Results Update !!!


For the quarter Wanbury did the sales of 123 cr which was 20% higher YoY and almost flat QoQ. Operating profits increased significantly YoY to 3.7cr from just .02cr, though it declined from 12.3cr mainly on account of higher raw material cost and other expenses. The company posted a nominal loss of 0.1cr mainly due to help from other income (refer notes of results for details on this). Overall good sales indicate the recovery trend is continuing and a bit of quarterly gyrations always come in turnaround companies.


Waterbase reported a muted set of numbers with topline declining on both YoY and QoQ basis though net profits increased from 2.46cr to 3.94cr YoY, though remaining almost constant QoQ with slightly negative bias. Net profits were high on account of lower tax this quarter (as they accounted more tax in the last few quarters), but it’s equally important to note that YoY there was substantial increase in the raw material cost and therefore, the OPM were slightly hampered. But most importantly, it’s the newsflow that’s promising. Setting up of Vannamei hatcheries, merger of Pinnae Feeds Ltd (which will increase their capacity from 35,000 MTPA to 1,10,000 MTPA – more than three times increase) sounds extremely promising for the long run and along with it halving of debt, 30% payout and a sound cash balance of 29.47cr make the company a sound investment theme for the long run.

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82 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    thanks for the updated

  2. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji….Thanks for the update—regarding Wanbury—-yeah the sales figures are really impressive—–this consistently good sales figures prove that even in bad situation the company had maintained the good productions and as well the customers of the company have not left the company and continued their faith in the company—-so when the customers have faith on the company, company products, management, product quality then we, shareholders also should have the confidence on the company———also I see in such a difficult times they have reduced the long term borrowings have come down by 9cr(from 279 to 270) which is really impressive and giving clear signal that management is determine to reduce the debt——these are good signs and signals good intentions of the management(this Wanbury result should be analyzed properly by investors rather than just going by loss of 21.12 lakhs)—I am sure good days are ahead for his company and its shareholder———-Thanks for the update—-Cheers!!!!!!!

    • Raminder says:

      Cutting debt at this stage using working Capital will not be good. Infusion of funds is the need of the hour . A 30cr -50 cr. infusion will alter the entire scenario .

  3. shreeux says:

    Thanks for update….!

  4. Aravind says:

    I love Waterbase. I love your conviction and understanding more sir ji

  5. raj khemani says:

    Thnx for the update cheif

  6. Kiran says:

    Your Views on ‘Pincon Spirits Ltd’?

  7. Raminder says:

    Good results. One thing that can do wonder to the company at this stage will be a QIP issue of 50 L share @ around Rs.80 . and that money should be used to trim long term Debts.

  8. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji….just a thought….u are investing such of time , giving efforts , doing analysis, contacting management of the companies and eventually finding the good companies for us—-and all that u r doing for free——and we love u for ur effort and also respect u—-but could not help u generate any income for u——-so was just thinking about that—–I can see enough space in both left and right hand side of this blog page which can hold some advertisement and that could help u generate some income—-we love u so much that we can bear some advertisement for u and also click on those adds if they are good and helpful——this is the primary source of income for many website based companies( where we do see a lot of adds,similalry yahoo,fb etc)—-..and I can see u have good number of followers as well which can make those adds running–so I would request u to think about it and if it happens then we will be happy for u and also it will be good for u—–see tolerate a lot of adds in cricket website,shopping website, fb etc… we can of course tolerate some adds for ur betterment(for ur help financially)……..just an idea(myself being a software engineer I think this can be executed in reality —so posted this idea)–i know doing analysis of stocks is ur passion and u love it and u love doing it for free—but in my opinion if passion and income are aligned(if people can generate from what they love to do) then life can be beautiful(after all people need money to live better—so doing the passionate work for free for the whole life might be difficult and in crunch time passionate work might be stopping due to lack of money or other work pressure from where people get money for living which we dont want for u as we want ur advices and dont want u to stop ur passionate work of analyzing stock)–Please think about it once…..Keep up the good work—God Bless U…..

    Thanks & Regards

  9. Roshan says:

    ace i want to know y contigemt liabilities are increasing every year for tirupati sarjan

  10. STP says:

    Dear Sir… Please check ur mail…

  11. Manoj says:

    Dear Ace,
    Thanks for ur pick Wanbury.I am holding in small quantity.Will add more based on future results.

  12. Ra Da says:

    What is your view on Avanti feeds? It is quoting at extremely reasonable valuations.Debt is almost negligible and expansions are already in place..Seems to me to be a better bet at the current valuations.

  13. Rahul Jain says:

    sir your view on kelton tach. respond here and not said in the past, please no dodging questions

  14. sangram says:

    Ace bro if p.e. rerating happens in Vidhi Dyestuff. What would be fair marketcap for it. And after p.e. rerating would u continue to hold this one or book profits.

