Results Update !!


Revenues rose over 18% YoY and profits rose 166% YoY. The recovery continues and it looks the new management is doing a great job so far. With last quarter’s book cleanup the uncertainties are reduced. Keep monitoring the business closely.


The company gave 3% rise on both revenues and profits YoY. The results are average but not bad.

Orient Beverages

Revenue rose 21% YoY and profits decreased from 0.51cr to 0.12 cr mainly on back of surging finance costs and much lower other income.


Revenues rose 21% YoY and profits increased 14.5% for the same period. Nothing negative in this debt free business.


Revenues rose more than 10% YoY and profits surged more than 30% for the same period. Good Results. Keep tracking the business.

Ambika Cotton

Revenues are flat with negative bias and profits are down 25% YoY. Although a little disappointing but nothing to worry so far. This is a wonderful stock and should be held on for a long time.


The revenues are flat with a positive bias YoY and losses have reduced for the same period. Although the results might look a little disappointing but a closer look confirms that the food processing business has sustained its turnaround and this is very encouraging.

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362 Responses to Results Update !!

  1. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    Wanbury was bounce back..Can i average now?

  2. mesh says:

    hi sir
    & Rajoo engg completed correction fireworks likely…
    whats ur view

  3. mesh says:

    cybertech 32 strong support
    rajoo completed correction from 17.20 to 12.45

  4. mesh says:

    all three looks good to me on technical terms
    required ur views on cmp

  5. mesh says:

    Thanks for comment
    wanbury also looks good on technical terms
    likely to open around 38
    sustain above 38 for some days
    then no one can stop wanbury till 55

  6. indianbull10 says:

    V2 Retail started selling on snapdeal as well in addition to ebay

  7. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Whats your view on “Jaiprakash Power Ventures win Amelia North coal mine”.
    Is it worth buying stocks if not would you pls advice any stocks in power sector.

    Thank you in advance

  8. smart student says:

    Is this stock Kilitcih Drug a classic case of undervaluation as performancewise its profits and turnover has already doubled compared to LY within 9 months of CY, it has cash bal of Rs30/-share and reserves of more than 100cr. company did well between 2008 to 2011 and then sold its few plants to multinational and paid 300% spl div to shareholders in 2012 now since last few quarters growth is also good also no debt no pledge promoter stake 65% with good management so then why stock should be at 35 when markets in bull run? have i missed some aspect pls guide

  9. Akshit says:

    Rajoo up strong volumes….can we see more upward move???

  10. Nani says:

    Ace, your response on DHP? It dived from suggested price of 154 to 124 approx. Taking risk in small and medium stocks is okay. But, not a risk of this much fall! When we know that, company performed outstandingly in the previous FY and have good credentials, this years performance though good, but the comparison with previous year make it look insignificant. I guess the fall in the stock is mainly due to this. Did you miss this thing? I am asking this question because, I would like to know if such concerns are to be taken into consideration while picking up a stock? Huge respects and Thanks in prior.

    • first of all the stock was suggested at 141 level. secondly, last year’s performance was abnormally good because of dec and mar quarters only, but overall the company has been growing and will continue to do so in next few years. past performance is not as important as future performance. Did you bother to read the note that its for a couple of years and not for couple of weeks. if you cannot handle volatility of 20-30% then small caps is not for you. a person like you should invest in either large caps (but then suzlons and JSPLs also happen there) or better shift to FDs.

  11. A. Sreenivsa Reddy says:

    Sir why Lycose Internet has fallen so much with heavy volumes. I holding 2000 shares at an average price of Rs.50/-. Please suggest. I am long time holder

  12. Bela says:

    Dear Ace,
    Please update about Liberty also..Thanks…

  13. akshay says:


    Out of curiosity I fail to understand today’s stock price movement of Rajoo. It closed at 13.69 yesterday and today it opened at 15.5. There was no fundamental change nor any news. Same thing happened in simmonds on Monday. Previous close 72,opened at 80. I understand if the stock moved up higher during the day due to crazy volumes but market opening 13% up without any news i totally believe in not reacting to daily price movements. I am invested in both the stocks and I know it’s good but such movements really make me suspicious and scared of operator involvement. Just imagine if such operators have enough power to send these stocks into freefall. It would create a panic just like ybrant digital. Your thoughts?

    • first of all, ybrant, i never liked and i dont know how many times i have to repeat it. secondly, noone can say for sure, if there are operators in a particular script or not. people buy and sell according to their own sense and that creates demand and supply. i did not see any reason for a rajoo fall so it bouncing back does not surprise me and ditto for simmonds. simmonds corrected inspite of wonderful results and therefore, it boucing back does not surprise me. if you are so paranoid then sell the shares, that’s all i can say but fundamentally i am bullish. take your own call.

