Cybertech and Cupid Update !!!

Cybertech Promoter Buying -> In the wake of imminent Smart Cities regulations, Cybertech Promoters are buying.

Cupid: People who wish to add on to their Cupid positions, can do it because of this. Re-initiating coverage. Glad to see the above declaration.

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200 Responses to Cybertech and Cupid Update !!!

  1. VIKAS says:

    Sir, purcgase the cybertech at 64. Shoulď hold it or not

  2. shreeux says:

    Good to heard about “Cupid Ltd has informed BSE regarding a Press Release titled “Receipt of order for supply of Female Condom of USD 16.28 million”.”

  3. Vinod says:

    Dear Ace,
    Your opinion on next support levels of Mangalam.
    Technically where does Cybertech stand after next 2 quaters
    Thank you in advance

  4. Vinod says:

    Due to availability of surplus funds now, am looking to take a fresh entry.
    But still want to wait untill they stabilize at some point.

  5. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    thanks a lot for sharing this good update .
    One question on cybertech news, a quantity of few thousand shares doesn’t look too small to be treated as significant buying by promoters ? . It could be naive question , but pls enlighten me .

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update

  7. Vivek Gupta says:

    Hello Sir,

    Mangalam Drugs was more of a technical call as you said.

    On charts these levels of sub 49 seem to be at a trend line support.

    Do you feel technically it is a buy or because of such a big fall the trend itself may be threatened and needs more confirmation before entering.


    Vivek Gupta

    • i beleive i said, its a technical “driven” recommendation but i do not recommend any stock on this blog if the technicals are not backed by good fundamentals. also, what fall are we talking about… its still up 20% from recommended levels…anyways, i know its on LC even now and people feel jittered, but i dont see any much downside from these levels now…

  8. STP says:

    Dear Sir.. I have a fundamental doubt… If you are of the view that currently it is a sell on rise market.. don’t you think that having stock picks after the positive momentum is established is more worthwhile as it would give a better entry price… In such a situation, i really dont know whether purchasing sahyadri and prima at current levels to average out is better or is it better for them to correct further when market comes down to 7700 odd levels…

    • No, as i have said numerous times, when markets fall, its the nifty stocks that co-relate. small caps depending on quality either go up or down ir-respecive of broader markets…. you know what was mangalam price when markets were 9100 and at 8300 what is the price now..ditto for other stocks…

      • STP says:

        sir.. but if you take examples of prima plastics, sahyadri, dhp india, garware and cybertech.. the prices have fallen from their highs by 20% – 35%.. the fall in their prices have got nothing to do with the fallen quality of the stocks.. the stocks still seem to be good on quality.. however, the fall in prices could be because of profit booking, effected by negative sentiments being fuelled by falling broader indices…

        P.S. I counter questioned because you said that you have no problem in healthy debates.. 🙂

  9. raj khemani says:

    Congrats Ace .Hats off to u.Although I missed the boat as I was out of town , I respect ur acumen. Keep going . guess am a big looser in stocks.will try & make amends in future. Kind regards Raj

    • you dont have to be a loser in can change this by doing two things 1. Stop treating yourself like a loser 2. study the different ideas available, choose one, understand it more, yourself, and if convinced buy it and keep expectations lows. Go with the mind set that you would not loose your sleep even if its down by 50% – this comes by researching a stock because only then you get convinced about a company and when you know the company is doing well, you kind of ignore the prices, but prices in the long run “has to” catch up with the fundamentals and once that happens your conviction is rewarded. All one needs is one stock where he makes money and then other stocks follow… God Bless

  10. STP says:

    and sir.. can u suggest a website where we can see a company’s graph VS nifty… thanks a ton for ur help

  11. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, you have any view on PVR? Similar to Prima Plastic, the market upheavals does not seem to have affected PVR.

  12. Roshan says:

    hopefully a similar update may come from the management of guj themis

  13. rags says:

    Hello Ace, can you share your views on VLS finance ? Thanks

  14. Vivek Gupta says:

    Hi STP,
    Co Vs nifty is available on moneycontrol.

  15. prabu says:

    Ace , Please share your view on HCC…whether it is a compelling buy for u ?

  16. sujjit says:

    Ace sir, Bata India declining from 1500 Rs to 1000 Rs, do you know any reason behind it?

  17. A. Kudwa says:

    Hello Ace; you must be aware that I am a new follower of ur blog… I noticed that DHP India is below ur recommended price.. is it a safe bet at current levels?

    • what do you think ? have you understood what the company does or are you trying to buy it blindly…these are important questions to be answered.

