Wanbury Update

Wanbury, has today, closed a few percent above its recommended price and looking all set to challenge its 52 week high despite a hugely negative market. The Wanbury story has been a remarkable test of our conviction and people who had strong conviction to take up the averaging call are actually sitting at around 20% profits. Let’s continue to monitor our business to withstand the stock price volatility and reap significant profits coming out way.

God Bless !!!

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  1. Akshay says:

    very true

  2. sam says:

    well yes..it tested us like anything..

  3. Rohit Gulati says:

    It ‘s a true come back story:)

  4. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir can we purchase wanbury and aimco pesticides at current price levels?

  5. pruthvi says:

    Sir your view on makers lab , basant agro, jubikiant life, meghamani organics and morepen lab please
    Thank you

  6. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    I also have strong conviction on wanbury..plz ur view on logix micro…

    • logix mico is interesting….technically and fundamentally if the valuation gap with other auto portals is to pan out, there are tremendous gains to be made. its a good “punt” at any declines now

  7. kalubhai says:

    what is your view on sahyadri, pressman, cybertech, rajoo engg?

  8. jitendra says:


    Also Freshtrop Fruit And Cupid is up in this negative market.

  9. Prabu says:

    Ace , Whether one can make fresh investments in cybertech as it has fallen much.. Also do you expect this quarter results to be super duper or it may take few more quarter.. Please advice…

  10. niravkaria says:

    Sir can u pls share ur view On katakiya cement, pnb gilts n titan biotech. Thnks

  11. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any change in your views on Emmessar Biotech.


  12. Shobhit Agrawal says:

    Dear Sir

    I want to know your view on aksh optifiber and shilpi cabel.


  13. Akshay says:

    what is the support level range for rajoo?

  14. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,

    Is it worthwhile to take a buy call on Fortune Financial Services purely on Sudhir Valia’s execution capability? Please share your views.


    • its a good company but at these valuations of around 650cr market cap, well, you should be prepared for some patience but yes, its a good company as mentioned earlier too in this blog.

  15. niravkaria says:

    Sir i want to enter in Ambika Cotton Mills and SKS Microfinance. Is it advisable to enter at current levels or wait for some consolidation since both have run up a lot in recent times. Sir Thanks in advance.

    • see, this is the thing right…. when the stocks are available at attractive valuations everyone discards them but when they start running up everyone’s after it…anyways, sks can be bought, ambika after some consolidation but make no mistake that ambika is very good even at these valuations for people with enough patience but for playing it safe i would suggest a bit of consolidation.. God bless

  16. Niranjan says:

    Hi Ace,

    ICICI has come up with the research report on Prima. Its good to see institution interest in Prima. As you don’t appreciate posting links I am not doing so but Google to get the report.

    Heres the extract I found particularly interesting.

    “In the domestic market, the company plans to enter Andhra Pradesh
    by establishing a manufacturing plant near Vishakhapatnam. This
    will help the company to increase its market share in the eastern
    region. After a successful venture in South Africa, PPL is exploring
    opportunities to start a new venture in Latin American countries to
    set up a plastic furniture plant. The management has guided that the
    aforesaid expansion would be though internal accruals.
    On a standalone basis, PPL plans to maintain its historical growth
    rate of five years (i.e. ~12%) while focusing on improving EBITDA
    margin by hiving off its loss making division from FY16 onwards.
    Since the company has no plan to raise further debt, we believe the
    interest cost would be to the extent of working capital requirement.
    The management is also confident of maintaining its current payout
    ratio of ~15%”


  17. Sameer Anand says:

    Thanks Niranjan for the update.

    I think Prima is a very “Rare Valuable Brand” available at extremely attractive valuation.

    Have added very small quantity yesterday .

  18. kamalmandy says:

    sir your views about fortis malar ?

  19. sangram says:

    As expected by you prima broke out the range and now flying

  20. Naresh says:

    Dear Ace

    Can we book partial profits on Wanbury now or should we wait for some more time.

    Thanks in advance

  21. Sameer Anand. says:

    Somebody “Overheard” our conversation regarding Prima yesterday!! Stock is zooming!!!

  22. niravkaria says:

    Sir how we can know any stock is expected to broke out of long consolidation. Whats is the trigger point. Just for my knowledge and information i am asking this query. Hope others would also like to know the answer.

  23. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Hello Sir.. Though I know your focus is on discovering small cap which are capable of becoming multibaggers… I still would like to know ur opinion on tata steel… don’t you think it is available at very attractive valuations…

  24. vivek says:

    dear sir,
    your view on AIA engineering for a long term

  25. niravkaria says:

    ambika cotton blasted. …….

  26. umesh says:

    what is your view on hmt ltd after the govt announced closure of 3 units

  27. umesh says:

    is mtnl a buy at current levels after the govt announced to close the company , the book value is Rs 80/- so what next for the stock

  28. sangram says:

    Any technical views on vidhi. I know you don’t like to follow technicals always. But its been consolidating for past 2 months. Any breakout points or any fundamental trigger either than capex.

  29. Raj Gupta says:

    Wt about cyber now,any support level to fresh investment.Plz guide.

  30. Bhavik Mehta says:

    All your stocks on fire today! πŸ™‚

  31. Sameer Anand. says:

    Hi ACE,

    There is s company named Odyssey Technologies . It claims to be a leader in E-security solutions. Do you think it could be a good bet. Please advise.


  32. yash says:

    Good Evening Ace sir, Prima and ambika really made my day today. Thanks. What are your Eps projection for Prima consolidated results? And how much does impact does low crude price make on the margin. Sorry if causing you inconvenience.

  33. Suneetha says:

    Happy to say Aceji ! I bought Ambika Cotton @ 600 [5% of my capital on 4th march 15, after breakout above 580] Today came to know about SanjayBakshis stake news ! Thanks Aceji for a wonderful pick !