    • fair marketcap for one is unfair to another and that’s what makes the market. What makes you say that i hold or do not hold the stock. I would not like to discuss my holdings here on the stocks that i recommend. Are you just playing for re-rating and not growth?

  15. Rainmaker says:

    views on Hinduja Global solutions – company is recognised for service with global majors , reasonable PE , dispersed workforce and presence in both India and Philippines- help with your views . thanks !!

      • Rainmaker says:

        Thanks for reply – now to take guidance from on learning the trade – if one is analyzing a BPO firm- what are the key parameters one should look at . My focus was service levels, retention of big accounts, presence in key countries for BPO talent, debt levels overall profitability and ability to add new customers and at what cost – utilisation levels. if a BPO can migrate to KPO , then its another potential trigger – your overall thoughts please

  16. RAVI says:

    Sir, What do you think of the results posted by Lycos this quarter. It is very good on consolidated basis with EPS of appx. 7Rs. Dividend payment and utilization of huge Reserve is the question right now in my mind. One last but not the least question sir, NSE listing shows the creditability of the company’s financial results and status. This should clear the smoke between the company and its investor. I really want to know your understanding about this company after these two improvement 1. Listing and 2. Good results.
    Please comment………God bless all.

  17. techiechartist says:

    Sir as i said vidhi made a new high and has consolidated for last two days… now giving last chance to enter before the next wave of strong upmove begins and takes it to higher highs.. am excited sir…

  18. Vivek Gupta says:


    Is Punj Lloyd a good bet for 3 years holding period.
    Looks like technical capitulation is done.

    Performance is improving albeit slowly.

    Expecting a Turnover of 10000cr this year and M Cap of 800Cr.

    Choice is between ILFS engineering and Punj Lloyd.


    • its not just turnover that matters right..if there’s no bottomline things can go wrong very fast..i would wait it out for punj…i dont mind buying higher but would like to be sure about it… only if one is ok with a 50% possible loss should one think of investing in punj right now –basically this is the measure of risk appetite required. IL&FS belongs to a much better group and has given enough evidence of sustainable turnaround.

  19. Vivek Gupta says:

    Thanks a lot.

  20. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, what’s wrong with Aimco – its getting down day by day..any updates to share?

  21. SAY says:

    Pressman has done good for itself. It was due for results today.

  22. Sameer Anand says:

    Very heartening results by Garware Wall Ropes. Do put a update on the same ACE. One of the most neglected stock by fellow blog readers.

  23. SAY says:

    Last nov/dec you were in a wait and watch mode on palred tech. How about now ?

  24. Adarsa says:

    Dear Ace,
    I want to get your views on thermax, siemens , abb and lnt
    which is a good buy at cmp and i personally think the pack of abb,siemens and thermax will outperform lnt as they have the technology also

  25. RAJEEV says:

    Is the market factoring in the poor monsoon that the price of AIMCO is going down.

  26. Yash says:

    Very good results by garware wall ropes.
    Qoq performance
    1) Net sales increase by 6% in comarision to december quarter 184 to 196 cr
    2)Net profit (bottomline) increases by 20.4% from 10 to 12.2 cr

    yoy performance
    1) Topline increases by 3 %
    2)Bottomline increases by 66%

    Your profits for the year end have grown by nearly 62%.

    Now if you see another positives are
    1) Your long term borrowings has come down from 11.78cr to only 4cr.
    2) A heathy dividend of rs3 has been declared
    3)A minor positive is your promoter holding has increased from 50.25 to 50.58 and pledge is zero

    One thing i didnt like is trade recievables has increased from 142cr to 182cr.
    This co will do very well in future and one of the company available at decent valuations.
    at cmp of 174.75 pe works out to be roughly 8.9.

  27. Rohan says:

    Whats your take on Sunteck Realty?

  28. Akshay says:

    cybertech result have not been posted. any reason for that?

  29. STP says:

    Sir.. today reinvested in vidhi.. ever since the shares were sold, was in double minds.. finally took the plunge today 🙂

  30. Bela says:

    Dear ACE,
    Please comment on cybertech result.
    Thank you.

  31. prasad says:

    what s ur views on Richa industries? u recommended it few months back…now no news abt it..

  32. Bala says:


    One of the promising stocks of V2 retail was almost forgot in this blog discussion forum, my question is recent convertible shares of one of the promoter Akash Agarwal 13.09 lakhs changed to equity shares recently.. this volumes becomes almost 5.5% on the total share volume 2.2 cr shares..

    The result is on the way…

    can I have your view on this dilution of additional equity shares will have any major impact and reduce the EPS.

    And are you in touch with the V2 retail CS for any further developments, do we have any update on the latest development..

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