      • A. Kudwa says:

        yup.. the company is into exports of lpg regulators.. it appears to be safe because of good profitability ratios and low P.E. my only concern is that it is very volatile.. it was 140 in feb (when u recommended).. 90 in march.. 165 in april and now 120 in june! so.. i want to know what is the downside from current levels

        • you should know that i dont do portfolio management but something which was attractive at higher levels – with everything remaining constant – if the price comes down logically it becomes more attractive. buying or not is your decision.

          • A. Kudwa says:

            I did not ask u to suggest whether I should buy or not… Since it had rose above ur recommended level, ur target could already be achieved.. since i am new, I did not knw what was ur target or outlook then?

            • A. Kudwa says:

              u stressed on ceteris paribus, right.. “with everything remaining constant”.. that exactly was my question.. has things changed from february.. i am asking because I am not an old follower… my bad.. I ll start following you after ur new recommendation

              • if you dont know whether something has changed in last few months in this company or not, you have not researched enough….use this weekend to research the stock. this will give you confidence on your trade. confidence is important because that gives you conviction…and conviction is important because that gives you courage to hold in the times of volatility. God Bless !!!

            • you should know that i dont believe in giving targets… targets is the most misleading norm.

  18. Roshan says:

    looks like prima has bottomed out and set to reverse from these levels

  19. Akshay says:

    Vidhi shown a good upward move with strong volumes today

  20. Chandrashekara Bhat says:

    Dear Ace
    1) I generally keep my investment on companies from 1 year to many years. Minimum I will keep my investment for a year in all my investment (I will exist before 1 year only if I see something seriously wrong with the company). When I get 100 % or more returns I take out 50 % of my money out and keep the remaining money in the Co as long as company is doing well.

    Today I saw in a TV interview , an veteran very senior investor telling that it is not good idea to book partial profit. It is good idea to be invested in the company for 20 or 30 years or more ..if we book partial profit , we may not be able to take full advantage company’s growth and we may not be able to do wealth creation. I totally agree with this point ,,,,,,but at the same time , being a small investor with limited capital , I think it is important to protect the hard earned money 🙂 ….so I am slightly confused!
    Each investor may have different risk strategies, but in general is it good idea to book partial profit for medium risk long term investor..what is your thoughts please.

    2) If there is no change is company performance growth /sector in which co is in, if co share price falls 40 % or more due to general market volatile over few months after I buy share , it is good idea to average? Can you give your general opinion on averaging?

    Chandrashekara Bhat

    • First of all as you must know, I DO NOT believe in the theory of 20-30 yr investing (but do believe in riding the stock). Secondly, Take BSE constituents in 2015, 2005, 1995 and you will understand what i mean. Furthermore, one should stick to the portfolio management strategy that fits one’s own investing aptitude, investing psychology and risk appetite. Therefore, this is subjective, what strategy works for one person may not work for others. e.g. if the commentator in question, is holding nestle for 20-30 yrs -it was a good strategy and by the way this is known only in retrospective. What if he was holding unitech? There are companies that were considered to be blue-chips 15-20 yrs back and non-existent today. So my take has always been, that you hold the stock till the fundamentals justify it (no matter if its for 1 yr or 30yrs) or you find a stock that is significantly better. So stick to your own strategy that has worked for you. Also, when the portfolio size is huge, taking positions in and out of stocks is very difficult and that’s why the bigger guys always try to stay in a stock for longer duration of time and also advocate the same. Retail investors on the other hand should be focused on the quality and quantity of returns because retail can afford to be more nimble. Also, of all the rules in investing, one of the most important rule is to “not loose money”, so if your strategy ensures that (and allows you to sleep peacefully at night), then there’s no better reason to continue with it. Also, its important to understand what you do with that 50% – as there’s opportunity cost associated with it and this can be huge, if the stock from which you booked out continues to rise. But again, if you are risk averse, then the strategy you are following may not be bad.

  21. hardyboy says:

    valuation and risk to reward ratio wise which one is better now prima or tirupati sarjan

    • that you have to decide. earnings growth are going to come in both…depending on your risk profile, you might want to take a call on dividends, whether dividends is attractive to your or not.

  22. himanshu. says:

    sir tracking bgr energy?

  23. Shankar says:

    Dear Ace sir,

    Kindly share your views on Acknit, Peninsula land and IVP from a long term perspective. Thanks

  24. srinivasb90 says:

    Hi ACE, i need little information. where can i get the historical data of sensex and nifty? i googled but couldn’t find any data such as EPS, P/E, dividend yield of previous years. it will be greatful if you can throw some light on this..

