Tirupati Sarjan Ltd.

Background: Tirupati Sarjan is a Gujarat based company involved in creating civil infrastructure like construction (government tendering) and real estate (housing and affordable housing) though majority of its revenue come from government contracts. The company was incepted in 1995 and has quickly grown through the ranks. Later in 2006, the company also set up a subsidiary (Tirupati Development Uganda Limited – TDUL). Tirupati has so far completed and delivered over 2000 projects in India consisting of residential estates, commercial shopping complexes, recreational parks and educational, all on time deliveries (as claimed by company). The india entity has been growing relatively fast w.r.t to industry for last so many years especially in last five years despite the fact that the entire industry was struggling. The Uganda subsidiary has so far contributed very less to the company’s consolidated topline but has been generating nearly half of company’s bottomline proving the kind of margins the subsidiary is enjoying. Last year has been a path breaking year for the subsidiary as it bagged quite a few high impact orders and therefore, is expected to change the entire facet of the earnings profile in the coming years.

The company has been bagging contract very consistently and have been executing them in time within budget . In Uganda TDUL has also completed quite a few projects in the last 7-8 yrs and has now become one of the most well-known construction company in Uganda where they focus on government sponsored civil infrastructure and real estate development, both high-end and affordable housing. The company TDUL has a different business model where they focus on “Build and Transfer Ownership” rather than “Build and Rent”. Recently apart from building a hospital, the company signed a MoU with the Government of Uganda, to build business and industrial park in 6 major cities of Uganda. The revenue would start accruing from this year for next three years (the timeline for project execution is given on the TDUL website – the link provided below).This should change the earnings profile of the company and given that its coming at good bottmline, the earnings should get a strong fillip. Furthermore, this should help in understanding TDUL better (http://www.thepromota.co.uk/tirupati-most-successful-property-developer-in-uganda-fosters-a-business-and-home-ownership-mentality/). The company’s consolidated revenue has grown from 44.5 cr in FY 09 to 137cr in FY 14 and profits have grown from 3cr to 8.79cr during the same period. During the present nine months of this FY the company’s standalone revenues have grown 12% from 87cr to 98cr and profits have grown 69% from 2.8cr to 4.74cr. Company present’s consolidated results annually.

Valuations: The company is trading extremely cheap at 4 time FY 14 consolidated PE with market cap to sales ratio of around 0.25 whereas the other companies in the same sector are trading at high double digit PEs and 2-3 times sales to market cap. The company has cash on their books which is nearly 40% of its market cap. Though the company has debt on its standalone balance sheet but has almost equal amount of cash on its books as well. The cash was kept to back the financial bids for their projects and keeping debt also gives them tax benefit. Further, the consolidated balance sheet has higher debt on account of debt taken for different projects and to fund their “Build and Transfer Ownership” model, a glimpse of which has been given in the above mentioned interview link . Though, opaquely the consolidated debt may seem high but the company has interest coverage of 2.5 times (without  even considering the cash balance) Furthermore, given that bottomline we have seen so far in the first nine months of this FY and expected earnings, the present interest coverage of 2.5 times would get even better.. Promoters have almost 49.63 (without any pledge), have allocated themselves 92lac warrants at rs 11 and still buying from the open markets. The company rewarded the shareholders whenever the going has been good. Fy13 was slightly below par (as per company’s standard but way better than industry) and the company had to compromise on margins to bag orders and therefore, cash was retained. Interesting, unlike the industry, the company recovered very smartly in next FY (i.e FY14) and margins and revenue both grew (YoY) though the cash was still retained to beef up the fiscal position of the company which is reflected with cash on books (and also for the reason mentioned above). The company also has a high tax payout, industry leading return ratios, which along with cash on books reflects the quality and sanity of the earnings. A couple of concerns that exists is regarding inventory and contingent liabilities. Inventory is not too much of a concern right now, as its mostly real estate inventory and there are hardly any loans are taken against it. The value of this real-estate should appreciate over time, but investors should keep a tab to see inventory cleanup in the next few FYs. Yes, contingent liabilities is a bit of concern, though company is contesting it, investors should keep a track of it and we’ll have to see that it does not become the norm. But then, at 4 times Trailing PE all these concerns are grossly priced-in. More importantly given the kind of growth that is expected to come in next couple of years, we are getting huge margin of safety at the current prices. Let’s also not forget that promoters are very bullish on the company –warrants + regular open market buying makes us investors believe that the promoters are extremely bullish about the company.

