Vidhi Dyesstuff Manufacturing Ltd. – Double in Six Months !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Vidhi for doubling their investments in six months. It looks that the re-rating process has started for Vidhi as Market recognizes the steadiness of both, the business and the stock.

God Bless !!!

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346 Responses to Vidhi Dyesstuff Manufacturing Ltd. – Double in Six Months !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    hoping it hits 3 time mark faster than time taken to double….but anyways thanks for such great picks like these and help us get rich…thanks a ton

  2. somitosh says:

    Prima Plastic sold the ACP Division on Jan end but it does appear in March 2015 result…….Please sir clarify this point

  3. rajni says:

    Can we invest in vidhi at CMP?

  4. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Aksh Optifibre?

  5. Harsh says:

    Sir your views on chamanlal setia exports pls

  6. Chandrashekara Bhat says:

    Dear Ace..Thanks for finding the Real Gem “Vidhi Dyesstuff ” at right time..Really added color to my portfolio…and I am sure the same is the case in some of your readers..Hats off to you.

  7. shreeux says:

    HI Ace,

    Good to heard…for Real gem…making Triple soon….

  8. Bhushan Naik says:

    hi ace wat do u think abt ARVIND REMIDES PLS COMMENT

  9. beamer1981 says:

    Dear Ace, what are your views on Sterlite Tech at cmp?

  10. amit says:

    sir thank you for ur help on vidhi…i remember once i ask u about this share when it came down from my buying price… u said u should not b worried and keep on hold….still im holding …once again i need ur help wat should i do now..

  11. adarsa says:

    Dear sir,
    I want to buy gulshan poly at CMP looking good fundamentally PE 10 and debt to equity at 0.36 sir ur views

  12. parthdalal says:

    Take a bow sir. Everytime I read your post and research. I come out with conclusion that this not going to move up. Even 10%. And everytime I am being proved wrong. This shows how naive one could be. Again, everytime.. Your picks are slient movers.. I am re reading all your posts and learning the rationale behind your picks.. I am sure I will come out with many new things which I might have overlooked earlier.. Thanks a lot..
    Disc : Do not hold a single stock from this blog. Thus I welcome people to call me foolish. πŸ™‚

  13. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Vidhi was recommended on 15 Jun 2014 (Open price: 19.37, Low price: 17.72, High price: 19.37, Last price: 19.37). Not yet doubled.
    No offense. Just for Info. Thanks

  14. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi Ace ji, your opinion on VLS finance please? Thanks in advance.!!

  15. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi Please remove my query on VLS finance. I happen to see your views on this posted earlier.

  16. sangram says:

    Thanks for the pic bro. Feeling happy. Holding it from last 6 months but bought it at 19. Ace at this market cap can we add it. And at what market cap do you think it will become expensive

    • expensive and cheap is very relative term… some stocks are expensive at 7 PE also and some are cheap at 70 PE also. depends on earnings growth which for vidhi we see in abundance.

      • anujpress24 says:

        so Ace do you think we can add Simmond marshal at current consolidated PE of 22 which looks but steep. Please throw some light. can u pls elaborate a bit on the above reply. As it will help me clear my doubt while buying stocks at high PE with great set of numbers and future growth. I think these are basically what we call growth stocks right.

        • if growth is coming then trailing PEs which are high come down because of strong EPS growth and thus becomes reasonably priced in future. but some companies which has tremendous growth visibility always stay expensive because market knows of impending growth and subsequent EPS moderation and therefore, are always valued high.

  17. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, good going. I got convinced of Guj Themis and brought 40% of my target and waited for it to go below 30. But that has not happened. Seems like Vidhi, this script too is on its way to ‘double’!!!.

  18. Anup Khandelwal says:

    Sir,Thank you very much for Vidhi,
    Waterbase picking up now. Thanks for Waterbase too. πŸ™‚

  19. STP says:

    I know.. u dont discuss trading here.. but just wanted to thank u for ur trading call on rajoo yest… target hit! πŸ™‚

  20. Mchourdia says:

    Dear Ace, any views on 3i infotech?

  21. masvij says:

    Sorry for interrupting the conversation, I have received one recommendation on Pennar Industries Ltd. What do you suggest

  22. pavans13 says:

    Ace, Is Ambika Cotton Mills still available cheap?

  23. STP says:

    Sir… as u had mentioned associated stone industries has closed above 82… πŸ™‚

  24. himanshu. says:

    sir i had large chunk of bgr energy
    at 198 levels bought almost 11 months back. now the news in mkts are coming for 4 to 5 bagger from current levels. asking your advice tht in real it can happen ?

