have you seen a trading floor ? then you’ll know that traders are so sharp in their keyboard eye coordination that it will a few seconds for them to put in a trade and do what they have to…

        anyways, this is just for all other blog readers also to verify.. there was no dirty play (which might be evident since the stock closed flat).. im stating facts.. kindly go to moneycontrol and check the price volume chart for yourself..

  17. James says:

    Congrats Ace, Finally we get a good result on Wanbury..

  18. prafullap says:

    Your views on to day publised DEC 2015 results of Godavari drugs please?

  19. shilpi says:

    Any Idea on PTC India. bought at 99. Please give ur view.

  20. Bela says:

    Dear ACE,
    V2Retail is going down after result…is there any wrong sir..?

    • nothing wrong that i know of.

      • chirag says:

        its pretty strange..

        given the liabilities everyone is aware of… what % of the current book value of 120 would you consider as a psychological ceiling above which you would not invest.. for me its 50%… so its just my hunch that it will top off at 60 until more clarity is available regarding disputes

        i know my thought process is a little nutty.. is this perspective for v2 valid ? i know the ceiling is arbitrary and can vary from one person to another but still. kindly do share your thought..

  21. Suneetha says:

    Plz Share ur view on Ecoboard Industries . I have bought this around 25 in 2005 [Ashishchugh pick] . now is trading around 5. Sholud i continue ot exit ? Thanks in advance !

  22. Suneetha says:

    Plz Share ur view on Ecoboard Industries . I have bought this around 25 in 2005 [Ashishchugh pick] . now is trading around 5. Thanks in advance !

  23. Kabi says:

    Dear Ace
    As you stated, sometime ago that formulation cos will face margin problem in March quarter… Could you give the reason for this because I am unable to understand?

  24. Kabi says:

    The following lines are from this blog (wanbury)
    For example, mar quarter was an aberration where its EBITA was flat (that was mainly because formulations division had an abnormally bad March β€œmonth” ) but then it bounced back strongly in the next quarter to not only give a strong EBITA performance but also gave profits at net level.

  25. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace,
    Simmonds, Prima,Vidhi and Pressman started to fly..Thanks for your regular inputs/comments .
    * Your giving the call during market hours is better than the earlier method of giving the calls offline. Now I am getting chance to buy…
    Good Night.

  26. Prem says:

    Ace sir me excited about waterbase rersult….as they have paid lot of tax in last Quarter hope this time they will come with good balance sheet. god bless πŸ™‚

  27. vishal purswani says:

    Sir any idea on sudar industries… looks tempting buy at current valuations…

  28. saurabh says:

    any idea on veer energy Sir ??? I have huge amount. Results are not so good. should i hold or book the loss??

  29. Suneetha says:

    Should we Expect the same from SharonBio [23] as we did in Wanbury !
    The Best time to Buy a good Company is during its bad time !

  30. Dinesh says:

    V2 is down even after a very good result. Any ideas what is happening?

  31. sangram says:

    Awesome results by vidhi. One of my high conviction stock

  32. Hi Ace, Please give your opinion on Vidhi Result. Its out

  33. sangram says:

    Best performance growth on qoq and yoy. What an amazing performance. Thank you ace for finding such a gem at early stage. I think this is just starting.

  34. Akshay says:

    Vidhi Result out. whats ur take?

  35. Yash says:

    Sirji maaza aa gaya vidhi mai.
    Kudos to you to bringing this gem to us with such a well drafted report.
    Good times ahead πŸ™‚

  36. Gopalacharuulu says:

    Can you throw some light on Mafatlal industries….its result today

  37. akshay says:

    Hi ace,

    As a growth investor I wanted to know how important is peg ratio while evaluating a stock. As i see there are lots of undervalued stocks that you suggested plus other stocks which have delivered great growth over the past 5 years and have a very low peg ratio. Is the ratio really effective in the Indian context?

    • PE and PEG are mostly to satisfy one’s ego. I dont really care too much about them. I would not make my buying/selling decision based on PEG or PE alone.

      • akshay says:


        So how do you really determine if something is expensive or cheap but for these ratios?

        • whatever is growing should be bought ir-respective of PE and PEG, because if you try to find out margin of safety in these stocks, you will never invest into it. you can invest in a low PE or PEG stock but it may stay such for an extended period of time if growth in not there. earnings growth/degrowth changes PE and therefore, for a growth investor like me, i would not worry too much about these ratios. these ratios are good guiding forces but in isolation it makes me make mistakes.

