Cybertech Promoter Buying

cybertech promoters are buying from open market ->

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  1. sudhir mehra says:

    Great news.

  2. SKS says:

    I have a target of 120 for cybertech by this year end after lots of analysis. Good times may start any time after a horrible Fall

  3. Akshay says:

    I was just about to post comment about it. Thanks for the update…bought 1-2 week back at level of 29..

  4. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    You are really rocking today man ! What a performance of your recommended stocks !!
    1) pressman UC 20%
    2)Aimco UC 5%
    3) Wanbury UC 5%
    4) Cybertech moving towards UC 20% (Already up 17%

    Kon sa jadu kar diya sir ??? (Humour only !!)

  5. SAY says:

    When there’s uncertainty risk is less, is the quote i heard many a times. Have you experienced it Ace ? and is it true in context of stocks ?

  6. RightStock says:

    Hi ACE,

    Though I have not been actively commenting, I am following all your comments. I entered Cybertech at 60 and bought on every decline. Now averaged to 40 and Its the heavyweight in my portfolio. I strongly believe the future of Cybertech with the oppurtunities in India unfolding. I had a strong conviction to buy more to make it a heavyweight even after considerable loss on paper.

    Thanks for all your support you gave to your followers.

  7. STP says:

    Hi Sir.. since I along with many of the co-followers are not too aware of the technicals, could u please suggest where do u see vidhi in the short term?

  8. mesh says:

    hi ace
    what i predicted on charts on 28 march
    above 27 rocket (cybertech)
    sir feeling bad that u have deleted my todays post

    • pls re-post it as no post was deleted. i do not have a problem you or anyone sharing your technical readings here. please re-post. God Bless

    • by the way i think its already there in the previous post of tirupati sarjan… pls confirm or repost

      • Prashant says:

        Dear mesh,
        your said post is present on Tirupati Sarjan post .

        • i hope mesh confirms it because my worry is that my sentiment analyzer module that pre-screens the messages before i even see it should not be buggy. i checked it and it looks fine to me but would wait for confirmation from mesh as this sentiment analyzer module i am using in my other projects also, so i’m a little anxious about it … waiting for mesh to confirm

  9. Hi ace

    view on SELAN and THOMAS COOK

  10. kiran says:

    Planning to enter into Granuels India ltd after split,Wanted to know your views on same stock

  11. true gem from ace bhai re-assuring us investors of your quality picks.Thank u

  12. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Hello sir.. still waiting for prima plastics to fire :/

    • prima is a steady mover. one has to understand even though the markets fell 9% the stock is up 10%. also, now we’ll have a spate of good results coming. Traditionally also Q4 is the best (standalone) so we can look forward to a very good Q4 and most importantly a wonderful FY15 results..

      • STP says:

        Sir.. I hope we are not being too overconfident with prima plastics.. I am sure like me and Mr. Biswas many of us are sitting on huge chunks of prima… because that is one stock u have been most optimistic about by saying that prima will not just double and triple but go even beyond… 🙂

        • i have been saying this about quite a few other stocks too but probably you have just noticed prima. if you feel otherwise, pls book out because its quite likely that you yourself do not have any conviction in prima and investor’s own conviction is most important… definitely more important than borrowed conviction.

          • STP says:

            Arre sir.. had no intention to offend u sir… but even u know that for most of us u are our guiding light.. i know u have been optimistic about all ur recommendations.. just meant that u have been most open about prima.. bas.. sorry once again for being misinterpreted..

            • i am not offended sir. its clear from your words about lack of conviction in the stock that you are not convinced and confident about the story. so its important to rectify it somehow. Anyways, its your money you have to decide.

              • STP says:

                Sir.. U know that I have just graduated and have limited resources… so it is obvious that conviction will come once I start getting the results… I am trying to follow u and learn from the process..

              • its important that you do not follow blindly. please research the company , what it does and also its competitors and stay in it “only” if you yourself are convinced.

  13. STP says:

    Sir.. do u feel there is potential in sudarshan chemicals, PI Industries and torrent pharma?

  14. raj says:

    Great sir I always follow u .keep doing the good work.god bless

  15. sangram says:

    Finally got hold of Vidhi on phone ace. The expansion is on and its 50%. They are doing it with some debt and some with internal accurals. What effect will be there on there margins by taking debt?

