RBI Impact – SKS Microfinance

Microfinance companies can now lend more as the Reserve Bank of India  has extended the borrower level limit to Rs 1 lakh Vs earlier limit of Rs 50,000 .  Needless to say it is very positive for SKS. The stock has multiplied 3.4 times from recommended levels and is a hold for long term.
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  1. Akshay says:

    great news

  2. Rajiv says:

    what are your views on Vijay Shanthi Builders?

  3. Prashant Nayar says:

    Yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrr! Made shocking money today on 1 lot. I bought at 470, came back to office and i see 520. Had to slap my self to realize this is reality. never made so much cash in go. Awesome recommendations.

  4. Jitesh says:

    Dear Ace,
    I researched a company and i am very convinced about the future of this company – Dr Datson Labs. I have gone through their website as well and lots are developments are happening recently like bagging of 120 crore contract for cancer drug and biggest positive is they have partnered with Clinton foundation so its a win win situation for this company (they have won the trust of such big foundation means something is cooking and huge chances are there for re-rating). I already had investment @ 31,60 then @19.80 and @ 12.70. I have added some more at 7.05. Please if you can also confirm your views about this company. I am okay for long term hold as this story is quite exciting to me but need your views for complete satisfaction.

    • as mentioned earlier on this blog .. i am not interested in this company

      • Neo says:

        It is a very dangerous stock. We have no clue whether it will turnaround or not. The management reshuffle has happened and pledging has got cleared which is a good sign. But it is better to wait for a quarter or two. It is okay to buy it at 30 after actual turnaround has happened instead of buying it at 5-10 hoping for the turnaround to happen.

  5. Suneetha says:

    I invested in SharonBio @ 45 [old @ only mistake] now quoting around 18. Now i would like to exit Sharon @Cmp and enter in Emmesar Biotech [18]. Plz Suggest ! Thanks

  6. bingo says:

    sir, between valupickr and TED which one do you prefer?

  7. Suneetha says:

    I feel Sharon became a crap, no steam or hope is left i feel ! Should i choose Rajoo engineers then, preferring near by price ! because already taken Large chunk in VidhiDye & Primaplastics, Just to diversify only, asking u ? Thanks in advance !

  8. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir i have munjalauto at rs 100 ,should i continue to hold or switch to cybertech . will act after your call chinmoy

  9. kanishk says:

    ace ji, there are many stocks on which you are very bullish like wanbury,prima,vidhi,freshtrop,waterbase,rajoo,tirupati etc etc. On which out of these you are very very very bullish ??

    • all the stocks that you have mentioned on that also i am “very very” bullish 🙂 .. see, there’s never one size fits all approach that an investor should take … these are all ideas that have lot of promise and one should pick something that they understand and research that further.

      • kanishk says:

        actually sir i dont want to spend time in researching and understanding, i have a very busy schedule (i am a social activist) but in need of money. I want to follow you blindly with risk of loosing money (i have full faith in you 🙂 ) Plz suggest any two or three out of these for which you are really very very very bullish.

        • that is a diaster waiting to happen… its your money so please research any stock that you plan to invest in. you can pick any three stocks from the list that you mentioned… all are good

          • kanishk says:

            sir plz try to understand there are many people like us who can not devote time in research, but that doesn’t mean i dont want to make money.yes there is a risk but that is always there in any share and i am ready to bear that. thats why i asked you to give any three names at present market price

            • sorry, cannot do any portfolio management here.

              • kanishk says:

                i have selected vidhi,rajoo and prima dude prima is very good i think

              • good choices. please understand that i cannot given a preference on the blog as others might confuse themselves as most of the readers here do not distinguish between price and value. But having said that, its good choices and now do not just expect it to double in a month just because you bought it. have patience and let the story play out. God Bless

              • kanishk says:

                Thank you sir. But I am not able to buy any of these 3 stocks. Yesterday I got my demat account activated. Why I am not able to buy now?

              • these kind of queries your broker can answer. i hope you had allocated money to your demat account

  10. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your view on Coral Labs…

  11. sam says:

    Hi Ace,
    can you help me understand the significance of deferred tax asset of 271 cr on V2 retails balance sheet? Is it due to the losses? Can it used to save tax for the company? if yes then is the benifit monetary?

