Waterbase – Six Times In Fourteen Months !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Waterbase for multiplying their investments by Six times in little over an year. It went up five times in four months and then gave a three quarter consolidation. Now it has given a massive breakout on monstrous volumes by taking out its earlier life time high. This is why having patience is important to investors and what more, all these gains are now “Tax-Free” .

God Bless !!!

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44 Responses to Waterbase – Six Times In Fourteen Months !!!

  1. SYED MANSUR says:

    When new advisory script Will be given

  2. sangram says:

    Congratulations to all the shareholders . Missed on this one bro. But holding vidhi, prima, sahyadri, Simmonds and making good profits in it. Thanks for identifying for us. Having some funds to allocate are you coming with any new idea bro

  3. yum says:

    sir its been a while since your last pick… when can we expect a new one?

  4. anujpress24 says:

    Congrats Ace ..Ace I would like to ask u to post some educative post ..so that we can also learn from u.. Although I know reading ur stock analysis and response to ppl are itself great learning …but some dedicated post on your learnings …pls Thanks Anuj

  5. anujpress24 says:

    Congrats also on V2 retail pick ..great results posted … I see it synonymous to Walmart which followed same strategy to focus on tier 2 and 3 cities when all other retailer were just focusing on tier 1 …

  6. Vivek Gupta says:

    Dear Ace,
    Could you please share your opinion about Indo Amines Ltd.


  7. raj khemani says:

    2 yrs hence it will at least rise half the heights of Avanti.Graet going Ace . kind regds raj On 1 Aug 2015 09:33, “aceinvestortrader” wrote: > > aceinvestortrader posted: ” Congratulations to all the investors of Waterbase for multiplying their investments by Six times in little over an year. It went up five times in four months and then gave a three quarter consolidation. Now it has given a massive breakout on monstrous” >

  8. Vivek Gupta says:

    Sir aap kya khate ho. Itni energy kha se late ho. Spend so much time on our queries and still so updated with soo many companies.
    What are your hobbies (If I may so ask).


  9. Jitendra says:

    I was trying to enter Katwa, but not possible. I’m waiting for your new idea. So that the enter level will be satisfactory.

  10. amit jindal says:

    Helo Ace sir.
    I m holding some shares of mastek and majesco . plz share ur views on both dis co.
    Thanku in advance.

  11. Christopher Joe says:

    Dear Ace Sir,

    Thank you for your great service. I invested in Vidhi as per your suggestion, and quite happy with the returns. What do you think of Karuturi Global’s anticipated turnaround? As you might know, there has been a favourable court verdict for them in Kenya, which has ruled out selling of their farm by the banks’ receivers who have been controlling their Kenyan rose farm. There is also news that Axis Bank is likely to take over the loans of both ICICI and Cfc Stanbic. If the loans are repaid by Axis, Karuturi can take back control of their Kenyan floriculture operation, which has been a very profitable one. Promoters and non-promoters have also invested into the scrip by way of warrants and debentures to have fresh equity as well as to regain the promoter share back to acceptable levels. You may be knowing all these recent developments. Do you think that the management has learnt their lesson, in a hard way, and that there is a likelihood of Karuturi Global stock thriving again on their Kenyan floriculture and Ethiopian agricultural assets?

    Thanking you…

  12. nicegem007 says:

    Dear Ace,
    I suddenly got up at 2:30 AM today, and as It was very quiet, I started reviewing your recommendations. There was a gap in 2013, but from January 2014, you gave real GEMS. the beauty of it is you do not charge.
    I also participated in your GTS quiz on Tirupati Sarjan, but each of your recos were simple, but great ideas….

  13. chandan jha says:

    sir your thoughts on Eon electronic?

  14. Bela says:

    Dear ACE,
    I know u r very busy but if u can manage some time then please comment on Suzlon’s result. Thank u.

  15. vishwanath says:

    Ace, u mentioned that when a script crosses market cap level of 100cr, than bigger players, mutual funds notice it. One of ur script is entering that zone. Worth keeping a watch?

  16. vishwanath says:

    Ace, have only gained from your blog and that’s the absolute truth. But just wanted to know if its a fact that crossing the 100cr mark takes the script to a new level. Can u give ur view on that?

  17. sangram says:

    What are your expectations from Vidhi and prima in this quarters ace bro.
    Last quarter Vidhi had Changes in inventories of finished goods, wip and Stock-in-trade at its highest levels of 146.47 million. Is it matter of concern

  18. Shadab says:

    I am really grateful to you as i invested in Cupid,Waterbase,Vidhi (all 3 doubled) & now Associated stone.
    For me now i am looking for low hanging fruits from previous recommendation such as Pressman India ,DHP India.Tirupati Sarjan.

  19. shreeux says:

    Soon, you will be post again…7th time..I hope so.,

  20. Puru says:

    Your guidance and my trodden path.

  21. santhosh Nm says:

    Ace sir… You rock… Will pressman advt gain like this as we could see some accumulation at this level. Also I try to keep for long term. Pls guide.

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