    • Great. debt does not have any affect on operating margins. even i had a word with vidhi on monday and they said “exactly” (next week they are starting trial production too) the same thing. i actually probed him a bit. I reminded him that about 2cr debt they have and he said well, the balance sheet should not change much as the debt that they have taken is very “marginal” and it was taken as it would also help in saving taxes. Furthermore, he also confirmed that the dividends this year would “more” than last year so we can be sure that this time they would announce atleast a 20% final dividend and he also indicated that now and in future they would be very liberal in dividends. This is very encouraging and looking at present valuations i think its a screaming buy.

      • STP says:

        Thank u sir… Superb use of words… certainly has given me a lot of confidence and conviction.. 🙂

        • STP see, for prima (just to continue our yesterday’s discussion), please understand that money making is very easy, its just the process that’s difficult because the process requires
          that once you identify the right investment you do nothing and doing nothing is very very dificult (ofcourse it goes without saying that you need to track important business developments but that does not require 24×7 vigilance). I mean here we have
          a debt free dividend paying company which has improving RoE and RoIC, has dramatically improving inventory turnover,
          Receivables Turnover …the cash conversion cycle has improved dramatically, EPS growth of 33% “Compounded” last three years and its going to continue in future and now available at 8 times “trailing” PE at 2% dividend yield and this is only
          going to improve in future… i mean why should we worry? this kind of company cannot be ignored by markets for long…
          i mean around 35% 3 yr CAGR in net, operating income and EPS growth … and as my understanding goes, its going to
          continue too, then how long will this kind of company be available at such juicy valuations (on some parameters its even better than wim plast)… we are sitting at the cusp of
          re-rating backed by such strong earnings growth. Downside limited but upside huge. people will queue up to buy such companies that have 30-35% “CAGR” growth with strong financial leverage and is available at such cheap valuations. Since you are so young, you should focus on building your knowledge (and if you are from accounts background then you already have the building blocks in place) and patience. Both are required not just to sit idle but also during idea identification. Rest, just take care of your health, your parents and family….while money will surely take care of itself and compound at a good rate and in your case (since you are young) for a long long time too. God Bless

          • STP says:

            Thank you so much sir… you indeed have proved to be a guru in the truest sense.. coming from premier educational institutes, the focus tends to more on case studies from western world which we fail to relate to.. that is why in my mail to you, I had categorically mentioned that I wanted to be guided by you as you are a master of INDIAN stock market.. something that I have grown up watching desiring to be somebody like Warren Buffet or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. I am sure you would understand that being in early 20s, we are ruled more by heart than head, hot blood, full of ambition, craving to make a mark in the society, wanting to provide the best of facilities to the parents who have sacrificed everything for your education.. I did my internship for two months last year and had saved some Rs. 40,000… It is mystifying to see your recommendations hitting 20% circuit in a single day!!! and i know that the boom in the share market is going to last for a year at the most.. then crash is bound to happen like in 2007, 2010.. i think it is the nature.. then i will have to wait for a couple of years for it to boom again.. then i was worried that will i be able to contact you then say 5 years down
            the line.. I don’t even know your name, leave alone your contact details.. thats why I thought I just have a year to learn things.. was getting restless… sorry.. but i really want to do something to ensure a decent standard of living.. at least pay off my liabilities (education loan of 12 lacs) to begin with.. anyways.. thanks for such a considerate reply… and sorry for wasting ur tym with such a long reply..

            Dear co-followers, sorry for breaking the rhythm of the blog.. Henceforth I ll try to be more professional in my queries and expression of opinions…


  16. Nihar says:

    Aceji….Is it good time to accumulate Freshtrop? I am sure the Q4 exceptional results will soon neutralize the downfall in the stock that is caused due to off-season rains. Soon it will touch 200 again and rise beyond

    • i think we have already discussed a lot about freshtrop in last 2-3 days and therefore, an investor should now take his/her decision based on what the company has to say about rains. The stock at 95-100 has strong support.

      • Nihar says:

        You can discuss about prima for months repeatedly and you are tired of freshtrop fruits in 2 3 days when someone is asking to share your view? I dont see any major discussions happening in your blog after the sudden fall although many people have asked you to share your views based on your experience.

