Vidhi Dyesstuff Manufacturing Ltd. – Triple in Seven Months !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Vidhi for Tripling their investments in Seven months. Great Going.

God Bless !!!

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125 Responses to Vidhi Dyesstuff Manufacturing Ltd. – Triple in Seven Months !!!

  1. pawan says:

    hoping to see an update on sahyadri soon

  2. pavans13 says:

    Wish the next update would be relatively quick as well .. 🙂

  3. rajni64 says:

    Can one make a fresh investment in vidhi at cmp if previously missed????

  4. sangram says:

    Thanks bro. Credit goes to you for identifying at such low levels. Holding on to it tightly. Just one query at what market cap do you think it will be trading at its fair value

  5. Rohit Gulati says:

    Its a superb company! The Promoters are holding road shows and showcasing the Company to potential FII/Investors. So re-rating happening.

  6. Binay says:

    Dear sir,
    your vew on deccan gold & shirpur gold after MoM clear one project of deccan gold mines

  7. Akshay says:

    congrats to all the investors….this rise was much quicker than the last one.

  8. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace!
    I’m holding Cybertech since Nov.14 at level of Rs. 70 ….seeing so much lost opportunity in terms of other stocks getting double/triple during same time. Pl. share any update,if any.thnx.

    • if you had the conviction to average when the call was given then you would have been sitting on around 30% profit…that’s why one should spend more time researching the stocks one known than looking at the screen

  9. RightStock says:

    Hi Ace, I admire your efforts that you spend to reply everyone and always wonder how you are keeping your temper with all those chaos makers with multiple ids. Just want to thank you for all the efforts you put to share the knowledge to the public. Your comments are more precious than the original post itself, as I can learn how to follow the business.

    Heartfelt thanks for all your efforts.

  10. shreeux says:

    We see 90 soon…!!!

  11. Vipul says:


    Please share your views on Astec recent results and its future potential


  12. hi in case of sharp india ..they have many products on their website and what i found out from their distributors in bangalore. but from their AR major sales are from TV and ACs . what is the reason ?? other products are not listed in the same subsidiary ??

  13. Mathew says:

    Please have your valuable suggestion on trident ,worlds leading manufacturer of terry towels growing at rapid rate ..also pls have your views on Artson Engg and Shreyas shipping..thanks

  14. healingtouch says:

    His ace in last quarter sharp india sales has fallen from last year quarter of march 2014, but they may recover and do more sales in this quarter of June than last year and profit may also increase much than there could be rally from here on or not, please give your view on it because this is one of your starting recommendation and you have also interaction with company secretary at that time, please give your views so one can make mind on this price also

    • i cannot give a view on price but i am bullish on the stock. One should re-read the stock story to understand the prospects of the company and what is the bigger bet here

      • healingtouch says:

        last year they have indicated that they are going to manufacture air purifier in india which is their patent product and they have market share of 60% worldwide if that happens from this year the seasonality of their earning will come to end because they are going to sold equally in most of quarter of air purifier because they maybe used more in September to March quarter because of weather unlike airconditioner which are seasonal in nature, it will give good push to their earnings. please give your view

  15. rahil says:

    I think ace you can have a look at manali petrochemicals as well.
    it showed up in my stock screening continuously.
    can expect it to grow and grow

  16. Vipul says:

    Hi what is your view on Tirupati sarjan?

  17. Vivek Gupta says:

    Dear Ace,
    Any idea on the mechanics of Dairy business in India especially from the point of view of Hatsun Agro.
    Seems to have lot of entry barriers. Reasonable margins. Branded products with large sales.
    They compete against Govt/Co-op which are not extremely efficient.

    Price wise Hatsun is not cheap. Growth seems to be priced in. Last quarter results were very good.

    Please share your opinion.


    Vivek Gupta

  18. prabu says:

    Ace, I am still not getting while Assocaited stone is trading at very cheap valuations.. Looking at current price and expected esp if around 25 for this year it’s just trading tad above 3 PE.. Why the market is not giving fair rating to near market leader in the sector.. If we can assign a PE of 20 , it should come around at least 500 by next year.. Is there anything wrong in my assumptions.. please guide..