      • akshay says:

        No I am not paranoid ace. If I was I would have asked for your opinion eevery now and then and would have sold simmonds when it fell to 60. And if I was paranoid I would have asked your opinion when the stock was going down not when its going up. I was just totally surprised by how these 2 stocks moved so was asking for your thoughts on its reasons. I couldn’t understand myself so asked you. I don’t understand why you’re being so negative these days. I guess you are not totally game for all conversations. I will not trouble you further.
        And I never said you liked ybrant nor did I ask your opinion on it.

  14. er says:

    Dear Ace,

    Please advice on Artson Engineering (75% owned by Tata Projects) cmp Rs 30 and Modison Metals cmp Rs 48
    thanks in advance

    • arston i am not interested at the moment because it has a lot of challenges to overcome. until and unless there’s a trigger on the fundamental side, its no point to waste time there. modison , no change from my previous views

  15. deepak says:

    hi ACE, I am already holding prima, I want to buy more, so can I buy at cmp or wait for some more correction?

  16. Nani says:

    Ace, your views on Karuturi Global Ltd., please?

  17. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Ace sir, What’s your take on Asian Granito at CMP…. AS per news Dolly khanna enterd into it @160. Can it be bought at currrent Level’s?

  18. Akshit says:

    by when will you recommend new pick?

  19. yum says:

    just wanted to thank you. i averaged my wanbury around 26 (after buying higher) and from today my wanbury has started looking green.. Thanks a lot. though i was bothered by price action but your right levels for averaging and constant guidance among criticism has helped me. Thanks once again.

  20. niravkaria says:

    Hi ACE Sir. Just to share one information with you. Today i just got to know the exact business, management and marketing team/strategy of prima plastics. Boss you will not believe that this is the company which will change our fortune. Just invested and relax and only see the business results/patterns. No doubt that after reading and discussion and irritating you by asking lots of questions i got convinced that prima is best but today after discussing with personnel of company i very much convinced sir.

    Sir you know i have concentrated portfolio. I have prima which consists of 75% of my portfolio. I will not invest any penny into it as i am out of cash.

    Just want to know you thoughts on adding some pieces of Sintex & Supreme Industries. Thanks

    • if you already have 75% in just one single company its already quite a bit and now if you want to add another company of the same sector it could spell trouble for you. diversify a bit to something else. sintex with its continuation of equity dilution is not very attractive to me at these levels. supreme is decent though not very fond of it.

    • Sameer Anand says:

      Dear Niravkaria,

      Please share what you learned about Prima so that all blog readers can benefit.

      • chirag says:

        yes please do.. enlighten us about Prima.. we are your pupils

      • nirav karia says:

        Many marketing fellows from well eatablished companies have join prima since “prima” is in expanding mode. i just asked that person he only said prima is trying to come up many innovative products. Secondly after falling crude pruce this management has not passed the benefit to otjer company. Best management with clean chit. Thia i am not telling bcoz i m having enough of it but really it will give enough wealth in future. See one thing is sure that in todays scenario no one will buy plastic furniture on daily basis n in majority. But the other products of prima are in daily consumption mode therefore it wil also benefit us. Thanks ace sir for replying🇦🇦🇦🇦🇦

  21. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir a humble request to you with your permission may i request you at what parameters prima is better than nilkamal . if reply it would be a knowledge enhancement .thanks

  22. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Want to make a fresh entry,
    is V2 retail and DHP good at present level or wait for some more time.

    Thank you in advance

    • pramod malav says:

      yup RAVI…..its a excellent news from his promises. Even i called to snapdeal CC for asking of non-availability of product on and they have told me that YES they have sold every product which showing “SOLD OUT” on site. Its good news really. Even V2 retail on fire on e-bay too.

  23. vimal says:

    Sir, ur view on IL&FS engineering and construction company Ltd?

  24. Sameer Anand says:

    Thanks Nirav. Appreciate it.

  25. pramod malav says:

    Hello Ace sir,
    is Freshtrop Fruits Ltd. at attractive level to buy or should wait for some correction me much interested in this company.

  26. vimal says:

    DHP india announced board meeting on Feb 20 to BSE, but none reported till now, any news?

  27. pruthvi says:

    Sir. your view on lloyd electric pls.

    it is availble at very cheap valuation compared to hitachi, ifb, symphony, bluestar ,etc.
    other are trading at pe of 30+. some at even pe 50 +. while lloyd electric is avalalble below pe 10.

    promotor has increased and is increasing stake. bussiness is growing . brand building is happening.

    do you think it is good investment ?. kindly reply .