  12. MNREDDY says:

    Dear Ace,
    i noticed a small cap company with good management and continuous growth. Of late the growth is consistent and the new verticals are contributing to this growth. There wont be any major capital expenditure in the next two three years and cash flows are likely to be good. Predominantly it is an exporter of prepared food and its domestic business is catering to growing sector. It is a Brand Behind Brands as far as its domestic business is concerned. I am sure you might have guessed the stock, yes it is Tasty bite eatables Ltd. Can you give your valuable views on this company.
    thanking you

    • i have a first hand experience of corporate mis-governance in this company and therefore, i will never ever look into it. they have an unlisted US company that caters to all distribution that happens in US and between the listed entity and US entity management’s preference is to keep the margins of US entity intact (which i was communicated very bluntly when i objected margin errosion) and this has affected tasty bite in the past … i do not see a reason why their attitude could have changed. Even if it becomes a 100bagger i am not at all interested. never.

  13. MNREDDY says:

    Appreciate ur view. But the fact is that they also hold about 75% in the listed entity. The benefits of being fair to the listed entity far out weigh the small advantage to closely held firm. I hope the company has realised this. They have steered the company out of BIFR and established the brand TASTYBITE in international market and the Indian business of catering to QSR industry is looking more promising. Let us hope better sense prevails. Appreciate ur comments.

    • yes, they hold close to 75% but that was always the case. its not they increased it recently. also its was clear to me from their comment that they are more interested in their 100% ownership than their 75% ownership and let’s not forget ultimately its their US entity that decides what would be the price that it would buy goods from the india entity. the QSR was started in recent years and lets hope , as you rightly pointed out that better sense prevails. It feels bad when entrepreneurs are unable to comprehend the importance and power of market cap. ultimately their company’s market cap is their own networth too… if you are invested in it, keep mornitoring the business developments and also keep talking to CS (atleast) whenever there’s anything fishy.

    • also let me add, as i have always believed the company has lots and lots of potential. but do keep a close track. God Bless

  14. MNREDDY says:

    Thank you

  15. MNREDDY says:

    Dear Ace
    Let me add to the discussion on Tastybite. I am very much attracted to the small equity. It is less than 3 cr after we exclude preferential shares. To be fair to the management about 2-3 years back they have pumped in 50 cr at low interest rate without diluting the equity or allotting warrants, I remember at that time the share price was less than 150. As per ur observation the dependence of the company for distribution of its products in international market on the closely held firm is a big negative for the company. As suggested by u it requires close monitoring. I have small holding in the company and will take a decision on further investment based on developments in the company. thank you for sharing ur views. Appreciate ur patience and prompness.

    • i had advocated an interest-free loan actually but they were interested in charging interest (i do not remember if it was 50cr or something else). a lot of companies/promoters extend interest free loans to their troubled companies. but then you know the potential is here and lets see what happens. as a disclosure i am in this since it was a single digit market cap company but my holding is insignificant to my portoflio and just like numerous others i keep such stocks to keep getting ARs.

  16. gaurang says:

    Hi ACE,
    I have query on market at trade 23 PE so should i invest at this level

  17. gaurang says:

    Nifty PE ratio is 23 and 22 above PE its too expensive for market or overbought market so should i invest or not at this level

    • how did you arrive at this golden number of 22?

        • please do not post a URL, that’s not allowed

          • gaurang says:

            k sir can you visit site @niftypulse.com detail is there

            • see, that is all theory… and people keep giving such theories. personally i do not worry till nifty is atleast 25 PE … history tells us, that above 25 PE the market becomes over heated and then gives sharp correction (its based on statistics). furthermore, always remember, that individual stock opportunities will always remains even when the markets top out or bottom out. there were companies making 52week high as well when the nifty tanked to 8250.. so this is good for nifty traders but one should not take it as a rule. and you will see by the time the correction sets in, most of the good stocks are already up 100% and after that even if they come down by 20-30% it would still be way higher than today. so waiting is not my game, if the valuations are good, stock is promising i take the plunge rather than timing it

  18. Ganeshan Babu says:

    ACE,what do you think of Asian oilfield services

  19. srikanth says:

    sir may i buy aimco at this price or not pl guide me

  20. shersingh33 says:

    this is absolute magic man… good call man… had got it at 79 on monday… thanks a good trading gain of 21%..probably should havve kept it for circuit …. how can i learn and get such accuracy .. please reply to my emails.. have another question…

  21. sangram says:

    Waited for this time ace bro. All of your stocks are moving up. This will shut the mouth of all your critics. Feeling happy for you bro.