  25. Hello sir,

    I have a question on Nandan denim ltd.

    What kind of P/E Nandan(p/e – 8.5) should command ? It is to check what kind of return we can expect due to P/E expansion.
    I think it will b less than Arvind (P/E – 15) . As Arvind is global player comaored to Nandan.Arvind has diversified itself into may things.It has own brand,tie-up with global brand etc.

    I think, we have to expect future return due to earning expansion. I dont think P?E expansion will contribute towards future return.
    please correct me, if I am wrong in my assumptions.
    Prateek Ingawale

    • PE wold be decided by the market and there’s no formula for it. all we can say is that if the efficiency parameters improve, growth improves and management is honest, then the PE may improve – how much is subjective.

  26. sridhar says:

    Hi Ace , My question might be silly to you . But ur view is appreciated. I understand despite of the quantity that the promoter buying/selling , change the investors mood . However less buying may not be taken as positive and even less selling taken as -ve by any normal investor unless they are smart and can figure out the difference. Since it is bulls market , buying less no. of shares can be a trick as well by some promoters (This is very general sentence and not easy to arrive to any conclusion). If the management think the stock price is low/fair and see really great future , they won’t hesitate to buy it.

    So moving on to specific stock which is our favorite , Cyber tech , If promoters really believe in future performance ,
    a) They would have actually bought 5% quota at this level
    b) May be they would like to buy at lower price as the market always gives chances. They are thinking the negative mood of market like Greece issues etc. to buy more at low prices and I respect that too. But , I don’t see them buying when the stock price falls to 24 couple of months ago and that what concerns me.

    Appreciate your opinion and kindly reply. I believe this will help many investors like me.

    Thank you !

    • promoters are not traders… so normally they wont be fussy about any price point and if they think they want to increase their holding and if there’s capacity then they would. Also, this is the second time in last 3 months that they have increased their holding. yes, purely for this reason the stock wont double, but it atleast improves sentiments.

      • sridhar says:

        Hi Ace , Thanks for clarification . Even-though I am confident on business not much keen on promoters as If I am a business holder , I would react in a different way.So everyone has their own opinion , nothing right or wrong in this world. With great difficulty because of volumes and my desired price, I exited.Happy to made profits in ur advised rest of the counters. Thanks for ur help as always

  27. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace,

    Your thought on iStreet Networks ?


  28. hardyboy says:

    one question about tirupati sarjani like the company except for few concerns.your opinion is requested on this.the no. of promoters is 97.each having a small appears with their surnames they belong to related four families.they have 4 MD. salary of each increased 33 percent each from 1.5 lac per month to 2 lac per month.even if one member holding 2 percent shares falls out and sells in open market share will fall like anything.same thing happened in dynemic. last 10 years their cash flow from operations is much less than cumulative net profit.which can be seen as their money being locked in working capital.
    spoke with lot of company officials.seemed to be efficient simple persons.they are coming with a project in ahemadabad sg highway in jv

    • if the promoters want to sell then why did they increase their stake? we should discuss based on certain facts right, not just speculate. AS of now there does not seem to be any indicator of what you are saying.

  29. Abey says:

    Is Rolta is a good company to hold,

  30. hardyboy says:

    how is saurashtra cement

  31. sheks says:

    Sir Your views on precision wires?

  32. sangram says:

    Hi ace bro please share your views on Olympic oil industries

  33. Hello Sir,
    I have question related to Pincon spirit ltd.
    Currently, share capital of Pincon spirit is 10 cr & no. of shares is 1 cr.
    Company is planning to increase share capital to 50 cr.

    As per my understanding, If share capital will increase to 50 cr. then total shares will increase to approx. 5 cr (currently 1 cr).

    Assuming current EPS is 20. After dilution ,this EPS will turn in to 4. & stock will get expensive (P/E will increase).

    Am i correct with my understanding ?

    If i have to invest in this stock, is it better to invest after equity dilution(when stock will get suitable P/E) ?

    Thanks in advance for your expert opinion.

  34. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Can Infosys bought at 1000 CMP??

    Thank you

  35. amitabh says:

    Hi ace, How is GEECEE ventures?

  36. Binay says:

    Dear Ace sir,
    how do you rated for long term, Camlin Fine sciences at c.m.p @126 ?

  37. STP says:

    sir.. how to strengthen our conviction in these falling markets..Real test of character.. feels really demotivating when the entire portfolio bleeds

  38. Vivek Gupta says:

    Hi Ace,
    Your take on “Sell on Highs” market is working out.
    Vidhi is doing very well. On verge of a new break out. Congrats.