        • that’s your opinion that i got “tired” about it. if the same question is repeated and its answered i do not see the value of repeating it. Anyways, its your own opinion and you are entitled to it.

  17. Raju says:

    Do you hold Vidhi Dyestuff as you had disclaimer that you not holding and may hold.

    Gives us confidence.

    • as mentioned earlier numerous times in the past, that i will not disclose my personal portfolio, though if one thinks hard he/she can make out

      • Raju says:

        Thanks ACE for your kind response.

        I am not interested in your portfolio but it was confusing that if once is recommending and so confident then why would one not buy the stock.

        Nothing else.

      • sangram says:

        Dear raju ji. He has already given the hints about his disclosures about Vidhi. Without holding a stock nobody will follow the businesses such passionately.
        And By the way as far as I know only shareholders will be replied by the cs of the company.

        • yes, but let me also add here that its quite possible that i might be having just one share of companies because even that’s all i need to talk to a CS

          • sangram says:

            Yes.But no one would do lot of digging and put so much effort into a company for one share. And especially when you know the company is going rapidly. Which has pricing power and which is leader in its sector. If all goes well and if management delivers then this could be the company to be watched for next 5-7 years

            • 🙂 actually i do… more as a matter of hobby so be very careful to assume anything….that is only the point i am tryint to make. and yes, i agree on the vidhi part though…lets see how it goes from here

  18. tikambaghel says:

    Dear sir
    Need to know your views on genus power

    With regards

  19. Roshan says:

    dear ace r u in touch with the management of emmesar biotech? i had sent them a mail last week no reply yet…

  20. sanjeev says:

    no words can describe the gratitude i feel for your advise..u have totally changed the perception and concept of stock market investing…GOD BLESS YOU

  21. luckychamp says:

    Ace ,when is the right time to avg a stock .eg .on 25%,40%,50% decline ????n how much we should invest in each stock if we r convinced with the bussiness

    • IMHO, there’s no point even thinking about averaging if its anything less than 40% and one should average with the same “value” as the original value or else you are just adding at declines.

  22. Divi says:

    Hi Ace..

    What is u r opinion on liberty shoes after their latest notification…
    they are saying that restructuring is effective from 1st apr.2015..but we have to wait till end of jun?july to know exact impact of restructuring..i do not know why they r keeps on pushing the date to know the impacts of restructuring on bottomline.

  23. Divi says:


    initially they told that those details will be out by end of dec 2014..then they postponed to end of march thy have pushed to end of july 2015..

  24. Vishwanath says:

    Dear Ace, You have any view on Indo Count?

  25. Bandana says:

    Dear sir, ur view about sunil healthcare after recent it value buy at this level.thanks

  26. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, how is Panacea Biotech as a turnaround investment case?

  27. Bandana says:

    Thanks sir for ur quick response.i have few shares of arrow tex.should i exit or hold ur view sir.thanks

  28. afzal says:

    sir what si ur view on panacea biotec

  29. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    What about your view on Noida Toll Bridge..

  30. Binay says:

    Hi sir,
    what about your view on Lloyed Electric & Engg? Its dec-14 qtr results r good. Is it hold for short term.

  31. disna says:

    Hi Sir,
    How is Vidhi dye stuffs looking for short to medium term? From charts, its looking bullish.

    • there’s a complete post on vidhi. please read that and decide for yourself. i think my take on vidhi is very obvious. please go through the comment on this blog post to dig more.

  32. Gouri says:

    Dear Ace,
    I have seen your old comment that you are not at all interested in Stylam Industries. Could you please tell the reason ? Business growth looks good.


  33. sangram says:

    How would you rate vidhis management.

    • this we have already discussed so many times. i guess its time that investors should start answering such questions themselves. one does not need to talk to management to rate the management (infact they might give a biased view instead), but one should read between lines and see their actions to gauge the quality of management

  34. STP says:

    Sir… Congratulations… Vidhi up by 12.5% from ur suggested level.. Thank u 🙂

  35. prateek kala says:

    is it right time to enter in freshtop or i should wait for much lower levels…….

