Sahyadri Industries – Results Update !!!

Sahyadri Industries reported an interesting set of numbers. Sales increased from 91.59cr to 103.73cr YoY and losses reduced from 4.85cr to 0.43cr . For the year ending Mar 2015 sales increased from 372 in FY 14  to 437cr in FY15 and it turned around itself churning out  profits of 7.11 cr against a loss of 6.01cr.

There was another important update announced on BSE a few days back:

“Sahyadri Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has started commercial production at Vljaywada plant, Andhra
Pradesh on May 04, 2015 after taking production runs and stabilising the products.

It expected that gross sales revenue of the products manufactured at the plant is likely to exceed 10% to 15% of the gross sales for the year 2014-15.”

This should be interesting especially the last line.

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90 Responses to Sahyadri Industries – Results Update !!!

  1. Rajiv says:

    Hi Ace, what’s your view on Prime Sec. and Hanung Toys? I hold both of them at current price levels? What future do you envisage with a 2 year perspective for these two companies? Thanks!

  2. Akshay says:

    this is good to hear

  3. acefollower says:

    Sir, what is your view on pioneer embroideries. Is it worth to buy?

  4. yash says:

    Ace sir why do you feel the markets are acting so volatile? and how should investors buy in this correction? As in at what levels

  5. Sam says:


    Your view on TV Today results

  6. yum says:

    sir what’s your take on vidhi…its looking really strong… has not moved down at all..infact has moved up in last couple of weeks….

  7. sachi says:

    ace, any update on waterbase? seems like mouth watering levels but is there any negative factor not known to retail investors like us?

  8. Sameer Anand. says:

    ACE, Wanbury looking week for the past few days. Hope no write off is coming in this quater results.

  9. Puru says:

    Hi! Do you have any views on Kernex and JP Power?

  10. shreeux says:

    Strong support @ 64-66., Good to accumulate.,

  11. Teja says:

    Ace, your views on Repco home finance and Diamnies & chemicals

  12. kiran says:

    Your View on ‘Rasi Electrodes Ltd’

  13. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, visiting after short time…can u pls share your views on maharshtra Seamless & Manali Petro & Texmo Pipes?
    Thanks again for your valuable help.

  14. sangram says:

    Do you like the ashapura fashion story. Will it create the same magic of page industries

  15. techiechartist says:

    ace looks like prima has started its upmove now…. to take out its highs of 75…

  16. Jp says:

    Please give your views on Persistent Systems.. Tnx…!!

  17. Sameer Anand. says:

    My previous comment is still awaiting moderation but comments after me have been approved. I thought you were one of the better ones who run these so called investment blogs. But you also seem to have feet of clay.

    • cribbing and abusive comments are not allowed on this blog. Also, what happened to estimating wanbury earnings that we were trying last week. you have still not replied to my last question. Rather than wasting time in non-productive wishful thinking one should utilize the time in understand and researching the business.

  18. bi says:

    sir took exposure to vidhi today….it was looking every interesting to me..

    • ok..and yes it sure is with more than 30% revenue CAGR and 50% profits CAGR in last five yrs and something that’s going to continue in the near future too, and looking at its div yield and valuations, this is right now available at very juicy valuations…

  19. ekbechara says:

    sir a lot of stocks have withstood the market carnage like DHP, vidhi prima etc etc…just taking names of the stocks that i own and almost all the stocks did well…its very encouraging to note.

  20. Sameer Anand says:

    Apology for over-reacting from my side ACE. My only issue was that you were overly bullish on all stocks but Wanbury.
    Lets get back to Wanbury.

    Wanbury has to pay Rs.36.06 crore to Exim Bank to acquire 4,511 preference share of Euro 1,000 each and Rs.26.74 crore to State Bank of India.

    Also Wanbury amount recoverable of Rs.189.87 crore from its 2 subsidiarie. So after liquidation process is over, would Wanbury get this amount?