  39. vasim says:

    Hi Sir, Your views on Timex, please.

  40. yum says:

    sir your views on Olympia Industries Limited…looks interesting..

  41. Mukund says:

    Hi Ace, bought Ambika @ 526/-Rs. Today reached at 1100/-Rs. Can’t thank you less.

  42. Abey says:

    Sir,I want to buy s stock vidhi or cybertechor or rajoo eng, which one is the best to buy and hold for 2 years

  43. STP says:

    Sir.. I have a doubt… When you suggest a technical advice, does it have any stop loss as such? I am asking because when taking a trading call, I do not understand how long i am supposed to hold it…

  44. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace,

    Do you Suggest any mid cap stocks apart from hidden gems … ? with the current market trend do you recommend any mid cap stocks ?

  45. Senthil says:

    Whats your thought on Stocks like Blue Star , Cox & Kings , Hexaware …

  46. prabu says:

    Ace , Please share your view on Jayaprakash Associates… Company trying to reduce debt and looking to improve business.. Whether one can buy at current levels… Please share promoters quality if possible.. Thanks for all your help and I started to see some profits all because of you ACE…

  47. prabu says:

    Ace , Also share your view on Subex… Last 3 quarters they are doing well and heard by lot as a potential turnaround candidate. Need your opinion on this which would help me in further decision.. Thanks..

  48. Akshay says:

    Vidhi trading at 52 week high…looking good with strong volume

  49. SAY says:

    Any picks to look forward to Ace ? It’s been a while.

  50. Pankaj Sharma says:

    DHP Declares div of Rs 1.50

  51. umesh says:

    ace cmi ltd has got an order for 24 crores 64 lakhs rupees from bpcl. towards supply of fire alarmand plant comm .Is it worth buying at current level

  52. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    Vidhi has shown tremendous strength in this choppy market .Market is slowly realising its potential.

  53. Roopak says:

    Any thoughts on Karuturi Global, Neha International? Both rose a lot at one pint in time due to rose and agri biz… Worth investing?

  54. learner says:

    Message from Cupid Rubbers Chairman –

    We at Cupid Limited are pleased to announce that the financial year ending on March 2015 was the “Best Year” in Cupid’s history with a turnover of Rs.44 Cr. and Net Profit of Rs.7.7 Cr. This was possible due to the combined effort of our experienced & dedicated team. I would like to thank all the shareholders & stakeholders of our company for being part of the cupid team especially during the lean times and would wish that your support would always be with us. I am proud to share that we are the first company in India and the second company in the world who are Pre-Qualified by WHO & UNFPA to manufacture and market Female Condoms.

    This year we have decided to start manufacturing water based Lubricant Jelly which will be the third product in our range apart from male & female condoms. Ours is the only company in the world which supplies both male & female condoms through WHO & UNFPA procurement system for worldwide distribution.

    The contraceptive market & the female condom market are growing at a rate of 15% – 20% annually so we believe that there is tremendous opportunity for growth in this business including cupid Ltd. Cupid is in an unique position to take advantage of the growing Indian and world economy. Since we are a debt free and dividend paying company ,we have all the resources required to aggressively proceed with our expansion plans .

    We are already exporting our female condom brand to more than 26 countries worldwide and we are looking at adding new geographies like South American & European countries to this list. We are looking at promoting the Cupid Brand of Male & Female condoms more in the coming years. Moving forward, we are also planning to develop a few more product lines in the women’s health & wellness range.

    We are also planning to start selling our products online through Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay etc so that the reach can be increased further and our products should be available to people living in remote locations. Cupid is also aggressively present on the social media like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest so that Cupid brand awareness spreads worldwide.

    Finally I would like to highlight the need for sex education among young people so that spread of STI’s including HIV and also unintended pregnancies can be controlled. Further, I would like to say that more pre and post marital advisory services should be emphasized to teenagers during their college years.

    We believe that the turnaround in Cupid’s fortune during FY 13-14 would continue in the forcible future. Thanks to all our employees and shareholders for their valuable contributions to the growth of Cupid Limited.

  55. STP says:

    Congratulations on your pick cupid.. I wish I started following you before..

  56. hardyboy says:

    Can tirupati sarjan go the poddar developer way in 2-3 yrs or is too much to expect.geography wise tirupati is more dispersed compared to poddar.what is your opinion sir ?.poddar is close to 1000 cr mcap.

  57. beamer1981 says:

    Sir had entered Freshtrop fruits at 150, should I average, hold or sell at these levels? Would appreciate a reply.