      • akshay says:

        Thank for the reply ace. Makes a lot of sense.

  38. aashav23 says:

    sir, just wanted to know how you acquire details in dept about companies..? about management being honest,innovative company etc…

  39. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace,

    DHP is a very wonderful pick. But I one question keeps haunting me .. What is the scope of repetitive business of this company. I mean often do we replace the LPG regulator ?


  40. M Prabhu says:

    I have not entered Media one Global. but little curious to have an idea why it is been keep hammering and not been considered by market despite the past numbers and others looks sound.. is it because of volatility media revenue business model or any other reason..

  41. Wealth Multiplier says:

    Hi Ace, your views on result of Waterbase and Aimco ?

    • very good results..aimco’s results are very encouraging. i was a little worried about looking at other results, but they have done very well, inspite of increase in 120% raw material price . Very good.

  42. anujpress24 says:


    Your view on Aimco and waterbase results please. To me it seems the results are really good for both..but whats your take.


  43. Prem says:

    Ace sir πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ for waterbase…..last quarter TAX kaam aa gaya. god bless πŸ™‚

  44. Abey says:

    Ur view on videocon industries is it good to hold

  45. sangram says:

    Is it adviceable to add vidhi at this stage or shall I wait for one more quarter and look at the sustainability of growth at this pace.

    • i like vidhi a lot no doubt. its important to understand that even with CMP its still in single PE for FY 15 annualized. i dont think for a market leader its a high price … anyways take your own call buddy…god bless

  46. nirav karia says:

    as we see all picks of ave except freshfruits have thrown outstanding results now we hope tomorrow prima do the best and come with flying results. Wht say ace sir.

  47. Prabu says:

    Ace , Please provide your view on Singer result and whether we can continue to hold.. Thanks.

  48. Prabu says:

    Ace , Are you still tracking Cupid.. With the kind of result they provided and dividend of Rs.1/share , shall we continue to hold for few more quarters and wait if we have cupid shares .. Expecting your response..Thanks for all your help.. Keep up the good work.

  49. Jitesh says:

    Dear Ace..What to do with your old recommendations wherein stocks which i am holding – Cybertech wherein my losses are increasing high on daily basis..as on today the loss is 50%+ and Wanbury the losses are approx 46% and Aro granite is also down by 13%…

    • i had given a complete post dedicated to it. also aro granite was recommended at these levels only so not sure how the losses are there. also one should know that stock prices follow business growth so if the growth is there, sooner or later stock prices would follow

  50. shyam says:

    Hi Ace Your Views on Salzer Electroic and Aimco Pescticides Result

  51. Sachin Prabhakar says:

    Ace prima is in plastic furniture business if i am not wrong?

  52. sangram says:

    Ace bro please check your mail

  53. vimal says:

    Sir, DHP India announced board meeting on Feb 20 to BSE, any positive news expected?

  54. niravkaria says:

    most awaited day for me. Results of prima plastics. Hope it makes all investors like me smile and happy by profit going up day by day. Sir i want to know your views on Patels Airtemp and Sunil Hi Tech. thanks in advance

  55. jayprakash says:

    ur take on pressman results?

  56. Binay says:

    ace sir, your view on simmonds marshal, Qtr. result . is it hold for long term

  57. angel says:

    Dear ACE, investors r blaming u for cheating them by giving call and making quick money by using information technology. In several occasion you have recommended stock and stock fell due to heavy selling. do u have any explanation to make?

  58. Mayur says:

    Ace, we hope you to have separate post on Prima’s results when they are out…since it has been talk of town past many days and many of us are holding it..

  59. Bela says:

    Dear ACE,
    Is there any result update about Prima…..?

    • suprisingly much better results than what i was anticipating. i was bracing myself to see losses in plastic division but they have managed a 0.6cr in that division like last quarter and that’s very encouraging.

  60. Bela says:

    Ace, please comment on Prima Result..

  61. Zubin says:

    please share your views on Srikalahasthi Pipes Ltd (formerly Lanco Industries)

  62. sangram says:

    Did you looked at prima numbers. They are saved by the dividend they got from there subsidy . I didn’t expected loss on operating basis. Though its mainly due to acp but net profit from plastic business also down by 50%. . looks like margins are under pressure. What do you think ace bro is it temprory blip or we are missing something.