Technicals: Solid. Though the markets are tanking, this stock has refused to give up even an inch and is in fact ending on green even when there is market carnage. Needless to say technically the stock is simply solid at the moment and is also trading above all of its Simple Moving Averages.

The company has one of the best return ratios and margins in the industry, is effectively debt-free and has shown strong growth over the years and the trend is only expected to strengthen moving forward. The company is backed by very smart management and deserves a much higher valuation. At the current price of 15.2 rs this looks to be an interesting bet for the short to medium term.

Please do not rush into this illiquid stock and let the price settle.




Disclaimer: No holding in the stock, but it is safe to assume that I may or may not invest in future. Also, the above stock view is my personal view in individual capacity. For rest, please look at the About page.

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  1. Prashant says:

    Ace ji….Please share your view on Aro granite. Bought it at 90. Still holding it.

    • your buying price is very high, the stock was recommended at rs 66. at the moment, no change from my original views

      • Prashant says:

        I wanted to hear what you say. Actually I bought at 67 P CMP is 58. After 6-7 months of great journey from 66 to 57.4. Now, please share your view.

        • how can we know that now you are telling the truth? anyways, anything fundamentally wrong you see the company? also, if you knew that a 10-15% decline you cannot see, then why didnt you sell when you had 45% profits? when we say we buy for long term, then 6 months is nothing and if you cannot take a hit then you should stay in FD. Again, anything wrong fundamentally that you see ?

        • bingo says:

          that’s sounds so silly. i am sure you do not even have a single share. @aceji, you should not post such jokers comments on this blog and simply ignore. These kind of people do not add value to this blog.

  2. Sushmita Saha says:

    Sir.. ITC has hit a 52 week low.. does it make it attractive at cmp? Also, which one is a better pick at current prices… Poddar Developers or Ashiana Housing?

    • i am not too keen on ITC, but if someone is interested he/she should try to get it at around 310-320.

      • Sushmita Saha says:

        Thank u sir… Also, ashiana housing or poddar developers.. which one is better?

      • Sushmita Saha says:

        It is very surprising that u r not keen on ITC… could u please help us newbees analyse companies… i always thought it enjoyed huge market share and had pricing power.. the only drawback being excise and other taxes..

      • Sushmita Saha says:

        Sir.. I like ITC more.. because ITC has very less competition.. VST industries is a close second but even that is way behind… TCS has a lot of competition from Wipro, Infosys, etc. Cigarettes being an addiction won’t be stopped by people, even if prices increase.. IT sector I feel has no pricing power that way…

        Sir, I might be completely wrong.. I just said what appeared common sense to me.. Please excuse if it is sounding very stupid..

        • first of all, there’s nothing wrong or right in debates, its all opinions and everyone should have it. anyways back to it, inspite of great pricing power, here we are, TCS which doesn “not” have pricing power has given around 2.5 times higher returns in last 5-6 yrs than ITC which has tremendous pricing power. I for one beleive firmly that pricing power is not mandatory to create wealth, yes its fantastic to have but if the pricing power is constantly being challenged, there’s a limit to which it can be help. if the prices are hiked way beyond nominal GDP growth (inflation included) there would be severe side effects in the long run. see, we are already seeing volume de-growth in cigarettes and its obvious. i mean puchasing power of people go up by X and prices by X+20% , its bound to take a toll. given the total onslaught of this goverment against smoking, the future would always be challenged for ITC and therefore, i would prefer a safer bet if i am in blue chips. i mean if i want risk why not small caps? having said this, ITC is decent, is always a good investment at “right” prices. i like ITC’s FMCG business a lot too.