  58. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE, I’m planning to buy Cybertech at these levels. I’m convinced except the volumes. Is that something to worry for?

  59. jayaraman says:

    Thank u very much from the bottom of my heart for cupid Ltd suggested by u.

  60. Bala says:


    you have already indicated that you like MIC Electronics.. there are couple of turn around fundamental boost up of order book enhancement has happened recently, the fundamental change lead heavy technical break out with huge volumes daily basis… am looking for dips to add, however the technical breakout taking towards much higher.daily basis.. what do you suggest…can it enter now… or wait…

  61. vimal says:

    Modi’s Digital India schme, sterlite technologies benefit more or any other company?

  62. vimal says:

    any shares do u think benefited from Digital India scehme?

  63. ekbechara says:

    sir, vidhi today doubled from your recommended price

  64. Vivek Gupta says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any idea if the present results of IGL are under the PNGRB rates or these are its normal rates.
    What I mean to ask is that post the supreme court will the margins expand to the earlier levels when the RoEs were in range of 30.
    Present PE is just 15. Annuity business. Sticky customers.


  65. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Dear sir,
    What will be the impact on company performance with regard to following news::
    Sahyadri Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company proudly announce its intention to dedicate Chinchwad manufacturing unit to export with a production capacity of 5000 MT per month. The Company had in the recent past undertaken to modify its manufacturing line to accommodate production of cellulose fiber cement boards. As a result the Company intends to discontinue production of corrugated cement sheet at the said location.
    Thanks and regards

  66. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    do you have any views on “IL & FS INVESTMENT MANAGER” , Ramco systems and Tree house eduction . I am holding them from last 1 to 2 years .
    “Your last view on ILandFS investment” was, goog dividend play ”

    Thanks & Regards,

  67. Jp says:

    Dear Ace,

    Is Ambika at CMP correct to enter..? Tnx..!

  68. hardyboy says:

    tirupati sarjan has 31.59 cr cash on books compared to 14 cr last debt is 42 cr.why do they have such a amount of cash.i understand for taking government orders some cash is required but this much.debt may give them tax rebate,but shouldnt they reduce debt or pay some dividend atleast.promoters have increased their holding still the share is fallen from highs of 20 to 13.lower than even recommended price of 15.Is there something we are missing or everything ok with company

  69. Niraj bhagtani says:

    Thanks Aceinvestor for suggesting a Stock like Garware Wall Ropes. I bought it 5 months back when you recommended. Today first time it went above my buying price of 206… What due you think can be the targets for next 2- 3 Years ?

    • i think five months is a long time for anyone on this blog to know that i dont believe in giving targets….

      • Niraj bhagtani says:

        Ok thanks for the lovely recommendation. The stock today is also going strong with good Volumes.

        Can you please share you views on below stocks as well please.

        1. Larsen and Tubro (L&T)
        2. PTC India
        3. Gujarat FluoroChemicals.

        Which is the safest bet ?

        • you say..what does your research say ?

          • Niraj bhagtani says:

            I like all the Three.

            Larsen @ 1500 (If it comes to that Level) best bet in the Manufacturing Sector.

            PTC India Close to 60 (Debt Free Company. Strong Order Book)

            Gujarat FluoroChemicals (Not sure about the Levels) Previous Quarter Results were Stunning. After the Inox Wind IPO company has good cash levels. But not sure they would use it in the Expansion of Inox Wind or Gujarat FluoroChemicals.

            What do you think ?

            • you should know that i dont do portfolio management…. if you are convinced for all three then split your investment in these three or if confused buy something from this blog

  70. STP says:

    Sir.. is it advisable to buy more stocks of associate stone.. i am holding 50% of intended purchase quantity from 75?

  71. Niraj bhagtani says:

    I was not asking you to do Portfolio Management sir. I was asking out of the above three Stocks which do you feel is the best … When I started Trading the First Stock I bought was Garware on your Recommendation and it is doing really great. So I though would take your advice when I invest for the second time as well.

  72. Niraj bhagtani says:

    Thanks a lot Ace… Waiting for your Next Recommendation. Hope you suggest something from the FMCG Sector …

  73. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Dear sir,
    As per latest SHP of Sahyadari Ind JNJ Holdings Pvt Ltd is missing from the list and another big investor in the company HARI MUDRA SECURITIES PVT LTD is continueosly selling through BULK deal. Your assessment is required
    With regards

  74. raj says:

    Ace sir can accept an invitation from ur ardent follower of u.hope am not pushing my self . Destination Goa.God bless raj

  75. Gaurav says:

    Hi Ace, your views on TInplate please?

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