  34. Mahendra says:

    Dear Ace Sir, Could you please provide your views on Jain Irrigation.
    Thank you

  35. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Hello Sir.. Thank u for being so patient with all my queries…

    Sir… I somehow feel that penny stocks are more lucrative because the probability of them being multibaggers are higher… Probably that is why I do not have ambika, garware and DHP in my portfolio… I know this notion is wrong… Can you please help me break this wrong notion of mine… It might appear a stupid question… But please bear as I am relatively new in this area…

    • here’s my take… multibaggers would be those stocks who create great shareholder value irrespective of their cap. rather than penny stocks, you should look for small caps with good ratios and since you are new in the markets, dont try to “discover” turnaround small caps because chances are you will burn yourself. just stick to companies who are doing good and whose business you understand because only then you can research the business and find out its future prospects. And after all this once, you start making money in the markets, you’ll get confidence and remember, its a great irony of markets that in order to get confidence you need to make money in the stock and in order to make money you need to have confidence in the stock .. just stick to quality for the time being and do not expect stocks to go up only and chances are you’ll end up making tons of money in a few years….

  36. tikambaghel says:

    Dear Ace sir

    Kei industries shows good results from last to quarters, seems like turning things for it
    If you are tracking it then please let me know your thoughts on it

  37. Prem says:

    Hello Ace sir……………..for Pioneer Embroideries
    1. 11% of the pledged shares has been released to Promoters.
    2. Issuing of shares (~35 Rs) to non-promoters . Clear signs of revival is upfront. Grab it before it flies to 35/40 levels.
    Still having same view as before or we can assume it as turnaround stories.

  38. no new idea……….very long time any specific reason

  39. doesn’t matter ..take ur time …..plz share ur view on jagsonpal pharma at 29..stock has corrected recently due disappointing results.ur take for long term

  40. Ankush Panwar says:

    hiiiii sir, Please share your views in detail about ” MAN INFRACONSTRUCTIONS”, What are the growth prospects of this company and its significance in Infrastructure development in INDIA. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala also bought stake recently. Is it worth in investing in this company at CMP. pl share your views, thanks in advance.

  41. Rakesh sankhla says:

    Sir please suggest some good large cap stocks. Which should be part of core portfolio and can be bought in this correction. I am a bit convinced with godrej properties and mangalam cement. But need your final touches and suggest some more beside this two stocks. Thanx in advance.

  42. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir, you were correct in your assessment that prima is set for a technical breakout.. Do you see it scale newer heights from here or do you expect it to again experience a resistance at around 70-72…

    • markets will tell us this. once it breaks and closes above 75 for two days, the next upward journey would be really fast. let’s wait for that because we know fundamentally, its bound to happen

  43. aashav23 says:

    dear ace, any fundamental problem in DHP? its falling and should i see it as an opportunity to add more!?

  44. Ramesh Patel says:

    I know our blog is focussed on micro/small/mid caps only but enthused by your response on query on Tata Steel by someone else and also by your mention of Bharat Forge would like to know your views on ITC. Sir, the blue chip has been hammered quite a bit post budget perhaps due to 25% hike in excise on cigarettes (such hikes happen almost every budget but this year it was too steep). Considering almost non-elastic demand of cigarettes and other well-known brands/businesses of ITC can we consider it as a contrarian buy ??(For long term passive investment !!!)

    • its always on overhang on the stock, but thanks to its pricing power it “mitigates” this risk … but all this comes at the cost of subdued cigarette volume growth. having said this this is a good stock, but see if you get it around 320-330rs…. also if you want to have a buy and forget kind of strategy, try something with good dividend yield also. also consider some housing finanace companies too

  45. Cybertech has gone below its support level of 32. Any view on the stock?

  46. Mukund says:

    Dear Ace, I have 400 CyberTec @ 42/- Rs. Good time to average at current price of 30-32?

  47. sunil says:

    sir can ibuy suven life sciences at this level

  48. Ramesh Patel says:

    Your views please on 2 infra/Engg stocks….. 1) Technocraft Ind. 2) Artson Engg

  49. umesh says:

    what is your view of tanla solutions

  50. Prabu says:

    Ace , Is vidhi good for buying at current price.. It has been consolidating for nearly 2 months.. Whether we can see any breakout technically.. Any positive news coming ?? Please advise.. Thanks..

  51. umesh says:

    what is the best price range to enter neuland labs for long term

  52. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Sometimes I feel that markets are completely irrational . Look at Garware Wall Ropes which the market doesnt seem to take cognizance of its most promosing vertical i.e Defence. But Market keeps on valuing companies like Astra, Dynamatic Technologies, Zen Tech at obscene valuations. These are highly levaraged companies with negative cash flows.
    I can only say grave injustice.


  53. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    Regret for posting query on Artson…. Found your view on scrip.

    But still wait for your views on “Technocraft Industries” the co. with unique product (drum closures) and world no. 2 ranking for that….

    Thanks & Regards,

  54. niravkaria says:

    Sir sorry to trouble you, i just found some interesting companies namely Emmessar Biotech, Kriti Nutrients, Titan Biotech & Petron Engineering Construction. Sir i just want to know whats your view on aforesaid companies. Thanks in advance.

  55. Mayur says:

    Hey Ace, your honest views on United Spirits for very long term perspective?

  56. aashav23 says:

    sir,i m have asked it before but i didnt get a reply so i m trying again!
    Sir i would be glad to know from you how to identify the management potential,intentions and effectiveness so that we can predict good prosperity and progress in business.. i am able to identify other criteria for a fundamentally sound company but i think i m missing something bi.. that is about management and seeing your ability to identify one i would be pleased to know and learn from you …
    Thanking you in anticipation,

    • there is no full proof way for this, though one can understand about it from the way they treat minority interests, pay taxes/dividends, have improving roce, roe etc for their businesses etc.

  57. raj69 says:

    sir,your view about KSE? i think it is very good company and is available at great bet!