      • Sushmita Saha says:

        Thank u sir… This was a learning in the true sense… Hats off to ur patience! 🙂

  3. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    What about Texmo Pipes? current level to accumulate?

  4. Shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    What about TEXMO PIPES? Current level to accumulate or stay away?

  5. Jp says:

    Hi Ace,

    Could you please give your views on Bombay Burmah?

    Thanks & Rgds,

  6. Rajendra says:

    Please guide on Sterlite technologies. I’ve been holding it for sometime @ 53. I can hold for a longer term.

  7. There are 2 insider sells in past 6 months

  8. nicegem007 says:

    Geometric saw a great action today….any comments?

  9. sangram says:

    Do you expect ongoing onslaught of midcap and smallcap to continue. But quiet a contrast picture on cnx smallcap index. It has actually broked on upper side of range and now retesting the breakout zone.

    • hey buddy…. do not track the small caps at index level but yes, a bit of collateral damage would come. i would suggest to selectively look at stocks that you are interested in and buy it at right support levels

  10. Sorry, guys, i am travelling across time zones and therefore, will not have access to internet for last 10 hrs and would continue to do so for next few hours as well. will try to reply selectively whenever i get access to internet. pls mail me if anything urgent you want to discuss.

  11. Shilpi22 says:

    Ace sir, what is your view on mold-tek packaging, is it at attractive levels for a fresh entry

  12. vimal says:

    What is the reason for daily fall in DHP India? any support there

  13. sangram says:

    Ace bro no disclosures this time around 🙂

  14. Jitesh says:

    what about cybertech…i am in huge loss of approx 57%…when can we expect some fire in this script?

    • hello jitesh. this one might need a lot of patience it seems. fundamentally theres no change that i know of. by the way i believe you were invested in wanbury too and if you had averaged wanbury you should be sitting on 55% gains by now. What it tells us is that if we research the company well, there’s always money to be made. did you get in touch with cybertech to check if there’s anything going on there ?

      • Jitesh says:

        Yes i have investment in wanbury as well and covered the losses but not gained 55%…just sitting on 13-14% gain as the purchase price was not averaged..talking about cybertech…they don’t revert on emails…i simply asked why the company’s stock price is tanking down so much, no revert till date…

        • rather than asking about stock price why dont you ask about business. it will help you predict about the business and can find out if the price that you are getting now makes good value investment for you are not. would suggest you to get these kind of queries written in your email

  15. Akshay says:

    have a safe journey

  16. Akshay says:

    how much more correction are you expecting in Cybertech as it has broken the support level of 26 as previously told by you

  17. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Whats your view on “Future consumer enterprise Ltd” at current CMP?

    Thank you in advance

  18. afzal says:

    what is ur take on suzlon will u see a trunaround

  19. Suneetha says:

    IL&FS looks attractive @ these levels 78 , should i buy, plz suggest !

  20. merajask says:

    Ace sir your vies about sterling biotech & support to nifty after today,s correction

  21. Suneetha says:

    I am convinced but need ur suggestion reg IL&FS

  22. piyush says:

    Hey Ace , wrt Rajoo engineers is it good time to average out at current CMP . I have holding from 16

    • averaging is not done at just 15% decline man…

      • piyush says:

        Thanks for quick reply Ace. still learning and a long way to go 🙂

        • its at strong support levels. i would also suggest you to talk to company and find out why did some directors/promoters sold earlier .. also its interesting to note there was some bulk deal few days back where someone bought around 4lac shares… but do bug the company find out more about business and try to predict the kind of performance that is expected to come in near future. Just my two cents

  23. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    Can you please let me know your opinion on “IL&FS engineering and construction” .
    Seems to be some descent correction in it . I have seen your comments on 21st Feb to one of readers on it . Do you see infra story can bring in bumper returns from it .

    By the way I already see a good opportunity in Aimco (No position till now) and V2,FF,Prima(all I had entry previosuly)

    Thanks & Regards.,

  24. Jp says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please give me your views on Mirza International.

    Thanks & Regards,

  25. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    Your opinion on Dion Global please….Business is growing steadily and it has got good pedigree..

