Results Update !!


Revenues have gone up 10% YoY and profits have gone up by 10% but only on back of 1.6cr dividend income receipt this quarter. This has taken care of the Operating loss of 0.45cr. Now the input cost pressure has started to ease up significantly and combined with closure of its loss making ACP units, the next few quarters would show significant bottomline growth. Also, given the fact the company has declared its maiden dividend from its overseas subsidiary, it shows the subsidiary must have made good money, which in-turn would boost its already smart consolidated numbers. Also, most of the inventory of ACP division has been cleared in the quarter and HR settlement if any (important to note), would hardly impact the balance sheet, given the fact that the ACP premise is to be used for product addition. The stock is giving an excellent point to add for the long term.


Sales have grown more than 40% YoY and profits have grown around 160% YoY. The results are even better when you consider what its peers have shown. At every decline it’s a wonderful opportunity to add.

Vidhi Dyestuff Ltd.

Revenues have grown 60% YoY, profits have more than doubled for the same period. What’s important to note is that there’s been a significant decline in input cost and the trend is likely to continue in the near future. The stock is delivering on its performance. Excellent bet to Keep riding on or add if you wish.


Revenues have grown 34% YoY and profits have increased 63% YoY mainly on account of lower tax expense. The is showing wonderful growth and is still available at a market cap to sales of just around 0.35 times as against 2-4 times that its peers are commanding. Excellent bet to Keep riding on or add if you wish.

God Bless !!

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74 Responses to Results Update !!

  1. Akshit says:

    thanks for the update

  2. Govind Toshniwal says:

    hi ace, pls share ur view on waterbase results and pls suggest can i start accumulating at cmp

  3. sangram says:

    Lots of volume in vidhi but no price action is it accumulation or distribution

    • it is always known in hindsight. try researching and understanding the business to move away from every day price action based emotions. if you or anyone is so obsessed with price movement then small caps is not for that person. try researching the business and sector , it will give you peace of mind

  4. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir iam holding polyplex, hindtin ,munjalauto, allahabad bank and super house for them the results are not so encouraging should i sell them ? beg your suggestion

  5. Sir why have you not covered Freshtrop results here?

  6. Ragin says:

    Hello ace you didnt share the results for Pressman Advertising so far…is it in Loss? Currently Hold or sell?

  7. skdc14 says:

    Thanks Ace.
    You are great.
    God Bless.

  8. Abhik says:

    Well, while comparing compounded sales growth, profit growth, ROE etc from screener I found that avanti has better numbers on these parameters. Avanti has scaled up to its potential already i.e well established and trusted. Hence apparently it looked market may prefer avanti.

    • waterbase has been a turnaround company so do not expect the ratios to be great as the ratios are based on historical information. turnaround companies hardly ever have great ratios. its really great to see the way waterbase has evolved itself and has been growing so fast and even so incredible that its quoting at a similar PE as its much larger and most established peer. if the company keeps on growing fast and has a good dividend payout then the PE could be anything…now whether that PE is more or less than avanti would also depend if avanti keeps up pace with the waterbase growth or not…. let the time tell but i am more focussed on tracking the business than worry about trying to predict the price movements. God Bless

      • Ace, have you ever managed to speak to Waterbase management? I am concerned because the Thapar family has a lot of business interests, so maybe the company’s turnaround is just a coincidence of the surge in the industry and not any particular management initiative. That raises questions about the sustainability of this turn around.

        Disclosure, I am invested.

        • its the second largest player in the industry, and growing at 70% cagr for last few yrs is no coinceidence but yes, the industry has to survive only then the companies operating in the industry grows….

      • Still didn’t answer my query, have you ever spoken to the management?

  9. Aravind says:

    Whats the view on a stock thats in a crowded industry with no special advantage over others and management is family and all very old, eg: Vidhi Dye. The comp is generating better PAT yoy and has more no. of clients and trading at same valuation..Comp: Bhageria Dye/ Dynemaic/ Indian Toners/ Asahi Songwon

    • how about you trying a bit harder to research about the companies you are naming as so called competitors to vidhi. The tone of your question itself is pretty interesting so let me answer you in similar spirit… what would you think of investing in a company thats in a crowded industry with no special advantage over others…read IT services… my dear friend its fine to have a particular preference but its not fine to have a propaganda… not good

  10. saravanfbi says:

    Hi Ace,
    Kopran results are looking bad(to me). Even sales are significantly down. Any problem in the company? Is it a time to get out? Please share your opinion.