  28. chetan says:

    Dear ace,
    I have few queries on orient beverages. Please clarify…
    1. Accounting practice has been changes from F.Y 2012. Till 2012 rental income was added to the other income section. After 2012 it has been added to sales section. For the year 2014 rental income received is 2.69 crore and operation profit is 2.54 crore. That means still 15 lakh is loss from the packaged drinking water segment. so Packaged drinking water segment is yet to break even. So what is the reason behind this accounting policy??
    2. You have mentioned in your research report that company is active in West Bengal, Orissa ,Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. Even though company is present in these four states, why revenue is so low; only around 20 crores market share. It might be limitation on the production capacity. If so what is production capacity of each plant ( I think they have only two plants). Does it also mean that bisleri has no businees in these states?? And also who are the major competitors for them in these states??. If they want to expand their business to other states, what are the option. I am sure that it cannot become pan-india presence company. so it can not be compared with pidilite or page industries. And also page’s parent company Jockey international has no presence in India. This is the reason for Page’s Pan india presence. But for bisleri, bisleri itself is in india and also it has so many other franchises.
    3. Is there any fixed number of years on license agreement. If so how many years?? . My question is here is for how many years can company exist under bisleri.Inc.
    4. In the F.Y 2014, packaged drinking water segment has revenue of 18.73 crore (After excise duty reduction), and they have paid 2.25 crore as royalty. This means more than 10% is paid as royalty. From this my belief is that unless they make very good operating profit margin ( in the range 20% – 30%), this not going to create much value for share holders. But it creates fortune for Bisleri.Inc …:). Pls share your view on this.

    Your blog Follower,
    Chetan Biluve

    • 1. why do you say so? can you point it out in the statement of P&L ?
      2. its not that these people have been in those state for a long time. e.g. jharkhand they entered a couple of yrs back … no they cannot ever have a pan india presence and i beleive that’s pointed out in the research note/comments multiple times so i dont know why would anyone imagine to compare it with page and others. The second plat which came on-stream this year is of similar capacity as first.
      3. yes. please go through the blog for this repeated question pls. also, these people have had relations with bisleri inc from the gold spot days and therefore, licence renewal when that happens in future is always going to be a formality. this relationship is very strong and its prevalent from last 3 decades.
      4. yes 10% as pointed out clearly in the research report and again as pointed out in the report its much higher than your usual licences. not sure if i followed you on this last point but why do you feel its not going to create too much shareholder value.
      most of the questions have been answered in the blog. would suggest you to kindly go through it, also read all the ARs and also mail these guys….
      God Bless

  29. Gaurav says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your views on Intrasoft technologies. can it be considered. your valuable inputs on the same.


  30. yum says:

    sir, for vidhi dyes, you said that expansion is coming. how big is that and by when would it come onstream?

  31. yum says:

    so sir, that means vidhi could give very strong growth in coming quarters too..right…

  32. nirdosh says:

    orient beverages corrected from more than 200 to 97.Is this right time to enter or wait for further correction

  33. Suneetha says:

    Plz share ur view on Fluidomat !!!?

  34. Abey says:

    Advice mr on IVP, is it a god share

  35. Abey says:

    I asked about IVP chemical, not vip

  36. Dinesh says:

    Hi Ace,

    Whats your opinion on Dynemic Products at CMP Rs 47? a good entry price? Thanks

    • as mentioned earlier i like vidhi dyes a lot more than dynemic. would stick to vidhi as there’s very good growth, its sector leader and is a pure play food color play unlike dynemic who’s food color business is small and hardly produces only a couple of colors which EFSA has allowed. dynemic also has a large chemicals and dyes business. why should i worry about dynemic when i have vidhi…also vidhi is completing its expansion by next month…by bet is vidhi

  37. tanmay gupta says:

    What are your views on Goodyear India.
    The company is highly undervalued amongst it`s peers despite having such strong fundamentals, continuous growth, debt free, healthy dividend payout and huge cash and bank balances in it`s balance sheet.
    I feel there is virtually no downside from these levels.
    I would like to quote some significant observations I made while going through some Special Resolutions which the management is proposing to pass via Postal Ballot:
    ” The company may purchase it`s own shares or securities”
    “A new Article 50A be inserted: ” Subject to the provisions of the Act, the company may issue securities by way of Bonus Issue, Rights Issue, Private Placement, Issue of Sweat Equity shares or any other manner as may be applicable”
    Do refer to Page no 2 of the proposed postal ballot for the above amendments.
    These amendments to the Articles of Association of the company give a feeling that the company may have plans to either propose a buyback or issue bonus securities in the near future.
    Do share your valuable inputs on the same.


