Mangalam Drugs MD’s Interview on CNBC-TV18

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102 Responses to Mangalam Drugs MD’s Interview on CNBC-TV18

  1. Akshay says:

    this is good news

  2. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, Wanbury expectations today?

  3. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, I am expecting NP of 5 cr this quater.

  4. SAY says:

    A good number of triggers to look forward to, per the interview. Seems it has established itself for good play down the line with recent results. Right Ace ?

    • that’s the idea and hope… so far playing out as a script.. their inorganic opportunity is the joker in the pack

      • SAY says:

        keeping fingers crossed.

      • Vishwanath says:

        Inorganic opportunity is the joker in the pack. Wont this add to the debt burden? Of course a prudent management will consider all aspects, the market, in short term, may not take it kindly. No?

        • what makes anyone say that debt is the only possible way of acquisition. what about all share deal? see, as i said its a joker in the pack because we dont know what or how it will happen. the market would weigh the pros vs cons of this acquisition is every respect and not just capital aspect but also the kind of IP that an acquisition could bring.

  5. prabu says:

    ACE What is ur take on MIC electronics currently.. They have posted good set of Q4 numbers… Also they are getting lot of orders in the recent months.. Please advice on the promoters capability and its future… Awaiting ur response.. Thanks for all your help.. God Bless

  6. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, do you think I am expecting too much from Wanbury this quarter?

    • i dont even know the basis of your sales figure and till that how can we take the discussion forward sir

      • Sameer Anand says:

        ACE, please share your expectations at least. Its your pick. SKM Egg products which is not even your recommended stock, you were so forthcoming.

        • the idea of this blog is to educate the readers and not just be a tips only blog. and when i am putting efforts i do not understand why the readers should not

          • Sameer Anand says:

            Leave it Sir. I’ll just wait for the results and leave rest to my fate.

          • Rainmaker says:

            Dear Ace – i am a silent observer and learner and have hardly commented but i really wanted to acknowledge the huge work you are doing in education others – your conversation with Sameer is educational, thought provoking and speaks volumes on your intent ( i am invested heavily in Prima and vidhi , Wanbury and cupid i exited early, look to re-enter Wanbury, but still didnt get the time to do proper b/w Wanbury and other options )

            I just wanted to acknowledge and thank you – God bless !!

  7. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Ace Sir, What’s the Expectation From Waterbase Results?

  8. investor says:

    What to do with wanbury now sir ?

  9. umesh says:

    hi ace , what is your view on ashapura imitates fashions results, is it worth buying at current levels for long term

  10. Ashok Gupta says:

    Dear Sir can u comment on the result of Pioneer Embroideries

  11. prateek kala says:

    Ace sir,
    what about pincon spirit?is it a decent buy
    company announced it’s results today as
    The company has reported growth of 80% in the top line and 67% increase in the bottom line.
    The annual sales have already reached near 700 crores and Full year EPS is around 17.
    At current market price of around 125 the P/E comes at 7 which is extremely cheap for a fast growing company in an overall expensively valued sector.
    why market is not rerating this company???

    • i am very uncomfortable with the fact that such a small cap does not have a promoter so i am not interested in it

      • prateek says:

        Ace sir,
        Promoters have declassified themselves as non promoters.30% is with mr. ROy and 30% with board members owned company and kolkata based groups.
        Same is the case in ITC it is also not having promoter holding.What do u think we should reject thus stock only on this basis

        • yes. i know this is the normal theory given behind companies with non-promoters …but then its unfair to compare a small cap with a proven performer like ITC which is over a century old and has proven itself to investors for decades. Also, if the people running the company are not interested to be classified as promoters then they might not have right intentions as well because being a promoter of a company comes with some legal bindings and its possible they are not interested in having this legal inhibitions. Therefore, i am not really interested here….its better to let go an opportunity if one’s not really sure about something as important as promoter (or the lack of it) integrity.

  12. techiechartist says:

    sir, as i had said earlier, vidhi is doing great… am very happy…

    • you should be…good stuff man….

      • techiechartist says:

        you are being too modest… dont feel like taking all the credit myself man…you helped me identify the right pattern so….well, thanks for your inputs too 🙂

        • well, if somebody sends me a five page email with all the relevant chart diagrams i know the person is putting a lot of efforts himself and for such intellectuals, i am always game for discussion. Its a privilege… I just helped you to identify the most relevant pattern but you had done most of the work. God Bless

          • STP says:

            Congratulations to both ace sir and techiechartist sir.. I have made quite a few bucks, thanks to u.. i booked my profit today! 🙂

      • yash says:

        Technically looking very good, recovered from an intraday low of 20.40 to close at 22.15….I am not so concerned with technicals but it should get its fair value ….It deserves a higher pe but how much can it command?

        • its a leader so ideally it should command a sector leader PE … its also a very unique business vertical so i hope market one day gives it even better valuations.