  58. CA Ravi Khanal says:

    I would like to make one thing noticed about warnbury… if we see on monthly charts it has formed a beautiful cup and handle .. and now started upmove. very positive indicator for the long term players ( i talked about monthly chart hence for long term is the view)
    P.S : not invested here.

  59. Gaurav says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your inputs on Indian Infotech. Pls guide.


  60. Gaurav says:

    Hi Ace,

    Just wanted to know which one would be the best one to opt for (based on the cmp technically) out of Prima and Vidhi.


  61. Kabi says:

    Hi Ace
    Whats your opinion on RPG life science? Thanks

  62. Naresh says:

    Hi Ace

    Congratulations, Wanbury is now at 52 week high.


  63. vivek gupta says:

    Hi Ace
    Please share views on Good Luck Steel Tubes.
    Low PE, High RoE, Very sable earnings profile even in bad years. IITans as promoters. Market cap of 200cr against sales of 1200 cr. Decent promoter holding.
    Has good client list and caters to a lot of industries.
    Keen to have your opinion.


    Vivek Gupta

  64. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    I made the mistake of not averaging Wanbury at 26-28 levels since I had the share from 48-49 levels as I was afraid of loosing money.

    I do not want to repeat the same mistake wrt Cybertech. Only difference is I don’t have Cybertech in my portfolio unlike Wanbury which I had when it crashed.

    Would u advise that I buy Cybertech at these levels ?


  65. kalubhai says:

    Please share your view on RASOYA PROTEIN.

  66. kalubhai says:

    For long term is it a good buy?

  67. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, can v say the worst is over for orient beverages? Looks like it is rising after reaching two digit price. Worth small accumulations?

  68. Akshay says:

    what are your views on Goldcrest Corporation Ltd.

  69. Ram says:

    Ace what is your view on Inox leisure at cmp? Thanks

  70. Sameer Anand says:

    Hi ACE,
    Which stock or stocks among all the recommended ones has the best chance to take the leap from small cap to mid cap/large cap?


  71. Vicky says:

    Hi Ace,

    Are you tracking Tera software? They are mainly into e-governance. What’s your view? Thanks

  72. Suneetha says:

    All your Recommended Stocks are extremely Good ! But if i have to select only 5 stocks to maintain core & Concentrated portifolio:
    I preferred Prima, Vidhi, Pressman, Aimco, and Simmonds. Plz suggest ! Thanks

  73. Vikash says:

    Hi Ace,

    Are you tracking Tera Software? They are mainly into e-governance. What’s your view? Thanks

    Reposting with another name as it says duplicate comments.

  74. Roshan says:

    Ace y do u think v2 is not going up?do u think it will blast like prima pretty soon?

  75. Kabi says:

    Hi Ace
    Where this correction will end in Nifty but many of small and midcap stocks are performing very well? Is the strong dollar killing our market?

  76. Prabu says:

    Ace , Please advice whether SKM egg products can be bought at these levels.. Thanks…

  77. Prabu says:

    Ace , Please advice whether SKM egg products can be bought at these levels.. Thanks… Prabu

  78. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    Pl. don’t get bored of one more query on Cybertech but it’s a genuine concern for me…..
    Though I think our investment rationale for the stock is quite good but one factors that bothers me is less promotor holding in company (around 38% only). I think while analysing investment potential of any co. we give considerable weightage to this factor. However, this is missing in Cybertech…

    Should not we be cautious for such low promoter’s holding sir ?

  79. kalubhai says:

    Ace ji. What about one of your all time favourite pick “CYBERTECH SYSTEMS”. Bought at 50s. Currently trading at 28…Already I am sitting on double the loss. And because of your exit call for CUPID I lost opportunity of making huge profit. When I will be able to book profit from CYBERTECH? Or shall I book loss and invest in PRIMA Plastics, Vidhi or Freshtrop? I think PRIMA is your potential EICHER motors. What is your view?

    • what do you mean by my exit call on cupid? the call was to book profits and at those prices people were sitting at nearly 150% profits. also, were you comfortable with the points that i raised for cupid? if not then obviously we did the right thing. secondly, what is double the loss for cybertech that you are talking. dont think i understood that. booking loss is your wish but i would not be interested in getting out of cybertech. eevery decline in cybertech makes it better opportunity for me but that is my take. your take could be something else. also, prima and vidhi both are very strong companies and a fresh entry could always be thought in this. but then again, please do your own diligence and not invest just because i feel bullish about the company

      • kalubhai says:

        Sir, with due respect, I am not investing in these gems for profit of 150%. All the shares I have invested in with my research and with your tremendous support, all are already giving me roughly 300% return and I am still holding it. But, yes…On every decline I have accumulated cybertech. Just wanted to know isnt it better to invest in prima, pressman or freshtrop? According to my research PRESSMAN ADVERTISING is the best you have recommended so far along with PRIMA PLASTICS. But the same is not reflecting in its CMP. I am no one to judge to you. But still. You did not mention about freshtrop in your reply.

        • see, selling cybertech at these valuations does not look a good decision to me. on a separate note if you want a fresh entry then yes, prima is good, freshtrop for fresh entry at these point is not very comforting as it the margin of safety is lot less than in a prima but if you already hold it then no question of selling freshtrop. stock prices will sooner or later follow fundamentals, so dont get perturbed by stock prices alone. a lot of readers were perturbed by stock price decline of cupid and see what happened when it came out of T2T? now that they have addressed lot of original concerns retrospectively speaking, i believe stock prices if ignored would have given a lot of us a much better good-night-sleep. so i would only say that if there’s nothing wrong fundamentally in a company then no point worrying about it.

  80. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji…..is Liberty shoes still a buy at CMP for long term or should we be waiting for further correction???????? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!