  63. somitosh says:

    What’s your view on prima plastic on FY14 DEC result?Sir any update about their new Rotational Molding plant on ACP Premises?

  64. Arun says:

    Prima results are out.
    Net profit up 10% YoY and 33% QoQ;
    Net operating income Up 10% YoY and Down 2% QoQ
    Looks good to me. Ace ji, your views pls

  65. sangram says:

    Hi ace between I had question about vidhi. Why do you think there will be pe rerating done here . as its peer competitor are also trading at low single digit pe levels.

    • sector leaders always command premium

      • sangram says:

        Its already trading double the pe of its peer

      • chirag says:

        uptil now, the market has probably not understood this sector clearly..reason for low pe..so, once investors understand the product i.e. food colors and its recession proof demand and decent pricing power main players enjoy due to high barriers to entry (because of very stringent quality standards & certification required).. rerating might commence

        in vidhi vs dynemic debate.. i feel that dynemic is yet to play its best card.. the dahej plant which will probably come online next year.. promotors are in the process of raising money through FD.. also, there is no reason dynemic should trade so cheap compared to vidhi only because it does not manufacture “full range” of food colors.. both are dividend players and have low debt + showed decent growth..

        let us see what dynemic has in store for us in Q3 results.. YOY it is definitely going to fall short of expectations because last Q3 was companys best performance inits history.. markets have a tendency to act immature and they will probably write it off.. that would be an excellent opportunity to accumulate..

        • i think i have covered most of the points that you have raised in favor of dynemic when i gave the comparison but again to re-iterate, that its not the case that vidhi is not going to expand its facilities, but i would wait for company to give its official annoucement on it. also, vidhi has got its act right in last 2-3 yrs and gives a good part of its earnings in the form of dividends and that gives it a downside protection. if somebody is really planning to invest in the sector i would stay with the leader and yes, it matters if you can produce the full range of colors. dynemic hardly produces handful of colors. And yes, as you rightly pointed out, markets have not yet figured out how to value the recession proof nature of this industry… same thing happened with aqua industry….now lets see what time has in store for us.

  66. saravanakumar says:

    Sir your view on Orient beverages result

  67. Wealth Multiplier says:

    Hi Ace, Whats the update on result of Orient Beverages ?

  68. Arun says:

    Ace, ignore my previous comments. I saw later that you have already provided comments on Prima results. Thanks

  69. K Harikrishnan says:

    sir, kindly throw some light about Koprans result and future.

  70. Suneetha says:

    Plz share ur view on Trident !

  71. umesh says:

    ace your view on archidply and nutraplus results both the companies have posted good results , your view on these companies

  72. sangram says:

    Looking at the huge potential of food color sector can vidhi’s management create share holders wealth.They have been exporting to more then 100 countries mainly to Australia China Japan and Europe. Do they have any capex plan for increasing there production for entering new markets as they are trying to. For domestic sales they are facing challenges from unorganized sector. But domestic is huge opportunity for them. Can the management handle this and make it big. The main experinced person behind vidhi is Mr. Vijay attre and he is above 70 now do they have any successor of Mr. Attres caliber.
    I am very much impressed by there numbers. I am not pointing anything against company or you. But was curious to know the details. If everything goes alright I believe this will be the company of this decade.

  73. somitosh says:

    Sir any update about their new Rotational Molding plant on ACP Premises?

  74. Ravi says:

    sir, regarding freshtrop fruits, is the news genuine that Thomson Reuters has given buy recommendation for Freshtrop with target price of 1500/-……..

  75. somitosh says:

    Sir any update about PRIMA PLASTIC’s new Rotational Molding plant on ACP Premises?

  76. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, the “shop now” link on V2 Retail website now points to v2kart.com. It seems they are going to launch their ecommerce site

  77. sacbee says:

    Ace….Stock…stock…stock..all the time…Please take a break on Sunday….and enjoy India Pak thriller πŸ™‚ – sacbee

  78. mayur says:

    Ace, I think simmonds can be added more even at these levels after seeing the results…PAT almost 4 times increased y-o-y….what says?

  79. Tanmay Gupta says:

    Gulshan Polyols posted fantastic set of numbers for Q’3. Would want to know your views on the same.