  38. Ramesh says:

    Take a look at parnax labs at cmp 44 it is way better than certain godavari drugs with clients such as sun pharma, cipla, zuventus

    • why would somebody like parnax?? not sure why but last few days my inbox is flooded by people comparing godawari with parnax for some strange reason…

      • Sachin Prabhakar says:

        why should one not like parnax?? just coz it is not your recommendation you are ignoring it.. it is way better than godavari drugs which has a blank annual report imho.

        • 🙂 even godavari drugs is not my recommendation. looks you are very obsessed with parnax, so cannot really help but before investing i would suggest you to do some research on the history of the company, rest its your choice brother..God Bless

      • Sachin Prabhakar says:

        Parnax is a new pharma supplier company which is mainly making syrups for Sun Pharma, Cipla, Zunventus, Lupin, Pfizer etc. it is all set to cross 100 crore club this FY and Godavari Drugs is no way near, I used godavari drugs as an turn around example here.

        • its shareholding is a prime suspect to me and its just a start. the clients that you listed are not the client of just its listed entity. its has a lot of other companies which cater to these clients too. I would suggest you or anyone interested in this company to dig a lot more, as there’s much more than what meets the eye. i would be never be interested in this company. KIndly take your own decision. God Bless

  39. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir, I invested in cyber tech at 67… Shall I book loss or average or do nether?

    • hello nikhil, let me ask you this, are you convinced, about the story?

      • Raminder says:

        With the kind of experience you are having , should not have recommended this stock at all. Many companies coming in this field (IT) long time after it have become big names and this company is still struggling in all the three areas it is operating in. Moreover NIIT Tech also has a subsidiary in this field which started a bit earlier and is a leading player in this field . Even ROLTA is a a leader in its own way.

        • clearly you have not bothered, to read the past of cybertech what it was before and what’s its become now. your so-called leader rolta …no wonder was valued at almost the same PE as cybertech with cybertech atleast giving higher dividend yield. markets do not value rolta for more than one reason. anyways, if you are not interested in cybertech why bother sir? Also, my “experience” and “expertise” if questionable to you then you know that this blog should not be a part of your life isnt it brother…stay at peace…god bless

  40. sumesh says:

    hi ur views on panchsheel excellent results

    • i would not classify its results as excellent but yes as mentioned earlier its a decent company

      • Nikhil Biswas says:

        Sir I certainly am.. But at the same time value investors say that u should never fall in love with a company…

        • this is one of the things i agree on with value investors. never fall in love with stock, but its important to understand if you have invested in the right stock. at these levels, the stock is very very attractively valued and is on extremely strong support levels. at these prices even the dividend yield is close to 3% …so if one is convinced, then these are very good levels to average, but then one should be convvinced him/herself and not just do it because i am saying. the products have potential but it would take time to fructify and so far the company is making all the right moves.

  41. Vimal says:

    DHP india going down continuously after ur recommendation from 160 to 112, what is ur view?

  42. Sam says:


    Can you provide your views for United Spirits / McDowell.


  43. Prashant Nayar says:

    Sir why did you close your other blog?

  44. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir should i hold punj loyed or exit .please suggest

  45. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Could you suggest price to enter for Orient beverages and Cybertech

    Thank you in advance

    • hello vinod. at 18-20 cr market cap orient could be tried but beware of the liquidity. cybertech has a very strong support at around 31-34, so technically these would be very strong levels to average. God Bless

  46. prem says:

    Hello Ace sir……..i have read out your comments regarding Neo Corp Int but after result and increases in promoters %. Is this stock at valuable value or?? god bless

  47. chirag says:

    hi ace,

    could you share a few thoughts regarding the budget (your expectations, possibilities)this is modi’s first budget in terms of time he has got to present his vision ..

    if it isn’t too much of a hassle.. regards

  48. mesh says:


  49. mesh says:

    any idea on
    required fundamental idea

  50. Akshit says:

    2 of the promoters sold aroud 1.5 lk share in market in past days. Any specific reason?

  51. Suneetha says:

    Plz suggest me whether i add Wanbury more ! You already recommended to add around 27 thanks for that ! Plz suggest to add around these levels 38. UC released !

  52. ps says:

    Why are you not updating on cyberteh

  53. Mahendra says:

    Sir, could you please give your valuable advise on Indraprashta Medical Corp,
    God Bless


    • i am not very keen on this company though its a good dividend paying company.