  25. Rajendra says:

    I am slowly been buying your recommendations that are still to attract limelight where I have conviction. Slowly all your recos are heating up. Vidhi, Waterbase, V2 retail, Mangalam and so many others. I hope to repeat the same success with Tirupati Sarjan. I am convinced that it is an absolutely safe price to accumulate. Only fear is that it may not remain there for long.
    Thanks for making us all better investors.

  26. UV Boards – Punters now punting over this for being taken over by the same promoters who bought Uniply….UV Boards and Uniply has a strong history together. Quite possible that punters would slowly shift from Uniply to UV boards or even pump both. Sometimes its extremely profitable to punt in these stories, sometimes its a total washout but its always educational neverthelss. No recommendation but just putting my thoughts across. I was expecting this game to start a couple of months back, but these guys have their own schedule. Punting in these stocks needs a massive risk apetite. But as i said, just keep a watch. There’s a lot to be learned from these games and once you get a mastery over it, one can actually make a lot of money. Another version of this game was Nutraplus Products (Remember?) But for now, education only for novices.

    • amitabh says:

      Hi ace, But your followers were not able to make money just because you strictly wrote in bold letters not to buy Nutraplus products. If people would have invested in it they would have tripled their money by now and probably at a faster rate than Vidhi dyes which has doubled taking more time. Just a thought. No blame on you Ace πŸ™‚
      And since that post the share price has not fallen. It has been in my watch list since the time of your post. From 50 to 180 level due to Punter’s involvement?? Tough to digest man.

    • prabu says:

      Whether one can buy UV boards though punters are playing..

      • its not a should use his/her own common sense to take this decision. this decision is also driven by the risk appetite. In any punter stock you make money when you manage to sell before punters exit and are not too greedy.

  27. afzal says:

    can i average aimco pesticide at cmp

  28. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Tera software and Subex?

  29. Purshotam says:

    Yes, Vidhi has proven your mettle.

  30. hardyboy says:

    how is career point at cmp of 160

  31. beamer1981 says:

    Check brooks lab , fundamentals look good, Seems like a multibagger , what are your views?

  32. Radhika says:

    Sir, your opinion on Essel Propack?

  33. Radhika says:

    Thanks. That was fast. πŸ™‚

  34. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE ji how 21st century looks now. Earlier you had not that much of confidence built up on this.

  35. Praveen Rao says:

    Also please give your insights on the below if any in your radar.
    zodiac clothing
    xpro india
    windsor machines
    vimal oils
    usha martin limited

  36. prabu says:

    Ace What is your view on Tera software… Thanks..

  37. afzal says:

    sir your view on nath biogenes

  38. Sundeep says:

    Are your tracking Rajesh Exports, since last month it was 230 & CMP 378~.
    Any thoughts?

    • rajesh exports gave a massive breakout at around 175-190 and now its giving the much expected upmove..yes it could go higher but one should enter at some consolidation and should have patience.

  39. STP says:

    Sir.. honestly speaking.. it is pleasantly surprising how one can see future.. associated stone has sky rocketed..thank u (once again).. u rock dude.. hope ur dreams come true! πŸ™‚

  40. Mayur says:

    Hi ACE, I came across some coparision between Usha vs Singer on net and found that ppl are more inclined towards Usha..In your views – which one is still better bet?

    Few points:

    1). Usha is clearly the dominant player with around 40% of the market share selling 90k- 1 lac machines per month. Singer sells 30-35 K machines per month with 12-15% market share.

    2). Usha has a more consolidated vendor base with 6-7 vendors whereas Singer has 7 to 10. Given Singer’s history, a manufacturer doesn’t want to put all their eggs in one basket with Singer. However, with Usha the vendors units supply exclusively to Usha with vendors supplying 1000- 1500 per unit per day. Therefore Usha’s procurement cost is lower.

    3. Given that the Singer factory in Jammu is only 72000 machines per annum, the ecomomies of scale doesn’t exist. Moreover most of the OEM supplies will be from Ludhiana. The whole argument that the factory will improve margins doesn’t seem to be true. If anything is will destroy margins. Some units in Ludhiana supplying to Singer and Usha are working at 4.5 lacs per annum capacity.

    That leads to a question – how will the margins improve for Singer?