  22. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, any idea why Rossell India is rocketing so hard these days? vishwanath

  23. jk says:

    Dear ACE ji Plz advice me for LACTOSE BUY/HOLD/SELL . I cannot find your view on this blog.

  24. amit san says:

    How is amarjothi mills as stock.

    • not keen on it… last time i checked, it has fluctuating ratios… could not confidently convince myself how the parameters would look in future. but this should not stop you or anyone to dig more…

  25. Akshay says:

    Rajoo update:
    promoters share holding has decreased by around 1.4 %

  26. gaurang says:

    Plz view on Mangalam Drugs CMP 30 ,PE 5.75 , BV 19.75, MKt Cap 39 cr , ROCE 3 yr 3.14 % , ROE -12.29, DEBT 72 cr , Promotor Pledge 75 % Shares

    • as mentioned earlier, its a decent company. by the way dont go with this PE of 5.75 as it is last four quarter’s trailing PE but in that the fourth last quarter was good one on bottomline with close to 3rs EPS alone and after that the performance was very ordinary. the company has heavily fluctuating margins so just be careful here. its not for everyone. the last quarter of FY 15 is also expected to be not-so-great margins wise. God Bless

  27. sorry STP i mistakenly deleted your comment. kindly report.

    • STP says:

      My comment is not getting published.. tried twice 😦

      • pls post again..yesterday i deleted it by mistake..apologies

        • STP says:

          arre sir.. please don’t embarrass me by apologizing… sir.. all i wanted to know was that if u could just enlighten us (whenever u have tym) on how to balance between greed and patience.. many of us feel the urge to book profits when shares appreciate by 20% thinking that “laalach buri bala hai”.. and then when the share appreciates we feel “patience always pays”.. so, sir i am sure u must have gone through all this as well in ur initial few years… could u please help us with ur experience on how to decide the exit timings

          • nobody can give a framework on exit because it dependent on variable that are investor specific .. its a combination of experience, risk profile, psychology etc… because it can work both way, you sell and it goes high you would feel dejected and you sell it goes low you will feel like a winner… interestingly this feeling comes irr-repective of whether you have made money in the stock or not…

  28. afzal says:

    regarding infrastructur companies which one is better IRBinfra or ILFS engineerig

  29. Roshan says:

    ACE looks like something interesting is happening in V2 Retail

    • till 39 the move was very much expected as the base now shifts to 39 because of warrants being issued at 39 and importantly it bounced back from important support after breaking support band of 35-37. Thankfully it did held on to imp levels of 29-30 and bounced back. Now combination of this fundamental and technical adjustment has pushed the stock higher like this and thankfully its back above 37. ofcourse there’s big equity dilution but that’s a long term thing but thankfully the sanity has returned to the counter. frankly it was baffling to see the stock go down despite good results…and we were trying to find reasons for that down move… so now back to sanity. This move augurs well for the stock

  30. bingo says:

    sir, simmonds is recommended by capital markets … after prima, its simmonds turn to get noticed.

  31. Rajesh says:

    ACE Good morning,

    Whats your take on Nandan Denim? Dolly Khanna has entered as per latest shareholding.

    Your view on the company?