    • i am bullish on liberty for long term

      • hafizul09 says:

        Thank you Ace ji for quick answer…….I am also bullish on Liberty for two reasons..1)good brand…2)good future growth plan of the management………..however valuation wise Superhouse looks way cheaper that Liberty……….could u pls tell me any negatives regarding Superhouse so that I can ignore Superhouse and invest in Liberty only???? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!11

        • i like liberty for more than one reason, but would like to know apart from valuations why you think superhouse is better? also, valuations are high only for this year, but when the merger/amalgation happens for liberty suddenly the bottonline growth would be massive.

  81. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji….regarding future of Prima Plastic…..There is pressure to ban / restrict plastic use ,for controlling global pollution by save planet by some organizations and activists. Can it affect demand for plastic products downwards and in turn make future of Prima plastic in danger??????

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

    • plastic ban has nothing to do with prima, as prima is not into plastic packaging. its mainly for packaging kind of companies. plastic furniture cannot be replaced by paper or jute chairs πŸ™‚

      • niravkaria says:

        As of sudden people are aggressively buying prima plastics. Not because of this group but many friends have purchased prima and also got to know that many HNI investors have kept an eye on prima. Sir why suddenly. Sorry i know its none of your business to reply this query but just as curiosity sir.

        Further i heard from one of my close friends uncle working in prima plastics that hiring in marketing is going on aggressively and coming out with many new products range with ZERO (mind it) capital infusion. Good for us.

        • well, zero capital infusion is not strange, given its cash rich position, prima was always going to expand with internal accruals especially given its decision to stop/close ACP division. Prima is a strong bet for future and could prove to be a very good compounding machine

      • hafizul09 says:

        πŸ™‚ yeah agree…….however plastic chair can be replaced with wooden chairs but that is unlikely because wood means more cutting of tree which gives us oxygen….so no issues with the future of Prima and we can just relax as of now……I have another small question though…..sometime before crude oil price was very low of at around 45USD….so if I assume Prima has bought huge(way more than normal) amount of crude oil in this quarter(in the expectation that crude price will go up in future and they can use the loaded crude for next 2-3 quarters) then the cost of r/m will be very high and that can hamper the profit of this Q4 and consolidated profit may be below expectation…….is this likely…..??? however even if it happens then in the coming quarters the r/m cost will be far less than normal and profit will be more than expectation..so it should do well in long run…..but my qs is w.r.t the consolidated results….Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!

        • not sure i understood what you wanted to ask but as we have discussed a number of times, no raw mater prices if at all would have a positive impact only. remember how well they performed when the prices were in triple digit and when the price go up the sale price also go up but lets stop discussing this again and again as its not the productive use of our time. please go through all the comments regarding prima to understand more. also, the consolidated numbers are obviously going to be good or else they would not have declared such a huge dividend and with raw material prices going down next year also would be a bumper year for the consolidated number and do not forget that they hardly have any competition in that part of the world. God Bless

        • also wooden furniture cannot really replace plastic furniture. plastic furniture came into existence because of the inherent advantages it has over wooden furniture. to know more read the ARs of Prima or any other plastic furniture company

  82. Sameer says:

    Dear Ace,
    Query: Do you think wanbury is still buy at cmp or we should wait for it to consolidate a bit. I remember when freshtrop was going up like anything you suggested to wait as it was a way too heated up but still it kept on its upward journey. I know price is not in your control but wanted to know your view/gut feeling.
    Genesis of query: Actually I had wanbury at very attractive levels but booked profit ~40 levels. But after its continuous upward movement feeling opportunity loss. Want to keep wanbury in portfolio.


    • see here’s the thing, technically its given a fresh breakout now, so its a buy “technically” but do your own dilligence now and take an entry, or you could wait for some consolidation, the choice is yours.

  83. kalubhai says:

    PRIMA over FRESHTROP for fresh entry? I read somewhere few days back Freshtrop going to zoom to 1000+ in near future. Many other experts (including you) have also recommended Freshtrop in recent times. To be precise,1500 plus also. So, considering long term for 2-3 years, Freshtrop is a much better bet than Prima. Isn’t so? As per my research, I am also pretty convinced regarding Freshtrop. Its surely a high potential stock. Won’t take much time to reach the 1000 mark. πŸ™‚

    Sir, why is it not possible to reply on your comment for the second time? Therefore, commenting separately.

    • NO. I have never ever given any price tragets. Probably you are new reader or else you should know by now, that i do not give any price targets so saying that i have given any price traget for any stock, let alone freshtrop is simply wrong.

      • kalubhai says:

        NO. Sorry. Not a new reader. In my comment I am not saying you have given any price target. But few other people have. And for long term, freshtrop will give a better return than prima.

        • freshtrop is good, but prima is also very good because the margin of safety is a lot more in prima as of now. in a dooms day scenario, prima would have limited downside but freshtrop wont…that’s my take at current valuations…but again both are good but for fresh entry given the much better valuations of prima ..also freshtrop is more prone to regulatory and nature onslaught but not prima…anyways not point comparing such different businesses both are good and the reader should use his/her own style to identify his choice

  84. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji…Thanks for the response regarding Prima…..there is no reply button so posting in a new thread…by the way my qs was…for example for this Q4, Prima needs r/m(crude) of 1cr….but they bought it crude of 5cr as the crude price is low now…so in Q4 r/m price of 5cr. will be deducted from sales to calculate profit right….? if yes then profit might be less in this Q4 as only 1cr crude used and remaining crude of 4cr. still exists which will be used in later but whole 5cr. will be deducted as r/m cost in Q4 to calculate profit…

    • no no no…they do not buy “crude”. would suggest you to go through AR of prima to understand what is their raw material.