    • yes, usha became a dominant player thanks to singer’s problem in the early part of last decade. also, its a myth that cost of production would be lower because usha outsources something and singer doesnt… by the way data of vendors looks wrong for both the companies. also usha is not listed right?

      • Mayur says:

        Yes, Agree that Usha is not listed and advantage goes to Singer..I need to double check on data of vendors..any idea how to evaluate such figures and facts about these companies? I’m still learning…

  41. sangram says:

    Ace bro is axiscades buy for you

    • there are big investors in it so i think that does not need any special skills to evaluate the decision. there are also numerous research reports available, so i would advise you to read that and decide for yourself sir.

  42. hardyboy says:

    any news on singer up 40 percent in last few days.can aro granite still be held.i mean is there any more downside left in it.

    • aro granite related stuff i had already declared in the associated stock story and as far as singer is concerned it was always a wonderful stock

      • Radhika says:

        Me too invested in aro granite at 70. What do you mean by aro granite related stuff ace? Will there be any turn around from this level? Shall I book loss and invest in other stock? You no longer following it?

  43. Anil says:

    Dear Ace bro,really highly appreciated ur efforts.Can u please share ur views abt vimta labs and ahmednagar forgings…Thanks

  44. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…I’m trying to identify some good picks on my own…could you please check the below and let know anything appealing…Thanks in advance..!!!

    sangam india
    ttk healthcare
    thangamayil jwellery
    shalimar paints
    seshasayee paper&boards
    shilpa medicare
    sunrise asian limited
    sundaram finance
    shriram city union finance

    • pls also tell the rationale of each

      • Rainmaker says:

        this is brillant and i know i won’t earn any brownie points ( also its your blog so your choice) but i think people must first tell their rationale before asking opinions so that inputs can b given on assumptions and fundamental and the purpose of learning can be taken ahead

  45. sangram says:

    Vidhi Dyestuffs Manufacturing Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has filed an application with the National Stock Exchange (NSE) on July 02, 2015, for the Listing of all its Existing Equity shares having face value of Rs. 1/- on the NSE platform.

  46. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    Please share your views on Gokaldas Exports (Well-known garment exporter of past years)…
    Will the management be able to turn-around the company ??

  47. Roshan says:

    Ace i didnt get a proper response from the management of guj themis regarding the lupin…they just said wat we already know that is lupin deal is extended…when i asked whether its a bigger deal and other details there was no response..wat do you think now? should we wait and watch the results of Q1 or exit…

  48. Sam says:

    Dear Ace,

    Your views on Phoenix Lamps after Suprajit Engineering bought stake in it..

  49. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji——hope u r doing well—–with close to 700 cr. capex already done and with management very much confident of achieving 60-70% topline growth in FY20152016, looks like next 2-3 years will be fantastic for Ramkrishna Forgings shareholders——-do u agree ? if not , could u pls specify some negatives/warnings regarding this company(may be I am not aware of those and will help me complete analysis)——Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

  50. Anil says:

    Dear Ace bro,Can u please review skm egg products..its in downtrend from last so many days after result.Business model is still good but in this rally stock price not increase.Bse listing is delayed and they are exporting to rusia.Ur input please…Thanks !!!

  51. hardyboy says:

    between capital first and gruh which one better.i know both good and different business model but if one pick only which one is better

  52. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE,
    How Ruchi soya is looking to you. I was surprised to see such a turn over QoQ and YoY basis (28000+ cr) but trading at so much cheap valuation. Its Nutrela product attracts many consumers which myself witnessed in D-mart today. I’m not aware of any management or debt issues. Please comment.

  53. prateek says:

    Recently found this wonderful blog. But most recommended stocks have already appreciated. Which recommended stock is a buy at current level?

  54. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…Do you track Pudumjee Pulp and Paper mills.?..Sales growing 20% YoY, profit growing more than 40%…Reserves doubled in 10 years.

  55. bingo says:

    what’s your view on Jaysyn sir?

  56. hardyboy says:

    sir i know you do not like companies with high mcap.but can force motors go the eicher motor way with their product traveller van getting traction like enfield

  57. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, Guj Themis flew on Friday. Thanks to you, many of us are in profit. Looking forward to your new recommendation.

  58. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir,
    lot of hype is being created for RIL’s reliance-Jeo launch. They have also got MSO license
    for TV signals. What in your opinion will be the impact of their business plan on existing DTH operators, businesses ?

  59. Sam says:

    Thanks a lot for Vidhi :-)… waiting to say the same for Prima (though currently thankful but would be very happy + thankful to see a rerating) πŸ™‚
    Also, sir your views on Next Mediaworks, Izmo, Avt natural & Schneider Electric Infrastructure.