  32. ekbechara says:

    sir, i wanted to thank you. I was probably one of those guys who averaged and my money had doubled yesterday and today morning i booked profits in wanbury… i was still not sure if i should post to you as you might scold me for trading, but sir i have only lost money uptill now and this is my first stock that has doubled, infact 105% returns. i am very very happy today sir. this has given me a lot of confidence.. i feel even i can make money now sir. thank you very much. one request sir, …do give levels for averaging because just like me a lot of people would benefit. i averaged after your call and this is the only reason i could more than double my money. please sir do think about giving averaging calls too. that’s my request.. also sir, now that i have made money i do not want to get into a risky company, want to be with a company where downside is limited and i have choosen prima, because of its high dividend yield. also, i like the cash flows of the company especially consolidated one. i reaslized that although last year the operating cash flow for standalone was -.277cr the consolidated entity had positive cash flow of around 2.3 cr that means the consolidated entity brought in 5cr of cash…which is tremendous. i believe even the standalone entity will give positive operating cash flow from FY16 because the heavily loss making ACP is closed. I have decided to invest in prima. do not want you to validate my choice but just thought of sharing with you and readers. i want to become an investor who does research (this i have learnt after coming to this blog) on his own and stand by it. Once again sir, a big thank you from me and my family. very happy indeed.

    • happy for you… and i am sure this is not your last multi-bagger. by the way i why do you think i will feel bad about you moving out early. everyone has a right to decide for himself/herself. after all its not the demat account but your savings account that pays your EMI, bills, school fees etc. I am happy that you want to stand by your decision… this means you are coming off age as an investor…keep it up sir…god bless

    • hi sir i am also very happy for you. this profit will surely give you lot of confidence. hope there are many many trades like this for you in future. but please change your nick name “ekbechara”. have some good and posative nick name.

    • sangram says:

      Happy for you ekbechara 🙂

  33. SAY says:

    Any new picks Ace ? Thanks

  34. Kabi says:

    Dear Ace
    Could you share if you track any logistics scrip for investment.

  35. gaurang says:

    Dear Sir view on Vimal Oil, Vimal Group has one listed company Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd and five unlisted companies – Vimal Microns, Vimal Dairy, Swastik Ceracon, Topson Solar Energy and Akshar Buildcon.
    The Group has not only expanded its business through integration and market penetration, but also diversified into various sectors. From edible oils and de-oiled cakes (of which VOFL is one of the largest exporters) to milk-Products, electrical, cable & wires, submersible pumps, paints and varnish, wall-floor, vitrified, porcelain tiles and micro- minerals.

    The group has been successfully able to create a name in the business. They did not stop there. The management has always been a front runner and invested in subsidiary Vimal Dairy Products in 2011 (as the demand grew very well at that time), a subsidiary of VOFL (holds 52% of Vimal Dairy Ltd.)
    Talking about only Vimal Oils and Foods company, flagship company of the group was able to clock the revenues over Rs 2200.00 crores and the company had EPS of Rs 15.42 last year. The company is trading at nearly Industry P/E of 15.00
    Now, why I am very much positive is because of the expansion of marketing that they have done in last 1 year. The company has already generated profits of Rs 76 crores in lasr 3 quarters. The expected Profit of FY 2015-2016 will come around Rs 100 crores against the market cap of rs 350 crores. Meaning the company is delivering 30% returns in a year which is set to increase. I am looking at EPS of Rs 30.00 in coming year and growth of 20% annually as the results of previous quarters suggests. The company has reduced the debt and is well placed in all the parameters. Looking at all these factors, I am quite positive on Vimal Oils and Foods and its surely too much undervalued. Once the stock comes in action, I feel the stock can easily double from here and grow much further.

  36. Jp says:

    Could you please give your views on Ramkrishna Forging, Thanks.

  37. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    Earlier post on Vimal Oil was interesting. In fact we we have been experiencing improving visibility of Vimal Ice-cream in our area. Businesses seem to be impressive. Please give your opinion whether we can consider it for investment for long term.

    • good to know that investor tried to know more about the company rather than just asking whether to buy or not. I would not buy this company…why ..well, a company with just 1.7 interest coverage ratio, having net margins of 0.5-0.7% is absolutely no-no for me. there are much better bets in the markets because if something goes wrong here, the company would not be able to get back on its feet because of the kind of business it operates in and because of its balance sheet state. I am not at all interested in the company.

  38. vimal says:

    DHP India Rocks today, more volume, i think shares changed from weak hands to strong hands? accumulation going on, thank u for ur recommendation

  39. STP says:

    Dear sir.. Once again a general question to improve concepts rather than focussing on tips… Most of “good” companies have shot up and investors tend to be in double minds whether to buy a stock just because of the present rally or to wait for a correction (which might not even happen).. As a seasoned expert what is ur take on it..