    • stop watching the screen every moment and have patience. Stock market is not a place to be an overnight millionaire. Looks like you have no conviction and understanding of what you have bought and therefore, you are letting the price decide whether a stock is good or not

  19. Jasraj says:

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for the guidance. You are doing a great job.

    Wanted to know your view on MIC Electronics ?

  20. sparsh says:

    dear sir,

    can you recommend a strategy for a black swan event/ or if there is a big correction – lets say above 20%. something like 2008.
    I have come up with a notion to sell a stock if it goes below 20% of the present value, so as to restrict losses. Is this fair?

    I am sorry to be bothering you with this, but I started in 2007 and was shocked and scared to see my portfolio go below 60% of the value at peak. Even good stocks were beaten badly.

    I find your suggestions very helpful and would like your help in this matter.


  21. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    Any hope in Moschip semiconductor,an old investment.. plz guide

  22. Hi Ace.
    Would like to have your view on Zenith Fibers. Funtamentally looks good. Debt free, low PE, monopoly in their segment,good results in previous years, regular dividend paying company and Promoters holding more than 50%,

  23. Jitendra says:

    Dear ACE,

    Today Associates Stones up 12%. @ Rs.90.00. Well done.

  24. amit jindal says:

    Helo sir.
    Plz share ur views on Ramky Infra.

  25. amit jindal says:

    Helo Ace sir.
    Plz share ur views on Ramky Infra.

  26. hardyboy says:

    how is arrow textile

  27. Vishwanath says:

    Gujarat Themis was booming today. Thanks to you for that find.

  28. Ra Da says:

    Ace bro what are your views on Kitex and MPS ? For kitex Q1 is the weakest quarter but still it has been hammered..looks like a good opportunity

  29. Ram says:

    Ace Ji,

    PSU banks are badly beaten even in this bull market. Do you foresee any revival in this sector?

    Best Regards

  30. sonu says:

    Wts ur view on precision electronics…. A defence play…… Please comment

  31. sonu says:

    Wts ur view on precision electronics…. A defence play… Please comment

  32. Shadab says:

    Plz have a look at Indian toners looks to me a multi bagger

  33. cp says:

    Sir what ur opinion about UFO moviez at present

  34. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, again, ur find, mangalam drugs is on the upswing. Thank you so much!

  35. Porwal123 says:

    Your views on todays’ SKM results?

  36. Binay says:

    Sir what ur view on Lokesh machine at present situation.

  37. Rajendra says:

    UC resumes in Vidhi & Mangalam 🙂

  38. rishi pathak says:

    future of skm in long run please

  39. rahil says:

    Ace ,
    I yesterday told you to have a look at Manali Petrochemicals.
    Did You check it out?
    How does the stock look to you.

  40. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Result date of some of our companies

  41. hardyboy says:

    associated kotah,their uae subsidary started ops in jun.what is likely yearly revenue from it.their company secretary didnt it going to be at par with indian company.what are likely margins going to be.did research on uae cement sector.its slowing down.

  42. sumesh says:

    ur views on cantabile retail… promoters adding on

  43. Jyotir Bose says:

    hi Sir,
    Your views on Aimco pesticides and on the complete pesticide sector overall.

  44. krpardeshi says:

    Katwa Udyog: Current capacity =3000 TPD. Triple capacity means 9000 TPD. If we take 9000 X 22 (working days a month) X 12 = 2376000 TPA I.e 2.37 mtpa. Ambuja Cement Capacity is 24 mtpa and it’s market cap is 30,000 cr. Considering Katwa’s capacity is 1/10 of Ambuja, it deserves a MCap of 3000cr. Even if we attribute 1/2 of that market cap, we get mcap of 1500 cr which is ~30 times of the current market cap.

    Am I right in my calculation?

  45. cp says:

    Sir any opinion about refex industry

  46. Ra Da says:

    prima is looking good and if it can cross 82 and remain there for 2 -3 sessions a serious upmove is in the offing which can take it above 105,,btw wb ne century maar diya :).jio ace bhai..

  47. Ayon Dutta says:

    Dear ACE,

    I am new into share market. Could you please suggest me one or two shares for lojg term. I am currently holding Vidhi and V2 Retail.


  48. Roshan says:

    spectacular results by V2 retail ace 🙂

  49. AJITH says:

    Edelweiss has come with a report..

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