      • hafizul09 says:

        Hello Ace ji….yeah they will not buy crude directly but the r/m they need polymer which is by product of crude…so if crude price is lowering then polymer price should also be lowering…….so my question is in general if company buys more r/m than needed for future use which they get it at lower price then current quarter’s profit will be less right…..? the same can happen for Prima as well as polymer price is lower in this quarter……ur view on the same please thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji…Thanks for response to the qs on Liberty……as there is no reply button posting it in a new thread……I am not saying Superhouse is better…….rather its other way around…..Liberty has way better good management than Superhouse…….so I will invest in Liberty only…..but wanted some reason to reject Superhouse as its PE is less than Liberty……by the way from all ur recent(from last 12-18 months) recommendation I like Prima Plastic and Liberty the MOST…and I am sure both are going to do very well business wise and so as the stock price wise……….no more qs as of now….Thanks and God Bless U!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. pruthvi says:

    Copper prices have tumbled the most in almost six years.The lower copper prices will benefit the OEM maker lloyd electric , which uses copper as main raw material.

    Copper prices are at the lowest point since 2009. this will lead to lower expenses and higher net profit. A save of 10 to 15% saving on raw material price will benefit to the air conditioner manufacturer. if this trend continues for year or two. the air conditioning manufacturing companies like lloyd electric and sharp inida (since i think these are are the tow companies trading at lower valuations compared to others in the industry and i feel they are decent buy at these levels)

    Would like to know your view in general on the air conitioner industry?

    Do u still see lthese companies moving to higher leves as a consumer product manufacturer and this industry will grow at a higher CAGR.

    kindly provide your comment

  87. chetan says:

    Dear Ace,
    I have one query regarding aimco pesticide. Aimco debt of around 30 crore in 2011. How did it clear all these debt?? I searched in the AR’s. Not able to get it. Please leave your reply.
    Thanks in advance.
    chetan Biluve

  88. sapi says:

    Hello Ace ,
    What are your views on Tyroon Tea co. ??

  89. Sam says:


    Wanted to take some position in Aimco. Do you think its a good time or would you rather suggest to wait for more consolidation. Also do you think it is still a value stock ?

  90. pruthvi says:

    sir your view on rolta pls.

  91. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji…as there is no reply button to ur reply…posting in a new thread……regarding ur qs
    “if the raw material price is low then why would there be profits be less?? ”
    Raw material price is low , so company can buy more r/m at low price right..? which they will use in future quarters….they can buy more with the expectation that its price may go high in future so they buy it at lower price now…….but when calculating profit for current Q, the price for additional r/m will be deducted from sales to calculate profit right…?
    Giving one simple example: For my business I need r/m of 1cr. in current Q4, but as the r/m price is very low , I bought r/m of 5cr…..so this additional 4 cr. will also be deducted from Q4 sales as r/m cost right…? hopefully qs is clear now………

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!

    • no its not clear to me, why would the cost of raw material be deducted from sales?? also why would you buy raw material for 5 quarters..what makes you say that the price would not go down further ??

      • hafizul09 says:

        Okay…..I bought the r/m for future 4 quarters to take advantage of the lower price currently……regarding deduction of r/m price……all I want to know how the calculation happens when some additional r/m remains in my inventory but current quarter ends…..example: I bought r/m of 1cr. in this Q4 but all are not used….75lakhs used and remaining 25lakhs carry forwarded to next Q1……so when calculating profit of Q4, what will be deducted as r/m price….is it 75lakhs(which I actually used in Q4) or 1cr.(which I bought in Q4)?…if I get ans. to this qs then it will be clear to me….Thx!!!!!!!!!!

        • see, the raw material is converted to inventory and that’s what is used while calcuating P&L and that’s why we got less profits this quarter because of high cost of inventory. now the inventory is low cost starting this quarter and almost everything for next quarter so bottonline would be very good, but overall this minor adjustments keep on going not just in the case of prima but in every company. I would suggest you to search for a course that i had suggest as a blog post and take it…its good for accounting basics

  92. Ravish says:

    Need some updates from you about my portfolio.

    12,500 shares of Sahyadri bought after your call at 90 now down almost 20%
    24,000 shares of Pressman Advertising bought at 35.20 after your call now almost 15% down.
    22,000 shares of Garwale-Wall Ropes Ltd bought at 232 after your call now 16% down.

    I am losing almost 11.60 Lacs on investment of 70 Lacs, Thats like a 17% in just 4 months.

    I will be getting 40 Lacs from a sale of property next week, Should i add them among these stocks to average?

    • well, i give ideas and expect people to buy after their research. when you say that you bought after my call, were you convinced about it or not? also, sahyadri was given at around 88 went down to 66 had also suggested in my comment to average if one was interested, but probably you decided against it. at this point when its hardly 20% down averaging does not make sense. pressman was advised at 29.7rs but you bought it at 35rs again no point in averaging for just 15% down from your purchase price. yes garware wall ropes is down but at these prices its even more attractive. Also, if you cannot take a volatility of 20-30% then you should not invest in small caps ..even large caps can give 30-40% decline in matter of days …volatility is part of stock markets and one should have courage and conviction to take that in their stride. also, i do not see vidhi/prima in your portfolio. one should have a very strong reason to not be invested in these two names. furthermore, its important to understand amount received from sale of property either has to be re-invested in property or in govt-bonds to avoid capital gains tax .. ofcourse there are escape routes but a CA would be more helpful πŸ™‚

  93. Shiny says:

    Awaiting a new recommendation aceji

  94. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji….Thanks for all ur patience and detailed reply….I got it and yes I need some accounting course to take as I am from IT background(did Comp. Sc. in University) and knowledge in this area is not complete………read some basics though from Internet which are very much required like understanding P&L account and other basic thing….anyway Thanks a lot and God Bless U!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. kiran says:

    Your Views on ‘Samkrg Pistons & Rings Ltd’ for long term(3-5 yrs)

  96. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir i have been holding spice jet for a long time . should i sell it to buy aimco . waiting for your kind reply chinmoy

  97. Prabu says:

    Hi Ace, I have a capital of 20 k.. I am planning to buy either one among prima or vidhi.. I am convinced about their business.. But not sure which one should I buy now… I am a small investor and planning to invest in any one among these 2..Please help me in taking call on which one to invest now.. Thanks..