    • market rally is independent of individual stocks rally and this is obvious from the fact that even when the markets are at 52weeks highs there are stocks at 52 week lows and even when the markets are at 52 week lows there are stocks which are at 52 week high.. i hope this answers your question.

      • STP says:

        Agreed sir.. But if u look at ur own recommendations, I think barring a handful few (like Sahyadri and Cybertech), most of them are AT LEAST 20% up.. My personal favourites Prima and Vidhi too have appreciated quite a bit.. So, as investors, is there anything lucrative at current levels.. Either we can invest in already appreciated stocks like Prima and Vidhi or wait for them to correct.. Alternatively invest in sahaydri and cyber tech.. Sir, kindly understand I am not asking for a recommendation.. I want to understand how the brain of an expert thinks..

        • but what makes you say that xyz stock is going to go up or down? also, if there’s a stock that you own and you think at CMP you would not buy then why would anyone else buy it and if noone is going to buy why will it go up and if its not going to go up, why dont you sell? so just because a stock is owned by a investor at a lower price point does not mean he/she should not buy it. i have bought stocks even after they have gone up 3 times from my initial purchase price. ownership bias is always dangerous.

          • zigma says:

            very well articulated and this is a very important point of behavioral finance.

          • STP says:

            Thank u sir.. Was really helpful.. Hope I can ask u such generic questions in future too 🙂

          • vinod says:

            Adding to question by STP.
            After being convicted on either stocks, which would be more better decision, adding stocks in former one (one which already growing) OR later one for fresh entry (one which was correcting).
            Note: its not about those stocks. in general
            Thank you

            • this depends again on various variables, personal choice, risk profile, conviction on the stocks, and most important understanding of the business … i am assuming that there was no change in the business fundamentals ofcourse. so basically, it boils down to investor’s choice.

          • Prashant says:

            Dear ACEji,
            this is really very good thing you pointed out, because I also fit int to this type many times .
            If I take a position in a stock and even if am convinced about it later, generally I do not add unless it come down than my buy price .
            We need to change this investment habit, thanks a lot for pointing out in a simple way ..

            Best regards.

  40. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, request you to please provide a bit of a detailed view on Intellect design & RPG life sciences Just trying my luck as ACE is giving comprehensive views on other blog readers queries! .

  41. Prashant Nayar says:

    Dear Ace,

    Couple of Questions regarding Ambika cotton,

    a) One thing I find strange is how OPMs have an inverse correlation with cotton prices. This is counter-intuitive.

    b) Due to imports being 70% of the total material inventory days will always be higher.

  42. Sam says:

    Sir your views on Elegant Marble and Granite Industries.

  43. Sam says:

    Sir your views on Elegant Marble and Granite Industries

  44. afzal says:

    profit margin is low 2% for aimoc when comapred to dhanuka agritech pls comment

    • are you talking about aimco?

      • afzal says:

        sir aimco pesticides

        • margins would improve with time. you should know that aimco is a turnaround guy and its very encouraging to see that after so many years of losses it has finally started turning profits quarter after quarter..this is the first step, margin expansion would follow. no wonder that aimco is hardly at 0.3 times sales whereas dhanuka is trading at 4.5 times the sales… this is the reason right…imagine if the performance of aimco continues to be like this, what kind of wealth creation we are talking about..

  45. ANKUR says:

    dear sir
    i subscribe via follow you ” every new post dilivered in to your inbox”

    but last 1 month i not reccived any new post in my mail box
    i try many times to re subscribe it. but every time massage show that “you reccived link mail in
    your inbox”
    please sir check it

    • i hope some of the readers can tell you what to do but once you get the mail for subscription confirmation i think you have to click on that subscription confirmation link. Can somebody please guide our friend here (i am sorry i do not know how the follow thing works for wordpress)

  46. Sameer Anand. says:

    ACE, there seems to be some accumulation going on in Jubilant Lifesciences even though they may report decline in profits or even loss in coming quater. Appreciate your view on this stock.