  36. ankush says:

    ace sir please recommend skm eggs

  37. ankush says:

    your view on skm eggs at CMP. I think its a real multibagger and you are also having it in enough qty but you never recommended it. your clear view will help our conviction at cmp. plz recommend

    • since this is not my recommendation i can just give you a general view. its up to you to research the stock and have conviction. the stock has already appreciated massively in last few quarters and the re-rating is more or less done. now it would be interesting to see how company performs in the earnings front.

      • Niranjan says:

        I agree Ace. Its fairly valued now unless the earnings surprises on the upside.

        Any interesting ideas you are working on currently?

        • yes, there are a couple of very promising ideas..

          • Roshan says:

            Ace but russian exports are yet to start..russia will be a huge market for isnt there scope for still more appreciation…and also since only skm is allowed to export to russia

            • yes possible. that’s what i said right.. re-rating is done now…its now up to company to keep up the earnings. also, they are “allowed” to export (which i beleive was more or less known last year itself to me during my research) but i am yet to find out the quantum of any export order. also, lets not forget the ruble thing.. i hope their capital allocation is absolute top class or this ruble thing could create some trouble. we are already seeing the impact of it on some other companies in different sector though… having said that i am not saying its a bad company or it wont go up.. it is a good company and it has good potential and i maintain it, the only thing is that it needs to keep up the earnings momentum… hopefully they will and we should keep our fingers crossed. also, my answer to ankush was in “retaliation” to his comment of me recommending it.

  38. Neha says:

    Sir, Srinagar rain stopped? Freshtrop UC?

    • how’s srinagar rains connected with freshtrop ?

      • Neha says:

        You said in one of your recent comments, FF hitting LC due to unseasonal rain in Srinagar.

        • i dont think i or anyone mentioned srinagar ever 🙂

          • veer says:

            dear neha madam, freshtrop is not limited to srinagar, it has a volatile sector business thats why ace sir thought of unseasonal rain to be a cause of recent fall in share price which was not at all sole reason. it was a gem if profit booked on time and presently it is at very attractive level IMHO. what do you say sir

          • Neha says:

            Then where it is raining? How is it affecting FF?

            • unseasonal rains in maharashtra and around the country. it affects its capability to procure quality fruits for exports. also lets not forget the stock had gone up way too fast and therefore, a bit of profit booking can always come. try to access the damage (if any) because of these unseasonal rains.

              • Neha says:

                Ace sir, I missed the opportunity today. Could not buy due to UC. Do you agree with Veer Ji’s comment? Is it at attractive level?

              • as mentioned earlier, 95-100 is a strong support and it did bounce back today. also, one should first understand how the company is affected with the rains, if at all and then should decide on his/her interest in the company.

              • Neha says:

                ACE ji…You earlier also said 95-100 is a strong support. I was waiting for 95-100 level to buy a huge volume. But it didn’t even touch 100. Its bouncing back and hitting UC in contrary to your prediction. You should not mention any price level if you are not sure of it.

              • my lady, first understand what technicals means and then comment. technical levels are possibilities with probabilities. also stocks bounce back from support levels. when the level is indicated at 95-100 it does not means it will bounce from 100 only… a few % here and there is always a possibility. dont you think if it was so accurate evereyone would be a millionaire. understand first, and then criticize. understand that the support levels were held this time around. support does not mean it would be touched for sure and resistance does not mean it wont be crossed ever.

  39. Jp says:

    Dear Ace,

    Could you please give your views on Gruh Finance? Can it be accumulated at these levels?

    Thanks & Regards,

  40. Gouri says:

    Dear Ace,
    Your view on Tirupati Industries ?


  41. ekbechara says:

    ace, what’s your view on PDS?

  42. Akshay says:

    Rajoo Engineers Ltd has informed BSE that Mr. Kishor Ratilal Doshi, Independent Director has resigned from the post of Directorship of the Company vide letter dated April 04, 2015. how does this affects the company?

  43. Niranjan says:

    Hi Ace,

    As a regular reader I have a request. I would like read more about your investing stlye, im aware a lot of it is out there but what I was keen is knowing about your AI program etc (im a techie too hence the interest). Also I have noticed you are happy to go down the quality curve and prefer valuations more while buying a stock. I appreciate you do not want to reveal much about yourself but from your comments it feels like you have been in the markets for decades 🙂 It would be nice to know your experience on how the journey has been and what do you see further down the road.

    It would be nice to see some posts around these while you are hunting for the next ideas ….