      • chirag says:


        a very startling update regarding V2.. according to minutes of today’s meeting updated on BSE.. they have decided to allot 35 cr worth of convertible warrants to bennett and coleman in tranches..

        sounds interesting.. coleman must be of the view that risk reward ratio is favorable..

        V2 head office no 011-32316262 is still switched off !!!!!!!

        any readers holding v2 , please try to get in touch with them regarding this and get the air cleared.. it would be mutually beneficial

        • the thing is that we should not get carried away with this as it might have little significance. just gave my views to indiabulls… also i have seen coleman take up stakes in comapnies which have vanish now (e.g avon corp) because their picking up stake inn any company is with different objective than a normal investor would have

      • Mahendra says:

        Thank you Ace, for your prompt reply.

    • chirag says:

      hmm thanks for that view..

      • indianbull10 says:

        Ace, see this video on V2 Retail (recommended today on CNBC Awaaz) from time 15:35

      • indianbull10 says:

        Ashish in that video has pretty much summarized whats written on V2 Retail website – Ecommerce, aggressive sales target, low market cap, Bennett Colman investment! whats ur view Ace? slowly but surely V2 is now coming into limelight!

      • RAVI says:

        Sir i would like to know the concern about the stake bought by BCCL, What were you pointing out about their intention or motive behind this investment? Do they go for the companies who are on the verge of shut down?

        • no they dont go for companies that are on verge of shutdown. they buy stakes in companies for exchange of adspace. let me know if you have any questions…. i mean think about it, why would somebody buy stake in a company which is on verge of shunt down isnt it….what i would like to see is the price at which they are taking stake in the company.

      • Ravi says:

        Sir, there objective may have been different but now days they are agressing in buying some good companies also Like e- retailer Local Banya from Mumbai and future retail also. But can we deny that their intention of buying stakes are limited to ‘Ad’ only if they are investing a large some then motive may be the mix of return on investment and ad both.

        • it can, i agree with you. i just gave coleman’s normal approach. let’s wait for some further details on this, but whatever may be the case, its a good development for the company.

    • Prem says:

      🙂 v2 retail chetah hai chetah….god bless sir

  54. Prashant Nayar says:

    Sir I discovered a blog which gives multibaggers and now futures. Sir I want to trade futures when market falls and continue multibagger when market going up. what do you think of this

  55. Mahendra says:

    Ace Sir, Could you please express you views on Techno Electric & Engineering company. Price Year low is 96 and high is 450. Market cap 2,277cr pe 32,

    God Bless

  56. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Sir what’s your View on Rolta india and Apar Industries?

    • rolta has never rewarded shareholders so inspite of news i am not too enthused about the company, dont even rate their management as good for minority shareholders, though today there’s major news backing it, i would rather invest on BEL if you want to invest with the news in the backdrop. apar is an “ok” kind of stock not bad but nothing great also.

  57. srikanth says:

    sir aimco is telling they r incrasing share capital what it indicates and effect on share price may i hold for long term or not

    • there would not be any effect on the share price. yes you should hold, infact if somebody wants to add he/she should seriously consider it. in the agrochemicals space this is the best pick for long term. there’s massive wealth creation potential in Aimco. And since its in T2T, genuine investors should take position in the company. The valuations of Aimco are very attractive too.

      • sahil says:

        When asked about same situation in Mold Tek Packaging , you said increase in equity will result in decrease in EPS and hence one should avoid that ,but gere you are saying no impact .What is the difference in both these cases ?

        • difference is that in case of aimco its just authorized share capital whereas in case of mold tek, its going to increase paid up capital and EPS is decided by paid up not authorized capital. e.g issuing warrants would dilute equity because it increases paid up capital. i hope this helps…god bless

      • Sameer Anand says:

        That’s a pretty strong recommendation ACE.

      • PS says:


        Pls clarify the same. In both cases authorized capital is increasing. AImco from 10 cr to 15cr, in Moldtech 13.5cr to 14.5Cr.

        In this case the impact will be very negative to Aimco.

        • i am not sure why is there so much confusion. let me try to explain. for moldtek look at the link -> in this annoucement, its clearly written that in point they will increase the “authorized share capital” (no eps dilution) followed by point 4, that they will further issue new shares and therefore, EPS dilution would happen. This is “not” the case with Aimco as of now. they are just increasing the authorized share capital and not issuing any new shares. so why would aimco’s EPS be diluted. Please understand the advantages of increasing authorized share capital will improve your own knowledge only. I hope this helps to clear the air. God Bless

    • anujpress24 says:


      I didnt find the 4th point in the pdf….am i missing something

  58. pruthvi says:

    your view about RUBY MILLS please?


