Waterbase Update !!!

A great presentation by the company, which increases the conviction on this stock. Clearly the earnings are bound to take a huge leap.

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142 Responses to Waterbase Update !!!

  1. pavans13 says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. vimal says:

    Ur view on Era Infra Engineering Ltd?

  3. pavans13 says:

    I am looking to improve my knowledge on Technicals. Do you have a book/resource in mind?

  4. pavans13 says:

    You mean .. google this blog or google in general?

  5. shreeux says:

    Good to see..!!!

  6. Dhiman says:

    Sirji, Waterbase kharidlu kya?

  7. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update

  8. cp says:

    Plz tell about indosolar . or something in this sector which can be bought at current prices.

  9. Bishan Basu says:

    Dear Ace,
    What’s your view on MIC Electronics. Do you really think it as a potential turnaround candidate?
    If it is so, then opportunity is really huge.
    In any case, thanks and congratulations for finding out Associated Stones, a great stock, really.

  10. hg says:

    Hello Aceji,
    Wanted to know your view on Sarla Performace Fibers.

  11. Mayur says:

    So beware of paid services

  12. vijay says:

    Dear Sir
    What is your views on Adani Power due to recent merger developments?

  13. ekbechara says:

    ace, who’s your favorite market guru

    • without doubt – Jesse Lauriston Livermore

      • learner says:

        Hi Ace,

        Could you name any more role models in finance ?

        What are your views on George Soros and Ray Dalio?

        How about fields outside finance. In philosophy? Any good reads to fine tune thought processes.

        Would be greatly appreciated.


        • Soros is my fav among the present league and yes, i rate him even higher than buffet or munger, though i find some of the learnings of munger, buffet ,graham and even lynch particularly interesting… but as a package, IMHO nothing beats Soros – again its a personal opinion…. we all how there are many more and there’s always something to learn from each one of them.

          • learner says:

            Nice..going to read up on Soros

            planning to read Alchemy of Finance.. how did you find the book ?

            • its a decent book but probably not as gripping as some of the others… but still a good read….

              • Leaner says:

                What would be your TOP 3 reads.. Books which you have read every now and then throughout life..

                Do share.. Appreciated.

              • there are so many as i had written earlier..you could read as many of them..like the intelligent invvestor, one up on wall street or aswath damodaran books on valuations etc etc.. picking top 3 or 5 is really doing injustice to several of them πŸ™‚ …but i dont try to read too many books, but try to learn from successful traders/investors …. find it more inspiring than anything else

      • anujpress24 says:

        Any particular reason…please help us understand..

  14. Roshan says:

    ace im convinced about gujarat themis and do have position in it but the only thing that is holding me back from buying more is that they havent announced the details about the lupin deal…r u fully invested in this or holding some cash back to add more only after they announce about the deal?

    • not interested in sharing my portfolio or trading positions. Again, till there’s clarity on the size of deal, the conviction is a little dicey here. Try to get in touch with the company and ask for some explanation pls.

  15. Suneetha says:

    Jessi Livermore: World no 1 Successful Trader ! But You are a Good Investor ! Looks Paradox !

    • i am a trader too and thus this blog, … infact i have fueled my investment by trading and firmly believe in this strategy of wealth creation.

      • STP says:

        sir.. what do u mean by fueling ur investment by trading.. could u pls explain this strategy…

        • basically using the trading gains to add to the investments… so basically i have two portfolios, one trading one investment…nothing unique i guess…. a lot of people must be using this strategy

          • hg says:

            Any plans on writing about your technical picks/strategies etc. πŸ™‚

          • Rainmaker says:

            just for overall understanding and no pointer to your portfolio – should one create two different lists – trading and investment Or like the current situation, keep trading the same companies ( which one believes are good for investment) – may be this sounds amateurish but just wanted your opinion

            • one should trade what one understands…be it your own stocks (it has its own pros and cons) or other stocks…if you are trading on your own stocks alone, then you are “surely” going to miss out on some big gains… but i feel it easier to have seperate accounts for trading and investing and use trading to fuel investments. This strategy works for my me, trading alone or investing alone would probably not work for me. Again, one should do what one feels confident about…ultimately its all about making money.