  26. afzal says:

    why aimco falling like a knife

  27. sangram says:

    Ace what’s happening with cybertech . each and every time we think it has hit bottom it sinks again . same happening with Vidhi also although Vidhi looks way better. Why this gems are been thrown away at throw away prices.

    • technically vidhi is very strong, so lets not take it to cybertech league because as mentioned earlier cybertech is weak. the entire market is being murdered and there would be damage to some stocks, that’s understood.

  28. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, v2kart ecommerce site is now active! hurray! check out http://www.v2kart.com

    • great…thanks for the update

      • indianbull10 says:

        Ace, today’s VMART interview – “Basically, we have been spending almost Rs 1450-1500 a sqft for our stores. When we open a store of a size of 8,000 sqft, typical capex investment is of around Rs 1.2-1.3 crore and then over that we put the inventory as working capital. So, the working capital investment and plus the capex would total around Rs 20 million for a particular store.”

        So to open a store of 8000 sqft, approx 2cr is required. V2 is gonna get 32cr from BCCL. So in theory, RC Agarwal can open 16 new stores, which will take the store tally to 32! Plus ecommerce to kick in. He is walking the talk this time!!!!

      • Prem says:

        wow…its happening. what a news thanks Ace for this Gem and thankss indiabull10 for this news.

        • actually, its thanks to indiabull10 for being so passionate about the company he owns.there’s a lot to be learnt from this dilligent attitude of his.

          • indianbull10 says:

            Ace, thank you for your kind words! but its something that I have learnt from you. Invest in the business, track the developments of the company, and let the markets take care of price action! So THANK YOU for educating people like me to be investors in a “business”.

            • indianbull10 says:

              Ace, liked the way u said – so passionate about the company he “owns” 🙂 after all we are shareholders of the companies and in a way owners too! 🙂

            • great. i am glad that this blog facilitated atleast one person to became a better investor. If you continue doing this in an unbiased manner, then you have no idea how high you can go and in the process grow your bank balance too 🙂 I am sure losing money would now be a misnomer for you in markets..god bless my friend.

              • indianbull10 says:

                Ace, this is the first time in my investing tenor that I have felt so relaxed even when the markets have tanked lately. Its the confidence of being invested in a business(thats turning around and growing) thats helping me remain calm and relaxed. I know price action will follow the company growth. Its through your blog that I learnt what conviction means. So you helped me become a better investor. Thank you again for the work you have been doing. God Bless dear Ace.

            • indianbull10 says:

              Ace, read the below:

              Preferential Allotment basis, the 01

              (One) Convertible Warrant (hereinafter referred to as the “Warrant”) to M/s Bennett Coleman And Company Limited

              (hereinafter referred as Warrant holder) other than Promoter and/or Promoter Group for a value of Rs. 325,000,000 (Thirty Two

              Crores fifty Lacs only) to be convertible at the option of Warrant holder in one or more tranches, with such warrant carrying

              an option/entitlement to subscribe to equity shares of the face value of Rs. 10.00 each for cash at a minimum premium of Rs.

              29.62 each in exchange of such Warrant for a total consideration of Rs. 325,000,000 (Thirty Two Crores fifty Lacs only) within a

              maximum period of 18 months from the date of issue of Warrant

      • Ravi says:

        I am little bit worried about this ecomm business of V2retail, It is just a observation regarding all the Ecomm players that they have not broke even when it comes to the profit making. IMHO if v2 goes after spending a huge amount in advertising then the same faith awaits it too. On the other hand if it consider it as a new store and spends on various fronts accordingly then it can create a buzz in Ecomm like few company have made…….in this sector.

  29. indianbull10 says:

    Ace, today’s VMART interview – “asically, we have been spending almost Rs 1450-1500 a sqft for our stores. When we open a store of a size of 8,000 sqft, typical capex investment is of around Rs 1.2-1.3 crore and then over that we put the inventory as working capital. So, the working capital investment and plus the capex would total around Rs 20 million for a particular store.”