  59. Prashant Nayar says:

    sir when will you release next stock.

  60. Mahendra says:

    Dear Ace Sir, Could you please express your views on Jubilant Life Science.
    Thank you in advance

  61. Bela says:

    Dear Ace,
    How do you rate this budget…?

  62. Bela says:

    Dear Ace,
    Similar to Result update if possible please publish Budget update…

  63. vimal says:

    Which one of ur recommended share benefited more from the budget announcement?

  64. pruthvi says:

    your view on fedder lloyd please?
    As it is one of the company executing railway line electrification work.
    The lone wind turbine tower manufacturer in the country i believe .
    It a defense related bussiness also( though small %).
    The railway and general budget have laid out major expenditure in the above areas.
    The company has spent nearly 450 Crs in the previous 7 years for capacity expansion and ready to increase its revenue at this juncture. But it has a little debt on its book due to above capex.
    Is it a good infra bet availble appropriately valued at cmp?


  65. sangram says:

    Have you read the recent interview of Mr. Shiv kumar of skm. He is saying that revenue and profits will grow 8 to 10% for 2 years . My doubt is how can skm will create substantial wealth from here go share holders
    And for another query he said his company is undervalued.
    Link for the interview

    • yes, what would be your definition of substantial wealth? I mean what were your expectation. i am just curious to know. will surely give you my views on this after reading your thoughts…god bless

      • sangram says:

        I thought they can still grow at 30% cagr.
        Have you read the article . you promised for the views after reading it

        • see, for any company there are two things, re-rating and growth. re-rating is more-or-less done, and now growth would dictate the prices. yes, the chances of the stock price going up is there as the next two quarters YoY growth would look good and after that a possible dividend would keep it a buzz, but if you are thinking of another 4-5 times price increase in next couple of years, that would be a far cry.

  66. Amit says:


    Im invested in Freshtrop Fruit since Rs. 57.00.
    I want to know the technical target going forward.
    Also budget effect on its business.


  67. VipulValueInvestor says:

    Sir what is your view on Amrutanjan healthcare, Themis Medicare, Hind zinc?


  68. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Would appreciate your view on Repro India as an investment bet?

  69. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir, Sahyadri is rocking today (20% UC), one of your reco. much ignored by fellow investors !
    Recently there was news about their product receiving some award. Also, their Vijaywada facilities for cement sheets have started production and last but not the least promoters are acquiring shares from open market. All positive signs !!

    Any good news for the company in the budget as per your perception ??

    • it was expected. as mentioned on feb 25 comment on previous result update post, this was coming. fundamentally and technically both. all the reasons that you pointed out are good isnt it. but normally, when the prices are down and value is more, people are scared to buy for some reason

  70. parthdalal says:

    in general is it a good thing to buy a stock which has already appreciated 400% in a year? taking into consideration all the parameters are still in tact.. eg. vidhi dye..

    • if you are talking about vidhi, at 8 forward PE if you think is being fully valued, then it could be a mistake. but generally speaking, 400% rally on back of improving markets and earnings growth is “very small” appreciation. if 400% for a 100cr market cap company on back of supremely improving fundamentals is too much what would you say of eicher motors, bharat forge, cera which have market cap in tens of thousands of crore and have seen similar 400% (roughly) increase in their market caps. ofcourse saying vidhi would go up 400% again in next one year is wishful thinking but yes, if the performance continues, which should, then the stock prices should gain substancially, isnt it. so living in past could actually erase superlative gains that one could see in future.

  71. vivek gupta says:

    In case of Aimco current liabilities are going up. What are these. Is something changing which is making it capable of taking advance from customers.
    Sri Kalahasthi is flying. I urge you once again have a look at the company. Last time it was 80-90 when we chated.

    Vivek Gupta

  72. kamalmandy says:

    Ace sir,
    there is change in mgmt of Uniply and Krebs Bio. As they are in growing field, how you tke these events.

  73. parthdalal says:

    thanks a lot. can’t get better explanation than this. last line cleared it all. took a small bite at vidhi recently.. surely will take a bigger one soon.. increasing capacity will start getting reflected in the numbers soon..

    one more question, related to future consumer (FCEL).. it is a confusing stock.. which brand of future group comes under FCEL.. recent acquisition of nilgiris and food park will be under FCEL ? if yes, adding to it, how will food park generate revenues.. any idea ?

  74. vivek gupta says:

    Hi Ace,
    Hope you are aware that Sri Kalahasathi/Lanco in not a lanco group but a Electrosteel group co.


  75. sriram says:

    Hello Ace,

    Is it correct time to accumulate and average cybertech and Hindustan Tin works? Or, any further decline is anticipated?