  80. sangram says:

    Vidhi. I wanted to know how much capacity they are utilising now and do they have any capex plan. Wanted to get some insights for demand for there products.

  81. Niranjan says:

    Hi Ace,

    I have just started looking at food color industry and since there are only 2 players so obvious choices are Vidhi and Dynemic.

    one quick point I wanted to clarify was, you always mentioned Dynemic has limited colors and Vidhi has a more extensive set hence it adds to its superority

    But from the site it seems Dynemic has 16 whereas Vidhi has 14 colors



    Also about Vidhi being the leader, its not a huge gap between them and with Dahej plant coming up for Dynemic its not too difficult to gain market share.

    Am I missing anything here?

    Yes the latest results for Dynemic have been poor and needs to be digged further if its a one off or a trend.


    • yes, you are missing this discussion which has already happened in the blog. would suggest you to dig deeper about Food colors, and also call the companies to clear any further doubt you might have. Anyways, vidhi is the only listed company to manufacture the entire range…

  82. Abhi says:

    sir, can i take entry in freshtrop fruits @cmp. also i read on bse site that, Mr.Ashok Motiani sold small quantity recently.

  83. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir what will u chose between prima and nilkamal at the current price . please comment

  84. Karan says:

    Hi Ace,
    Thanks a lot for ur efforts; please share ur views on these companies : Flex Foods Ltd, Shree Hari Chemicals Export Ltd, Shivam Autotech Ltd
    Thanks again.

  85. Akshay says:

    Sharp fall in Prima today….market didn’t like the result very much.

  86. akshay says:


    Do you think there could be any one time exceptional items like labour settlements, stock liquidation by Prima in the March quarter?

    • why would there be labour settlements? what kind of stock liquidation are we talking about? anyways, inventory liquidation of ACP division if any would add to the company’s cash position.

      • akshay says:

        I am talking about the ACP division only. Due to closure of the division it’s natural to expect people to get laid off. And during every layoff the company has to settle their accounts-pay their gratuities, leave encashments, bonus etc. Unless they are employed elsewhere in the company that is. And almost always inventory is liquidated at a discount to the cost in a shutdown.
        I know the cash position might improve but I am just speaking about p&l a/c here.

        • most of the inventories have been cleared in the last quarter itself. also labor issues would hardly affect company as the company plans to use existing facitlites for product addition. There would not be any material affect of workers one-time-settlement if any. From now on, the performance will improve dramatically.

  87. A. King says:

    Is this still a forum for DHP India? If yes, it seems to be on a “free fall”….. Any specific reasons that you can think of?

    • this is not a forum but a blog. your free fall has a different meaning, the stock is almost at the levels of recommendation and is not for a horizon of few days. you should know before investing

      • A. King says:

        Thanks for your reply. The fall continues.

        I am new to your blog.. But you appear quite famous on other message boards with respect to DHP.

        I take liberty to give you an old man’s advice – It takes a long time to build trust. One crack in the glass makes the glass unusable. Make honesty and integrity as pillars to your blog. That will take you a long way to peace within.

        If you wish to have a private conversation, let me know your contact number via email and I will call you.

        • not sure why would you feel otherwise but i am very much at peace with myself as i am true to myself. i dont really care what others think of me. I dont force anyone to buy and that’s it. and your so called old-man’s advice is an old saying which everyone on this planet knows and why would you think i would like to have a private conversation with you or anyone, there’s nothing to hide from the readers here and therefore, you and anyone else should post on the blog for the benefit of others? if you dont like something take your own call. Once again, I am not bothered with what you or anyone else think of me. well wishers like you normally come when a stock is coming down and give me plenty of free advice (which is normally worth the price), same thing happened with wanbury and simmonds. patience paid, especially with wanbury people who researched well, got confidence of taking an averaging call that i gave and are now 10-15% up in green as we speak. The blog is not for punters. if you have already written off DHP in a couple of days then its your call. my views dont change so soon without a change in fundamental. Lets see now…God Bless

      • Aravind says:

        Well said SIr. DHP is a zero debt, monopoly and has great chance to sky rocket from these P/E’s, if the commodity is not taking it otherwise. I am confident

  88. Gaurav says:

    Is there a reason why there are such low volumes in DHP ?

  89. Parag Shah says:

    Waterbase is operating at its full capacity. In such scenario, how will it increase it sales?