    • i agree,…even i dont want this blog to become another “tips” wala blog (the original idea was something else).. i hope to do more value addition and will try to do something on this. my only problem is that i am not a good writer neither i am enthusiastic about writing in general and therefore, despite of having intentions and different ideas i am unable to put that on a blog post. but will keep on trying 🙂

      • Ravi says:

        Sir, I dont see this as a reason for not sharing your experience with us. I dont think that you are not a good writer. Your write up is much more than just an analysis but a story telling that bind us from your report. The points you mention in your observation are way better than any other research report of any company. Please write some more about investing from your prospective. I am telling you sir, you have changed my life in a certain way and i am constantly making effort to spread your golden words and i am telling you sir it is working ………………. i would love to listen anything from you and by spreading your words me too can become a good preacher and learner.

        I tell you sir when market was going down recently…… It was the first time in my 8 years of investing career i did not bother to take it seriously and just kept calm i tell you sir after all these……… today i am sitting on more profit then before. It is truly happening to me and it is really amazing to feel it. Thanks for this………..

      • Niranjan says:

        Precisely. I think you got my point 100%. lot of the questions that are thrown at you are more like tips, either what to buy / sell? or why is it falling or what should one do.

        I agree with ravi here, your posts and a lot of comments I see a good writing ability than what you give credit for 🙂

        be rest assured there are a lot of interested folks there who would like to hear from you 🙂


  44. STP says:

    Hello Sir.. A lot of stock analysis done today.. 🙂 Have discovered two companies which “appear to be good”… would u please oblige by expressing ur viewpoint…
    1. Kanoria Chemicals (Trading at 0.5 Book Value and less industry average PE)
    2. Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co.Ltd (Trading at 0.5 Book Value)

    • how about also discussing why you like these companies..that could make the discussion more involved and fun

      • Vishwanath says:

        My humble take now on kanoria chemicals. Its into a business which is more commoditised. Not much pricing or moat power. Its pat has been inconsistent over the years. Low debt though. The clinching negativeness about this script is that it has negative cash flow from operations for last three years!!. Its making loss!!!! See data on screener. No doubt market has kept price at 40% of book value

        • point to be noted STP ..though consolidated cash flow last year was positive before it that also was should investigate the reason behind it. also margins are dwindling and its Operating margins have collapsed like a pack of cards,.. also investigate on contingent liabilities…

          • STP says:

            I actually thought that since the company (Kanoria Chemicals) is having a good portfolio with audi, bmw and volkswagen; besides having a very low price/book value ratio, a low P/E Ratio, 500% growth in EPS from last year, it appeared a very good buy.. but yes i will re-study the stock using the points provided by u and Vishwanath Sir.

            As far as Gillanders Arbuthnot is concerned, again a very good P/BV Ratio… A very high promoter holding, the fact that the stock is trading below 3 year average, and a constantly dividend paying company, more than 15% growth in topline..

  45. Sam says:


    Your views on Microsec financials please.


  46. sharpner says:

    nice writeup on Emmessar Biotech sir.. i was waiting for this update on FB since weekend. To be honest i liked what i read…looks promising to me.

  47. Akshay says:

    What are your expectation from today’s RBI monetary policy?

  48. Akshay says:

    Cybertech Systems And Software Limited has informed the Exchange that Board of Directors by circular resolution passed on March 30, 2015 have inter-alia consider and approved: 1. Appointment of Mr. M. P. Bharucha, as Independent Director of the Company. 2. Appointment of Mr. Anant Vishnu Rajwade, as Additional / Independent Director of the Company.

  49. balaji says:

    can anyone please share aceinvestortrader’s facebook url here. i am unable to find it in fb. thanks.

  50. Aswini says:

    Dear ACEji,

    Please share your view on Nutraplus.

  51. balaji says:

    thank you very much for your quick reply sir:)
    and please accept my request.

  52. Rajiv says:

    what are your views on Vijay Shanthi Builders?

  53. Nmali says:

    I admire your talent to predict winners. Can I get your advice periodically thro e mail. Pl acknowledge

  54. kk says:

    Dear Ace,
    Please accept my request on FB.. JaiHind

  55. Vikas says:

    i purchased the share at 64. now the cmp is 36. Should hold or not cybertech.

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