    • think about splitting the amount between the two. also would suggest readers to not write the absolute amount or no. of shares in the queries,

    • also readers should not think of themselves as small/big investors just because someone writes on this blog that they have thousands of shares because as with most online media most of people may just be exaggerating the facts and we have no way of knowing the sanity of their comments. Just be true to your own portfolio and refrain from commenting on absolute number of amount/shares in the portfolio.

      • Prabu says:

        Ace , I am not able to decide between any one among them.. Hence asked u… I am in a learning process and not a person who knows many things in market and should not regret later … I am a budding investor to be honest. Anyway its your wish to answer… However you are my guru for sometime now.. Thanks..

        • if i give a certain preference then people might take it otherwise and start pouncing on me with questions as why i am preferring one over other and then the debate would go to that stock vs other stocks that i have recommended and this takes the debate to unintended places. so pls take your own decision or else make it 50:50 split

      • Prabu says:

        Ace,, Got it.. Thank you..

  98. Roshan says:

    Ace i wanted your views on prima…. what do u think the market value of prima should be at this point in time

    • unfortunately, there’s no scientific way to measure a true value of a stock and that’s why the stocks are always either under priced or over priced. let me ask you this, what do you think should be the market value of prima and why ?

      • Roshan says:

        i got no answer to that ace…what i wanted to understand is how do u determine if its undervalued or not and since u keep saying its at attractive valuations then at what price do u think it will not be at attractive valuations?

        • at 50 PE i would start getting jitters if the stock is not growing fast enough to justify it..now someone optimistic might ask why 50 PE why why not 100 PE and an pessimistic would ask why 50 PE why not 25 PE… well, that’s where markets come into picture where they tell us the true value of stock or atleast gives us a perception…

      • Roshan says:

        yes i know that market sentiments play a role too..but i needed ur opinion on it..and thanks for it πŸ™‚

  99. Rajendra says:

    I am accumulating Orient Green Power and want it to be a big portion of my portfolio. I am convinced about the long term story of the stock. Need your guidance please or u can call it little assurance.

  100. sapi says:

    Ace ,
    Please let me know your views on Premier Polyfilms and swadeshi ind.

  101. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Greetings Sir!

    Just for the purpose of diversification of portfolio, I am planning to invest in pharma sector… Could you please suggest a few pharma stocks that can be invested at current prices…

  102. Shobhit Agrawal says:

    Dear Sir

    I Want ur views on RCF, Logix MIcro, Kesoram industries.

    • not interested in RCF and kesoram…for logix….if its auto portal valuation game has to pick up it has to start now at these prices.. or else there’s not much to it…its more a play on technicals and valuation gap of its auto portal than anything else

  103. Rajeev says:

    Sir, What do you think Dr. Agarwal eye hospital ?

  104. babubhai11 says:

    Ace ji , what is your opinion on BSL LIMITED and MIC.I have invested a lot on these shares and Q3 results were also very good but it is still on negative market.

  105. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, any new pick scheduled for this week?

  106. Sam says:


    Your views on Sintex and Wonderla at CMP.


  107. Mukund says:

    Hi Ace, do you recommend fresh entry in Vidhi or wait for consolidation?

  108. Pravin Bhai says:

    Dear Ace,
    After hike in FDI cap in Insurance from 26 to 49%, what are your views Reliance Capital (CMP – 476) and Max India (CMP- 467) with a long term horizon.
    Thanks and regards,
    Pravin Bhai

  109. sangram says:

    In this correction what is in your buying list bro

  110. Akshay says:

    can fresh buy be made in cybertech?

  111. kalubhai says:

    Ace ji. Few days back your were saying people wont get opportunity to accumulate PRIMA again at 45-50 level in reply to my comment.
    “when it was at 50 noone bothered….i would suggest buying at CMP as it has given some retracement after going up…its very attractive levels..”
    I bought at CMP that day (62). What is your view now? Shall I accumulate when it touch 45 again by friday?

    • its good that you quoted me. now “your” message and my “reply” was posted on 13mar at 2:40 pm and at that time the stock was quoting at 57rs and at no point after that did it go beyond 57.85rs, so how did you manage to buy the stock at 62rs then ? Also, just because you or I have invested in the stock does not mean the stock would never go down. Please do not have malafide intentions while posting or do not invest in the stock if you are not comfortable yourself. the stock went up on massive volumes and is coming down on wafer thin volumes… any stock that goes up 30% in a couple of days “can” come down a bit and its normal and its expected that small cap investors are able to take this kind of volatility

      • Niranjan says:

        Hi ace,

        Good point. I have been pondering on that as when a stock moves up on heavy volumes and corrects on lower volume, is that a bullish sign of strong hands holding the stock? Or one shouldn’t read much into it?


        • according to technicals, if the stock goes up on heavy volumes and comes down on lower volumes its a bullish sign (also should be looked in conjunction with delivery volumes)… and we also saw that on the circuit day over 80k shares were taken delivery of… again this is not my theory but just plain technicals as any technical guy could confirm this.

  112. Mallika says:

    Ace sir, please share your view on Tata Teleservice and Tata Communications?

  113. Manny says:


    I am new to your blog. Found some of your recent recommendations at below or near the price you have mentioned. Adding those in an SIP manner. However one small doubt . Since you have never given any exit recommendations from you , how should an investor look for the exit levels of the stocks.

  114. Akshay says:

    Today There was an article TItled “Smart Cities project likely to be rolled out next month”, as per this news, government will Launch Smart Cities Initiatives from next month. This will be beneficial for cybertech??

  115. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, can MAN Industries be picked as an infrastructure bet? India’s self styled Warren Buffet has also taken a “fat” stake in it.

  116. gaurang says:

    ir is Kilitch Drug a classic case of undervaluation as performancewise its profits and turnover has already doubled compared to LY within 9 months of CY, it has cash bal of Rs30/-share and reserves of more than 100cr. company did well between 2008 to 2011 and then sold its few plants to multinational and paid 300% spl div to shareholders in 2012 now since last few quarters growth is also good also no debt, no pledge, promoter stake 65% with good management credentials so then why stock should be at 35 when markets in bull run? It also owns land and assets worth hundreds of crores, have i missed some aspect pls guide Sir.