    So to open a store of 8000 sqft, approx 2cr is required. V2 is gonna get 32cr from BCCL. So in theory, RC Agarwal can open 16 new stores, which will take the store tally to 32! Plus ecommerce to kick in. He is walking the talk this time!!!!

  30. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Is this wise to invest in any Stocks at present market correction Or simply wait for some more time to correct (as market experts said no catalyst as of now to bullish on market).

    Why am i asking was, this is the time most of the Corporate employers (retail investors) would be getting surplus amount of money (includes annual bonus, medical bills reimbursement and LTA) in this month and they would be very in tempting mood to invest at current CMP.

    OR we should just keep on investing valuable fundamental stocks which we belive in at current CMP without bothering of further fall down?? (as because we are long term investors).

    Thank you in advance

    • normally, i look at the stock before deciding on whether to enter that stock or not rather than looking at nifty. The reason is that a lot of stocks are way higher right now than they were at 8800 and vice versa too… so look at stocks and then decide.

  31. mesh says:

    hi ace
    Cybertech likely to finish bear run
    above 27 rocket
    crossing 32 will confirm bottom …..
    similar stock to cybertech is Harrison malya
    i wany your opinion on Harrison malyalam

  32. pruthvi says:

    sir, kindly recommend another pick in pharama sector like wanbary. a turn around story.

  33. vivek says:

    pls share your view on Gujarat Automotive gears

  34. pruthvi says:

    sir , like to know your view on meghamani organics ?

  35. pruthvi says:

    any small/mid bank you see which is worth a buy at cmp sir for long term

  36. pruthvi says:

    thank you sir. your view on pujab and sindh bank. what is wrong with this bank? . is it a value buy or more pain is there in long term?

  37. bingo says:

    Thanks ace…made 20% here….booked out…

    • totaslsiyapaa says:

      by the way, tirupati sarjan on friday it gave a weekly close on a new high and also above a key multi-year resistance, and now its gone into a fresh bull territory… ace ji, pls publish my comment

      • Prashant says:

        @bingo…You are a trader. Not an investor. There is no place for people like you in this blog. You are violating the basic preaching of Aceji. Its because of people like you Ace ji is not able to recommend good stocks since past few months.

  38. pruthvi says:

    your view on SUBEX please. i know its a risky one. but is it a turnaround company? do you see value in it. a good long term bet at cmp?

  39. kamalmandy says:

    sir. Madhucon is performing well in power sector and planning to be debt free in year or two. The company is available at less than 400 cr market cap. In construction it is planning to execute 1350 cr projects.

  40. Armaan says:

    Hi Ace, you views on Avanti feeds?

  41. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji…I have one query regarding Prima……on consolidated basis: last 5years cumulative net profit is 23.5Cr.(from FYI 10 -14 :4.26 ,2.86, 3.75 ,5.08 ,7.60 ) BUT the cumulative CFO for the same period is only 13.66cr(4.35 ,1.31, 1.77, 3.93 ,2.30 )…which is only 58%……which does signify either
    1)Prima is not able to collect the 42% money from its customers or
    2)Profits shown are fictitious
    In both cases its a danger sign for long term investors……..Your view on the same please…

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!

    • we have discussed about prima’s cash flows in details on this blog last year. please look at it. anyways, just to take your point further, this logic of using cash flows to declare a company either useless/fraud is very flawed. anything without context loses it meaning. Please do the same calculations for stock like say, page or infosys etc and you’ll understand what i mean. also, there’s a link to a course on finance and accounting that i had posted on the blog and i guess it would be a good idea to go through it

  42. Armaan says:

    Hi Ace, I am new to stock market and am doing some analysis of my own. I want to collect the last 5 year EPS of a company on daily basis. Can you or someone on this blog suggest me how to go about it?

  43. sangram says:

    Hi ace what’s your views on bdh industries

  44. Sam says:


    Your views on microsec financial services ltd at CMP.


  45. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, please share your views on RPG LifeSciences .

  46. Shobhit says:

    Dear Ace,
    Why freshtrop is seeing a free fall from (170 to 120) ??
    I think fundamentally it is very sound stock..
    I have 500 share @ 160..
    Shall I average now or wait for few more days!!