          • STP says:

            ohh.. thank u πŸ™‚

  16. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, a micro cap company, Switching Technology, was on upper hand today. Any inputs from you will be very helpful

  17. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, huge volumes in Mangalam today. Can I take some exposure to it? I promise i WOULD NOT PANIC by seeing the volatatlity! Please guide.

  18. healingtouch says:

    HI ace

    what is your view on INcap ltd, which is small company making cash of around 3.5 crore and market cap of around 12 crore and paying dividend of 10%, yields around 4.5%, what is your view on it

  19. sangram says:

    Got some mangalam drugs at lower circuit today. Little Late to get into bus.

  20. Nandita says:

    Ace, any view on cambridge tech?

  21. nikhil says:

    Sir, what are ur views on logix microsystem(izmo) and istreet network.

  22. Himanshu dalal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am holding maha. scooters shares since many years. Recently court has given verdict which is said to be in favor of bajaj family. I have gone through details available but unable to understand what can be outcome. company owns shares worth 2000 crores of bajaj group cos.I request you to study the latest development and give your opinion. I am long term investor and can hold shares for few more years.

  23. Shankar says:

    Dear Ace sir
    Would request your views on Kabra Extrusion Technik, Mangalam Drugs, Haldyn glass and JK tyres (Q4 results offers great hope, I believe). Also the market correction is making some of these stocks attractive in my humble opinion. Thank you

  24. hardyboy says:

    between ashiana housing and poddar developers which one is better.their models are different but which one will give better returns in next 5 yrs in your opinion sir.

  25. shekhar says:

    Sir, Your views on galaxy entertainment. Few analysts term it as a concept stock. May turn a big multibagger. Kind of high risk high return stock?

  26. K Harikrishnan says:

    what about poor monsoon impact in equity market.Please reply and waiting..

    • my view ir-respective of monsoon is clear. its a short on rise for me.. but fundamentally speaking, i think monsoons have picked up.. even otherwise not worried too much about monsoons, i think the present government is well versed with combating disasters, if at all it occurs.

  27. acefollower says:

    Sir, what is your technical and fundamental view on Surana solar. I have stuck in this counter @50. Regards.

  28. Sameer Anand says:

    ACE, I know you took offence when previously I asked about your opinion on Mangalam at current price. Request you to guide me whether I could buy at 56-57 levels trictly for long term. Is there margin of safety at current level?

  29. Rajendra says:

    Sir, Your view on Orient Green Power. Good promoters, 75% promoter holding, demerger of biomass energy business. I plan to hold it for minimum 3 years.

  30. STP says:

    Dear Sir, I have two doubts regarding Associated Stone Industries (from fundamental point of view):
    1. The ROE of the company is just 7%; which means that the Company is actually not even able to secure the shareholders of inflation
    2. The company is investing heavily in wind technology; do you really feel that sector has the potential to grow?

    • 1. RoEs and RoCE there figures are important but not sacrosanct as these are “historical” figures.
      2. they are not investing heavily … they have wind farm but why you saying its heavily invested ?

  31. jai says:

    Ace, pls share your views on PDS Multinational. Thanks

    • as mentioned earlier, i like the company. pls understand its business first to appreciate what it does. Its an interesting and sort of unique business and therefore, investors should understand what it does fully before taking a call.

  32. Roshan says:

    Ace looks like v2 has broken out today

  33. vimal says:

    ur views on Celestial biolabs?

  34. A. Kudwa says:

    what’s ur take on ur old reco Prima at current levels?

  35. Yjmj says:

    Dear sir the 40% addition in vidhi will it be reflected in june results…i mean the next results.