  47. gaurang says:

    Dear Sir View on VLS finanace
    -Company is virtually debt free.
    – Stock is trading at 0.75 times its book value
    – Company is expected to give good quarter
    – Promoter’s stake has increased
    – Market value of investments Rs.232.48 Cr. is more than the Market Cap Rs.155.51 Cr.
    – Majority investment in Relaxo Footwear 12 % Stake

    Though the company is reporting repeated profits, it is not paying out dividend
    – Though the company is reporting regular profits, it is not paying out tax
    – Company has a low return on equity of 1.24% for last 3 years.

  48. Sameer Anand. says:

    ACE, I have Wanbury at 49-50 levels. Though it does sound silly but please help me out. Can I buy more of it at current level?

    • do what your research and heart says sir. your own confidence in the stock is the most important thing. rest i dont find the question silly at all. buying any stock that you have confidence in, is the best thing, irrespective of whether it has gone down or up from your initial purchase price. God Bless

  49. afzal says:

    i am struck in jayshree tea @ 100 shal i book loss or hold

  50. SAY says:

    Ace – Holding pressman for sometime now. Can i add more between 49 – 51 ?

  51. Jp says:

    Shall Cera Sanitaryware Ltd be bought at these levels?… Thanks…!

  52. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Sir, is it worthwhile to add v2 retail at current levels or should wait for declines as it has been hitting uc for quite sometime…

  53. STP says:

    Sir, could u please check ur mail…

  54. Akshay says:

    today I had a short talk with Mr Pravin K Joshi from Rajoo

    1) He said there is nothing new in pipeline
    2) YOY growth will be around 30%
    3) Last month promoters selling was to correct accounts and nthng else.

    He seem a bit busy so didn’t press him much.

  55. shilpi says:

    Whare are your view of freshtop fruit please.

  56. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Nitin Fire Portection?

  57. chinmoy ghosh says:

    sir any sugar stock if you like to recommend chinmoy

  58. Rajendra says:

    Sir, your longterm view on ifgl refractories?

  59. Nikhil Biswas says:

    Hello sir… I am having a little surplus cash.. I am invested in Prima and Vidhi… Sir.. Shall I invest more in these two stocks only or would u recommend investing in other recommendations of urs.. If in other could u please suggest what appears attractive at current levels

    • as mentioned earlier, i cannot do portfolio management for anyone here. also, you should invest in whatever your you feel most convinced about, be it a new idea or an old one.

      • Nikhil Biswas says:

        Sir.. Not asking u to do portfolio management, just asked u to earnestly recommend a couple of stocks which are attractively priced at current levels.. I am sure a lot of co readers are confused about new entry after the recent run up

        • yes, but as mentioned numerous times on this blog i cannot side with any recommendation or else readers (we have seen this in the past) get confused and start asking questions as to why i am not bullish on the stocks that i did not name .. so sorry, i cannot give any particular preference. and actually, if you have conviction on a particular stock and you buy based on that, at the times of volatility your conviction is the biggest cushion against it.

          • Ramesh Patel says:

            Good stand sir !
            I hope you maintain the same line ! It is definitely in the larger interest of co-investors/readers. Everything can’t be spoon fed !! Unfortunately people do not understand and we repeatedly see this kind of questions ! Appreciate your patience sir.

          • indianbull10 says:

            I dont think I am confused! 🙂

  60. Akshay says:

    just a query…for a particular share..it can be said its consolidating if the trading volume has been decreased and its rates are between a particular range…please correct me

    • sorry, let’s not discuss technicals here… not interested to take the direction of the blog into that. if it comes from my side (somehow), that it… we should not even take whatever comes from my side to that direction.

  61. Sanjay says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please share your view on PIONEER EMBROIDERIES LTD. It was in my watch list from a long time. Company seems to have a lot of potential in coming years.

  62. gaurang says:

    Dear Sir how to analysis of wide Moat Companies ?

  63. gaurang says:

    k thanks sir , but how will you research like goo qualitative business , or other tool can u taught us

  64. gaurang says:

    i have query on Unique and thematic businesses are characterized by steep PE multiples, disregarding DCF or other sane measures of value.

  65. Ritesh says:

    Hi Sir,
    Do you track Akshar Chemicals and Country club ? My view is for Long term
    Thanks in advance !