  60. moneyhawk says:

    Dear Ace,
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful pick, i didnt sell a single share from the day it was posted on your blog, added on evry dips ,

    Thanks a lot ,

  61. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, any views on “ree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo” – Aquafit ,Brand of Sree Rayalaseema Hi- Strength Hypo Ltd,a high grade Calcium Hypochlorite has very wide application in swimming pools and drinking water treatments.

  62. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE….Any updated views on Archies Limited now…

  63. Roshan says:

    V2 made a 52 week high today ace

  64. Niraj bhagtani says:

    Hi Ace,

    Garware wall Ropes made 52 week high today … Trading at 247.20 now… Thanks for the amazing recommendation…..

  65. Vandana says:

    Hello Ace!
    Please show some light on Wanbury!

  66. Vandana says:

    yes Sir! i am holding huge volume so just wanted to know your view again, should we hold it for long term view

  67. Divi says:

    Hi Ace,

    This is regarding liberty shoes..
    is restructuring as per the scheduled plans or any delay..
    as per management interview long back..they suppose to finish the deal by end of july..right.?
    as the contact closed by march end of 2015.
    do you have any info. about restructuring plans

  68. indianbull10 says:

    Hey Ace, congrats on V2 hitting 50 πŸ™‚ still invested πŸ™‚

  69. sarvdeep123 says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your stock picking skills are just amazing. Do you mind sharing your qualification with all of us like CA, CFA or MBA finance ?
    Do you believe in Moat investing?
    I was looking at a holding company called Bombay Burmah which has Britania shares more than its market cap. Wanted to know do these kind of story play out?
    Similarly VLS Finance has relaxo shares worth 6x of its market cap.

  70. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    How would Greece poll result would impact indian market from 2mrrow.


  71. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE, I thought I would accumulate Cybertech around 26-28 levels…I think probably I missed the bus :-(….But nevertheless it can be bought till one feels the valuations are still cheap.. correct?

  72. anshul says:

    I am following your blog from couple of days but thr is too much to read and follow.
    Could you just help with couple of picks I can still get in? Ofcourse I will do my own research before investing as you prefer but if you can narrow down my options, I will really appreciate.

    • tell me which companies you like and we can work from there…

      • anshul says:

        Actually I was expecting you to provide me some multibaggars..

        • its all there on the blog.. so many ideas..pick the one you are most comfortable with. do not invest blindly by anyone else’ advice..

          • anshul says:

            I appreciate ur help but most of ur suggested picks have already doubled. So which ones u think r still attractive and can give more returns. I will be really thankful if u can give me 2 or 3 picks u like d most.

            • anything… prima, vidhi, dhp, cybertech,mangalam, ambika,garware wall v2 waterbase cupid etc etc…you can pick anyone… i dont like to give free lunches… as someone once said earlier … this blog just gives a few refined ideas and so the big job of removing chaff is done … also who said that stocks which have doubled cannot double further…

  73. vimal says:

    Ur view on PFRL? mutual funds bought about 8.5% stake in open market

  74. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on PFRL? mutual fund bought 8.5% stake in open market

  75. vimal says:

    ur view is positive or negative on PFRL?

  76. Ra Da says:

    Ace prima engine started finally…great picks man! read this blog n bought vidhi prima n wb when they were reeling! developed decent conviction n bought aggressively..there is still a gud amt of juice left..thanks n god bless u brother..going to hav stop losses..just want to safeguard my profits..

  77. STP says:

    Thank u πŸ™‚

  78. Ra Da says:

    forgot to add ambika to the list..this one i bought at 830 n averaged again at 985..i have great conviction in the promoter and its business..very less debt and the best company in producing quality cotton yarn..great clientele too..

  79. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, if u r tracking symphony, can u pl tell us if it has come in the ‘value’ zone?

  80. Rajendra says:

    Please guide on longterm prospects of Galaxy Entertainment in view of nature of its business and promoters i.e. Biyani.

  81. Praveen Rao says:

    ACE I got V2 in my booty today. Thanks πŸ™‚

  82. Harsh says:

    Dear sir waiting for your new research note…Will it be out by this week?

  83. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace,

    What’s your view on snowman logistics and l&t finance


  84. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    looks like china is taking unexpected lead in fall ahead of Greece .
    Do you think its going to impact Indian markets severely .