  117. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, purely form a price perspective which is more attractive at CMP – Cybertech or Aimco. Please advise.

  118. Rajeev says:

    Sir, what do you think of United Drilling tools. It has brought out good quarterly results. It was on upper circuit for two weeks. Now it is being traded at 105.

  119. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, the write-up on Prima was titled “Mega Multibagger in the making”. It would mean how many times would it grow?

    • as mentioned earlier numerous times on this blog, i do not give any targets. if the earnings growth continue like this, there’s no reason that on back of this earnings growth and PE re-rating why the stock would not go up multi-fold.

  120. sangram says:

    Hi ace bro how are you today. Please share Your views on Il&fs engineering. After this small price drop can it be bought with long term view

  121. Remil says:

    Aimco Vs Excel Industries . Which one will you prefer for a long term holding ?

    • there’s no doubt that i prefer aimco

      • PS says:

        What make you feel so. Excel Ind is a diversified company with interest in Pharma, Veterinary medicine, chemicals, Biocides. Any reason for your high conviction on Aimco. Personally I have invested heavily in Aimco.

        • aimco is more focussed in agrochemicals … and excel “industries” is, as you rightly pointed out more diversified. i am extremely upbeat of future of agrochemicals and would rather focus on a specialist like aimco in that. also aimco is doing very well and is available at good valuations

  122. Akshay says:

    do you see further consolidation in Rajoo and VIdhi?

  123. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, is the new stock recommendation canceled for this week?

  124. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji…I am well aware of the fact that u do not give buy calls here…..but I need one suggestion from u…….at CMP fresh entry will be better in which one……Liberty Shoes or Waterbase?…I am convinced in both the stories but currently want to enter only one for having less fund…will enter other one as and when get fresh fund…Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

    • split the funds between the two. you have chosen the right companies.

      • hafizul09 says:

        Thanks Ace ji…i liked both but Liberty a little bit more….because of its brand and excellent growth plan—i have seen you calculations on the same in 2nd blog of Liberty wherein EPS of 29 is expected….even if it becomes 20 then also it will become more than double as TTM EPS is 8.4….but then do not want to miss Waterbase as well as it has corrected a lot and then consolidating for a long time…so break out should be sooner or later….however i am not aware of any growth plan of waterbase and also capacity utilization %…if you have any info. on growth plan of Waterbase then please share the info……Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

    • Mallika says:

      prima dude prima

      • hafizul09 says:

        Hello Mallika ji…we were discussing regarding Liberty and Waterbase….however as u mentioned Prima then i disclose that I am already invested in Prima Plastic and Thanks goes to Ace ji for the story on the same!!!!!!! Its one of my best company having in portfolio!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!

  125. chetan says:

    Dear Ace,
    What is your view on INOX WIND IPO??

  126. mta says:

    Hi ace

    wats ur view on orchid chemicals


  127. awesomejoe says:

    wow, what a call on logix… straight 10% … as a trader i made huge amount of money without any investment.. this is the second time i followed your call (after simmonds call – missed your last prima call) and wow… thanks man.. i have sent you an email also, please let me know if you provide any paid services. I am really interested .. and this time i did bet big πŸ™‚

  128. Sam says:


    Want to make fresh entry to V2Retail.. Is this good time or wait for more consolidation and results ?

  129. Bhavik Mehta says:

    Neulands Lab, whats the view?

  130. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, waiting eagerly for the new pick. Is it tomorrow?

  131. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji…i have convinced on the Waterbase story after reading your blog on the same only.. πŸ™‚ i have already gone through the same………you have mentioned regarding the growth(with not much of capex) in the blog however not in the % term…like u have mentioned for Vidhi 40% expansion is on the cards….i want the % term for the Waterbase as well which will help me become more convinced on the growth and potential to become future multi bagger……. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

  132. Kabi says:

    Hi Ace
    What is your view on Lyka Labs?

  133. kiran says:

    Hi Ace,
    Can you pls share your view’s on ‘Amines & Plasticizers Ltd.’?

  134. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, what are the EPS estimates (consolidated) for Cybertech for this and if possible next Financial Year?

    • i am not interested in the overseas subsidiary as i have mentioned in the stock story and my numerous comments as i believe its local business would be way higher than its overseas business, which is nothing but outsourcing. my interest in cybertech is based on it “products” business which is extremely promising.

  135. Sam says:


    Your views on Rajesh Exports please.


  136. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, please suggest technical levels (support etc) for Cybertech & Aimco.

    • this blog is not about technicals and that is the wrong way to look at stocks… cybertech is at support levels and lower end of support is 26.5 (which is a pretty strong support levels) also i do not wish to keep on commenting on technicals. for aimco i had already said that since its broken key support of 60, let it consolidate for fresh entry but for people already holding there’s no point to worry and also its important to understand that i would not be responding on technical queries …if at all i am comfortable i would share the levels myself because everybody is becoming a short term trader. do not want this blog to go in that direction…. God bless

  137. tiwarianeesh says:

    Hi Ace,
    Your views on Strides Arcoloab please.

    Thank you.

  138. Hafeez says:

    ace brother today another blogger gave waterbase and vindicated your stand.. congratulations it is wonderful to buy

    • would appreciate if we do not discuss other blog here pls. God Bless

      • Hafeez says:

        Not about that ace pra.. but the thing that you were the first to pick waterbase and the masses are now following.. i think it is time for waterbase to breakout above 59 chart pattern.

        • i dont think the breakout is coming in waterbase, it should stay at 52-53 levels for some more time. Furthermore, i think this is a wrong way to look at things. just because i spotted it first does not mean i own the stock or everytime someone else covers it he has to credit me. no its not like it. as you said in the earlier post, the only way to see it is (or the way i like to see it is) that others are also feeling comfortable about it and therefore, stock getting more acceptability and therefore respect and is another vindication of our belief.