          • R K SINHA says:

            ace sir, Vidhi has made good move in last three four days. But supply is higher side over demand. Therefore, price is not sustaining.Today it has touched 52 week high but again come down to 21 level. People are not understanding its business model. Stock exchange has also classified in dys and pigment segment instead of specialty edible chemicals.

  13. Ravi says:

    Gud evng ace
    what is your view on ashapura intimate fashion stock after the result…thanks

  14. gsc says:

    Man industries poster excellent results and company is having very good order book position. Share is quoiting a reasonable valuation.What are your views on that.

  15. prabu says:

    Ace , Please provide your view on Sicagen India… Whether it looks attractive… Thanks..

  16. yash says:

    Congrats ace sir vidhi blasts after testing everyones patience and conviction…Cheers!!

  17. Bela says:

    Dear ACE,
    Pl comment on Wanbury and Water base result.

  18. vivek gupta says:

    Hi Ace,
    A few points on Vidhi Dyestuff. (I know a wrong day to raise negatives)

    1) Why should a company with so much of international business have a confusing/hard to find web address. (Vidhifoodcolours, vidhifoodcolour and vidhifoods).
    2) With just 91cr of food colours turnover in 2014 it is a little hard to digest that the co in market leader in its business.( Note 19)
    3) If a co does not take term loans but takes short term loans on the same kind of assets as term loan and pays as much interest then what is the diff between the two.
    4)No where is it mentioned about “personal guarantees by promoters” then what is 46.80 L as “Bank guarantee commission” paid for.(last page or AR).

    Positives are : Healthy div and Tax payments and return ratios.
    Disc: Invested


    Vivek Gupta

    • 1. why is it hard ?
      2. you dont have to trust me. please carry channel checks or talk to company.
      3. how is short term loans taken on same kind of asset. a bit of more context may help.
      4. dont remember exactly but see if its a related party transaction or not..

    • R K SINHA says:

      stay invested. I understand it will go to 100/- like camlin fine sciences.

  19. sangram says:

    Ace bro what numbers are you expecting from Vidhi dyestuff

  20. Vivek Gupta says:

    (in continuation : Vidhi Dyestuff)

    Ace, I am not saying that you have wrongly stated the facts but was just trying to evaluate if a company with 91cr of sales can be market leader worldwide.

    What is the difference between Term Loan and Short term loans from an investors perspective.

    It is amazing how you find time to reply to so many people and still manage to track so many companies.

    Thanks in advance.

    Vivek Gupta

    • that’s a standard line i write for such responses, so dont feel i took it to my heart 🙂 … short term loan is also a working capital loan…hope that helps …as far as tracking companies goes, that’s not just my brain…its also a brain that i developed 🙂 … pls go through my about page

  21. amit says:

    sir is it right time to buy welspun india , suryalata spng? as i am holding vidhi ……

  22. yash says:

    Hello ace sir,
    Prima sold its Acp unit? What impact will it have? Last year Consolidated eps was around 6.9…..Now their exports are growing at 24% Cagr for last 5 years and their retail business is also growing at brisk pace of 15-20%… Also i saw the crude chart and saw that price in 2014-15 was almost half and i feel we could save 20-25% expenses on raw materials..coming to this i expect eps of rs 9 as well a pe of 12 (industry pe is 24)….a reraating is on cards…your views and projections. .

    • see, i think there’ no point in discussing the same thing again and again. a good debt free, improve roe, roce and cash flow company guided by a good management available on low valuations…what else one needs? dont over complicate the investment decisions.

  23. Roopak says:

    Ace, What’s your view on Gajra Bevel?

  24. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Ace sir, Can Kridhan Infra become an multibagger from current level’s?

  25. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji….very much disappointed with one of my pillars-Waterbase———for tw oreasons

    1)They did not publish the result on the day which they promised to do so—-this signals that the managements/promoters are not from the best rather they are from worst possible groups
    2)Result is also worst in the sense when this industry is growing Avanti is growing this guy is slowing down with revenue which is utter disappointment——–

    So overall very much disappointed with Waterbase———-now hoping good results from Prima(hopefully it will not disappoint) & Guj Themis(good result with Lupin order details)……

  26. Akshay says:

    Prima Update:
    With reference to the earlier letter dated May 16, 2015 regarding Board Meeting on May 29, 2015, Prima Plastics Ltd has now informed BSE that the Meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on May 29, 2015, also to consider & Approve project to set up a moulded furniture project at Nicaragua (Central America).

  27. abhishek says:

    Hi ACE , what is your view on Stampede Capital Limited. Its India’s only company in Financial Cloud services to High Frequency Trading companies and is also among very few companies in the world doing market making for the largest stock exchanges in the world.

  28. Sachin Jain says:

    Dear Ace,

    Mangalam Drugs hit a lifetime high today at Rs 63.

    Is it still a buy at these levels according to you?

    Please share your thoughts

  29. naveenagp81 says:


    Can i enter Cupid at current level , plz suggest me

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