  76. sangram says:

    Your views on zf steering

  77. Zubin says:

    I am submitting query on a penny stock – Rasoya Proteins Limited …….. please don’t mind. But your opinion matter a lot to me.

    The screener suggest that this company maybe on a turnaround, but I could not figure our why the stock was hammered so badly. Share cap diluted\increased in 2012-13 which was the peak and thereafter it is now a penny stock. There is surely more than what meets the eye.

    Is it something to CompleteAvoid Or a HighRisk – HighReturn stock.

  78. Jp says:

    Dear Ace,

    Please give your inputs on Atul Auto. Can we enter at this level?

  79. Suneetha says:

    I have invested in PrimaPlastics, Cybertech, Vidhidyestuff, RajooEng, Simmonds, Arogranite, & Aimcopesticides ! Plz clarify about the Scalibility & Pricing power of these Companies so that i can invest more ! Thanks in advance !

  80. vishal purswani says:

    Sir any idea or advice on dynemite product… i m a long term investor.. can hold for a year or two.. should i¿¿ sincerely help needee

  81. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    Regarding Prima,apart from shutting down ACP division are there any other triggers w.r.t. new product or higher utilisation of capacity which could result in boost to EPS. Knowing that Prima Deelite is already doing well.thnx.

  82. parthdalal says:

    rajoo eng: shareholding pattern june 2014 shows 2 names under public shareholding more than 1%.. both seems to have exited in dec 2014 shareholding pattern..

  83. SAY says:

    Searched could not find it Ace, request your view on nitin fire please ?

  84. Neel says:

    Dear Ace, Requesting your view on Next Media Works and Flex Food (long term). Regards,

  85. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    Maithan Alloys seems to have good fundamentals. Can we consider it a value stock ?
    Your views please.

  86. ps says:

    Aimco pesticides going in north direction

  87. ps says:

    Is there any revival to AImco

      • ps says:

        Yes Aceji. Other peers are going up

        • oh yes, its firmly turned around. look at last five years results now…its consistently improving.its a debt-free company now. its shown excellent results for the last few quarters…. why should one worry about it? any red flags that you see, pls let me know we can discuss and would be glad to ally your fears. which peers are you referring to when you talk about peers? Aimco is one of the best picks for future wealth creating in agrochemicals space

  88. ps says:


    Thanks for your kind words. Could you pls look into AImco peer

  89. sangram says:

    Your views on datamatics software

  90. parthdalal says:

    vidhi dyestuff PE 16.79 on rediff money . while 9.02 on valueresearchonline.

  91. sir your views on indo borax and Mic Electronics

  92. Oonkas says:

    Please shed light on Arrow coated product and kitex garment at current price.

  93. sangram says:

    Hi ace I called up vidhi dyestuff . They didn’t entertain any questions from me. They said they wont reply any queries on phone. I have sent them mail. Let’s see if they reply.
    Did they reply you on phone. I am planing to visit my native place in Maharashtra. So thought I could get in contact with them directly .

  94. sangram says:

    Capacity expansion is by organic way or inorganic way. If they are starting new plant how are they gonna fund it

  95. Akshay says:

    For Rajoo another 50k stake sold by Mrs. Ritaben yesterday.Getting worried.

  96. Mahendra says:

    Dear Ace Sir, could you please express your views on shivalik bimetal controls, Company is operating in the manufacturing thermostatic bimetal and Shunt-resistors which is used in the following industries Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Defense and Agriculture industry as mentioned on its website.

    Thanks & Regards

  97. vivek gupta says:

    As per the last AR of Vidhi Dyestuff the promoter holding is less than 1%.
    Can you confirm the promoter holding in the company.


  98. vivek gupta says:

    Sorry my mistake.
    Please ignore the above comment.

  99. niravkaria says:

    Sir what mode the Prima is now, if we refer to technical theory/chart. Do you believe in such chart reading and behavioral aspects. thanks

    • why should we be so obsessed with technicals? that’s a recipe for disaster..anyways, prima is bullish and the upmove could start any time now. but that’s it, lets not try to analyze each and every stock with technicals now. do not feel that’s the right way to approach.

      • nirav karia says:

        Thanks sir for ur reply. Basically i want to know whether this chart concept have any bearing on prima movement or not.

        • it has bearing on all the stocks, but that’s not the right way to approach investing as ultimately technicals are dictated by fundamentals. technicals help but being obsessed by it could be a recipe for disaster.

  100. Bhavik Mehta says:

    Any views on Sudarshan chemicals, IFGL Refractories and Indian Terrain

  101. Bhavik Mehta says:

    And Vidhi vs bhageria dye chem, is there a comparision possible?