  66. Roshan says:

    ACE your views on Oscar Global

  67. Ritesh says:

    Sorry Sir ! I don’t see your views on these stocks earlier

  68. afzal says:

    your view on simmonds

  69. Rishab says:

    Ace ji, finally got some time to comment on your blog after a hectic week. Wanted to thank you for all your suggestions. It has been a really eventfull week. Upward trend has started for all your stocks. Excited for upcoming weeks. 🙂

  70. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji,
    Hope you are doing well…….I have entered Waterbase but heard one bad thing about the Thapar group……What I heard is that Thapar group has another similar company with name PINNAE FEEDS and they are fooling Waterbase investors by passing the feeds to PINNAE FEEDS from Waterbase unethically and eating the profits of Waterbase…….I am not saying it is true…I tried to check in internet but did not get any information about this…Could you please let us know ur view on this claim……..Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!

    • kindly first share your source of information and let’s not come up with some forum like MMB as the reason behind it.

      • hafizul09 says:

        Hello Ace ji….as I mentioned the comment itself that I am not saying its true…someone has told me and there is high chance that it will be a false allegation…..to be honest I also don’t believe on this claim because Thapar group has reduced the debt recently and increased the promoters holding in Waterbase……..but just wanted to be doubly sure with the confirmation from you!!!!!!! So can you please confirm that there is no issue like this so that we, investors can have a good sleep without any tension regarding this claim on Thapar group and Waterbase.

        Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

  71. philip says:

    Please share your views on ITD cements

  72. philip says:

    sorry for the typo error; I mean ITD Cementation. thanks

  73. Abey says:

    View on ceejay finance

  74. Rajendra says:

    Thanks Ace, I found your view on IFGL

  75. Ravi multani says:

    hello ace
    I wanted your valuable view on greenply Industries…very big investors cornered shares in the company…floating stock is very low..after demerger of greenlam industries the company DE has came down substantially and high roe,roce…do u think it is buy at current level..Disc. I have entered at 930 and planning to add more..

  76. indianbull10 says:

  77. himanshu says:

    Sir ur valuable comments on bgr energy. Holding on from 205 levels from last 10 months. 75 per. High stakes of promoters. Good management. Ur valuable view pls. Regards. Himanshu.

    • the company has potential. though the order book position has to improve for further impetus. the groundwork for further award of EPC and BOP projects are already laid up by the govt. and if the orders start flowing, then (only) the picture would change. but if the sector has to revive, this one would be one of the first ones to revive no doubt.

  78. mesh says:

    cybertech, Harrison malayalam,Indag Rubber ALL ROCKED
    thanks to u allowing me to post technical comments

  79. himanshu says:

    Thanks sir for your valuable advice. Many hopes and dreams laid with bgr. Hope the sector revives fast and this company grows first and fast.

  80. Roshan says:

    Ace are u tracking scooters India?

  81. Rajeev says:

    What is your view on Gujarat Borosil

  82. aashav says:

    Sir your view on multibase? If u are not tracking pls track it… It is a good growth stock according to me

  83. STP says:

    Prima rocking.. Thank u sir 🙂

  84. ace sir i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for “Cupid”. it was you who had bring this scrip in front of me and it has became my first 4 bagger stock today. i am thankful to you very very much.

    • no need to thank me, thanks your conviction. God Bless

      • amit says:

        no need to thank ace sir for cupid, it was probably ur own conviction on the stock after some red flags raised. Ace sir any change in view on cupid ?

        • First of thanks for reminding the readers of what i have already written on my message. That clearly shows your “kind” nature. Anyways, since i had given book profits call, noone, can ever loose anything here, so just keep on riding cost. Again, appreciate your “kind” gesture

          • ekbechara says:

            sir, do not allow such posts. His words clearly show his mentality. I doubt if he even understands the difference between “Sell” and “Book Profits” call ….

            • well, what can i say.. .. by the way the popular demand was to request you to change your id to a more positive one 🙂

              • ekbechara says:

                this id will keep me grounded and will remind me from where i came and that will always inspire me to work harder. Ace, any new picks around? Have some spare money so was being greedy 🙂

              • that’s some thoughts you have out there man… yes, something’s coming up by this evening or early tomorrow. finishing up my writeup.