  21. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Ace,

    As per your previous comments you are not interested in SUBEX.
    Any change in view after result….was just going through the management which includes Surjeet Singh former CFO of Patni… not sure though the promoter holding is around zero.

  22. Sameer Anand says:

    Ace please give reply to the second part of my comment about Wanbury.

  23. Sameer Anand says:

    Would Wanbury get 189 crores after they are liquidated by the Spanish court? I am not clear about it.

  24. Sameer Anand says:

    Yes ACE the nod for preference shares is there. But the amount is only 2 crores.

    Equity Shares upto an aggregate amount of ` 2 Crore (Rupees Two Crore Only)
    in one or more tranches to Expert Chemicals (I) Pvt. Ltd., a Promoter Group Company, on preferential allotment basis at a price of Rs 37.50.

  25. acefollower says:

    Sir, what is your view on arshiya international?

  26. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Dear Ace,
    Results of DHP is out. Not an encouraging set of numbers. I prefer to sell. please give your guidance.

  27. harishr27 says:

    Hi Ace sir,

    your take on Umang Diaries and Vardhman Acrylics please…

    thank you

  28. ekbechara says:

    sir your take on DHP results….?

    • its good, actually its way better than my expectations for the quarter. as mentioned in the stock story i was expected a subdued quarter, but on the bottomline they have done very well.

  29. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji….one of my 4 pillar in the portfolio has published the result today….its Mangalam Drug….
    FY2015 Vs FY2014
    Sales : 220 crs Vs 122 crs
    NP :of 6.14 crs Vs ( 5.03 crs)
    EPS: 4.68 Vs ( 2.31)
    (pdf file’s printing is not good but these should be the no.s)
    To me it looks like great result….ur view on the result please…..Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

      • Vishwanath says:

        Ace, thanks for revealing this gem to ur readers. The script closed in red today. But the result was declared after trading hours. Hope we will see some positive move in the script this monday.

        • hopefully, the positive stock momentum should now get a strong fundamental boost too

          • Vishwanath says:

            Ace, thanks for ur comment. The main dampner in Mangalam’s story is their debt which has come down only a small bit this year. On a ebida of 16 cr, the finance cost is 10cr. You have covered this in your write up. Post result declaration you have any other view?

            • the debt will continue to be the sore point in near future too, but overall very good results inspite of higher other expenses. lets hope the momentum continues.

              • hafizul09 says:

                Hello Ace ji—-one query in this regard….does other expense covers interest cost as well..? I mean other expense is a general term so as a shareholder its difficult to know exactly what was the exact expense for……and also there is another heading with ‘interest’–so does that mean other expense cant be used to reduce debt or it can be used to reduce the debt can they show it as other expense in P&L account…..could you please help me understand this thing…..Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!

              • no its not difficult. just go through the AR and its always noted in the ARs in other expenses in one of the notes of statements. for mangalam i think its note 21… no there’s no reduction of debt for mangalam and they do not intend to pre-pay any debt as of now and they have not done that either.

              • hafizul09 says:

                Hello Ace ji…Thanks for the explanation….I wanted to know the details for this Q4 itself(as they have shown more other expense)—-so for that I will have to wait for the AR ….AR will be published in around 3-4 months time from now I think……..anyway wait for the AR to get the exact details…….Thanks!!!!!!

              • other expenses do not change … maybe one of the items is more than other but anyways…

  30. STP says:

    Prima closed above the closing of thursday and wednesday.. good news around the corner???

  31. Prem says:

    Hiii ace sir…any comment for FCEL result??

  32. Rohit Desai says:

    Hi Ace,
    Please share your views on AVT natural.


  33. AJ says:

    Your views on Future Market Networks?

  34. totalsiyapaa says:

    sir what’s your take on tirupati sarjan’s results

  35. Gajanand Sharma says:

    Hello Ace,

    what is your view on Kelton Tech Solutions ?

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