SKS Microfinance – Result Update

SKS Juggernaut continues. Wonderful results and its important to note that company has bettered its own guidance twice in a row now. Read more here.

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45 Responses to SKS Microfinance – Result Update

  1. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    I missed this bus ….

  2. Akshay says:

    great results

  3. vivekanalyst says:

    ace, we are planning to meet vidhi next week. will update you and the readers. Vidhi is looking very promising at these levels now to us


    Please share your opinion on CAPRI GLOBAL CAPITAL.

  5. RightStock says:

    Ace, whats your view on DQ entertainment and the animation industry for longer term. Do you see any reason for increase in their debt?

  6. hafizul09 says:

    Ace ji…it was a deadly blood bath in Dalar Street with SENSEX down 722 points and NIFTY down 227 points………it was the highest fall in my short tenure in Stock market of one year………..not sure when will the blood bath stop……portfolio in Deep RED…………..bad times

    • Prem says:

      i think one should not look at market……just follow the fundamentals of hold stock. if fundamentals are strong then no need to worry….

      • hafizul09 says:

        Yeah Prem ji…..but even if the fundamentals are strong , stock are tanking just because of market sentiment is negative and whole market is tanking….anyway hopefully NIFTY does not go down below 8000 mark and bounces it back……….testing time…this is my first major testing time……i am sure Ace ji and a lot other fellow investors here had witnessed the recession of 2007-08…so this correction will be a small compared to that time……..experiencing it for the first time……but yes no worry as market will bounce back sooner or later………Cheers!!!!!!

        • if its your first time then you are lucky because its a great learning experience for you as you have seen both the height of bull market craziness and now, the reality check in just one year. This will help investors get back to reality and will make them appreciate quality and the fact 20-25% per annum growth in prices are actually pretty good 🙂 ….

          • hafizul09 says:

            Exactly Ace ji!!!!!!!! some months before when i was seeing the graphs of some small caps i saw them multiplied by 5-6-7 times within 1year….and then i was thinking that ‘i wish i could have come to market 1 year before and invested in those scripts , my money would have been multiplied by those 5-6-7 times’…but now i understand that is not the case….over long term market and stock price will go through some much needed corrections…… i am lot patient now….and now i am not afraid to face the correction……..hope this will help in long term………Thanks Ace ji for ur continuous support!!!!!!!!!

    • well that depends on the stocks and the purchase price… a lot of stocks are withstanding the selling so far

  7. SAY says:

    Ace – the fall in markets since 9000+ on nifty, has helped me to compound my patience during such events, i feel better equip-ed to handle volatility. Hope this correction doesn’t get stretched too far and too long 🙂

    • in the next few months we cannot deny the possibility of 7600 or so.. but immediately at 7950-8000 is strong supports so one bounce is likely from these levels… and this correction should be used to add to your portfolio as the bull market is just began.

  8. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir, I am astonished to notice that there is no blog update after may 6, 3:39 pm…
    Seems bloodbath on Dalal Street has played havoc on fellow readers ’cause as far as I know you do not sensor your readers’ messages, the most criticizing or even the abusing. It seems that people are in deep shock that no new post from readers after aforesaid time……Really intriguing !!

  9. yum says:

    sir what’s your view on dynamatic tech?

  10. Akshay says:

    Rajoo result are out, please share ur views

  11. vimal says:

    Ur view on Sharon Bio-Medicine, is it good price to enter?

  12. hafizul09 says:

    Ace ji…one query regarding Mangalam drug………looks like they dont have USFDA approval for any of their plants and also R&D is not approved by USFDA……but looks like some of the medium/small pharma companies have the USFDA approval……is that a weak point when compared to its peer?
    Also what is the competitive advantage it has(if any) with respect to the drugs it produces like anti malaria drug and others?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!

    • but why do we need USFDA in mangalam’s case? For its business WHO-GMP is required and that they have. I hope you know why these certifications are required. there are other companies also who dont have USFDA and are doing extremely great… you need USFDA WHO-GMP etc certifications for a reason. take it as an exercise and research why they need it. so in a nutshell, its not required.