      • Hafeez says:

        there is a triangle pattern breakout on the daily charts above 58.50 triangle are very accurate and useful in short-term trading i have personal experience in trading these patterns and i can say above 58.50 waterbase can shoot up to 100.

        • ok, for some reason i do not see it (and do not agree with the levels that you are pointing)… and according to me it should stay at the levels that i told you…lets see now… also lets not get obsessed with technicals also.. god bless

      • Sachin Prabhakar says:

        This looks strange… ace should I exit waterbase you do not sound optimistic at all.

      • Sachin Prabhakar says:

        the fact that you are sounding pessimistic about waterbase is very strange i think i have to exit and shift to cybertech or some other stock.

        • your wish sir. i am very bullish on waterbase but your own opinion matters most. do what your heart says because that’s most important, but give due consideration to what your brain says too…God Bless

  139. himanshu.a.s says:

    hello sir. just started your blog and comments reading recently. i am very much interested in wanbury. read your resesrch article and very hard work on wanbury. can i enter at these rate.?

    • see, the stock is a turnaround stock and turnaround stocks need patience. if you are ok, then its obviously a wonderful stock and any decline in the stock could be used to accumulate the stock, but again research it very well as with any other company that you might want to invest in. God Bless

  140. himanshu.a.s says:

    as i am interested in aimco , cybertech and prima too. how much proportionate can i buy and divide in these stocks. i.e. wanbury , aimco ; cybertech and prima. thnx.

    • see, i cannot do portfolio construction for anyone, that you have to do for yourself. you have chosen right stocks though. also look at vidhi as it looks to have a good margin of safety because of dividend just like prima and probably a cybertech

      • Sameer Anand says:

        Garware Walll Ropes seems be forgotten by you ACE. Much better than Aimco, Wanbury etc.

        • no its not forgotten, but the gentleman has chosen some stocks for himself and i gave him my take on those stocks. why should we push one stock over other. also its unfair to compare 40-50cr company with 400cr company but no doubt garware wall ropes is a class act just like DHP, V2 etc…

  141. himanshu.a.s says:

    thanks sir for your valuable advice.

  142. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, is it safe to assume that a new pick is coming tommorrow?

  143. Akshay says:

    Whats ur view on rajoo appointed Mr. Kirit Ratanashi Vachhani as Additional Director in the category of Non-Executive Independent Director of the Company

  144. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Hello Sir… Since quite a few of the stocks have taken a hit.. is it the right tym to buy shares like sahyadri, cybertech and vidhi… Or is it advisable to let them consolidate further… My purchase price is quite high for these stocks.. 94; 67 and 21 respectively… I know it is not possible for you to advise individual portfolios, but i feel i am quite stuck at this point.. hope u would reply to my query…

    • yes, you can take a plunge in some of the shares which you like at this point.

      • Nikhil Biswas says:

        Thank u sir… vidhi i am confident.. but i am a bit wavery over cybertech, sahyadri and v2.. could u please suggest if i can invest in these at current levels?

        • i already replied to your question. if you yourself are a bit wary about v2 and sahyadri and cybertech then i suggest to listen to your heart and invest in something else then..no harm in that also.you can also wait for another pick then i plan to post in this weekend. i mean choice should be yours and only yours is my opinion

      • Nikhil Biswas says:

        Thank u πŸ™‚

  145. Kabi says:

    Dear Ace
    Though global indices are performing well but nifty is beaten down on every rise. Could you share why such sell off happening?

  146. rdx111 says:

    What is your take on pharma counters like ajanta pharma,shilpa medicare n granules after todays correction..the indian mid cap pharma has great potential for the next few yrs..your take on this..
    And regarding Vidhi is debt on it’s books is not a worrying factor?

  147. Kavi says:

    dear ace,what is the call on sms pharma?

  148. Sushmita Saha says:

    Hi Aceji,

    I have been a silent reader of ur blog… Congratulations on ur great work… I couldn’t purchase any of ur recos earlier owing to liquidity crunch… Now that I have decent money to invest and the prices have corrected, could u please suggest any stocks which are currently trading at mouth watering levels with only a limited downside from here…

    Thanks in advance… Hope u have a great weekend..

    • come out with a list of stocks that you are most interested in and then we can try to nail it. also this weekend i’ll try to come up with a Name This Gem stock, which IMHO is also one of the best and undiscovered company, so you can look at that also. this company is also technically super strong at the moment…

      • Sameer Anand says:

        The suspense is killing me ACE!! Eagerly awaiting the new pick. I held back my buying on Friday in ancipation of new pick.

      • Sushmita Saha says:

        Thank u sir, for giving me the opportunity to learn in the process and not spoon feeding me.. I like v2 retail, vidhi, sahyadri.. but i am not sure about the potential downside associated… Knowing that would help me be more patient as I am not a huge risk taker..

  149. Jp says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please give your views on Elder Pharmaceuticals, which is the one of the stocks declining throughout the year..

  150. Suneetha says:

    Plz share ur view on Black rose Industries. Thanks in advance

  151. shreeux says:

    Hi ACE,

    Your views on AXISCADES Engg & Stampede Capital.,

    • axiscades is good, stampede is not for everyone, as its business needs to be understood fully, so be very very careful before entering. disc – stampede is some part of my trading portfolio for some time now.

  152. Rehan says:

    Sir apart from market correction , is there any fundamental reason for Aimco’s fall ?

    • nothing really. maybe market is interested in knowing the intentions behind the increase in authorized capital. the markets are probably interested to see if there’s any equity dilution

  153. Roshan says:

    Ace ur views on Emmessar Biotech

  154. Gopal says:

    Hi Ace, What is the target price we can expect in case of Wanbury?? Few days ago it touched to Rs 80/- and now its around Rs 55/-.

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