    Till now whenever Prima and V2 cross 60 and 40-45 respectively they go back to 50s and 30s . Not sure if this fall will give them another reason to go back 😦

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Greece we know has not affected india that we have seen… china may have some effect but that extent could be checked. lets see.. in the long run this volatility is good for indian markets though

      • Nandita says:

        Seeing what is happening to chinese markets I feel it will good for our market if we don’t go above 8500 (nifty) for a few more months and acquire more attractive valuations as a result.

  85. pavans13 says:

    There are many good picks already available on the blog at a decent price to enter. Why people are after new ones…?.. just a random thought….

  86. vimal says:

    HI, ur view on Orchid chemicals?

  87. Binay says:

    Dear Ace sir, I have lLLoyed Elect , makes 52 week high . can I hold it your view pls.thanks

  88. Akshay says:

    a lot of stocks have not declared their ex-date for dividend. any clues??

  89. NIRAJ Bhagtani says:

    8th-Jul-2015 16:27Source: NSE
    V2 Retail Limited
    V2 Retail Limited has informed the Exchange that the Board of Directors of the company in their meeting held on July 08, 2015, take the followin decision:-To allot 01 (One) Convertible Warrant of the value of Rs. 325,000,000 (Thirty Two Crores fifty Lacs only) to M/s Bennett Coleman And Company Limited (Warrant holder) which is neither Promoter nor part of Promoter Group.

    Is this good News for V2 Retail ??

    • yes. by the way this news is well known right…. i think it was announced a couple of months back and now they are just allocating it formally in a board meeting. are you surprised ?

      • NIRAJ Bhagtani says:

        Not surprised at all sir … I just wanted to understand your views on this … And he is investing in bonds which would mature after a defined period like 5 – 10 years. … So compnay would have good cash to expand … Is my understanding correct sir ???

  90. Abey says:

    View on AGC network, is it good to hold

  91. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, Greece in suspended animation, China market capitalisation falls by a third. Trading at NYSE halted. Europe market in red. Can our market remain unaffected? I think lots of opportunity for investor will be thrown up in the coming days. We would be very happy if you can share your views – Wait and watch or keep investing?

  92. Jai says:

    Ace, pls share your views on Trigyn Tech. Thanks

  93. J Gopal says:

    Dear Ace,

    What’s your view on Mega Soft ?

  94. Rajendra says:

    Are there any guidelines on when to book profits or is it purely an individual decision? How many stocks should an investor who is willing to take risk ideally hold in his portfolio?

    • there are no real guidelines for these…its basic common sense to be honest. also, i beleive in concentrated portfolio so i dont like to have beyond a handful of stocks in my “investment” portfolio.

      • learner says:

        Hi Ace,

        Now, V2 has finally “allotted” 1 convertible warrant of 32.5 crore to BCCL 2 days back.

        Does this mean that diluted EPS line item as shown in results will fall further?

        Or, it will fall once BCCL pays 32.5 cr to V2 and exercises the warrant?

        Kindly shed some light on how these two line items will change – basic and diluted EPS.Very confused.


  95. RAVI says:

    Sir, Have been tracking you and your blogs silently. I got two share from your recco which i believe best from your all the recco ( i believe that) and holding them from your reccco price but not with high volume and as the price increases with strong volume and positive development, my conviction gets more stronger. With this strong conviction i am adding it slowly in small quantity. What is my concern sir that if i am holding 5 share and have strong conviction supported with news in two shares then how i should be invested ( portfolio % wise) in all of them? Please suggest. I want to have at least 10000 of each conviction share or can be added more with the time? Please tell me.

  96. prasad says:

    ace can u throw some light on shaily engineering plastic.seem like a good story

  97. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…Just added Cybertech…!!!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  98. STP says:

    Sorry and thank u

  99. Roshan says:

    prima blasted off today ace..

  100. Ganesh says:

    prima up 20% today…. congratulation

  101. Daniel Joseph says:

    Ace, Big investors have also jumped into Cybertech as seen in the latest shareholding filing. It will jump quickly from here irrespective of this quarter results.

  102. Harsh says:

    Dear sir how is microsec financials?

  103. Raj Gupta says:

    What is ur view on Subex.
    Is it a turn around story! Plz throw some light.

  104. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace sir, hats off to u for identifying Sahyadri months ago !!
    A renowned investor bought 50K shares yesterday (BSE Bulk deal info !) That explains the spike in last 2 days. Let us hope Q1 result will add fuel to fire ! Keep on good work sir. God bless !!