      • hafizul09 says:

        Yeah Ace ji…..As far as I know USFDA approval is required to sell the drug/medicine in the market which are regulated by USA FDA authority… Mangalam is not selling the drug in USA , so they don’t need it…pls confirm if I am wrong…in fact I also said the same thing to some boarders in MMB but they are still shouting on USFDA for long term investment….so wanted to be doubly confirm with u……….also some guy said that the same drug which Mangalam is producing is being produced by its peers and there is no edge of Mangalam which they are saying is a negative….and another point they are mentioning that if the loan of 70cr is deducted from cash of 12 then effective net worth is minus 58 cr…..which is not good situation financially……….and thus some 10-15 people are constantly posting these negative views and made the board extremely bearish and negative……… I wanted to be doubly sure on this issues raised by those guys to be clear on everything and not missing anything………pls give ur view on these issues to make everything clear…..Thanks in advance!!!!!!

        • after i read MMB i have stopped reading anything further. Also, since you do not even know that its not a drug company i want you to research the company now.

          • hafizul09 says:

            Yeah Ace ji….looks like those people were intentionally spreading negative news to bring down the price to buy for themselves……….but they could not do it for much time and its going up today steadily……hopefully it goes up further after the Q4 results on next Friday……regarding drug I mean Pharma API(Active Pharmacutical Ingredients)….may be word was different but I have read ur blog, company’s annual report FY2014, went to company website, seen their product etc…….after all these only i got convinced and then started looking into this and it looked good……….but yes if further study is required or i am missing any information then it will be good to know that……….Ace ji sorry to ask another query on the same………when this company has such a good management(good Mangalam group), good Pharma product, good quality control system, good growth has been shown and future growth potential is also very good——then why FII/DII has not shown interested in it(FII/DII stake is nill as of Q4 SHP)…..? Thanks in advance!!!!!!

            • i had answered this question in relation to another stock so you can read myviews there.. but why should FII have stake here or anywhere?

              • hafizul09 says:

                Okay Ace ji….although i regularly follow this blog and read all the comments but will repeat once again to find ur view on Managalam wrt FII holding…Thanks…….

              • as i said earlier, it was given in context of another stock not mangalam, also do let me know why you think FII should be present in a particular stock.

              • hafizul09 says:

                As there is no reply button to ur response….posting here……..while FII/DII stake is not mandatory for any stock but it gives us further confidence if they shows interest…….if dont show the interest then we may think that we might be missing something about the stock which Institutions are aware………so that thinking is there for Mangalam…….

              • thought so..but then dont you think with this logic one should chase stocks with high FII holdings like JP Associates, bhushan steel, Reliance twins, JSPL etc… and if yes, then you should also see their track record in creating wealth for investors and that should probably take away any doubt. FII coming is good but let them come after we have entered. remember when they exit, the fall is humongous. by the way i think you have not searched for my views on this particular point..i had elaborated it quite well there. will help you.

              • hafizul09 says:

                Yeah Ace ji…i agree that institutions holding is there in any stock that does not mean that stock will do forever………..but statistically they become successful most of the time……….and yes we entered before them that means when the will enter(if they) then we will enjoy the rally……….yes, still did not get ur comments(now in office—so not able to invest much time…..will check exhaustively in night)……Thanks for the view though!!!!!!

              • its never like it…do you know when FIIs entered symphony or la opala.. look at it… also normally i like to enter stocks where there is no fii holding at that time (although there would be exceptions)

              • hafizul09 says:

                Yeah Ace ji…FII has no guarantee , they can leave any time so its better in a way if no FII holding…but DII i think is better to have….no issue , if Mangalam can do well consistently then it will attract HNI,DII,FII…lets see how Q4 results is….i would like to see some improvement in the OPM and NPM and of course growth in Revenue….

              • see, basically, the stocks where FII/DII are not there are normally undiscovered so when these big guys enter, its then that the re-rating starts. and therefore, as individual investors if we are early then we will be ahead of the game. also, dont forget that these guys cannot take a call (ofcourse exceptions are there) for a company with a market cap below 100cr, which is normally their threshold. and there are multiple and good reasons for this criteria too. personally i dont like these guys coming into stock and i get at guard when they are in because once they decide to sell, a stock (small cap) could loose 20-50% in a jiffy without any change in fundamentals and this can really kill a small investor… not everyone has strong conviction right…

              • hafizul09 says:

                Yeah Ace ji…fully agree!!!!!!!!

  13. Puru says:

    For SKS, Narayan Murthy must be feeling sad now when this script is again on everybody’s radar…

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