    • what did the company say about the rains impact on the business?

    • Bhadra says:

      Not the right time to accumulate. It will soon touch 70 again. Then accumulate. Right Ace sir?

      • it looks you can fortell the future … why you need to confirm from me then ?

        • Bhadra says:

          I am not confirming anything from you. Its the price pattern for all your suggested stocks. Kindly update a list if you have time with recommended price and CMP like VP sir. I am sure you wont do that. 🙂

          • had already done and therefore, no need to do it every month. secondly, once a stock is recommended the decision of buying and selling both are part of investor/trader’s sense. i will not do any portfolio management here. if a stock goes up 4-5 times and then somebody complains of losing money its their portfolio strategy that needs tuning. and lastly we do not discuss other blogs here sir. God Bless

            • Bhadra says:

              Exactly, I expected this reply to Mr. Shobhit. Once a stock is recommended the decision of buying and selling both are part of investor/trader’s sense. Then why are you asking the impact of rains on FT fruits. Let him decide when to average and how much by himself. Are you willing to manage his portfolio?

              • no, i want people to research and that’s what is asked on this blog. clearly are new to this and with the “quality” of your question you are here with a pre-conceived notion. Thanks for your time here. God Bless

              • Shobhit says:

                Mr. Bhandra please mind your own business. “Jab do Bade log baat krte hai toh chote logo ko muh baand rakhna chaiye..”
                I never asked any suggestion from you so please don’t poke your nose in between.
                Moreover you should study FF business rather than giving unrealistic targets.!!

          • Prashant says:

            Dear Bhadra,
            looks you are not aware of what happening around ? If not atleast check news and recent update on weather. Its natural that it will impact investors sentiments .
            Please don’t expect ACE to control rain god 🙂 .

            This market is kind and it always gives opportunity to wise peoples who first buy and then talk . Please look at FF its still more than double even after the recent fall .

            Thanks & Regards,

  47. Suneetha says:

    My Wishfull thinking, Waterbase would become another Avanthi feeds ? Ur view plz !

  48. JK says:

    Dear AC ji Please give your views on LACTOSE about BUY/HOLD/SELL. I am holding from Rs 5/-

  49. Suneetha says:

    I mean in terms of Price action reg Waterbase

    • see, do not look at price, its better to look at market cap, and see what would be the price of waterbase at the present market cap of avanti feeds and you should understand what i mean here

  50. mukul says:

    Ace ji, vidhi dye’s PE is above its industry average PE. Yes we can say it deserves a rerating and at least double digit but i m concerned just bcz of industry avg PE. what do you think at this aspect

  51. J Gopal says:

    Dear Ace I have written to the CS of Freshtrop and waiting for the reply. If any of the blog readers got any reply or response from the company please share it…just like to know the impact on the company due to unseasonal rain…

    • i called the freshtrop cs on 3oth march. he told me that damage is there but the actual level will be known to them in the next 7 to 8 days. but he also told that their export uptill now is going on in full swing. but actual clarity will be come in next 7 to 8 days. i also hold all my freshtrop shares. had not sold a single one

  52. Jitendra says:

    What is the reason for Freshtrop Fruit falling from Rs. 207.00 to Rs. 118.00. Please throw some light.

  53. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, would appreciate your views on Intellect Design & Dion Global. I showed some courage and bought Cybertech today!!! Fortune favours the Brave!!

  54. Suneetha says:

    Markcap Waterbase[178cr] & Avantifeeds[1396cr]. Thanks for ur patience in educating us !

  55. Prashant Nayar says:

    Sir im holding 5000 shares of cupid since 22rs Can I book profits now?

    Ace your truly the best.

    • first of congratulations on your conviction. This is your multibagger. The stock and mr. garg has taken care of most of the concerns i highlighted (other than price action) and kudos to him and more importantly your conviction (a perfect case study to showcase the importance of investor’s own conviction) to hold despite the apprehensions i had. . The stock technically is looking strong for the moment. see if you can get clarity on their plans after WHO window expires in 2016. I am sure the company must have planned something. Meanwhile if you want to book profits, then also its no harm. No sell calls given here sir, but do protect your profits. Whatever decision you take be sure to stand by it and not feel bad if the decision backfires.