  105. hardyboy says:

    Sir like you rightly suggested that conviction is tested when stock goes down.mine is being tested in tirupati sarjan.stock down 12 percent.their website is not can we know their current orderbook status.nothing available on bse site also.can you give an update on this stock like you had given on some of your stocks when they went it still accumulate from your side at cmp of 12.70.(its below your recommended price)

  106. Govind Toshniwal says:

    hi ace, when is your new recommendation is coming, pls share ur view on granules, sintex, sudarshan chem and om metals at cmp

    • granules as mentioned earlier is decent if you want to go with large caps, but one could also look at pharma names listed on this blog if your risk appetite is high…. i would prefer prima over sintex though not strictly comparable. sudarshan and om metals i am not interested.

  107. Govind Toshniwal says:

    thanks ace

  108. Kasturi Tyagi says:

    Respected Acetraderinvestor sir,
    Please check your mail at your leisure.

  109. pradeep says:

    Dear ace
    Your views on Archies and zenith fibre..

  110. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…Do you track Kailash Auto Fin a small co. traded in GROUP “A”on BSE with promoter holding mere 0.1%…

  111. k harikrishnan says:

    sir, your view about Bambino agro. whether a good buy or not?

  112. hardyboy says:

    how is amarjothi spin

  113. harshad says:

    Hello sir,
    with warm regards,
    What is your view on Pondy oxide?
    The equity is just 5.5 Crs now from earlier 11 Cr
    The capacity has expanded and next few years results will be good.
    Trading at just 60 Cr market cap vs expected sells of 500-600 Cr in FY 16

    Thanks and regards,

  114. Abhik says:

    Dear Ace, Please check your mail at your convenience. Thanks

  115. kannu says:

    Want to know your view on Welspon Corp and Welspun Enterprises. Holding it since long n its demerge entity.

  116. acefollower says:

    Sir when we will get your new recommendation

    • if everything goes well, i should be able to put up stock story by tomorrow evening

      • Praveen Rao says:

        Hi ACE, just for curiosity…are you expecting any sort of event or announcement in that stock before you make it public… By the way has it come out to what it should be or it would be known only tomorrow.

        • no sir, i hope i am able to finish the stock story writeup that’s all. People who are oldies on this blog would know that I am a lazy writer and more importantly stock markets are my passion…a hobby… and these things take a back seat to your bread and butter…isnt it… that’s why… i dont “care” about any events or results that are normally declared as a part of routine because if these kind of events can hamper the fundamentals of a stock then that stock by default is not worth looking at.

  117. mayur says:

    Hey ACE, what’s your take on International Travel House and Hindustan Media Ventures?
    which one looks more promising bet in terms of valuations and growth….Understood both are not related..different sectors…but asking in general…Thanks

  118. Manoj says:

    Hi Sir,

    Any specific reason for Freshtop Fruits which has fallen from 180 levels to mid 70 levels ?

    Can we re- enter this stock @ cmp ?


  119. Roopak says:

    Any views on a well known realty player Ansal Prop. and Ansal Housing… They both are trading at stupendously low valuations… I know real estate market is struggling from many years now.. but your views on these two stocks for investment with a horizon of two years… ?

  120. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE, if tracking do you have any say on Paramount Cosmetics…one of leading manufactures of cosmetics since many decades with popular brands like Shilpa,Instinct,sunspot etc…

  121. Praveen Rao says:

    Also on Dharamsi morarji chemical company please..

  122. SAY says:

    Morning Ace –
    Anytime in future you are stuck with organizing data / content / anything else and are able to outsource it without compromising the purpose, i am willing to chip-in some help to lighten ur burden. Would be glad if am able to indirectly support the cause which benefits retail investors.
    So please feel free to give a buzz.

  123. acefollower says:

    sir what is your view on Era Infra.

  124. sangram says:

    Ace bro what’s your views on salzer electronic. Bye the way enjoyed watching bahuballi last weekend nice movie

  125. Harsh says:

    Vidhi is showing its true colour
    Kudos to you ace sir to have found it at much lower levels!!! God bless all

  126. Mayur says:

    ACe ji, Happy to see Vidhi touching new higshs…
    Also seeking your sincere views on Vindhya Telelinks…

  127. Roshan says:

    new high in prima ace

  128. Jitendra says:

    Hi ACE,

    Today Vidhi 20% up. Good move.

  129. Suneetha says:

    Plz Share your view on City Union Bank for Long Term. Thank You !

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