            • amit says:

              Dear oneunfortunate,, I have become a huge fan of yours because you know everything including ‘Sell’ and ‘Book profits’. Will appreciate if you allow we “low mentality” people of getting some short of help from ace sir by asking his views.

          • amit says:

            I think you took it in a wrong way sir. I respect you and your views a lot and those have helped me all along. Just wanted to know your views on the above. Everybody knows price movement is not in your control and we can predict by fundamentals of business. I thought you will give ur honest view on it bcz it has proved to be a multi bagger and must have pulled your attention but sorry from my side if I said something unfriendly but never it was such an intention.

      • ace sir i want to thank you for cupid because you bought this stock in front of me i never knew that stock thats the reason that because of you sir i came to know about that stock

  85. Zubin says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please share your views on IVRCL Infra ……. is it a potential turn-around or is it too early to say anything.

  86. bingo says:

    sirji, UC on Prima on huge volumes

  87. gaurang says:

    Dear Sir.
    Sir can u tell us how can analysis stock in detail like his Balance sheet good or bad , any other tool u search for co it is good or bad . which parameter consider stock screening
    god bless u

  88. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    Kudos to u and everyone invested in Prima, for keeping patience !!!!The upmove has just started…

  89. hari says:

    Some Info about Waterbase Promoters.
    Waterbase Ltd is started and owned by The KCT Group (Karam Chand Thapar) from 1993.
    Pinnae Feeds Limited is a subsidiary of Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. (Coal Sales) Ltd, an unlisted company under the KCT group with a shrimp feed manufacturing unit in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh ,registered on 05 July, 2012 & started commercial operation in July 2014.

    Pinnae Feeds Limited currently have 3 Active Directors / Partners: Shashi Kant Mahajan, Virendra Arora Kumar, Kalyan Banerjee All three are Associated With the Thapar`s KCT Group and are diretcors in many other KCT group companies (not waterbase )
    So the Waterbase promoters are closely related to those of Pinnae feeds

  90. gaurang says:

    Can you put some light on Empire Industries?
    I tried my level best to find information about this company, but could get only little information.But one thing i found out that this company has huge amount of land bank at prime locations in mumbai.Looking at the land bank this stock could turn out to be a multibagger in near term.Can you please look at this scrip.

  91. gaurang says:

    Sir I have query on screening stock like top n bottom line growth , dcf , pe ration,roe , roce, n all about stock u research other stock recommendation

    • as mentioned elsewhere on the blog, i am assisted by my platform for me research. and no i do not use screeners, though i have my own custom made screener but its a different science altogether. beyond that there’s nothing to add.

  92. STP says:

    Honestly sir.. I can never thnk u enuf for Prima.. this was my first ever attempt at stock market and I loved it.. All thanks to u.. I am really looking forward for my journey now.. Looking for ur blessings as I start a new life…

  93. vimal says:

    Hi, technically DHP India break the resistance of 130, now is it in bullish zone? last 4 trades, volume looks high, any news?

  94. Shobhit says:

    Dear Sir

    i want to buy solar energy stocks for 5-10 years view.can u suggest any good stock..Moser Baer, Ujaas Energy, Indosolar , Suzlon which is best..i like Ujaas Energy as funds r hiking stakes ..pls suggest.

  95. sangram says:

    Do you think vrl logistics will be good investment opportunity. It is fascinating brand for me from my childhood. I have seen it grow big bigger and bigger.And if you follow vrl Do you think there move in Air Chartering Industry is good one. Do you advice to subscribe IPO or wait .

  96. Vishwanath says:

    Ace Sir, there is company making operating losses in the past 3 years, having negative cash flow for last three years, hardly any sales growth and never declared dividend after 2003. Yet this company has a market cap of 80cr, was in uc yday and probably in uc today. This enigmatic co is Asian oilfields. If you can spare a little time can throw some light on this?

  97. yum says:

    Thanks for that course link sir. i have registered for the forthcoming course.

  98. gaurang says:

    Dear ACE ji
    plz send us course link also @gaurang_ray3@yahoo.com
    god bless u

  99. Puru says:

    Now its on decline for past some days!!!

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