    • sales increase also come by increasing prices, and ofcourse expansion. but who said its operating at “full” capacity?

      • Parag Shah says:

        Prospectus they had filed with SEBI during right issue in 2013 says this: “The Company today is working to full capacity in its feed mill and has invested in additional
        Machinery to enhance its capacity to meet the demands.” But nowhere could I find what is going to be the capacity of additional machinery. You are right about increasing prices. But that can happen to certain level only.

        • you can mail the CS to know the capacity, but as far as i know they are not running at full capacity though yes, on high capacities. as far as increasing prices are concerned, it can happen to a huge level depending on the supply. ITC is a prime example isnt it…but on a serious note, waterbase as far as i know is not running on full capacity.

  90. Aravind says:

    Sir, this stock dropped to very low CMP, I got in at 160, as I was the 1st to comment in this series of comments, Should I buy more at 30% below my earlier CMP? or hold on for further correction or just do nothing?

  91. Gopal says:

    HI Sir, I just noticed that promoter holdings in DHP is reduced from 74.94% (Dec2013) to 74.37% (Dec2014). I believe it is not good sign for any stock. However, i would like to know expert opinion from you. Please advise… Thanks, Gopal

    • that happened a couple of quarters back. why would it be a bad thing because the holding has gone down marginally. for high promoter holding with no pledge its fine until and unless it becomes an all round promoter selling (all the promoters selling). anyways, one should be convinced himself before investing so please take your own call. also a lot of promoters (page, infy, rajoo) do this (i agree though that on face of it its never a bad thing) i beleive this point was also highlighted in the comments of that post.

  92. Gopal says:

    It seems DHP is in correction mode right now. It is quoting around Rs 112/- today. is it right time to enter? what is your view

  93. Gopal says:

    Please give me your views on Jaipan Industries Ltd?

  94. CA Ravi Khanal says:

    Ace .. i dont catch calls easily due to hectic office schedule .. but this time i did it .. and i did it after checking its fundamentals .. great figures .. a trully growing company. Bought at 140 averaged it at 130 .. now holding at net avg of 135.
    I am long in it .. but only wish to ask 2 queries :
    1. I can see technically it had an awsome flat movement breakout in Feb 2014 and later completed its advance stage in August. From then it did not fell ( which mostly scripts do when done up with their advance stage). Then it started consolidating at that level and companies with such Fundamentals are expected to give a breakout again. But it .. breakdown. Currently below all MA supports. Since i am very confident with the previous 5 years figures, is it not against the law of investing to ignore Technicals.( I know Ace that a time frame of even 1 month changes the entire scenerio of TA)
    2. As we can see it had an awsome F.Y 2013-2014 but the current year interim period results are not standing comparable on yoy basis. Even the current 3 qtrs have fell on qoq basis. Do you have any idea sir/mam as to what could be the possible cause and is there any need to worry.

    Could sound silly but trying to learn with time.
    thanks and gratitude. πŸ™‚

  95. CA Ravi Khanal says:

    Thank you .. and for the query 1 i got reply in warnbury .. that it is not oriented towards technical indicators.. which i may feel temporary too as i had said above .. technicals take only 7-15 days to turnaround .. fundamentals take years.

    thanks again and gratitude.

  96. gauravsehgalpf says:

    Hello. tx for your good work.

    request you yo pls clarify few things from your opening comments: as these could be huge trigger for the stock: thus need more clarity:

    “Company is planning to enter newer geographies, which would give a major fillip to the earnings.”
    Q. . . whats source of this info? do you know which geographies u mentioned here?

    Domestic opportunity still un-explored and in time company would start contesting tenders which . Q. . how could you say that they would stat bidding for tenders, especially when they have been 100% exports all this while. pls enlighten”?

    again would open a massive opportunity for the company. One of the most profitable companies in the entire sector.
    @ . . .which are other companies in this sector? what sector you would but this into?

    thanks again for your good work!

    • 1. the company itself. you can also talk to them, though they would refuse to talk about specific country’s name.
      2. there are quite a few small private companies in this sector but none listed.

  97. Aravind says:

    Stock hit a high today. Went like a rocket in this session, any fresh news or updates sir?

  98. Aravind says:

    Results seem bad and below par, stock battered today. Whats the going on this one, no post on comments of result

  99. Aravind says:

    I feel all commodity realted Stocks are going under the hammer irrespective of the incurring cost

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