  36. pravin says:

    As per the march 2015 shareholding pattern it appears that Dolly khanna bought 505754 of nandan denim that is 1.11% stake in the company.
    Given the backward integration and operating margin of the company in light of the capex that is happening it looks interesting.
    If you track nandan denim than please share your views on the same.

  37. Rakesh says:

    Your view on Nahar Spinning at current price?

  38. techiechartist says:

    sir, i think associated stone broke out yesterday after a long consolidation. i got skeptical when suddenly someone sold around 40k shares and it started going down but was very happy to see the subsequent recovery as all the supply was absorbed and it close above the key resistance..i think probably in next couple of days a new high might come. As you rightly pointed out in your stock story, i think 128 is now a mere formality.

  39. hardyboy says:

    For garware rope in my understanding crude should be raw material.but there seems to be no decrease in raw material cost.dec quarter result this is understandable because of inventory loss but at least in mar it should have reflected.also my observation is that their employee cost has increased considerably. it means that the no. of employees itself would have increased.is there any news on them increasing their capacity.

    . other than garware there is neo international in techinical textile.is there any more listed company in this space.

  40. Jp says:

    Dear Ace,

    My humble opinion is that you can give technical opinions in this page itself, as these fundamental things are just a few on a day basis. This is just a suggestion…!! Thanks..!!

  41. Mahendra says:

    Dear Sir,
    Could you please express your view on Indian Hume Pipe Ltd.

  42. vimal says:

    any positive news for mangalam drugs now?

  43. vimal says:

    Ipca labs selling its stake?

  44. vimal says:

    ur view on MRPL?

  45. Nandita says:

    After fultilely waiting for market to commence next leg of correction, entered associated stone, mic elctronic and v2 retail today, for 50 percent of quantity that i plan to buy. What do you think? If nifty closes above 8400, will it go much higher before beginning next correction? Some comments now and then on technicals, both on broader indices and some individual stocks will be helpful. For now could u comment on the next support for MD? And how far this market rise can go in ur opinion, is it close to losing steam?

    • i do not do portfolio management. Its your decision.

      • Nandita says:

        The query was not about my portfolio. I guess it was not well writtten. I was not asking u whether i should sell this or buy that. I was essentially asking u whether u think the markets are on the verge of a correction. Today’s closing is perhaps an answer.

        • see, my views here are clear…its a sell on rise for me. ofcourse its done a great job of defending the 7950 mark but till it closes above 8705, the sell on rise view remains for me. by the way its important to see (for the short term) if on a correction 8230-8300 holds or not because if it does then we are on for 8520….as of now for the short term, this view holds but again medium term picture still says 7500 “may” come subject to levels mentioned above.

  46. Dear Aceinvestortrader,
    Little late on coming back on Waterbase.
    I have high conviction on Waterbase.. I had looked at management presentation before, just sharing summary which I did for my own records with fellow investors:
    Reproducing important points from Waterbase management interview below, very clear and confident commentary:
    300% increase in capacity post merger with PFL
    Strong balance sheet. Debt free situation
    Widening distribution in other states – de-risking against natural calamities
    30% increase in dealer network reach
    Expand in value-added products like farm care products
    Shrimp export is increasing substantially – 6B USD this year
    Unit value increased from 3.7 to 5 USD per kg
    64% of marine export from India is shrimp
    Waterbase has good market spread –NA, Europe, Asia, Japan.. resilient portfolio
    28% return on capital employed

  47. Dear Aceinvestortrader,

    I also hold Avanti Feeds in this sector. I usually hold combination of top 1, 2, 3 players in the sectors I get into to derisk dependence on a single player.
    For example:
    AF and WB in shrimp
    KRBL and Chaman in rice
    Mirza int, Liberty shoes and Superhouse in shoes
    etc etc,
    AF is bigger and has delivered substantial growth. It’s equity base is smaller so EPS is much higher and thus the price. In terms of % appreciation going forward, WB has better opportunity due to its smaller base and recent acquisition but they have to deliver on it.
    Do you have views on AF and other stocks mentioned above?

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