      • Prashant says:

        Dear ACEji,
        me too one of the boarders holding cupid .

        After I started following your blog, I stopped worrying about price movements unless I see/hear some thing alarming about our stock .

        Also I am in good profit with recommendations here so got courage to take calculate risk . Thanks to you for providing continuous support in this journey of learning and earning .

        Best regards,

      • Prashant Nayar says:

        I removed my cost out of it : I booked 1500 shares.. I would like to know your view on freshtrop fruits to enter at current levels and galaxy entertainment and Kitex garments. I bought 2500 shares of galaxy entertainment, 300 shares of kitex garments and seriously considering entering freshtrop fruits at current levels. Short term price movements do not affect me.

        Another question, are you still bullish on shilpa medicare? I holding since 275 levels cost free.

  56. Suneetha says:

    Ohh Yes ! Thanks for enlightening us !

  57. aashav says:

    Sir,your views on multibase?
    I see as a great company as alot of potential is still there in company! More than 60% of indians dont have car. And those who have,among them only 25% cars are high end.i.e-they have air bags.. reat cars dont and with upliftment of the economy and more gdp and improvement in marco economy,it has growth potential of far heights.. please throw some light on its management!

  58. Puru says:

    Thank you Sir for your wonderful insight into this stock.

  59. pruthvi says:

    Sir , you said madhucon is decent and has potential. I too feel the same.It has got high debt. Can it be a multibagger? Now its powerplant is on full steam. Cash flow is going to be good . It is going to deliver the best yearly results t his fy in its history i think.Do you recommend it as a good longterm buy?

  60. sangram says:

    Just wanted to know how does unorganized food color sector affect Vidhi Dyestuff

    • not too much… because the clients expect regulators approvals for the facilities. the smaller players normally caters to much smaller client base, which the big guys are not even interested.

  61. Sam says:


    Your views on Patel Int logistics at CMP please..

  62. STP says:

    Sir, how would u rate indiabulls securities?

  63. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    Your views on 2 media sector companies 1) TV 18 and 2) Network 18

  64. rdx111 says:

    Hi Ace, What do you feel about Prima Plastics, Dynemic Products at CMP? Both seem to be suffering from the effect of operators n low equity base..Stock has come down appreciably particularly dynamic n prima as well..

  65. SAY says:

    Morning Ace – something’s cooking in pressman. It’s having a blast since this recent market recovery.

  66. Suneetha says:

    Chart of Vidhi is being formed just as we did see in Chart of AmbikaCotton, [Symmetrical triangle upside broke]
    Chart of Cybertech looks like Chart of SharonBio, [Head & Shoulder] Mirror images !

  67. Suneetha says:

    Pressman 20% UC, I bought @ 29.5 Thanks Aceji

  68. STP says:

    Sir.. I missed the bus in Pressman… Feeling very bad 😦 😦
    Sir, please recommend something which is attractive at current levels… ;(

  69. Naresh says:

    Dear Ace
    What is your view on “Gati” and “Essel Propack” at current market price?
    Thank you in advance


  70. mano3427 says:

    ace,promoters are buying cybertech from open market ,i think its time to add more ur opinion?

  71. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    You are really rocking today man ! What a performance of your recommended stocks !!
    1) pressman UC 20%
    2)Aimco UC 5%
    3) Wanbury UC 5%
    4) Cybertech moving towards UC 20% (Already up 17%

    Kon sa jadu kar diya sir ???

  72. Naresh says:

    Dear Ace
    Could you please share your view on “Gati” and “Essel Propack” at current market price?
    Thank you in advance


  73. mesh says:

    hi ace
    what i predicted on charts on 28 march
    above 27 rocket (cybertech)
    sir feeling bad that u have deleted my todays post

  74. Prem says:

    Gud morng Ace sir, where we can get the vidhi’s expansion news. god bless

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