  11. vedant says:

    have you stopped tracking ‘AMBIKA COTTON’..??

  12. Prashant Nayar says:

    Aceji, I have 5000 shares of hdil at 65 rs and 300 shares of wockarth at 980. My horizon is long term and did not expect so short term returns so fast… whats you view on both them and should I book profits and come re enter after budget correction? I use to the term budget correction as we already had a Rbi rate cut rally and im sure we want have another rally in such a short time. Your views appreciated.

    • i am not too comfortable with HDIL, so one could look to book out in profits. wock is also a volatile stock, though its working out well. if you cannot handle volatility then you could think of booking out

  13. B says:

    Go and recommond Suzlon, if you feel it is worth to buy. Last closing was 23rs.

  14. vimal says:

    Florist and gift chain Florista’s founders are buying back majority stake in the company from Karuturi Global and KGL is set to sell back its entire 53 percent stake in the company valued at Rs 35 crore? is it good news for karuturi global?

  15. niravkaria says:

    Sir why prima is slashed down by market inspite of good result. Though i am not worried of daily price movement but just concerned since its our hard earned money put in a company which is growing but not reflected in share price. i may be wrong or sound offensive just reply what you think one should do at my place.

  16. sima rajul desai says:

    sir your expert comments on AKZO NOBEL the co has come out with 88 percent rise in pat in the latest q working. the managment is positive on future working they have mentioned that fall in crude prices is beneficial to the company. industry p.e for paint is 60 while this mnc is acilable at 35 p/e besides they have started a new factory in m.p at an cost of rs 140 cr kindly comment whether one can buy at this price?

  17. Ram says:

    Dear Ace,
    BMW, Benz deals make Force Motors an attractive avenue for long term buy?

  18. kannu says:

    Ace, your view on Ajmera Reality, will this company will benefit from the recent increase in the FSI ? Is it advisable to hold ?

  19. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    Awaiting next Update…!!!

  20. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    DHP has declared it Dec14 results,which were not as per expectations.The stock has fallen from 160 to 118.
    The Company has been posting sales in the last 3 quarters with negative bias.Your views pls.

  21. er says:

    Dear Ace investor,

    I searched for your earlier reply on Modsion Metals but without success. Please if you can share your veiws on this co. once again. Thanks a lot ! 🙂

  22. kareem says:

    Dear Ace
    What is your take on Syncom Formulations. Thanks

  23. vivek says:

    what is your view on ashok alco chem and premco global?

    • for ashok, though its decent but have never found answers for its quantum dip in promoter holding (though now its still improved) and its no-dividend policy. premco is decent as mentioned earlier

  24. awesomejoe says:

    sir, i am very much interested in sahyadri, had bought at 95 and interested in averaging with usual known caveats. Let me know if you think “technically” i these are good levels to average. ditto for DHP.

  25. sarvdeep123 says:

    Hi ace,

    What’s your view on Windsor Machines.
    It has very low debt and excellent ROE & ROI. Plz reply

  26. ps says:

    cybertech going to 52 week low. I think we should add at that price

  27. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,

    I read somewhere in this blog,that Vidhi has expanded/expanding its capacity by 40%. The capex have been thru debt or was it from internal accruals. Pl. share if you have information.

    • no debts so far, all funded through internal accuruals and despite this they have paid higher interim dividend (i explicitly asked him this point of higher dividends) and therefore, its very encouraging. the capacity is coming on-stream by next month

  28. Rohit Gulati says:


  29. usman says:

    sir when u will post next stock

  30. James says:

    Dear Ace,
    What stocks you look at for a 5-7 year perspective ? Something more defensive.

    • assuming you are just looking for large caps, a lot of stocks can be named like gruh, infy, BEL, Bharat forge, jubiliant food, cera, etc etc… these are just a few names on top of my head and there are a lot of companies that should be included in the watch list… even some small caps could be included.

  31. Mesh says:

    Cybertech fired
    harrison also good on charts
    Indag also look good on charts
    New addition on charts
    tata coffe
    uttam galva

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