  102. Bhavik Mehta says:

    I asked that question without looking into minute details of bhageria, thanks on the reply. Food Colors vs Multiple Speciality chem was what i saw. Also wish to know, if you have had a look at Istreet Network.

  103. Bhavik Mehta says:

    Istreet, Logix. ISFT all are reaching mars for now. ISFT has a formidable site in place. Logix is trying to make something out of its site. Wonder what Istreet is doing.

  104. Bhavik Mehta says:

    Istreet i dont see any promoter selling though, this quarter no of shares have increased(pref allotment to a director). Non promoters selling stake.

  105. Bhavik Mehta says:

    So going by its name change which happened in 2013, principal pharma to istreet, its promoters have changed since then, ( case of shell company acquistion, kind of reverse merger). So there is not much history to check onto. Its current ecomm website is all we have to judge about

    • yes, inovent is one of the promoters. infact in know these people pretty well probably even pradeep (if i am not wrong) he’s probably involved with some CSR initiative of teach india if i am not wrong…anyways, was worried most about promoter selling. I guess my platform did not comprehend the “*” symbol. will have to work to remove this bug from my platform Its going to be a hectic few days for me thanks to this bug.

  106. vimal says:

    Is there any possibility of issuing bonus for DHP india as reserves increasing from last 5 years?

  107. afzal says:

    pleasethrow some light on Nilkamal

  108. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji…i have one general question…why do companies take loan from bank even if they have good reserves…? if they use reserves then no tension and also no interest needs to be paid to bank…but if they take loan then there will be headache and also interest burden…….then also why companies do that and why dont they make use of the huge reserves??????

    If u want example: Vidhi has 31cr. reserves but instead of using this they have taken loan and so interest is being paid.

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

    • there are a lot of reasons for this, but just to take the point you made, the debt component gives you tax benefits apart from appending income. and this was just in response to the point you raise, but overall there’s a lot of sense in having reserves. Do take some time to google around

      • hafizul09 says:

        Thanks a lot Ace ji for you valuable response……ur view on Coral lab please…with only 30laks outstanding shares and EPS of around 25(last 12months) it is trading only with P/E of 8-9….not sure why it is so undervalued…..did not get any bad reputation of the promoters as well in Internet…….ur view please on the same……..Thanks in advance..God Bless U!!!!!!

  109. sir can you confirm me that is this the website of vidhidyestuff

  110. altaf says:


    How much V2 retail is having debt ??

  111. VipulValueInvestor says:

    Sir, what is your view on Guj Foils, Kalpena Ind, and Uflex?
    Inspite of good results, these shares going down! Are they not good for longterm?

  112. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Happy Holi Sir.. 🙂

  113. Roshan says: u see prima falling further?

  114. sangram says:

    Happy holi bro

  115. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Is it right time to buy Prima and Aimco at current CMP?. Not to average. I mean fresh entry.

    Thanks you

  116. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on NGL Fine – Chem Ltd. and Swiss Glasscoat Equipments Ltd.?

  117. Suneetha says:

    Plz share ur view on NGL Fine chem. Thanks in advance

  118. Suneetha says:

    Plz share ur vie on Archid organosys, Baid leasing &financing co ltd,

  119. Narayan says:

    Hi Ace

    V2 circuit filters revised to 10 %; expecting any large movements on either side?

  120. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,

    I’m not able to understand the increase in Prima share price from FY 2013 to 2014 ,as it has appreciated from Rs. 15 to Rs. 60.Whereas its consol. revenue grew by 17% and net profit by 49%.

    • stock markets do not work this way. What explains suzlon’s 5 times price, increase or HCC or even stalwarts like bharat forge’s 5 times increase, their earnings have not grown 5 times. I would suggest to google around for good articles on stock market investing and what it means, i am sure it will help you. by the way do you think prima’s price of 15rs was right…why shouldnt that price be 100rs instead of 15? who decides what price is right?

  121. pruthvi says:

    SIR. awaiting for your new investment idea. when are you postin the new pick?

  122. hafizul09 says:

    Happy Holi Ace ji and ur family…..God Bless U All!!!!!

  123. manthan says:

    sir your views on digjam and lakshmi energy and food?

  124. Prashant Nayar says:

    sirji wats your view in orient cement

  125. Roshan says:

    ace your views on sanghi cements and orient cement

  126. Suneetha says:

    Aceji ! I could not get ur previous views on searching, Plz repeat ur view on Archid organosys & Baid Leasing & Finance Co ltd. Pardon me if i troubling u. Thanks

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